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Youtube: Marketing and Promotion For Small Businesses Online

teacher avatar Robin Haney, Web Developer and Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

45 Lessons (3h 38m)
    • 1. Introductory To The Course Outline

    • 2. What is Youtube?

    • 3. A Example of an Established Channel

    • 4. How To Pick a Niche For Your Channel

    • 5. How To Create a Google Account

    • 6. How To Create Your First Youtube Channel

    • 7. How To Get Channel Art For Your Youtube Channel

    • 8. Lets Go Over Your Youtube Channels Settings

    • 9. How To Keep Your Channel In Good Standing

    • 10. Why a Network Partnership Can Be a Good Thing

    • 11. How To Get a Network Partnership

    • 12. Introductory To Search Engine Optimization

    • 13. Factors That Rank a Youtube Video

    • 14. The Number One Factor For Ranking Your Youtube Videos

    • 15. How To Find Keywords

    • 16. How To Upload a Video

    • 17. How To Write SEO Optimized Title Tags

    • 18. How To Write SEO Friendly Descriptions

    • 19. How To Write SEO Optimized Tags For Your Videos

    • 20. The Importance of Youtube Playlists

    • 21. How To Use Google Analytics

    • 22. How To Add Your Google Analytics Tracking Code To Your Channel

    • 23. Invest in a Good Camera and Microphone

    • 24. Common Types of Editing Programs

    • 25. Introductory To Sony Vegas

    • 26. Introductory To Open Source Broadcaster

    • 27. What Is Social Media

    • 28. Using Hoot-suite To Share Your Videos

    • 29. Posting Your Videos On Twitter

    • 30. Posting Your Videos To Google Plus Communities

    • 31. Different Ways You Can Make Money Off Youtube

    • 32. How To Monetize and Set-up Google Adsense

    • 33. How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

    • 34. How To Make Extra Cash With Fiverr

    • 35. How To Captivate Your Audience

    • 36. Where To Get an Intro For Your channel

    • 37. Why Subscribers are Key To Your Success

    • 38. How To Get More Subscribers on Youtube

    • 39. The Importance Of a Weekly Schedule

    • 40. The Importance of thumbnails For Your Channel

    • 41. How to order thumbnails off of fiverr

    • 42. How to set-up a brandable watermark for your videos

    • 43. How To Get People To Click

    • 44. Outro Templates For Getting More Subscribers

    • 45. How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

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About This Class

If you are looking to have a presence online your going to want to have a Youtube Channel.

If you are a film maker or want to get into making videos you want have a Youtube channel.

If you want to make a living on Youtube, you want to get this course.

In this course I am going to show you how you can take a Youtube channel, build it up from nothing and make it into a successfully property online that will promote your business and make you money as well.

With this course you will be able to get your brand and content in front of millions of people are get traffic to your website as well as convert watchers to become subscribers and fans of your business.

This course is primarily for people looking to promote their business on Youtube as well as anyone who wants to get started on Youtube and make a living off of the platform. Although it takes time to build out a Youtube channel, I will show you the best methods to get you ranking your videos at the top of YouTube's search results in no time.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robin Haney

Web Developer and Online Instructor



My name is Robin Haney and I am an instructor here at Skillshare. I primarily teach web developing and programming tutorials. 

