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Zbrush Course Sylvanas Vol 4 Female Anatomy: Pose & Render

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

Zbrush Course Sylvanas Vol 4 Female Anatomy: Pose & Render

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

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22 Lessons (2h 54m)
    • 1. Sylv Vol 4 00 Intoduction

    • 2. Sylv Vol 4 01 Decimation 01

    • 3. Sylv Vol 4 02 Decimation 02

    • 4. Sylv Vol 4 03 Decimation 03

    • 5. Sylv Vol 4 04 Decimation 04

    • 6. Sylv Vol 4 05 Mannequin 01

    • 7. Sylv Vol 4 06 Posture 01

    • 8. Sylv Vol 4 07 Posture 02

    • 9. Sylv Vol 4 08 Posture 03

    • 10. Sylv Vol 4 09 Posture 04

    • 11. Sylv Vol 4 10 Posture 05

    • 12. Sylv Vol 4 11 Posture 06

    • 13. Sylv Vol 4 12 Posture 07

    • 14. Sylv Vol 4 13 Posture 08

    • 15. Sylv Vol 4 14 Posture 09

    • 16. Sylv Vol 4 15 Posture 10

    • 17. Sylv Vol 4 16 Posture 11

    • 18. Sylv Vol 4 17 Bow Posture 01

    • 19. Sylv Vol 4 18 Bow Posture 02

    • 20. Sylv Vol 4 19 Cape Posture 01

    • 21. Sylv Vol 4 20 Render 1

    • 22. Sylv Vol 4 21 Turntable

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About This Class

Zbrush Course Sylvanas Vol 4 Female Anatomy: Pose & Render

Creation of 3D Characters Zbrush Female Anatomy Sylvanas Vol. 4: Postures and render "Learn the basics of female Human Anatomy for the creation of high quality 3d characters in Zbrush" [Notions of Rigging and Animation for postures of your characters].

Female Anatomy Sylvanas Vol. 4 Posture and Render. Learn the basics of Female Human Anatomy for creating high quality 3d characters in Zbrush.

What will I learn?
You will learn techniques that will help you provide your characters correctly.

You will apply the concepts of human anatomy to the body and head of the female character "Sylvanas".

The course is developed in the Zbrush software, so it is important that you have the program installed in your computer. In Pixologic's website you will find a free version for 45 days (trial).

It is important that you have a basic use of the software for a better understanding of the course, if you do not have it I invite you to take our free course "How to Learn Zbrush for Beginners".

Both the curriculum and the visual references are related to the human body (Male and Female) so it is important to understand that they are reviewed within a learning environment.

Have attitude, willingness and willingness to learn!

Are you a student, professional or amateur and do you aspire to become a digital artist? And do you want to strengthen skills for the creation of 3D characters in the film, digital animation and video game industry? If your answer is yes, this course is for you!

You will use a set of tools that will allow you to work in a controlled way.

You will apply advanced techniques to optimize your time and workflow.

I will explain how to generate the form by levels of detail.
Through 21 classes you will be able to learn everything you need to correctly texturize Sylvanas and the recommendations to apply this knowledge to your future projects.

The course addresses the following topics:

Decimation of body, armor and props.
Body posture, armor and props.

This knowledge will be part of your tools as a professional, will represent a differentiator against those who ignore the contribution that anatomy makes to a job of creating quality characters, no matter if it is realistic, cartoon, manga or any style you choose.

What are you waiting for to start?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mauricio García Arias

CG Teacher


Hello, I'm Mauricio.

My passion is to develop and direct high-quality Digital Animation projects and teach others how to achieve the same results. After writing and directing multiple short films and co-producing with Korea, USA, Mexico and Colombia the 1st 3D and 4D Latin American Animated Feature "Jungle Shuffle" and working on projects for brands like Disney, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Nokia, Adobe ... among others. Gathering more than 13 years in the industry, I decided to dedicate myself 100% to teach others everything I've learned, not only at a professional but also at a business level. There are already more than 2,000 people that I have trained and advised hand in hand with my talented work team in more than 60 countries. I want to give you the route and the tools to get you int... See full profile

