Yule - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year | Ashley Krout | Skillshare

Yule - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

Yule - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction to Yule

    • 2. History and Significance

    • 3. Deities Associated with Yule

    • 4. Magical Correspondences and Ways to Celebrate

    • 5. Altar Ideas

    • 6. Inner Work at Yule

    • 7. Wind Meditation

    • 8. Thank You!

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About This Class

Yule is the first sabbat on the Wheel of the Year. It is a time to draw the year to a close and begin preparing for the coming year.

The seasons correspond to different parts of our growth so even if the weather doesn’t match winter, we can still utilize this energy to further our inner work.

With the Journey Through the Wheel of the Year Series, my intention is to breakdown the sabbats so you can implement them into your life without overwhelm.

Each year you can dive into the celebrations more deeply, but in the beginning, these classes can help you know where to start!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The history and significance of Yule
  • Some easy ways you can celebrate
  • The magical correspondences associated with Yule
  • How to connect to the wind for releasing energy and drawing in energy
  • How to do inner work with several journal prompts and two beautiful coloring pages

The class handbook and coloring page are located in the files section of the Class Project.

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Ashley Krout

Making Magic Simple and Powerful


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1. Introduction to Yule: the wheel of the year begins with you'll. This habit falls on the winter solstice or the full moon following the solstice. In some ancient cultures, it was celebrated for several days, and it symbolized the rebirth of the Earth as the days began to grow longer. We can tap into the energy of this season to do some powerful inner work and help ourselves come out of the cold winter season stronger than ever, Ready for spring that's approaching on the horizon. This class will dive into the history of you'll the magical correspondences associated with it, along with some tips for celebrating ultra ideas, some journal pumps with the coloring page for your inner work during this time, and a meditation for harnessing the power of the wind to clear anything that no longer serves you as you head into a new year. There is a long and varied history surrounding this Sabit. So this class is intended to be an introduction to you'll to help you get started celebrating today without any overwhelm. In the next video, we will cover the history and significance of this Sabit 2. History and Significance: midwinter was a time of celebration and tradition for pretty much all ancient cultures. The modern day celebration of Christmas gets many of its traditions from previously celebrated festivals, and there is a common theme of celebrating the return of the sun through all ancient midwinter traditions. In Rome, Saturnalia was celebrated for a week between December 17th and 23rd. It was a time of pretty intense partying and merrymaking. Candles were given as gifts to symbolize the returning of the sun. Slaves were given Pelleas caps. Toe wear for the duration of Saturnalia signified freedom, albeit temporary. And for Rome, this was a time of celebration and for honoring the gone Saturn. This was done through public sacrifice and a large banquet specifically for Saturn. Dongzhou was China celebration that the sun was returning. The year was coming to a close, and the new year would be filled with positive energy. Even though it isn't recognized as an official holiday. Families in China's still gathered to reminisce about the previous year, and he warming nourishing foods on the winter solstice. The you'll celebrations that we most commonly drop from today began with Norse and Germanic traditions. You'll was anywhere from a 12 day to a two month celebration. It was a time to celebrate the sun, conquering the darkness and warming the earth up once more. The most vulnerable members of a society were at risk of death during the winter months due to famine. So you'll was a time to draw together and celebrate the previous harvest season and enjoy being together while eating the last big feast until the following year's harvest. A yule log was burned, filled with intentions and wishes for the coming year, and it was said that each crackle from the logs symbolized an animal. It would be born in spring time. Holly wreaths were hung on the door for protection, waffling or caroling. Burning the yule log, The giving of gifts, mistletoe, decorating trees and lighting candles are just a few of the main traditions that have carried on throughout the centuries. You'll is most commonly associated with the God Odin. There are a few other gods and goddesses that you can choose from toe on it. During this time, and the next video, we'll go over some of those deities 3. Deities Associated with Yule: you'll celebrates the