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15 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Why Take This Course

    • About the Instructor

    • Welcome

    • YouTube Basics for Online Instructors

    • What Should I Upload?

    • Writing Quality Video Descriptions

    • Branding Your Videos and Channel

    • Building an Audience on YouTube

    • YouTube Tags and Annotations

    • Fostering Community on YouTube

    • Understanding YouTube Search

    • Creating a Content Schedule

    • Maximizing Your Content Investment: YouTube Arbitrage

    • YouTube Monetization for Online Instructors

    • Top Tips and Good Bye


About This Class

Are you teaching online, but struggling to find an audience?

What if I told you there was a place where tens of millions were going each day and searching for content just like what you teach?

You'd be interested?

Now, what if I told you it was free to access that audience?

You'd be ecstatic!

That place does exist-- It's called YouTube. I'm sure you've been there! YouTube is the perfect place to find students for your online courses. It's not easy-- but it's totally do able.

Join instructor Mark Lassoff as he shows you the tricks he used to grow his Youtube following to more than 40,000 eager learners with hundreds of thousands of monthly views. Understand that these aren't just casual viewers-- These are people who are in the exact target audience for his courses.

The instructor for this course has sold over 600,000 courses online with Udemy sales running in to the millions.

In this course, you'll learn how to setup your Youtube channel, brand it, and convert free Youtube viewers in to paying students for your Skillshare courses or courses you teach on your own web site. Every day, Mark's company, LearnToProgram, finds new students on Youtube.

You can too.

Build a Massive Student Following On Your Youtube Channel is your guidebook to succeeding with an educational Youtube channel. This course is designed to give you actionable steps you can take each day to build a strong Youtube following of qualified students.

In just a few hours, you will have learned the step-by-step process to build and brand your channel, and start succeeding on Youtube,

If just one Youtube viewer becomes your paying student, this course will have paid for itself! This is the perfect course for instructors who are creating excellent courses, but struggling to enroll paying students. What do you have to lose?





Mark Lassoff

Technical Trainer and Author

Mark Lassoff 's parents frequently claim that Mark was born to be a programmer. Starting, in the mid-eighties at age 11, Mark was hard at work on his Commodore 64 writing games in the BASIC language. Today, Mark is a publisher, top technical trainer and author, providing software, mobile and web development training Mark is a sought after video trainer, speaker and host.

Mark has trained programmers at Fortune 500 companies and government agencies world-wide. Mark's clients have inc...

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