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Youtube Search Engine Optimization - Learn From The Actual Examples That I upload To Youtube

teacher avatar Anthony Zheng Gao

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (2h 21m)
    • 1. Youtube SEO Introduction

    • 2. Youtube Keyword Research and Renaming of Filenames

    • 3. How To Upload Precorded Video Onto Youtube Live

    • 4. Designing Your Thumbnail For Youtube SEO

    • 5. Youtube Search Engine Optimization End Screen Annotations, Subtitles and Description

    • 6. Description Optimization For Youtube SEO

    • 7. Use Vidiq Youtube Certified Software To Research Youtube Tags

    • 8. Use Translate Function To Rank for Other Language Search Terms

    • 9. Using Vidiq To Analyze Competition and Have Optimize Intelligently

    • 10. Using Video Marketing Blaster To Analyze and Rank How To Rank Above Your Competitors

    • 11. Example 1.1 Youtube SEO - Creating Love Song MTV Video Baby Can I Hold You Now.

    • 12. Example 1.2 Creating Love Song MTV Baby Can I hold You Now Renaming File name

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About This Class


Warm Welcome

Hi Everyone, Thanks for being at my skillshare course on Youtube Search Engine Optimization. Journey with Me From now for every video I upload and optimize, The actual examples are videos that I personally upload and optimize in my Youtube Channel. You can gain passive income from creating videos that people search in Youtube Search and Related Videos of Youtube. In fact a bulk of my views come from related videos  From Keyword Research, Renaming Video File, Description, Tags, Cards, End Screen Annotations etc. One of the most valuable part is this skillshare course can have 10000 chapters and more because For every video I upload And do You get to see it. 

Journey with me and enjoy and have fun ranking videos, sharing content that You Love and earning passive income.

Below are my Youtube Channel Statistics.


Bascially, You will know about Youtube Certified Software Like and Video Marketing Blaster to analyze Competition and rank videos. With Use of Big Data, analysis and smart way of creating videos, positioning your content.

There is also sharing on how to create video content that people like. Music works in Youtube You can earn by sharing revenue with the music creators, getting views and connections with people. You can also create your own sharing and video content. I will be breaking out to share inspirational and motivational, leadership, strategies either business or engineering etc.

Besides Learning Youtube SEO, you can also learn how to craft and create video content. I also cover using Youtube Videos to promote affiliate products. I have amazon affiliate links in my video. It is important to note that You must declare your income and affiliate relationship in Your Youtube Description.

 I will also cover automation and software tools. 

Profile of Me

1) Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering Temasek Polytechnic

2) Winner of Singapore Robotics Competition Sumo Robot Year 2001


Hope to share more experiential learning which You can practically earn passive income have fun learning. Watch me as I step by step hand hold You to success.

Thanks for Your kind support.

