Zero to Hero Webmaster #9: How to backup your WordPress site. | Marian Heddesheimer | Skillshare

Zero to Hero Webmaster #9: How to backup your WordPress site.

Marian Heddesheimer, WordPress Expert

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Plugin setup

    • 3. Backup manually

    • 4. Full restore

    • 5. Project


About This Class

Do you have a backup of your website?

If you are a WordPress user, you may add a lot of fresh content every day.

It can be pages and posts as well as uploaded pictures that you assign to these posts.

After a while, you will end up with thousand of lines of valuable content.

What happens when your web server breaks down, or your web host goes out of business? Do you have a backup of all this content that you can just copy to a fresh WordPress installation?

Wouldn't it be great, if your WordPress site would just backup all your content, the theme, and the plugins that you are using on a regular basis?

I will show you in this class, how you can install a free plugin and configure it to do regular backups on a schedule, for example, daily or weekly. It will also send you backup files to a cloud storage like dropbox, so you will have access to your files, even when the hosting company will disappear completely.





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Marian Heddesheimer

WordPress Expert

I started computer programming back in 1988 when I created my first software with BASIC, Turbo Pascal and later in C++.

My primary domain in development was always database development, and I was a freelancer who created custom software for individual clients.

When the Internet came up with the World Wide Web and cheap web hosting for everybody, I switched over to Web-Development, which I started by learning PHP. I did some custom web software for my clients, using PHP as script...

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