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ZEN: For Personal Development - Zen Teachings

Prof. Paul Cline, Ed.D, Prof Paul - Business & Psychology Expert

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20 Lessons (3h 21m)
    • 1. Promo & Intro Video - Welcome to this class!

    • 2. Beginning Concepts

    • 3. What is ZEN?

    • 4. Past- Future Problem/Trap

    • 5. Major ZEN Teachings

    • 6. The 5 Precepts

    • 7. The 5 Roots Of Suffering

    • 8. Thinking & Beliefs

    • 9. The Problem of "EGO"

    • 10. Watching the Thinker

    • 11. Defeating Negative Thinking

    • 12. Escaping Your Prison

    • 13. The Sword Of Meditation

    • 14. More ZEN Concepts - Part 1

    • 15. More ZEN Concepts - Part 2

    • 16. More ZEN Concepts - Part 3

    • 17. Powerful ZEN Philosophies - Part 1

    • 18. Powerful ZEN Philosophies - Part 2

    • 19. Learning Powerful Emotional Control

    • 20. BONUS VIDEO - Embrace Your Gifts


About This Class

Why do ZEN courses make ZEN so Complicated???  ZEN is based on SIMPLICITY!  You can Finally learn ZEN in a simple, easy to understand format with NO Esoteric B.S or outrageous claims!  THIS Course will immediately make sense to you and will be easy to implement right away!

ZEN Teachings can Transform Your LIFE!  ZEN can help you see the World and Yourself in a Brand New Way! 

What this Course Will Do For YOU:

  • Discover the tools to transform virtually any area of your Life
  • Gain an Understanding of WHY you have so much Pain in Your Life
  • Learn the Ancient Secrets known ONLY to ZEN Practitioners
  • Discover the Secrets of Reprogramming your Mind for Massive Success!
  • Learn Better ways to Live and Be in the world ... That bring you Joy and Serenity
  • Improve Mental Concentration and Boost Healing
  • Develop Untapped Levels Of Mental Strength
  • Gain Peace and Serenity in Your Life
  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Yourself & Others
  • Learn how to break free from the life-traps that hold others back!
  • Gain Freedom from Old Misconceptions and Old Pain.
  • and MUCH More .... 