Cheers with Sincerity and Love

Anthony Zheng Gao

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1. Youtube SEO Introduction: Hi, my friends time she shave you one off my youth to, for example, society. A team posted on 15 months today is actually didn t have any anyone views by assistant is a person straight Boy, this is a key. What we have in my eyes. I have other better videos and it doesn't assure you my steps. I have done this YouTube for off the manager force in 2014. A track for doing we nothingto Okay, let's go to that time and see how are statistics are so you can see that I actually have before time alone views and this money that amount every politic is Increasingly I didn't know the videos. I think my own videos then because of music videos and what so there's a lot of strategies involve one of I needed this example on the latest video, which I had to see that nice scraper. This is more technology based. I'm gonna do more examples behind after you see they see this year's albedo that I do on off the imagination of this example. Uses are that scraping content from the YouTube video, leaving the YouTube video things from the Channel channel So still YouTube later. And it's also useful thing to do. You can see I put that thing in the future for you. Toe take for you to be there. So so OK, actually. Is my shares also subscribers? I did it, if you see, I did. Did it? Okay. You actually see my views, right? See how long wanted from which I thought I think that you didn't get I got its in 2014. I started all the way. There is no see not being shown right leaders So you can see that it took the other party tonight increasing And it's increasing because I did the right step. I create that you the videos because we don't see a few more every few time Cost a decent of the music this year video So is increasing any doing. You're going the right way. I'm doing a social. Should be the sharing, So please stay on for my we stay on. I have passive income pentiti. If you have seen my revenue, right, it's passive, you know, basically is like every month everybody, you just get okay. Same discourse the city's for See, I get paid Yeah. I mean, I get picked this be, like 3000 within this three months ago. Stop that refuted breaking comes a lot better. $100 the last month Mohammed, they get past month 5000. This man is and it'll be better before to get See you then. My best months. OK? My best month will be this showing the revenue the vessel of your life get the best month will be 2017 Get 100. Yeah, These are the best months which have now just should. Because I didn't touch it for summons during the devil period. So this drop down for not doing more toe up so forcefully goes toe. Hopefully at very few go upto 301,000 David, I'm eating for 1000 years to get 30,000 month Don't this active for But for years I get $30,000. What are getting me down? They keep increasing their skills. This really special? I'll give you what you shall hear wanting him promises that you goto all the examples that actually do any video that I do have example Fuchsia thought of chapters on the video keep continuing to grow and you see as I grow as my steals grow aside ranking videos as I keep doing, you know, the whole process. Why? Because everybody knows you can learn and any her own skills. But why do you want when I share, it's on the share futile. There's a series of videos that I did that. First, the structure will be the steps to the optimizing. The second is the beginning. Examples go into optimizing it and then I go into off the mine were first will be the steps doing the titled Attacks Everything, followed by examples. The examples continue all the way, as I do one video at less, so you will get this to share. Trading Coffee will be experiential learning that needs to experience it. Experience what I experienced and you do it. You can also do the same video and see how your rank on my But then I have many other things to share the my fans. OK, first of all, our share of the structure the basics off, optimizing the idea of bonds ways off. Let's share your YouTube channel on Google, plus your channel being vertically and your YouTube video plus on Peter on social media channels for both authority Are this over here? The father for the chapters. But then eso the structure will be the basic full of by example full of pipe and find because you CSM off our share channels. Let me show you before I go, I feel my mouth people. Plus I reliable partner. Seriously, Fine, they might hear, but I see my mom, right. You see what she does for you? The sound needed. But yes, it is a video. This is such a week. You see the channel eq I got like, Okay, I got 139 popular past myself. So this helps to boost the power of the channel that I have defeated that big here. This moment is a music video basically off my idea ever for ignition. My new music video if they help to boost the effort from time. So it's a thing which is very important to do it. Uh, yeah. So I tell this wash my other chapters and then peace. Follow me. You know everything you make you get to Seamus, you shake off, peaceful it. Please get get a passive income in your life. Everybody together. We also partner whatever it wouldn't do, We just can't communicate. Whatever do I did my email contact me as a teacher Because I'm a teacher to help my students. So just, uh, just communicate, communicate and see how I help each other. But I will share my promise to you. My view promises share my experiences and send me every video. You will know how I do it. So there'll be 1000. There'll be 1000 examples This time I will probably out saw another channel. My other off. This is another strategy which I will share. You have outs off, create a channel that people looking and then do the work for you become a business owner. They created content at them experience. See, you know some interns to like to do it right? Get intensively. Don't worry about them heavy a company and, uh, having doing it because have a relationship with them. And then efecto they wanted to sell the offices and all this stuff don't and bust. I don't know this over the future plans and basically I do have a group of any starting with me on this YouTube and my whole my mom around. So this one with a share I also helping basis having people bases So I love and happy poor . So let's continue my journey. Me. I thank you for 2. Youtube Keyword Research and Renaming of Filenames: I actually no way need the founding off the video, which has a problem to you too. Basically, this is the video that you want, all of you and do before you in name is because you re name this MP for way out of it. Because you understand any documents? Keyword? Usually. What? You want to put your title where you're rightfully putting before? Yes, you can do it then Internet. After that, you're right. The properties goto details and change the death out here. Because there's a reason why you cheated Italian. Because you will make the extra decimal value, which is sexy. A sort off like a far court for the found, the card of charcoal of it to change the very my 19 I tried to show in a separatist. Or why today, Monty, this I've actually tried toe reason why you dont leave. Because once I tried to upload the video about changing all these details, he doesn't run well. That's why the beautiful rank, right? This is the key point. If it is a key point to actually change it, change the information, then you here and you get the ranking. This is a keep the key main point. But before I do that, this is an update off the house and sharing from YouTube. I will do killer research right now. Just using sort of software. Our you will suggest. And then I will go through. I have a key was so fickle. Cuban job was suggest I'll use both suggests I'll use Cuba in India. So I used a few key was to get a rough idea of how little I have. Another key was so for purely such a that I would do in a separate video. They said, not a philosophical Kiwa XP, which I will do in a little time for if you can get it off. Okay, Yeah, somebody issue. But it's okay. Anyways, uh, enter the queue. Everything on the web, you should check wept and YouTube as well, because they give you a range YouTube. If you're breaking with, such as also, I just actually, I should actually do you do for us to be honest, so I wouldn't do it. You on our just how? That's how tool out. Because you notice how to be great in go girl into actually to shock care right? you get more considers because yes, it issues over Russia, Turkey to other long Hill visits and other preparations. So, yeah, you see long Goodbye depends, you know, some salty likes. He would Hi bottoms. Look, all the details. I'm high bottom said, with a lot of us a picture. So you have a video. It's cool. Let me go on toe. How Who? Let's say as how to extract new to your links Let's see whether they have such a long time you I think I would do another thing with his sweat off scraping and automation because I think the killer is good. I think for you best laid down use innovative. No, they don't have it actually took being so it's actually the key. Will be to copy extract a straight links a shred weapons stripped Where p lease, Actually where? Patiala weapon. These I will have to search for the some ideas. Get up and see how unity gets the it actually have determined stretch wrapping itself. Ludie, if you feel moment that's loading and also this over, suggest that now Patel to believe it becomes for no, I don't think I don't think they have these. I think I just go for it. Doesn't have people were calling. Doesn't want this is her over. So trying out the door, I try notto target those because time is money. So you were scraping rescue being good. You see what Stripping to pick you up. Okay. Web Street being fighter, wet sex people. It's also good as well, but I will focus on West creeping Let's go to YouTube and checked the u T one u T West gripping. No way for you to us if you go first. Really good. Get the tool is a shaper to access Report is good But I think let me see the trends It is trending, right? Very well. I may just keep and do this with such people, too. Triple toe is not okay. I mean, I'm doing so Let's have a bit off a strategic thinking on it, so you'll find it. This is dropping. It's it's we're sets creeper. It's actually consistent. So on average, right? This you should get stripper tool. He was You know, I basically simple worshipping only half a video about off Mrs Creepy that need toe people toe because people tool the lowest at the lowest point is about 6009. Is deal more still but average that it gets the every get on seven months on the long run. It depends on this entity. Uh, if you see the longer it's good, they can think it. But, you know, it's actually check the competition. How do you do it? You just go to YouTube. So this is Kimberly. Search for sense is a bit unique. Everybody has a unique way off doing the curious. So I shared my carries foot of off check for some high volume. I told me, Right. So the UK what is actually if you we go toe west ripping you know, people to Adan's with birth of all of the French being recipes one. But we'll just go on the other one of the best people. And she put two Okay, I don't scrape a two on one with a pool. Oh, it's a different meaning. Freeport who is not? It's not software is that sweeper, so you can use it. You see, you can use it. You have to check so it doesn't really work because it's actually Web such paper. The landscaping is also an Alec. You're fully had to check the top 50 MSF Italy is how my cure process falls. Uh, website people for such people. Okay, you can see crumble. So if you want you is not better. 90,100 people. Okay, Not bad, you know Seriously, You see, there's no better time wet, detached with being. It has more body might just be right being need us with bean sl she did you know that you have my my i should we But then you see, that's a detached being. So he kept the months just self. It's it nobody really can fight. This is red because he did us being almost a scene Where such people well the West Africa Cuba So sorry. We name it right websites, people. So you just is everywhere French people you know the crew the crew estacion I showed in the video so slowly just to eat this way Updated So you just to update a list. It's actually both. Then you can target the white. Let's quit. Being is also make okay. You know what? Auto automation You for the update update here. Okay, That's my what I think so updated wear such a revealing automation So no, I should delete it. That key What are these? Actually such you can t put It s great, but But then because you I want them toe notice. Optical. I just put the gravel called in because I think off Crume extension. You know why? You know why do that? So you creeper, you don't have used how extra things because this is no strong. Keep about that. Certainly nobody Other people said that need to a check. So you're always checking, referencing on your reference. Basically where you do look you because you're trying to get more from our youth quickly and efficient. You told someone with you to spend the time to do wanted. Did you have you get money for? So this is how the speak off anyone outdoor a video off that video Contestants people believe me. So you the people that speak is that you could in fact, be the speed off. Any money is piling up passive income. And because the speak you know why it's speak Because you only have passive money, so it actually pounds up some, and actually, this is a speak off, honey, because you keep money. You see, you have the speed off already. This is another to ethical understanding, I think. But every experience getting faster, they called him a I'm just trying to this one shock you'll get about money, but it stopped there. See if you can continue getting a fast both of money that could fulfil days. Go. Not if a body whose effort Why for the door. You you stop passive income. Okay, so I