Youtube Subtitle Technique - How To Create Subtitle Without Any Software | Ruchik Parikh | Skillshare

Youtube Subtitle Technique - How To Create Subtitle Without Any Software

Ruchik Parikh, Business Owner

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction of This Course

    • 2. Create Subtitle Automatically For Your Video

    • 3. How to Create Professional Subtitle For Your Video

    • 4. Create Auto Translation Of Your VIdeo To Target Local Audience

    • 5. Final Thoughts - Thank You !


About This Class

Hello Friends,


Youtube Subtitles can be the most important part of your video.

Why should you provide the subtitle for your Youtube video?

       1.Closed captions or Subtitle boost video SEO

The study found that captioned YouTube videos saw a 13.48% increase

 in views within the first 14 days, they were published.

 They measured the lifetime benefit of closed captioning videos

 to be 7.32% more views on YouTube than uncaptioned videos.

        2.Captions make your video accessible to a wider audience.

There are more than 36 million Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing.

And about 5% of the global population has some degree of hearing loss.

None of those people can fully enjoy your YouTube videos

 if they lack captions.

You can increase your viewership even more by translating your captions into other languages. You can target your audience more accurately using subtitles.

         3.Captions let viewers watch your video in more places

According to a study, 80% of people who watch video with closed captions

on are not deaf or hard of hearing.

One primary reason why people use captions is due to their environment.

If your videos don’t have closed captions, then viewers may not be able to watch them if they’re:

Riding on a noisy train

Studying in a quiet library

With a sleeping baby

At the office

In a loud crowd.

So, Don’t let their surroundings keep them from viewing

your content—just add captions

If you like to get more views and traffic for your video, you need to add subtitle, nd i am going to show you easiest way to create subtitle for your youtube video.

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