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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Promotional Video

    • 2. Introduction to Zoom

    • 3. Starting Out with Zoom: Step 1

    • 4. Starting Out with Zoom: Step 2

    • 5. Zoom Account Overview

    • 6. Scheduling Meetings in Zoom

    • 7. An Example of a Zoom Meeting

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About This Class

Zoom is the most popular and widely used video conferencing and web conferencing tool in the world today. Particularly, in the business world. In this course you will learn all the Zoom essentials, fundamentals and basics to hit the ground running when hosting online meetings using Zoom.

As more and more people start to work remotely or are currently working from home, productivity apps like Zoom have grown exponentially. So if you haven't heard about Zoom yet, you will likely hear about it soon. Companies and businesses all over the world are relying right now on tools like Zoom to carry out online meetings, video conference calls, conference calls, presentations and most importantly to make business decisions on a day to day basis.

What can you do with Zoom?

  • Host and attend online meetings

  • Collaborate with others who are working remotely

  • Chat and share your emotions on what's being shared

  • Share your screen with others

  • Online meeting and online presentations

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mauricio Rubio

Serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, PM & MBA


In a nutshell, I'm a serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, expert PM and MBA (x2). But at heart, I'm also an Educator. 

Mauricio in Numbers

Founded or co-founded 7 business startups.

Invested in 6 personal startups.

Studied 2 MBAs and 1 Bachelor of Engineering.

Teaching thousands of students in more than 170 countries worldwide (that's nearly every country on the planet!).

Traveled to 10 Countries and lived in 4.

Lives in the most beautiful city in the world, frequently ranked in the Top 10 places to live & visit.

Works for a prestigious University, ranked 1st in Australia and 8th in the world among young Univ... See full profile