don't have people. Okay, so our personal be naming it. So you really mean right? We name it because I don't think I can't talking more information. I helped. A friend can put it. Uh, I can't put it. But how? Illustrating feel up. Helpful Estrich YouTube link Because this tea was deception. What if you power up the other? The other video with 30. How to extract you to be buildings? Well, you can You can. So, actually, I do It is this complicated way. I mean, this different way. So they very visa. Okay, A plan. Ok, you know why? Not until you have a t the hex of this off this Ortiz getting big. My vigorous doing so Okay, so now you change it, right? You start up. Look this to my pastor. This will be another video this to mean where I upload it, Kinda it optimize everything off. Tell me, Doesn't mean off the miles fast. So now this chapter or renaming the Byfield had missed a unique and record boy, you to the next one. I want to share your feelings using life faster toe upload of u and also create before I am No, before that, of course. I also show you before Apple to create a nice I took three. How to create a nice Tom Neal. I think in another chapter with after the up because I think that start designing. So if I put it as a less important stuff, you know, I would just reinforce and actually probably So Okay, we're just immediately proceed to you're up loading a pre pre recorded video. It's you to life and you took life. You wreck well, in your view, really, it's actually the cornerstone is actually the Alysia 13. You're hitting on a key piece. Suit off. No, I mean, honestly speaking, you are basically you're basically hitting the right spot. If you're futile life because they put emphasis, you support efforts. It's on your right. Okay, 3. How To Upload Precorded Video Onto Youtube Live: Hello, everybody. I'm now at this using the life Blaster seat so you can see I open up the okay. Sorry. It has looked like last week. Okay. Ah, Lloyd. But let us a seat. Come on. Come on now is loading the light? Baxter Street is actually that you? Prayer called the video. Said I d just now about with the usual easy. I see what you do if you open life after soldiers because I you brought it. I'm gonna show the whole process a fight so that you get a tutorials. He got a practical for you. I'll give you some. They will be written there. Then I have this. But then I will have a home for you to do. It's not just a lesson that teaches you have the How do you also have formal to do? Don't be stress over the whole city as a practical lesson there have you? If you have any questions, ask me in the comments right for homework. We should be a little essence. You look for if you if you never do a video that you that you saw how I stand it. But how you gonna do it still get at me? Just okay. I think you could power. I always ideally put the mask you share Holder. Yeah, if this video tripping up. So this is the video best fit for research upon in book. You open it. You opened you off the Malaysian directly. Besides, Okay, this one I love it in the little video, please. What for? Because basically this off the mountain T what? We can tell the Okay, let me show you about this. What's so special about this? First, it's we need second properties, your changeable with you. So if you need, you can actually don't have diesel. So people apply. Okay, Okay. Okay. Physically, it is considered also by the Hexi Decimal off this photo to me. So the photo is unique. It's a great Okay, let me see. Sorry about that. Mitigate the photo. If you need this you need so you can find the title. You just copy whatever you so you know you save time. Basically, you can You can also so someone to write a unique type of all the way you need. But then I have tried there, but I had to track him trying on many babies. And if this is unique that you, me and that is not using this is the same. I realized that the description had to be different for these two fouls for the family about and a bit of our future. It looks Iwas Well, so Okay, then you have to have us a lot off his best. You have a lot of that, right? Well, I'm not kidding. You ran very well. So I would write this Basil making Fraser. Right? Okay, I did through the way, because you know why caring if you you know why? Because, you know, I I share with you because it's about you is about giving people in YouTube. When the first owner off this beautiful here to shed how nice elephant is to you, you see? So it's also that you share you express off. People sit there feeding and all that. I think that we need to better itself. Very fit. So many. Ready, Shane, if you, uh, the update, an update and improve for the west. You know, why don't pretty efforts is everybody doing the same thing? Putting the west off this defection share of the reproof interested me. Automation for affecting you to be doings. Folio Channel. Okay. The grabber never lucky's use is used in a more better we by using the copy and also the excel A using copy function Copy fountain by things on the bottom from the button on the top. So you essentially copy that entire entirely of these? I don't take no, because you know why? Are you OK? Actually, you can just, you know, because nobody Okay, I tell you about this diffusion. It's a tenacity diffusion, And you see that you actually toe effort. The number right is I could know for your by using bye bye. Does he by any laptop typing, Typing of watch? You know why? Because the videos, right? They have forming it. Actually, you feel entirely some things. Copy a, actually. Oh, yeah. I copied the internees off things excel good. You can So you can I, like, be for highlight. The first, the first bot fresh shit. Well, why you're crazy enough to share the step here Because basically before toe, I hope people don't see that. I mean, Rob, people do see that you will see how you right. If you do share me, they will see what I see. Because you can see it Technically, how the text is like. But you have to see how u boats different people are different for releasing this kind. Good. This card a share is called days actually happen. So you have a great good right off. Quite common, I think. Yes, It's also ill considered. If I would consider it a security giving a good karma. Constancio, you're giving back to the people helping them off course I have, but and so let law. What number off the lot doing so it's quite clear right with Right. Ok, so this is the case. So this is the stuff you can do. But then, you know, I always incorporate it. Okay? I went to my YouTube channel, Right. Okay. Let me go back to you to know that this format Misha you which I like to use, You know, that is for men, which is e Do this for me. I'm not sure. I think if I had these social things, you know, so should like to help. You know that you do have a Ricky. I tried that. Anything from Ricky because if you look out toe saltine things. A little of the Google Inc is good, right? It have you in many ways. So now I'm just writing the title. You know why I'm gonna show you how the writers before this is because I want to show it practically how you think. How you right people don't show it. I show it because under share all my my sexuality you So please change this s tricks. But something different had number off anything that's okay, how it's gonna be. But does the unit have something very? Actually, the number is a funny thing. While you put it put, subs involved crazies involved for some symbol, maybe like this symbol that's involved. So it just it just that he had never If you need to see tryingto like make it unique so it doesn't matter before dinner. I decorating? No, actually, I'm not decorating. I'm not trying to make you because I know programming, and I know that they actually, if you have a representative title like days and that, what would it be? Great. If you can actually like me even more unique by adding some from other stuff like that everything I told you this. Yes. Deaths, actually, uniquely I do. And actually you can actually go to Wikipedia and get a link Wikipedia, which I didn't do. We? Certainly. Because of time issued by ability for you to be their wet. You can also put this in diffusion. You know what I want to show you before I show you? Because it is, uh, because I want this so that you know how to form an instructor. You basically you need to know how. Do it off operation. Yeah, this automation does put in that He was I did every for it works pretty. It looks like a charm. You know? I'm not going to hurt Tom caffee computer. It's a license. Please. I have been formally had saved my keep it so that you end up getting you right. You can You different and no people because you know, it's not unique using, But I tried. It doesn't help berating 90 kind of your thing. You use a copy. Content is not unique. You see, Indian So he had to use unique content. And that's one way to even make it even more more special. I wish I did. So this is the, uh, body parts. You type a quote at the end. Okay, so we benefit off technology, time, money, foot it save time money. And actually, it's safe for the benefit for the benefit I love for people. So you have a court, okay? It's basically I'm not sure if people if that's okay. Copy, escapee. I don't think they touch. There is such a court, you know that. I tell you people here, right? This is a quote here. I could be loaded. Okay. You have. I mean, he was website freeport in the keyword and attack, the tactic they call me and import attacks up, it'll be protect for us because the text happy breaking. So I'm trying to read for West will be I have another key work which is called wet being an operation. So you know why do that? The more billions do, the more you read marketing. If you get everywhere sweeping automation out a variation of it. Ultimatum. You ran very well because you've got a hollow same videos, unique content of indirect. Pastor, This is another strategy. Is another strategy that they because a strategy we can't just plumped up. The video is just there. And then you went easier on TV. You know, someone we don't right here because they actually get creative videos toe the garden video . I'll show you how they did it at high tea off that and know how to do it. Okay, now you can see it on a wet. Yes, another that I saw the people. If you do it very book home. Right. Where? Sexually. People Calm, wet paper. Oh, wet site. Creep of extension to see Because although its separate that, but still you can break out of here is a regular keyword creating at the time I put how to you can protect Rabbi. But that's how you eso you had put the decry today. So you for 15 then you actually have a two minute lighter. Have two minutes, 37 seconds. Kind of timing right now. Attendance. So you just actually, just you just you get the truth. All right, I got you. Be doing so just scroll down. Right down. That's right. Now, quick, it a quick update being fixed locations. Well, no way. Let us go back. Okay. Now it's like the apple that you go back with me. I mean anything. Quickly, quickly. Go back to you alive. See me night, then. Okay. We'll go there. Live free me. I'm going toe to another Training. That letter is the ever Then I'm gonna do up the course. I try my best to do so then you do events for the 42 minutes. So their fuel matters. You got to do with who enters. Okay, First of all entirely. And that's okay. All right. Money title could be because, you know, people are watching. I have quiet. No more people watching. So it could be put from one planet cuts. I have a lot of of a lot of, uh Right. Okay, so then this software have this issue auto. Okay, that's even auto Stream. But I'm gonna just stream it, because that would be seven. I have. Okay. Just restated the 70 that you can actually be very creamy. That left leaning a ticket. So you were stream. You upload. You'll see. So this is how it will end up. Look out. Share you wrecking everything and how that they were. Oh, so heaven. But I'll show you how it drinks and now share hot off the other path like the subtitles. Cut everything or they brought stuff to make it better wrestle because I didn't do it because I didn't want you to do it. I won't do it now. Right now. So taken from the next video, optimize fully loaded and actually optimize it. Yes. So I thank you for watching. 