You can check out my blog here - 

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1. Introductory To The Course Outline: All right, everybody. So first off, I want to say thank you for saying it for the course in this video. I'm gonna go over the quick course outline and give us a general idea of what you'll be learning throughout this YouTube course. The first thing we're gonna do is I'm gonna help you guys get set up and getting your channel online. I'm gonna show you how to do Set up your accounts of a Gmail account, get your YouTube account online and all that kind of stuff. Do the basic settings. Once we have that all done, we're gonna move on to coppery information. I'm gonna address some common questions that people have about copyright. You know, what type of content can I polish and what can I not bullish on YouTube. So I'm gonna keep you guys safe in that regard. The next section we're going talk about search engine optimization on YouTube. So going over things like Seo title tags, descriptions for a videos, what to put in our tags and playlists and other things like that and the factors that influence how you videos, rank and YouTube the next section we're gonna focus on creating content and videos for your channel is gonna be things like what to put my videos. What type of video should make very general things like that, And we should use it to make some pretty good videos for your channel and do things like how toe capture video, how to invest in a good microphone and webcam and things like screen capture, editing programs, all that kind of stuff in there. A couple in this section of the course moving on. We're gonna go through social media and networking and growing your channel by sharing your content on things like Twitter, Facebook, all that kind of stuff. Social media is very important, and YouTube itself is actual social platforms. So it's a very, very good section. Of course, next up, we're gonna go on the part that everybody loves, which is monetizing your channel in making money off it very important. And YouTube. Obviously, if you want to use YouTube to make some money or to even make a career out of it, you're gonna want to know how to monetize your channel, and I'm gonna go over some very basic ways of doing it. In that section, and I'm gonna go over some creative ways as well to make you money after channel. Next on, I'm gonna go to growing your channel in your audience on YouTube. This is things like marketing the business side of it. I'm gonna get you guys to learn how to grow your channel, increase your subscriber rate and get your videos on YouTube out there. It's very, very important. And that's section of the course that you're definitely watch. Next time I'm going to include how to include called actions and your videos in this section is very important as well, because call that call to actions are going to get people to click and take action in your videos. So you definitely want people to do that. Things like how to get people to subscribe, how to get people to watch the other videos, how to get people to go to your website and buy your product or whatever it is you're trying to do. This part of the course is going to show you it's exactly how to do that. And the very last section, of course, is there gonna be the conclusion. And in this part I'm going to show you guys Basically, we're going to sum everything up. We're gonna go over the whole course, Basically where to go from here sort of thing. And I'm going to thank you guys for watching this. I'm gonna think you guys for buying the course. This is a great course that's gonna help you guys get set up. You guys have any questions or anything like that? Please let me know. Message me on you to me. Whatever you guys want to do. Ready? Discussion. You know, if you want to keep private, just PM me. If you want to make a question you think other people might want to know, sir. Discussion. And I'll happily answer whatever you guys want. Have. So thank you guys again. Look for this union. Let's start learning how to make YouTube channel and make a career off. You two 2. What is Youtube?: All right, everybody in this video, I'm going to show you guys exactly what YouTube is and why you would want to use YouTube to market and expand your business. So basically, YouTube is a gigantic video sharing social website on the Internet. YouTube has billions of users and get thousands and thousands of visitors every day. It's one of the highest traffic websites on the Internet. You, too, can be used to promote your brand and expand your business. Some people live off their YouTube earnings alone on larger channels. I personally feel everyone should be uploading videos on YouTube to promote their business and expand their reach. Now let's take a look at the UT website angle from there. Alright, guys. So in order to find youtube dot com, we can do it two ways. We can go to the top address bar at the top of the page here and type in www dot youtube dot com. Or we can simply go to Google here and typing YouTube in the box. And it should be the first website that pumps appear. So this is the YouTube home page, and you'll see that on the home page here we have all these different videos of people uploading on the Internet Now, generally speaking on the home page is going to be anything that the viral or very, very popular. You see, all these videos have a lot of use and stuff like that. And all these views and videos are from channels on YouTube that are uploading videos. And you can see here that some of these videos are getting a lot of traffic and these people are making a lot of money off their videos, and we're gonna click on one just to see Let's go to this one here, pause the video and we can see here that once you