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1. Promotional Video: Hey, guys. Welcome to the assume online course. In this course, you're gonna learn everything you need to know about soon videoconferencing and online meetings here. We're gonna cover the fundamentals of soon the essentials, the basics and how to use, including how to schedule beatings, host meetings, join meetings and much more. We're also gonna go over tapes, tricks and different things that will help you when you're scheduling or running your online meetings using Soon. These force has been designed mainly for beginners. And I'm gonna go through the different tools, the different aspects and the different things that you need to consider. When you're running on hosting or attending online meetings, we assume we're gonna go through the easing out to assume. And by the end of the course, you're gonna be able to schedule your soon meetings at 10 2 meetings or plan your next online meeting. All right, guys, I'll see in the next one. Cheers. Bye. 2. Introduction to Zoom: Hey, guys. So before we deep type into zoom and what you can use zoom for, let's just go over a very basic question. What zoom and what can you use it for? So basically, assume is a tool or a nap for online meetings and collaboration. You Can you zoom for a ton of things When you're working with people who are in different locations now, it doesn't mean that everyone has to be working remotely for them to be able to. You assume you could have some people at an office and some other people working from home or the library or wherever. Assumes, assume, basically allows you to connect all of those different people in all those different locations via videoconferencing or audio Onley phone calls. But Zoom is a lot more powerful than you. Just seeing other people on your phone or on your computer on your tablet like you would if you were using FaceTime soon has been designed for the workplace on for people to collaborate on projects, and we're working together. It allows for advanced functionality such as screen sharing, chatting, changing your background on a lot more like, for example, you can actually express your emotions when people are talking by giving a clap or stuff like that. And I'll show a lot of those other really cool tips and traits when we're actually going through setting up and hosting zoom meetings or when I walk you through how you can attend two meetings as well. Now the cool thing about soon is that it has been designed with virtual teams in mind, so it allows for remote collaboration on for people being able to connect with each other even when they're not physically in the same room on. That's why soon is so popular and so widely used by different businesses across the world. I dare say that soon right now is probably the most widely used and popular video conferencing tool out there. So you learning how to use assume will definitely come in handy when you're working for a different businesses applying for jobs or things like that. You could even be potentially interviewed via zoom instead off Skype or FaceTime. Now a lot of businesses have started to embrace assume, and I see more and more people all over the world using assumed in the business and to run their projects or toe work collaboratively with their different teams who might be spread across different locations. Different campuses or different offices now assume is quite powerful. But it's also quite flexible and easy to use. And you don't have to be a techie or an expert in any of this technology or any of this type of stuff, like anyone can really use it because just very simple and easy to use. You don't even have to have a computer or a laptop or a tablet. You could connect. Assume meeting just by using your home phone or your mobile mobile phone. That's one of the advantages of soon. And that's one of the reasons why it has continued to grow exponentially worldwide because it is very simple and easy to use. And it doesn't matter if you own a Windows device or a Mac, or if you're in an android device or an apple device or whatever brand you want to think or you use it doesn't really matter at all. Zoom caters for all of those different scenarios and allows anyone regardless of which device they're using to connect, assume meeting, and this is super important on highly helpful when you're working from with people that are remotely specifically, there are a lot of scenarios in which you might want to. You know, working a project or share information on it might be a lot of easier and faster to do it the assume. Or you might have some people in your team working remotely. They might be sick. Or you might have people in your company that are too spread across different countries, different regions, different time zones, etcetera and soon allows you to manage and do all of these. It also has some really cool integration on things without Look, for example, or other tools like that that allow you to, you know, just add a condom. Invite in soon in your calendar using assume details, assume details to connect to assume meeting. And that's pretty cool. And we'll see later in the course that every time you set up a meeting in Zoom, you automatically get details generated for you, which you can just send to people in an email. And it's already set up. An easy for you to use is just a template email where you get the link or the numbers that people Condell in if they're Dowling into your zoom meaning. But they can, like I said before, they can also just use the link and kind of from their computer. Their mole devised their tablet tablet or their smartphone. It doesn't really matter. What they're using soon allows for all of those different scenarios. And you can have different people connecting to your cold like there's really depending on the plan that you are. There might be constraints, of course, in the number of participants that can join a zoom meeting. But we'll get a little will go through those details later in the court warrant, looking at the different options that some offers. But keep in mind that Zoom does have ah free plan as well, meaning that anyone, anywhere in the world can start using Zoom for free today right now. And I hope that s part of the scores. You give it a go, explore it and you start using it soon. Right, guys, I'll see in the next one. Cheers. Bye. 3. Starting Out with Zoom: Step 1: Hey, guys. So the first step in getting started with assume is going to the assume website, and you do that by going to assume dot us on your browser. So just open your browser, whatever it is that you're using, whether it's safari, chrome edge Internet explorer Firefox, brave whatever it is, Oprah, whatever browser you're using, just open the browser and just go to zoom dot us. That's right soon dot us. That's all you have to do. Alternatively, of course, you can just go to google dot com and then to search for assume, and then it'll take it to the website as well. All right, so this is assume Website on is just a very basic website, which includes information about soon while you can use it for and just some general advantages and what it offers versus other products and services. So consistent Experience meetings, video webinars, conference rooms, own system business, instant messaging, Right, so these are basically the key things that soon has to offer and sumas a company. They do offer different palace on services which you can see here on their solutions at the top left hand side corner. So you can see here products, meetings and chat rooms and workspaces, phone system video webinars upmarket plays on. Then they have a bunch of liars stuff as well. But in these courts were mainly gonna focus on what the vast majority of people you assume for, and that is for videoconferencing. So for meeting with colleagues or friends remotely, who might be in different locations. Or some might be at the office and others might be different locations. Or you might be working with a team that he's partly in your country and partly spread across. Other countries are across other continents and regions, and this is where to zoom becomes really powerful because it is very easy and intuitive to use super and user friendly. And you don't even have to be a techie to use it or Donald special stuff or anything like that. You can even use it just using your mobile phone on just dialing into a doll in number, and we'll talk a little bit about that later when we get into the specifics of Zoom. But I just wanted to give you a very quick overview off assume website and how to get started so The first thing you have to do, of course, is sign up, all right. And don't worry. You don't have to pay anything soon is actually free in case it even know that assume does offer a free option. And I'll show you that in a second. Let's just quickly continue here just very quickly, going down the website to see you have a quick glance over, and I won't go over all of these in detail. Of course, you can read that yourself, but just very quickly, just to show you why. Soon, Such a great product and service he's like I said before were easy to use, and you can escalate as you need as your need increases. It's something that some allows you to do, which is really good, all right, unless it's continue scrolls he like I said before, they're widely used worldwide by some of the biggest companies in the world like you can see here. And the bottom, of course, is the many where you can see more things about the website of product features. Why assume that t the assume team press information downloads, etcetera, right, so they offer a bunch of different things. And again, I won't go into all of this in detail. But I will go on to the plants and pricing just to show you the different options that you have. Okay, so in here, like I said before, there is a basic version which you can use, which is completely free. And you can host up to 100 people in your assume videoconferencing when you're assume video conference or all my meeting. And it does have a constraint on group meetings. So if you're doing group meetings, they have their constraint of 40 minutes. That doesn't mean so. That means that basically, after the 