1. Promo & Intro Video - Welcome to this class!: Hi, everybody. Professor Paul here from advanced ideas. And we've got a great promo here for you, for our new course. Zen for personal development. Unlocking the powerful secrets of Resent. I absolutely love this course we love to do trainings, that air Absolutely transformational. And I think this is one of the most transformational trainings that we dio. Now you're about to discover one tools to transform virtually any air of your life to get an understanding of why you have so much pain in your life. Three. Learn the ancient secrets known Onley to Zen practitioners. Four. Discover the secrets of reprogramming your mind for massive success. Five. Learn better ways to live and to be in the world that will bring you joy and serenity. Seven. Improve mental concentration and boost healing. Eight. Develop untapped levels of mental strength nine. Game peace and serenity Back in your life. 10. Gain A deeper understanding of both yourself and others. 11. Learn how to break free from the life traps that hold others back in 12. Being freedom from old misconceptions in old paying. Let me ask you a question. How can you win the game of life when you're never taught how to use your mind. Correct answer. You can't. Nobody gave you an instruction manual for your mind. This course, in part, will do exactly that for you. Another great question. How can you be happy when you were never taught how to be same? Answer. You can't think about your life through all your education. Did you even have one course and happiness? No. And yet, if you ask anybody what their ultimate goal is, when you drill it down to the final analysis, it's about beating happy, and we have the slightest idea to do it. Let's break through. Let's go past that. I want you to know that you can succeed. You can be happy. You can't have joy and surrounding your life. You just need the right skills. And the purpose of this training is to help you get those skills to help you excel and to have an unfair advantage in life by gaining skills that virtually nobody has. So who am I? How can I help? Well might, as Professor Paul and I been on a mission for last 35 plus years to help people excel in business and in life. As you can see, I've got a pretty good resume here. I've got four different degrees and business and psychology all the way through the doctor . It I'm CEO of Advanced Ideas have been a corporate trainer for many years. I've run Several multimillion dollar corporations have also been a psychotherapist, helping people for many, many years. Also at the university level. I've been a professor. I've got multiple teaching awards. I'm the guy who train the next generation of therapists. I'm also a six figure Internet marketer. I make a lot of money doing these courses. As you can imagine, when you're helping literally tens of thousands of people per year, you make a pretty good income and I've read over 500 books. This doesn't even include the ones for all those degrees. I've read them in the areas of psychology, business, health, all the major areas of life to bring you cutting edge tool strategies and techniques. And I've had additional 6000 hours of just additional training in mastermind groups and readings and mentoring etcetera to bring you the absolute best. And I'm an award winning celebrity educator, coach, therapist, CEO, advanced ideas. You can see me here with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank Dustin Matthews from Speaking Empire. They trained nationally and internationally. Educators like myself and people that teach from this stage. You can see me here with Robert Allen. He wrote the book Nothing Down. Incoming, about 25 other books. He rolled multiple streams of income, nothing down real estate in several others. I'm on multiple pad cast. I'm constantly getting write ups in the news and in the magazines. I'm constantly called out toe speak on TV shows. What I really want you to know is that I have the exact same goal that you dio. My only goal is to help you grow into remove the Berries that have held you back from having a life which is second and not. And if you follow through in practice, what I teach in this training that will be yours. Here's what one of my students, Austin Armstrong, says, he says This course is amazing. It is really help me develop a new mindset. The instructor is wonderful and provides a lot of insight and actionable advice. I highly recommend to anyone trying to master their mind. Imagine feeling states of peace and serenity like never before. That's my wish for you. I imagined seeing the world as you've never seen it before. How awesome would that be when the first thing you learn the Zen philosophy is things air layered when you think you know how things are, you're just beginning. Imagine having tools and skills that nobody around you has. New tools, new skills, new beliefs, new philosophies. You'll be able to see the world in ways they have yet to imagine themselves. In my trainings, I give you tools that are specifically designed to transform your life. I want you to be successful in all areas. One of our slogans had advanced ideas. Is our goals to make you healthy, wealthy and wise? We want to transform every year of your life knowing this training. Be sure to take great notes these air secret techniques shared by Professor Paul and he's changed thousands of lives. But you gotta take great notes. Human attention rates on Lee. 4% Don't lose the gold. Make sure you get it all. I firmly believe that you deserve an amazing life. My goal. My one goal is to help you along that path. My trainings are literally designed to transform lives over 60,000 satisfied students. This year alone can't be wrong. Here's what Chris has to say. Professor Paul never disappoints. I own all his courses, and this one is amazing, too. You'll be shocked how fast the course goes by and wishing it was longer because it's packed with so much life changing information, I believe it gives you a huge advantage in life. Thanks again for this amazing course, Professor Paul. I want to know. Will you be our next success story? Let me ask you a question. What separates those who succeed from those who fail? It's simply skill. They're not better. New, smarter, new, wiser, new, more talented than you. None of those things matter. It always comes down to knowledge. Knowledge is power. You either have the skills or you don't. Today you have an opportunity to get all the skills you need to literally transform your life. Get ready to be massively successful, and I'll see you inside the training 2. Beginning Concepts: Hi, everybody. And welcome to advanced ideas. Presentation of Zen for personal development. My name's Professor Paul and I'll be your instructor today. I've been a coach teacher trainer for 35 years now, and we're trying to give you all that condensed wisdom into one quick Zen training. Here you can see a picture of my lovely wife and my friend JJ here. Welcome. Now our first concept is is that if you're a little open, you receive a little. If you're more open your received more. If you're completely open, you receive everything. What does that mean? It simply means the more open you are, the more you receive. We need to be completely open, not blocking, not filtering, just being opened everything and willing to think about it for a moment. Here's a great quotes by Bruce Lee actually comes out the movie circle of iron that he wrote simply states each day like a student at their first class. I prepare my mind like a blank slate for the data right upon this is called sitting with blank mind simply removing all your biases, all your prejudice. Everything essentially constitutes you. A blank slate, no filtering no defending, no thinking simple absorption. That's how you get the most now levels of understanding. There's basically three levels thinking, feeling and doing. And I love this quote here I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember I do. And I understand I like to use the example of telling somebody about a car. And he tried, described the body in the shape and the wheels and the mechanisms and the steering wheel and the whole concept of driving. And they hear you and they think they understand. But eventually it's kind of confusing. They don't have a real grasp of it, and you forget about it. Now. If you take him out and you show him a car, they look around, they see the car and they go, Oh, now I understand. Now I get it and they think they understand. They still don't You put him in the passenger seat and you drive the car and they say, Oh, now I understand. And they still don't understand because they haven't done the do part yet. Now put him behind the driver's seat and have him drive that car. Well, now it's a totally different experience But once they get the hang of it, do they understand? Yes, because they have multiple levels of understanding and the ultimate level of understanding which is doing. You don't have all three you don't truly understand. I remember Zen is not about techniques. Like most therapy systems. It's more about a better way of being in the world with your eyes wide open and seeking truth and serenity. You simply want to be open. You're simply looking to understand. It's not about techniques or strategies. It's about wisdom. Wisdom is taking everything in without filtering it. The philosophy of Zen is about finding truth. 3. What is ZEN?: So what is in Zen is about being completely alive, being alert, being awakened, no longer asleep. We'll talk more about that later. It's also about the search for truth. I spoke about that briefly in the last section where the really looking for ultimate truth , not my idea is not your ideas and that my truth, not your truth, ultimate truth that when everything is removed and you've looked at it from every angle, the only possibility is that this thing is true. Zen is also how we d condition ourselves. We have a lot of misconceptions and false beliefs and fake realities that we created, and we need to de condition ourselves so we can see true reality. It's also about enlightenment. Will talk quite a bit about that. Enlightenment literally comes from the word weird toe Lighten. It's more about what you get rid of the burdens that you remove. That's what makes you lighter and enlightened you. Serenity, serenity, in a lot of ways is just the absence of false beliefs and peace and quiet in the mind. That's what creates serenity. Most of the beliefs, most of the values, most of the philosophies within the Zen system thes piece of ancient wisdom are all about creating serenity. It's one of the ultimate goals truth, wisdom, serenity. Now Zen is gonna teach us a lot of new philosophies. That's one of the great pieces you can use as many or as few as you want. Each one will give you a major advantage in life in a whole new outlook on life. Zenn also helps us to increase our level of understanding. And we talked about that in the first part that there's multiple layers. Two things. Sometimes it's not even right or wrong. Good or bad, it's helpful or hurtful. Does this help me to grow? Where is this helping me to shrink to multiple levels of understanding? Sometimes there's more than one true answer to things, and that's the ultimate truth. Zen helps us also to remove old pain, old suffering. That's part of the Enlightenment that we talked about earlier and sends about seeing the layer between things. Things are very complex. What do you have between black and white? A boatload of gray. So we're gonna look at that gray and be able to see it clearly and understand the nuances of things. Zenn also allows us to live in the now. This is a key piece. Eckart Tolle wrote an entire book called The Power of Now. It was all about staying in the moment. It's that important. And some major pieces and philosophy. Zen is also a better way of being in the world how we're gonna be his people, how we're gonna act and interact, how we're gonna be with ourself, how we're gonna be with others and how we're gonna be with our environment. I love this philosophy. Zen is about being completely alive. What does that mean? Well, it means connectedness between myself, between myself and others. Between myself, in my environment, my world, even spirituality. It's about being present, being in the moment, fully aware. We talked a little bit earlier about the blank slate philosophy being able to let go of all thinking so that I can absorb new concepts in without any filter without anything blocking the way it's about absorbing. It's about drinking in the entirety of life, enjoying every little moment, every little nuance. It's about getting all the juice out of life. Being completely lives about enjoyment. One. The major goals of life is to have happiness, to have fulfillment, to have enjoyment. And finally, it's about contentment. Contentment is huge. Contentment means you're well satisfied with what you have and what you've been and what you're doing in in each moment. That is also how we gain enlightenment, serenity, enlightenment, like we spoke of earlier, is literally to lighten the burdens we let go off and to be able to cut down the chattering of our mind. Wang's oh is the study of the blank mind or the no mind. It's the ability to let go of the inner chatter, all the negativity, all the ramblings of the mind and simply let it go. It's about letting go the ego, the false sense of self that creates negativity, spews negativity. All the things that you hate about yourself and all the negativity that you tell yourself about yourself is created by this false ego. We're gonna go over that later and how to break that down. It's about being in the now not in the past, not in the future, in the now enjoying the moment. If you're not in the now you're not actually alive. We'll talk more about that later. It's about seeking wisdom from within and without. So you condone, go internal and find wisdom, and you can also go external and find wisdom. Make sure you're using both, and it's about release. It's about letting go. It's about relax ation mul of tension. Pain, then, is also the search for truth. Not my truth, not your truth. The truth. We're looking for the ultimate reality. Zen bottom line is the search for truth. That's why I said Sen is like a science. So we're looking for true reality and to enjoy that experience of reality. We're also looking for things that are useful. Remember, I said, sometimes things aren't true or false. They're useful or not useful, helpful or hurtful, harmful or healing. There's also multiple truths. A lot of times, many things air true about the same thing. Well, look at that a little bit later and also about application. How do we take these new understanding these new wisdoms and applying to our life so they become effective and they start making deep changes in our lives because that's the beauty of it. To make a better life for yourself and then, by extension, those around you. Zen is also how we d condition ourselves as a therapist. I'm always fascinated by this. There's something called the imprint period. We're gonna go over that later. It's when you programmed as a child. There's also the phenomenon, the blind leading the blind. Everybody else is trapped in a false reality, much like you were at one point. Or maybe at this point. Therefore, when we seek others to find the truth, we can't find it because they don't know what any better than we do it be like asking a three year old advice on your dating life. They don't know, but they might try to come up with an answer. But whatever they come up with is gonna be terrible if it three years old, if they've ever dated, they were horrible at it and all they can give you his advice on how to be horrible. So we have to get out of this trap. We're also gonna discover something called the ego, which is a false sense of self. It's a lie. It's a piece of fiction and it hurts you, So we're gonna teach you how to get free of that We're also gonna teach you about how d condition yourself from scripts. The literally have a set of rules and beliefs and values, literally like an actor in a play. We have scripts that we read off of programs that we run and these things are hurting us. So we're gonna teach you how to get away from those as much as possible. We're also gonna teach you how to re program yourself. Zen is about getting away from the old programming in deciding who you want to be, how you want to think. And by rethinking everything and making sure that what you now believe is actually true, you will re program yourself a beautiful, beautiful thing. So then is about seeing the layers between things, the layer truth. Let me give an example of it. Ah, a lot of times there's many things that are true about the same thing. So I can say a tree is part of the environment. Is that true? Yes, you say. Well, that's it. If anybody says it's anything but that, it's rock. No. Is the tree alive? Yes. Is it made up of cells? Yes. Is it a solid? Yes. At one level awareness at another level of awareness. It's also a liquid at another level of awareness. It's a vibration. You go deeper into the physics. It's Adams. You get deeper into the physics, its quirks and light and vibration. So there's different layers of truth and they can all be true. Then is also about extra sensory awareness, not E. S P, but extra sensory awareness. Being able to absorb all the information that's coming in, Are you noticing the weight of your butt in the chair, the feeling of the fabric against your body, of the clothes that you're wearing? Are you sensing the movements in the air when somebody talks to you? Do you feel the vibration? There's a lot of extra sensory awareness that people have. That's before you even get into your unconscious awareness. And then is all about new understandings, new ways of looking at things in the world and discovering things. And they say, if you want to change, the whole world changed the way you look at it. That's what we're talking about, what we're talking about. New understandings. Zen allows us to live in the now now is actually the only time there is. We're gonna go in depth in this later. If you're thinking about the past if you're thinking about the future, you're basically running an old movie in your head or making up a new movie in your head. You're never actually living. We never want trade now for later either. We don't want to say, Well, I'll be happy when when never comes later Never comes Procrastinating forever is never and we want to remove the past future illusion. I've got a whole section here that we're gonna go into in the next section, looking at the past and future and how to make sure that we are living in the now. So let's jump into that and I'll see you in the next section. 4. Past- Future Problem/Trap: in this section, we're gonna teach you how to avoid the trap of past and future, actually had escape it. You can't avoid it already stuck in it. Everybody stuck in it. And this makes their life so less livable. Let's jump right in. So the first concept is that there's two times that do not exist. Do you know what they are? First was the past. The past doesn't exist. If I said go show me something from your past, you actually couldn't do it. You might show me a photograph or picture or a video or something like that. That's actually not from the past. It's in the present. It's an image of the past, but it's not the past. The past doesn't exist. It's only a concept nobody has ever gotten, even one second from the past. There's a quote I think was by Augmon Dino, he said. This power is denied even unto God. The ability to change the past. It can't be changed. The past is known as the perfect preservative, so that past as much as you think about it, as much as you torture yourself with it, it's the perfect preservative. It never changes. Here's the good news. You could never go back to it. So it's a concept in your mind that you hold. We torture ourselves about our past and the past actually doesn't exist. It's now a mental fiction. It's just a story we tell ourselves and usually using it to hurt ourselves, which is horrible. Here's another time that doesn't exist. The future. If I said grab me something from the future, hop in your DeLorean, jump in your time machine and get me something in the future. Could you do it? No, Absolutely, Positively can't. This is another time that we torture ourselves with. We worry about the future and this and that happening and, you know, anxiety and worry and these types of things. And it doesn't even exist these air times that we have to let go off. So a couple things that we need to accomplish, one letting go of the past what lives in the past pain, guilt and regret. We don't need any of that. We want to get rid of that, So let it go. It doesn't exist. I want you to really deeply get this concept and here's how much of your time that you lose in your life, people on average, you go back to this one when we're looking at the past and we're looking at the future. And let's call this the now people will spend 60 to 40% of the time here, on average, in about 60 to 40% their time on here. They spent about 1% of time here, and the now that now is the only time that exists the moment you're in, perfectly protected from the past, perfectly protected from the future. There's an old expression says I got one foot in the past one foot in the future, peeing on my now being on my present. Don't do it. People want to live forever. Why? So they don't have to die so they can have an experience of life. But you're not having an experience of life. If you spend, you know half your time thinking about the past half your time, thinking about the future and none of your time thinking about that now. The reason you can think into the past is so that you can look at lessons from the past. The lessons from the past not the pain and learn what to do. And you can bring that into your now so that you have a better future. You can look into the future and imagine things so you can plan better, so you have a better now in a better future. But you're not supposed to bring pain from these two areas and just use it to make yourself feel back. That's a misuse of the mechanism. So again, let go of the past. Let go the pain, the guilt in the regret and move forward. It's only wise thing to do, and we're gonna teach you a little bit more about letting go future sections. Now let him go. The future is the other skill that you need. What lives there fear, worry, anxiety. This is you torturing you over things that have never happened. Mark Twain had a great, great quote, he said, I've had many horrible experiences in my life, some of which actually happened, which means he would worry about stuff they called us, wasting a perfectly good Warri, and then it would never happen. But the torture of it it happens over and over and over again. You make yourself feel bad all day long, as if you could prepare yourself for these things as if by being prepared you wouldn't be is hurt. Actually, all the hurt 99.999% of the hurt comes from you worrying, fearing and being anxious about the future. Not when the thing happens you'll handle it. Then, in 99% of the time, the thing you worry about never happens. So this is wasted pain and suffering. And this is your life. Drip, drip dripping away, moment by moment. Why? Because you wasted it and it's gone and you can't get it back. That's the pain of living in the past and living in the future. We need to learn to let it go. See Onley decent way to live. 5. Major ZEN Teachings: Welcome back. You're still with us. You're doing great. And you're beginning to get a handle on the philosophies. I know it's an awful lot coming out yet once you're probably gonna want to go over this course several times. Why? Because remember, we said reality is layered. The strange thing is, each time you listen to this, you're going to think about a slightly different way. You won't believe me now, but as you're learning these concepts, you're actually changing your mind. You're changing the way that you think about things, and when you go back to this training, you'll see it different. And if you were to go back again, you'd see it different. And if you went back again, you'd see a difference. That's simply showing you that you're learning your making new distinctions and you're growing. So when this section we're gonna look at some additional major Zen teachings, Zen is a better way of being in the world. I love this because it's all about contribution in life. I'll call this Thea the deathbed scenario. You Now you learn what life is about. You think about the deathbed scenario when you look back over your life. When you're on your deathbed, What are the only things you're gonna care about? You're gonna care about whether you had a full and rich life if you absorbed it all. If you were good to people and if you contributed, what did I contribute? I love my life. I've got this one nailed. What do I do for a living? I spent most of my life being a therapist. I was also a corporate trainer and university professor. So I made my entire paycheck year after year after year for decades, doing nothing but helping people at various levels. Now I'm teaching these courses. I'm going national and international is a trainer. So my sense of contribution is huge in life. You want to look at your contribution. You know, maybe you make toasters all day and you could say, Well, people need toasters, but you may want to a higher level of contribution. Say, Well, how can I contribute more to my family? To my neighbors, to my friends, Maybe you want to put a course out there in the universe, do something for contribution, donate, donate your time, your energy, your compassion. Do something that will give you a sense of contribution, and you will be able to sit on your deathbed and feel good and all the moments in between you'll feel good because you know you contributed. So contribution is huge in life. Zen is also about getting the most out of life, like I talked about in the last sections about sucking all the juice out of life, being present, being aware, having this extra sensory perception, where you're getting everything out of life, you're fully alive, fully aware, getting all the juice from it, and you do no harm. You don't hurt anybody else. The Hippocratic Oath says. First, do no harm. I never want to get back at anybody. I don't want revenge. I'm you know the best Revenge is being massively successful, living a good life and enjoying your life. I don't have time to slow down for people that are small and petty and angry. I wish him well and wish him on their way. Do no harm, then also teaches us a lot of new philosophies. Zen. Some people say it's an Indian believe some people say it's an Asian belief. It's a little bit of both. It's kind of a mix. Buddha was Indian, but then is very well taken care of in Asian culture, a very important part of their culture. Zen is the study of truth, of wisdom, of reality, ultimate truth, ultimate reality. So all cultures can contribute to it all people can contribute to it. And it basically has two facets in her wisdom wisdom that you get from within yourself as you begin to listen to your own thoughts. Not the normal chattering, but your true inner wisdom and its ancient wisdom. Things that people have accumulated over literally thousands of years. You know, just the Buddhist philosophies that go into Zen Budo. He passed around 600 BC before Christ. So we're talking about 2600 plus years and counting, so it has a very deep and rich bakes. Zen's can increase our level of understanding about herself and others. So some internal works of external work and some relationship work all rolled into one. It's also gonna help you understand what we call the natural laws, how things actually work in the universe. What's the rules of the game and also known as the way of things, how things happen and having serenity and knowing, Hey, that's just the way of things. You know, you don't get mad when water rolls downhill. It's supposed to. You'd almost be perturbed if it didn't. Why's that water rolling a pill? It's kind of messing with my reality. So we gain a deep, rich understanding of how things work, and then we say what is is and were well satisfied with it. People get frustrated when they say, Well, some things this way, but it ought to be this way. That's frustration. Your frustration will be exact 1 to 1 proportion, your resistance to reality. We'll talk more about that later, and finally, Zen helps us to remove old pain and old suffering. Where does this old pain and old suffering come from? It comes from the ego. It's It's a defect of your mind that you have this strange personality. We call it the ego, and you get this negative inner critic. It's a false self that it's a defective character again. It's this funny thing that you have in your brain. You're the Onley animal in the animal kingdom that has it. It's a false spent sense of self and your life is less livable because of it. I'm going to an entire section on this. You also have your story and we'll talk more about that later. Your eagle creates a story about who you are wrapped up in all these belief systems in this history about this past, which we said, What doesn't exist And this story repeats itself and we have RBS. That's just short for belief system. Again, we'll talk more about that later. I have to do this in a layered kind of way because I have to introduce you to a concept. Let it just stay for a while and then break it down for you. It's also about the removal of illusions. The strange thing in Zen is one. The original concepts is that 99% of what you think is true and think Israel and think you understand upon rigorous examination, your Riggers examination, you will find to your satisfaction that actually wasn't true or that your understanding of it was very thin. Because remember, there's multiple layers You might know one thing about something to say. I know it. That's an illusion. The reality is, is you know one thing about something there. Maybe 50 things to know and maybe another 50 that you can't know yet. You keep a question mark in your mind and say they're out there and you put a pin in and say, I understand what I understand at my what at my current level of awareness. 