Zero to Hacker 001: Introduction to C on Linux | Mike Bell | Skillshare

Zero to Hacker 001: Introduction to C on Linux

Mike Bell, Hacker Teacher

Zero to Hacker 001: Introduction to C on Linux

Mike Bell, Hacker Teacher

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. "Hello, World!" in C and Linux

    • 4. Introduction to Makefiles

    • 5. Variables, Printf, Simple Expressions

    • 6. Adding Targets To Our Makefile

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to Zero to Hacker class 1! In this class we will be covering an introduction to Computer Science foundations and principals through the lens of the C language and the GNU/Linux operating system. C is an incredibly powerful language that has been around for decades and is still used today. Many of the modern programming languages were first implemented in C. C++ is a great example of this. Picking up some C will help give insight into how programs work in general, the relationship between software and hardware, and give an appreciation for modern tools and frameworks, while giving one the ability to grow software from scratch. 

In order to successfully participate,

  • You will need to be working on a computer running Linux.
  • MacOS users can probably use their Terminal in order to participate. 
  • Windows users will need to use a Virtual Machine, such as Virtualbox, in order to install Linux.
    • Windows users can, alternatively, use the WSL2, which requires Powershell to install.

There is no hardware requirement so long as you can install and run Linux on either your host machine or through a Virtual machine. Advanced class participants will already have these resources available. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Mike Bell

Hacker Teacher


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