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Zero Waste 101: Things That You Actually Need To Know

teacher avatar Alenka Mali, Photographer, Activist, Freerider

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. What Will You Learn

    • 3. The 5 R's Of Zero Waste

    • 4. Refuse

    • 5. Reduce

    • 6. Reuse + Repair

    • 7. Recycle

    • 8. Rot

    • 9. Zero Waste In Everyday Life

    • 10. Good Luck On Your Journey

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to reduce your waste and get a basic introduction to a zero-waste lifestyle. I will cover what the Zero Waste movement is all about, as well as the 5 principles at the core of the movement: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot. 

Start your journey with a true zero waste badass:


More tips on sustainable or zero waste lifestyle:

Alenka Mali

Instagram: @alenkaamali


Meet Your Teacher

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Alenka Mali

Photographer, Activist, Freerider


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1. Welcome : How's it going, everybody? Today we are going to be over one of my favorite themes to dock about. And that would be zero waste. Now, before we jump into any conclusions, let me just explain something for you is your waist is a concept off producing as least based. It's possible it is a little bit on the controversial site. Because is your waist This is something that it is completely impossible to achieve for all of us. We are always gonna be producing waste whether that's human ways. Garden ways recycling waste. Um, unless you're gonna live off grit and live off Berries and animals in the woods, it is impossible to produce zero waste. So it is a little bit of a controversial topic when you think about it. When it comes to the name zero waste. How about we call this at least waste as possible? Of course. Welcome. When they missing Got And, um, if you don't know yet I'm a environmentalist and photographer based in Squamish B. C. I also snowboard. Nice to meet you. Okay. So huh Where can we start 2. What Will You Learn: this course is for everybody who would like to make a difference in the world by starting with themselves. Little things matter and living might. Feli is truly to wait to go. The goal of zero waste movement is to send nothing to the land field. I hope this can inspire some of you to change some habits on your own and share the steps with the loved ones. Don't forget the check out the resource is, as I have included many useful links and checklists. I would like to point out how nobody's perfect. Like I mentioned in the intro, We will never achieve the time in history when everybody in the world will be living waste free. It is impossible, but we can do a lot as individuals and for one, consume this. Use the stuff that we already have borrow, make and make sure to remember or voting with our dollars. That's all I am here today to simply get you familiar with the basics of the zero waste movement. But there is already so many useful content out there on the Internet, so this kind of lifestyle is growing rapidly, not to mention it has become very popular in the last couple of years, and I'm happy to make the part of the spectrum by sharing this basic zero waste lifestyle tips with you. I hope you enjoy it. If you do them forget to follow me on school, share that I will be uploading more courses in the upcoming year as well as Instagram at outlawing Got Up Molly and my website is www Elaine Comolli that come. That is a place where you can find many sustainable lifestyle, travel or photographer tips. I also write my travel diaries. I as well upload to YouTube, so I will include all of these links. In the description of this course. I hope you enjoy it and let's get on it. 3. The 5 R's Of Zero Waste: the principles off zero waste movement are the five ours to point out. Many people are choosing the flat this lifestyle because of some scary they that that is breaking out through the world. Apparently, an average American generates almost five bonds of trash birthday, which in most cases is not even composted or recycled. It goes straight to the landfill, and that is what the serial waste movement is all about. Minimizing are part of things that are going into the landfill and making sure that all of our trash is going into the compost bin or into the recycling bin. When we mindlessly consume where supporting Theo, extraction of the natural resource is causing deforestation, more mining, which all leads to more greenhouse gases. And that is just the downward spiral of this dysfunctional cycle. I don't even get me started on all the plastic ending up in our oceans. Of the ray there were going, it is estimated, will have one ton of plastic for three tons of fish in the ocean by 2025 hitting the new decade that is in Onley five years, which is really not a lot that doesn't make you rethink some of the choices in your daily life, then what will I wonder? So what are the five ours? The five core principles zero waste movement, refuse, Reduce, reuse, recycle and rot In that exact order, let's take a look at them. 4. Refuse: refuse. Do your way starts by refusing things we don't meet. It will eliminate most of our trash. It could be a simple is refusing in plastic straw for your morning smoothie or a plastic back of the grocery store and bringing your own simply or learn how to say no, no to the freebies. Noted the disposables. No, to the participating and unsustainable and unethical practices. The more