40 minutes, the coal will automatically disconnect. So you can do, you know, an hour, two hours long, long meetings on the free version of soon. But just keep in mind that there's nothing, of course, stopping you to from starting another soon meeting right after the the 40 minutes go by and it automatically disconnects so you can actually just let it end. If you don't. If it ends and you need to go longer meeting and then just plan for another one, I do realize that that is a bit annoying But that's just how they are trying to push you into. Of course, buying one of these other options that you see here and I'm seeing here the pricing automatically reflected in Australian dollars because I'm in Australia. So that will change, of course, depending on the country that you're in. So if you're in the U. S. Will, this would be in U. S. Dollars. Of course. On you can see that just by going to the website. Like I said before, assumed that u s slash pricing or just go assumed at us and then just click on the plants and pricing and it'll take you here and you can see here a bunch off, you know, different features and functionality that each plan offers. Obviously, the more you pay them where you get and these little plus buttons here, you can actually expand them, and it will show you more information about the different features that you're getting with that plan. But like I said before, if actually expand all of these, look at this. You get a ton off stuff with the free version, like literally, there's a ton of tough you get with a free version. So probably the free version would be more than enough for most people. If you're working in a basis or if you're part of a bit off a business, more likely than not, the basis will pay for the zoom licensing. And you don't even have to worry about this part that I'm showing you right now in the course. But it's still good to know for you to know that if you wanted to use it in your personal time or if you wanted to have assumed catch up with your family or your friends, which you can do, by the way. Because Zoom is not just specifically designed for business, it's just that is very easy to use by businesses. And that's why businesses love it, you know, because it integrates very easily with the other things that they normally do not like I said before, because it's just very user friendly. And so here. Like I said, you can see the different pricing on the different licensing types of the over. But like I said before, if you're in a business that is already working with soon, more likely than not, you don't even have to worry about this. They will probably be a system or an I t at mean managing. All of these are a procurement person managing all of these for the business. And they'll just tell, you know, just use your user name and or your email address your business email address in your business password to assigning into soon handle my providing different You are elf than this. And that's something that you might need to check with the business if they're using us a specific, different girl for you to sign in if you are a business that is using soon. But if you're not at a business that is using assume and I guess under the scenario that you're just setting up your assume for the first time yourself and that you're actually, you know, managing the whole thing yourself a scene you're either getting the free version or paying for one of the plants that they offer. Well, this is how you would get started right now. You would go to the website, and then you would just click on Sign up, it's free, or you just go to the plants and pricing and click on the sign up, It's free again with general these to you click on either this one of the top right hand side corner or these one. When you go to the plants and primary pricing page within the soon website, it'll be the same thing, right? So if you click sign up, it's free. You'll take it to a sign of page where you can actually just enter your email address so you can start on Sign up. And even though this says your work email actress, it doesn't mean that you can sign up with, you know, a Gmail account or a Hotmail account or whatever a personal email account you can. You don't necessarily have to use a business email address to sign up to Zoom S. Oh, don't worry about that, of course. Alternatively, you can actually sign up to zoom by using Google or Facebook. So either of these options you have. You know, you could just sign up with your email address or with Google or with Facebook. Any of these will allow you to access Zoom and will. I'll let you do this right now. I just do that, you know it's part of the scores just sign up. Let's just you walk through the whole process with me as well. We just click on the sign up button, enter your email address, sign up and you'll get a confirmation email accepted on. Then that's how you get started once. Once you do that process, I'll show you the next part of the course what's next and how you set up your zoom meetings . How your schedule them, how you see which money makes you've schedule. How did the recurring meetings on how to attend two meetings as well? Now keep in mind. Like I said before the assume is something you can actually download to your android phone or to your iPhone or iPad? A. So you can see here in this part where it says download in the Wilson website at the bottom of the soon website Beings Client, which you can download to your you know Windows were my device or there's a browser extension as well and outlook plugging, link plugging on the iPhone and iPad app and the android app is well, so basically soon gives you all the options that you can think off. Doesn't matter if you're on a laptop deck, stop tablet, smart phone, android phone iPhone. Whatever you say you're using, you can actually download the app that reckoning to any of those devices. But again, don't worry too much about that, because if you let's say you didn't actually want to download anything at all, you could actually use the cloud version as well from the browser directly. Which is why you also have these browser extension here as well. So yeah, don't worry too much about that. Like whichever option you want to go for his fine, they're all pretty much the same. There will offer pretty much the same functionality and soon has been designed so that anyone can connect regardless of which device they're using, regardless whether their Windows users are an apple user so that literally anyone can use. And that's why. Another reason. One of the reasons why it's so popular. Alright, guys. So I'll leave you here with this part, and we'll carry on with the next part of the cores. Talk to you soon. Cheers might 4. Starting Out with Zoom: Step 2: Hey, guys. So just to recap on the sign up process and getting started with soon, it's very easy. You go to the soon website you, then just click on the sign up. It's free button and then just enter your email address. Even though it says here your work email address. You don't have to actually enter a work email address. If you don't want to, you can actually use a Gmail account, a Hotmail account, a Yahoo account, whatever type of email address you have you can actually use to sign up for Zoom. Now, remember, and keep in mind that if you were working for a company more likely than not, they have probably purchased. Zoom. Realizing on an enterprise version, assume, which probably means you just don't even need to sign up. But they probably already set up a signing website or your L for you to you assume at your company. So if that's the case, you've been asked to, you assume as part of the company are currently working in, we'll just make sure you check with your colleagues or, you know, your soon I've mean or where is your I T support Central help this which you are l they want you to use to signing too soon. And you probably don't have to sign up like we're doing in this video because these more for someone that is saying up soon from scratch, as if you were gonna use it for personal use or for business use. But you were setting it up yourself, all right. And that's what we're gonna cover in this part of the course. So, like I said before, just enter email, address these case, my email address asked CEO reveal dot com And then I just click on Sign up. That's he. Very easy. Super fast, Super simple. Once you hit on, once you click on, sign up, you'll get this confirmation page, which basically says that they've sent that soon has sent an email address to your email so you can confirm your account. Now, this part is pretty standard. You've seen it before. You're used to this. Whenever you actually sign up to any website productor service in the modern world, it is very likely that you will get a confirmation email just cause they would want to make sure that is actually a person signing up to these. And it's not about, you know, it's not like an automated computer tryingto mimic a registration. Okay, so just go to your email address, then to confirm your account. So in my case, I would just go to email dot merisier rubio dot com, which is where my email is hosted or just enter my email address and password. And then I would just signing, All right. And then I can see here in my in Audrey's zoom email place after very your assume account. I'm just gonna click there on. I'm just gonna allow these images to display. Okay, here we go. On. I have these email address from soon here that I can actually just click on the button, activate account. So you just click on activate account, and then that takes you to the screen where you basically just continue your registration process. Right? So welcome to assume they ask you for your first name, your last name, and then you can set up a password, right? So then you enter your password that whatever passer you wanna use off course, they give you some hints about the type of password Here. It must have at least eight characters. At least one letter on this one number improve both uppercase and lower case. So this is just making your password, that making sure that your password is safe and secure. So once you've done that, you just get can continue. We'll go here to the next page and we're going through the steps. 