Youtube Subtitle Technique - How To Create Subtitle Without Any Software | Ruchik Parikh | Skillshare

Youtube Subtitle Technique - How To Create Subtitle Without Any Software

Ruchik Parikh, Business Owner

Youtube Subtitle Technique - How To Create Subtitle Without Any Software

Ruchik Parikh, Business Owner

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction of This Course

    • 2. Create Subtitle Automatically For Your Video

    • 3. How to Create Professional Subtitle For Your Video

    • 4. Create Auto Translation Of Your VIdeo To Target Local Audience

    • 5. Final Thoughts - Thank You !

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About This Class

Hello Friends,


Youtube Subtitles can be the most important part of your video.

Why should you provide the subtitle for your Youtube video?

       1.Closed captions or Subtitle boost video SEO

The study found that captioned YouTube videos saw a 13.48% increase

 in views within the first 14 days, they were published.

 They measured the lifetime benefit of closed captioning videos

 to be 7.32% more views on YouTube than uncaptioned videos.

        2.Captions make your video accessible to a wider audience.

There are more than 36 million Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing.

And about 5% of the global population has some degree of hearing loss.

None of those people can fully enjoy your YouTube videos

 if they lack captions.

You can increase your viewership even more by translating your captions into other languages. You can target your audience more accurately using subtitles.

         3.Captions let viewers watch your video in more places

According to a study, 80% of people who watch video with closed captions

on are not deaf or hard of hearing.

One primary reason why people use captions is due to their environment.

If your videos don’t have closed captions, then viewers may not be able to watch them if they’re:

Riding on a noisy train

Studying in a quiet library

With a sleeping baby

At the office

In a loud crowd.

So, Don’t let their surroundings keep them from viewing

your content—just add captions

If you like to get more views and traffic for your video, you need to add subtitle, nd i am going to show you easiest way to create subtitle for your youtube video.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ruchik Parikh

Business Owner


I have been internet marketer for 5 years and i had helped hundreds of people to learn about internet marketing.

You can follow my course and see the quality and effectiveness of my teaching.If you apply what i am teaching you ,i can guarantee that you will see positive results.

Followings are the key areas where i help my students.

-Self Development (I love to learn always about improving the condition of my life and share what I learn to the world.)

- List Building (I have build database of more than 50,000 subscribers in my niche.)

- SEO (I have ranked my sites on some of the most competitive keywords on google.)

-Product Creation (I had created highly quality info products which helped hundreds of people online.)

