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building a free video sharing website

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. 1.0 - course overview

    • 2. 1.1 - introduction to video site

    • 3. 1.2 - let's make a video site

    • 4. 1.3 - getting the site ready

    • 5. 1.4 - prep for recording and editing

    • 6. 1.5 - uploading, adding seo, autoposting

    • 7. 1.6 - show me the money!

    • 8. 1.7 - take part in the project

    • 9. 1.8 - the roundup

    • 10. 1.9 - share and review (...)

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About This Class


as we move towards a more open and aggregated connected to everything future i wanted to start making my own nomad video website of content i capture on my travels. i love making and i love sharing and i was wondering how i could do that and sustain some kind of drip feed income at the same time, step forward then (building on the success of of course!)

in this mini course i'll describe how we are building our own video sharing site out and how you can do the same easily (or hire me to make you one maybe!)

  • getting the site ready for content (cdn/storage)
  • recording the content, editing and making it ready to go
  • uploading, adding seo, autoposting to social
  • google adsense, widgets and banners and skillshare course upsell
  • making money from your content with premium packs and gumroad

i hope you'll follow along with the journey! :)

as always any questions just drop me a message and don't forget to take part in the project!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - course overview: this course is around 20 minutes. Okay, welcome back to new course. This is about making a traffic generation course very similar to my nomad dot pictures website, which uses Google AdSense, Yoast Seo, which is optimizing each of the block posts with search engine optimization so that they're discovered through search engines. I want to build a video content site which is content, like cinema graphs, four k video B roll, things that I've shot at either a conference or just in nature or every day when I'm out and about using my camera stuff that never gets seen and getting something out of it, using it by putting on the Web for it to be discovered by all the people for them to download, using their project on the website as b roll for their videos on YouTube and they're actually find a way to monetize that. I'm gonna be talking about getting the site ready for the content that you make storage options that you can use to store some of this content and also content delivery networks or CD ends will probably need to see the end to speed up the delivery off the video elements your website, which is what people will be coming to the website looking for video content of their projects. So recording the content editing and making it ready for your website will be going into that or bloating that content to the site, adding S CEO, which is search engine optimization so that video could be discovered and then also auto posting that to social media so people could discover it through social channels. And obviously we'll be talking about money if you want to make some money from this. Contact being discovered on Google is only part of the solution. You might be able to make premium packs so that those packs of content are sold for a nominal cost, but you can create an income stream just from making the video that you would normally make . 2. 1.1 - introduction to video site: after some success with our nomad dot pictures website, with AdSense and integration and sharing on pictures and just get in our pictures outside of our photo gallery on our phone, we decided to build no man dot video on the thing we know my video is that I love to create cinema graphs. I love to experiment with four K's absolutely amazing footage it and if you've ever watched any on YouTube, but it's absolutely stunning. I wanted to create a site where I could share and build and make premium packs of content that bloggers location independent even brands could use cheaper than they would if they went to a stock video company, which charge absolutely gob loads of money. And nowadays you've got equipment in our hands that were able to make our own make her own content freely. And so why not build a site where I could give away for free lots of content but also maybe monopolized a little bit on selling some premium packs? And this course is a little bit about showing you how on building nomad video on also, so you can build one yourself. I hope you enjoy the course. I hope you'll become a premium member if you're not on enjoy 3. 1.2 - let's make a video site: So this is building on Nomad Pictures. We decided to build a free premium video site. Nomad Pictures is full off free pictures that you can use for your blog's or your projects . We don't charge from A We do have a premium section for dedicated packs will work on that for specific client needs. So we decided to make one for no man videos. And this course is to show you that you could make your own video site and do the same thing as we are creating a income stream from just putting those videos onto your website for when I go and check out the website. As we build it out, it's nomad dot videos that no man video. Sorry. We've got the bare bones off what the system is going to be. This course will go into the background of how we're building it out. So we're building it with WordPress. We're gonna put a cdn, which is a content delivery network. So lots of cashing to make it really fast. And we're gonna use a great plugging called in viral gallery, which we've just paid for which enables is also if we pay for the big package. We've got the halfway package of the minute just to test that. Make a little bit of