12 and three here at the top. So the second step of you've entered your account info is inviting someone. You don't have to do this right now, by the way. But if you want it, Teoh, invite someone to your assume so they can connect with you. You could do it here, but I would recommend just keeping this step for now. I will talk about invited out of people later in the course, so I just go skip this step test meeting, OK, so Zoom automatically sets up a personal meeting your l, which you can use with anyone that you are going to connect via Zoom Okay. And we'll talk a little bit about how you can use this meeting. You are ill later, but basically you can use it to start assuming with anyone in any point in time or alternatively, you can just in this screen here just click on start meeting now. But just remember that this is part of the registration process. So you won't be seeing this screen that you're seeing right now after you've actually completed the process and when you normally and typically signing to your account. But don't worry about that will take it step by step and I'll show you later in the pores how to set up a meeting in assume how to schedule it in advance. How does generate recurring meetings, etcetera. Don't worry too much about that right now, but here I just want you to go through the whole registration process with me so that you got comfortable with doing it yourself at home, at the office or wherever it is that you're following the scores as you're preparing to launch your zoom meetings yourself. OK, keep in mind that you can also download the Microsoft Albert blood in here, or the chrome extension here on this on these space age that were seen from the Zoom website. Definitely recommend that you do that. They're definitely helpful, but you don't have to do that right now. Either you can actually go to the soon website at any point in something time which is assumed the US remembers assumed that us. And at the bottom off the website, you're gonna find here this download, you know, menu, and then here the something the sub menu confined different clients extensions or absolutely can download depending on the device that you're using, for example, an iPhone or an android phone again. Don't worry too much about that. Basically, doesn't matter which device you're using. Whether it's a laptop that stop tablet iPhone 100 phone or whatever it is, you'll be able to download an app for soon on that device. But again, you can also I just access the cloud version directly from the browser like we're doing right now. So don't worry too much about that again. So just here just go to go to my account, and that will take you to your zoom account. And this is basically what you're gonna be seen when you actually signing to assume from the soon website Andi will go through all of these in a moment. But I just wanted to show you real quickly what you see when you sign in. Now the moment there's there they put ever notice here that because of the increased demand there, actually some of the dahling by phone Are you conference capabilities maybe temporarily removed so you can actually close this? This probably something that you don't have to worry about her one. Apply most cases for you. This might be a temporary peaking the Man of Zoom, so you can just close that at the moment. And obviously you wouldn't even see that if you were on a paid version. But because we're in a free version, they're putting up this notices because they might be having an increasing demand at the moment on. Obviously, they're gonna prioritize paying customers over free customers. But the worry too much about that. That's just for the dialing number. People with a smartphone on Internet connection and a laptop or a computer can easily dialing anyway, but we'll get that. We'll get that late to that later. In the course on, you're going to see that you have different options and ways to connect, to assume video, conference our conference kohl and just keep in mind that even though Zoom sits up videoconferencing and has capabilities for videoconferencing. That doesn't mean that you necessarily have to do a video conference. You could actually do just all you on Lee if you wanted to. And you can actually turn on and off your camera, and I'll show you that when we get to that part later in the course. But this is how you just basically signing too soon after you've actually set it up. All right, So if you wanted to sign out from your assume page here, they put a bit of a node is here. You. Your plan has a 40 minute time limit, and that's again because we're on a free version. You cannot great if you wanted to, but I'm just gonna stay in the free version for these course, so just click here on the X, right? And again, if I click here on this, you know, which is meant to be like my avatar? If I click here on the top, right hand side, corner on, I sign out, you'll just basically take me out. Assume all right. And again if he just wanted to signing and go back to that page, we were seeing a moment ago. You just go to the zoom website and they just keep consigning, and then you just enter your credentials and then you'll be able to signing on. This is important signing because the signing page and after you actually go into assume website on you actually signing that's where you're gonna be doing your, you know, scheduling your meetings or set up. That's where you're gonna manage your assume account, etcetera. All right, so So after you've signed in, you just clicked. You know, enter your email address and your password, and then you just click on signing. I do recommend that you leave this box tick. That's just a sign being, But you don't have to, of course, if you don't want to. But it's just something that will make it easier. So you have to signing if you're browsing on other website etcetera. But just then go to signing and it will take you here now to the page were seen before, which, like I said, he is pretty much where you manage everything in zoom for setting up your meanings, etcetera. All right, so I'll leave it there for this part of the course around registration and just getting started with Soon. I will get in a moment to scheduling your soon meetings or joining soon, Beings. All right, guys. See you on the next one. Cheers. Bye. 5. Zoom Account Overview: Hey, guys. So once you've actually signing to zoom, you're going to get to this page, which, like I said before, is basically where all the magic happens when you're setting up your meetings and managing your meetings in zoom. All right, so this is basically your account in Zoom. This is where you manage everything in zoom. Okay, So before we start saying up meetings and going through all of that, I just wanted to give you a very quick tour and just remind you that there's different menus on these page. Right? So you have a left hand side menu here with some information about personal at mean on also some support and help material right here on the left hand side at the bottom. So make sure you actually make the best, and you actually attend this, like training, watch the video tutorials and read up on the knowledge base. All of these information is gonna help you as you're getting. You know, you're getting used to, and you're getting familiar with zoom. But ofcourse, you're also watching these video and you've enrolled in the score. So by the end of the scores, you know for sure you get the gist if it and be able to host your own meetings and attend meetings. But again, if you want to watch a little bit more detail directly from zoom itself as a company, this is the official training, support and help material right here. All right, and beyond that, they also have, of course, still their website manual here on the top left hand side corner, which you can access or just click here. And I'll take you to the soon website etcetera. They also have here on the top right hand side corner, some information again. I'm seeing the Australian number because I'm here in Australia. But this would very depending on your location, you can request them with your company. There's resource is here, similar to what you have here in the bottom left hand corner here on the top, right hand side corner. You have seen it. Our information have accused, like training webinars etcetera on. There's also a support button where you can access support from from some directly. Okay, and then there's here. A sub menu nor resists of menu here are also in the top right hand corner scheduled meeting , join a meeting hosted meeting and then your avatar. If you click on your avatar, you're just going to see your information that you're in the basic plan on the sign up, Sign out option on Don't forget there's also you might. If you scroll down, you might notice that you also have at the bottom here the menu off the page of the soon website. The soon page again. More information about soon if you needed it. Here is a currency that I'm seeing stuff in Australian dollars because I'm here in Australia. But these would automatically change for you, depending on your location and off course. There's also help, kind of like chat functional. I hear that you can also click and get some assistance on if you needed help. And that's basically ah, very quick tour off the different things you're gonna find when you sign into your account . And here, of course, you can on your email address your personal assume I d and your personal some link, which you can use to sell meanings. It's showing you here in your profile that you're on the Basic plan, which is a free version off assume. Just remember that soon on the cream free version, basically the main constraining houses that meetings end up, you know, after 40 minutes. But again, like I said before, there's nothing stopping you for him setting up another meeting right after that one, or just starting another one right after that one on. Most people would probably be fine with that. But of course, if you're on a business, you're probably on a paid version, which means you won't have that constrained. And you won't have to worry about that, meaning automatically disconnecting us after 40 minutes. Okay, so it also has a constraining