4. Designing Your Thumbnail For Youtube SEO: Hi. I'm here to create my, uh, Tom Neal for you to be here. I use a big color. You, uh, if he does carry great. And then you just try to create a certain title or this youthful optimization I like. So I think I can use a white border with a few white border. And then it should be picking up your speed with Dick so that you can capture the attention of people. Feel well, if you are watching it so you can make a most basic. So how do you design itself more spacey. I catchy catchy graphics to capture attention. So the side hopefully had to society. I have pain that is looking to get to know more about a move that will be a little shot by you Deserve simple. And it's before we work so hard. Is any explosive voter contact on What's the phone I use? I wasn't discovered. A 94. Uh, so sleepy. But I'm going to use another for this type of you to, uh, the title. Okay. I forgot about the title. Ceasefire this. Go back and get it. Fresh people, weatherstripping and automation. Or this a west with automation. That will be good. So you have time to Roman, right? But then there's other forms which are able to make it stand. Now everybody do something 50 for a fax machine. But I want something that stands up. We should other really stand out. In my opinion, it's understand why does this system so then some cool for more For yet you try out the phones I found a for No. Very good bye. Can't remember what the parts that need us. Try to find one that stands out from legally every threatening. This is no very thereby to former. I'm looking for something that is really captured that I address all psychology because you can capture the eye of a person. It is not that either. This is a little bit the friend Bobby met cuz this is good, but it's not that place. I'm credible. Really A handwriting. Let me see if I find one. That was This is not bad. Okay, This is not bad either, because it doesn't really mean it. The head writing by still key. So I just get it bigger. Serving too wet, ripping it off the maker. It is eyes close toe. Okay. See, something does happen. So it'll get wet with being and best. Creeping is awful for the YouTube video. The reason Tom used to be able to capture attention off three, but will succeed. Maybe like 65. Then you put the keyword. Okay, first of all, when you have a title right, that you should also on my phone, I put the key was in the army because basically where they see the time your everyday asserting it they will not leave the cricket. Right? So that is better debt with athletes that really got attacked the right to We don't put our after Les Waas creeping in the automation. You see people the link grabber crossover invest professor, Before you know this is the minke whale, right? Were set free. But if you can, you can actually make you stand up. It's a real key. Was dinner with by making a yellow. So I make it years old. If he stands up in this before you make it a little bit bigger, you can get people in here. But the stairs are old to be given. Dizzy Dean, bigger websites with four. You can t make a set. Okay, Now design has exempting for you zec it is that you can t make it like a like a step They step through our website quickly. Parcel, you can use a room. Uh, clean gravel. Cool buggies fill it if there befall. This game is small because they see the debt really designed for me. That's exactly I did a course in my polytechnic tops about tiny in a set form for you. You see that? He said he Is that right? Being gravel from puppies were just thinking small. You know why? Because they small they have slight differences. E So this is how I see the creative feeding off the time being Gravel from blocking. Does your small too small for 40 years? So he put another fun. You can don't for Theis. See? And she stands are shot dead sent out here, but so here we just try a I don't know how you would underline it. So you'll see Are the gramophone fucking todo Are you actually feel walk by this kind of different, So I don't know about college and she never livable colors. I see that with this way so I will just put it on a graph. English, actually. No, this is not so you know you have. Yeah, I just Yeah, I would recommend when design. I want every for three off immediately. High quality. So I don't think automation. Automation. I have this membership plan this automation and automation. Okay, I like to give this because this is where you your is ready for for So you get this photo unity, building automation, bodies, because instead, but then I just tried to order create something unique. I will try to create the things red. Typical for the saving in my okay. Sort of. OK, it's only that goofy. I think it's c for the and then I just put it right here. Reps. Quickly, Opie. 80 At where? Website. Okay, I just need like that first date, I will have to redeem up. This is one thing about this. This doesn't mean you have to begin that, have you the name of the family. And you also have to name the properties it has been making that is serious enough to create a new one with the paste a link. So I pasted it. That what because it's over west. Actually that basic right here, people okay? Because it allows this slices allows you the in your full. You just select this this whole thing because it supported besides money selected Dracula. A jacket big here. Let's Okay, I think I got Go on, do it for you and I show you how to do it. You left at this rate because that part quite tedious. You know, if you think about it, Quite tedious one. So OK, see, that's a problem in here. Distinguishes a problem on the sites. We don't do it this way. See, that's a lot. There's a lot of what could be done to see if I could Picking the wrong the row, but eternity, but Okay, well, you see, this is very e. I think something's every row. He probably because I might make it more exact. Fill your coffee. You cut it so it gets hard. Some on my father's that you have a problem, right? You paste it, then you drag it big. And that works. People really just David and I'm excited. It is high design, and it is quite tedious. You know that if I feel It's quite somewhat the roof So you definitely small make it small because that corner addressed more with that 5300 off you get 400. I'm not sure how little but since 435 safe inside there you're speaking Entitle eyes will be off seat my folder of the leaders Get entitle You opened their for their with you especially you got paste from okay lets that get it We have it now That's Robledo the pace That debt is a form and that Okay, that he supposed that you dragged right now who supports every threat right now. So you just think it the sweet Get me straight up through is what looks like that it looks like that. I think this is the design office. And if you need it normally heading nobody does step we age. I didn't last this, actually and actually have this alignment here so you can see that we are the 90 s artistic few. Okay, so that's about it. So you just save it, But okay. That's about I got when I do the design, right? Got really okay idly that people be Jewish. Meaning you don't have to rename it. Christie, you have to. Okay, Thing is here, then you see, I got a video creeping automation. Regrettably, no minded Uptick in another video. Connor vice. Okay, I just do it. So I think it's in my other folder to get the name off just because I need to follow the name off the video. So I got through. I've got to get the Yeah, it's actually right here. My another foot of people in a simple Davey. But all right, I just copy that. We got feedback so lesser. Reynoso is actually true if you put it in a safe for that, so I would have copied cut it, but others had 24 hours. So this is my issue. So if you know, if you the power and then this Lucia and then you left off my station, right? It's right here. So you have this graphic right here for his supposed there. You just Rehema you just really me doing? You know, your your come you have to be a spy site and then just a graphics to help attract attention . Oh, people who chanced upon a big deal. It's a video. You were unique in If you don't benefit them, get out. One of my team. He's lovely also. So Okay, apply that. You know. You see, nobody has the combination of writing, so you know that is unique. So I have created how readily weakness off this for good days ago. This for not about this big pistol. Peter. This video at this time there on my life, Masters. Okay, that need with on. Then I'll show you again. 5. Youtube Search Engine Optimization End Screen Annotations, Subtitles and Description: Yo, everyone, I'm actually in my role and I just show you have to have its illiterate in my room. My shades on shop fractures all these. OK, I'm doing this. You tip off the my nation, this part would cover. How do you use entry and notations? Cart subtitles and some dissolution optimization Advanced settings. I think that the category done Ready money violation is donated. Frustrations in fight right? You can trust it is the languages. You can go into a Chinese version and you actually don't have to be right here. Let me tell a tatty where you anti write in Chinese is a different meaning. Your seats different anyways, if you're not sure But later I would root a translation in a separately. You will tell you get to a Chinese version because the attack Okay, let me tell you one thing that Taiwanese and people crossing our body of people who Chinese so Chinese I also goingto something differently. Yoko and Toto is actually video off the magician for them. Do it because basically off the my system for video is anything. Now there will be a wet five off sitting out at the end of this video, Wet five is a new good. Now it's a weapon to have people alright, many years ago. Now wait 500 about emotional connection. I'm my numerology is six and emotional. So I mean I mean wanted there's more to it then. Five, I think over 10 or 10 a wet Don't know how many hundreds or whatever I think of bread far. So let's go on to this tutorial. Aware of the magician is a forcible entry. And all teachers, anybody can duties. But then basically hardly property. Create a video. The best for the for your Okay, you have How many of these cases years preventable? You know why? Because Vince for viewer is oil videos. The investment of you there Auto Select offer me a lot because IBD I'm guessing the careful view means and what you would recommend. We don't that the person wash before with that videos no necessary maybe, is what he has. What from history. So maybe is from my channel is from a lot of people Channel automated couple I believe his intelligence is telling you. You seriously intelligent is it? Go intelligence. Okay. Tough to cry. Please forgive important because you need people toe share your content and yeah, that's one tasteless. I should I will share. You want video? Why must get some tribal Wyman by it? I will goto vine to get five of this one Indian. Uh, Brad, uh, that's unusual. And that's in a spin off. I think I've spent up, I think one day, right. It was faster. Tell you iwas fast people like Okay, so you must have super fans with the support. Just I really am on them. Yeah, this superb online That understanding. Yeah, Okay, I won't. So he must have this supposed escribir support everything. Suppose sheriff. I'm not kidding, You know seriously, you need to help them for more analogy. And why must you pronounce channel? Because you hated them and you need to you So you get to see their data views now Poor That is red people Promo. Okay, Sorry. You promote another. You came from another channel and I know you're you know why, Yes. Im red handed deposit. Okay, So next time I will try to see channel because, uh, because if I have this the channel me Because I want to be on the channel. I'm trying to test it. Test outsider matters. I will do another big your property matters. You pack to use a channel. I see something related to West ripping. But yet I use the chairman and see how you raise roughly the same amount off my leisure. And yeah, this wifi. Okay, let's go to be the West weeping get the one of the most. It has no love use video head worldviews. They centimos views in they see Yes, this is the mostly the dodo. No, I like the name of God. Hopefully, just rightly, completely. Then goto the okay, you can have the chills from your own. Clearly, it does create elements to other people because you know why? Basically, why do this to think about other? Basically, where the CDs, part of immediate suit, they will click on the video. Okay, basically letting on this video by Although it's on my video on the video, the combined time they watch my video at the end and has this total view time. Okay, total view time. And you have this. That means you want my media. What other people see the total couple that time we'll give you a recluse aching because you based on L. A. We don't want Toto. Watch time. Now you get it right? So that's why I do the things I want I'm doing. You can also create a for fun. Okay, Basically. And none of either. With data in Henry, put as much as you can come to leverage on him. Yes, I will. Killing leverage on it. So I put, for example, at that portrait. No, no, no, no. Put more because I did. Whether they are mine is you okay? Our mind. But it's okay. I really don't like it. Like white to recall. What? So you have more options? This is often my addition mental, because you to life everything that you can. But they're not gonna right now. I'm not gonna dig. People are curious. Curiosity killed the cat, right? So actually even kill. Okay, curiosity in this water is reversed somebody that if you look at him, he was a t bill curiosity built interest. So this I would say about this edging outages if you don't know farther into the cops. Okay. That's always proceeded to see if I don't see the idea. Okay? so you don't go into a lot of funny I have because way don't use talk. Because in the middle something to get it is like, Ah, well, this I know I want you something now. The total watch time for this video and the other big long You did video he's gonna put Iraqi. Okay, so it gives abuse to bend my foot Iraqi eventually win in with the power sharing other peoples You, But for us our share a video in front first docu benefit yourself fourth before you because this is this should be they should be the wavy So you're like, OK, this is that I didn't want So I will put it somewhere I put the subway in the I mean, I'm just I'm just figuring out how to do because they want the first and put the what? Looking over physically pretty at the end of the bottle. Maximize. It's actually okay, in my opinion, right? Used to put gallery is alright physically, some people up any other people, but depending on you, you can put them in front. I mean this. Go get five. I suggest that you go and thus for the back, but it's OK. You know, even he they could wait on video. You get the what time it follows the other. It doesn't that it's okay, cuz I thought it would help the person between that. We It helps you. A lot of you have seen the couple have done it. You know why? Because in this way you link up, you know, the internal linking. Yeah, that's you. How your race You call the subtitle, You know, off the minds it because for, you know, I hear Forget manage the automatic. I don't touch it. I have speed reading skills. I'm not kidding. They will get this. She's wrong. Right? Okay. You got any little bit of it. So he's going to okay? It doesn't work because you know why? This doesn't want because always wrong. So you can You can you know, they're some videos that properly stuff. I told you, use it. You're probably