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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools Materials

    • 3. Shaping the pendant

    • 4. Wrapping the pendant

    • 5. wrapping the bail

    • 6. shaping the bail

    • 7. Finishing the Bail

    • 8. Setting the Stone

    • 9. Finishing The Pendant

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to make this elegant pendant using a simple wire wrapping pattern, and also how to set a tiny flat back stone to add some color to your pendant.

This class suitable for intermediate wire wrappers. However, if you are a beginner, do not be intimidated, as this will be a great opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new techniques.

The video will give you the list of tools and material needed, and I have also attached the list as a printable PDF document that you can download  and print if necessary.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colette Kimon

Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco


Hello! my name is Colette. I am a self taught jewelry artist, and enjoy making and creating things with my hands; I love DIY and craft projects. I have been making jewelry since 2005, and I just love discovering and learning new techniques. I enjoy making jewelry and many other crafts such as crochet, drawing, doodling etc... My work has been featured in the September 2011, Fall 2012, and spring 2013 issues of Wirework Magazine. I also have a project published in a jewelry book. I make all my creations from my home studio in Pennsylvania where I live with my family and sell them in Person, and also on my website:

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Golan. Came on. I am an application developer by day and jury Addis by night I am the owner off Creative cocoa Where ourselves? Some off my jury. I am a self taught jury artist. An investigatory A. You will learn how to make this beautiful pendant. This is an intermediate project that will not only show you a couple of wire wrapping patterns but we also take you out to set the tiny flat back crystal this technique offsetting tiny stalls. We help you elevate your designs and make you more comfortable using tiny stones. At the end of this project, not only you will have a beautiful and elect independent. You will also be able to use with technics. Learn here into your own designs so and roll now and follow me for more beautiful and elegant projects. 2. Tools Materials: for this project of these have been tools, but we're going to lead, Um, you see the flush Carter, and we need the Rondo's players. We're also going toe some my launch your players, but this is optional. If you do not have a night on jaw player, you can use a chain those players instead by being very careful and gentle. We are going toe also need a bench block and a hammer for Hemery, and I am going to also needed mental fired for filing the anthem, the wire and also a Chinese driver. But I'm going to use to separate store. But if you don't have this, you can also use the tooth speak or a small pocket knife or something like that. And we also need the rule of measuring off the material. We're going to need some 16 gauge around wire, and we need nine inch off the sixth. Engage round soft wire. Also six inch of 18 games, so run a wire and 20 gauge, half wrong wire, and we need six inch of that and also two feet of 28 gauge round wire for wrapping. And for this project, I'm going to use some crystal. Some sub back. Cristo. So these are five millimeter crystal. This is front and the back looks like this one. So let's get started with this project. 3. Shaping the pendant: we're going to get started. We faced Ken gauge wire and on my sister engaged wire. I have mark Media off the wire and from the centre on, like one I have inch on each side. So there I am going to use my cane nose pliers and bend the wire in the middle. Okay? And for this mark, I am going to slightly bent the wire backward. I'm going to repeat it. Only sad as where I can. And I have something like that. They I'm gonna take my bench block. If we push this one down, I'm goingto take my put my wife on the bench block and hammer only this area so he can become hard so that when I go to shape it, he holds his ship better flipping the role and brutal real aside. Okay, I wouldn't try to ban it to make sure my wife is hard enough. It's not. I am going to keep hammering now, but I'm done. I am goingto bring in my 18 gauge wire's. And I have also marked the middle off my 18 gauge wire right here. And I am going to ship my eight engage Iran, a 16 gauge. So I am going toe. Also start by bending my 18 games in half. But in the household feel like that and I am going to shake it around. It's six. Engage with my hands. So I have something like this. I am done handling my 16 gauge wire. So now stand still shaking. And I am going to use my hands to give the wire shape I want. So I'm going. Give that pushing middle like this slightly girl, you want you a group of people? Real decide sticking ship who I am. Drinkable Jr Proving side of wide if you want. You can also use something like that within bowel to help you. You're 16. Cool looks, Rex. 4. Wrapping the pendant: That's the map of 16. Get ready. I am going to get by point Seascapes, wrapping wire and fold it in half. So could if started. I am going to book the end off the wire caregiver and running for my finger incident. I read over end. And also make sure about wire Christie. Well, yeah, something like. Now it's time to wrap the, um six engaged word. And I am going to stop with the middle at the corner right here. And Rupp, the six engaged wire written upside on this side and for the side. I am going to, you know, while you're for being overly 16 years, then I am going to rough these sides a few times. Come back, Rob. You decide if you find. And this is This is what I have so far that I am with bringing my 18 wire and 18 years wire in skin to sit on the outside off my 16 gauge like this. And I am going to rock both of them together three times to corrupt returns. There I am going corrupting 16 gauge Orly three kinds. Yeah. So this is a battle, but they're going to use you have a corrupt the 16. 