capacity. This because we're on the free version. It means you can't have more than 100 people connecting at the same time to a particular zoom meeting. But if you're on the free version more likely than not, you'll never exceed the capacity on. Even if you're on the business paid version, I don't think I It's not very often that you see people having more than 100 people meeting . Generally, when you're doing business meetings, you have 58 maybe 10 sometimes 15 or 20. But even that's pushing it most of time. People are working with small teams in businesses, and that doesn't mean that their business is necessarily small. You could have a business off tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of employees. It just means that most businesses manage their projects or the things we're working on in smaller teams. So it is unlikely that even if you're on the free version, gonna hit that cap. But if you did well, you could just operate on its Not that expensive anyway, like we saw before And here. Language. As you can see, there's Ed Edit buttons here on the right hand side. For all of these meaning you could change your name, you could change your avatar if I could hear on change. You will just allow me to upload a picture here and again. It's joined that I'm hearing the Sydney Time zone because I'm actually here in Sydney, Australia, but this would automatically put your local time zone again. You can change that by picking on the button if you needed to. You can also connect to Kander and contact service, so integration with things like a Google Outlook or exchange and sink your counters here directly with soon if you need it. And that's something that yet can definitely be helpful and signing password Polski, etcetera. All right, so I'm not gonna go through all of these in detail. We just saw probably the key things, and we'll go through the different items in the menu on different things later on. But I just want to you to, I guess, give you a very quick overview off what you see in these soon account when you sign in on where the menu somewhere they where they're they're located on the left. Uh, you know, on the top, right hand corner and at the button as well. And basically what each of them relates to and where you can find support and help information and knowledge based articles that video tutorials on life training as well. And again, you could just sign out if you were going to sign out. But just clicking on your avatar and then sign out. Remember that he shows you your name, your email address and the type of plan or yep, type of subscription that you have in this case, I'm on the basic one, so I'm using a free version. But like I said before, I like we saw before. If I go here to plants and pricing and I'm just going to just really quickly to show you and remind you what we saw before the free version, it actually has a ton off stuff, right? Like if we open this up, he has a ton a ton off functionality. So even if you were on a free version, you probably still get a lot out of Zoom. All right? And he's one of the reasons, Of course, we assume has grown so much over the years. OK, so I'm just gonna go back to my account here, my profile. And these are what we were before, right before we went to just seeing quickly the prime plans and pricing again. Right, guys? So live you with these in this part of the course? Just a general overview off your accounting soon, and we'll get to scheduling a meeting in a moment. And then the fund really starts bright. I see. In the next one tier Spice 6. Scheduling Meetings in Zoom: Hey, guys. So in this part of the course, we're gonna go over how to schedule, assume being all right. So here's where the fun starts on. This is one of the things that you're gonna be doing often when you're using soon, you're often gonna be scheduling meetings into the future, as you would do if you were having a business meeting or personal meeting or whatever. Generally, when you're scheduling and setting up meetings, you do that in advance, right? You send the counter, invite the outlook or Google calendar or whatever to the people or to the person who you're meeting in advance so they know where to find you. So you might say of media in Room 2050 or whatever it is, or I'll see you on this location on this cafe or whatever you consume. It's pretty much very similar, and you would probably follow the same process with the exception that is still saying to them, I'll see you in this cafe or I'll see you in room 2050. You just provide them with assume, meaning contact details or assume details, which allow them to connect to assume video conference cold. All right, So the process is very easy. Once you start on your sign into your account, you just click on this schedule a meeting button on the top, right hand side corner schedule meetings, or just click on that. You'll take us to the schedule, a meeting page, and here we can just say, What is the topic of these meeting? Right. So let's just call these the convention, Right? So we're doing a meeting to discuss an upcoming convention again. This is just an example that I'm showing you it off course has to have a name. When you're saying up a meeting, the description is optional. So it's up to you. You want to add more details, you don't have to. Generally, I leave that empty because it's optional. And then here you set up the time, right? And okay, the date so you can see here whenever. Let's say this is gonna be something that's gonna take place on the 10th of April of 2020. Um, it's gonna be a meeting of 10 a.m. Okay. And here it gives you the option again. Like I said, when this is occurring is when the zoom in is gonna take place. So pretty much very similar concept when you're scheduling just a typical meeting in your outlook calendar or in your Google calendar, you set up a date, time and duration the duration. Here you can change the hours and the minutes for us slowness you want and your assume. Basic plan has a 40 minute time limit on meetings with three or more participants. So if you have more than three people in the coal, you're gonna have a 40 minute limit. Let's say and let's assume that this is just a call with one person, so I don't have to worry about that 40 minutes. And, of course, you can upgrade at any point in time to enjoy unlimited meetings. You can not show this message. You click here. It'll just disappear again. This assume trying to sell you the pro plans in the you know, more advanced versions that they offer, but you can dismiss this message if you don't want to see it anymore. I'm just gonna leave it there because I like the reminder that I want a free version on that. It does have some constraints again. If you are on a meeting with someone we assume on the free planets. Just one on one. You don't have this 40 minute time. Limit its on Lee when you're meeting with three or more participants that you're gonna get that, you know, time. 40 minute time limit on the free version again. We're talking about the free version. If you're on the paid version, you're not gonna get these constraints, so don't worry about that. Okay? So these is us setting up a meeting and zoom. It's a recurring meaning. It's optional. Of course, you might be just doing a one off. If I was saying that this convention is, ah, reclaiming that happens every Wednesday. Then I would just click on recurring meeting here. I would just say it's a weekly thing. So it gives you the option daily, weekly, monthly nor fixed time. Let's assume so. Semen or to you know what you see on Outlook when you're doing recurring meetings on Outlook or a Google calendar? The same pretty much same functionality. But we're doing this hearing symptoms apart. Set up our soon meeting. Let's say this unity that you were doing a weekly and it happens every week on. It happens on Tuesdays, right? So you might say that it happens every week on Tuesday, and that gives you the option to have an end date or end after Exxon over. Current says. So if you have used outlook calendar functionality or Google counter from Chanel, you're already familiar with this as you're setting up meetings pretty much the same. So very easy, Let's say, Senator, Recurring meeting about a one. Also, I'm just gonna antic this. He's who again was just an example, and it'll it shows You hear the time zone as well, so automatically is defaulting to my time zone. And of course, that's because I'm setting up the meeting. But I can just let's just go here and remove the recording make. It's not a recurring meaning. Okay, And meeting I d generator automatically or use your personal meeting. I d I'm just gonna leave it. You can just leave it to generate automatically. Is just the meeting ideas. Just a code that, you know, Zoom gives to this perceiving virtual meaning that you're creating. So don't worry too much about that. Whatever you want. I normally just leave it in generator dramatically and meeting password so you actually can set up a password for people that are connecting to the vehicle to the audio coal you don't have to like normally, I just remove these to make it easier for people. So just remove these if you want to, you don't have to. Video holds participant off off. So I'm just gonna leave that by the phone off, meaning that when people signing two or join the meaning that by default the video will be off the camera on the soon video conference coal. But they can still turn it on if they want to, if they wish to do so once the meeting has started, it's very easy, and we'll see that later in the course. So after you, whether you want to leave this on or off personally, I normally David often, then just let people turned her camera on or their V on if they wish to do so. And depending on the type of meeting that you're setting up consume. If you're just doing telephone computer, are you or both? It gives you the option. Okay, so you can, you know. So, like, I recommend that you live here the both. So people can either use their phone or their computer for audio when they're joining the media conference. Kohl dialling from and you can click on edit and just at the country. In this case, right now, you might see some constraints because of what? You know that