6. The 5 Precepts: Welcome back. Now we're gonna learn about the five precepts. Remember, we said Zen is about a better way of being in the world. So the five precepts are avoid doing physical harm. Do not accept anything, not freely given, eliminate sexual wrongdoing, right speech and watch what you consume. So let's break these down. I represent is all about a better way of being in the world. So avoid doing physical harm. And I love this 1st 1 says we cannot harm others and be peaceful at the same time. Remember? Said, I never want revenge. I never want to get back on anybody. I just want to get back to living a good life. I want to get back to contributing. I want to get back to feeling good. I want to get back to helping myself and others and learning and growing and being and sharing. These are the things that are important. So I want you to know that you can't harm somebody else without harming yourself. Because whatever your feeling towards them, when you get angry at them, what are you? You're literally anger and not just for you. That anger you feel sprays onto your Children, your friends, your work. It fills your world. This is why it's a It's a precept. It's not just cause. Oh, you want to be nice to people, not harm them. And it's all about them. No, you don't want to harm them A because it harms them and that's a bad thing. But be and maybe more importantly, because it harms you and see it will hurt everybody around you. It's called Lose, Lose Lose. So that's why we have that precept in there. So avoid doing physical harm next. We cannot separate from the person we harm. What you're doing is you're developing a relationship with them. I remember one of my clients. He said, Hey, Paul, I'm kind of a therapist like you because I have to kind of talk my clients through things and I'm like a therapist. Your lawyer. How is that like a therapist and like me, this should be interesting. And he says, Yeah, he says, I have to talk to people about whether or not they want to sue this person. Why? Because maybe they win. Maybe they lose. But here's what I know it's gonna happen. Here's somebody they absolutely, positively hate. They can't stand him and what they don't realize when they're getting in. And this is the therapy part that have to do with them. They don't realize that they're gonna be in this relationship with him now for a year. Two years, sometimes 34 or five years with somebody they absolutely, positively hate. And they may ultimately lose, and it will get even worse than and they're gonna be this huge sense of hurt. But win or lose, you are gonna be in pain for a very long period of time. As opposed to what? What you teach ball, just letting it go. So I guess he was right. He was a pretty good therapist. So we can't be separate from the person we harm and will also feel bad about the person that we harm later. So we're connected and later philosophies. You realized that harming somebody else is pretty much like harming yourself cause we're all interconnected. Next, every struggle creates a counterforce. They teach this in the martial arts. When somebody pushes, pull when somebody pulls push. So every time I push against you, you're gonna push back every time I pull from you. You're gonna pull back. I am creating this. By what? Struggling with you and attacking you. Every attack creates a defense and a counter attack. How do you get rid of that? Don't attack. Don't defend. Don't push them. They won't push back. Don't strike it Them They won't strike back. Don't struggle with them. They won't struggle with you. Perfect. This is the simple act of doing nothing, which seems so painful and so hard and so difficult for people to get. But it's literally the act of doing nothing. Sometimes nothing is the perfect thing to do and the ultimate way to win. Here's the next precept. Do not accept anything that's not given freely. Stealing has to do with attachment. When you steal, it means that you want something outside of yourself. You are dependent. You have a dependency just like an addict. You you need something to make you feel better. Something from the outside that's horrible and Zen. We know that happiness comes from the inside. We want you to be happy just being you. We don't want you to have to have a car or a boat or a certain person in your life for a promotion or all these. All these rules that you put on whether or not you could be happy. We want you to be happy for no reason at all and not to worry when you lose things, either because those air attachments we're gonna do a whole section on attachment. Also, stealing hurts others you've stolen from them. You taken something that value that means something to them where was sentimental to them or cause them harm. That's not a good way to live. It's also dishonorable. You're a thief. You've lost your honor. So you may have gained the thing. But you lost your honor. There's an old Native American expression. It says he who dies with his honor lives to a ripe old age. Remember that? Plus it's bad. Karma creates a negative spiral. You still for me? I steal from you. I put this negativity out of the universe. It comes back. Not a good way to live now. Eliminate sexual wrongdoing. In this day and age, people think there is no sexual wrongdoing. But adultery can hurt a lot of people and you say, Oh, it's just, you know, between two consenting adults know it destroys marriages and you're hurting another person that you're not involved with and you didn't get their consent, so that's harmful. Adultery can break up marriages, and then kids end up with no parents. Uh, you could be sleeping with somebody else, and then their lover or their husband or their wife goes after that person and hurts them or kills them Or they come after you. I mean, nobody wins. There's millions and millions of single people out there. You probably want to stick to that pool. It's like is a therapist. They say, Don't sleep with your patients. You know you've got 1/2 dozen patients, or maybe you see a few 1000 patients over your lifetime, so you got a few current in a few 1000 lifetime. You know, there's 330 million people in America. Half of them are female. I gotta stick to you know that 165 million people and not pick out this little tiny swimming pool, which can cause problems for me. Um, my family in my patients that stupid. So adultery is stupid in the same way. Pornography is bad because it demeans people and it gives you a false image of what sex is like. And it's not actually sex. You're getting into the grading acts, and that takes you out of your spirituality. It's hard to do pornography and spirituality at the same time, and pornography becomes a form of attachment. We're trying not toe want thes ideal things in these fantasy things. We want to come back to enjoying what's now What's president? What's riel? Pornography is about a fantasy. Can't live a fantasy life that's living in sometime that isn't now so by its very nature, were against it. Not because it's horribly wrong. Um, in its own nature. It just takes you away from where you want to be. And love is supposed to be about love. Um, it's not supposed to be about porn or adultery or fetishes or these things. It's supposed to be a deep in graying, spiritually immersive experience that you have with another person that you truly love and you truly care about. It's not yet one more distraction. One more thing in your life, Um, that creates harm. We want to present. We want to be in the moment, and we want to have this spiritual experience of love. So it's deeper. It's richer and more enjoyable doing it any other way. It takes away from it. Right? Speech. Can't say something nice. Don't say anything at all. That's it. The Disney movies. You know that got to Florida where I live. You know, my mom certainly knew that one. So that's actually that's where that comes from. Have you ever wondered? Comes from Zen philosophy in the private Five precepts Say nothing. That is hurtful. Why would you? You're gonna create a negative spiral with somebody, and you're gonna damage who you are again. You lose, your honor. When you do that, we want to use words to hell. That's what words were really for there not to hurt their to heal their make feel. People feel better there to contribute there to express kindness and emotion and love on. We were used words to teach so we want to remove on negative speech to because we don't want to use negative speech with others. And we don't want to use negative speech with ourselves internally in her own mind. By removing negative speech. We feel so much better and we could help other people to remove it. We should also speak only with purpose. A lot of people blather on and on and on because they can't stand to be truly alive and present and have a moment without filling it with chatter, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm a therapist. I get paid to speak. Otherwise, I'm a pretty quiet guy. You know, I'm a teacher. I get paid to speak. Otherwise, I'm a pretty quiet guy. Why? I'm listening. I'm absorbing. I'll only speak when there's a purpose. When I want to share something or give something and you have to speak with humility, you don't wanna brag. That's about being bigger and better. And you are. That's about creating a false reality. Speaking with humility is speaking at your own level. Here's who I am, and sometimes even speaking below that, just so people won't think you're speaking above it. It's just speaking and acting with humility, to be humble. We understand that everybody is equal at the level of spirit. Nobody is any better than anybody else in any way that matters. We're all human. Were all spirits out in the world. We're all perfect. And finally watch what you consume now. I mean, there's two different ways. Garbage. Gigolo is the old computer acronym that means garbage in garbage out. Well, I look at that two ways. I look at that physically. If you put a bunch of garbage into your body, you are what you eat. You heard that one, right? That's what's gonna make up. Your body can only work with what you've given it. If you fill it with a bunch of garbage, pretty soon you're full of it, and your body becomes like a bag of garbage. So don't do that. Only put in what's what's clean and pure and natural simple. Same thing in your brain. Garbage in garbage Out on Lee. Put good, pure, intelligent information. Your mind eliminate everything else. Good quality input will create a good quality life. Now all emotions are experienced through the body. What does that mean? To have a full rich experience of emotions, your body has to be healthy. It has to be vital. So another good reason to take good care of your body is you experience your life through your body and your level of sensitivity will be based on your level of health, and you want to have a positive experience as you go through life. And that's hard to do if your body is sick and sickly and going through pain and cancer and all these things. Did you know about 90% of all health issues or self inflicted, the other 10% or environmental or genetic, or by pure random accident, it's 90% what you do. It's lifestyle choices now. It's also difficult to both harm and help yourself at the same time. How can you think, Hey, I'm gonna be an enlightened person and I'm gonna be totally aware, self aware, and I'm gonna expand my intelligence and my awareness of my understanding. But I'm gonna smoke cigarettes and I'm gonna kill myself with that, Uh, I'm gonna drink a bunch of alcohol and poison myself with a toxin and still tell myself I'm intelligent. No, it's a form of denial. He can't be harming yourself and loving yourself and caring for yourself at the same time. It's one of the other and caring for your body hearing for your vessels of spiritual practice when you're only breathing clean air Onley think clean thoughts on Lee absorbed clean food, rich, nutritious food. It's a spiritual practice, and when you break it a little bit, you lose the spirituality of it. You sneak a little here, you cheat a little there. But when you're strict with it, when he had that level of perfection with it, including taking breaks once in a while. But you can have a spiritual experience of life and you can enjoy the food that you take it . They talk a lot about this in the book, The power Now, you know, meditating in the food you're taking and enjoying and absorbing it, even eliminating it and feeling light and energized as you absorb the food. Knowing that you took in good food, you feel absolutely fantastic. 7. The 5 Roots Of Suffering: Hi and welcome back. You're doing absolutely fantastic. You've learned a ton of things so far. And I'm very proud of you as you listen. These things that you hear these things as you rethink things you're learning. You're growing. You're becoming at a new level. I'm very, very proud of you. Now we're gonna learn about another powerful philosophy. Literally. A truth about reality is that there's five roots of suffering one not knowing what Israel to grasping and clinging to that which is un really five being afraid of the unreal and recoiling from it. Four. Identifying with an imaginary self in five fear of death. Let's take a look at each. The first is not knowing what Israel remember I told you, at 99.9% of what you think Israel or true is not. When you ask yourself Is this true? How do I know it's true? Is it absolutely, positively true? And you hunt down the answer, you're gonna find out to your own satisfaction that really isn't true or that you can't prove it's true. A lot of the things that we think are truths are just lies that we're in love with That's not the same. No matter how much you love a lie, it's still a lie. So the Zen philosophy is to find the absolute truth. This will help free us. Now, the second source of major suffering is grasping and clinging to the unreal. If you believe something is true and you act on, it is if it's true and it becomes an illusion, this will destroy your life. Well, absolutely, Positively destroy your life. So we base our set our lives literally our entire lives, on things that we don't even know where, true and where the chance of them being true about 1/10 of 1% remember 99.9% of everything we think is true isn't true, but will base our entire life on it. I watch people waste their lives their entire lives. I'm just horrible misconceptions. They're in a prison of their own illusion. This is like somebody trying to get to a destination and risking everything is spending their whole life getting to the wrong place. We have to break free of this. We're never gonna know happiness. The third root of suffering is being afraid of the unreal in recoiling from it. We're afraid of so many things that don't even exist. Look in the slide here, it says were attacked by her own thoughts. Remember the things we feel bad about in the past? They don't exist, but we cringe when we look back on him. We think about horrible things that could happen in the future, and we're fearful of something that doesn't exist. We're literally attacked by our own thoughts. We have this negative self talk, this inner critic that attacks us all the time, and we listen to it as if it's true, because it's coming from our head. It's literally a mental defect in the human mind that you have a part of yourself that attacks you on a regular basis. You have literally like a critical parent in your head that takes over for your parents. It's part of how you become independent when they stop warning you about things and you start warning you about things. They say you're an adult and you could maintain yourself, but actually what you're doing is you're destroying yourself and everybody has this. It's ingrained in us from childhood. It's one of the Catch 20 twos of being human. We do something called meta cognition. We think about our thinking. And then we think about our thinking about our thinking. Animals simply, I think and do and act. They don't think about the past, They don't think about the future. And they don't have an inner voice in their head saying, Hey, dummy, you didn't do that right or worry about this or feel bad about that. They don't feel bad about anything. This is a human defect, and we have to remove it. And we're gonna teach you how to do this later in this course, identifying with the imaginary self. Now you've got this negative voice in your head telling you you're no good 1000 negative things that tells you a day and what do you call that? Your personality? I call it your ego because it isn't you. It's an imaginary you. It's a defective part of you, Almost like when I worked with my addicts, they say, No, no, there's a good, kind, loving person in there. That's you. Then you got this evil little part of yourself. It's just a little tiny slice of your brain. Call your addiction. Okay, And any time you hear your addiction say anything related to taken drugs or alcohol, that's just one little insane part of your brain. We all have multiple personalities when within our mind, including this negative characteristic. But we can take the rest of our mind the rest of our personally the rest of our strength and say, I don't listen to that part anymore. That's just my negativity talking. It's just my ego talking. That's just my addiction talking. Listen to the kind loving parts of yourself. That's the right thing. Listen, Teoh, at the level of spirit where you listen to yourself and you listen to the truth, you don't hear these negative things matter. Fact, if you listen these negative things usually Zen philosophies. Is it true? Can I prove that it's absolutely true? No. The negative part of you is always telling you a lie. Now, the best Leiser part. True, That's why you think they're true. They might even look like they're 80 90% true, but when you drill down there, not absolutely true, they're transitory, their fictional there a spin. They're negative. Spin on everything that happens to you. That's your ego. That's your fictional self. We need to hunt that down and kill it. We're gonna free from that wasn't. And finally, the 5th 1 is the fear of death. I love this little quote. Since everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody wants to die. This is a funny piece because that's how you can tell people don't actually believe in their own religion. Remember, we said, Can you prove if something's true if you believe in God so much and you believe in heaven so much that if I shoot you in the head, you should be happy as hell. But everybody gets down their knees and begs and cries and wets their pants and they don't want to die. Why? Because intuitively they know it's the end. They don't think they're going someplace better. If they did, they'd be so excited. Why did they create the funerals? Literally? That person, if you believe in your religion, is going to heaven. Oh my God. They're in the ultimate place. You could ever be in. Why would you cry? They should be looking down at you crying, saying those poor bastards were still stuck. There must be purgatory because Earth has got to be halfway between heaven and hell, right? Why would you ever cry about somebody going to heaven? He doesn't make any sense based on your own damn religion. So it's one of those bizarre things. Everybody is afraid of death. Well, almost everybody. Now, why don't the Zen people fear death? They don't fear it because they know it's gonna come. They know that it gives life meaning and that you don't to fear something that is simply a cycle of life. You're born, You have a beginning, a middle and an end. Your only job is to enjoy it all the way through. And when it ends, it ends. You've gone through this in your entire life. You watch. A TV show is beginning a middle in an end. Everything's been like that. You went to school, had a beginning, a middle and an end. Everything works like that. You work like that. There's no reason to fear it. You have to be afraid to die. I guarantee you'll die. Death is just another transition. You're not gonna go to heaven. You are gonna just simply blink out and that'll be it. There's no pain. There's no loss. There might be some pain on the way out. I hope I get some really good drugs on the way out. I you know, I'm like Woody Allen. I'm not afraid to die, but I don't want to be there. When happens. Looks painful, but I'm not afraid to die. I'm not afraid to end. I once saw a bumper sticker. It said The question isn't Is there life after death? The question is, is there life before death? So don't be afraid of dying. You're gonna die. There's gonna be a beginning, a middle and an end. The end is no different. It's an instant. The real question is, did you live while you were alive? And that's the question of Zen. Did you spend all your time thinking about the past to run Those old movies run the scary future movies of your future, never living in the now never contributing, never giving, never growing Did you not absorb the wholeness of life? If you absorb life the way you're supposed to from the Zen philosophy and suck it all up, you won't feel bad about dying. But if you live a typical existence, a pitiful existence never really in the now, taking only one little sip off the top of the cup of life. And then you die having left the cup full, Then you will have a massive fear of death. Because you know, you never truly lived and that will be the sorry. And if you lived a full rich life, then you won't fear dying now. Great, great Zen philosophy. Suffering is the pain we hold on to. The pain that you have inside you is like a hot rock that you hold on to and you and you suffer with it and say, Well, I have to I have to know You can let it go. He said, Well, they did this to me. This happened to me. So I have to feel bad forever. Who the hell told you that I would hunt that person down and I would beat him about the head and face and they would never listen to them again. And then I'd probably slap myself a few times for having listened to them. This is ridiculous. Why would you ever hold on to your pain? We're taught in this society that you do something bad. You have to feel bad for a really long time or between now, when you die, depending upon the offense. The reality is once something happens, feel it. A motive, vented whatever you got to do. But then you let it go. That's what's naturally supposed to happen when something negative happens in our life and we suffer. We're supposed to take the lesson we're supposed to feel. That's a feeling experience. But then we're supposed to let it go. But amazingly, people hold on to their pain. They have the illusion that it's something cost them a lot, that it's valuable. No. If I lost my business and I went into bankruptcy and I lost everything, I wouldn't have to feel the pain of that forever. Why? Well, it costs me a lot of money, so I say, Oh, it's valuable. Look how much I lost. No, no, it's not worth anything. Your pain isn't worth anything. I'll tell you what. Take a £10 bag of your paying. Take all the pain you got. Throw it over through, put in a sack and throw it over your shoulder and walk out on the street and see how much you can sell it for. Nobody will give you a nickel. For matter of fact, they'll probably pay you good money to get the hell away from them so they don't get any of that on them. It has zero value. Your pain has no value. Let it go. Here's the dirty secret of psychology. All problems are maintained. If you do not maintain the problem, it disappears. Think of it this way. What is depression? Depressions when you have a negative thought in your head and you think it over and over and over and over and over again, you as a matter fact, you have to think in a constant stream, because if you're not constantly thinking about your depression the minute you stop, it disappears and won't come back until you start thinking about it again. A lot of people are horribly depressed. They get distracted by something and they're working on something or doing something, and their depression mysteriously goes away. And then they say, Then that thing gets done. Thank God that's done. That was distracting. And they go, Yeah, I'm depressed and they sink right back into it. Same thing with anxiety. It works. The same way problems are maintained. Low self esteem. You have to think your crap all day long. If you stop thinking that or do the opposite. Think you're positive, you know? Think positive things about yourself. The low self esteem goes away instantly. All problems are maintained. So the question isn't Why do I have this horrible anxiety or depression? The problem is, what is my system? How dough. I constantly maintain it. What do I think? What'll I do? How do I hold my body? How do I breathe? You know the physiology of it, the psychology of it. What do I think about what my philosophy is? What are my beliefs? Write these things down and say, How do I maintain my problem? Take 15 20 minutes, half an hour, an hour? Whatever. It takes you to figure out your system for being depressed or feeling bad or feeling guilty right down that formula. Here's what I do. 1st 2nd 3rd and fourth, and you have the perfect formula for how to be depressed, anxious, low self esteem, social phobia, whatever it is. And here's what you do. If you want to get rid of it, just stop doing those things. Do nothing. When you do nothing, what happens? Serenity. When everything is removed, you're in a perfect state of serenity. You need to shut the hell up. Your brain is picking on you 24 7 And when your brain is silence, it's it's it stops serenity. Perfect. Utter serenity. Some of the secrets isn't when you remove all thought. Perfect spirituality, perfect serenity, no magical, mystical formula. It's the absence of negative thoughts Bull. 8. Thinking & Beliefs: Welcome back. I love this quote. This is a quote from the Buddha 600 BC. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world. This is what I finished the last section of the course. Often we are what we think. Remember I said if you remove all your thinking, you have serenity. If you include what you think you are what you are thinking. Are you thinking negative thoughts? You feel negative. You're thinking positive thoughts. You think you feel positive. All that we are arises with our thoughts. Your thoughts make who you are and your experience of the world With our thoughts we make our world. This is what creates your actions and create your outcome and eventually creates what your entire world read it again. We are what we think All that we are rises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world. Why do you think about what this means in your life and how you can use this? Now the mind is basically a machine. It's a dumb goal seeking mechanism. Whatever you tell to dio, it says Yes, sir. Yes, madam. I'll get right on it. If you tell yourself you're an absolute jerk, it will say, Don't worry. I will make you feel like a jerk. I will help you out if you tell me that your goal. I am on it and I don't sleep. I'll run in the I'll run through your dreams. I'll be running all night. I'll tell you negative things and I'll spew that on you all day long. If you tell me you can succeed, It's something I will work on that diligently until it happens. If you tell me you can't possibly do something, I will shut your brain down. I will delete any solutions from your mind. I will make you fail. Why? Because that's what you asked me to Dio. And I don't think for myself. Remember, the brain is a dumb goal seeking mechanism. Be very careful about what you tell it to dio, especially that ego. We're gonna talk more about that later. Now the brain is also designed to make meaning out of everything. You got to be careful of the meaning you attach. Remember, one thing can mean multiple things. Look at the politicians on TV. They take the exact same thing and one makes it horrible and the other one makes a great or vice versa. It doesn't matter what it iss one child gets, say, by a guy who jumped out in front of a bus and pushed the child out of the way and everybody claps and they were saving the You know, the Democrats say, Isn't that a wonderful thing? This person thought outside themselves and save this child and Republicans jump in and say , You know, that just proves that buses are unsafe when we got to spend more money on this And people can't just be jumping in front of buses, saving everybody. We had a spend, spend, spend, you know where they start talking about. Yeah, that's great that that child was, say, But what about all the starving people in Africa? And it's like there No, no, no, no. Your mind can take anything and give it a positive or negative spin, and it will. It's trying to make meaning out of things. So as you're looking at things that happen, your life be very careful of the meaning. You associate with it. This is going to determine what you think about how you feel and the action you'll take and the outcomes that you will have. Be very careful how you instruct your mind. Remember, it works for you. Get behind the wheel, take charge. And finally, I want to leave you with one more peace and that's everybody is full of BS. That's right. Belief systems. Okay, now, believing something does not make it true. No matter how much you're in love with a lie, it's still a lie. I remember I called belief Systems B s just to remind you what they are, there's a thing that happens. We'll talk about a little bit later in imprint period where you get 80 to 90% of your beliefs and the other 10 or 20% come based on those so they tend be very similar. Those So your belief systems because you haven't had the Zen philosophy before, you haven't gone through your belief systems and say, Are they true? Are they helpful or are they harmful? You're just running these programs in the background, these belief systems that are taking over your life and you haven't even sat down said Do I believe it. You call it your belief system, but it's usually somebody else's believe system. You've never sat down and gone over every single thing you believe to make sure it's absolutely, positively true. You got these thoughts and ideas from somebody else. You've been defending them your whole life. So you're certain there? True, you have what we call mistake uncertainty. But your belief system. When you examine it, you're going to find out. Man belief system B S B. S is closer to the truth of belief system, man. I believe a lot of bullshit. We have to go back. We have to re examine our beliefs, see if they're true and then follow those remember the five roots of suffering, believing that which is not true, we have to examine our belief systems. That is the key court to where pain comes from. It's one of the major sources 9. The Problem of "EGO": Welcome back. You're doing absolutely fantastic. I'm proud of you getting this far. You've learned a ton of things and we've got a lot more to cop. Now. This part is about the problem of ego, and his concept of ego is very hard for people to get some going to try to go a slow and make it as clear as humanly possible. So to start with, kind of where we left off in the last section was our responses aren't a reaction to reality. They're just pre programmed responses to our belief systems are B s. But it's just a story. So I want you to understand that your brain has a bunch of programs going on based on your belief systems, the things that you were programmed as for as a child from the in print period, which we talked about earlier section These programs are just running in the background. This is why I say most people aren't truly alive. Remember we talked about the bumper sticker. It said, The question isn't Is there life after death? The question is, is there life before death? If you're like a computer program and you're just running all these old programs, these old belief systems. You're just running and running and running, and you never even set these programs up. You're not living in actual life. You're just running a program. You've yet to actually live. Do you get that piece? This is like mind control. Somebody else installed these programs. You run these programs and you have the illusion that you're actually running your life. You're living your life. You're choosing your own choices. It's just in illusion, but because it's just a story, weaken deep, program ourselves and rewrite the story. So this pro process causes a second major problem and is the major reason that we suffer. It's called ego. The ego is a false sense of self created by unconscious identification with the mind. Remember, we said, the brain has a defect in it, where we do what's called meta cognition. Cognition is thinking we think about our thinking, and that creates this false sense of self. And this false self is the negative self, which does all the negative self talk. So your brain has a small component which has taken on a life of its own. You've been falsely programmed and now we have to figure out how to break away from this. And the way that we break away from it is a find out the secret that I'm sharing with you right now that you've been pre programmed and that you haven't ego. And now you know the problem and it can't hide anymore. And now we can begin to attack it and break it down. So the ego exists to give us a sense of self. That's it's quote unquote positive purpose. If it has one, you know, So you don't think you just free floating out there in the universe. It gives you a little bit of continuity in your world, and this helps us feel stable in the world. But it also causes almost all of our pain because again, that negative critic part of the ego and we're gonna teach you how to defeat that. So let me teach you a concept called ego fiction to support the idea of a separate I. The Eagle creates a character that's forced to follow certain rules and match a certain self image. There's an old Zen belief that simply states every person is perfectly being exactly who they are. What does that mean? You will always run your program. You'll always be perfectly who you are now. You also never waiver from your self image, exceedingly rare to waver from their self image. Once you know what somebody's self images, you can virtually predict everything they're gonna dio. Why? Because the self images your image of yourself. You're not free to break it without what changing the self image and its hugely hugely resistant like beyond any addiction to change. Unfortunately, this is a false sense of self. You've yet to meet your real self ego. Pain is that is the next challenge. Whenever we feel that our I our ego, this false part of ourselves that we think is us is being attacked, we'll defend ourselves in the Zen philosophy. When somebody insults you, you know that they're not really insulting you. You can't be insulted. They've either said something about you, and it's totally false, and therefore you don't have to take it on or they said something that's true, and you may need to apologize, but you did it by mistake. In the Zen philosophy, you don't do things wrong on purpose. Why would you ever do that, That'd be silly. We're running old programs will do things wrong all the time. Under the Zen philosophy, we stop doing those things. It's pretty rare. We still make mistakes, but then we just immediately apologize. Form Person continues to attack us. That's OK. We've done our best and we move on again. We don't spend time on this because that would be living in the past. We let it go, let it flow, let it go. So we don't need to defend ourselves because this part of ourself is fake. So that makes it easy to let go because it's not us they're attacking. They're attacking the old programs. I'm hoping this is all making sense to you. Let me describe it another way. First, the story creates the ego. These programs, this old history creates a story, and the story you think is you. Michael Jackson did a album. It was called history or is he described it. His story, his story. And that's what your past. This is just a story that's written about you, the false you may. In fact, here's what the past tells you about you. It tells me an awful lot about who you were and not a thing about who you are. Remember, I am all at once that which I choose to be. If you live moment to moment, you're not trapped in your history. If you look back to your history and you believe in your history, then you'll be forced to repeat it over and over again. If you believe you can act different at any given moment, then you're freed from your history. This old story of you and you could do whatever you want. That's when you're free. I hope that makes sense. You hope that gets across. So first the ego creates this old story says it's you. And then the eagle begins to write your future and tells you what to dio. That's the programming we've got to get in there is the author and change the story, change the direction, take control back from the ego, override the program and start actually being you and re deciding how you want to live. And that's what this section tells you. It says we can be the authors of our own story because it's just a story, given the fact that this was totally made up. It was a great work of fiction, and so is the future. It's not written yet. You can decide each way that you want to be in the world. You can re decide how you want to be in the world. You can decide your direction and move forward. You just have to stop listening to your ego in the next section. We're going to teach you how to separate from your ego. How toe literally Watch the Thinker. That's the ego talking in your mind. Be able to target the eagle and know the difference between your own true thinking and this false sense of Eagle. We're going to separate the two, then this will all make more sense to you, so I'll see you in the next section. 10. Watching the Thinker: Welcome back. Now in this section, this section is all about watching The Thinker. Once we've been to watch The Thinker, we realize there's someone who is not the thinker, that someone is our true self. That's us at the level of spirit, which means literally ourselves. Would nothing else encumbering us. That's what gives you a sense of spirituality. When you're freed from the old negative programming, there's nothing but enlightenment. There's nothing but peace. There's nothing but serenity. But here's what you have to do. You have to make that separation. So one great way they've always used historically is just to meditate in what's meditating . It's just simply slowing your mind down, relaxing. And then I just want you to watch what comes across your mind. Just watch the stream of consciousness watch what you think about, and what you're going to notice is that most of your thinking is negative and that it's not original. Sit there and listen to your own thoughts for about three minutes and let me know in those three minutes after you probably said about 70 different things in three minutes. Which one of those things did you just think of that you've never thought of in your entire life. Think about it. Watch it. Yeah, that's right. None of it. 99.99999% of everything you think. Old repetitive crap. Why? Because it's just a program. You know, if you're spinning a wheel round and round around none of the segments of the wheels any different, you'll get to a different segment. You might even free. Have forgotten about a segment took so long for the wheel to spin around. But it's the same old crap over and over and over again. Do you think that's really you? Are you really that dumb? No, it's not done. Everybody does this. We think the same thoughts over and over and over again and never get bored with them. It's almost like when I used to have my clients journal. I'd say, If you get really mad, say like it, your boss and that's your issue. OK, here's how you get over it. I want you to write down, uh, my bosses and eso bit. That stands for sweet old boy or sweet old broad dependent on you know you got a male or female boss Why don't have him right down? Because they're right down once, twice, maybe three times I've seen. Sometimes people go as many as 20 times and they'll write it down. But then they stopped. They get bored with it. But in your mind, you could think that that your boss was an S O. B 1000 times a day for months and never get bored of it. For some strange reason, we almost don't even listen to ourselves. Our own thoughts are almost like background noise, and our own thoughts are never boring. Tow us. If I sat there and I had a conversation with you and you said, Hey, Paul, how's your day going? Then? I said, Well, my boss is an S O. B. And you say, Yeah, I've had a boss like that before, and I said, and they said, Well, so what else is new in your life today, Paul? And I said, uh oh, my bosses in S O. B. Yeah, I think I've heard that somewhere. But Paul, what's going out of your life? Well, my boss is an S O. B. And you know, did I mention my awesome? My boss is an s O B. Yep. That old s o B can't stand. That s o B. My boss is really an S O B. What an S o b My boss is an S o b. If you went on and on and on in your head like if you talk to somebody the way you go on and on and on your head they would think you're insane. Why would you keep telling me the same thing over and over and over again? You would, but you would do it to yourself. This is insane. This is why you have to watch this person. This person is running in the background and this is the person that's directing your life . It's called your ego. You are not this crazy. You're not this stupid. You are not this uncreative. You are not this boring, but your ego is in that thing is behind the wheel. It's like almost like an addict who thinks they're thinking for themselves. And they're really thinking with the bottle, you know, their addiction doing all their figure and for him. And they say, Well, I wonder why I can't get over my addiction because the addiction is the active part of the brain. Their actual high yourself is in the back seat, bound and gagged and for gotten about sedated, unconscious, not even not even functioning, you say? Well, why don't they just quit? Why would the addiction never stop taking drugs? That's the addictions. Only purpose for life. And how can the addiction beat the addiction? It's not gonna you know, you don't sit there in your house and beat the crap out of yourself. Why would the addiction attack itself? It wouldn't would. It loves itself when in fact, it's gonna figure out new and creative ways why you can have more and more drugs. The true part of yourself will never even kick it. Rarely is, it seems rarely doesn't wake up. You are the same way in your mind. This is your addiction. Your ego is your addiction. It's been running your life, and you've been thinking that this was actually you. But as you sit there and you listen to your own thoughts, here's what you gonna realize. Watching the Thinker. You're going to realize there's somebody that's listening to this voice that isn't the voice. If you're listening to a voice. Don't you know that voice isn't you? Yeah, You can't both be the thinker and the voice. So the voice is the part of you that actually isn't you in the part of you that's actually he was always good, kind and loving, so it'll never see a negative thing. But there was a book. It was written by you, uh, shed Helm Shire or Schadler. I think it was, but it was called what to say when you talk to yourself and the one The first things he wrote in this book is that 90% of all your thinking is negative. If you wrote it down just like I said, do the journaling write down your stream of consciousness. Just sit there and concentrate on what you think and write everything down. It's boring, it's repetitive, and it's negative. In the 90 percentile, 5% neutral and 5% is actually positive. This is a crazy mixture. You would never come up with this mixture. So by listening to your thoughts, noticing the negativity, noticing the rambling, you're gonna realize there's something running around the background. It's the ego, and it's not you. So when you identify with his voice in your head and you think everything that's telling you is the true state of affairs. You're gonna be very negative. You're gonna be very downtrodden. You're gonna You're gonna run old programs. It strengthens it when you begin to observe the mind and say, I don't really believe that. I don't think 90% of everything's negative. Uh, I don't believe that this is really me spewing all this crap. It weakens the ego. So identifying with the mind or ego, then uses these terms interchangeably. Identifying with it strengthens it, observing it and understanding that's not the true state of affairs. Weakens it. So think of this way. There's there's a great old quote. It says if you feed your faith, your fear will die. But if you feed your fear, your faith will die. What you feed grows and what you starve dies. So as you stop identifying with it, you starve it and it begins to die. You say No. That's just a little tiny, negative part of my brain. I The true me can overcome it and move past it. I can get past my own ego 11. Defeating Negative Thinking: I love this picture here. Even though it's kind of pressing simply, states, how do you see yourself and why now I'm gonna show you exactly why you see yourself, the way you see yourself. Good, positive or indifferent. It has to do with something called the imprint, period. We talked a little bit about that before, but I really want to dive into it now. The imprint period is when 80% of your personality is formed. This is a really known psychological fact, uh, hard to find in the literature, actually. But it's there, and your personality is formed who you are between the ages of when you're born to somewhere around five or seven years old. During the imprint period, you have a boatload of questions. Little kids, you know, they were there. 