83 times in both These 18 is his assistant. Did return you, my king of fire. Push my rough together and offer you a deal. No, I don't. Joe Flyers. What? I'm going back. I am going to shape the eight. Engage Iran. 16 gauge Campli. The next step people. Rough book returns. This blue thing is to and three for that You were up 16 Gauge or return. - Continue wrapping season rich corner Right here. So this is what they have right there. I'm gonna move on to be over side and do the same. Repeat the same pattern. Right feet, 16 games, three time wolf. If 16 and 18 gauge three times that as well. So here I am. Don't wrapping my friends. And this is what they have so far. It's the extra wire. I'm not gonna trim it. We are going to use the extra wire toe, Rob the bear are dependent. So I am going to finish shipping. Um, dependent. And I wanted to be to look something like this. So I'm going to continue shaping it with my fingers. I curve in it all the wrong and I'm going to repeat that I am going toe repeating from the other side Curving could have been And I'm gonna bring both sides together like, please, I m going to use the nylon job players toe. Hold it. Why Wacker can it repeat on the other side? Let's spring both ends together. See what it looks like? Okay, I'm going to open it to live it wider. So I am going to continue shipping my pendant if my hands until 1/2 desired um, size Besides that, that won't. Okay, this is what I have so far. I'm going to use my nylon job pliers to flap in and then a little bit. 5. wrapping the bail: I have something like this. I am going to use my, uh, Keano's flyer Open up. This is engaging in it. It's out. So we see what I have. She looks like this. And the next step we based tore up this area and this will be the bill well dependent. I want my final bill after I'm doing wrapping the whole thing to look like this and the total length off bail will be about one edge. So I am going to wrap half off the bed and then when I'm there, I'm going toe reshape the end off the wire and continue wrapping. So we are going to use we figure eight rapping parent. For this, we are going to use with two wires to boost. To accomplish that, I'm gonna stop If you wire on the left here is right here at the bottom. My holding my painting like this and the wrapping wire is at the bottom. So I am going to bring it in between here and over this one and there. Let me put this one out of the way so we can see better. So be wire waas underneath Here In between. Over Damn, No, please. And I'm going to drop the 16 gauge twice. One to now. I have both wires on the side. This is the one I just used to wrap. So I'm gonna take this one we want, but it's on the bottom There. Come in between. It's all the when a rocket once twice, and bring it. Bring it back here in between. Over down. Wrap it a couple of times. One twice. Both wires are on the right side again. So I'm going to use one at the bottom every time I finish wrapping. I used the wire underneath to do the rap. So this one from an early come in between one to going back to the right in between, over. Push it with your fingers. Make sure the wraps up tight, Then long since twice they have both wires like this, I wouldn't go and get the swelling and do this wrapping. So it's gonna come here in between over Rapid wants second time. Then in between, hold it and wrap it a couple of times. That's where ones to and I have something like this. So I'm going to continue wrapping until they reach about half image and I come back and show you what we need to do next. But we mean time like me. Show you what we did in slow motion. Okay? I am not about half an inch off. Build. What? They were up slightly over. What? It's okay. So now I am going to use my Runnels pliers. Grab 60 engage and banded back this way to get the ship. But I want Okay, so something like Greece. So I am going to measure it. Never half a niche right here. And I am going to slightly band the it engaged back just so that make it easy for me to wrap to pass the wire in the train. So I'm going to bend it backwards slightly in a bit. And ship might bear the way I want. And I am continuing. I am going to continue doing the figure eight wrapping pattern to finish wrapping my bear. I am going to rocket bed until I reach this area. We're both wires touch like this. Now I am finished wrapping them my bail and he looks something like this. You have two extra wires here. I left one BYU decide and uber wrapping wire on the right side. So I am going to use my flush colors and trained the excess wrapping wire, and I am going to use my my floss colors. Press rewire Iran. I'm going to press the end off wrapping wire, run here, and I'm going to repeat the same process on the other side. 6. shaping the bail: and this is what I have. I am Don't wrapping the bale. Can we have something like this? Now we can ship the bell of repentant and to do so, I am going to use a pencil. So I'm going to be using just a regular pants or any type of pencil or pen will do. And I am going toe Place my pencil in the middle off a day like this and bring We were up. Six Show only room. Okay, let me stop you right there. Before doing that, I want a band. The pace off a bear a bit backwards like this and that will happens. Shape out, Bill. Better later. Let's continue. I am going toe Bush Days 18 gauge out of the way and continue bringing the bill of a pennant right here. Something like that. There I am. Going to shorten these two 16 gauge is to make it a little easier for me to wrap it there. So I'm gonna come from right here slightly shorter than dependent. Okay, so now I can I can continue shaping my bed penso on my fingers with this. This is what we have so far. And I am going down to use my cane. Those players to bring these two wires out. Live it, pull them out like this. I'm going to pull this one out too. See, my bid is taking shape. So I am going to stop right here. And we have a few other things to do before we finish shaping the bear and the rest of the wire. So happy about one h the system gauge lest. But I'm going to shape Iran, Uh, his friend and I'm going to trim this everyone. So where are both the same size? So this is what I have. Hey, I'm going to use my my middle 55 So with my