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1. Sylv Vol 4 00 Intoduction: Okay. Welcome to dis Curse about dipole Saraf silliness on discursive. You will understand. How do we create a poster? Her discourteous. We will used a program. See Brush. My name is Oscar Garcia, with more than 10 years and the industry. They work for TV commercials and a lot of things. But my specialty is e create treaty characters with a high level of detail. I'll teach you from the beginning to the end, trying to teach you everything that I know. No professional way on this part. This is the part Number four. I'll show you How do I create the poster there? Simple and easy. And by using dishneau, let you will be able to pose an order kind of characters. The main a student for this it isn't only for their video games. It is for everyone that want, you know about Trudy characters. And if you want to move in the industry off the treaty modeling, I wouldn't invite you to become a truly character artist. Regards 2. Sylv Vol 4 01 Decimation 01: Hello, everyone. Welcome. Gratuitous currents about did poster off Sylvanus. We were led some details than the presentation on a turntable. Before we do that, we need to optimize diminish. I know, Dad. Some off. You don't have. Ah, good computer for this. We need to make lighter the This is this Suitors for this Ever got to hide something? I need to delete something. I'll use a mirror for recovered at peace. So, Michael Buras very slow. You goes like frame to frame. It is because I've got a lot of subdivisions. So what we need to do here as optimized the business before we pose over Carter differs that I will do here as go to I'll know and it will move their subdivisions of their Solters should it fares to one. So I'll click it and l show you here, for example, this here we don't have any subdivision. I'll go here to German tree shift F on this mission. We don't have the collapsed subdivisions because the our chip would so be I'll use decimation monster. So what? I'll do here, Move down the bullet holes, try to optimize it and four dead ill used the decimation luster. It will help me to keep it to details and optimize the illegals. Like from the distance this lines over Ghous plate some details like debt. We will keep it from a distance. I'll show you how do I do that a moved is very slow, but I will hide this shoulder protection and I will select the sexual click here and I'll go to solo option. This layer will We will disable their double and they'll press control shift and click. We could see that we've got a duplicate. Well, press shift F double all press controls shift and click outside doubled. We've got it here. I'm here display proper tous double control shift and click here all the turn off the devil And I could say Dad here I will love to my side of it. I need to hide the hide sexual first a little bit at the front and I will delete daylight or sexual because Mayor, Chief ISS So he even now. And as I told you, I need to optimize it. We need to go to the cluster and for dead We will optimize it all the go to here in the subdivisions, Dale Hunger. Because here I am in control shift. Click here and I'll press delete. But how do I delete it? Hearing the same sexual. We will go here to split hiding. If I click this, it will create a new sexual with the hide mission under during this deal, Haydn, we could find it. You're on modified apology. Your geometry impress. They'll hide him. What I do here is delete the height part of this actual. If I click it, it will know appear anymore. So I want to rece alive the two sides or that I activate two dead double and it will lead Ah, kind of thickness. And we will continue with this up to mice process This business here at the moment of the poster, we will not need it. So here, basically just like a step forward, she creates some kind of roofs and we will grade an angle with the body and here are different. Probably We will get some kind of result like this. You're this shadow over the leg, the left leg with the poster. It will help us to create deep sensation. At the end of the curse, I'll show you how to create this kind of shadows on label helpless to create Dad Deep sensation basically here. What I need to do is this part is the part where they meet Well, this part on the ripples, their weapons I will move into the scene when the character is funded. 95% of position. I'll finish does explain Here we could see death. We could make the, uh, wrist lighter. We will make the Hape wider on a display art. We've got any kind of expression. So this is important on dividing the poster. So we will stop here and on the next class I will teach you how to create a light art. If her make this easier for make it zero process off about supposed this character. See you next class. 3. Sylv Vol 4 02 Decimation 02: well, we will continue with disc less. We will used it. Preservation. So show you how to I make this agreement process. I move this. No What I will do here, for example also like that piece we need do is social bisexual here Decimation muster Here it will shows Did normal trust You calculate the quantity of billions that I can broke down . It will generate fair STIs and Tim people will generate the decimation. It is very also the first This piece press solo This piece we've got Moralist 500 tells intelligence There is very heavey. No show you why we've got to subdivisions. So they are for he Oh, down a subdivision. But that it's not enough. Probably it is it would have to use officious. We've got two million bulletins. So one it is does 500 Kelson. What I will do here is hope this year and I'll move. Uh huh. Subdivisions undeniable. Arrested lower. I got a small hole. It'll scare. And what I will do is this piece at this instance. We need to have a good look off it. We've got a lot of pull against their so that the summation will great process. The sexual here of references is will note Ah, sifters that they have here Great roses. Damn! It will start to calculate a mish which all those do we have here and what we could generate for the next step. And if we use that as Mission Master one by one sexual, it will be faster. If we press River Rose is all he will select the 1st 1 It will take moralist a few minutes . Then it will go to the second sexual and it will make that process again. So I do one by one because we need to work on it first. We don't need to wait or delete or soup jewels. Normally I want to move down 20% dead follicles or datil press doesn't make current and weight of it. What happened? I've got Amish would, uh, only paint, but I always it Oprah's shift if on the mesh looks very good, Williams. I've got 100 tells him we, uh, 20% But we loose dead texture. We can recover that fixture. So we were priest. We will press control. See? Come here. If we got that mission with you, the mob will select is for Prince Tages and then this other. Yes, and keep fully paint. So here it will keep did texture that I have for my moto for dad. We need another preferences. So I want to show you first. What happen if we don't do this? I press preferences current and then I do it again. Now we've got to process. We've got two million polygons. I don't hear what I will do. I will live this and 20 persons impress decimate We wait for our central on here when we've got Jeff Red Roses, The decimation doesn't take a lot of time. We've got 100 tells and Fulghum's from two millions to 800 Kelson It is a lot that is girl he v for us. So Allah, press control, See? And then I will move The person's too five owns answer and don't know press. Does he make current? You don't need to prepare Assis because we already do that. Now we've got a change from this distance. A press control see? And I'll move back. Judah first social. What happened? We will down to 200,000 publicans. It is fine in this case if we move No, sir, we could in a ties of artists here we need to check which kind of persons we need and I want here. If we leave it there, I Well, in the ties of our to detail that I lose, I'll moved its to eight and injure. This is made current and here we keep details from a good distance. I know that I think would happen if I press control. See, I've got to pull the paint. It will keep. Did Onley paint but daemon