money on AdSense first, for we can afford the full version. But it will give us the ability to host with thier on YouTube and hate email five videos as well that I'll be going into this over the course of a couple of these courses of how we doing the issues that we faced? Well, we're putting things in storage. How much dated the sites gained through how much? Bam with Aunt. How to make some revenue office. You know, discussing and sharing with you how we're making revenue. How we getting searched, how we're actually getting back links to our site. We're gonna go into all of that over the over Siris of a number of courses. Nomad video will be covering a number of areas, mainly cinema graphs, because I love making cinema graft. I don't have a great camera for making cinema graphs. At the moment. I'm working on getting one. I also want to start making some four K videos may be short, little incidental videos that people can use B roll. I've seen many commercial sites on the Web where they're charging, you know, 79 99 bucks for a five second, four K clip off a street in New York and made me think, Wow, there's a whole opportunity to undercut this market with the cameras that we have access to today for people to get the clip that they need for their B roll or maybe for their commercial project. And maybe we can totally disrupt that market. So I'm kind of doing that with Nomad video trying to get the other nomad video nomads, Onda location, independent people who have got a bit of free time on their hands because they've decided that lifestyle to capture content. Maybe we can collaborate. Or maybe you could build your own from from just doing this court. Once we've got those sorts of photographs and four K's in, we're going to kind of make some premium pack so it might be on office environment where we shoot 10 4 K clips off certain things that would happen in an office environment, which people can then use for Facebook ads or putting on their block. So very powerful way of creating yourself in the income street from making very incidental bits of video content. So this content ideally for additional nomads location independent workers in transition for blog's in their video edits that specifically why we called it nomad video, digital nomads and location independent people. It's a very big search term These days is getting bigger every year. Lots more people are choosing that lifestyle instead of being locked into a cubicle 95 naturally traveling around the world, seeing the world working in coffee shop. So this website is mainly aimed those people, because will be making that content in those environments as well. So the site will make an income from two main places is gonna be making income from using AdSense. Google AdSense, which a lot of people know, gets blocked a lot these days so there won't be a huge amount of AdSense money coming from that, but also premium packs and will probably put these premium packs on Gun Road, where people can buy a pack of 10 4 K video clips, often office environment for like 10 bucks, and we're doing it for for a cheaper price because we believe there is a smaller mawr buoyant market of media makers who need specific clips of video clips. And they don't want to pay massive commercial prices for them. So kind of disrupting that market and also at the same time playing experimented with our equipment to get better shots. So it's, ah, win win situation because you take the hardware that you buy, you get to be created with it. Share those packages out through social and maybe get a few people, click through and buy your media assets. So it's a really nice way of building yourself a WordPress site, shooting some content and experimental, but also making a little bit of money from your efforts. 4. 1.3 - getting the site ready: So let's talk about the Nomad video for a second. I want to talk about the prep shoot Edit Block published on the extra paid packs. So there's a process to this. You know, you can't just suddenly have a website up from running. There's a process of steps that you need to take the preparation before going out on the shoots. What you're going to shoot, What areas you gonna shoot him? The weather conditions. Making sure you have enough memory cards for this. The actual shoot location itself Have you got like desert 80 places that you go shoot, especially if one is noisy or the environments not right? Is none of people in that. The shot to be dynamic enough dedicated some time to actually edit the contents are very well having 112th 4 K clips on your camera when you gonna actually edit those down, will cut them in such a way that they can use there's animated GIFs. When are you gonna spend time to actually put a block together? So you might want to outsource that to a V A somewhere in the Philippines, publishing that content when you publish something you obviously want to have a conversation with the people. We drop that onto Twitter or Facebook, you may get people say, Hey, this is awesome. Where was this shot? Weapons is involved. I really want to download this. We're gonna buy it from you have to engage with the audience. So you need to be aware off the steps that you need to take to actually get this in a pipeline, a process that enables you to actually do this in a way that fits in with your day to day life. This is a side project for me, a side hustle. So this will probably be a couple of hours building upto a lot of hours per week before I have to either sell the site on or spend more time on the site to actually use some of the funds that I make from the gun road. Premier packs to actually invest more time, take more people on to actually build the sides out. So it's gonna have a combination off YouTube and wish thier videos. So it's best to have a playlist structure