because I speak in the grant in a more natural way. So Okay, I'm not deleted. So he has a religious festivities. Publish it because I speak in this tone. And is that the heat right at the new subtitle? Do not copy the subtitle. Everybody does that. You're gonna get problem for creating yourself. You just say something, OK? Knife of the content we move also generated content. Now that's right. Is going to have capital. It helps. It has a wrecking factor. Yes, You let me have a very constructive but seriously is actually the title with the ship shirt and optimization off the video. You've seen them? Yes, to get a high ranking for. But then everybody does. The same thing is a every doesn't seizing. How powerful Ethio like your father. Your video following name topped off with a title Debt matters because the capital it matters because everybody get out. It's yourself better and do a better something. But the one wishes internal, which is a video. What way, right? Your video description. I mean, you see the video file description? No direct health. Now let's with subtitles And we have done probably more. You have to do some. I think you do some of the stuff, right? You see, because doubled you got at more content because that's the only way to do it once. And then you get paid for because don't you write something nobody does is all you need, Um, For them working. So okay, Retributive the mission to off It's OK. The West ripping apart the vision Quit being and automation, you don't find it fully And country different for you to buildings. No. Why would it do nobody And I don't think I want a oh websites we So he still has to do with being forever is demonstrated. So you make it therefore more because, I mean, I think informally directives formal So just have a bit of difference now. Different is very important. Anything Italy? Because if I do, I'm pretty excited. Defense. You So are Yeah, he published. We publish it right here on demand already Noble that you poor settings. Basically, you're just the type of steps I took the step busy this month. Three. He type more getting tight. More stuff for him. I did not do one thing off the automatic. It uh um put the subscribe to my channel. Okay. I have basically I would just go straight in that when you're not at the change in U two's affecting concert that year. Two years. I'm not kidding on our side. Should I used to run one. Okay. I think I used the wrong one time, so I thought Okay, I found you. You know why you have to be There are no is another view. Okay, let's not do a video houses the district, then it's either form a Yes. This is a former. So it just replace all the details. You just pop. It is a pitch based it on your text file. And in the event that you really just put all stuff do not be moved off. You see removed for that. You need for even know someone like far right. I put myself she imagines sometimes you don't need that excel. She I have planning. What? How did you start to end? Peter Cook desktop. Anything you feel like you have, you need to give it. Finally has called me or whatever. Yeah, I think my phone number. I'll find you. Yes. Now it's open all your food. Everything's open with worry. You got any? There's a people here. Okay, optimizing ready. So now this initially. Okay, So you don't don't put copy. The city's in my text. I have off the month of text. Probably basically desperate to take a look at this. Fucking probably like you, okay? It doesn't give you the tax should give me a tech suggestion. I didn't get the fucking damaged long. Hey, later, I'll do another video on attacks, but attacks itself. I have tried powers of times, and I know that the hex, if you repeat too much off the key what? You will get it. I'm not kidding. You get it, get called off. You do something that be different. It's titled Power. But then it must know. Don't repeat the cure to Mark you're making Had too much until they tell you to last part on that off there, sometimes it makes it. I tried it thinking I don't think it helps, you know, because you know why? Your focus on these, you die, focus anything you see. So So I'm trying to tell you be focused, but it is very interesting, actually have. But yet not too much to my thing that I do everything for you. That's clearly self editorials. So half of ladies myself I don't have time. Ah, a lot off different something. A authority, pretty everything. So I just make it random for you. can now. What a mean You're right. The front, I'll tell me, should see kinds of thieves Time. Time is money. It It's funny. Every second creates too to you. Spending right, spending more quality time on your life, right? It's why automation e I am activity. Everything with the time. See, you can do strategy. Okay, I just write the difference. 30 Cranie you can focus on. You think your business strategy even technology enables split second off years. So you see, I'm tryingto you know what? I'm not trying to Even if a lot of people tell you to put the key in, you can hire writers those who don't. Some people, they when they are writing right off your signal, you just on here is our security for Does semantic in the premises of the that You were software. Is he so utilizing software? See you. I think I mean, just writing. Since I talk about it, I just writing software in solutions. You better your life. You know, that's a tight another paragraph. But for this hour out. Any content now? One of the week. I love anyone until you reach a mix. So you just keep adding content boosting because you know what? The competitors doesn't do it. So yeah, this. What about the cousin? He may not share so much in common home in our own off a apartments flat that me as you did , We actually go in completely, go and bring videos together as a mother, Something which is so key in my video. And thank you for watching. And then before Before. And I told these covers have end in official cuts of titles and a description off the foundation. So I gave you, like, one toe three. Now, this is because it is a second part off imagination. When you have a life, you just upload with the content. You have the matter injury, carpets, up title. So this is the second part. I put it together instead of trying to put them out because the beach is You can do that in one shot. So that and then I hope that you can have many people. I thank you for watching 6. Description Optimization For Youtube SEO: Okay, now we're gonna just do some limitation on getting the video for the top raking billions for your key. What, onto a description on the website. Okay, get this link right here. And I don't know how you think the ranking, actually, before I even started. Okay, I'll do this. I'll check the rank, and after I place and see, I will go in. I will not place and save it first. So I would just do a testing on the ranking. So my very like life when you know, it's like, Yeah. I mean, it's not just something like, uh you just tryingto show me how to do it. But I'm not sure that ends up at a soffit ranking anyway. So So yeah, it's very like experientially not experience. That means that you have what you given a walk through how energy works. So it's much more alive off the idea. Copy the wrong detail assigned. Although, actually, you can thank you Very good. You know, when you get later that she had Really But actually, you know, a lot of accidents, right? Like the accident cosseted inventions. Now, I just accidentally put this data Indeed. Nothingto it good, Because the person they taught me to put this this of Okay, I think I didn't copy. And the No. Okay, I think it's actually the description of the decision to keep the content. So I just get the title. Yes. Answerable to get a title end. Okay, now I'm not Enter the game will get the type off. Just forget it and open it. Dennis, get the right off, but is beautiful. So you know what? Because basically, you may not believe it, but you get a relationship. That video, it's actually why house, that's the dust east. Have a relation. See, I took this in the message. That's easy is a ppd. So you get a mother with you so you can aberration. So dense. A reason why? So it's I d. Okay, so the number one is the other use. I know he just that video that interest you, you can put the ailing s Oh, but it's OK if I I would have to put a link to the video if they're not a testing out Heads to virgins. If you see which I was better lets you put in true typing anything but anything is the link here. Don't you just affected here? Whatever this. But I'm sorry about that. I'm not supposed to do that for them trying to do it right. I think I had to be more concentrated. Okay, You have to bear me. You know, this just not a good thing. So I type. I'm telling you the entity, especially in for so I just type it with right in the morning. You know that I am dreaming. Feature. So my my knees, that makes it view actually off. Usually just directly copy doing outdoor my introduction. Refugee. Okay, well, this week kids with you on the ultimate the government, after look off power out of the ultimate What? The the ultimate introduction who have scraping the ultimate introduction. Let's were being what type of a Yeah, I don't Video and browser alteration and probably You see, you know, I got attacked, you know, because I took that happen. And you get the idea Certain fashion, You know that ultimate. You know, she did like I use that hex. I used to be a pretty demanding and titles. So this has the other. Is that interest you If you can put the channel like you put that channel name wet paper off. But I think it will be a repeat. But it's okay. I mean, I don't try. I wonder how the records that I haven't seen it. Right, Chief? If I have no save it, what will happen? Really? Im sure. Is he interested to know what these site for medium? I don't know what happens here because he had just adding content. You know that you're writing content, and then this is decided. These human English this life it is done. I think I don't see. It was I'm taking it easy. If my savior check the ranking in myself, it's like blast is getting a little. Have a rain check. Keith is legit. Jackie is the software court you get from YouTube and you go to actually go are such a wrong office. Sorry. Yes, because I got the October. Okay, video. Uh, last up? No. Is it? The enemy is the envy, You know, so excited for you to life after what? Actually that Now they have this. I got a new for you. Way we see this is the problem. Thank you. So I got the name wrong about this is good shit off software. I forgot the shadow suffered to my 15 watts are shadows off. Forgot to hear what they used. Anyway, I forgot this year to share this off your life. This is some of the protests are what would be a wine actually figure skating trip for fun . And you just have fun doing it right? You're naturally become. Actually, I'm not kidding. It becomes a super expert. I'm okay as it's super, because you know what? You know. I think you have some basic woman things that is kind of you know, I mean, I'm not kidding. You know, some people, maybe people, this financial hits wet stripping, right? Let me try a few key words and see how things happen at this time of year. Everything. So that would make you put it on top so that you know that you want If I did that, I keep in your lives. I'm seriously trying to see, like, wet automation creeping in many key Was that and see how air chief rank and you know the pattern. You you observe, you know more Observe steel automation in optimizing these observations because your companies are there. So it becomes fun because you have to the more optimized and be more you have to be a constable bothers us. Even you have to do it. But just naturally do it. You keep improving on a video that's convicted eventually. I also she had a teeter sharing happy because this is actually what I did. Or this is actually Patil of the destruction. And he did a description of the combo like cut some title. But this is something is going to show you. This is interesting wet web scraping where we've guru and automation then Yeah, well, automation being you know what we was Also have I was aware the rivers also have a disease . Okay, so just you that new I tell people be at five years and she just five systems. I will just update them update I will share a few more picks up. I mean, I just friend initially wanted so Okay, I did not put advance actually going to the advance. But then I just tell them if they feel like that, you won't get the category correct and not talked about other things, but the media apparatus separate. That's combine it with the other give. So Okay, so we have a meeting. Fresh ripping is number seven. Before I did any off the mighty 77. Number seven, But automation. Okay, let me see the ranking. Right. Shipping off. So you read shipping one. If you drop the rig Websites rebirth. Any five. No evident. All right. It was 18. 