to real this What's riel? The shine. It is some kind of medal, The decimation A raised a material. So we need to paint again the material over to decimate motile there. I liked Emoto from two millions to 200,000. No, with God. Dad, this is looks pretty good a night. Repeat the same process with the business Death are very heavy. Shift f This piece is very heavy. Why? Because we've got, uh, subdivisions collapse it And this over part this in grave. Remember that we use a brush in it and it's over commission. So that's why we need down for a solution. I'll repeat it to process for home, down the diligence. So on this case, I want you. It's pleat this barred under any Why? Because when I posed a character, I'll need these hooligans. So I need to Sleet death large from the other parts. I'll go here. Invert en el prez Split Haydn. I know we've got a different sexual for it now. This piece? Well, no. I have got this other part that I want to keep for Saint Theresa. We could see that disbarred half a little bend the spark, but nothing in this viral. Um so we could used it. Destination to this piece. That is very he be I'm here with God. Theater piece dead Isn't that other super underneath? We've got seven millions on this piece. I'll go to dissipation Impress for a process. Pray for us is current and we will wait. No, you're decimate current. I'll live it done 7% and will house. I told you we have too much rail. Scheer, What if this didn't theater day leads or undue mental? We need to paint it again. You want to really? Well, you that much. Really. There's two ways, but later I would show you how I breast control see and select this middle part. Then always King could be day letter. You're oppressed. Does he made current? Well, there is fine de material place again. L concentrate to him though the resolution I need to have it down. A little more coach will see. And the 7 to 3 and I will press busy. Wait current again with God, 400 for it But we keep. Did he tell our press? Comfrel See, they'll Rudy's to one is wait current Well 100 charity. I'll leave it like that. This part for Diplo, sir. I want to see if I can records from this reckons for subdivisions because l Lidice of divisions for keep these details. But I used the reconstruct subdivisions or it used transposed forester And I will no doubt much damage Watch there is fine. So his technique we will apply to every piss and after debt will proceed to Did Mr Well the stuff here and see you on the next video 4. Sylv Vol 4 03 Decimation 03: welcome to disclose We was trying Teoh Recover did much real after we applied it. Decimation, We will recover materials. And most important, here is God. Different socials. Well, no roller groups. What I will do here It's great, uh, different Theise by using depoliticize, I'll go here to watch a group and it will split the business a press control shift. Click over it and I'll select IHS Hospital and letter. This part is for middle. I will activate em. We've got, uh, h shiny material. I'll go to color and pill object. Dad will play. Did it much riel over the mish if I changed it? Material debt material that I apply will keep their These went to real the same in a h shiny real object. I'll go to dismiss They loved it. Although to this order it is a medal. Do lazing comfrel shift click outside It will appear to complete a mission. I select this other piece and then press elliptic comes on every middle object. I repeat the process here it is different. Um, this material we create this angry, so I will apply it if apply it. Ellis, These men told me to So what I told you here there is a way to result. This that is go to geometry. Holy group and l press here unmasking. And they will select Last bite Kohler sharpened Leske and it'll blade here. Didn't middle hell apply here to middle and we could is a brush and paint over it Press control and click outside No paint biasing Always Kim charities? No, the same We paint We're colder or middle charities. I select ISS and click. Anyway, we will create the same piece We were Repeat the process for a keep damage. Really? We will stuff here and see you next video. 5. Sylv Vol 4 04 Decimation 04: we will continue with the decimation process. Well, first, we will remark that after dude is we've got ah better mobility onto canvas and for did poster. I'll show you here, Here, on the fingers. Lavy. I want to look for any image day Fingers will go to outside and well graph people for dad. I need to optimize the hint. I will split it. Then I'll go to solo and I'll show you something first. Old process step is click. Um proposes current and we wait Well, no, the little self got three million illegals. There is very he be and we will see We will you here. L press decimate current and does details If we move down day hooligans, we don't much detail. So here I'll press control see? And we check dead. Well, this from three millions to 60 160,000 Cultural shift f a press control shift Click over this into sport and I will split it. I'll select the height part the no press split hiding and we will check here. If we could reconstruct that, it doesn't allow us. Teoh Operation Waas consulate shift If to millions on displace We've got a lot was pleaded and I will apply it. Goddess Mission to that part Reprocesses. It will take some time. Remember her? Does this mission fart is very important. Well, you need to understand. How do I apply this? We tried to someone and it's the work Will move it to five. And them for us. Decimate current. We damaged that here. I'm moving to 10 decimate current. We could say that There it is 400 Kelson. But it didn't matter. We will You go to the hand analogic if disbarred, This is what I want to do. Shift F and the press rec construct. It will help me alert now a dis moment if God 55 it is very well. We'll stop here and I'll see you next class. 6. Sylv Vol 4 05 Mannequin 01: with? Well, we will continue here. Are Teoh Silvana supposed to? We've got a light arches. We will start to post our character something very important here. It's which one will be departed. We will start to do pose. I'll show you here in a midge. We need day intention. It is instead for work. Hear what I will do? For example, Cape. I will hide it. And the shoulder part I'll hide it to because it will be a trouble for the post. It will shows All of this will press this First Gooden, that IHS t Post Mish, we will wait. The program and off turd is calculation. We will wait a little bit. We've got a lighter, Chief, this is the original and it will create another sexual here. It will learn if I it destined one. And by working And this we will start to pose over a character I will change. Damn! It's real to our gray. There it is. No! What do will do here? We will start to you vacate. We'll check if I gotta go to desist. Er and there will close this. I'll show you here with this money, Kim. Well, Oh, closed this physical. I'll go here to you. Need Siva rush? Yes, close Because I want to show you something before in his deals In a basic money kill I will open it. It's very important. Use Disl indican because e t have ah kind of bones. Well, we could practice over it here. The pose. It's better practice. We will try to create a similar pose This part of the heap when it to bend it of it This hand will be open it here, this hand to and here this leg We will move it in. I'll try to move this for Basil Is this step? It will look. They weep at the site. We will move Teoh Garvey Dissenter Do decide. We will move it a little bit And at this moment she needs to be like this. Part two here they weep will move out And this order part will be more at the center. If we watched a character from the front something like a dad I will do it under the silver nous. I'll need to move this leg. Well, there's no we will keep it here and we will move it forward I'll show you here on the reference one s move. Dislike back and with disorder. That is the step leg. We bended of it and we will move it in here. We check the hate off dead part and hands will go to one side, for example, like this Here we will rotate of it. The whip. Well, no Elliott's move or you vacated this. Like, uh, rotation. No, we don't have a straight week. We've got an inclination on it. And this shoulder. Good way. This one. I'll move it in this of it. And I'm just part we will hold it. Well, Detroit is dead. She got a different intention. Something, ladies. They're both at the site here. The hemmed with ah inclination, buck words. And that will share was the step intuition. And we will bend distributed to death herself on ankle initial like this, she will go a little black. We've in that just a little bit on D day, eyes. We will move down to hit just a little bit. It will be something very similar to this on disk case. We understand more about a pollster. Well, this is the pulsar. Do they want first experiment on Dominican. I'll move back this shoulder bend a little bit to hand. This is a similar poster. We will move like back a little bit. And now when it to think that when it is for an image, this is surrender. This was the image that I choose for my character. I like it. We will take a render, thrown the front and then posted cape. When we post your character, we will add day later pieces, the shoulder pieces, the cape on the bow. We don't more. We will step here and continued in X video. 