34567 years old. Why this Why that did it. And why? Why? Why? You give an answer and they say, Well, you get you think the answer is over and they go Well, why? And you say, Well, because it will go well, why that And you go low. Because why that at some point, the almost drive you nuts do you realize? Jesus? I thought I understood this until you asked me six different questions about Maybe I'm dumber in a four year old. It's when 80% of your personality gets locked in because you ask questions. But you do not question the answers. You take everything. Is that garbage in garbage out that we talked about earlier? So you're not questioning the answers. If I tell you something, you believe it. Steve Martin had a great joke. He said, I want to play a neat trick on a three year old. Here's a great thing. Shoma pen. Hold it up and say Banana, showing the Penn State banana. Show him the pen. Say banana. Then when the kid goes to school, he's going to say, Hey, this thing isn't working. Does anybody have a banana? Anybody here got a banana? Someone's gonna have him a banana. He's like, No, I would like a banana. How am I gonna write with that yellow thing now? It's a funny joke, but that's what happens. We believe what everybody tells us, and we absorb it. We can't. Our brain physically doesn't have the mechanism to screen out false information. It doesn't even have the mechanism yet not fully developed yet. You know, your brain is not fully developed until you're 21 years old. In the last intellectual function that happens is judgment critical thinking. It's called the prefrontal cortex. It's the last thing the fully developed Wow. That's why you make so many bad decisions up until 21 and from lack of experience a little bit past that. So the imprint period locks in about 80% of your personality. Now, in the years after that, guess what? What is the other 20%? Based on? It's based on the original premises of the 80% you're foundational belief systems. So the remaining 20% ends up looking a lot like the other 80%. So you could make an argument that during this imprint period and shortly thereafter, about 95 to 98% of your personality is locked in these air. Not great numbers. So I showed you this trap so you can understand that 98% of what you believe you never actually decided to believe you were programmed to believe you then supported it. You got that confirmation bias that we talked about earlier. And you defended these beliefs that Hello? Hello? They're not yours now. Quick question for you. Do you drive your thoughts, her? Your thoughts drive you. Which one do you think it ISS? This is a great question asked. And are you sure they actually did a study? And what it was was an electrical pulse that they put in your arm. And what you would do is you would decide which arm you were gonna move, OK? And then I would jolt, Say your right arm that had the electrical pad on it, and that would make you say reach over and grab the cup. Okay. Now, even though I had chosen for you, you know, half the time you were probably gonna grab it with that right hand the other half the time you were going to grab it with the left, but because I hit with that little jolt, you moved the right hand when you were gonna move the left, you know, people will say They say, You know what? I was going to go with my left hand, but at the last second, right before you jolted me, I decided to go with my right hand. Do you know what actually happened there? Do you see it? The mind didn't decide to do it. The joke made made you do it. And then your brain covered it up by saying, Oh, yeah, I decided to do that. I was just about to do that before he hit the damn button. So I chose that you didn't know. This is how your brain gives you the illusion of choice, even when you don't have it. That experiment was the scariest thing I ever saw in psychology. Because it tells us that we have a very, very difficult time even understanding when we choose to do something. And when we don't that usually it's our unconscious mind. So in the study that they did what they decided was your unconscious mind as opposed to your conscious mind. Well, actually decide what to do. Your conscious mind will just kind of speak it out verbally. If it even Does that foretell, just do it mindlessly and give you the sense that you actually chose that. Say, you're walking down your driveway and you're gonna go for a walk today and you're trying to side. Well, it's just a nice to go left as it is to go right for a little walk today. And what you do is you go back and forth in your mind and you'll hear yourself trying to pick which way to go and why, and you'll make a decision. According to this study that was already chosen, your unconscious mind can do 200,000 transactions in the time it takes your mind to do one . So the theory is that most of the things that you do or unconscious, you then re think about them and come up with the exact same decision, your unconscious mind, what it came up with. And you do that thing and most of things you do. Somewhere around the 95% Tyler higher are unconscious anyways grabbing a cup of coffee. You decide you want the cup of coffee, but your unconscious mind that knows, had a reach over how to grasp it, how to balance it, how to sip it, how to drink it, how to swallow it, how to digest it and had to poop it back out. You just thought coffee. You did one thing in your unconscious mind had to do hundreds of thousands of mental calculations and transactions to make all that happen. So we think that we do most of the thinking in our lives when we only do the tiniest fraction. So the ego almost works. Like the unconscious mind. It's is part of our brain, a small part, which is a fiction that is trying to direct our lives. And it can if we allow it when we separate from it. When we watch the thinker, we begin to separate from it. We stop listening to it, and we, the rial us, actually starts deciding. Then we start driving our thoughts instead, the ego driving our thoughts and the unconscious driving our thoughts. We're regaining control. And that is a beautiful thing. You have just broken out of prison. You're doing fantastic. Keep going. Now I'm gonna show you an interesting thing about your brain. Look at this brain. I'm gonna tell you two things about one. Look at all these different things going on. This is a pretty sick individual. This is like a mental health patient. Now I'm gonna tell you the second thing. This is an average person. An average person has all these same thoughts. What's the difference between a mental patient in a quote unquote normal person? It's the length and the severity of it. It's the intensity of it. It's how often they'll think about, say, a fear. So a paranoid person thinks about fear All day long. We might spend 10 15 minutes a day thinking about things that were worried or afraid about . They spend all day doing it. So it's not that the mental patient in the healthy patient are wildly different. It's how much time they spend on it. So what I want you to dio is azure noticing these things come up. Here's how you gain emotional freedom and free yourself from the thinker, the ego, the ego wants to stay on these things when it gets fearful. It wants to stay on them for a long time. You know it wants Toby. Uh, it wants to focus on doubt in the guilt, neurosis and resentment in the past, in the future, in the envy and the worrying remorse in the Pettiness, and stay there for long periods of time. Where is an intelligent person would say, Hey, I'm afraid this might happen and and your brain would say OK, so Paul, what would you like to do about that? And you immediately go into the solution. You know what your ego does? Worries about it worries about some or worries about it some more. It thinks it's planning. We're doing something, but it's almost like when you sit there and you listen to somebody, bitch. They think bitching and whining and complaining is the same thing is actually doing something. When you hear this from the outside, you go, Oh my God, this is the stupidest thing that I've ever heard. And I know this person is never gonna get out of situation. Why? Because they think whining, bitching and complaining is the same as doing something. I just have a sign over my desk. It said, uh, any fool can wind bitch and complain And most fools dio if you're whining, bitching and complaining, your full don't do it now we all do the same thing when we let fear or doubt or guilt or resentment run over and over and over in our mind. So here's how I got very mentally healthy. I listen to my mind. I listen to my ego and I shut it down quick. I would Something would come in my mind and it would raise a fear, a Doubter concern. And I would here and I listen to it once and I listen to it twice and I listen to it three times. Three times is now a pattern, and I'd say, Well, let's go on to the solution. And if my mind didn't let me, then I knew I was in a I was in a neurotic pattern, negative pattern of thinking that's hurting me and I would stop it. So the difference between the old me when I used to listen to the ego is that we go on and on and on for hours, days, weeks. The difference is now, not that I don't have these feelings. I do have the fear in the doubt in the guilt. I just shut it down so much quicker in minutes, not hours, months, days and years in minutes, sometimes in seconds. That's what I want you do. And when you separate from your ego, you'll be able to shut these things. Now fast. Notice them. I notice you're spending too much time on him. Stop focus on the solution or simply let it go out of your mind. So I leave you with this final thought. Your mind can be a really bad neighborhood. Okay. Make sure you clean it up. Remember garbage in garbage out. This also has to do with recycling garbage. You don't want to stir up fear. Doubt, resentment When you hear when you hear it repeating stop it and focus on the solution or just let it go Knock it down, quick, Catch it, Knock it down, Catch it, knock it down catch it, shut it down fast Don't let it looped and loop and loop That's insane. You know, I've seen some good movies in my time but I wouldnt go watch, you know, the latest greatest movie and then sit through it again and then sent through it again and then sit through it again and then sit through it again 30 40 times. But we'll do this on a regular basis inside our mind. Not the way to go. Shut it down, quick! Shut it down fast. Get rid of it. Finally remember, 90% of all thinking is negative, neurotic, repetitive and wasteful. You need to get out of it. So catch it. Stop it in. I gave you a quote. I think I gave you quote earlier. It said, Don't hold on to any thought, which isn't joyful and peaceful. If it's not making you feel better, if it's not helping in your life, it's not helpful in any way, shape or form. Let it go. Hold on to that philosophy. If you only get one thing out of this course, if it's not bringing me peace or joy, get rid of it. It has no value. Get rid of it. It is literally killing you, and it's sucking up your life. 12. Escaping Your Prison: Welcome back. This section is on escaping the prisons. A prison of your mind. I love this graphic here. Simply states were all trapped in our minds. The question is whether or not we realize it in realizing it, we begin to free ourselves. Here's a great philosophy, and this will help you escape from your own prison Inside your mind. You're the prisoner, the jailer and the hero, all all rolled into one. So who's in prison in your mind? You, Who's keeping you trapped there? You And who's the only person that can free you? The hero? You you have to stop blocking you from getting outside of you or your ego. You have to literally just let yourself go. It's almost like when you have muscular tension, you hurt you in. The solution is for you to stop hurting you, which means let go with attention, you're causing it. People try other things toe. Solve something that's actually a problem with themselves. When you're muscular tension, you don't have muscular tension because you have muscular tension. Muscular tension doesn't exist. It exists when the mind is frustrated. It's called a body armoring. You begin tensing up and hardening your muscles until they become like iron. Okay, that's what muscular tension is. So what people dio They don't do the simple solution of sitting down saying, Okay, what's going on in my life? That's stressing me? And how am I creating muscular tension within myself and how can I let it go? So what do they dio? They start looking for external sources. And given the fact that the problem is an external, you don't randomly have tense muscles. They start saying, Well, what can I do that's outside of me so I don't have to look at me that will solve it well, drink myself into oblivion until the muscle gives up. I'll take benzos and I'll take sleeping pills and I'll go for massages and, you know, I'll get a massage chair and you know, I'll ah, pound on the muscle until it gives up and releases. The tension will use a special roller ball, and I'll put a cream and a rub on. And all this type of stuff, all that stuff gives you temporary relief and almost like the trap of the mind. If you believe that stuff works and it does work a little bit temporarily, you begin to count on that more and more, and the less you count on yourself in, the more you count on these external things, the more you have to use them. And the more your mind knows that you're not going to solve your own mental problem. The worst that makes it in the worst attention gets. So you take more alcohol and more drugs and more massages and put more creams on. And pretty soon, no matter how much you put on, it still hurts like hell. And you didn't realize the trap. You were trapped in your own mind. Your mind was causing attention. Your mind can realize what the problem is in your mind can let you back out now. The single most vital step on your path to enlightenment is this. Learn to dis identify with the mind. Don't believe what it's telling you. There is this small, sick part of my mind, the ego, and I no longer listen to it. I teach addicts this all the time. It's called externalization. You take your addiction, which speaks in your own voice and says, Hey, you know, a glass of Scotch would go great with that newspaper. Your next. A little tight. Have a drink or take a drug. You know, your little tired you can. Why don't you do a line of coke? Little perky right back up a little bit won't hurt. And if you think that thinking is actually you, you listen to it. But if you understand that there's sub portions of your mind in that your addiction is one sub portion. Just like the negative inner critic. Just like the ego you could say. No. No, that's just my addiction. Talking to me, you make it something outside of you, a portion of your mind that you don't listen to. That's what I want you to do with the ego and say no. My addiction wants me to drink whiskey. Why? I read the newspaper. It wants me to perk myself up by taking a little cocaine. It tells me lies like a little bit won't hurt you. That's an old cliche. Matter of fact, any time I hear this again, I'm too damn smart for that. I don't fall for that rubbish. I know that's my addiction, my stupid addiction, hoping that it can fool me into thinking I am actually saying this. No, I am not. I am wiser than that. So any thinking that's related to using in any way, shape or form has to be my negative self, which is my addiction. When you hear negativity in your mind, you're not a negative person. Inherently, you're a positive person. The one thing you're positive about is you. I could I could explain why anybody else would attack you, but you attacking you. That's an unnatural act, just like beating yourself in the head with a hammer. If you had a convincing voice in your head that was telling you to beat yourself over the head with a hammer, that voice would obviously be your enemy. Your ego is like that. Anything that is working against you that is making you feel bad. That is negative. That's keeping you on the problem and away from the solution. That's your negative ego. Dis identify with it, and it loses its power, and you will know when you need to attack it. Instead of attacking you, you can beat it down with simple logic. Now two questions. One who put the blindfold on you into why did you keep it on? We've been going through life literally blindfolded. I love this analogy. We couldn't see these things. Nobody had taught us what I'm teaching you. And that's what puts the blindfold on us. We didn't know that we were trapped. We didn't know there was a secondary part of our mind. We didn't know about theater critic. We didn't know about the imprint, period. We didn't know about any of these pieces that you've just learned in the last hour. So So now the question is no longer who put the blindfold on you. But why you would keep it on. So any time you go back to your old behaviors, when you start thinking mindlessly, I want you to think of that like you putting your blindfold back on that you're going back to your old self That your ego is taken over is back behind the wheel because it wants to keep you blind. It hates all the things that I'm saying to you. It knows that you can defeat it and that you can have freedom in your life, and it wants you to go back and just be its slave again. It's gonna put you right back in that jail cell If you let it, Don't let it observe it. Beat it back in the next section. We're going to teach you some very specific techniques for how to do that. Some wonderful techniques I know you'll absolutely love. So I'll see you in the next section. 13. The Sword Of Meditation: Welcome back. Now we've shared with you some ways that you can beat back this ego. You could make the separation from it and begin to cut through some of the illusions in your life the biggest one being this ego talking to you and you thinking that you are it. But there's many, many illusions that we have in Zen is about understanding absolute truth. And to do that, we have to cut through old illusions. We have to get rid of them. Remember I said, R E B T is about deep programming, getting rid the old negative false beliefs and habits and then reprogrammed the positive ones. Zen is the same way. So we had to cut through the old illusions, realize they're not true, and then learn the truth about reality, about the way of things, the nature of things, and move forward in our lives more intelligent, more wake more where so meditation is the sword, which we used to cut through things. There was a great analogy about this. There was a huge Gideon. Not and I forget who had the sort of the time. I think it was Alexander the Great in the story, and, uh, people were trying to figure out how to get this convoluted Gordon not apart. It was like an impossible not to untangle, and people tried and tried and tried. Alexander the Great said, I'll get through this. Not all entangle this and he whipped out his sword, held it over his head and cut right through the not a novel solution, but they're not fell right apart, fell to pieces, and the problem was solved. Meditation is that type of sword. Sometimes we can't just untangle everything we need to just cut clean through it, and this will help get you through it fast, simple and easy. It's the best technique you can use, so let's explore now. Here's some ways you can use meditation in different ways, including cutting through the knots in your mind. One is simply to create serenity. What is meditation? A lot of people confused about meditation. It's simply a deep state of relaxation in which you take time to reflect. It's a time when you calm down the thinking, which is just chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter and get toe one single simple stream of thought so that you can actually have some clarity. That's all meditation is. There's no complication to it. When you get into that state, not only do you get the benefits of serenity and relaxation and health and all these different things, you begin a tap in inner wisdom without so much chattering you the real you can actually come to the surface above the chatter. We used to talk about the negative criticas. It's loud, booming voice. You're terrible and you suck and blah, blah, blah, blah. And there's this little whisper voices. No, no, Paul, you're a good guy. I love you. I know you do good things. I know you care about people, but you couldn't hear that little whisper underneath his booming voice. So once you get laid to the loud, negative voices, once you calm your mind down, you can hear the light voice of inner wisdom inside you, given you very simple, very profound solutions to things. So that's a great technique. You can also use meditation to search for the truth. Simply focus on a problem and sit with it for a little while. I think about it, then don't think about it and wait for a solution to float to the top. When you calm your mind and you get rid of that rambling chatter, the solution will usually come to the top. And if not, what will happen is if you give it a period arrest. Your unconscious will work out in the meantime, and it'll float to the top. Naturally, you just come to you later in the day. You can also use it to search for the truth, which means looking at thing I call. I call us the diamond philosophy. Basically, what you're doing is you're looking at everything from different angles. Toe, understand a diving. You have to look at it from every angle because every which way you turn, it looks different. That's the diamond philosophy. So what you're doing is you're meditating. Is your slowly looking at the problem from all different angles When you think normally in your mind it's so chaotic? It's going so fast you tend to look at it three or four different ways, and then when you get done with that, you go back and look at the three same three or four different ways again and again and again and again and again. But there may be 20 different ways that Onley when you slow down your mind. Can you see it? This is why most intelligent people, they figure out all the problems on paper. You know why? Because they will write down the first thing. The second thing, the third thing in the fourth thing. Then they'll say, Okay, though right now Number 56 and seven and then they'll fill those in and they won't write anything that was down on 123 and four. They will think beyond their normal level of thinking by writing it down, seeing it and moving beyond it. That's where the real solution is. If the real solution was in the force 1st 4 things that came to your mind You've had it days, months or years ago. It's somewhere farther down the list. These are the things that weaken Dio when we clear mind. Now, you can also use meditation to heal yourself mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually healing works by simply meditating on the area that you want to heal. Can you just imagine some kind of sensation, like a tingling or warmth or a heaviness or, you know, a ball of energy? Wherever this area is any little sensation you can get in that area, and you just focus on that and imagine that. And what that does is it sounds like this weird, mystical thing. But really, what you're doing is mentally, consciously and later unconsciously, because this is seeping down to the unconscious. You're getting your body to focus on a given area. And when you stop doing the meditation, especially if you tell yourself that this is going to continue to heal, it'll heal for a few hours later, a few days later, usually not more than a few days. And by drawing the attention to this area, that's what heals it, almost the same way acupuncture works, and I'm gonna give you a very simplistic idea of how acupuncture works. This is only one way in which it works, but by putting the needles in a given area, usually around the wounded area, those little tiny pinpricks bring attention to that area, and then your body puts its healing resource. Is there because attention has been drawn to it? Very simple, that's all mental and physical healing is, uh, so the next thing you could do with meditations removing illusions as you think about something, use that diamond philosophy and start looking at it from different angles and asking yourself, Is this true? Is this true? Is this true man that will cut right through the illusions? An illusion cannot withstand the light of sustained thinking, combined with truth that you'll only accept the truth. So say, Is it true? Is it true? Is it true? And don't kid yourself. That's darkness, the light of sustained truth. You'll beat all the illusions, and if you're not sure, say, Hey, I'm not sure and put a question mark on it in wait. Now meditation is also how we d program ourselves, and I didn't put on the slide here. But it's also you can re program yourself. You can de program yourself by saying, Is it true? Deciding it isn't? And then the next thing to do is decide how many different ways that isn't true, because that will counter act that negative thought that negative and false belief until it's destroyed figure out how many different ways this isn't true. Not only is it not true, it's not true because of this and this and this and this just stack it in stack and stack until is crushed under the weight of truth. Squash it like a great, then sweep it away and say, OK, what would I like? That's good, kind, loving and positive that I can install instead of that thing. What is what's gonna be my new positive belief for habit and install it, and then I want you to do the same thing. Support it instead of crush it, give it a foundation. It's true, and it's helpful in its healing. Because of this and this and this and this. The more supports, the more legs you put under just like a table. The more legs you put under it, the stronger it's going to get. That's how you de program yourself and re program yourself. Letting oval pain is simply meditating or something that's been bothering you. Realizing that you shouldn't be holding onto this, letting it go and simply staying yourself, I no longer feel the need for this pain in my life. I'm willing to let it go. I'm letting it go now. I no longer feel the need for this pain in my life. I'm willing to let it go. I let go of it now. Simple meditation is what most people love bomb imitation is. It's a way to increase your awareness. You're going to start noticing the warmth of your body, the air moving in the room. You're breathing in and out. You're going to feel like you can feel a leaf falling out of a tree 30 feet behind you. You will just increase your awareness. Why? Because when you cut down the chatter of your brain, your body has a lot of sensory awareness that because there's all this activity and chattering going on is covered up. When you remove that, when you quiet it down, it's almost like if you had a stereo blasting and then you turn it down, turn it down. Turned out when you finally shut it off, you're gonna hear the refrigerator running in the background. Say, Boy, I never heard that before. You gonna hear the faucets that's dripping when the mailman comes? You're gonna hear the box week up and down, which you never heard before. You're going to hear the house settling. You're gonna hear your stomach growling. You know, you're gonna hear a lot of different things you never heard before, so it definitely increases awareness. And there's many ways that increased awareness beyond that. But that's that's that's a start that gives you a sense of it. You're also able to enhance your gifts. Remember, we said, you can program and de program yourself if you want, enhance your gifts, you can take any area that you want more confidence in more certainty, in more clarity in to feel better about and simply tell yourself, Hey, I'm doing better in these areas. These air my gifts focus on being kind, being loving on your memory, anything that you will want to enhance your physical capacity and just tell yourself, you know, basically like Amelia, I think it was from a find pronouncing right. The French philosopher, he said he had a simple Chandi did, he said, And every day in every way I'm getting better and better and your Pete every day in every way I'm getting better and better, and then just in sort of getting better and better at okay. That's another way to enhance your gifts. Of course, you can always enjoy the serenity, and you can also have a spiritual experience. If you were lax yet calm your mind. You focus on your breathing, you're gonna go into, like a flow state almost like a runner's high. And it's from the simple act of doing nothing. You're gonna have such a sense of peace and serenity and calm all the sudden it's going to surge through your body. And if you don't think it'll stay, but you know what most people do, they get it and they have this wonderful, spiritually tingly feeling and they go, Oh, my God, of having a spirited experience in the talking, saying, Oh my God, I'm having experiential experience Cuts it out After doing that, two or three times a damn, I finally got to it, and two seconds later it's gone. The minute you start talking and it goes away. So hold. Get to that place, hold it, and try not to think. Just go deeper into it. I hope that was helpful. Now moving Meditation. This when you take it to the next level, when you get good at what's called Zenner sitting meditation, Now you can do moving meditation where you could meditate every movement. Going for a walk is like a form of moving meditation. There's some monks. This is the only form of meditation they dio remember. I said, Breathe in 123 Breathe out. 123 What they do is stay, Think step, step, step, step, step, step. Very repetitive, Very comic. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. It's the ultimate meditation. Watch the Thai cheap people, the fluid nous of the meditation. They're not even concentrating on what they're doing. The meditation, the movements, air reflexive. They're concentrating and how relaxing it feels in their body. They're feeling the muscles move there, enjoying the relax ation of it. That's moving meditation. Now the next thing that's very, very free is letting go of all judgment. Judgment is what holds you down. Judgment is what hurt you. Judgment is like holding a resentment. We have to let go of all judgments and we will be enlightened. We will be lighting to the burden of judgments. So who do we judge and basically listed the major areas of areas that we judge in, Which is we judge yourself. We judge others, we judge situations that are happening in our life. We judge life itself in our life, which means our history and we judge the past and we judge the future. These are the key areas to look out for in tow. Let go. Why would you ever negatively judge yourself? That's you hurting you, that you beating yourself over the head with a hammer? We say, Well, it doesn't matter if I judge other people. No, you're thinking about somebody else. You're being judgmental, which means it probably isn't true, which goes against the Zen philosophy of only saying things that are true. And you're focusing on the negative. So what type of state are you putting yourself in? You know, I think if I think something negative about myself, I go into a negative state, which is what? Hello? It's negative. If I think of somebody else, it's a negative thing. But it's not about me. It's about them. So I think it's separate for May. How do I feel? I'm thinking that negative thing about them. You're right. You feel negative. It's no different. It feels a little better, but not much. Not much. Same thing when you think about a situation you make you let that make you feel bad. You say, Well, you got to think about the situations in your life? No, you have to solve some of them, but you don't feel bad about them. You can feel great about the solution instead of focusing on the problem. But just don't judge. Let it go. Let it go whenever you catch yourself judging, let it go now Here's another great Zen philosophy. Everything I am experiencing reflects myself. I didn't quite understand what this minute first, but what it literally means is that the experience you're having in life isn't based on the things that are happening in your life. So much is what's happening inside of you. See, I gave a bag of money toe one of my friends, and I gave a bag of money to another. One of my friends say it's like $10,000. One friend things. Hey, this is awesome. I just got a free $10,000 he's happy, and he's ecstatic. That's one way of looking at it. So the fact that he's happy tells me a lot about him. You'd say that $10,000 made him happy, but what he really does, he gave himself permission to be happy because he saw the $10,000 1 of his rules is, if you ever get $10,000 feel happy. It's a program he's running. So the experience tells me what his rules and beliefs are. I give the other person at 10,000. He's thinking, What's Paul trying to pull here? I suppose I'm gonna own something for this. Well, you know, the government's gonna come, and they're gonna take at least 60% of this. There's a gift tax, you know? Where is gonna be in inheritance tax? Where we gonna put this money? Somebody's gonna steal it. You know, I'm so sick of the wife. And probably in a lever next month, he's gonna take half. All these things are going through their mind. It has nothing to do with the money. The money, like any other circumstance in your life, is something that triggers you to be more of what you are. So what's happening is this is life's experiment. It puts you in a situation, and then it's not even the situation. The situation is simply a trigger, and you begin exposing who you are through your reactions. Remember I said the old Zen belief is people are always perfectly being who they are, and therefore they will react to any given situation, not based on the situation itself, but based on who they are. So remember this philosophy. Everything I am experiencing reflects myself. I remember there was a patient of mine, he said. He went to this meeting and there was a guy who started giving him hell after the meeting. He's like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I think I was being cool about it. He let the guy talk and he said, Well, you know, it's in a meeting, So only sick people come here, you know? OK, so, uh, let the guy go out. He's probably doing recovery or something. And he finally let the guy go until he finished. And he turned to the guy and he said, What is it about me that reminds you of you? That pisses you off so much? And what does that mean? So what did that mean? It meant the guy had never met my friend before, but because he thought he was acting a certain way or saying a certain thing, they're doing a certain something that he should be mad about this. It's almost like let me let me give you another example, Se. I'm a liar and somebody says something to me. What am I gonna think they're doing? I'm gonna think they're lying about that thing. Why not? Because they're a liar. But because I'm a liar in our minds were always projecting on other people. They do things for the same reasons we would do things. And you know what? That isn't true. There's an infinite number of ways they could do those things. And there's an infinite number of reasons why they would do those things. But we tend to look at it through our lens. So our reality tends to reflect us, not actual reality. This is one of the areas where we're living in a virtual reality, Not true reality, because we have so many filters in place. And the biggest one is what? That eagle, That story of who we are in all of these belief systems, tens of thousands of them piling on. How could you ever see reality through that whole mess? So reality is literally, literally reflecting you, not reality, when you can get you out of the way. Then you see true reality. Now the next philosophy and I absolutely love this one is We have no friends. We have no enemies, only teachers. So there's some people that are going to help us out, and that helps us. There's some people are gonna knock us on her butt, and that helps us to. I used to think, Well, you should only be nice people. Nice people are nice and that's the way to be. And if you're you know you're a bad person, you're evil. That's wrong. And there should be all these evil people. You know, When I was a little kid, I told my mom that you know why there's somebody did mean people don't get it. Why, you know, it's horrible that we have these negative people. And she said, No, no, no, Paul, you'd understand. You need the positive people in your life to show you the right thing to do. But there's two things you gotta know in life. The right thing to Dio and the wrong thing to do These negative people. These people you call your enemies are the ones that teach you what not to dio. So if you know what to do and what not to dio You're gonna have a wonderful life and each of them or what? Your teachers you need both if you only had one of the other. Oh, you be nice like your friends and you do all kinds of right things. But here's what you'd also dio he do all kinds of wrong things because you didn't know any better. You know, when you say something is kind of mean or sarcastic or shorter quick. If a mean person has done that to you and you know how that feels, you don't do it to other people. But if you haven't had the gift of that mean person in your life, you'll do it to other people and think nothing of it. You'll never know you're do anything wrong. You say, Why did they get so upset in there? I meant them to feel loved by that. We need both. These people are teaching us next. We we need to lose that. We need to lose the control, the need to control anyone or anything. You simply walk your path, get over your need to control things. Let it go. You don't to control things. I planned things. I set them up. I set him in motion and then I don't need to control it. Outside of that, whatever happens, happens all adjust later. But I can't. He grinding and twisting and pounding on something and trying to control every single little nuance. It'll consume my mind. I look at a problem. I saw the problem. I take my best action and then I leave it up to the universe. Here's what's gonna happen, and then I'll make a second or third response if I need to. But I don't have to try to grind in and get this control. I let things go in a lot of times. Your anger, your frustration is when you try to control other people, that's a need for control that you need to let go off. Uh, people can barely control themselves. You ever seen somebody on a diet like 95% of people fail? Why? Because they can't do what should be the easiest thing in the whole world controlling yourself. But they'll try to manipulate their friends, their Children, the government society as a whole. They want to be in control of everything, and they can't even control themselves. Well, you should quit smoking. Well, look at your belly. You should quit eating, at least. So what's right? You know, have you ever had an apple instead of a cheeseburger? Okay, Learn to control yourself and you won't need to control anything outside yourself. Let it all go. Don't try to control the government. He come back 100 years from now, the government's gonna be about to say, you don't try to control society. Come back. About 100 years from now, it's gonna be about to say Okay, let it go most. These things will be the same whether you touch them or not. So letting go the need to control actually gives you control. It frees up your ability to control the one thing you can control, which is what you And if you control that 99% of everything else doesn't matter and that 1% that you were trying so desperately control that was taken like 90% your energy to try to control half the time you could control it, but that's only half a percent benefit. And the other half, no matter how hard you tried. If you gave 100% of your focus, was gonna come out exactly the same. Let go of the need to control. Now finally, for this section One little great technique say yes toe life, OK? And see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you. Simply say my life is gonna be good. My life is gonna be good. I want to take in the whole of life. I want to enjoy life. I'll tell you how I make money on the Internet. E I have a very simple philosophy. I just help people all day long and I don't focus on the best marketing technique. I don't focus on what's the most popular thing to talk about her to Dio, I simply teach and train and help people. And I know if I do enough of that, the income will come my way. So I say yes to life and I say no to trying to be targeted and trying to play to an audience and played to a market and played to a medium. I don't want to do any of that. I want to focus on the joy of what I'm doing in my life, which is helping people and enjoying the process of that, enjoying the looks on people's faces, hearing the feedback and just knowing as I'm sending it out to the universe, that's gonna be doing some good. I want to focus on that. I don't focus on my day and say, Oh, you got to do this recording today. You gotta, you know, blast this stuff out on the Internet today and you got that. I don't focus on any of the work. I don't work during the day. I create things that help other people. And I sent him out into the universe that saying yes to life that's enjoying life, whatever you're doing, focus on the positive part of it. Focus on all the good things that are common to you in life from a Zen philosophy. They love all the emotions. Even when there's something negative going on, they say, Oh my God, that is so depressing And they say, Boy, I haven't really enjoyed a really good depression for a while. They get really deep into it. They get down, down, down deep, depressed about it, and you say that's not mental control. Yes, it is. Because 15 minutes later, they're going totally burned out. That emotion totally experienced. Totally had it The ripped, the richness, the deepness in the depth of that depression. And then they're gonna let it go and they're gonna enjoy this Wonderful rises. They come back out of it and they're gonna say, Man, that was good. They enjoy the Depression, just like you enjoy a movie that makes you cry. I used to think my mom was the most bizarre person in the entire world. She would want to go these chick flicks and they would make her cry. And I said, Mom, why'd you pay $8 another $8 for a bag of popcorn soda? $16 to go someplace that made you feel miserable? Major cry. If somebody made my mom cry to pop them right in the nose, she's like, No, no, no, I'm just I'm just crying because it was such a sad moment it But I love the whole thing, and I'm like crying equals pain. And she loved it. Crying goes pants, you love It was a little kid. I couldn't get it, But I think you get it so you can enjoy the up times. You could enjoy the downtimes, thes air, all the flavors and colors of life. Enjoy it all. That's what it means to say yes to life. The good, the bad, the indifferent. You know, when I go through hard times, I say, Man, this is going to make a good story. Is gonna make me feel great about myself when I kicked this problems ass. Okay, so it feels like crap now. And I say, Oh, my God, this is horrible. This is gonna feel so good. Like when somebody steps on your neck and it feels great when they get off. Like when you get a knot in your muscles and then somebody relieves it with a massage. If you don't have the pain, you can't have the joy You can't be joyful all the time. You literally from a physiological perspective burnout those neurochemicals You gotta have the ups and the downs and the sideways and the twists They'll do the see in movies all the time. They bring you up and down and up and down and up and down and buy time. You leave. You felt fantastic you did not feel fantastic during that movie because the movie was up, up, up, up, up the whole time. But when you enjoy the whole of the movie in the whole of the experience, this movie called Your life. You say yes to life and you will have that rich experience just like he did the movies. 14. More ZEN Concepts - Part 1: Okay. Welcome back. You're doing fantastic. I'm so proud of you. Now we're getting to a really fun and I think, uplifting part of Zen philosophies, which is simply a section I call more Zen concepts. So we're just gonna break down a few fun and interesting philosophies to give you a little bit more the richness of the Zen philosophy. Now, the 1st 1 is kind of a personal favorite of mine is what I call squirrel wisdom. I made this up. I don't think I'm gonna find in any of the Zen books. But like I said, Sen evolves over time. So maybe I'll get credit for this somewhere in history. The squirrel squirrel philosophy, this world wisdom. His squirrels have a very simple life. Remember? I said, squirrels and dogs are basically Zen masters. All animals are because they don't have that medic cognition. They don't think about their thinking. They don't have the dysfunctions we have. So what it squirrels do? They work all day long. They never fight with anybody. They have no neurotic symptoms. They have their self esteem is always perfect. They enjoy every single thing. They dio sunshine's. It rains all the same to the squirrel. Could not care less would not make them blink. They're all very social. They're all very cosmically aware. They're sensing everything. You can see this in them and they're very fluid. They moved beautifully. This is damn genius. Now imagine a human working all day long, baby whining, bitching and complaining. The squirrels happy They don't fight with anybody. Why would you fight with anybody? Two squirrels only fight if another squirrel tries to grab their nuts. It's not personal. In the second, uh, they got they're not Win or lose. It's over. And they forget about it. They're not erotic about stuff. They don't say. You know, uh, does my ass look fat? You know, it is my hair out of place. Do I look, do I look nice? You know, do other squirrels like me? Why one of this world's play with me? They're not neurotic. They had perfect self esteem. They don't even think about who they are. They're perfect in the universe. This thought never runs across their mind. That's house. Then they are. They enjoy everything they do. They love running across the log. They love it when something startles them because it it adds variety to their life. They love scooping up trees. They love eating nuts. They love poop in the nuts back out. They have a blast doing everything they dio. They think their life is the best thing that could ever happen in the best thing that could ever be They don't say Oh gosh, it rain today Isn't it awful? And it ruined my whole day. I was hoping to be a sunny day was gonna take the wife and kids out for a picnic. They don't care. They don't care. They don't even care when they're hot or cold. You know, if they do, they noticed that they're hot. They noticed that their coal, but they don't say it always in it. Horrible that I have to be this hot. Isn't it terrible? I have to be this cold. Why does this stuff happen to me? They don't think that they go. You know what? When it's hot, they go. It's hot when it's called. They say cold. That's it. That's the only thought they have about it. When they're cold, they tried award themselves up. When it's hot, they try to cool themselves. That's all they dio genius. This is damn genius. There's social. They play with everybody. They enjoy playing other squirrel games. They're always aware because they're not thinking so. Everything that comes in from the outside gets into the inside and they're fluid. Why zero? Muscular tension? The mind is not interfering with the musculature. Remember, I said, there's no such thing as muscular tension without the mind. Perfect, graceful, beautiful, enjoyable. So if you want to be a good Zen master, try not to be dumber in a squirrel. Let go of all these things. Learn the squirrel wisdom this girl is teaching you. The squirrel is wise. Obey the squirrel. Sell wisdom very much like squirrel wisdom. We simply look at what the cells dio cells. Heavy quality. One cell doesn't think they're better than the other cell, and they always, uh, put themselves second. They're willing to sacrifice themselves for the body. They always work in cooperation. They're always willing to give something else to help somebody else. They're always aware of what's going on in the body. Each cell knows what's happening with every other cell. If it needs to know, so they have massive awareness, they communicate well. They don't argue. They don't fight, They don't discrepancies. They don't have agendas. They just are. They've efficiency. They don't waste time, lollygag around, worry about anything, and they're very giving. Every cell is about helping every other cell to help this thing called the body genius genius. We can live like this if we remember these things. If we take the scroll wisdom in the cell wisdom and put them together, genius and there's nothing here that's beyond us, we just get distracted from it into foolishness. No, I'm a martial artist and I'm also a therapist, So this philosophy kind of works a bunch of different ways for me. It says we cannot go forward through a system of attack and defence. There's a great book, uh, trying to think of who wrote it was Gerald something. It was called Love is letting go of fear. It's so short actually saw an article form one time. It's like a like a 25 page book, but it's the best book you'll ever read. You should get it. Love is letting go of fear. It states that we can't move forward through a system of attack and defence, which is what it's an old Zen philosophy. When you're attacking, you're breaking the precept. You're hurting another person. When you're defending, you're using too much energy to defend something you don't need to defend. I don't need to defend who I am or what I did or anything. Sometimes I need to apologize. Sometimes I need to make things right, but I don't to defend my ego that can be bruised. That false part of myself needs to be defended because it feels like it's being attacked. It feels like it's been harmed and it needs to attack other people. Your ego needs to attack and defence at the level spirit at the level of mind level purity , using the squirrel wisdom, using the cell wisdom. The true part of you that's actually you doesn't need to attack in defense. I wouldn't waste time, and we think that was completely foolish. So another great system and it just kind of drive it home. Water doesn't attack, it does not defend, and yet it can never be destroyed. Bruce Lee always thought water was just the most anything that was out there. It was perfect. It was strong, he was yet it was fluid. He conformed to any situation could never be destroyed. It always had the proper response. Beautiful water is absolutely beautiful. Water is actually very Zen, too. Because when you put your hands in it, your relaxes the universal element. Just the fluid nous of it around your hand or any part of your body. When you take a bath. That's why Would you feel better when you take a shower, you take a bath. You've got water going around, units Very, very relaxing. You're getting back to the nature of the universe. Even when you look out at the universe. No water, no life. There's two things that are always true. No food, three things. No food, no life, no breath, no life, no water, no life. You can do with missing almost anything else. Except for those three elements 15. More ZEN Concepts - Part 2: One of the great things about Zen is it gives you purpose in life. It helps you to understand the purpose of life. Remember when we said we're trying to find ultimate truth? This is about is close to ultimate. Truth is I've ever found to answer the question. What is the purpose of life? What is your goal? And Steven Covey came up with this. This the guy who wrote the art of Exceptional Not the art of exceptional living. Um, the five habits of highly effective, the seven habits of highly effective people. Well, one of his books, he wrote, This one He said, This is my These are my goals in life. To live, to love, to learn to leave a legacy Those are the four things that I want to dio those air All Zen believes according to Zen, what should you be fully alive? According to the precepts, loving Zen is a study you're learning. Leave a legacy helping others. Those are the four core zone philosophies. So we nailed it toe live to love, to learn to leave a legacy. That's the purpose of life. Beautiful, beautiful, way to live. Hold to that and you'll always have a good life. Now. This is a huge part of Buddhism and Zen and Zen Buddhism. It's the problem of attachment. And here's a quote from Eckhart Tolle in his book. I believe this was from the power of now the very thing that causes you Pleasure Today will cause your pain tomorrow. And I always thought about an old girlfriend of mine. I couldn't wait when I was a young kid to get my first girlfriend and then a horrible thing happened. I got one. So you had the joy of first love. You became very attached to that person and a horrible, horrible thing virtually always happens. They leave you, they leave you and you feel this massive amount of pain. Why? Because they're gone and you can't let go. That's the problem of attachment. Whatever you attached to will initially cause you pleasure. But when you lose that it will cause you pain. We want to let go of all attachments. Letting go of all attachments equals joy, life, love. The person experienced the person would let them go. I know that things come know that things go Remember we said life has a beginning a middle . In the end, everything does. That's one of the nature of the way of things. So understanding that a relationship has a beginning, a middle and an end is part of awareness. You know, when you're getting into things, so you're getting into a new relationship most people can't think past. What's the first date gonna be like? Am I going to get a kiss on the first day? You know, we're gonna be together for a long time. Global block? No, you should be thinking it's going to be wonderful In the beginning, it's gonna be mediocre in the middle. Then it's gonna go horribly wrong, and you're gonna have the pain of getting out. So before you jump in thinking it's gonna be all roses and flowers, remember, there's a beginning, a middle and an end matter fact. My wife burned it. I call her number 37 and that's just the women I slept with. But she number 37. Uh, I had a kiss, a lot of frogs, okay, to get my princess. So not only did they have that pain the first time I had to go through with 36 more times before it finally got to the right one and people say, Oh, you're so lucky Burned It's so wonderful in this and that and I'm like, No, no, I'm not lucky. Luck would have been first time I went out with somebody throwing a stick into the crowd and hitting burning that upside the hit. OK, getting lucky would have been finding her the first time. 37 people later is a research project. That's a lot of damn trial in here. OK, but I got more philosophical as I went through relationships. The minute I knew there was a beginning, middle and end, then I could enjoy them all. Even in the end, I said the end won't last long and you won't feel bad long after this. And guess what happens when one in one relationship ends, you get the next exciting one, and that's what I would focus on the next, the next the next. And then, of course, what you get the final reward. You get that final relationship that you want to be, and hopefully that one last you forever. But don't get too attached. You never know. That's why divorce rates so high great, great concept. Now, look at this. Is putting conditions on your happiness the best way to live? The more rules you have about what it takes to be happy, the hard it's gonna be to meet those rules in the last chance you'll ever be happy. The people that are happiest have the least number of rules. Like when I used to go out with my wife, we were going to date. Here's all I need to be happy. Um, I decided that we're gonna be together. We're gonna have fun. That was it. I didn't care what we did, where we went. If it rained or not, What we ended up doing. Other people worried about that when I was younger and not as wise. I didn't understand the Zen philosophies. Oh, I had a certain plan. And then if she wanted to do something different, ruin my plans, or then if I try to do one planet failed and the whole