93 previously. So now if I see the high frequency, we know what happened. Who is this Avian. See, then you just actually saving. And then, Okay, then we save it, right? We have the way for the wall of the your effort, okay? After everything for any while. We're waiting for it. Right on. We go through something. Translations? Uh, something different, right? Because we are waiting for a tow, so I just want to It's working so you can see bookie translations. Okay, first of all right, so So you let them try the translation here, Andrea were waiting about tough while we are waiting. Trust the language order. Taste in English to a Put it in. Let's say you want actually, you can t learn the language and every kindness in their language. Other Chinese Because I'm tiny because you can't front afraid is kinda help defend north off the outdoor tennis can China you can issue. So, um well, I'm going to be different. Try Taiwan. And then how does it work? No, actually, I don't think we'll get anything. Doesn't have a translate button. I think it's a great Okay, I think I will have something I think that did plan. If I update for the I'll have a transit about them because I like that part of the information I want. I think I have to ask the people I think it after. You know, you don't have to pay quite a bit like you bulls. Which have you think it, but they don't have a father and think. Here, let me. Why doesn't have a day off you? I think I will try it. Updated plan. Enterprise Plantation. You can be that you actually are waiting. Oh, good news. I actually dropped rule breaking. I dropped in making for excite people by rules making bodies. I think I know why. Because optimize a lot for automation. So it dropped. So as you can see, like I told you scientifically speaking, if you opt in, Mysore put Marquis was automation. You rank at the higher for his on field and you dropped are acting. I dropped the right. You were just without ankle up. So it don't worry about this. Just adjusting the ranking on. So we'll check back for the results in a few days and see what happens. I'll just keep it here, so yeah. 7. Use Vidiq Youtube Certified Software To Research Youtube Tags: Hi, everyone. I'm no back here. So do some. I will say that Put the tax Why? I want bigger. Different Because, you know, all these are, like, pretty easy toe in my butt. Attack to go toe have substitution in. Nicer than thinking on here. That's a book. Your inspector, right? This is the I. Q bucket A my sleeping. I have a feeling you have to get up. It's a fleeting So we can hopefully about that thing many people use it said for Cuba. Uh, let us our lives. What size creep? All right. They had to sit for you, actually. Also suggest coughing every time I know that. Okay, I just cancel my many fire Piketon. So you on know, actually to the zero in order? Is Patton free left? People Rescue Book room? Yes. Where? The traffic. Yes, you can find it. He having the low if you talk to my half. Be careful of that. So you can see the trans is or you know Theo actually, Bean, Especially for if you actually sorry about that. This is the website for the trends. Is that increased? So it's actually not so not so high in major velocity or boosting our funding. Why, this is, let's say time last year. It's not bad. You know, it's really something that piques enough every month in a much money, not really picking in the 51st because I think automation is getting up. I've been to some seminal right there talking about artificial intelligence, saying that automation itself is a soft intelligence is well, there's off. Artificial intelligence has been around for from the some of the Tokyo Panelists say that so beautiful soup. It seems that the West they saved that I don't know why this beautiful from here, perhaps residual something. The software language having such reports toiled. This is good. Okay, Script. Any website I'm not somebody can shoot anywhere visible. Did you get in trouble? You FCC of this year? A CD? Have you had this? Sometimes that you can't create knowing West were being web screen. But I think I have tried to put it for us. Let's see what happens. Okay. I didn't try these in a 45 p. T. I used to go to 10 you know, I see I've left feed whether it works, OK? No, I don't know why? I kind of I think it's not. Is it attacks? And I thought so whether I know I didn't. You know, it's a web here. The way bottom. My worry about my breast ripper keyword business do all right, if you still I used to try a lot of other text you can use a technical for, but he does not want. Uh, yeah, you can see coffee, then that this offer you water the copy them here because you know why you copy them, but they have something to do. You copy? Then you rang for us to get rid of the few who are. Just stick on this video and then get there. Get there, Kenetech. Now doing this. Right. So the detective in using the Hello ladies in general, you can't. Delia Ranking wet f 15 fighter. So actually did get their view fresh with you know what? This is Zero. Actually, that should be. Have some views. Pipe that measure reaping. So actually, actually, finest video, actually, can it wait, for example, can completely So these ideas is so then she read for certain key was there, so I can be copied ease, But then I think they must be No, they are very focused on that. Dreadful. So one of the ways get the lead us todo get its use Neema challenges and get the west does your now, OK, that this goes description off. Manage part of shares you can entity youth. The website. Uh, you l you know, put the thistles plateau with outboard part two of his Egyptian off medication. So it does floor in the form. I try not to make a formal out of the way I shared with you. It naturally. So you get Actually, I would be needed to get more than where you have to have structure. So you just make it nephew and I share more. If I share more, you get I was really into Seriously, you know, many people that's a benefit. Okay, the next one is So now the practice you can I will try to put Maybe I put I have never tried. No way. Put a technically here, so he's a top ranking you What I want to show you is simply just copy this This your after this year. Oh, and copies is titled Forties Albert Park. So that it gets at separate. That should want it. I will have a doctor. I'm careful. Give You are free. Pre sell off my needs videos. Like going to see How do we actually over optimize. Okay, so this is one of them. Go to the next one, Wesley for these items, then? Because the reason is because maybe this fellow is pretty soft off his audio in mind. But that is okay. I think. My idea in the morning And OK, so I copied attack. So I also going to use this. Think that you should go. You can actually use the u. R L I'm going to do it in that attack. So the attack. This is actually just coffee detector. I know what I just read to me. Actually, you pet channel up, but were just told that you do itself completed. Your if peace is here because there's 500 little people acid. But I don't know the technical your people to people. You're no many, right? I don't think many. So I try to see if I am actually trying to explore anyway to do not bad either. Okay. Let's be really it's 20 years guilty, and I had to see what text the use browsers with bean off anything. See whether I I think over the shot. It's not that. Obviously doesn't. You can watch a movie city of because, you know, you're actually to this. To what? I have to do this because I know optimizing partisan authority so you don't make me pee too much of it. So how's the shape that it is? Good. But then we have a problem. Oh, you see that? Some other. Mm. So Practical West sleeping problems. You were being there. Try not to repeat too much of everything. That's the reason why I want to repeat too much. Took Kate Texas. He kind of the kid. OK, one off the thing about techno to get too much of cigarettes. Ultimate Brother West. Uh, don't get these. You see, I've been using a more logical Well, OK, basically, you don't need this. Okay, so now we're just cutting it down that you can sit up all of the automated. Probably different. Does something different a little different, but yet question not ultimate automation in the keyword. Right. So you small automation now off for us. If you know that either help shrink detail. This is his Okay. They talk. You will be mighty. But what can I cut out? What information can you put the? Can you put the name off channels? Are you want to? That you saw flair, right? You can do heavy because it's like, Yes, it's quite a native, But you have a lot. Software key was really right. Rest Repeat, the one brackets off. So you have done it. You're done. Attack. Really? Now just show you how the share on Twitter the next round they zoology. 8. Use Translate Function To Rank for Other Language Search Terms: I, uh I'm not sure whether it is called break, you know, seriously, I'm not sure whether this French was 55 so I don't know Korean. I don't know. I just having fun with this translation thingy. Anyway, I don't know why, but this active fighting trustee I don't foreign. Maybe a Thai Chinese Chinese track Nessie China. It doesn't. You couldn't. Okay, let me try. Maybe hit hard. And they just maybe like German. I don't know. Do you mean that Different? How Germans. You can do it in very John because you can practice your friends pressure. Can you? The Georgia Joe here, huh? OK, it's also yeah, So you can have any. So, uh, so you can work by things that the navy just it is up d But because I don't know why I think right. I think that is the active. I can allow you to transfer any translates. So it's a good thing about having a plaque in which this is actually a bit at your partner in our policy. Continue to partner with a company and I encourage you to get it. Get his fucking okay. Inventions did a French can wouldn't leave it a citizen. Cancel it 9. Using Vidiq To Analyze Competition and Have Optimize Intelligently: Hi, everybody. I'm going to share view about some software tools for you to have such any intimidation against hepatitis C auto. Put you to the press, right? Twenties. The fallen. Yeah, but I think that go right. Go this block in. I think this back in he was everywhere. So it gives you all this body that that I would share you. Because if your regular, you will probably be indebted Losses engines. I'm not sure if you haven't checked the Q it because I use exactly the key. What report you to hire yourself, the media and all that. The entire is important. This is a big detail. You know why? Because he said everything he said. All the every views are here. So you roughly know. What are you gonna based on a spirit off? Put out amuse? How much is a white supporting my arse at the mornings are locked and then you got any more ? You know, if you do to win this year, I can do it. My friend will cooperate and a family and friends, our family and friends kind of videos, right? Because mothers are their kids are there. So all our mothers, are you? So Yeah. So this is the case. Average is two years easy. Easy peasy. Because if it is a long run in 10 years, it will be difficult. So this after the sticks to actually see. And then there's this enable in 91. Okay, let's see this in item are all the, uh this is actually all the text of you. So this it's all attacked the youth, and you can check out their subscribers. You can actually check out a lot. Some information, The most important valuable off. One important. Valuable enough. There's only one important valuable power off this is that you can actually see. Keep me. So this is I think you two months, but the searches. So what? Press tracking. This has a lot of use, actually. And optimize for what pocket? Because the competition is low. The volunteers 26. So I will know what press talking key. What more Because one of the strategy is to use. I mean, what do a lot of videos of what? That fucking Because it's popular. Normally not many people completely, if you any easy to wreck. So auto posts YouTube. Maybe there is not. There's not in the habit, but I believe that so not much. You see. So you actually basically considers on factors? Is the author poster you do? It's not so much volume such but the workers talking dotted of sleazy off press bucket. And he gets some views in one year, but not much disease. Actually, if you if that save you, do a test or more pet market and see the competition back in about a month of boreal. Wow. You see, key was is well, preferably 90,000 on Google. Is it? Goes of Indian 90,000 views? Uh, yeah, six years, although it breast fucking something. Uh, Sisley, meet the event month tutorial. Okay, let's see the issue of development tore. You find 90? Let's see, Got is a long queue. Probably you can actually go at such for. Come on, then. And then that school. I can tell you one strategy to do for this keyword well pressed back in development tutorial because you can actually go to start a chair, then come off a solution. Go and find the solutions and you can modify Bt Group over there. You can give development tutorial just based on the searching other people's solutions. This one Me. But now the focus off the coast for past akin auto pulls YouTube video in tow. Oh, what press right. But did he what the value is? She also didn't know what's up off the floor. Too tedious. Whatever. You actually actually have a ranking. That's my my video. You can see that, my dear life video and you are ranked up for this other post around one toe. Treat three for our memorandum of 43 So I ranking here and look out you honestly longer is more but I can't see the big like you Let me go toe this keyword in incognito up anyone share the view some people so long in, you know you feel justice. Perhaps you could go to travel, You get higher. I don't know what he was. So this is a tribal matter, so I think I'm not already at the bottom of the bottle. 