see the video, we have a plane. Here we have the channel, which is Britney Spears. We have their subscriber list here, which is how many people are subscribe to the channel. Think of subscribers kind of like people who opt into an email list or something like that . Describes are basically people who will be updated whenever you see whenever you upload new videos to channel and whatnot appear we had the description of the video and then use the of the comments section, which If you're popular on YouTube, you're going to see a lot of comments here and let's navigate to the actual channel, which is the Britney Spears of evil. And again we're gonna pause it so it doesn't play and we can see all the different videos that this channel is uploading. And because Britney Spears is obviously pretty popular, we can see that these videos getting a lot of use. And, ah, lot of people are seeing this content. So let's go back to YouTube again, and I'm going to try to find a channel that's not as popular, but still doing pretty good. Let's try try this one here so we can see that this looks like a type of the movie channel theme channel. If we go to there page, we can see again. They have good chunk of subscribers, all these different videos that they're uploading, and it looks like he critiques videos, does reviews that kind of thing for movies, which is pretty cool, and we can see this guy. Whoever makes this channel, it's getting all kinds of traffic and whatnot. So this decree, quick and destruction to YouTube and what it is and as you go through the course, we're going to learn how to make videos had upload them to YouTube, had to make a successful channel and how you can make some money and market your business using YouTube, which is very, very important. So, see you guys next video and thanks for watching. 3. A Example of an Established Channel: Hey, guys, how's it going? Robin? Here again? I'm back for another video on the course, and today we're going to just look at a channel that I have already established on YouTube . This is a small channel, that kind of doing as a hobby and have a few channels on YouTube. But this one is kind of one I've been doing on the side, and I haven't put a lot of effort into it. It's been something I've kind of just been doing for fun. And I want to show you guys it because I want to show you guys kind of what we're going to strive for in the course. And I'm gonna use it as a reference point for things like, um analitico and different things like that so we can see a channel that has some traffic and some views and some stats and whatnot. So we see we're on the channel home page, and this is a channel that I made a boat, I think 76 or seven months ago, and we can see your right off the hop that we have my display picture here is a picture of me, and we have a banner here for the channel. So people know exactly what the channel is about, and we're gonna I'm gonna show you guys how to do all this stuff later on when we go through the creation process of creating your channel on getting it set up online. And we're actually going to do that right after this video. But for now, let's just go through this more We have right here on my videos. We have some nice thumbnails that I made myself. You see here for different playlists and stuff like that. If you guys haven't gathered already, this is a video game, walk through kind of play through channel and again. It was a hobby that I made this the really big niche on YouTube, and a lot of people are in this topic because it's really popular right now, and there's a lot of reasons why, and it's actually really good topic to get into. If you really dedicated and you want to get started on YouTube, we can also see that I have a couple subscribers up here. We have 378 and this number has kind of been roughly around the same number. Since I have been inactive, it has been kicking up lately, and that's mostly because now that my channel was six months old, it's certainly kind of get more rankings in the search results. And some of the videos have really, really kicked off. Which Google and YouTube likes to do that. After content in videos have aged a bit, they kind of move them up further. And as they get more watch time and more lakes, it's gonna move it up in the search results from people, type searches into YouTube, and we're gonna go over that Moore in the S e o section part of the course, and you will learn how to rank your videos on YouTube and the factors that rank videos. But let's go into my video manager so we can again see more stuff for the channel on different things like that. Here we can see all my videos of uploaded with the views and whatnot, their likes and comments and all that kind of stuff. If we go to my analogue ticks page, we can see a better overall view for the week. Actually, I think it's monthly. Yes, last 20 days, This is my last time to the last 28 days. Let's hope on the views so we can see that the view has been pretty consistent. Keep in mind that I had not not uploaded a video for five months. This chata is pretty inactive in one thing I could really do to make this channel really kick off, especially since its beginning. More traffic is to upload videos on a regular schedule. And I'm gonna talk about that later on. Why, that's important for your channel. We can see we have 12,000 estimated minute slot watched, so I'm not sure what that converts to in hours, but that's quite a bit of time. We can see we have my earnings with the Google AdSense program. Which again, is it? Very much gets 11. 