ready kind of having a playlist set up on YouTube and on West here. Maybe you can have them as unlisted if you didn't want them to be seen on your channel, but you want to host them on YouTube. Obviously, YouTube is free. West. Here is a paid solution, but there is more benefits of having wished here in terms of each of the videos, can have a call to action at the end, or even on certain videos that you want to give away for free. But you want to get something out of it. You might want to put a turnstile at the front end to capture a client, email and restaurants. A lot of scope There. You want to make sure that you've got those playlists sorted before you start. Putting content into the four K is very big in size, obviously adds, Ah, bigger dimension to creating content because you need a lot more space. You needed powerful machine. Teoh. Sometimes editor you might want to decide on don't want to shoot four K do on a short shoot 10 18 which is the most common sort of HD content that you find out there on YouTube, making cinema grass from that content that takes time, taking time out to actually get that look, and you can spend half an hour now actually putting that together. And then there's all the packaging zipping in Opel, the tagging all of these things can build up on. Do you really need to have a process pipeline in place so you can have these things off the other people being? L've to just say, there's all the video, it's on my Dropbox. These are the 10 steps I want you to go through, and this is the result I want. And I will pay you this amount if you if you don't have the time to do this. But you want to be able to take the video that you shoot and have somebody else deal with it, then having it all mapped out the beginning will will make it less frustrating once you've actually come back from filming, sitting there with all that content, thinking when I'm gonna have the time to do this. So having a plan way before you get started on the shooting is a way for you to succeed on building out your own website. So YouTube is the cheapest storage place. If you're worried about storage and the video sizes, You can pull back video embeds into your nomad video or your own video sites. The reason why you would pull back video from YouTube is that it's obviously free toe host video there. If you're doing it on Mr or another site similar to that, you do have to pay for your bandwidth on bandwidth on a video site specifically with people playing it downloaded, it will accumulate very quickly. So if you want to go into this the cheapest way possible, YouTube is the cheapest place for you to get started. Integration off a cloud access to store files is probably better than putting it on to your WordPress hosting. You'll probably get a very curt email from your hosting provided very quickly that you're using a lot of space using a lot of bandwidth if you decide to host your video on your own website. Most websites hosted not really designed for content. They're designed for hosting your Web site. They have a certain kind of CPU process that they have for hosting your website. You're better off hosting your very heavy video files on a content delivery network or even hosting it somewhere else that is known for hosting video content. That way you get a better price and you get better access throughout the world. So when people come to your video website, the video content loads quickly. It's not taking ages to load from your website host and causing you over its charges. If you try and host video on your own host, you might find out that you get an email saying that you're using too much CPU and you can't host your site with that provided putting them into the cloud. You can get one terabyte of space from Google these days for like 10 bucks a month, which is a huge amount. You probably won't get a hell of a lot of four K video there, but you confined places around the Web where you can host video content, either for free or for a for a nominal charge. 5. 1.4 - prep for recording and editing: so making the actual content. You know, a tripod, I would say, is an absolute must get some beautiful, lightweight carbon fiber tripods these days. They're quite expensive normally, but it is really a huge investment, but it's a solid investment because you want to capture four K video. If you want to make cinema graphs, you need them to be rock solid studies. The only way you're going to get good animation in an animated GIF animated cinema graph is by having the image absolutely rock solid stable so that you can find the start and end points and loop that without any movement whatsoever in the camera shot. Having a snag list off shots ahead of time is a huge way of getting your job done really quickly. If you just turn up with your tripod new camera, and you just like looking for things visually to record that can get really time consuming , you can get off track. You can come back and end up with 20 video clips that I don't have any kind of association with each other. Having a trail oh board with a snack list of shots, maybe fuel premier packs, for instance, like an office environment. You've got 10 shots that you want to shoot. You want to shoot somebody's hand on a keyboard. Want to shoot a depth of field shop behind the person on the computer? You wanna have a depth of field shot of the reception area, somebody coming through a door. Somebody using electronic tag Having a snag list of shots that you want to set up for can speed up the process of recording this content You can literally do 10 15 20 12th 4 K shots in half an hour and be done and go about your day and worry about those those videos later , or even go to the coffee shop straight after you've shot that, upload them to Dropbox. Send a message to your virtual pH, get them to