-Affiliate Marketing ... See full profile

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1. Introduction of This Course : Hello. My name is shooting, and I like to welcome you for this short tutorial. I'm an entrepreneur. For five years now I'm going to show you that Harvey Concrete's uptight ER's for YouTube videos easily and effectively. Why you need to create subtitle for you two videos Cruz Caption or subtitle whose feed you as you? The study also found that caption YouTube videos. So with 13 point for the 8% increase in views, really the force 40 days they were published, they visit a lifetime benefit off Cruz. Caption videos to be 7.2 was more videos on YouTube than uncap shin features. Second benefit is captured Mikel Video, accessible to a wider audience. There are more than 36 1,000,000 Americans who are deaf or hard off fury, and about 5% off the global population. Have some bigly off hearing loss. None of those people can't fully enjoy your YouTube videos. Get the lack actions you could increase your viewers, save even more by translating your captions in four languages, get target your audience more specifically using subtitles. Benefit is caption lead. Viewers watched your videos in more places. According to a study, 80% off. People who watch videos with those captures on are not death or eat off hard off hearings. One major reason why people use captions is due to that woman. If no videos don't have captions than us, may not be able to wash them if they are writing on a New Jersey train studying in a white lie. Pretty witness leaving baby at office in N L Z crowd so don't like their surroundings. Keep them from doing your content. Just add captions to join the class Julie and click on the drone Now button and baskets of title for your use, Thank you. 2. Create Subtitle Automatically For Your Video: Okay, This is what I will shew that how you can create autos off title for your video, the force. You have to go to the video manager, Onda, and then you need to click on it here and click on subtitles and CC You'll find this thing and all you need to click on it here, Garnett here English and then just sit. Just click on it to your publicist and it's done. It's done. Subtitle for blues And it is really easy as you can see that I can click on it here Subtitles And that's it. And this was a member a shoot on because you can create subtitle using this matter The only draw back off this matter is this subtitle is created by YouTube. So there are some grammatical errors and mistakes in this uptight er's. So in the falling video, I'm gonna show you that how you can create proficient subtitle for your duty video. Thank you. 3. How to Create Professional Subtitle For Your Video: hi in this building will assure that how you can create subtitles for your YouTube video. So force you to logging into your YouTube dashboard and you can see that. Now I'm gonna click on added sex in and especially had here and, uh, click on in the subtitles and CC Okay, you see this? Things? I haven't select the language when I wants recording and uploading this video. So if you're already selected the language, chances are very high that you are not going to say this pop up. But since I have no selected So I need to select forced of language and then I'll click on the set language. And as you can see that this pop ups and everything is comes now I am going to click on Subtitle. So click on it to you on its I click on here. And as you can see that the subtitle is vital for created, you know, everything is created by YouTube. I haven't created anything. You know, I have not uploaded any subtitles or anything, but that is just inbuilt YouTube subtitle And you can see there as you can see that I can download it from a certifies on and then I can edit it. You know, this A certified it's open and I can edit it. And I can see that in this video, I can caps lock it on speed. You I'm sure that how can we can automatically shut down your PC with one feature future and amazing software, and we just just to Okay, I need to hear eight, you know, So basically, you know, a YouTube has a very bad in terms off, although subtitle features they grab the subtitles from automatically, but you need to add it by also, so as you can see that there will be no caps lock and there will be a lot of grammatical mistakes. And of course, it's lot of depend on your transition also. So in my case, I guess YouTube is creating more ADDers or my pronunciations, and I then I need to create a manually militant, and then I need to upload it onto the YouTube. Now, I'm not gonna change everything. I'm not gonna show this up to the 80 lines and going to make you bull, but you just got the basic idea that how does things works and after that, I'm gonna just click on see you and I got a click on. See you is on and see you. Okay, on that it. Now I just need to operate it. I just have to manually listen it and played it. And that's the one matter to operate your subtitles Second metal on wood assure you inside the YouTube. So what I want here to do this, you have to hear a false you're listening that this will be sure that you can so I can see that I have made mistakes and all. I just taipan it to you. Just click on it to you all. I have to just click on it here at it. Britain. Okay. And then video is going toe again, Lord. And now I'm going to click on it. Here in this William was shoe that have Now I as you can see, that I use the word how and in the subtitle I can see that Have so all I need to click on it here on do manually type it how you can automatically shut down your PC. I need to caps. No, this in this video shoot that in this, William will assure that how you get automatically shut your piece now as a way won't be amazing. And that says, showing with one feed. So again I have to correct that, Adam on a little piece of it, your feet amusing. And we just played. So he's Will you all just just Teoh keyboard, keyboard this it ski would. And as you can see that, you know, I have to manually cool to the everything and just listen it and make changes. And that's it. I'm not going again. Do