7. Sylv Vol 4 06 Posture 01: we'll continue with this part of the video. I'll do the next. I'll save this Lenox Hill because I need to go to Sylvanus. Chris, save us now we'll rename it has money kill Honey Kim and Post Shoe Galanis All you big aided here outside safe. You know what I'll do? Hear us open. I'll open Sylvanus Project Open and I'll go to dis part low, too, and set off on his curse mannequin And what I will do here is a star too, to affect this sport because that is the complex part, the weep part on the torso. So I'll do the next dumb here, too. I'll click here small Did I Isn't control and click Were this part of the mission? No. Incurred partial and clean up site. We flipped against more And what I will do here ISS on this part on this part in the center My press control See, we'll use rotate and we will bend like this. No, I'll do the same year, but in birth the movement year We've got their intention. The inclination for work data could be there. We will checked in American. It isn't necessary on inclination. Well, we've got on TV. Inclination there hearing, you know? Yes. We don't have a fake This part. I will invert and I will rotate this blurt control. See, we need to check because if we use move, we could make a mistake Because I need to bend the mission. I'll bend it here It is very Heavey cultural, See? And now we've got one of the parts Death could generate struggles we will incriminate. This book works. It's still a little bit more Only here on this, when you bend it more, we'll go to rotate. Remember that I selected again the regulation tool. It will arrested the two options. So I changed again to rotate. We need to be careful with this part of the poster because it is important part. It is the intention of the character you will shows here. We've got an intention and here we don't have it. It will help us to, uh, more actitud to our character. Maybe we'd decayed onto face. It will help us to add some kind of life to eat here. I'll show you something I want. Ah, big hip. This is the opportunity to exaggerate own few souls here we could see Dad. I affect its part. We need to be careful because we could damage the symptoms too. We will move here to with So Dad give us a female imitation. What? Because under model We want to do that. But I recommend to you odd that kind of detail, Annapolis For because if we model this like that, we'll have Ah, the whip and the character will look. Bud, it's this year too. Move Lobel into a high volume and here ill I will move down a little bit this part 8. Sylv Vol 4 07 Posture 02: So here. Where way? Support the character over a feat. Well, we need to move a little bit the leg, but this part will support. Then the other part of the leg, we will weapon. The order will look down. What I will do here and select. Let me show you here away, for example, this part moves up and the other part move down. I'll select here. We'll try to keep her detail my colleague over it. Try to do this very slow. Something very soft. I need to move dislike in just a little bit. Rotate. You know, we will use the key number nine for great. Uh, quick. Safe. It will save my work very fast from the several files. Um, Dunkel help us to keep our work because the programs on this part cooch generated an error and close by itself. And it's very annoying. Remember, nine key for quick, safe. You know, we've got something. Dad is very useful. The damage and this piece comfort see, earned this piece. I like this kind of pieces in details What I do for keep it press shift. If I've got did, That's a fully group, but I want to hide it Pose London UK cage manually debt. So I will remove the mask also like this by using control shift, click. And in this fuse we disorder tools. If I want to hide it, I'll select potential. No, we've got a mask. Then I press control w And if I press shift f we could see a new poorly group oil Breast control See your weight could see them ask and I will press group mask it And though we generate a different full of your if we use control w we will It is some kind of herky are sure could now we will move back by control shift click Upside No control shift click And this compliment shift click and right outside I will. What if I have it this soon? I don't want to damage this part of the arm or I'll select this something like this Hate it is fine and I will smote deserve it. Bassem control klieg over division. And that's how I small the edge of the mask in a press control clean outside and selector leak over this part and what I will do is start to bend by using dead rotate option. I'll select here, and I will move it at the sensor. Were dated a little bit. Book works. No, I will select this part and I will rotate it in sight. And with a little bit down, this part is very difficult. There is fine. We will move into a little more legs. Res realized that money, Kim, this leg host in and the other? Well, I guess that I wouldn't move it back. Works. Remember that. We need to move this forward. We could bend it a little bit is when Ystad that it goes but works. Blood against that week was rotated here. We've got, uh, the information and hide information. Well, press control, See, Because I want to protect a little more Dis old no slicked stunned the brush I'll select again gizmo and I will try to let me think about it. Maybe we will advocate to gets more here undid femur head. Well, no, I will protect a little more federal. See, a couple of times we keep the mask and moved is a little bit down. So like this part and they click over it for us moated again and now we will irritate it from this position. Rotate and we will move it in selected money. Kim, I guess that I irritated a lot checking him. There's water less the angle here. Stilic. We could leave Baghdad. We will house and we will continue to annex class. 9. Sylv Vol 4 08 Posture 03: I'll go to this side and press control. Click here. I'll move forward this leg for a dad. I willing, Bert, This mission and a mask dis part I will use control End ELT here. Probably. Here we is mooted eso like this and you get it here. What I will do here to go to x axis, Then rotate and we will try to what? To this part. We will rotated forward just a little bit. We're where to? Here I will Imbert. Here. I will rotate it. Just, um Pete to this center. If I is control shift, click here. I will keep that bar hide because I have done finished this. I'll go to the money. Keen reverence under inclination Here in the torso. We've got difference. No, We will check if we we'll move it. They don't know this part of the heap. I will move it to decide also like this just for try to resolve this part. Maybe here we will try first bias and move. And here we don't estimation. So we will use their great adoption there it iss We will do something here by Isn't it more brush? Because I guess that we need to rotate this part. All he is control old click over it, you will note. Really? Is that till you get the musk? And maybe here we will rotate from the hip. We look here, I will select Worked eight. We're they'd here. We removed in this mask. I'm go to throw money. Can we will start to move other more display art ive well you get a leg. Go forward. We need two more dissent. Well, I'll move back to them. Ask it will inverted. It will rotate it or the shoulder and the arm on. Well, with more on this angle from here, I'll select rotate. There is very heavey this part of the rotation. Let's see. There it iss No, we've got something more clothes to a step This arm. I remember Dad, we need that intention. So for Dad, we will move this arm like this. They will remove this mask here When we look at this flat fart. They said that much part. We could organize it manually for not effect this part. I also did moved apology brush because sometimes it's very difficult to move this and we organize it. Mine early. As I told you, Move a bit Here, Here when it just elected normal move for affect That brought elements The body on this piece this part of the low two's with God some damage in it. We Willis moated. I'm trying to fix a little bit this fart a select clay and very gentle. I will try to feel the holes on the mesh If we don't, you smooth. We will use Klay by using little torches. We doubt damage so much to Mish Peritus. We will stop the class here and continue. 