start editing. Enjoy your afternoon, come back home and all your videos ready to go to post on your website or even get you ve to do the website. Having preparedness to it will really speed up this, especially if you have a full time job you want to do. This is a side project being helped to offset some of the time constraints of this is absolutely huge for removing the frustration off, wanting to work on a creative project to get the content off straight away. Make selections from your shots as soon as possible. You don't want to be in a situation where you're going out shooting on another day and you've got existing content. It can run away with you really quickly and you'll end up with lots and lots of content and doing nothing. Just sitting on the SD card and really wanted to be working for you by having it on the website are having the CEO done by having on Facebook ads by having improve your packs on gun road advertising on Twitter. You having people have access to it instead of it being stuck in your camera roll or on your SD card or on your computer. You're actually actively putting that out there to the world for discovery, and I think it's important to get into a momentum like that as well. So consider content that people would use in blog's and video projects. Imagine yourself in a situation writing a block post. What would a person want for their block post? They want an image of a garden scene barbecue somebody water skiing. What would a person want to see? What is it that they would like to attach as B roll for their content? Imagine yourself in a situation buying your own content. Is it good enough for people to buy? Does it suit a purpose for people to download and try and embedded an animated GIF from or share that cinema graph? You want to get people coming back to your site using social media are sharing this stuff some shoots the fat people would really want to use. I can't stress this enough if you go out shooting four K video when you get back and you have issues with your SD card or you damage your SD card on the way back, just have recording issues in general. Make sure you have a backup of all your content. If you can. In that cafe, take the SD card out between shoots. Put that in your computer. Use a USB three backup device. Get that content in two places, even if you put it onto your laptop and having a Dropbox folder. So it also sinks in the third place that is kind of just building in that level of redundancy to remove the frustration. If you start doing this is a full time job, we start relying on this content for your website. People are relying on your new premium pack from your newsletter. Then you need to have that content ready so you can't afford to lose it. 6. 1.5 - uploading, adding seo, autoposting: so optimizing the website. We use yotz CEO as a WordPress. Plugging B is complete usually can, filling out the details on the Yost. Try and give us much description, as much tags for the video as possible. That way, it's going to get discovered over time. My Google search I use a great plug in for slow releasing content through the WordPress site on Nomad Pictures will draft schedule. It takes all of your unpublished content, and it slowly releases it. So if you've got that linked to a Twitter tool, for instance, that tweets out the picture and the link people can go to your blood. Grab that picture, but you can slow release him, say hourly or daily or whatever schedule works for you. Thousands of photos. You might want to do it three or four times a day. It's a great plugging for slowly slow, releasing those without having to worry about it. You can set up a draft schedule for a whole month if you want to use a great site to advertise the content. Every time I do a block, that Blawg sits into my RSS feed, so I use a great website called twiddle Very cheap, very cheap. It's cost effective to redistribute your block posts from your SS free to your social counts. Now, I know that sounds scary and complicated, but once you've got it set up, never have to go into it again. Every time you blogged on publish, it will automatically scan your RSS feed for new blood posts. Yet the image and some text publish it to your social accounts, but Facebook or Twitter. So it does all of that promotion for you. You only have to concentrate on writing the block. So this is a part off the process that you can outsource to a va and get them to do all the video editing you. Right? The bloke post out or they right the boat post out as soon as you publish it. The advertising the social advertising will be doing for you if you can afford it. There is a great website as well called missing letter within or in the end letter. It's a great all year round retargeted. So the way it works is it scanned your RSS feed when it finds another post very similar to twiddle. It's create you eight campaign off tweets, and these campaign of tweets could be for the next 12 months. It is quite expensive. I won't think this would be a website that you use from a brand new experimental creative project on video. I probably do this after you're making a little bit of in. Company allows you to have a campaign of of tweets for the whole of the year for that particular piece of content. So if you imagine or bloating 100 images or 100 videos a month, your side this will create campaign, and it will slow really. Suites at scheduled times throughout the year bring people back to that pager automates without being too spammy. Little bits off off the block post of Paul and back in to go and have a look that image in people searching on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. They confined this image out there on the Web. It's kind of been recirculated if you like, because a lot of content after 48 hours, 72 hours gets overwhelmed