beginning of the sons return to Earth and is considered the beginning of the wheel of the year cycle. So gods and goddesses associated with fertility, new beginnings and motherly or fatherly instincts are perfect for honoring at midwinter it simultaneously the end of a cycle. So it's equally find to choose an older goddess or God that's associated with death or endings, especially the crone. Some of the most common duties associated with you are raw. Oh, Cyrus and Horace from Egyptian mythology due to their creation story, Botin from Norse mythology, Odin Road at night during you'll and would terrify anyone who is outside but would bring candy and toys and presents to all the Children. It is said that Odin was part of the inspiration for our modern day Santa Jesus and Mother Mary can be celebrated during this time as well. Especially powerful would be honoring Baby Jesus and the hope he was to bring people. There are a number of resource is out there about Jesus being recognized as an ascended master completely separate from Christianity. You can choose to honor any of these deities for you'll by finding images or likenesses to display in your home or by putting items associated with them on A you'll alter along with other magical correspondence, is most commonly associated with you'll. In the next video, we'll go over these correspondences along with some ways you can celebrate this Sabit. 4. Magical Correspondences and Ways to Celebrate: You'll is all about honoring the previous year and celebrating the sun and arrival of longer days. So animals, foods, plans and gemstones that reflect this are front and center. For this habit, you may notice that most of these correspondences are pretty similar to modern day Christmas symbols. So for animals, we have the Phoenix Stags, Robbins and squirrels. For foods, there's baked goods, anything with cinnamon, Wassily or other glogg type drink, baked apples and heavy feasts for plants and oils, their cinnamon, nutmeg, rosemary, ginger, holly and mistletoe. And, for colors, the very standard ones during this time of red, green gold and silver them for gemstones, Rubies, Garnett courts, blood stone and anything that's red, green, gold or silver, including pyrite them. For some ways to celebrate, you'll you could warm up apple cider or waffle and enjoyable. Taking a moonlit walk, you could make an orange palm attar by putting clothes into an orange. You can pre make the whole with a toothpick first, and this is a great meditative exercise to do well. You're visualizing your intentions for the coming year or will focusing on what you're celebrating about the previous year. If you gather together with friends for a feast and just celebrate being together. Cozy Apple Watch a feel good movie while drinking hot chocolate. Make a wreath out of holly and ivy to place on your door for protection. Put together a yule log filled with intentions for the following year and burn it or display it on your all turn. Send intentions out into the universe using flying which paper you could make a yule log cake by making a jelly roll cake covered in chocolate frosting and top it. Listen red Berries and evergreen to serve at a goal feast or just even on Tuesday night with any of the celebrations. Adapt them to fit your current traditions and beliefs about what each season holds. The power to create magic and set intention lies within you. Some have fun with celebrating and with creating new traditions and the next video all share help. I'm using some of these correspondences to put together my you'll alter 5. Altar Ideas: for my you alter. I'm not honoring a specific deity like I have during past Savitz. Instead, I'm honoring the growth I've had during the past year, and we'll be putting forth intentions for an incredible new year of vibrancy and pure love . For your alter, you could choose some of your favorite symbols of winter, some Christmas items or magical correspondences We went over in the last video. Or you can focus on a specific deity to honor. Since we've decorated for Christmas, there are already themes of you'll running throughout my house. I have utilised this surface right here that has a winter painting I made a couple of years ago is a background and some beautiful warm lights to bring in some cozy energy. So for this altar, I set up a bunch of white and clear stones to represent the purity of snow and the coming new year. I've included one of my trusty gold candleholders to bring in abundance and warmth. I've also written out a list of what I'm grateful for over the past year, along with what I'd like to manifest in the coming year, and I'm going to be placing this under the court's candleholder for a few days and then on the winter solstice during a you'll ritual, I will be burning this page to release it out into the universe. So I would love to see the ultra you create. Feel free to share a picture on the class site in the next video. All share some journal promise that can help you with inner growth during this time. Doing these journal prompts can help you put together your own list for what you want to celebrate from the past