day was ruined. Was we just quit for the day? No, I don't care. I don't care if we sit on a park bench. You know, throwing bread of the birds. I don't here because my standards are so low have amazingly low standards. That's a good thing, people say, Oh, I've got high standards. Oh, my God, feel bad for that person. That's a horrible thing. This and this and this and this And this has to happen exactly This proportion at this time , it in this sequence to help have, ah, breath of happiness. And then pretty soon it won't match up. Poof. It's gone as quick as it came Me? I say. I just want to have an experience today. I want to see what happens. I'm kind of just here for the ride. I'm fascinated to see how this all works out. It's like going to a movie. I don't know what the hell is gonna happen, but I'm excited to be there. Don't put conditions on things, and you'll feel better in life and notice where when you don't feel good, it was because some conditions, some rule, some obstruction that you put in the way was broken, and that's why you don't feel good. So get rid of those rules. Get rid those attachments, rules and conditions air just in their form of attachment. Get rid of now, never look outside yourself for happiness. Member said the addict looked outside themselves for happiness. This is what most people dio and look at some of things I put on the screen here. Oh, when I get the house of my dream or when I find my dream soulmate, we get married to see the rings there. Oh, and I just get enough money saved up for that car. You know, when I graduate from college or when you look in the mirror when Oh, when I get the new outfit that I've been dying to get, You know, uh, we're gonna get a big water cash or No, no. When I married or No, no, no, not what. I'm married. But when we have wonderful Children together and we really have a sense of family and we grow old together did it too. I'm telling you, it's gonna be a beginning. A middle and an end. Don't look outside of yourself for happiness. Set the rules Simply that I'm gonna be happy No matter what I do I'm gonna try to suck all the joy I can out of life. I'm gonna find things to be happy about. I'm gonna enjoy everything. I'm gonna enjoy the ups and the downs and sideways and everything. I'm gonna enjoy the essence of life with out rules, restrictions. I do not need things to trigger me to be happy. Okay? I can go outside and look up in the sky and say thank God him above ground today, you know, and enjoy watching the clouds go across the sky. I don't need a new game, boy to make me happy. I don't need a $1,000,000 to make me happy. These things, they're stupid. The people that are happiest in the people that are happiest with the least. Buddha was happy, you know, a Buddha head. Nothing. A good day was when he still had a robe. Somebody hadn't stolen that off because he didn't look that good. Walking around butt ass naked. He needed that. And he knew his begging bone. If he didn't have his begging bowl, he cut his hands together. He didn't worry about it. He didn't worry about anything and he was happy all the time. Why? You think he's smiling in every single picture? He learned that happiness doesn't come from outside yourself. Very simple. You can enjoy everything. If you're the master of your own mind, if you can't be the master of your mind that no matter what you get, it will never be as good as you thought it was gonna be. It will ultimately disappear, and it won't make you happy. And you'll already be on to desire in the next thing before you even got the thing that you wanted and you will never be happy. It's the trap of attachment. Do not look outside yourself for happiness. Next, it pleasures always derive from something outside yourself. This is a fundamental air. People are always looking outside themselves for something. Make them happy. It's drinking drugs, movies, games, cars. Stopped finding it outside yourself. Use the meditation. Meditation is wonderful for people because the first time they ever experience pleasure when they're doing absolutely nothing, It requires absolutely nothing, and it makes them feel better than almost what anything, anything. So find the pleasure inside yourself if you occasionally gain pleasure from something outside yourself. Wonderful, but again don't become attached to it, and you'll always be happy. Finally, for this section, stop praying for a better time. I love this picture when you look the picture of the dog, that's I love that it's beautiful, but it's so true. It says we will look for certain conditions to be met, to be happy. They rarely, if ever, come and they're fleeting when they dio. This is crazy, I think, if somebody setting a goal, we always think gold setting such a wonderful thing, Gold said. He's one of the worst things you could never dio. Here's why you set a goal. It's not in the now, so you can enjoy it. It takes months in years to get to, and you will go through pain and suffering the entire time. Because remember, you said you can't be happy until you reach this goal. It will come. It won't be as good as you thought. It won't be as joyous, and it probably won't be as abundant as you thought. It'll feel good for a couple of weeks or a couple of days or a couple hours. Then it's gonna fade very quickly and you're gonna move on to the next goal. So it's like set a goal weight. Four years, feel good for 30 days, said another goal. Weight. Four years feel good for 30 days, said another goal. Weight. Four or five years feel good for three days. Do you see We only lived about four months out of a 20 year life span. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. Even when I set goals I do. The goals is if I'm already living them. I have joy and each step along the way. I consider every single action that I take an accomplishment on the weight of my goal, thus making an inevitable. I enjoy the whole process of getting to the goal. I enjoyed the goal when I have it, and I enjoy setting the next goal. I enjoy reflecting back upon the goal that I achieved, and that's it, and I let it go. That's constant and steady enjoyment rather than hoping and wishing and praying for a better time. It was a great piece by Augmon Dino and he said, and I'm paraphrasing, but it was just his analogy. You know, he said, when you're a little boy, you say, Oh, to be older, you know, to be able to ride a bike, to be able to drive a car and then you get older and you can ride a bike and you could drive a car and he says, Oh, to be married, to have that loved one of mine. Then I'll be happy, and then you get that loved one. You're not really that happy, but you say, Well, we'll have a real sense of family once things slow down. I don't the work so hard and we can have some kids And then you have some kids and your kids drive you nuts and you say, Oh, when the kids leave, then you know me and my lovely wife and we're going to reconnect and we'll finally have money will be close to retirement, and we can enjoy that life and the kids leave and you feel lonely and you feel like you've lost your purpose. You say, Oh, but when we retire, then we'll have time and then we can really reconnect and there won't be her job and my job . And then we'll just be peace and serenity and then you get into retirement. You enjoy it for a little bit. About a year later, you realize now on board and I'm old and my Children are gone in the job that gave me purpose is gone and I'm going to die. So and then you get sick. And then you say, Well, maybe the release of death will make me feel better. And then you look back in the cold wind blows over it and you realize that you missed your entire life. Stop praying for a better time. It's not coming. 16. More ZEN Concepts - Part 3: Okay, Welcome back. Some more Zen concepts. You're gonna love these denial defends with blindness. So ask yourself these questions. Is hiding the best way to live? A lot of times we have challenges in our life, and we deny them certain things that we know are true. We'd rather just not observe them in therapy. That's what we do. We helped to remove the blindfold because when you remove the blindfold, people can see the solutions to their problems. But it's very painful to get out of denial, but it's very joyful to be out of it. It's like you've got this horrible pain of this weight on your chest, and then I pull this slab of concrete. Often it hurts while I'm pulling it off because your chest is re inflating. The blood comes in, the nerves reactivate and it hurts. But a couple of seconds later feels better and for the rest of your life. So the solution is not to leave that slab of concrete. You know, crushing yourself is to get it off, so hiding is not the best way to live. You think about when you hide from a problem. Here's what happens in your mind. Remember, your mind is a dumb machine, but it's always trying to give you meaning. So what does it mean to your life and realize it's a dumb machine? When you hide from something? Is the problem stronger than you or you stronger in the problem? We don't hide from anything that we're stronger than we hide from things that were weaker than so the brain says. Oh, the problem must be very strong, and you must be very weak. I'll get right on. That will make you feel weaker. I'll shut off. Your resource is we will make this self fulfilling prophecy fulfill itself for good or for ill, in this case, for ill. So hiding doesn't build your strength, not hiding builds your strengths and gives you a sense of power, the power that you need to what defeat this. And it'll give you another reference that said, Hey, I could be dating. Now a child thinks that they closed their eyes, things actually disappear. That's how unsophisticated their brains are. They actually believe this. In fact, you pay that you play the peekaboo game with them. They think you actually disappeared because they can't see you for a second. That's the level sophistication that happens when you close your eyes to a problem. It doesn't really work. It's a childlike wish, and it doesn't work any more than when you were a child. So we want to beat the problem by solving a problem. Here's an old Zen philosophy. This will shake you out of your chair. You can only solve a problem by solving a problem. Maybe. Like yeah, that sounds pretty obvious ball. But if you look out, people are doing it. They're not solving problems by solving problems. They're solving problems by drinking away their problems by denying they have a problem by getting involved in other problems by distracting themselves, they're doing everything but solving the problem. Otherwise, problem go away pretty quick. So although a problem can only be solved by solving a problem seems pretty simple. You might want to write down on a piece of paper and tack it up on the wall and then notice how many times other people aren't doing it and notice how many times Oops, the person closest to isn't doing it. That would be Oh yeah, me Now the next philosophy I want Teach You is a word called Satori. I believe it's Japanese. He means complete nutter focus with no interference from the mind. This is when the mind is so focused. It's like an archer when he thinks No thought but the arrow hitting the exact target. He lets go of that arrow. And in that moment there's no thought. And in that moment, because you're completely focused, you have that moment of Satori or satire. I It depends on, you know, people pronounce it differently, but it should be Satori serenity. I remember I thought I was gonna be scared when I got an actual fight using my new martial arts. I just learned kung fu when I was a young kid. And you know what I noticed? Sometimes I was scared before. Sometimes I was a little nervous. I just flying through that after But oh my God, I had a complete sense of peace and serenity while I was going through this whole fight. Even though he's like fists and feet and sticks and nice Christ, there could be she people shooting a. But in that moment you are so focused on you only have time to do what you need to do and focus on what you need to focus on. You don't have a split second to spare except to do what needs to be done and to do it beautifully and with awareness and intelligently and fluidly. In those moments, I had absolute peace and serenity. I remember one time I slipped on the ice and my friend looked over at me and he's like grabbing onto everything and he looks over at me and he's freaking terrified. He's going the legs, flop sweats and we're fishtailing across the road and eventually is a telephone pole right in front of us, and we just missed it. And then we go down a ditch and he's like crab in his face and he said, Paul, I looked over you and you're sitting there trying to steer the car and you look like you were reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee. He said, Dude, you're freaking me out a little bit and I said, Yeah, that's the story. Nervous before may be nervous. After never during perfect under focus, my mind shuts down my body and my true mind me takeover in perfect serenity. That's the gift. We all have it. So whenever you get out of shape, try to go back to your focus. Go back to your meditation. Try to think about the one thing. Focus. Now life is a a process of constant change. Constant change. I love this movie. Circle of iron Cause has another great quote by Bruce Lee, and it says you can't step on the same piece of water twice. This is an old Zen philosophy. Think about that. Why can't you step on the same piece of water twice? Because when you step on the water, the molecules move around and it's no longer the same. You've rearranged everything. It's like a bag of marbles that you shook up. You can't step on the same configuration after you shook the bag. When you touch water, it immediately changes. Life is the same way, second by second, by second by second, there's constant change. Even 2nd 2nd you do not live the same life. Here's an old Zen philosophy. Another one for you. Nothing is so constant is change. Change is the one true universal. It's one of the few universal truths of Zen. It's the one thing that everybody can agree upon life is constant change. No matter how you look at it, no matter how you try disprove it, the more you try, disprove it, the more just proves itself. It's perfect. It is true truth, not my truth, not your truth. The truth. This is what we mean. We're talking about the Zen filtering process of ultimate truth. Life is a process of constant change that is ultimate truth and life is full of seasons. Jim Rohn in a audio Siri's called The Art of Exceptional Living even wrote a book on this. I think it was called the Seasons of Change by Jim Rome, Jim Rome's The Gentleman who actually taught Anthony Robbins the number one speaker and the world literally far. In a way, um, he wrote a book called The Seasons of Life. But in The Art of Exceptional Living, he talks about the seasons. He says, You got a spring when things start, you got a summer when things come into fruition, you gotta fall when things were wrapping up and you gotta downtime in the winner where everything cools off. But what comes right after winter spring this is genius or after the worst time comes the best time. But it will always go in these cycles. Life is full of seasons. Think of it like the stock market Stock market does what It goes up and it goes down once in a while ago Sideways mostly goes up and down What comes after down If you're all worried about things being down down, down, down, down What comes after down Up So don't worry about it When you get too cocky Say, Hey, this is great things have been going up I say, Hey, don't get too cocky What comes after up, uh Down? Yes. Wait for it. Wait for it. Oh, you don't like down. Don't worry What comes after? Down up. Don't worry about the ups and downs they come want right after each other. So when things were going great, use the Zen philosophy and say, Don't worry, this won't last long. And when things are bad, say don't worry, this won't last long. Life is full of seasons Yin and yang. You call it yin and yang, but it's actually pronounced again. And young uh, yin and yang is Actually, it means good and evil. Evil in good. It's basically the philosophy that even when something is truly evil, like the dark part of the circle that you see, there's a little bit of good inside, good and evil, evil and good in the white side. Words mostly good still a little bit of eagle, the evil. And then this yin and yang symbol spins. Which is what the seasons, the up the down this spring, the summer, the fall, the winner, the male, the female. So it's all about balance and cycles, So Yin and Yang is also known as the male and the female. In every male, there's a strong Mui macho tough guy, but he'll also sit there with his baby. Go cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo Did your teacher to So I got your nose loving, kind, caring cry. When they first see their baby, that's more like a woman than a man. Why? Because in every man there's some feminine traits and every woman woman, very kind, very nurturing, sexy, beautiful soft. But every once in a while they break out a can of whup ass. Mama ain't happy. Ain't nobody happy. You know, she could bring home that bacon and fried up in the pants. Okay, women kicked butt, so there's a time to be the mail. There's a time to be the female. What you want to do is use the right quality at the right time. When your child needs compassion. You don't want to use the mail. Oh, tough it up unless your kids being too much of a wuss than maybe that is the right one to pull out. But you show a little bit of compassion, whether you're male or a female, when there's time where your kid just does have to just suck it up. Whether you're male or a female, you need to come and focus on the male part of yourself and say, I believe in you. You can tough it out. Be a man, be a strong woman. You can do it. Okay, the right qualities at the right time, in the right mixture in the right balance and understanding these changes of cycles. That's the whole philosophy of the yin and yang. I've actually got that, uh, symbol around my neck because that is the ultimate Zen symbol. It's part of their Zen philosophies. Now you could go on and on about this. This is actually a whole study, but I just want to give you a little bit of exposure to it. 17. Powerful ZEN Philosophies - Part 1: welcome back, But wait, there's mawr. I love this section. This this is the fun part I love to go over the different philosophies is in there so many . We've got a ton more for you So let's jump right in now. A lot of people they look a disillusionment like it's a bad thing. I mean, when you hear that we're disillusionment, does that sound like a negative thing? Yeah, for most pieces, said Boy, that was a very disillusioning experience, like they like. They lost something. They did. They lost the illusion. But people are in love with their false beliefs with their illusions. Zen is the process of disillusionment, the removal of illusion. Disillusionment is the best thing that can ever happen to you. It's the greatest gift you can give to another human being, and certainly yourself so. Denial is the process of holding on to your illusions. Disillusionment is the removal of illusion. And once you have reality in front of you, reality What a fine thing. Once you have that in front of you now you can act with precision and with power you can never get the right answer. When you're in the illusion. You simply get trapped in the problem. So illusions are traps in their prisons. You shouldn't feel bad about them being removed. Now here's a great quote, and this is always true. A person with all their excuses removed has no alternative but to succeed. Write that one down, attack it up on the wall. If you follow that philosophy, it'll change your life. Here's another great one. This is actually from the A, a Alcoholics Anonymous big book, and it's in. I believe it's in the chapter under how it works. It's one of the first things that they go into. Don't you have to read a chapter like how it works? It's a very simple quote. It says. It's all about acceptance and the beauty of it, and how it can literally save your life and give you joy in life. And acceptance is the answer to all. My problems today, when I am disturbed, is because I find some person, place, thing or situation, some fact of my life unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person place thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment, nothing. Absolutely nothing happens in this world by mistake. Unless I accept life completely on life's terms, I cannot be happy. I need to concentrate not so much in what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me. And in my attitudes, remember that acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. Addicts in recovery say this over and over again. Like it's a prayer. They got the serenity prayer. Create me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change except the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Another phrase of what? Acceptance? Perfect. Practice this. Write this down. Print this out. Attack this up on your wall. Shove this in your pocket. Use this philosophy as often as you can. It's a Czolgosz. The ancients. His old isn't thousands of years old, and it's here for you today. You now have these gifts as well. Love this one. I believe this is another Jim Rome quote. Happiness is first a study than a practice. Here's the Zen portion of it. How do you see you. Look, How do you find you? Search. How do you build strength? You struggle. How do you change? You become open. These are all secrets. Look, these over. Think about things. I don't need to explain it to you. You're smart enough now. At this point in the course, you could do this for yourself. Now when Jim Rohn said Happiness is first a study and then a practice, He said most people can't be happy because they don't know the secrets how to be happy. You didn't know many of the secrets to be happy an hour or so ago. Why? Because they've been hidden from you. I doubt that you saw most of these things anyplace else except here because when I started studying his end, that's when I found most of these. I find little bits and pieces of them because I read hundreds of hundreds of books in little different bits and pieces in places. But boy, when I started started studying the Zen, which is literally the study of life, of happiness, of reality. That's where it was all laid out before me. That's where you'll find it. That's where you should look That's where you should search. But these things sounds so obvious. Why? Because they're so true. But when you look at how do we actually do it? We fall short of it. We have to stop falling short now. When I was a therapist, I would always teach clients how all life events served them in some fashion. I love this quote says. Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. What's happening is in life things will happen to you. In depending upon how you look at them. You can always find the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit if you look it over everything that happens to you. When I look over the things that happened to me in my life, that were horrible. But I wish never happened to me. In retrospect, I'm glad they did. They prepared me for things to come. They gave me strength that I need it. So I did get crushed once, but I would have been crushed dozens of times. If I hadn't gotten that lesson, I wouldn't be as compassionate with others if I hadn't been crushed in those situations. This is almost like the good people, bad people. You need both. So I want you to figure out how all of life's events serve you in some fashion. I love to watch this with addicts. They have absolutely, positively in record time destroyed their lives. But in having made those mistakes, they can save dozens, if not hundreds of other people by sharing their story. Plus, these failures teach them that steps to success, to make their life better than I ever would have been had they never had this problem. We sometimes call these the gifts of recovery. I'll tell you, I've seen a lot of people that have had horrible, horrible addictions that you would never wish on anybody. But they got so many gifts, they learned so many things that they never would have learned that they became such beautiful people and so strong, so kind and so loving because of it, and so mentally powerful and wise that their life was better than if they never had it. A beautiful, beautiful thing. You need to look through your life and find these areas next. Being certain is the opposite of being open. When you think you know something, you cut yourself off from any other possibility. You show you shut your mind that you are now closed minded because your mind is closed where you think that word comes from. Don't be certain. Always be wondering. Did I get it right? You never know when you're running an old program. You never know when you think you find an ultimate truth. And it was a layer truth that there's actually one MAWR piece, an additional piece or a piece of just blows away and makes the other piece wrong. Okay, it's a whole new level of understanding. That's a beautiful thing. So never, never, never be absolutely certain. Always hold a question mark in your mind. So when our minds are closed, were cut off from the world, we blocked herself off. Closed mind means closed. Nothing can come in an open mic and absorb anything. A closed mind can absorb Nothing. We want to constantly be drinking in life and new ideas and testing things. Why would we ever close our mind off Unless we were afraid that our ideas would be attacked and we'd be found wrong? Only your ego cares if you're found wrong. You as a human being or excited when you find out you're wrong. Oh, I'm thrilled when I find out I'm wrong. Why? Because when I find out I'm wrong, I stopped teaching it wrong and I teach a lot of damn people. Thank you for solving that before he destroyed more lives. I love finding out I'm wrong. It also takes the system that I had and makes it obsolete. Gives me a beautiful new system that's gonna help, maybe even more massively successful. I love finding out that there's a better way or that I was wrong. Either one of those is like gold for me. I used to hit. I used to be embarrassed by it. I used to hide it from other people. I used to deny it. I used to try to blocking, often, saying No, no, no, it's not true. Now I run towards that. I'm excited. It's almost a goal of mine to be wrong. Don't tell my life how. This is another thing that comes from a in and a but it's also a Zen philosophy. How is an acronym inside of, uh, the 12 step halls? It stands for honesty, openness and willingness. These qualities opened the door to growth. If you have these three things, you're virtually unstoppable. If you're completely honest with yourself, which means you let go denial and you stop. Stop lying both yourself and others. That's a prerequisite. If you're open, you're willing. Teoh. Learn new things and you're willing you will. You take suggestions. You're willing to try new things. Then you could do almost anything. If you're missing any one of these, you're done. This is why we want people to be honest and open and have a willingness to listen in recovery. Not because we want it. They must have it to grow. It's a prerequisite for growth, so always remember the how acronym. And finally, for this part of the training, mistaken certainties. We talked a little bit about this earlier. I want you to learn to question all your beliefs. Never be to certain. See the girl with the question mark. The human mind has a very hard time not having an answer. It will grab an answer even if it's wrong. This is a placeholder. It hates a void. You know what a vacuum does in physics? It sucks in everything around it. Nature abhors a vacuum. So does your brain. It has a hard time until you train it. Keeping a question mark there. So I use every ideas, a question mark or a placeholder. This is my current level of understanding. I am not completely certain this is on Lee. The best idea that I found so far. I'm hoping and praying that something comes along that will blow this away and take me to the next level. Okay, so remember, when the court concepts is in is that you are not awake yet to the truth. You have to learn to question all the answers we have to go back through and looked through all our programming, even the new things that we've learned. Even the things that I'm teaching you today. Is there a higher level of understanding than what I'm teaching you? I don't know. I hope there isn't. I'm gonna keep looking, and when I find it, I'm gonna come back and do another training. I'm only teaching this training with such confidence because I know these things were hidden from virtually everybody. If you're even interested in these course, you clearly don't know these things. Even if you know these things, and you've done a lot of Zen work. I'll probably come up with two or three things that could be life changing out of the dozens and dozens of things that I've shared with you. You only need one concept to change your life, and you'll be excited by that. And that'll be a quantum leap for you. Or you didn't know any of these things because they were hidden from you or most of these things. But because I'm teaching them simply, they make intuitive sense to you and you can grow. And you can feel wonderful about how much you've changed just by the end of this training. And as you incorporate this into your life as you begin to understand and accept it more, it'll get Mawr and Maurin more powerful over time. As long as you have that honesty, openness, willingness realize that there's something called your current level of awareness. They talk about this in the book. Uh, love is letting go of fear that I recommended and that we're always looking for the next level of understanding 18. Powerful ZEN Philosophies - Part 2: very important concept. Teach yourself to separate from your false and negative thoughts. Until you do this, you'll never grow. What I want you do is any time you hear a negative thought something that is you working against you or you dwelling on something that hurts you Let it go. You got a separate from it. See, it is the sick part of your mind. Simply let it go. It's that separation that externalization that we talked about before. I just have to hammer this home because it's the thing that is the most persistent in a sick mind. And we all have sick minds. We're all sick. It and better together we're not sick in the former being bad were sick in the form of having a mental illness called being a human being. Remember that mine has a mental defect already built in called the ego. And we have to build a defense against this negative criticism, and it takes a while to get it out because it's just been pounding on us for years and years and years. But now we have the freedom to see it and to defeat it and to beat it and to feel fantastic about it and feel great about beating it rather than sitting in it. So when it comes up, say, Oh, shoot. You know, I must be getting lax in my discipline, and I'm starting to think negative against. They know you're not lacks because you caught it and you're gonna beat it right now. And you can feel great about beating it. And you're gonna be stronger when you wake up in the morning. So I'm gonna talk to you about a couple of things that don't exist. Um, you are actually getting your butt kicked by fictional objects. They don't even exist. In reality. Wory doesn't exist. So the question becomes, How do you fight something that doesn't exist? Let me tell you something else that doesn't exist. Depression doesn't exist. How do you fight something that doesn't exist? That's the question that's pounding through my mind. Here's some other things we can't fight. Fear, illusions, the future, the past. They literally don't exist. I mean, I'm a martial artist like this guy would kick some butt. If you could show me the enemy, I'd knock their Ashdown or at least give him a good fight But how do you fight something that doesn't exist? That's a tough one. So what's the solution? You can't. You can't fight what doesn't exist. You can only let go. We have to let go of those things that are hurting us. So then the question becomes well, so how does one let go? Good question. I'm glad you asked. I answered that question with another question. How do you open your fist? It opens when you become willing to open it. That willingness to let go of the pain, to not see it is valuable, like we talked about earlier, to simply let things go. Letting go is an odd concept. The addicts have the hardest time with this. Non addicts have the hardest time with us, even very wise people. And spiritually. People have a hard time with just letting go. It's it's about not thinking about. It's about getting past it. It's about seeing it is not valuable. It's about getting back to your serenity. I use it almost like Ah, mental, relax ation, just like I'm expelling it with my breath and letting it go. That's a great way to let it go. So that openness and that willingness lets it go. You have to learn new ways. This has to become a study of yours. How do you let things go? Think of new philosophies for letting go recently Let go a feeling of letting go and experience of letting go. Some people even let go physically. They write their little problems on a piece paper they tearing up when they throw him in the wind to give themselves a physical sense that these things are gone. Bruce Lee used to write all those fears and worries on a scrap of paper and burn him up. That's why they've been doing that in therapy for years. That was an old Bruce Lee story. I'm not even sure a lot of therapists knew that he was one of the first people that I find the literature that was actually doing that. But that was an old Zen thing, too, so he didn't come up with it, either. Funny now realize, and this is one of the six secrets of psychology is that most problems are just illusions of the mind. It's you hurting you. Do you know what isometrics are? It's like when you class beer right here with your left hand. You pull what against the other, and then you pull it back the other way. It's you struggling against you, one muscle against the other, one arm against the other. It's called isometrics. People are doing a lot of mental isometrics where they're creating the problem in their mind, fighting against it, and they're fighting against themselves. What causes this? What caused them, keep the illusion. It's because people believe in their problems. Me, I choose to believe in people. I'm a therapist, so I'll have a depressed person coming. They'll say I want to get over my Depression, and after a while, listening to him and having him talk about their problems, I'm thinking back in my mind, I'm like, Are you sure you really want to get rid of this? Because it sounds like you're very involved with it. You're in love with it. Your whole life is about it. You've created your whole life about it. You believe very strongly in it. You're very invested in it. It's like it's like a child of yours. You would defend it. You know, every time I try to attack your depression, you defend it like you're trying to keep the problem. You believe the problems strong. I believe the problem is weak. I believe the problems completely under control. I believe your strong. I don't believe the problem strong because you believe the problem is strong. It's very hard to get over you Fighting issue. It's the one enemy can't be. How do you defeat yourself? Stop fighting yourself. Let go! I don't believe in the problem. Believe in you don't believe in your fear and its strength. Believe in your strength. What gives Fear its strength You Aren't you free to take a strength away? Yes. What gives you your strength? You You could be empowering yourself instead of your problems. That's the solution to your problems disempower the problems which you gave the strength to anyways, Take it back. I didn't get that same power back to yourself and you will defeat the problem every single time. Last tip for this section Emotions are the body's reaction to your thoughts. When you have a thought, he creates a feeling and that releases neural chemicals in your body, which creates the sensation of having an emotion. The word emotion comes from the Latin word and move ear, which literally means to disturb. Now there's positive emotions, but you know, we have a few positive emotions. But most emotions that we're worried about are the ones that disturb us, that air negative. And that's what we want to get rid off. So what causes these emotions? It comes down to controlling your thoughts in the next section. We're going to go over that very carefully and teach you how to beat this. But I want you just to remember, for now that emotions are your reactions to thought. So if you want to change the emotion, you gotta change the thoughts more on that later, and I'll see you in the next section. 19. Learning Powerful Emotional Control: Hey, welcome back. Okay? Raise your hand if you want Total emotional mastery. This is how you get emotional mastery. This is part of my ar e b t course. I'm just giving a little tiny, thin slice here. Give you a little taste of it. But this is also a Zen philosophy Zen philosophy. They understand that your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings and your actions are based on your feelings. So the thought creates the feeling creates the action. That is the basic flow. So remember, everything starts with the thought. Now let me break this down for you. Your thoughts and your feelings air always, always, always going to match when you think angry thoughts over and over again, you feel angry and we said earlier, way earlier in this program, we said that if you're gonna be angry, you have to think angry thoughts over and over again. And you have to think I'm in a constant stream because the minute you stop, they stop. So it have angry feelings. You have angry thoughts. You can always I can always tell what somebody's thinking by watching their emotions if they're happy and other thinking happy thoughts if they're worried. I know they're thinking worried thoughts. And if they're angry, I know they're thinking angry thoughts. I don't know the specific thing, but I know the category. That's how to do mind reading with virtually anybody. Did you ever realize it was that easy to read somebody's mind? You know exactly what category they're in. Everything else is details. Now I know that this is true for you. Don't say how do I get over my angry feelings? Say, how do I stop thinking my angry thoughts? Not How do I get this terrible worry out of my head? Everybody, Everybody acts in therapy like it's a mystery. They love it when I show him this because they say, Well, what could I think about that isn't worry. If I think about anything besides worry that will become my emotion and the worry will disappear. So notice that each one of these things the anger, the worry, even the happiness if I want to get rid of them all I have to do is nothing. Stop thinking these thoughts and the feeling disappears, and I can also choose in my life cause now I have mental control. I've learned that through my Zen I have mental control. I can choose what I think about and therefore choose my feelings. And that is called what? Remember I said, raise your hand. Who wants ultimate mental control? That is ultimate mental control choosing. And again, it's not that you're not gonna have angry thoughts. I will have them. But I catch him early and I stopped him and I replace him. This is how I do it. Now you know the secret to Here's another secret of emotions. Whatever you focus on good, bad or indifferent, it'll grow. So if you've got a positive feeling and you want to grow, focus on it. Focus on it. Focus on in the grow, grow, grow. If you have a negative feeling, if you focus on, it will grow. If you d focus from it, it will shrink, and when you forget it, you let it go. It disappears. So remember whatever you focus on becomes larger in your life. So always focus on the positive. Always focus on your goals. Always focus on the good things in your life. Always focus on success. Always focus on being kind loving caring and these things will grow in your life. And you we'll have a great life now re deciding who you are. You should literally sit down with a piece of pen and paper now that you have this many tools at your disposal and you should re decide who you are, who are you? Write down like a mission statement. This is who I think I am, right down another piece of paper. Here's the qualities I would like to have. Here's what I would like to do be or have in my life re decided like you're literally writing a script for your future. But start with the fundamentals. Who am I at my core like in my core? I am kind, loving, giving, and I love to learn, and I love to teach if you look at my life. That's exactly how I do things. When I see myself straying from that, I see that I'm off track. I turned the wheel and I realigned myself with that. If I don't have what I want my life I focus on that and I read, decide to move in that direction to get those things in my life. and I enjoy each step along the way. So we're literally re deciding who we are and also who were gonna be, do and have in our life. At one point, I decided to redo my whole life over one time I said, I know the Zen philosophies. I can change and what I did was in 24 hours. I changed my entire life. I said, I'm sick of my girlfriend. I said goodbye. Done major problem soft. Then I said, I don't wanna live in this crappy trailer anymore. I called the Realtor. The realtor was a little slow. Took him 24 hours to get in the market two weeks to sell it. But I was done in about 15 minutes. I said, Just make it happen. Uh, I called my sister. I said, Can I move in with you for a couple of weeks? Took a couple of days, picked out an apartment, went their whole life changed, but it was literally. All the major steps were done within about two or three hours. I call up the local university. I said, like to go to school here. Um, go ahead and send me the catalogue send me all the applications. Bull done A couple days later. I feel all that stuff out. A couple months later, I'm in school. Boom. But my part of it setting everything in motion was done in like I did all this in under three hours. I call it my boss. I fired him. I said, I don't want to put up with your crap anymore. I don't want to deal with all this BS. I don't want to deal with all the stuff that's going on in the lousy staff. And this just isn't what I want to do with my life. Thanks for the opportunity, but I'm out of here. And that was done. People thought I was crazy. No, I'd be crazy. Not to. Literally. In three hours, my entire life had changed. Within one month, all the pieces were in place. Um, new job, new housing, new girlfriend, Uh, education in place. Boom. Nothing looked the same except for me. I got better looking. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing was the same. I just re decided you can do it too. Now, if you want to live, you may need to die first. What does this mean? I remember my kung fu instructor, David Blount, Teaching me this one time? He said, Paul, there's certain parts of yourself. You just need to hunt him down and kill him like, Excuse me, What are you talking about? He says, There's there's certain parts of ourself. They're just evil, like that nasty in her voice that talks to us. Uh, the part of us that procrastinates the part of us that says nasty things when we don't mean to there's certain parts of herself. They're just evil. They're like Hitler. You should just want it down and kill it if you hunted down and kill it than the rest of you. Congrats. Oh, you're like a garden. You just need to pull some day and weeds. You know, we don't try to rehabilitate all these parts. It's a nice we block these parts off. Sometimes we hunt him down and kill him. But there are certain parts of yourself you may need to hunt down and kill. Okay, sometimes when you doing an overhaul, you gotta wipe out a lot of parts. I just told you my story, how I wiped out a lot of parts of my life in my way of thinking, you know, I was going to stay with that girlfriend because of, you know, insert excuse here. I was going to stay in that job because of exert excuse here. You know, I wasn't gonna go to school because insert excuse here I was. I was going to a lot of things. I was going to stay in that crappy trailer because, you know, insert excuse here. I was comfortable. I got my comfort zone, also known as the Dead Zone. When you're comfortable, you're not growing. So I need to make myself very uncomfortable by changing everything and moving on. Which means I need to What? Kill off? Some of my excuses kill off certain parts of myself that were slow me down. I need to mature. Pass certain parts of myself. So I had to eliminate some parts toe, let toe to make good, fertile soil and pull some weeds to leave good, fertile soil for other parts of myself to grow. You need to do this too. It's just another old ancient Zen philosophy. Use it and your life will be beautiful. 20. BONUS VIDEO - Embrace Your Gifts: Welcome back now. Earlier, we talked about pain being the root of attachment. Boy, do they talk a lot about this In the Buddhist philosophy, they considers a number one with a bullet. Your attachment to people here. Attachment to things, your attachment to the past in the future and hear your attachment to your own pain. And here's how you decide how much attachment you have to it. Notice your compulsion to think about it. Why is that a number one with a bullet? The most fascinating thing in your mind. The thing that takes up most of your time is thinking about your own pain. So notice that you are choosing paying. Why? Because we choose what we think about you. Have an impulsive thought. Come in your mind. You'll think about something two or three times in your notes that you say That's negative , you know, classic Paul maneuver, and then you let it go if you let it keep running. Now that you know these skills and once you practice them, you'll say, Why am I choosing pain? Cause I knew I shouldn't let this run this long, and I did, and that's why I feel so bad. So now begin to ask yourself why Why am I choosing this pain? Well, I'm gonna give you a reason right here. One of the insidious reasons why you do do it. Your ego that defected part of you. When you focus on something that isn't you remember we said the ego isn't really you. It's a false you. Whenever you focus on something that isn't you, that's painful. That's distracting. You feed the ego, the ego becomes stronger. The ego loves pain. It feeds on paying. It's like a pain monster. It's like blood to a vampire. The ego feeds on pain. It loves it. This is why you choose pay. And the ego says, Oh, you need me to protect you. We're going to think about this pain until it goes away. This is like beating yourself over the head with a hammer in the ego jumps in its is all save you. We're not quitters. We're going to keep pounding you on the head until this pain goes away. Well exposed. When you go away, the pain will go. OK, but that's about the only way This plan, whatever work it is so stupid. Oh, No, it's painful thinking about how stupid it is. Oops, that for the eagle we choose pain because it feeds the eagle. It's a sick part of our mind that likes to roll in our pain. It's like a pig that likes to roll in the mud. You and I don't roll in the mud, so if you find yourself rolling in the mud, your ego, your little pig brain has taken over. This is you rolling in the mud. Stop! Stop feeding the pain. Stop feeding the ego. Say no, No, My ego wants me to feel like this. My ego wants me to feel bad. A huge part of Buddhism and Zin is about getting away from distractions, and the leading cause of distraction is pain. Emotional pain, wory, guilt, regret past future, never being in the now all these things that distract you and take you away from the now their insidious. That's why you got to read that book by Eckart Tolle. The power of Now, if you can get that one piece down, that's the hardest piece to get in all of Zed. And he's got a book on nothing but that beautiful to get rid of these distractions. Most people live their life and distraction around the clock. Uh, they're thinking repetitive thoughts about work. They're thinking about repetitive thoughts about the ride toe work. They think the same repetitive thoughts when they're brushing their teeth. Remember, I said 99.99% of your thoughts are the same and are boring. Why? Because you're distracting yourself with the same BS over and over and over again. Because a few state distracted from reality you live in the false realm of ego. Ego lives in virtual reality. Fake reality. You who you really are lives in reality. And if it can get you if it can pull you off your game get you out of your circle and into this false reality, it owns your ass. It knows that all I've got to do is distract you on my own. You distract you and I own you distract you and I own you. Come back to awareness and you're free Back to awareness in your free. It hates that it's gonna immediately try to say, But worry about this. But worry about this but worry about this. The news knows that people work like this, it tries to distract you. Hey, you should be worried about this And this And this And this and this and this NUS And why does it used almost exclusively negative stuff? Because it knows that the most distracting thing is the negative, the pain and that it feeds that ego in that ego causes running rampant every human beings that maybe you and I because we figured it out. Now it's running rampant in those that mindless ego loves all that b s that they feed you on the news. Every single name sucks it up like nectar, like blood for blood. For a vampire, it just absolutely loves it. Step outside of it. Don't play the game. Now, finally, to wrap this up, I want you to embrace your gifts. How? By focusing on Lee on your gifts. You're beautiful, kind, loving person. Everybody is. When we get rid of this ego, let me get rid these distractions. So now is the time to say I am that person. And to focus on Lee on your gifts, not on your deficits, not in your problems. Not in the past, not the future. Say what is great about me and focus on that. Then once you focus on, I want you to pay attention to, and I want you build your gifts, strengthen your gifts and then use the power of your gifts to move you forward. That's what you're therefore Sam, a good, kind, loving person. I want you to build that sense and pay attention to the fact that you're good, kind and loving. Then I want you to say, How can I be good, kind and loving in my life? And how can that help me in my health, in my finances and my relationships in my job, in the way interact with other people and then you'll have a beautiful life. Now I know that your gifts are always more than enough to see you through. You know, they say life won't give you more than you can handle. Not that's always true, but sometimes you crash for a little while. But then when you dust yourself off and you pick yourself back up, your gifts will help to see you through. You're always enough. You can handle everything. I think if you think back how many times you thought you couldn't handle things. I'll tell you how. That's a lie. You're still here. You're still alive. You're still above ground. You have beaten every challenge they've ever thrown at you. You've taken on all commerce and you could say, Well, other people help me here. There was this where they had to get lucky. That may be true. But what's also true is you had to go through it. You had to come out the other end and you weren't strong enough to do it. Probably when you got into it. But you were strong enough to handle it when you got out. You can't handle it. You will handle it. You're gonna be great at it and later you'll be stronger for it. I also want you to enjoy all facets of the journey. Life is to be enjoyed. When we said the purpose in life was to live, to love, to learn to leave a legacy, it's also to enjoy all the facets of life. We said. Sen is about being fully alive and absorbing everything. I want to make sure that you remember that. I want to leave you with that, and I want to make sure that you're strong about going after that and know that you are your only serious block. If you don't stop you, you can do anything. You need to get the hell out of your own way. That's your biggest block. Wow! Did that go quick? Everybody? My name is Professor Paul. I want to thank you. It's been an honor and a pleasure working with you. I love to hear from you. So go feel free to message me if you have any questions or you want to give me any feedback on the training or tell me about your experience. I love to hear from students. Thank you so much.