by other content that comes along. So you want to keep things fresh. You want to keep on updating those social accounts to get people to come back to your website, finally adding in Facebook Instant articles on Google AMP for fast loading and discovery. These these two sites specifically, they get around the issue of you having a slow website by kind of cashing your posts onto the Facebook network on the Google Network, the Google service, that they have reason why they do this and low times are 405 100 milliseconds. You don't have to know what that means, but it's better than three or four seconds of your website. So what this means is that more people are going to see it is more visibility your block post to your image. What that means for you is click through rate people coming to your site. Rubbing the image may be having a look around for other images, or maybe bookmark in your site, telling other people about your site about the fact that you get free video free images from that 7. 1.6 - show me the money!: so making money we were using AdSense mainly for running adverts on the site after 6 to 12 months will probably look for a bigger, full time advertiser. That probably means somebody dedicated on the sidebar widgets on the website. I might be an advertiser to do with nomad. Wear outdoor clothing, close location independence equipment in some way. They will often pay higher than AdSense. I will also be looking to use and plug toe. Advertise our own products and services. You get add plucked from the WordPress repository a. Plug it free. They do have a pro account. For $10. You can put in all your images, advertise all your of the sites will probably advertise no man pictures from Nomad Video. And that sort of has that social concertina effect of telling people about other sites that you have of the products that you have in your network. On making premium download theme packs around a topic. For instance, I said earlier on an office environment shooting 10 4 K video clips in there for a client putting it on gun road for sale for 10 bucks. People can download that pack and use that as B roll or user as animated GIFs on their website. After all of this, after maybe 12 to 18 months, I'll be looking to sell the website and I'm not going to maintain this website. Probably ever a spin off site for video hosting myself aimed to push a sale on the site success later, using flipper dot com and I have a number of sites like this. This is a way of creating residual income. I like to call it active income because you're actively adding content to the web site. So you're getting income from it. But you get income, the more content that you put up. But I will be looking to sell a website, maybe from 12 to 18 months from now. I feel like mobile is going to dominate everything. I think websites gonna be used less unless I think we're gonna have all that content in a mobile environment. So desktop applications are gonna fall away. I think websites gonna fall away. I want to get in quite quick and see if I can make some money on the acquisition on my site from from the traffic that is generated 8. 1.7 - take part in the project: so, like all courses, these news courses I would love you to take part in the project. This gives us a little bit Mawr amplification through the skill share platforms. You go to your project in the bar below the actual course. Put in an awesome project title in the project. Be creative. Tell me what you worked on. Tell me how this course inspired you or confuse you or you didn't know, Not necessarily know how to use it. I will respond to every message that is posted in there. Please include a picture because it kind of stands out. Looks nice. If you don't have a picture, you don't have an image. Go to no Man. Pictures, which is one of our site, is one of the images you're all free to download. You can use them as you wish. Click, save and you're done. It takes a couple of minutes, and I really appreciate it Enables me to engage with you as a remote audience 9. 1.8 - the roundup: So finally, the roundup I gave you a quick overview off how to build out a video sharing website, the video website that we're making on that video and how to monetize it. No matter. Video will be a live site that I'll be working on for the rest of the year. I'm gonna build out the traffic on it like you did with Nomad Pictures, and then sell it on flipper dot com. In 18 months time recording and editing can take time. Be aware that you won't make money straightaway. I didn't make any money from Nomad Pictures for the 1st 6 months, and then it took another three months. My 1st 100 bucks off it, and that was from Google AdSense. I've learned a lot since I saw that website. Recording and editing can take time. Be aware, giving out free video free pictures. You're you're looking to build up the traffic on this website from people discovering it and thinking this is useful site. I want to download this video of these images that can use this for free. This is kind of a side hustle just to give you a bit of frame of reference. Nomad pictures took at least six months to get noticed before we started. Get back links from other image sites and did a lot of work going into forums. Getting people to discover outside This is more of a hobby idea. Building up to lots of traffic over an 18 month period. Before you can go and sell something like this I really love for you to take part in the project. Maybe you have an idea for a website that makes you money. Let me know if you've already got one existing. Tell me how you went about the process of building. If you have virtual people helping without, did you pick up why andare catch will be soon to get by. 10. 1.9 - share and review (...): while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.