Zenler Zen - Sell Your Online Courses from Your Own Website for FREE

David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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13 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. An Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Expanding Your Product Range

    • 3. Why Sell Courses on Your Website?

    • 4. How Can You Sell Courses on Your Website?

    • 5. Constraints and Criteria

    • 6. Choosing a 3rd Party Solution

    • 7. Example of One of My Zenler Schools

    • 8. Setting Up Your Zenler School and Creating a Course

    • 9. An Overview of the Course Section

    • 10. Course Details

    • 11. Branding Your Course

    • 12. Pricing Your Course and Creating Coupons

    • 13. Publishing Your Course


About This Class

Start taking control of your online teaching business, today !!!

It is true that Online Education is still a fledgeling industry with incredible opportunities for both writers and teachers, who are able to create high-quality courses to sell online.

And it is also true that the ever increasing number of online learning platforms have a huge role to play in the marketing and selling of your courses in order to maximise your earnings from online teaching.

But a word of warning...

Although it is currently possible to make a good living from one or more of the online learning platforms out there, you have to realise that you are playing by their rules. Rules that can change at any moment and which often do change quite frequently.

Furthermore, the students that you are teaching are not your customers, but rather the customers of each specific platform. And you will only have limited access to those students all the time you remain a teacher on that particular platform.

So although you should embrace the wonderful earnings opportunity that these online education marketplaces provide you with, it is important not to keep all your eggs in one basket

Yes, you should certainly distribute wide and make sure your courses are on multiple learning platforms, but even more importantly you should begin building your own learning platform.

- Where your students are also your customers

- Where you have unlimited direct access to your students

- And where YOU make the rules

In this course, you will learn:

  • WHY it is so important to sell your courses from your own website
  • The different options that are available to make this a reality
  • And why it is that I chose Zenler as my 3rd party solution

So why don't you enrol in the course today and start taking control of your online teaching business.