it's a high demand assuming is experiencing at the moment. But normally here it just basically allows people to Dowling from different locations just using, like a local number, depending on the country that they're in and then meeting options. Here is something that you can actually you know, control a bit in terms of how you're sitting of the meeting enable joined before before host basically allows anyone to just when they're dialing in or when they're taken into joined assume meeting. Even if the host of the meeting hasn't arrived, they can start connecting. So I definitely recommend that you take this and that you also take me participants upon entry, and that is just like, you know, best practice to allow, so that there's no a lot not a lot off background noise interrupting the meeting as people are connecting. So by taking these options basically means when people join, they can join, even if you're as the host haven't actually arrived yet to the zoom video conference call or the soon meeting and you commute participants on upon entry, so that automatically mutes them, Which doesn't mean that they can mute themselves later. They can and will show that and I'll see will see that when we're actually going to a pole here in these course using zoom. But by default, I do recommend that you take these two options at the beginning when you're at the top, when you're saying up your zoom meeting so you like. I said control a little bit and allow people to actually start connecting even if you're not there. And so they connect. They are munera manically initially, uh, which later on the cannon mute themselves again. You don't have to take this if you don't want to. I recommend it because that's how I normally use it. And that's my personal preference. But it is up to you how you want to use it on here. Of course, it also gives you the option to record the meeting automatic tea on the local computer. Now you don't have to again use this on. If you do, just be mindful and respectful and just let people know that you're gonna be recording the meeting. So they're aware of that. But again, I'm not going to use that because I literally, like, pretty much never used that functionality of recording the meeting. But if you feel you need to if you feel you must will recorded. But let's just be cautious and let people know that you're recording them. So they're aware off that and then just get done, save, and then we are going to I have here Army. All right, so you save that on you've set up your manage convention meeting. So convention is the name of the meeting that we've set up. It is just an example. And you see here at two Google calendar to outlook. So if you just click on that, it will just automatically generate the outlook invite for you that you can send to people if you wanted to on it just shows you how you sell the meaning. Here. What's been take what's being hasn't been ticked on. I you can ofcourse, ofcourse, after you set up a meeting and zooming corruption actually deleted. If you wanted to. You can edit the meeting, or you could actually start the meeting at any point in time. You click on started a lot of money systems start soon for you, And you basically start a video conference called right there on the spot. So you weren't even had that. You don't even have to wait until the scheduled time if you didn't want to. But normally you would want to set it up. Here is the thing that you're gonna love after you've actually set up a meeting in Zoom. And that is that even if you didn't use these at two calendar functionality, which you can and you will just automatically generate that for you, you could actually copy the invitation. So assume automatically generates, like, a temple. You consent to people in at calendar, invite as your you know, you can just copy the invitation. Right? So it says here Mauricio is in body into schedules. A meeting topic joins him. Meaning on here. Still link copy the invitation, and then I'll show you hear what I mean? So if you clicked on, uh, you know, I'm just gonna just got pasted here. Just just an example. So if I've pace this year, I'm basing it right now. Onward. But again, you could just paste this on a calendar invite and then people would just signing using these u R L to assume meeting now if you're on the paid version. This gives you a lot more information on other ways to join, assume meeting. But because we're on the free version, it does have kind of like just this option. Basically, it's just giving people the option. And the Dowling numbers are not appearing because they're probably experiencing high demand right now and soon. So they disabled that like we saw in that notification that they had there before. But normally they do actually have dialling numbers is just that because right now there's a very huge demand for assume worldwide. That's why they've disabled on the free version, because they're obviously giving party on the dahling numbers to paid customers are paying customers. But again, if you're not working for a business, you'll likely get that. And don't worry. I'll show you what this looks like on a paid version out paid account so you can see the difference, but for now, doesn't really matter. Like people going. Just steal connect by using these link to your soon meeting and that's it, guys, that's pretty much all you need to know about. I'm gonna kick your castle about setting up as a meeting in soon. And don't forget that once you've set up a meeting, if you wanted to look at the meetings that you've set up, you just go here to your purple meetings and it will show you all the meetings that you have set up. For now, I've only set up these one meeting the convention one that we're seeing So I can start that that meeting at any point in time or I can just click on it. And then it will take me to the details that we're seeing before where I can edit, delete it, start the meeting right now. If I wanted to or I can actually just copy the invitation, then just email it to people via, you know, or a counter invite the outlook or I could also alternatively just download these to my Google Kandahar or my Albert calendar on. It'll just pretty much set up on a calendar invite automatically for me, which then I can just add the people that I want to join into that meeting. Alright, guys. So that's pretty much how you schedule a meeting. Assume that's all there's. That's all holders to it. And that's all you need to know about scheduling meetings in soon. See you on the next one. Cheers. Bye. 7. An Example of a Zoom Meeting: Alright, guys. So we're now gonna join a re a world real life example off a zoom meeting So you guys can get a feel for what it looks like? An for what it feels like. Okay. So, like I said before, when you're gonna connect to your assume meeting you just use the zoom link that was generated when you created and scheduled that meeting. And you will have that in your counter invite the one you send to your guests. In this case, I have only one guest, which is Eduardo, Who's my brother on? Was kindly World volunteered to help with this example. Right. So let's just join our soon meeting by clicking on the link. The soon link that is already in your counter invite. So let's click on that. All right, So you get to this page, you just click on open zoom, okay? And then that will open soon on that will basically start our assume. Meaning if you haven't downloaded soon before, the first thing it will do is it will download your assume meeting software, your assume meeting app so you can actually connect to it, right? It gives you hear the option. I'm just gonna pick here and join with computer audio. Just click on that. Okay, on. Let's expand that to see if we can see Eduardo. Uh, hey, Gordo, can you hear? Yeah, I hear your all right. So I'm just gonna, like you noticed by default. I have my video turned off so Eduardo can see me right now, but he can actually hear me. So the reason I know he can see me is because if you look at, you know, this consume at the top in the middle of the top. You can see my name here, Mauricio Rubio above Eduardo here. But you can't see me, right? Because I have actually turned off by default. My video when I scheduled, assume meeting, right. Like I showed you in the example before Andi. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna turn my video so that you are to consume you, right? So just bear with me a second. You just click on this bought button here on the ah bottom left hand side corner There says start video button. Just click on that. So you click on that Ambala adored. I can now see me right here, I So for everyone who is watching this right now, Eduardo, he's my brother. He lives in Germany and I live here in Sydney, Australia. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank Eduardo for, you know, being very kind and volunteering to help me with this video. All right, so I'm gonna you know, it's just talking a moment ago with Eduardo eso He hasn't actually used so much. This is only the second time he's, you assume so. It's a really good example for me to show you are a couple of things that I want to teach you. All of you guys watching this video, my students about how you can you assume on some of the critical functionality and features that soon has. So you're seeing right now that there is a button here indicating that that were actually recording this session. So when I actually scheduled this meeting on you so mean and lecture before in the course scheduling these, I actually set it up. So I was recording the conference, called the video conference call. But as you can see here soon gives you a pause on a stop bottom to stop recording if you didn't want to record it. Obviously, I definitely don't generally recommend that you record the meetings. Were you meeting with people? If you are going to record a meeting, obviously make sure you let the participants know that you're recording them. So they're okay with that. And they're comfortable. Just keep you be respectful with people and let them know if you're recording. Okay, Um, do you see anything in your assumed that are telling you that I'm recording decision? Yeah, perfect. Leaning. Any recording? Perfect. All right. So that's also just something for you to keep in mind. If you haven't told your attendees or your invite, invite people even invited to the conference call that you're recording them. They'll actually know that you're recording them because, um will tell them that you're recording them. So whenever you're gonna record a meeting like I said, I normally don't record meetings when I'm meeting with people. In this case is just because I wanted to show you the functionality in this part of the course because I wanted to do our due also to see how it works. But you don't normally record meanings. I like I generally don't do that with business meetings, but like I said before, if you are going to do that, just be kind and let people know that you're recording them. And like I said, if you forget well, they'll know because you'll have a button indicating that you recording them, right? So what's asking Edouard or not that long ago, if he had actually experienced the functionality of change of background? So what you're seeing in Eduardo's background is you know, he's apartment where he lives and what you're seeing in my background here is the same where you know where I live. So it's a real background, but we can actually change that consume. So assume allows you to actually change the background. And I'll show you that in the second on a larger will see a scene in real real life. Okay, so if you go to this video button here where it says top video, if I click on that, I'm just going to show you for a second. I can I can stop the video sharing at any point in time when I'm meeting with people in Zoom. All right, so I'm just gonna stop that for a second, All right, so Eduardo now can no longer see me, and that's something you might want to do. Like I said before, when you're running meetings, online meetings with people, not always. You want to be watching what other people are doing. Sometimes you can be a bit distracting. Something's people like it. You know some things. People want to see each other, and it's great, and that's fine. But it's up really up to you. You don't have to record video while you're doing your conference call or put yourself on video if you don't want to. All right. But if you do want to, I'm gonna turn on video again. Just click on start video. You can actually also change the background. So let's say you were in a messy room and you didn't want people to see the messy room behind you or in your in your living room. On you didn't want people to see the living room behind you, so you see this little arrow next to the stop video button on the bottom left hand side corner. If you click on that, there's here. A new option at the bottom that says, choose virtual background. So if you click on that, choose virtual background, you don't give you the option to change the background. Okay? And I'm just gonna add here. You see these ads, image or video button? So I'm just gonna click on that at image on. I'm going to select something from my computer. I'm just going like this mountain open. Okay, How about a nice Beautifully. So I'm just gonna leave that background there, and I'm just gonna close this now. All right? Are you seeing the background Adorno? Yeah. What do you think? Do you like it? Green? I e No, you pretty cool, huh? Pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah. So I love this functionality because, as you can see, I can you know, it can look like I'm actually sitting here in the mountains and it can look like like I said, it kind of hides completely what I have in my background. So I could actually be in a message place and people wouldn't even know. Right? So this is one of the really cool functionalities that soon has. And people love this, by the way, because it can be fun, you know, it can be fun. So I'm gonna change it now you can change it. Of course, you don't have to stick with the same image. So I'm gonna change it again just to show you again. The process. You click on this leader arrow and then at the bottom, you see, choose virtual background, and you can pick Choose your told background on you can choose from the images that you previously uploaded. But you can also add another image. Or you could even have a video in the background, as you can see here. But I'm just gonna keep it simple. I'm just gonna add another image. And I have these Harley. Let's just what is there? See how it looks? All right. All right. Okay, guys. So yes, so just different options. Different things you can do with this is it's fun to play with that. And again, you can in turn that off. If you wanted to turn that off at any point in time. So if you go to choose your 12 background, if I choose none again, I'm just going to see again the rial actual background in my room, in the room and using to record, but I actually kind of liked that mountain background, so I'm just gonna keep that one while I'm meeting with Eduardo. I'm just gonna close this now on. This is just one of those really basic but really cool functionalities off zoom. Okay, so I'm just gonna close this, all right? One of the other things they can do while you're having assume meetings is used. That chat functionality. Right. So they're hearing the meat in the middle of the body in the button at the middle. There's a chat button. Okay, so if you click on that button and I'm just going to click on that, it opens a chat functionality and I can just and message here, Lord of Like, High and then in order will get a notification on. He can reply to that. You want to write something? Their door. The police. Hi. Perfect. All right, So you're seeing here and water responding to me in real time, and we're just having a chat conversation, and you might be wondering why you would use that. Like, why would you actually need at chat while you're actually talking to people? Well, I can give you a couple of real world examples and scenarios where you might want to use that. For example, while I I'm talking to Eduardo, I might actually want to share a link with him, right So I can paste it there. So that's one of the options I have. If I wanted to, like, for example, let me just do it right now. I can go to my browser on. Let's just go to free lancer dot com is just a website. And this is just something that I was talking to Eduardo earlier in the day. All right, so I'm just gonna copy the link, you know, copy the link. I'm going. I'm just gonna go back to the chat, and I'm just gonna pay. Sit there. All right? Okay. So, control V, if you're using a, you know, a windows device, or you can just right click and then just based and then just hit enter. All right. So Eduardo can now see the link that I just sent him. All right? Yeah. Eso That's something that you might find useful when you're doing business meetings. You might be talking about business decisions, or you might be talking about different things and you might want to share articles or you might want to share a link with people. That's something that's that's really useful for this functionality. Off chatting is really useful for that now. The other reason why you might want to use the chat functionality and this happens quite often in business meetings is in the scenario where you actually have multiple people connected to assume meeting. You can actually send chat messages to individuals privately. So here, right now, if you see here in the chat functionality, the two button there sent it says everyone right. So it means everyone was connected to the call is gonna get this message. But I could also just say Eduardo and I could just pick his name and then you see that it puts a little thing here, could call privately, right? That would mean that basically, Onley Edouard would get this message and no one else could see this message. And that's helpful because sometimes you might be in business meetings and, you know, there might be business discussions and you might want to ask one of your colleagues something, but you don't want everyone else to see what you're asking them or, you know, being in that conversation. So that's a really good example how you would use the chat functionality. All right, So, as you can see, you can also, you know, at things here. But the technicality is pretty similar to any other check. You know, there's nothing magic about or anything weird, but it's just something else. You can use the zoom. All right, Another thing you can see here in this button menu is there Some manage participants button , which shows me that Eduardo is connected to this. And if I click conduct you just noticed here that it shows me at the top, right hand side corner the options off Mauricio Edouard and I commute, you commute. I could I could meet him where I commute him and stuff like that. All right, so this is just an example of things you can do. We assume I could also invite other people by clicking on this in like, button. And then I could just, you know, email people they invite so they can connect to the call. If we wanted to, Normally wouldn't do this like in right in the middle of a conference school like normally , you'd actually just set up on a regular invite schedule, Assume meeting like we saw before in in our part of the course. And you just sent the calendar in by two people, and then everybody connects at the same time. But every now and then, you might actually be in a situation where you're in the middle of the meeting and you realize that you might meet someone else to connect to the meeting. In that scenario, you can actually just use this invite button here to add more people to the other people, to the conference school. Right on another really good thing here is also and is widely used as well is the share screen functionality. Have you used to square share screen functionality before it or no, no, I have never. Okay, so this is something really cool, because I can show it. Ward. Also, while I'm teaching about things that he's learning as well, cause, like I said, he actually just started to use soon now, So it's really cool, because it's actually a really world example of someone learning about these as we're actually going through the course. Okay, So one thing I wanted to show you is that when people say