30. Uh, which isn't that much. I'm getting to vote 100 to 200 views per day. So you engage it in that kind of sense, I guess in the gaming topic Nietzsche, every when interviews per day, you're gonna get roughly, uh, maybe 10 ish dollars per month again different topics and different categories on you To really change this and some are more higher pain. Some get more traffic and all that kind of stuff. But again, we can see some engagement factors like likes, dislikes, comments, shares, features and play this subscribers except except our videos that getting the top views, interesting facts about our channel and whatnot here as well. And again, I want to show you guys just this channel just to see an example of an established channel on YouTube. And we're gonna be using this channel a little bit through the course. I'm going to be making a new channel as we create your channel to show you guys to process , and I'm gonna walk you through it hadn't hand by hand. And, uh, yeah, I would be pretty cool. But for now, I just want you guys to show you this in the next video, I'm going to get you guys set up on actually creating your channel. We're gonna make your Google account, make YouTube account and configure some basic settings on our YouTube channel. So I mean, two years in the next video and I have a good 4. How To Pick a Niche For Your Channel: So let's talk a little bit of own each selection and topic selection for your channel, because when you first create your channel in your uploading their videos, you want to gonna have your overall theme and topic selection already picked out before we actually trade or channel. So something you want to consider is if you already have an established business on the Internet, or if you're building your channel for your business than that topic should generally be your niche. So let's say you have the business where you do Internet marketing tips or something along that lines. We provide business hope than your videos in your YouTube channel. Could generally be somewhere around those lines and use your topic. That you have a passion in is also a good start. It's okay to be general in picking munitions and topics, but also remember that being focused is good as well. Keep in mind that once you make your channel, you can always expand afterwards. So, for example, let's say you were Sports Channel and you were strictly He wanted to do football everything to do with football. But then, once you're channel grew, you could expand to other sports as well. To keep in mind, you can always do that. It's always better to make a channel that's geared towards a general sports channel and the next man later on, instead of making a challenge geared towards something very specific and then having to kind of expand to something that doesn't really make sense after So if you have to make your channel very, very general to begin with, as long as you topic demean noo Shin topic, that'd be great. Consult the text document in the next video for a large list of news and topic ideas for YouTube channel provided a nice little document after this video that you can view that's gonna give you just a list of general ideas and things that you can use a brainstorm for different topics. And before in this video, we're gonna head back to YouTube, and we're gonna look at some of the topics in different categories that are pretty popular to help give you some more ideas. And when you can make your channel about all right, everybody. So we're back on you to be and and we're going to do here is we're gonna go to browse channels in the bottom left corner. And we can see here that we have a nice list of the channels that are popular on YouTube. We can see we have music, sports, gaming, education, movies, TV shows, news, live for life screaming and 3 60 video, which I think is this popular virtue. Virtual reality shows. And if we go down further here, we can see even more specific ones. You see music again. Comedy, film, entertainment, video, gaming, beauty and fashion, automotive top YouTube collections, animation, sports, tech, science and education, cooking and health, using politics and so on and so on. And if we click on some of these channels, we can even get even further specifics. So let's go on. This one here. Looks like tipsy. That one looks pretty interesting. Tipsy bartender. It looks like it is a drinking channel. Maybe something to do with making drinks and kind of thing. Yeah, so this is pretty cool here. You can see that this channel right here made it use the I guess it would be cooking niche to make a challenge specifically about mixing and bartending making drinks, which is pretty cool. Uh, so This is a great way to get ideas for your channel. And if you have a passion towards these kind of things, you can really expand. And you, too. So if you are a cook, you could consider making a channel about cooking and health. And, you know, doing something cool like that. Let's do another one. Just for another idea. Let's go to science and education straight, this one naked science. See what this one is? Sounds kind of interesting. Go to their about. Page looks like some kind of technology, technology and documentary. Siri's Something's not working her. Okay, well, anyways, uh, we can see here that this is a nice little science website. It's a pretty cool. There's really unlimited ideas you can do and I'm gonna show you is that you? Get to that section again. Again. Go to browse channels. You can see all the different categories here and pick your main one if you want, and you can get really specific here. But really, and you can a topic there is in the world. You can make a channel boat, and you can guarantee that there's going to be trafficking an audience for it. you'd be surprised at what people watch on YouTube and whatnot. So again, if you guys need help, consult the next document in the next video and let me know what you guys pick. Furnish. There's thousands of different natures and topics on YouTube. So I hope you guys like this video, and I hope it hopes you pick a topic for your YouTube channel in the next video. We're gonna actually get into making your YouTube channel and setting up your Google account. 