1234567 it on. Bring it, Actually, if you're not loving So this is one off the ranking that we check for this. You I'm not shame secreting a little bit. Okay, that's offered to take the rankings that really in another video. So now Okay, the main important thing is the men just off this office to go to the top video. And I kept the bus. Okay, This is actually his video, so I can see. Actually, it has to do everything time. Let me show you why. Okay, this is a meeting factor. Because I don't see every day so you can see the different ways theme so you can compare right? Compared, everything have their seasons. Any detail of everything House running. Why? Why that happens. That's odd. Why don't I go to my view and check out my citizens? It's OK. You know, you can t see my statistics, and then we'll just see if you just We just okay, I can posit that because everything time off 20%. So probably are real. Duration is three minutes and 43 seconds. Yeah, So the view direction I'm not. So what? This means I asked the night Cuba. I suppose this is the view duration off the video itself and 30% in. So I had this one time This one company, whether how long it is because it's the view time. What time is low? Because they are three kick off. 10 people said that means on the fifth on the first beneath the 80. Don't watch it. But then for these the top breaking you from the first minute About 50. Okay, for the top breaking video like this. So it took by five, actually, also, like, more than 1,000,035 seconds. So it breaks high. So it depends on how long the watching actually present the quality of the video before. This is a measure of the quality of some people who vibe. You know, five years do not gain the system Not doing this because, uh, the software he said it's my enough of these gobble day for Found that as you get views. Yeah, actually, what you can do Then he suggested you toe by s on it by s on other people's views. That is not breaking by, you know, for this feature, right? You can put a very attractive you can put actually your video at the site Try. You can put this year s a bit that I got the show. I'm not I haven't found example but you can't have an antibacterial, and then they will see that you bit off your true view. It's But you see intro view, the prosecution and a quick awaits. I thought this has the better. I have tried to use this anyone better with Tommy, you know, they have this good time near so whole emerged victorious. But we'll see, because if you're Tommy is attractive, you cock up. Don't tell what time off more than this, even though it has a high statistics. So these are all the tips and tricks, I'm sure if you it is very important. Then there's one more fucked nifty factually to copy the tape onto your text. Unless you have this contact, we do not do it, not force. It is not later. And they has see what do they have? They have also like people commented on these video. And then they have this. If I but you can actually you can t put on the r Chen off. If they have seen their front end. You can so close you can pull it off. I don't think I think you kidneys Coleman can really You know why? If you put it on a utility. I don't think anyone I don't people to recommend the post. Yeah, channeling. But then some people, some people don't give you something. I usually don't keep it. I don't see P. Yeah, because I don't know why I dental keep it. I find it. You just want a command, right? You know that this is a link already. You don't have to actually force a league here and toppling and look it. You know, you go back to you, right? This is the 10 11 here. So you just comment other than pulling to get the jet? Is gettinto commenting? Thus work. But don't over commit a commanding comment properly and then also commanded They don't give you your your comments. So yeah, there's one thing that you work and then they have this stuff that the sticks to see How you doing So are going well. It does increase decrease a little bit today creates kind off every Friday. If I did not have people only go after the sticks, they have all the common. And one more important thing is the engagement you had knowing he's one already like the show. 80 people said. They have all these social media statistics, and they also give you the score. All these are important. So you have around get a what? What you're up against when you actually trying to read, boy? So I'm having abortions. So you have historical views and get reviews for our engagements and only time for you to like share. Uh, well, class says, uh, beautiful our I think all these better because this bit i Q b actually, you do. If you go to be accurate sandwich, I'm gonna go now to show you that is a professional company doing a party for that. I'm a street visit body dragged out immediately. Okay, Your son, If I have seen you consent five, he's over here. I mean, you to certify there. So it's a feel good talking to use. I will go to another another surface or video marketing blaster. Eso There'll be another software to check. You can see the issue of the home body for this Iris is easy. So also another set of the gentle Saturdays. So you let me type it out for you. You either do it by there to share that it wanted it is high volume us. I mean, the bottom off the Hewitt is high. But he was local. Okay, low competition. As you see the petition, their love I can do for medium to low volume love. Okay, look, I went together. So you while you keep up with the competition, you know why I want to go low competition. Because you those you love it or time and effort. You see, using less time and effort. You actually on money faster is the speed off Any money you see could be off any money and USDA See? I mean, if you want to fund money hot way. So first you money Fast dead after you After you stopped on more money path, you can't outsource others toe. Good. Do more videos on more money because you have got attempt Form it off. You have the four men off U U S CEO such ending off imitation. So you just outsource and be a business owner. So that's the concept of being a business owner. Be of this This owner okay? Ourselves and also allow allow other people to benefit from your knowledge because because help has no people help and help people and allowed him to learn. So help more people because you tiptoe and both They say what goes around? How nearby things coming deeper? Because being a impact and love others Because you do you see is the color and make passionate love to see the Taliban sell me telling you this. So it's been a packed up for you, huh? And then beauties about sharing So you know, all the software know everything, so share it if you The more you share, the more you help, the more you rank its agenda. Because people know from what I do, the content I do I'm tryingto fantasy people with knowledge and you have subscriber. You have people liking you supporting a sharing before you telling them to share it. So the social sharing sometimes happens because people support If you thought the main understanding you try typing out with Okay. So I thank you for watching this taken for my ok, do this state for my next video. I talk about the soft I call big deal Marketing Blaster. So then 40 10. Using Video Marketing Blaster To Analyze and Rank How To Rank Above Your Competitors: Hi everybody. I met this sofa call Video Mountain Blaster. How do I get there? If you open up this off called process of manager, open this up and then you get this off where you're having a tear romantic in itself and you see that it is actually quite hot. Direct because she's a college information poor is good if Israel but there's no believe much red here is not with the British right here or in any way. This is the color information you threw us a kind off a few off. How is Greg? It is easy. The wreck? No, it's actually quite a rich toe. Rank it And if you have a proper channel and you actually Cosco is good for you Very bad to our dishes. Easy. So you try to okay the key. What is actually best is myself about time sports. This is not relate that so probably is due rights. Also, it's weak against this queue of fomenting the songs. But it just rang because it's a lead that you are there to treat that like best medical batteries for song. So So this is your time in a queue of cricket competition and he was not there to regularly part. It is very hard to read on the football deserved, but ranking on first. Uh, this will not be really easy because you know the wreck. Recommend the following the recommended get $50 abuse by s arguing for the doesn't feel this life form, it's travel Facebook share you to share to go share to this. They're betting five. So they give you video. First picture, there's no middle ranking. Both will be pretty hot. So let me on whom it and everything for you. Pretty hot bang on foot because it's in the Brock you recommend tomar long tail que so they every recommendations. And if you believe all this practice better things okay, this one race suitable because this No, I don't think so. Only one out of the bowl blocks to people's. So we're trying other. The other key was that Goto You have the software in a modern dating me of I have a See what? I'm not sure whether it would be romantic. So English song for a couple off your friend, right? You see if you have a more keyword because they were shared to their girlfriend to see enough, So Okay, 33 million views. Is he ready for the rank? Let me see. I think I will compile some video. Something solved. Nobody as he has. He has the right, but no. But that's a such Q about it is you. Nobody is. So you check this out. Whether Okay, you have a chance to you and see whether the its volume we just click this button to actually check is our ultimate certain seeds. And using a sawed off is agility because he is the f b p. I key in on that. Okay, the fraction of the bigs. Anyways, our general, new T for my for my this YouTube. If your key here is a mosque here, so I can affect too long by suffusing the data you are using the a p. R. His application. You bet him a little fish, right? Yeah, I think. Yeah. So you are Gina interfaces in your own court to check. Okay, take a lot of lot. Now we're still go in there, so you go back into you have export the results, and you can do calculations with you know, you can do calculations, but its body, the history Emma Also they make you can if you create a website based on it. I mean table idea. Actually, I'm going toe export all these details on my block. And I think this is very valuable because I think if I blocked out all the details because you see it came comes up with abuses. Easy. It's art in a single story. I wonder why Race. Yeah, I think this is not easy. The rank against all the profit. This is not easy to rank, but no unnecessary That me on whom it s C like they can get a few of it love. It's not easy to break even. You see this? You know it even love Brits will be great. Mm. Because why is it rip? Because he's not later. But I bet s you very betters you. But I'm a true cuz because off the authority, off terrorists, if so, its authority and the people who likes it. So it's very, pretty easy, you know, because it is 13,000 views, So it gets very little Rec is a pretty easy, you know. Then they got, like, 13,000 views I mean this my girlfriend A natural any song. Maybe you could have romantic in this. You can say something. I love my girlfriend. I was something off this week. It make it something different. I love my girlfriend. I was wondering if that works. I left my girlfriend so it doesn't. And I said has finally when try I never know what happened. I love my girlfriend. I shouldn't say Never thought this year. In fact, I have realized if you actually kept all these words it's also because something differently. I love my girlfriend. Let me go to use it. People talk. I love mind. You know people happy But you felt I thought that I love my girlfriend by Okay, see? No bet why I left my girlfriend. Okay, lets see If any hope that I love my girlfriend's someone on this Be cool. I love my operating the song Five million views Baby, I love you. You know why it is easy to read because they don't have you tapped issue, right? Nobody that it doesn't have a title. So you probably be in the way. You don't really travel. Check. It will be in a Viviana, you sittin ease off. We can try the serious even try. Because if you read for I love my girlfriends so but even, you know, I think we're doing OK. Now, you see, that is pretty ready to see all the statistics can tell you that there is easy toe Come here. They abuse their young in the millions and want it here. Okay, let's goto this more long. Tell me what you're realize their long till he was like that work you say Is it actually work? Because it's a going feet actually dating. Okay, what we saw you can see crazy alien love Another key? Uh, yeah, it will take about. So I will do a video, a few music videos and our little crazy enough our running with the, uh let's don't worry about the wrong on the crazy in love with my girlfriend. But let's not say it's not that thing off upon negative stuff. My girlfriend excessive is really funny, you know, crazy in love. My girlfriend's Grady in love. My girlfriend Nobody does that crazy in love. Go, friend. Okay, that's secretly ex girlfriend. Okay, now this is a cure. But then crazy no results Crazy in the red enough. Crazy enough ex crazy. Thanks, girlfriend. But this funny, right? I mean, this year also. Okay, disip it easy right for me. But let's not talk about these things. Got Song goes crazy girlfriend often photo such that. You know. I mean, I don't wondering why a crazy, crazy, pretty girlfriend Crazy love go. No, it sounds great. I don't know. Okay, if you tap this a few doubt, right? Let's see what the Okay. Uh, no. Better not my creative just record. It is toe as it is. Quite a cure. Crazies toe. Okay, this is pretty interesting if I did that. Whatever you think you are, that is how you actually you know, you don't let yourself for you if you try zero for this. This is easy. You know. You think you're crazy, Girlfriend. How this we can say for your friend is okay, Equity toe Love my crazy girlfriend. This secure it is to love my crazy girlfriend. Great. Used to be love or my girlfriend. So love for my girlfriend is another of the reason you have so out of it and see results. Seven million. So the song. It's a soft a sheet of Okay, It's a song, actually. So you can actually have something different because people are looking for that song. So Okay, I think this would be a good title created. You know, that's actually a tourism, which is actually about this like crazies. Tokyo. I think that is accorded something. If I can dig it out and they can monetize in my YouTube, Yes, I'm one of the series of videos that do is going to talk about this crate is to pull us off . Why am I showing you all these? And then talking about talking and blabbering off our bodies is to give your experience of Cuba a research using software. Okay, let's take a look at whether I believe it is easy to wreck. I believe so. I think so. Because okay, first