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8 Videos (42m)
    • Why This Works Final

    • Affiliate Platforms final

    • Launch Jacking

    • Review Copy final

    • SEO For Your Vids

    • Powerpoints

    • ScreenCasting vids

    • Fiverr


About This Class


Do you want to see how I used to generate commissions while cleverly avoiding all the competition you usually encounter while trying to make your way ?

Then watch this course, and enjoy

How Do I Get Started As An Affiliate? There are steps to start selling products for that company and earning your first affiliate commission. Let's go through these steps;

  1. Get The Right Affiliate Product To Promote
  2. Indicate Your Interest
  3. Promote Product And Get Sales

So, let's do a brush-through now;

  • Get The Right Affiliate Product To Promote

This is the first and the most crucial step. Any mistake or error committed here may kill your affiliate business sales dead. A tip that comes in handy here is to choose a product that will be of benefit to your audience. For instance, it will totally be useless and unprofitable to promote an Internet Marketing product on a Stop Smoking Tips Blog. You could as well be doing harm to your sales and online reputation if the product you chose to promote is of low standard. To get help finding the right affiliate product that suits you, you can do a quick search on Google. Type: Your Keyword + Affiliate program". For example, if you're targeting the Parenting niche, type: 'Parenting + Affiliate Program' and you should find the appropriate product to promote. However, a popular method is to go through Affiliate Networks. An affiliate network serves as a link between companies (or merchants) and publishers (or affiliates). These companies go over to submit their product's details to the Affiliate networks, in order for affiliates to go over and sign up to promote such products. Some of the popular Affiliate Networks are: ClickBank (helps thousands of companies and individuals present their products to affiliates. I earned my first affiliate sale from this site promoting a Woodwork affiliate e-book), Commission Junction, Amazon, ShareaSale and a host of others. You can also promote products for individuals who are directly employing affiliates to advertise for them.

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Great video. Very helpful and insightful as usual. Thank you very much!





Howard Lynch

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Hello everyone! I am an experienced internet marketer. I specialize in selling ebooks and producing videos. I wish to share what I have learned and connect with internet marketers. I will answer any questions regarding internet marketing, so don't hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you in no time.

I am capable of teaching:

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