5. How To Create a Google Account: All right, everybody. So in this video, we're going to learn how to you get Google account. Because in order to make a YouTube channel, we first have to make a Google account that we can use across all of Google's platforms. So when you make, your Google account will be able to make a YouTube account as Bella to Google. Plus and all that stuff Google has like a system where you make one account, and then it kind of connects everything together. So all we have to do is make a Gmail account, and then we can use it to make our YouTube channel. So if you already have a Google account or Gmail account, you can just skip this video and I'll see you guys in the next video where we make the YouTube channel. If you don't have a Google account, then watch this video and we're gonna go through the process of making a Google account. So let's go to gmail dot com here and the first result here in Google, and we're gonna add in a coat and just make an email. Whatever you want it to be. Let's go with Ah, Robin Haney, see if that one's picked. I might have to be a weight I'm signing and I'm not making it. Never mind that. Click on Create account reader. It's my fault and pick your settings here ago. All this stuff this right here is going to be a Google account address. So would be whatever used name is at gmail dot com. Creature pastored Really quick, Make sure they both match. Uh, you can just pick whatever do you want. You don't have to actually put your birthday everything like that. You don't want to pick a gender if you like your phone. Generally, you want to put your actual phone number because Google will send a verification for you later on, so they'll send you a text or something. You and you have to enter the code or something like that, so you might want to put your actual phone number if you want. If not, I believe there is other ways of doing it as well. If you have a current email address you want to put in here, you want to add the verification settings, which I believe that is 897 Sometimes it's hard to read agreed to the terms of service and privacy policy. Go to the next step. And now we have our Jim. Okay, So simple is that continue to Gmail, and voila. We now have our Gmail account were logged in. So in less than a minute or two were you created a Gmail account, and now we can go in, create our YouTube account. 6. How To Create Your First Youtube Channel: Okay, So now that we have a Google account set up and everything ready to go, we can now create our first YouTube channel. So let's go into signing here at the top rate of youtube dot com. And if you have your YouTube account or your Google account already signing it might automatically sign you in here. If not, you have to empty your password in using him. So now once were signed in here, you're gonna go to the top right here. We're profile pictures, and we're going to go to actually, I think you've actually changes. Let's go to my channel. Might have already made us a channel. Okay, here we go. This did change their interface a little bit since I last done this. So I apologize for that. So set up your channel on YouTube. How your appear? You have a photo, you can stick a photo here. Um, we're going to make a photo later on and do all that kind of stuff for sure. You guys how to do that? So you can just leave it empty if you want, But if you have a photo you can use really quickly, you can insert that there. If you're male, female, your birthday and stuff like that, you don't have to really pick. It's just there. And once you make your YouTube channel, you'll get a YouTube channel, obviously, and you get a Google plus profile associated with your YouTube channel. So for those of you who don't know what Google plus is, it's basically Google's online social platform that they used to for people to share content and stuff like that. That's kind of like a combination of Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook. It's Google's own little truffle platform that the use and I'm gonna show us how the market and promote your channel in your videos with that later on. But for now, just keep it up. Keep in mind that you cheapen your Google plus or kind of Inter linked together. So when you pull this YouTube video, it'll pop up in your Google plus channel. Whenever you comment, it'll pop up in your Google plus channel and so on and so on. So just keep that mine. We're going to continue here and wait for it to finish loading, and now we have a channel with their name. But because we don't want You want a channel like this, We're gonna actually create a new channel because UT will create a channel and automatically. But we want a new channel. So we're going to go to I think we're just gonna do What I did before was adding count. Nope, that's not it. There's a way to create a channel trying to find a word of this. My channel, Oh, area in the U team settings that we're gonna do is we're going to click on this little button right here, YouTube settings and because again, like I said before, YouTube, own man could create a channel that's geared towards your user name and your profound stuff . But let's say you wanted to make a channel with that doesn't have your name is the actual channel name and different things like that. We're going to create a new channel here so we can completely edit all the futures that we want. So as we create our channel, we can pick a name for our channel. And picking a name for your channel is very interesting because you're gonna want to