Zero to Hero Webmaster #10: Adding a Customer Survey Form | Marian Heddesheimer | Skillshare

Zero to Hero Webmaster #10: Adding a Customer Survey Form

Marian Heddesheimer, WordPress Expert

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Customer Survey Intro

    • 2. What will we create

    • 3. First radio buttons

    • 4. Adding more fields

    • 5. Change the layout

    • 6. Saving data into database

    • 7. Final settings

    • 8. Project


About This Class

Knowing what your customers or your blog readers think about your site or your service is critical. Sometimes it's hard to find out because people don't like to give you negative feedback if they have a business relationship with you.

Doing an anonymous survey is a good method, to collect opinions from the visitors of your site because nobody has to reveal if they have a business relationship with you. The important part is to remove the name and email fields from the contact form.

But the Contact Form 7 plugin also provides particular fields, that are very suitable for surveys of all sorts. In this class, I'll show you how to use these fields and how to format them to get an easy to fill survey form.

If you don't know what WordPress is, and why it is an excellent and free solution to build your own website, please check out my free class here on Skillshare:





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Marian Heddesheimer

WordPress Expert

I started computer programming back in 1988 when I created my first software with BASIC, Turbo Pascal and later in C++.

My primary domain in development was always database development, and I was a freelancer who created custom software for individual clients.

When the Internet came up with the World Wide Web and cheap web hosting for everybody, I switched over to Web-Development, which I started by learning PHP. I did some custom web software for my clients, using PHP as script...

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