something like a daughter just said, Yeah, I've never used it before. I can actually express a reaction to that by clicking on this reactions button on the bottom off. Assume on. I can just say Yeah, thumbs up. And what I see is that bagel thumbs up imagining on his screen or equal. And I can I'm also seeing it right here. And I could also say, Let's say Eduardo said something really cool. I could also just clap, right? So just clap, just clap. It is just an expression of emotion. I kind of would like zum to have more of these. Right now, they only have the thumbs up in the clap, But I imagine at some point they'll add their hearts and other stuff. All right, s so I'm just gonna show it water right now, the share screen functionality so that you guys can see how you actually use this. And this is super useful when you're actually having B o conference calls in the business context because you might want to share people a specific website, a specific presentation on article whatever is that you want to discuss with them? As you're going through the conference school, you can actually just click on the share screen button here, and then it will give you different options of what you want to share. So I'm gonna share here my browser on I just select them. That's what will show everything that you have open. I'm gonna select here the browser, and I'm gonna take them here on share. All right. So that water right now should be seen my screen, which is the freelancer dot com website. Are you seeing my screen, Eduardo? Yeah, being it. All right. So this is the website that I was talking to you about earlier, right? Which is, you know, a place where people can actually sign up on enroll and find jobs on. And you can just I want to hire someone I want to work. So if you wanted to become a freelancer or someone that does just for someone else online, you just leak. When I want to work here on, then it will just take it to a sign up page, and then you can just sign up. Let's just give it a second to load. OK, now it's loaded S so you can continue with your Facebook account. Or you can just use your email just set up on you. You know, kinda counties in your real email on your password on you just speak on joining freelancer on that. See, that's all you need to do to join free last year dot com It's a free you know how website Like I was telling you before I do order where you can actually just create a profile. And then you can bid for a job so people will pause, posting this website jobs about different things on. Then you can actually just beat on the different jobs. And people here post things like trying translations, video editing, you know, voiceovers like pretty much anything you can think off. There's millions and millions of people posting jobs here and paying people to do some work . And this is just, you know, an example, things that you can you can actually do. So in order right now is seeing, for example, the website, right, Right now what I have on my screen. So this is very useful. Like I was saying before because you might be in a business meeting on you might be showing people you know something while you're talking to them on you. It might be a website, like I said here in this scenario, but it could also be an image. Or it could also be a design. Like those will be, you know, just a PowerPoint presentation that you might be discussing with. People ask your, you know, going through your video conference school. So this functionality is pretty easy to use. You want to try to the emotion button in order to like funds? All right, club. Ha, beautiful. So see that guy? So it water just basically just clapped using the emotion. The emotion button. Uh, how about turning off your camera? Can you turn it off? Yeah. What? So stop camera? No, You know, video. Perfect. All right, so now we can see that it wanted to stop sharing his video, and now he's turned it back on. Perfect. Beautiful. Easy. Uh, can you just mute yourself? Do you know how to meet yourself? A door at the bottom, right? Collective video. Right, You hear? Yes. All right. So now Eduardo has muted himself As you can see, it appears here with an iconic red. You know, Michael, that has a red Cross. A red line just basically saying that he can like his own mute. Right. So can you amuse yourself, please? You're Yep. I can hear. Perfect. That's it. So it's very easy, guys. Right? Very easy. Like if I was going to amuse myself, I would just click on this button mute. And now, even though I'm talking like Edouard can't actually hear me. But I am going to amuse myself again. Okay, that's it. It's very, very easy. Right? And as you can see here, thes assume also gives you I'm gonna stop the share here, Stop sharing. So if you're if you started to share something, obviously you can change that. So let's I want to To share something else. You just click on the new share, and it will give you the options of what you want to share again. But I could also just close this and just stop sharing. So I'm just gonna stop sharing for now. Okay? So it just brings us back to this video of you. So, Eduardo, now he's not seen my screen. He's not seen what I have in my computer cause I've stopped the sharing. Yeah, so I think that's pretty much it. Guys like these are the key things that you guys need to know when you're doing a running video conference calls in. Assume if you click on the arrow just next to the mute button just to show you here, it allows you to select a microphone like for example, I guess that's in Are you where you would use this is if you, for example, have connected? Hit? I had said I had some heads for headphones. With Bluetooth, you would see the option to connect your to your headphones here, and you could just switch the Microsoft to the headphones and the speaker to the headphones as well, from this option right here. But because Eduardo and I, neither of us, are using headphones right now, we're just using the, you know, the microphone and the speakers from the computer. That's why leaving it like that is fine. But I'm just showing you these because some of you guys might actually be wearing headphones on, and you might actually want to change this to your you know the mike and the audio to your headphones, and this is where you would do it. It's very easy. And with these other our like we saw before his where we did change the virtual background . Eso this is that you must that you're seeing here. We can stop there according from here, like we saw before. The chat functionality is here. The emotions here. And the other thing is, when you're ending a meeting, you can just click. There's a little red button. There's a little thing at the top, I guess Button right hand side cornices and meeting. You just click on that and then that'll that will basically end the meeting. Okay on. I definitely recommend that you're careful with that. Like in the sense that you know, sometimes people like they might keep talking with our people are stealing the Colombian. Forget that there are other people listening. You would. It would be very evident for you that other people are listening because you can actually see them and you can see their names here. But this is a safety thing. I always recommend to people once you finish your your call, if you have multiple people in that conference, coal. And you want to just have a newcomer staying on the call with a few of them. Generally what I would recommend it just stopped that meeting I started. You want just to be safe? The another person is listening in, even though you would see it. But just in case you forgot that, that's what you would do. But obviously, you don't have to do that. You could actually stay and just, you know, people could just disconnect. So, um, I think that's pretty much it for now. The ideal. Thank you so much for your help with this video. All right, so I'm gonna end these meeting now, and we'll talk again soon. See you by you by. All right. So then you click here on and meeting for all or live meeting if you're just leaving yourself and I'm gonna end for also had largely is also disconnected. But again, you could have just leave yourself and leave anyone everyone else in the meeting connected . But I'm just gonna take on end meeting for all so that he actually closes the zoom meeting and money for all. See, adored by by. That's it, guys. And then now, because I'm still converting them, I actually was recording these meeting. It's actually just converting the meeting recording on. I'm just gonna you know, I'm just I'm not just gonna wait to show you this part here, but, you know, it's just it's just that's it will take a little bit to convert that. But basically, after that finishes, you'll be able to save that video recording directly on your computer off that off that soon meaning on again? This is just in the example here where I've actually recorded these soon meaning, like soon by the fault. Dustin record. Your assume meetings is just something that you take when you're actually scheduling. You're soon meeting from assume account like we saw before on because I said that and I take that box to report assume meaning when I was scheduling that that cold. That's why you can see it. But most of the times, like 99% of the times, actually never report meetings with meeting with people. That was just to show you an example, all right. And I'm not gonna wait until these conversion finishes, But like I said, before you just It'll just finish and then you'll get an option to say that recording on your computer. Alright, guys. So I hope you find is really helpful. And I hope you enjoy these video on these lecture where we're actually went through a really world example of a riel video conference call with Eduardo. Um, like I said, he's my brother. He was very kind to volunteer and to help me out with his video. And that's it, guys. That's all you need to know about hosting, attending meetings in assume it is really that easy. There is no rocket science to it. You just get a link, you click on the link, you connect to the video conference goal and you just have the video conference call like you. So me and Eduardo a moment ago, Right, Guys else, you in the next one. Cheers by