3X Your Sales in 2 Hours with Powerful & Easy-to-use Copywriting Principles! Premium class

Eric Campbell, Amazon FBA Expert | Online Instructor | Digital No

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26 Videos (1h 26m)
    • The best kept business secret

    • Warning: you will start to see copywriting everywhere

    • This course is designed for you

    • People only care about themselves

    • Are you getting to know your readers?

    • The secret of persuasive copy

    • Are you talking to one person?

    • Every copywriting piece has one goal

    • The secret of getting readers to take an action

    • Here's a quick way to get your reader to trust you

    • The secret of headlines

    • How to write powerful headlines

    • Little known ways to write effective headlines

    • How to come up with the perfect headline

    • Real world examples: book titles

    • How AIDA made me more persuasive

    • Who else wants to write more interesting copy?

    • How to get over writer's block and write great copy

    • How to persuade your reader

    • The secret of different readership paths

    • How long should your copy be

    • Make your copy easier to read

    • Warning: use correct grammar

    • Summary of everything you have learned

    • How to quickly become a better copywriter

    • How these books made me an effective copywriter


About This Class

Do you make these mistakes in your sales copy?

             Do you know spending too much time talking about the features of your product / service can cause you to lose the sale?

             Do you know there is one single copywriting mistake that most people make? And if you are making this mistake one simple tweak can instantly boost your conversion rate by 100%.

You can 3X your sales IF you apply some simple copywriting principles

            Copywriting principles are similar to laws of nature. Just like gravity, they don’t change. If you learn simple copywriting principles now they will dramatically change the way you write.

            Stop leaving your sales copy to chance. If you are an entrepreneur interested in gaining every possible edge you cannot afford to ignore copywriting.

Hurry, if you enroll in this class right now you will get personalized feedback on your copywriting (class project). I cannot promise I will continue to do this in the near future.

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Though basically an overview , the information pointed out how to begin.I enjoyed it and found it very helpful. Steve S.
Great information that I can use immediately to write copy for my website and books. Thank you!





Eric Campbell

Amazon FBA Expert | Online Instructor | Digital No

My Entrepreneurial Adventure Started at Age 13

My name is Eric Campbell and right now I’m 22 years old. I started my entrepreneurship adventure when I was 13. At that time I was playing an online game called Runescape and I decided to write a guide on how to make money in the game. I put this guide up on Ebay and I was shocked to find that people were actually willing to pay for it and they left really positive reviews.


This One Experience as a Kid Changed My Perspective for Life

So it blew my mind that something that I created out of nothing, in a word document, in a couple of hours, was something that other people would pay for and it actually made their lives better. And since then I have been hooked on entrepreneurship. I have tried the most random business ideas that you could imagine. I remember one of them was creating a website that drop-shipped wrought iron products and another was remaking people’s LinkedIn profiles for a cost.


My College Experience Was Filled with Entrepreneurship

When it came time to go to University I went to Penn State and got a degree in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship. While I was there they sent me to the top entrepreneurial boot camp in Silicon Valley called Draper University. So I’ve seen Entrepreneurship from all these different perspectives and it’s been an absolute huge part of my life and for me it’s a ton of fun.


The First Product I Ever Imported from China was a Bracelet

My experience importing products from China started when I was a sophomore at Penn State. At the time I was importing men’s magnetic therapy bracelets from China and I started by selling them on Ebay and then I moved to selling them on Amazon FBA. I did about $7,000 in sales before I realized that I wanted to shift my focus back to University and just live that experience that I was in right then. But I knew that as soon as I graduated I wanted to get right back into the Amazon FBA opportunity because it’s just too big.


After Graduating I Immediately Moved to Lisbon, Portugal

So I graduated 2 months ago and immediately moved to Lisbon, Portugal and I’ve started importing products from China again. I want to be a living example that not only can starting your Amazon FBA business give you financial independence but it can also give you complete freedom, so if you want you can have the freedom to live anywhere you want in the world.


How My Experience Benefits You as a Student

I think this is great for you as a student because not only do I have the experience of importing products and putting them on Amazon FBA but I’m also in the middle of building my business right now, right with you. And this means I can relate to the challenges and frustrations you’re facing and also stay current with any of the new changes to Amazon FBA.

Have a great day!

-Eric Campbell