year. 6. Inner Work at Yule: you'll is a time of closing out the previous year while looking ahead to the coming here. Inner work the honors grows over the previous year can be a powerful path to even greater growth and hopefully peace in the coming here. The following questions can help you work through blocks that may be holding you back from further growth. The first is what were three intentions I set for myself this year. To where did these intentions come to fruition? Three for intentions that didn't come to permission Are these intentions I still want to bring about four. What is one thing I'm proud of myself for in the past year whether bigger small wins are important to celebrate? And then, lastly, what is one area in my life I'd like to improve upon next year? This could be a physical situation, a characteristic you like to nurture a skill you like toe learner, master or anywhere you'd like to see growth. Take the time to really ponder these questions and reflect on how far you've come this year , if it helps you to be more open and honest while answering, you can always burn the journal. She after you're done, so you know no one will ever read your answers. Also enjoy the coloring pages included in the class handbook. I sometimes like to color something in before answering the questions so I can take the time to think about what might answers we're going to be. The nice video contains a meditation for connecting with the wind to blow away anything that's no longer serving you. While I was drawn to use wind in this meditation because of the strong winter winds we experienced where I live, you can come back to this meditation any time of the year for renewing energy. 7. Wind Meditation: get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes on. Begin breathing slowly instead of in through your nose and out through your mouth. Inhale and exhale and and out. Continue breathing deeply and, um, allow your body to sing deeply into Relax ation. Let your toes relax your ankles. Your lanes. Take a big, deep breath in as you allow your belly too soft. Exhale as you allow your chest. Relax your arms. Relax all the way down to your fingers. Relax. Let your just open and expand as you breathe in and out. Allow any tension in your neck to dissolve. Relax the muscles of your face and let your mouth turn into a relaxed smile. Looking up in your mind's eye, you see a door in front of you. Slowly turn the knob and look at the grassy fields swaying on the other side. As you step through the door, you notice a large hill in the distance. Begin walking through the swaying grass towards this hill with every step, you see flowers picking through the grass. The wind gently blows around. You continue walking on. Keep breathing in and out as you approach the hill at the base of this hill, their small white flowers in clusters all around the air. Is Chris impure? Not too cold. War of a refreshing coolness began walking up the hill, knowing that you can easily scale it. Breathe, aim and out as you get closer to the top. Finally, at the top, you can see the hope of the future in front of you. But first we're going to turn around and reflect on the past. Take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights of the past year, whether good or bad. Now take a moment to thank those events for any lessons you learned and become aware of the wind swirling around you. We're going to connect with this wind energy now. So repeat after me, either allowed were in your mind. I asked the wind to remove and purify any stagnant energy I've been hanging on to. I asked that the wind remove and purify anything no longer serving me anything that is holding me back and anything that will negatively affect my future. Thank you. No turning around to face your future. We're going to call on the wind again. Repeat after me. I asked that the wind, Carrie blessings into my life. I asked that the wind, Carrie, Opportunities, health and fortune into my life. Thank you. Turn back to the path you used to climb the hill and begin heading back down to the door you came through once you're back where you started from, slowly wiggle your toes. Wiggle your fingers and gently open your eyes. If you have many highlights, you'd like to do this for or if you start to feel like you're hanging on to energy that is weighing you down or not yours. Come back to this meditation and listen to it as many times as you like. 8. Thank You!: I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your magical journey. As a reminder, this class was simply an introduction to you'll with such a long history there so many ways , this Saban has been celebrated that I didn't know cover here. My intention with this class and with all of my classes, was to break it down in a way that allows you to easily incorporate it into your life without any overwhelmed. Year after year, you can dive into the celebrations a little more deeply if you choose to. But in the beginning, these classes can help. You know where to start. The next tab it will cover is in bulk, which is held on February 1st. I hope to see you in that class as well. Thank you.