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About This Class

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In this course you will learn specific organization and brainstorming strategies you can apply to various projects, including writing projects. At the end of this course, you will be able to do the following through various brainstorming methods:

  • Cut through writer's block
  • Create a daily writing practice
  • Achieve your writing goals.

If you are a teacher or course builder or instructor yourself, you will also be able to do the following:

  • Create a solid and profitable course concept
  • Build and organize a course or other project from the ground up.

This course is intended to be part of the series, Brainstorming Masterclass: Plan and Outline Any Project. This course is "How to Brainstorm With Free Writing Techniques" and is Part 1 in this series:

Part 1 (THIS COURSE): How to Brainstorm With Free Writing Techniques includes:

  • Free Writing Part 1
  • Free Writing Part 2
  • Listing
  • Looping
  • Boomerang

Part 2: How to Brainstorm With Questioning Techniques

  • Cross-Examination
  • Interviewing
  • Cubing

Part 3: How to Brainstorm With Organizers includes:

  • Outlining
  • Visual Organizers

Who this course is for:

  • Writers suffering from writer’s block
  • Anyone looking to create a daily writing practice
  • Anyone looking for ways to generate ideas for a writing piece
  • Anyone starting a new project
  • Course creators building and organizing a course and its concept
  • This course is more for beginning and intermediate writers, but it can benefit any writer in any of the above categories.
  • This course is more for those at or near the beginning of the course creation process. 

What you need to know before starting the course:

  • Basic English writing terms such as “brainstorming” and “outlining”
  • Willingness to experiment with different writing methods
  • A computer or pen and paper, an open mind, and a specific goal

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This course will appeal to you if you are a right brain creative. It provides the early basics for creatives and intentional writers. Based on the title of this course "Plan and Outline Any Project", I had expected a more structured course that would have more of a template format. Although this is not the case, I am familiar with a lot of what was discussed and recognize its value in creating the necessary habits for improving writing results. If you are looking to improve your ability to produce content more quickly and with less effort, overcome writers block and become a more prolific writer then this course lays the foundation for creating the necessary habits to begin the process. I would recommend this course as a good beginner course.





Rachel Leroy

Stop Striving and Start Thriving

Rachel Leroy BA, MA, MFA

Team Lead, Writing Professor, and Life Coach


As a teacher and lifelong learner, I'm excited to engage my creativity and expertise to help students and other learners engage in empowering learning experiences that will help them succeed in their careers, education, and lives. With thirteen years experience as an Assistant Professor in English, writing, and composition at Georgia Southern University, I have acquired experience teaching writing and composition, creative writing, critical thinking and logic, online learning, research methods, first year college experience, student-centered learning, editing, grammar, and literature.

How I Relate to Students--Stop Striving and

Start Thriving

I know what it's like to work hard for something and overcome obstacles to your dreams. I know what it's like to not have things handed to you. I know what it's like to watch the other guy get ahead when you don't. I know what it's like to learn things when they don't come naturally to you. I know what it's like to persist on days you don't even know what you're doing or if you'll make it. I take these personal experiences and use them to relate to you with understanding and care. I have many achieved goals in spite of challenges, and I can help you do the same, because I understand what it's like to be there. I help students Stop Striving and Start Thriving.

Being Your Instructor

After finishing school, I learned to teach others to write by being thrown into a college writing classroom with little experience. With the help of other amazing teachers, I taught myself how to teach while I was doing it. In this twelve year experience, I learned to make writing fun and easy to understand for students at different levels in the writing process. Strong teaching evaluations from students backed that there was something to the techniques I was using, because students were benefiting from them. In the end, my chief goal is always to help students learn, enjoy, and love writing.


I obtained a BA in English Literature at Georgia Southern University, an MA in English Literature at Georgia Southern University, and an MFA (terminal degree) in Creative Writing (with thesis in poetry) at Sewanee School of Letters at University of the South. I am passionate about human creativity and learning, and helping students make new connections and achieve personal empowerment through their writing.

Personal Interests

I'm on a mission to help those who are hurting to cope, help those who have failed to succeed, and help those with mental illnesses to stop striving and start thriving. My focus is especially to help those that don't succeed the first time, or perhaps the tenth. You can make it if you don't give up and learn smart. As a teacher and lifelong learner, I'm excited to engage my creativity and expertise to help students and other learners engage in empowering learning experiences that will help them succeed in their careers, education, and lives.