Youtube Search Engine Optimization - Learn From The Actual Examples That I upload To Youtube | Anthony Zheng Gao | Skillshare

Youtube Search Engine Optimization - Learn From The Actual Examples That I upload To Youtube

Anthony Zheng Gao

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12 Videos (2h 21m)
    • 1. Youtube SEO Introduction

    • 2. Youtube Keyword Research and Renaming of Filenames

    • 3. How To Upload Precorded Video Onto Youtube Live

    • 4. Designing Your Thumbnail For Youtube SEO

    • 5. Youtube Search Engine Optimization End Screen Annotations, Subtitles and Description

    • 6. Description Optimization For Youtube SEO

    • 7. Use Vidiq Youtube Certified Software To Research Youtube Tags

    • 8. Use Translate Function To Rank for Other Language Search Terms

    • 9. Using Vidiq To Analyze Competition and Have Optimize Intelligently

    • 10. Using Video Marketing Blaster To Analyze and Rank How To Rank Above Your Competitors

    • Example 1.1 Youtube SEO - Creating Love Song MTV Video Baby Can I Hold You Now.

    • Example 1.2 Creating Love Song MTV Baby Can I hold You Now Renaming File name


About This Class


Warm Welcome

Hi Everyone, Thanks for being at my skillshare course on Youtube Search Engine Optimization. Journey with Me From now for every video I upload and optimize, The actual examples are videos that I personally upload and optimize in my Youtube Channel. You can gain passive income from creating videos that people search in Youtube Search and Related Videos of Youtube. In fact a bulk of my views come from related videos  From Keyword Research, Renaming Video File, Description, Tags, Cards, End Screen Annotations etc. One of the most valuable part is this skillshare course can have 10000 chapters and more because For every video I upload And do You get to see it. 

One of my example videos >>

Journey with me and enjoy and havefun ranking videos, sharing content that You Love and earning passive income.

Below are my Youtube Channel Statistics.


Bascially, You will know about Youtube Certified Software Like and Video Marketing Blaster to analyze Competition and rank videos. With Use of Big Data, analysis and smart way of creating videos, positioning your content.

There is also sharing on how to create video content that people like. Music works in Youtube You can earn by sharing revenue with the music creators, getting views and connections with people. You can also create your own sharing and video content. I will be breaking out to share inspirational and motivational, leadership, strategies either business or engineering etc.

Besides Learning Youtube SEO, you can also learn how to craft and create video content. I also cover using Youtube Videos to promote affiliate products. I have amazon affiliate links in my video. It is important to note that You must declare your income and affiliate relationship in Your Youtube Description.

 I will also cover automation and software tools. 

Profile of Me

1) Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering Temasek Polytechnic

2) Winner of Singapore Robotics Competition Sumo Robot Year 2001


Hope to share more experiential learning which You can practically earn passive income have fun learning. Watch me as I step by step hand hold You to success.

Thanks for Your kind support.

Cheers with Sincerity and Love

Anthony Zheng Gao





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