10. Sylv Vol 4 09 Posture 04: continue with this part. We will make the uncle part straight for correct the poster of defeat for a dad. Hell, select. Here, Iess moated click here. We're will use their dismal impress are for rotated. I will try something here. I want to move dislike like this a little more. We don't want to damage day shape this part of the heap here. Predict a little more. The heap. No, we will slicked this part of the knee we could see here. We will bend it a little bit in. If Delic, who were straight will they like hair? But we had to move it. So for that I will select this part. I will not support this. Oh, so do gizmo and press. Definitely. I drugged by using shift and moovit floor. We're agreed. A straight line under gets well. Hey, find dry Italy this on Russ shift. Eat a snap, Doug gizmo and help me to make it straight. So all we're going to do half off the mask just in the line and press rotate. Oops, I'm sorry. Cultural. See? Although dissection I waas moving the body control click here for invert the mask then worked eight. And that will do this This now to step here. It is small. Maybe that rotation will be smaller too. We could leave it like here by using small touches on the mission. You will. That it iss the inclination at the front. It's very good. And I will fix the arms. This arm here, it will be something like this. I'll select here and remember, Dad, we're trying to create an intention on our character. So we need to move every piece of the body we as modus and we will select a gizmo and we will rotated. Um, Juries. Ah, female characteristic. That is this hand. We will move it in like this it create Ah, female intention. The elbow more close to the body. Here we will rotate it again. We will check Had, uh, mannequin against that. We could move it down a little bit year on this precision. There is fine. Where will try to fuse? Did money can under reference? No. Look here. The inclination off the hand. Maybe we could rotate it a little more. Okay, maybe here. Yeah, Driss. And first we will bend that little bit of this hand like here. We need to bend it here too. We will create a selection in Bertier. I don't want to affect this piece. Even Barrett this perfect because I don't want to. Damage in too deep. No. What? I will do Iss select a gizmo. Were you educated here? We centered this from this lines prone this I wonder Sirica Lol. We will rotate it to here and let me see. I want to move it down on the X axis. There is so detail, Dad, When we modeled hand the hunt. Need to have some folds on the fingers because when we get Teoh poster face, it will be 60 grand. You know, we've got some kind off going to rain. In this case. I will show you here on uh Sylvanus. We don't need to change the hand so much. Maybe when in it a little close. Because we've got the ball? No, with God, the intention. Now she is walking forward. They inclination is pretty good. Let me see your a few women's. I guess the there is fine. We need to avenge for award. A little bit disarm. We will selected for this. Say access Rotated. Let's take here. Well, now I thought that when you to in clean eight. This more. But there is fine. I guess that we could stop here and see you there next class. 11. Sylv Vol 4 10 Posture 05: this hand went in to check. Let me begin here a little bit in Well, we damage Dermish a little bit. Well, this post will be for ah final render. So there is some details Dad, we could hide this part could be exploited because we will have our cape down will cover this. So we will not see these details. We will bend this a little bit. Buck works control. See here I will rotate it from here. I want to rotate it because they want to open the hand. And here I want the same old advocate this and I will rotate it. I tried to advocate the hand like go out. I will own daughters hand waas like forward like this And I wanted here a crude opened hint Monroe dated back. I select cared a gizmo. I will move it out. Well, I guess. Dad, give me a second. We could think more under a gesture. We've got two options. Move down to head our move up to fit. We will try Dad option later. I have got troubles with this part. I will back of it because this marriage it's we done error cell protect its Fard a little more. I use control and clean over rate for us. More domestic. And then we will rotate it. Display art. Well, I guess i'll try to fix that rotate. I guess that I will bend a little more dis hand because I want the palm more a different. I was irritated from the front of you maybe ter Let me see. We will check here or another Monique in we will go to rotate Don't forget this part. Invert And now authorities I want to rotate Teoh palm a little more. I could use this own Onda rotated Well rotate it from here to against that I rotated so much I will need to a small ward. Maybe because the irritation Let me see if we could have a better look. You vacated Sent to center on breasts are floor rotate Perfect. There is what I want to get. See you in the next video 12. Sylv Vol 4 11 Posture 06: where will select old a superior part? And we Willis would it check here? He burned the mask. Combine It's one this edge because I don't want to damage diminish. And right here I select rotate and I'll leave a k to get small under center There is fine and I will irritate this Like this oldest superior part. This part is for Heavey Solo press nine for a quick safe Yes, dad. Here we've got a better intention. We are very close to to shape that we want We will think more on this hand. We need an angle because we want to visualize it Well, when you to rotate a disc complete hand and we will just damage dead part them Recruit fixed very first and they see Well, if we damage Dick or nurse and they're just it will be very difficult to fix. We need to be careful and under a stent which kind off shapes are missus, We could damage, for example display art this part we will look see the details so it will not affect the shoulder protector. It will hide this detail as you can see here if we rotate it well I will remove the mask. We will rotate this complete part and ahead. It's in a different position. For that, we need just licked again, disappear apart and corrected, and we will fix the abdomen. And l slept here by using control Shift Click. We've got a big damage here, but remember that ISS you see to correct this part? Then did your piece that have edges and corners by is in control and move a click it under angle knife. Got a brush? Well, give me a second look at the brush. If I go over here and bristled off the brush, it will move. I'll fix a little more display art. Remember that on this face off their posture, it is very difficult to keep the complete shape. Onda. Maybe you'll need to create again some parts, but if you are intelligent, you could get a good shape. We doubt lose so much detail because sometimes we forget about a few forms. This is a good option at that moment, when we advocated the character, we could add order details that details syrup is is that maybe we will need to risk looked when we you pick a