hands, I'm going to shape uh, the remaining 16 gauge. So but he looks like I'm going to curve it. Iran. So it looks like this one like this. This is what we are going to do there, curving the wrong. So I am going to use my fingers my farm to do that to gently Good. You were meaning. Why Iran Sit down. Let me use my run. Those flyers toe help me do that. I am also going to do the other side. I want to have a gentle curve, so I am going to curve it Round does the side. - So this is what we have. Kirby side. I live it. So we have something like this. Okay, so I'm gonna come to the extra wire because I want the assists engaged to stop at the edge of frame right here. So I'm going to company s right here. So we have something like this, and I am going toe hammer the ends. 16 gauge. So in order to do that, I'm gonna slightly open the bear again just a little bit so that I can put it here in hammer, but dont hammering. I am going to find So this is what we have So far, we have hammered the end. So now we're going toe wrap this side of the pendant and our our crystal smooth. I am going to open up my dale benefit so you guys can see what I'm doing. I am goingto take my 60 inch of 20 gauge half on wire and position my Keano's and we made off and stop bending, making sure that my wire does not get twisted. I want the rounded part off the wire to stay up. So I'm going to cross from over like this and then reposition my pliers and stuck the wires on top off each other like this. Now I'm going to bring in my pendant and position behalf run wire on the bay like this, making sure the wires are on top of each other if you flat side down in the rounded side on top. 7. Finishing the Bail: now we are going toe are the half from wire to be bale of dependent, and I'm going to use my 20 gauge wire potash. We have run wire to repentant, using the figure it wrapping batter. I am going to start by wrapping one of a 16 gauge a couple of times. Then bring the wrapping wire over behalf from then under bestest engage, then wrap. This is engaged a couple of times, that's where. So let me show you a demo off our to do we figure eight wrapping pattern using three wires . So just follow along to wrap the bailiff dependent. So I am going to do with the most rations of figure eight wrapping pattern using three wires. So I am going to stop by wrapping the wire on the left a couple of times. That's one to I love the wire wrapping. Why is coming back in the middle under me? The one although the right one one turn 2nd 1 Then this time is going over with me. The one and, uh, we left form and I'm going to wrap a couple of times. That's one to we're under the middle one again over the right one, then one to and we have one full rotation. You can see that the wrapping wire is going over the middle one once. That's how you can tear that. You have a forward station. So this is one full rotation. Let's go for the second rotation. Be wise under the right one. So I'm gonna come. And in between, over the major one under the left, We're up once. Twice. Come back again under the media, over B. Right then I'll interrupt once, twice, and we have two rotations. Let's go for the 3rd 1 Official Y come over Me either. And, uh, he left. We're up once twice. Income under over one twice. And we have three rotations. I'm going to add some tape to secure we have from wire and to keep it from moving around too much. Then I'm going to move these two out of the way and continue wrapping the 26 Engage using figure it rapping pattern and created sit toe old be crystal 8. Setting the Stone: and here I'm just checking to make sure that I have enough states for the crystal to sit in and my crystal fits. So I'm going to bring back my half from wires and spread very part like this. This one is at the top and this one is at the bottom. So I'm going to criss cross the wires and bring the one at the top of your beside first. Then we want underneath. We now go on top of the over one like this. Then I we continue wrapping the three of them together again and do two rotations. And this is what toe have now and you can see the two raps on top off 1/2 round. Now I'm going to press the half run down just to lift up this part a little bit. Then I'm going to use the tiny screwdriver and put it under. We have from and lift it slightly so I can slide in my crystal. Then I'm going to use my fingers to gently spread the wires apart. So my crystal eads visible once we crystal is installed, I'm going toe gently Talk at my half from tight anything around the crystal so he doesn't fall out. Then I'm going to continue wrapping and do a couple off rotations and this is what I have and I'm going to stop right here. So I'm going to train all the excess wires. I use my channels, players precedent against the six. Engage. - Next . I'm going to bend. Um, I have front to the back over there and trim them to about one inch. We'll come back to this is to these two Later. Now I'm going to bring the bill back to its original position and use my room. Lose players to close the gap in the bear. 9. Finishing The Pendant: next. I'm going to you. The 18 gauge where? Here and rough em around today. Something there. So I'm going to bring the left one to the right, and you write Toby left like this. And I'm going to grab the one, but is now on the left and bring it to the back of dependent. I have about half a niche of the 18 gauge left onto back, and I'm going to use my run those players to create a decorated Spira. Now let's go back to the front of dependent. I'm going to train the remaining. Why it? We about 3/4 of a niche, found the end and then create another dick already spiral and we are all done. Dependent is complete. Now I'm going to go ahead and remove it It now, from the back of dependent I'm going toe. Use the ends of the half from wire that you talk to an area and I'm going to rub them through the loop of the half from just to secure everything. Make sure you do not pull toe hard because you do not want You're stoned but you step, area toe, come and down. And here you have it. You're beautiful and an independent. I hope you enjoy this. Protect and please post watch you making the project section and I can wear to see your project. Thank you.