everything in front off you because you're just gonna get bored. And I don't want to, Daddy. But I hope that you got the basic idea, and now I'm gonna just click on it. Here, put this ad. It's okay. Subtitle tablets. And now little jacket. That what is happening? As you can see, that this is an hour cap slope in the PVS thing, it was not a capital. So in this video, I'm sure you dad your piece way. Amazing as you can see there with 13 on. This is how you have to manually edit your subtitle inside the YouTube. And there is another matter also which I will assure you, what you need to do is here's how you can do manually edit inside the YouTube. If you don't like to manually edit inside the YouTube, you can add it through, not paid, and then upload it into the YouTube's. I have already shown you that. How do you get up? How you can add it inside, Not paid 10 anguish. Sure that how you can up blue that not paid file into them YouTube. So all I all I just have already subsided. Subtitle published So I need to forcible Cancel it. So what? I'm gonna do it. Click on English. Okay, This card for the subtitles is I only for this is a title, and what I'm gonna do is is that up to Lord of Fight? Okay. And I'm gonna click on subtitle file. Choose file this one Captions open and I looked like a fluted. So as you can see that a northward file is uploaded and you can see here is it is in the caps lock and it looks nicely and that's it all I do need to click on, please. And it's done. And the one last matter. I like to show you inside in the YouTube. That how you can do it, That all your toe again Click on this. Cancel on bond. I had to click on I click on it here and I had to click on this Discard off the subtitles And what I can do is is that you can click on it. You create new subtitle or C C and all year to tap it by also And this was done with a sure this feed you, uh, to show you I just like on Plus you get Cody down your PC. Amazing one thing I like to show you that. As you can see that as I'm talking, the video is going to force automatically, and the reason is that it's the check box and this is why the fort is happening inside the YouTube on it has said it, and it has shown that pause video while typing. So this is done by automatically and doing this. It is very simple all again, out to do you click on the close and then that's finally receiving. And now it's in the dry draft board. But frankly, on the populist and it's done. That is my favorite technique to greet the subtitle. It's on YouTube that I'm gonna sure you click on years of title and CC on. Did you need to click on it here automatically in release? Okay, and it's gonna create the subtitle by also by automatically. And now, if you don't like to make it now, you have two options are you can meet a manual changes by you also, just by listening the video and making the typing on the way it's done, just click on it, add it and, as I assure you in the past, how to do it manually by listening your video. My postal choice off the technique is to download it okay, and then just to make it changes a lot bid and then again uploaded and then click on the sea button and it's done. That's my personal choice off the creating subtitle inside the YouTube, So I hope that you like this or tutorial off reading the subtitles inside the YouTube. Thank you 4. Create Auto Translation Of Your VIdeo To Target Local Audience: hi in this world, that would assure you that how we can translate in your local language and can target more local people to your videos. So what you have to do is false. You should go to the Channel Analytics and see the demographics and see the where the traffic is coming. And you can Jance let go video into the local language. So I'm gonna shoot that harm translated by yourself. So first you need to check on this year, that subtitle should be published and then you need to click on it here and all. I'm gonna select this option. He d because test thing of going test and show you there are much more languages because I already donate. So this is the masses that I'm seeing, But you guys are not gonna see this, So this is how it's gonna look for me. And now I'm gonna click on it here, create new subtitle and I just going to click on a tear auto conflict and that it is done. Now it's translated into the local language, and it's you can see that this is the world and disorder Hindi's so it's a really simple it's easy. Anyone. I can add it manually by typing it here. It's very simple. And so, as you can see that this is a complete the one more thing I like to show you is you can automate the entire courses and you can cleats. Subtitle more officially using the profits and services all year to just go back to back and I'm gay. Nkana click on tight titles and CC then click on it Here add new subtitles As you can see that that a 184 language I want you assist one indeed. I'm gonna be alright. And as you can see, that there's an option is called by translation and it is basically you chew I can buy from YouTube itself. So I click on it here and all. I'm gonna click on it to your chancellor from English, translate into de then next. And as you can see that there a couple of options and I can choose water options I would like to do I might use this one or this is a squadron. This is quite cheap and click on next and then just I need to make a payment and it's gonna done. So that's a really simple and easy way If you like to buy from the YouTube And if you like to pay some money and if you don't like to pay anything, you can use the previous matter, which I assure you that how can auto translate from YouTube? Thank you. 5. Final Thoughts - Thank You ! : I won't thank you for taking this course. It has been quite fun for me. Sharing this kills Batum. And I hope that this new skill will help you in your business. I hope that you like this class. And I really question Zack, win this class to the student. So just click on it years and chair your opinion about this and you review about this class . Thank you. And I look forward to see you in math class. There's a searching and have a good day.