two character. Well, no Elia's control shift. Click outside and I will fix this part. I hide this inverted this control shift and hold invert And I tried to fix this part of the Countess. They will invert and Dember Tikhon control Cliggott side for invert and I will fix It's part Well, the back part We will not see it on the front part. We need to pay attention to it. I will fix it a little bit here Now I selected Move now I will rotate it. Try to you vacate from here we will use move under supervision by moved is with old and we could move this own very fuss in easily. L make his brush smaller. Maybe there we will allowed this own. And it is very simple. We fixed this part. We don't damage it a little more If we damage it went into reorganized Some details that are very difficult here I will invert the musk controlling clique outside Imbert, This in this part went into pull this in. Mm. Invert this. I will use this brush because I can't reach death part. Well, no. All select ist on the brush. I will organize Thistle a little more. Remember? Hold the key and dismal touches on this part Unwieldy vacated to Ah, better position here. We could suggest the core booked a glyptis. We'll lose that. So with this tool, we will try to fix that part, Imbert, and pull this out. Ah, small churches for great small Smoot are very soft, small under the surface. I will use the move here. This part's not necessary because we've got something over it. I guess that this part it's pretty good. We will stuff here. And on the next video we will continue. Read this pose off, Sylvanus. See you in the next video. 13. Sylv Vol 4 12 Posture 07: Well, welcome to this class and we will continue with the Sylvanus force. You know, we've got a very good events and we will check if we lose some details or we don't much for the mission. We need to correct that. And here on display art will select but this and this Imbert and we will fix it of it we could smooth did for make it straight. And this part isno visible. So death help us to fix this details. And that separation here will not generate any problem. And now we will use h polish for us Mood that part This morning it started again and we will check for pieces. Debney Correction move And they guess death here is pretty good. And this part I guess that is fine. I will remove the mask for Risa Lace and we will start this part. We got the ball and the hander's a little opening. We will selected ahead all years Confront shift on hold for hide It is drug a zeit. I want to effect Onley too. Who'd I know that I'll that magic a lot. So what I will do is rotate his head Now I also like the food. And first I rotated this, and later we will fix the hoot I rotated forward there. Remember? God did many. Kim will help us to have the intention, our character So we could move head down and look at the front or create a aggressive sensation. Eat depend on which kind off sensation you want to creating your current er there with the hood. That could help us. Well, maybe I bend it so much. Well, the worry about that we will move this stone and we've got a good acted to donate. She looks aggressive. Don't be. Never forget that. The gizmo, the center of it. It's this part. And we need to you vacate this on the center of the sun that we want to effect. No, we've got a good intention. We understand now what we want to get about the Sylvanus posture here. Maybe descent. Well, there is fine. No, I will start to. I will be slaves. The hood guns rule. See, I'll mosque first. This It's a laser hood and I will affect it. But only that I will take a vintage off the gizmo for rotate this part of the hood and we rotated. I will move down a little day gizmo. I will rotate this and by using move, I will move it. A decide to here. No, here I will move here. They just want to this center. We will rotate it. I guess that I could look black. A little bit interpretation. Maybe I will check this. L irritated a little bit again. This part oil guidance for the eyebrows there. I like it. I will try. Maybe this hair. I've got two options. I opened this a little more. Or a slicked hair invert and move it in. It is Is here I better a select move. And is that goes through the other? Well, maybe I don't want to infect this part. And this built Elian's come from a shift. Really? Go outside control shift outside. And now we create a mask and missile ace everything. During this, I will try to keep the first form off the mash. This belt too. There to here. You vacate one for worked like this and hear what l tried to do. Well, I don't Machinists mish. I'll mask this part by using Clingan control. I move it forward and the same here. Click and they will select a lotus and feel this space. We will check this Derris. Fine. See you in the next video. 14. Sylv Vol 4 13 Posture 08: We don't want to call her the face with the hood. I won't use the double option here. Maybe I want to move down a little bit of this song because we've got a lot of space and this part I'll inverted. Wait. Sorry. I was moving the I Rose Control. See, I said, like this Evert musk. Move it forward and we will do it with the musk. Move down this a little bit. I guess that here on this reverence, we could be solicited Hood. Well, there is fine. I guess that either works Pretty. You'd Maybe a literal buck works well and there is something here we could try against that. It buster is pretty good. We've got the aggressive intention we could do something. Well, give me a second. I just find on error here on this lick. All motors invert from here. This part is very flat. We will try to grade a cylindrical shape. We damage it when we bend this sewn under me better and no, we could say that the character have a pretty good intention. Ah, great. Acted it. We will win this a little bit outside. If we live it straight. It will look weird. So also like this part This maybe this Well, invert And what I will do IHS press out to groups. Click outside you Vert is to control shift and hold lead over it Nose like this part shift f This is the part that I want to bend musk all of this? Mm, I one to fix this. There is some details that we need to fix When it to pre attention to our model on the damage under mission, we will rotate this. No, we've got some trouble. Scheer They want to see what happened. I will Doe dissection. I will move it to to center. There could be You begin. Decide. Decide and we will rotate it. And a little more. There is fine. It works well now I will go to do it belts. And on this moment we will check the problems so it could be developed. And this part that IHS like out come from shift and develops are pretty good. So it's good to be the sport. We will select the multiple Igic Rush on. We would try to pull this part in work with this brush is some kind of complex there is. Fine. Now this part here. Wait, wait, wait. Control Z, I want to fix this. I move a little bit there. Belt. I tried to be careful with this. We've got the corrections on the model and this built goes true, so I'll move it in. We will stop here and continue on the next video. 