things we accept, the more things will end up in our landfills, the more the men we will generate for those unsustainable things. Unfortunately, this is where the convenience takes place. Easily. Disposable items cheap, very low quality. Big corporations want us to consume more and more at the higher rate, creating easily breakable things so we can throw them away and buy the new ones at this point out, like to present you to one of my favorite videos about this concept that I found on YouTube . It is called the story off stuff. I recommend you watch it now, or if you want, you can save it for later. The link will be in the description off the course. Here are my top tips to refuse more switch buying a local and farmers market instead of supermarkets. Take pictures of people's flyers or business cards, right? The notes on your phone free company pens, mouse pads and bags are very tempting, but do we really need them? Think about it before accepting them. 5. Reduce: the second principle reduce. It speaks to itself. I mean, how many things can we squeeze in? Our house is most of the Americans a part of the $4 billion storage unit industry, which means they have way more stuff that they can even store. How many times do you have to look in your closet and roll your eyes looking at all the pieces that you haven't war for over a year? This past year, I've got rid of about 80% of my wardrobe, and still, I think I have so many things. We've got so many things at home we don't even need just to plunder the space. So what I suggest you to do ISS give things that you really don't need to a second home and simplify your life less things. Happier mind. Let's clad around the house less clutter around in your mind 6. Reuse + Repair: the third principle. Reuse and repair disposables are disposable. You have to buy them over and over and over again. Keep spending your dollars on things you will throw away anyway. Things break, repair them, they. Then there's somebody who knows how the repair them. Pack your food and reusable containers. Carry a water bottle with you and have a keep cup for your teeth buying second hand items. It's usually easier than you can imagine. There's probably nothing wrong with them, and you'll save your money as well. Borrow things from friends that is the best one. Bake them a cake and borrow up. Really nice dress thing you want. Oh, where for the event. It's really not that hard. 7. Recycle: recycle. This is the last resort after you refused produce every pay period. There won't be much The recycle left. Still, make sure through separate trash and wash your recyclables. There's some research. I know our local grocery store in Squamish, except things like soft last taking batteries that you can think they're so different. Towns will accept their friend recyclables. If you go to City Hall or your Times website, you can find all days information at the tip of your finger. 8. Rot: rot. Let the natural processes happen. Did you know that the most composed doble food waste doesn't even get composted? If you put the banana and the land field a couple of years later, it can still be there because that is no environment for the banana peel to compost. Create your own compost in the backyard or your balcony. Create a warm bed and the nutrients in the soil are so good for planting veggies and flowers that you don't even have to use any foot fertilizer anymore. 9. Zero Waste In Everyday Life: I said that before, and I'd like to say it again. We cannot live zero waste, but we can live in the movement. Being prepared in planning in advance is the most important part of it. And being mindful when consuming. I told you, you won't. You vote with your dollar, right? What does that mean? Every time you go to the grocery store, you're choosing which companies you're going to support. Are you gonna support the company that has sustainable practices or the company that doesn't do your research and really shop close to the earth? Choose the items that are unpackaged or they're packaged in the glass jars because those glass jars you can later reuse to make your home made jam, for example, there's always gonna be so many ways to consume less and produce less waste as long as you're willing to put in the effort. The truth, ISS it would also save you. A lot of money will be supporting small businesses and local companies. Doctor, the companies make a change. If you see the one of your local companies could use some improvement in the plastic free environment, then talk to them, send them an email, Send them in later, Maybe get in touch with the owners. They're probably always looking for ways to make their clients happy. So why? Why not take a chance? 10. Good Luck On Your Journey: I mentioned at the beginning off their scores, said there will be re sources. Check out all the resource. Is I included in the scores because they're very useful. I mentioned that there's also so much content online, so explore your options. Do it with friends. Do it with your family drawn groups. Sure, Tom doesn't have any zero waste group in your in your community. Then you can create one. Or you can join groups on Facebook and share your process on social media for sure, Anything on its The stories tagged me, then got Miley, and I'll be happy to repost it. I wish you good luck with your is your waist movement lifestyle and and really let me know what you thought of that scores. I wanted to give it short and sweet because this is really just the basics, and there's so much more to explore. Good luck