Zero to Hero Webmaster #1: Create your own Website with WordPress for free

Marian Heddesheimer, WordPress Expert

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10 Videos (28m)
    • About this Class

    • What Is WordPress?

    • vs.

    • Why Wordpress?

    • Get Hosting

    • What is a Domain Name?

    • Installing WordPress

    • What about Security?

    • WordPress Setup

    • What's Next?


About This Class

Part 1 of my Series: From Zero to Hero Webmaster Class

All freelancers and business owners need their own website!

You may have heard that quite often, and in most cases, this good advice comes with a quite high price tag.

I am Marian Heddesheimer and I build and modify websites for clients using WordPress.

When I realized that people are paying me a lot of money, to add more functionality to their sites or to change their layout, I asked myself, how many people could use WordPress for themselves, if they don't need all these special features and designs.

This class will show you, how you can set up your website for free and you can get started with some free hosting, to follow all the steps in this class.

You will also learn, why I decided to use WordPress for this class, why WordPress is so special and why you can use it for free.

You don't need to have any technical knowledge, to follow this class. If you can watch this video, you already have all what is needed: A computer and access to the internet.

  1. Intro Video
  2. What is WordPress?
  3. What is the difference between and
  4. Why should care about WordPress?
  5. How do I get web hosting?
  6. What is a domain name?
  7. How do I install WordPress?
  8. What about Security?
  9. How do I set up my first site?

At the end of this class, you have set up your web hosting, installed WordPress and can show off your first website of your own.

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18 of 18 students recommendSee All

Very clear class.
Very good intro.
A Very informative, basic introduction on web hosting, domains, installation and setting up a WordPress site. (Note, this class does not go into detail on selecting and setting up themes.) Concisely delivered at an easy to understand pace.





Marian Heddesheimer

WordPress Expert

I started computer programming back in 1988 when I created my first software with BASIC, Turbo Pascal and later in C++.

My primary domain in development was always database development, and I was a freelancer who created custom software for individual clients.

When the Internet came up with the World Wide Web and cheap web hosting for everybody, I switched over to Web-Development, which I started by learning PHP. I did some custom web software for my clients, using PHP as scripting language and MySQL as database software.

In 2010 I started using WordPress as blogging and content management platform and specialized in creating and modifying themes and plugins for this software.

Currently, I'm working as a freelancer, using job platforms like UpWork and codeable to find new projects with international clients.

I also write eBooks about WordPress and produce instructional videos that I offer on youTube, SkillShare and Udemy.

If you like to learn more about WordPress and get useful tips and tricks, go to this page to get a free eBook "10 things you absolutely want to know about WordPress".