15. Sylv Vol 4 14 Posture 09: will. We will continue with this. Give me a second dad because my our chief crush So I'll open it again. There is some troubles that it could happen A hope that the program have a day a quick safe eat work. I guess it's safe from this part. Cultural shift and click Garris. Fine. We don't lose anything. We don't lose our work. So there is no problem. No a display art All select move. I will adjust it. Here are two perfect. No, we've got the character would a actitud indentation. So we will do the next I'll save it is country s And now we've got a good advance in it. Well, no, there is fine. What I will do is go to t pose here. I'm from supposed Lester will do the next rest comfortable and throttled site for removed A mask un. Then we will press control shift. Illegal site Orb is allies Every polling group. Well, give me a second here on this plate. This one musk invert And we will bring this there by using the same technique. Yes, ing old and move. We will adduce this part. I will pull it out then I will hold a sin here. Yes, in and very gentle. We will start to adjust their model and no move this part. We'll go to the railed, remove the mask cultural and click outside. Invert that build that blows our own. The neck. Here the neck is the measure with the problems Soil Wilbert obviously day shape. That is better. For example, this This shape is good, but the neck got a different shape. So that's the mation that we need to fix sometimes day or difficult today. Poster. It's try to keep the measure. Try to keep their basic shape and not that much damage so much. That's the complex part about the post when you to understand this so we could have day mannequin and oppose. But we need to understand the shapes for avoided that motion diminish and you could lose sometime. Ria sculpting the pieces. Yeah, we will take it to Dio original body that we have here. That one don't have any kind off intention. Where really is control Shift click for V. Sele's The Hide Soldiers. We'll go to depots, and that could damage Dart. If so, we'll save this very fast by using the nine key and T posts. Obviously we wait for the process. It could take a few minutes. There it is. We finish the tipos and here we could see our character with the intention. We will use this much riel. And now with the color, we could see something very good. I'll go to sexual. And here on all high, I'll press it. For what? The subdivisions. How it looks here we could see a small detail. I'll fix it. I'll move down a subdivision. This part of the abdomen, it s a moated and I will hide the color because I don't want to lose. And do you till here, this one that what really will give us more shadows And we could adduced a little more disporting like this. Well, Garrett iss, you're like it. We will stop here 16. Sylv Vol 4 15 Posture 10: we will start to adduced the final parts. In this case, one part is the co verse on the shoulder. I've got it here. Hiding day cape. Remember? Dead. We need to create the wind sensation. But what a well this year it's this part this shoulder cover. I will duplicate it. Harmful shift d Because I don't have shooter, I'll move the gizmo. And on what? We will move up this shoulder, Kober. We will adjust it to disposition. Rotate like on the position of the arm. Something more like this. We need to move it in. But I want to be solicited a little more so I will rotate it and I want to move it a little down there. We will check here on the reference I guests that we could move it down a little bit more. Probably here. But be careful with this part. Well, this little courts, we need to move it, try to over the complete shoulder, for example. There they're all like it. I will move it forward a little more. There it iss No, I'll go to the order shoulder of Kovar. And all years we were on this, you know, Where is it? Duris? Wounded is your own world. This ISS The application of this isn't the geometry panel and we've got it. Hero modified topology, meaner and world and the normal mirror is here when it's a simple matter and the other will create a mirror on the same sexual well enabled the color for a re Sele's We could see that year. It's very easy if we forest of his shoulder Koger onto Thrones falls last that we could that much diminished. So also like this and rotated of it. Rotate this There it is because I want to visualize the details. We will move the camera. Little four. Those elements are better. Heavey Well, on this woman with God. Uh, good person of the Sylvanus Fuster. Maybe you need to re school some g chills but you already know how to do it. When we you became to cave will cover all this sport. So here Dureza detail that I want to fix We've got it visible but I guess that we need to move a little bit more This part Maybe better move this one better. I wanted to be a slice of more. Move it here. No, Juris. Fine. Like it? We've got intentional it. I like what I see. We will pow's here. I m continue in the next video. 17. Sylv Vol 4 16 Posture 11: Okay. On this video, we will adjust the weapons own position. I've got it like a soup tool. Like cat tool. I'll go to day folder and I've got it here. Weapons. Okay. Hero of good, uh, decimation option for the weapons. So what want to do here? First? It will reduced the civil part and it will be disbarred. That is the quiver here. This part goes through the order. I will fix a little bit this old Pull this out because we've got that mission display art. I will hide this and corrected a little bit here in a Simon tree. This is one off that elements that we could kite or avoided down much renewed. Practically. We need to re sculpt this. There it is. We will move this This meddled too well now I will hide the shoulder covers a moment because I need go fast. He earned a program or you became to cape. And then we will start to you vacate the weapons for debt. I'll go to upend and it will you vacate the soup tools at the end. The price of two. Least if I want to. You educated here at the side of the body. I press insert my prisons earth fend, Look, Florida quiver and we will a destitute disposition. We will check if we need to precise it. Let me check here we will rotated like dad and arrows are very big. Well, I think that I will rece ice it because this is very high. I'll do it like that. I'll move it at the side again. The gizmo When I will rotate I will recites it because it is very big. We'll go to move. Let me see. How does it look here? I will move it out for these allies. More details? Well, no, I want to re Celestin a shoulder cover. Maybe here we could move it up. I guess that I could rece ice it a smaller There is fine. I love it for these allies. More detail because it goes through a lot. This part is very complex. Rotate. Obviously we need to think about it. A posture. It it's more torrential that this fart with little back. So we need find balance here and this part of the shoulder. I will change the position. I guess that I will rotate this and we're to here earlier. Create a better mission because it goes through the other. I worry obligated here and rotated there it ISS We will house on and continue with the next class for you Vacate Dubel. 18. Sylv Vol 4 17 Bow Posture 01: well on this glass, we will you re caged, irritable. We will loaded here. We really re created here a decide of the quiver. The arrows I select. There we go. There it is. Now I'll go to this order. I will press insert Daryl like it? Something very Burton. When we you vacate Evel, you need to you vacate Dead gizmo just in the position. Dad tortured hand. I will rotate it here. Well, sorry. Sighed rolled Simon tree we rotated and a distant on this angle. But obviously we need to check the opposition here. I don't like that position, so I'll try to create it Very close. Has the reference or dead. I will rotate this. We need to move out this part of the court and here we will rotate it like this. We pulled the sin again and I will move it closer for Rizzoli's how to adduce this part in hand through things day. Well, it's very big. So irritate this part. Who are basil? Ice? Rotate. Here it is something like this. This process help us to be sliced bread or the size of the bull. And, you know, we were dated again against that, we need to rece ice a little more. Well, four make it feel aggressive. So she grabbed beautiful under the dome part for like you'd feel longer here l years to solo option on disposition I ris ice it for of ah better shape No only go to Ah, position of the hand. No, on Dhere we could see that we could see devil we discuss more, I will rotate a little bit here This is this year when you adduced against move and a whole years old for open This little look for a moment will now we will select the hand I'll click here and I will hide iss We've got a problem here when it to a split sport I hided and press s pleat hiding Now we've got different soup Chul's and I will reconstruct this part of the hand I re concert like dinner and double when it to use merges down on this part So I will select here, impress Mitch down and I will rotate a hint or you brigade it by insisting old on click over to hand all you vacate the dismal What? What I will do here is educated under raced part and rotated. I will rotated to hand Teeler, adjust the graph of the ball till they create a sensation off. We got a ball in this hand so here will be easier to you vacate. When we get this, they're