off, I think that this book it this is off a bit, but I've been able to know the easier after here and there. Quite normal titles, RV. Let's just be patient and wait for it to come up our exported. I think this is a cure. Physically, I'm seeing a lot off views are facing a condom abuse. No many views, not many views about any says this has about this is two years ago. How many views? But it's something you needn't so as to the ones that Oh, is that she pretty? Not many views. I didn't know. You notice that. So people want crazy to pick up My girlfriend's unique now, but it doesn't see that the decision making process off getting at you is OK. So my love for you is pretty big by love for my broke up in. I forgot what I love my girlfriend. I think this is pretty basic because I think you get more views. I mean, it's about of you. I love my girlfriend. You can also put the keyword behind me here. That also what? Because I love my girlfriend. So I think that works well, right? I think because five million views I'm checking three. Bunty, perfect. Some for your boyfriend girlfriend. This is a nice You can see it perfectly. But then anything if nobody no entity will bother you for perfect software deal Trouble that kids into my government. This is interesting is interesting. You know, I get some ideas. Dedicate that I go? No go for now. But you can get right. Yet I yet I love yourself or cough and pretty interesting, you know? But then why is it that you know why is it that this is a is a music MTV, Right? So is that the reason is that this works, you know? Seriously, there is no three, so it works very well, Apophis, I think loving some awful nice loving. So I left my girlfriend. So it's not very a lot of use. So you know why I have this keyword research right on their duties Video? Because it's a curious idea. Getting I love it doesn't get much because it is interesting, but not that interesting yet of some for your weapon of it. A loving, song loving song for your boyfriend A red. So I copy a little bit love songs to see Let me see whether you see OK, you know why this after searching all that he was I think this is good. This is my boyfriend, Langevin. So I will do this keyword and I will actually dio different versions and different solve pitifully few it. I'll continue toe to a serious or videos for Bowfinger. Fred's? Yes, Korean, English and everything. I have a compilation. I try to do as many videos on this as possible because I find this actually between 1,000,000 views. Izzy. So I think that okay, it did not. I did not sign in, Detective. See, now reveals on my software, which should be like you. So we had to get a combination off. So 50 place he that body, we don't know the body. Right? So basically, now going to see the body more. Rescue it. Yes, you. Every feels highest is keep on that between me. That's a pretty good you know, start critical. Higher beauty. And you want an MTV or something of that. And then the next one is the every feel six media. So it's pretty good twice the amount off other. The other video Azizov really work because they keep on seeing this. They can't descending sort abuse out there. I'm not doing those three music media and then continue on my rescue shack off. So this will be the case. I do. At example, I'm gonna put it in my no pants. Ive it. Okay. I also saved this for I also put this in the defection for you to see. Yeah, so I I think, And my video the next video. You doing the example? Yeah, that's watching. 11. Example 1.1 Youtube SEO - Creating Love Song MTV Video Baby Can I Hold You Now.: Hi, everybody. I met my i tunes had country music video and then do it, uh, how could create from your foot so far in two parts. First of all, I will just create a video and good optimization pass is steps Physically I have checked physically will you this music, baby, Can I hold you or somebody you know keeping so you can see in the YouTube that baby Can I hold your own on 8683? Cable is not that the original video has 5.2 million views. It's OK because my key what is how go over. That may seem a key like you. Exactly on my desktop. Any unruly? I opened a lot of perhaps on my name. So you should example love some for button and go for it actually is sung by. So the cure is not some for about my girlfriends. Over here, buddy. Right here. So now we're gonna open. We're going toe to open a software I used car around. He does too, because all that your use and they just use this one is open coral. Then I got this one, right. No MP tree so readers have to create. Every diversion district is called photo M three and M pretty virgins. He s it's loading the software like iTunes or moment. You see that? You see that it has another MP fevers. And so you write the wonderful beings the bottom one. Right? So we just see every tree, they just copy it and then paste place it in because I think that's operatives every tree for for so just goto a fool. Dopey too often you but peace. MPCI and I only have a collection off videos to put in that you can. You I go to this website called me above. I remember she is 100 police, actually. Now I just input. Okay? Actually, I'm gonna do a lot of input. The fire Let me put the music with just 50 to read for you. So the music you just open it for my four delete off, which is more convenient for me. Bc I see Antony then that this baby should hold. Okay, So he did pull it right here for it To the music. A change. You could put it some religious song. So you put it right here. So you can see that the creature. Okay, that's not play. Because issues off so But it's okay. So now you have to put up videos. I have a collection of videos already that you see right there. Collection of videos I have. Are there some measure? Okay, if you can use use what? A couple of them already in here. Really? So I will just I had a collection. This is good. We used it is already in the in detail. So you just regular here increased it. So it's about three minutes longer. If you cover a baby is also a tradition. I hold. You know, it is also okay. I have one which is very good because it's holding baby, Can I hold? You know, uh, there's a kiss is okay. It a couple. So I already have really meet once you hear. So you just can't bother because I will show you this website. So I'm actually in the hope for fifth and the structure of doing it. So I always keep doing any example for you. Do you give? But as I go, you also go together. So I will try to hear if you give block is. Remember, she got 47 right? Yes. OK, so right now we're gonna see couple of whole right couple, huh? I think you better be careful hugging. Does YouTube like that content? Oh, hugging. So we just see what is a new one? So he doesn't do this Happy one and down the video. And so, yeah, if you haven't show you how I just do better in my folder that you feel comfortable to save it is not. This is Donald down through a place where I think, Yeah, it's 18. My friends give See? OK, it's OK. Because I must voluntary and giving self recourse Free trading toe. My friends that have them understand that YouTube for this. So I think it is Steve, my friend. Okay. Just so you actually use whatever you have been here, but I have a reservation. Basically, I have already gonna be happy, but these are more romantic. I just put it right here in front of the ones in the front of a romantic. But he's putting new is so I think you see, that's a decision process. I've already had that in my other videos. For something new, I have one, Which is supposing the very good doesn't really is very good. I just put it in front because it's very romantic. I have dispute of office. He had this couple and then I have them. You have all these databases off couples together. I have one which actually should be very renting out any such. So you have to decide when you do account that you decided to suitability off some off? They're not. The growth is ok is the whole here? This is also another hug. English is actually because get ahold usually is talking. Get at me. Okay, I got one which is very lamenting our kids. This is very good. DeSisto I want to put this in front of the vegetable and then hugging investigator hugging so it is suitable for the first time that so This is also in a brain kissing in the rain. Yes, Very romantic. Well, you just put it right right here before idea. But you have it really heavy. Resort needed to see that. So I find it so that's already have a little bit. So I'll also find your sanity. You keep a database off them, so we needed. You just have to keep Donald eat and thank you. You're the one way off off doing this. She okay? That's the No, I don't think they're hugging. I don't think that having the couple one, which is preventing. So now we have really done till two minutes. Possibly just completed sometimes. Have you PC, You know, so I don't really find. But now because I'm here, I don't know if she had just copy and paste it. I just hope it together, loopy. That means that you just does. He copied it and pc right here. But let let me do something. That is It could be touching hatching. So I put in a second. Okay, I use this up. I used this as the front at the front cover. Okay, Now they're newer videos right here. This is nice. And Saudis and nice hugging, but they're very something. Other couples married being married. Okay, then listing woman roughly. Is this almost the same to you? So there's not much I think I can move up. I don't have any more. Uh, I don't have any more of these videos running off. So now I just floating. However, it is down with this before. Is it hugging? But it's not really I didn't. Kissing is ok. You're holding each other first. Okay. All right. I works too. So we just open this If you If you Yeah. I mean, if you can't find that you don't basically, this is I'm not flexible. You can find and don't force on it. I tried a finer, but maybe I could actually are. This is also inaudible. I can't complete it if I can't. I can't. Seriously, I don't do it. I mean, I just mean here is OK, groupie really can't find any good. See? No, actually, you just get out. This is one of them yet Lonnie's Donald ng on the way, I think because it's more like a couple bumping of these. Yeah. Okay, Donald, still a couple kisses, So this is also very good. So, uh, what I find more physically, I some more here, So I think I just This is the way I do it this anymore, love. But then I think I just be a little bit can't find out. But, you know, sometimes they estimate that content or anything. So you just actually pick away and okay. Just right. You just on the dot. Then, strangely, just on the so then you do this off the same template will say, Okay, this is a tight all right? You can put the title, put another name, but I put it so I remember. What I can't know how to drive, because sometimes there's so fed us. If a foul down was he cuts off in the middle to create the first off. All right, there many matters and duty, if you must take up the volume. Okay. Much took up the volume of this song. I think it's pretty OK, I will just cut this part and then over copyright. You okay? As you can see, I increase 300 pretty all right. Because you see my volume. Because I've had this experience that people say that they can listen toe get on a laptop because people use a left, you know, speaker and all it. So I think 300 is pretty OK. And that would be okay. So I just do it. I just created you have to see me again because I increased a bottle to 300. Then you just click on your definitely share creativity. Those somewhere, I think, is that saving? Save it. I think in mind before their that. You uncomfortable? I have read people. Don't you see if you get it? Actually, I'm quitting it for this. You share. So I just couldn't even you. I just say I don't believe so. I'll be back. Okay. This part, I'll be back to create to officially how to upload them off the minds. Thes music video data wanting. 12. Example 1.2 Creating Love Song MTV Baby Can I hold You Now Renaming File name: Okay. Hi. Now already created the video. I said so. Now you know, you you keep your but you know, when you do this, you didn't need to be the credit owner, boy. Okay, While you go, you go iTunes? Right. Then you You. My experience is that you put Maybe can unfold you now all the names off their along Key team behind. I have to credit the booking. You go directly, properties, and then you just try toe. Okay. Details. Copy this. And the archbishop of Credit Artists in the video under Chef Revenue. Let me share what? The shepherd you tell you that you have the credit the owner because basically sharing revenue with the owner. U 33 pointers. Okay, In fact, everybody and it's better that they love so well actually to be solved. But because I will do one singular song, I'll do another one, which is the whole compilation. The whole lot, the whole CD because too long would also not be good. I have this one destroyed The street power battery too long is a affects your time. The card is a percentage for video after wash time. So there are so I believe that affects he also because I think you so All right, Well, you copy these, we name it. So now it's a renaming parties. Then I'll go on through creating that video. So I break it out the park. So it's easy for you. I'll have this a video sexual power to off your mind so you can see the parts step by step so you can follow the step after it one more time for just a moment of romantic king When you breathe your loved one, his passion, the fiery passion and, uh, Greece is and grace. Okay, Uh, the dedication. I mean, I just anyhow, type that kind off. I mean, just comes at a with you. But how did you do that? So okay, just a black, Okay? Because he got applied because you're changing the diet. Should everything. My means, my right she's seen is another Curry's. OK, not so I go to the next part where I actually created some new and I think that the Tom know part. Yeah, I'll create the water. The second video is you saw. Okay,