Zero to Hero Webmaster #9: How to backup your WordPress site.

Marian Heddesheimer, WordPress Expert

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5 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • Plugin setup

    • Backup manually

    • Full restore

    • Project


About This Class

Do you have a backup of your website?

If you are a WordPress user, you may add a lot of fresh content every day.

It can be pages and posts as well as uploaded pictures that you assign to these posts.

After a while, you will end up with thousand of lines of valuable content.

What happens when your web server breaks down, or your web host goes out of business? Do you have a backup of all this content that you can just copy to a fresh WordPress installation?

Wouldn't it be great, if your WordPress site would just backup all your content, the theme, and the plugins that you are using on a regular basis?

I will show you in this class, how you can install a free plugin and configure it to do regular backups on a schedule, for example, daily or weekly. It will also send you backup files to a cloud storage like dropbox, so you will have access to your files, even when the hosting company will disappear completely.

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An excellent class on how to back up your WordPress site. Marian is an excellent Presenter who explains everything clearly. If you have a WordPress website you should enroll in this course today !
Mike Ingram

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Marian Heddesheimer

WordPress Expert

I started computer programming back in 1988 when I created my first software with BASIC, Turbo Pascal and later in C++.

My primary domain in development was always database development, and I was a freelancer who created custom software for individual clients.

When the Internet came up with the World Wide Web and cheap web hosting for everybody, I switched over to Web-Development, which I started by learning PHP. I did some custom web software for my clients, using PHP as scripting language and MySQL as database software.

In 2010 I started using WordPress as blogging and content management platform and specialized in creating and modifying themes and plugins for this software.

Currently, I'm working as a freelancer, using job platforms like UpWork and codeable to find new projects with international clients.

I also write eBooks about WordPress and produce instructional videos that I offer on youTube, SkillShare and Udemy.

If you like to learn more about WordPress and get useful tips and tricks, go to this page to get free information and class links.