Zero to Hero Webmaster #6: Adding a Photo Gallery | Marian Heddesheimer | Skillshare

Zero to Hero Webmaster #6: Adding a Photo Gallery

Marian Heddesheimer, WordPress Expert

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5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Setting up your gallery page

    • 3. Using a gallery plugin

    • 4. Gallery settings

    • 5. Extro


About This Class

If you are a photographer or a designer, you are mostly working with images and photos.

One of the pages that you want to have on your website is a gallery page.

This class will show you, how you can set up such an image gallery with the built-in WordPress tools.

But you will also learn how to use an easy to set up a plugin, to create stunning photo galleries like these.

Please share your new photo gallery with us and create a project after watching the class.

This is Part #6 of my Series "From Zero to Hero Webmaster" using Wordpress. If you want to start from the beginning, please check out Part #1 that you get for free here:





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Marian Heddesheimer

WordPress Expert

I started computer programming back in 1988 when I created my first software with BASIC, Turbo Pascal and later in C++.

My primary domain in development was always database development, and I was a freelancer who created custom software for individual clients.

When the Internet came up with the World Wide Web and cheap web hosting for everybody, I switched over to Web-Development, which I started by learning PHP. I did some custom web software for my clients, using PHP as script...

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