readies. When I finish this hand I could organized this this year. 19. Sylv Vol 4 18 Bow Posture 02: again. Oh, hide this part and they will this hand a bias and shift? Well, I don't know. Where is the ball? So is shift and move it up of good days too. Select a hand and what I will do is start to reduce the fingers to devote. I move a little bit up double. There is fine. We will go today and again and they will start to bend the fingers, close the fingers by using control. We will use here a mask and less so click invert damask. Um, we rotated. This part will be so difficult because we've got different topology own information. We will do it like this. A leak. I'm here and we were dated. There is fine. No, We will select the under Phalanx re removed against will and was selective rush for great. A mosque did gizmo again and we will rotate the filings to a point I could say that rotate . So we need to do still a little bit more double. We need to play with about some rituals that Boeing hand there is fine. I'll bend a little more this finger Duris fine else. Likeable. Inverted this and I rotate here now I will adjust this part here. I've got to slicked this oldest part. Andi will been this from the necklace? Invert this un We need to adjust every finger. So here I will select it. Little finger. We don't need to adjust it perfectly. You need to understand the bones inside. A hint for event. The fingers also like this part again. This last nickel on the little finger we remove this mask inverted and we will rotate this Felons rotate to here. I m now I want to open this little more just on this phalanx I went to musk despair will invert this and I don't want to damage this part back again. I'm open. There's a little more rotate. I select this park under start to close a little bit. War dis It will open this from here. Sensor dig a small here rotate. I'll select bow and I will move this here on move because we need to Good. A good pastor, intend. And Advil sit down because I don't like the sexual. I'll go to solo inverted this. And now I could add just their followings. This fingers, little fingers and this order. I'll go to solar and I need to exist it by using the mask. Well, um I will invert the mask and we will adjust it out a little more. Here, The fingernail. We've got to move it here. I've got some troubles. Eye damage, a little piece of the finger, This part. Let me see if I could resold days from here on disorder Nail. We pull this out and practically we finished a hand. We'll go to solo. It's moved and rotated. There it is. That day is the hand. And now we could see things that we have here. We will check this part of the hand protector. Maybe when it to years Sullum we will move it up a little bit, take care of the shape and pull it out. During this, we will pass on under next class. We will continue with the case. We will add that wind sensation 20. Sylv Vol 4 19 Cape Posture 01: on this class. We will continue with the cape. Where will do the next? I will hide the bowl on Al Haider. Their soup jewel's that I don't need. I will hide the Analects two. Well, so the Cape way will create it like this First when it to a distinct do this part. Select a gizmo. We will move it to the superior part. Well, I need to do something before. Well, here. In the reference Doris unfolds on deck eight. If we got a flood cape, we need first to suggest this kind of folds. We will use the Stutler for debt. I like to use the lacy most because it helped me to control the stroke. There is fine now, Allah, just by using dinner rotate option on this part were dated to just a point. I guess that it is fine. And I will adduced this way. Tried to navigate you to close today, Hood. I tried to press cult and it was selected Notre Sexual for a debt. I'll go to preference here on edit out to select Su Chul and night turn it off Now. Eight allows me to use old without any problem Well, Derris. Fine. L salute. Move. And I've got two options. I'll select is by using mask. Let's see here the unification of the hood, the education of the cape. It goes out a little bit and then turn around a way to do that. IHS, Select a mosque went against mo go to rotate unused snake hook. We threw enoughto RTV and we will start to generate. I like a steak hook Difference off the normal move Because this Tulis free and you could generated exaggerate on the forms. We will check. How do we want it? I like it. A one to this. More natural, I guess. Dad, we could leave it. We will pull this out there. Could be reward damask for a move it just under this shoulder cover. You know, we made this irregular for create some kind off low. Really. And Fox, we've got across in this part. Careful with this part Here also like to move. Maybe this sport will go over the order and I was licked again. Standard there is a 25. I will move it up and I will start to create some faults for at the direction to the clot right to decide. We will check it. There will help, Mr Kreda. Irregular shape. And that is how we had more realism to our model. From this position, we could modify a little bit. The shapes off this faults this tips here are like it alone. Ho, it looks. There's a lot of details that we need to fix. Like this road, other goes truth. This is a little problem, but you could. A distant Ali is snake hook here. And to move my little more dis part and Ali vacated over it. At this point, they could select, move and trade to adjust a cape over Devo. There is fine. That is what I want. We will stop here and continue on the next class. 21. Sylv Vol 4 20 Render 1: no, also like this. Part of the position of my character is this. I will use a fost render for a dis delight. I will render this leak and target here on render shadow. We will modify this a little bit. Our breast shift our fuller grade off surrender. That's a hold key for the render. There looks pretty good, sport. Uh, J p g Sylvanus, Hurry! I will really great here, Haas, Render Render Cyril one all press OK. And here we could see wheat more detail the size. What I had to do for create Ah, big image. We need to change the document. We were five this to have a good size rest rece ice and we will adjust a image on this leader of square. We will rece ized it character to dot size and render. We will change this to 30. Sure to do down to Hero Shadows. I will move in this a little more We already calculate. Ah render I'll show you closer and I will. You became too light. Maybe here shift our here We could see that the program takes a little lord time for the render. But here the shadows are better. The shadows are a supporter. I'm here on documents. L go to export J p D safe. And now we got Ah grew The surrender here with the shadows Look pretty good. We will stop here. Un continue in the next class. 22. Sylv Vol 4 21 Turntable: well on this glass I'll show you how to create a turntable. The first that I will do. ISS, you're entitled. They will disabled this. We will move it to zero I'll close it And here I'll go to a passage e and move it to zero and I will notable anything else we'll go to modify. I'm here. We will edit some things here on 24 we will UK descend Charity enter and Hero 60 We will you vacate this own charity duck and large The program will only record the campus without so the program will not record the interface And here the size we've got a good size If I render the image and then click that from table on this case we've got 30 major for the turntable, so we will have Ah good return table. We don't go the quality but that process could take a few minutes Here on illumination Trace it Create Ah, good shadows but makes a worship very Hedy where we were under this Take a mind this light option and they will Yes, here to turntable option. Well, when we finish this, we will do the same export gentry will number two and safe. Well, now let's see. Two final result. I'll press control l for dilute way. We could see that is like a snap on the turntable, But the program create a complete loop. There it is. This is the from table, I tell you, were created with the render option. I run their first and then click dead turntable. And the program will render every shot off deterrence able. And we will have ah final result If I video with a high quality