pick something that brand herbal something that's related to your topic and something that makes sense. So let's say, for example, you're if you have a brand like a website, you're ill, or you already have something like that you can use. That is your channel name. In fact, if you already have an established social presence or something like that of that sort, you can use that as well. Uh, like again website name or something like that. If you're an individual who has, like an established kind of profile, you can consider using your name as well. Going back to the example of my gaming website that assured you guys, I used Heaney's gaming as my channel name, so it kind of branded myself, but also let people know that I was a gaming channel so you could do something like that. There's really the sky's the limit for picking your name for your channel again. You want to make it something that's specific to what you're talking about, and you don't make it brand nobles. People were memorized it maybe make it a little flashy. It's not the most important thing in the world. You can always change it after, so just pick something that kind of makes sense. So for this example of this course I'm going to make, um I think we're gonna make a gardening channel just to pick something that's a little bit different. But they do an example of Iniesta's. You know, you could make your YouTube channel about. And what I'm gonna call it is gardening tips for you. So this is gonna be the name of my channel. And it's gonna be a channel that shows people gardening tips, things like planting flowers, taking care of garni, growing your own plants, etcetera, etcetera, anything. Really, in that niche we're going to do, and we're gonna pick our category here, and I believe it's going to be in other. Yes. And we were agreed to the pages terms click done and Viola. Now we have our channel called Gardening Tips for you. This is our default. Look here. And now that we have a channel created, we can start customizing it and changed some settings. And I'm gonna show you guys how to do that in the next couple videos. So do that right now. Make a Google account. If you haven't set up your YouTube account and play around some of the settings if you want , and when you're ready, we can move on to the next video. And, uh, we could start building up your YouTube channel. 7. How To Get Channel Art For Your Youtube Channel: all right, everybody is So in this video, we're going to learn how to get some channel art for your new YouTube channel. Now, generally speaking, your chain or it wants to reflect with your channel is a boat, and it doesn't have to be super, super fancy or super crazy. Here. We just want something that looks nice, lets people know what your channel you know, is about. In our case, it's gonna be about gardening tips. So the way we're going to get our 10 are art is the way I get Channel order almost two channels, and it's very easy and simple to do. There's a freeway, and there's a paid way the freeway is. You go to like an online tool or something like that, and you create it. Your channel. Order your banner doing that way. I find out this way. It's a little difficult, and it's time consuming, and usually you don't like. I find I'm not good with doing that kind of stuff, so I usually you would rather leave it up to a designer to do instead. And now getting a designer will cost you money, but it doesn't have to cost you a lot of money if you do it correctly, So we're gonna navigate to upset co fiber dot com. And if you never heard of fiber before, basically, it's a website where people can pay $5 to get simple services done. And it's great for YouTube or anything like that, like it's awesome. You can get some good quality work from fiber, and it starts off with five bucks, which is a basic gig and then usually gives with extras and stuff like that. So it's a great way to make money if you're looking to make money or offer a service, but also a great way to get good quality services for a decent price. So we're gonna go into search here and we're gonna tape in YouTube Channel art, and we should get a couple. We're gonna go to high rating right here. Actually, we're going to turn off my, uh, before you any further. I'm gonna turn off my no follow extension, which is giving the red boxes around here. I want to get rid of that just so you guys can see Ariel. So we're gonna click on high rating here and any one of these, we could pick. Um, this one's an interest. We don't want that we will cover introduced later on in the course on Looks like these aren't there's one right here for channeler. Let's see if we can find making more specific. Um, let's go to up top here. Let's go to graphics and design. Click here and after we in graphics and design. Let's try you YouTube. See if it'll give us a more specific search here. Okay, here we go. High rating again. OK, so it's the high rating that's making us get the ones. But we can see that this one right here is a YouTube channel. Art, this is a YouTube background right here. You probably get one right Here is well, with all the different gigs you wanna look for one that has channel art or YouTube channel background. Here's another channeler. One going to go with the very top once it's got the most rate high ratings here. And after this course in the next text document, I'm gonna link to a couple gigs that I see that our look like good quality yuks forgetting your YouTube channel are done. So if you're not sure about which one to go with. Check that document out after this video because I was sure you had to do that. And here we can see some of the examples if you click here again like this is exactly what we want. Right here. Like perfectly great nice channel or backgrounds and stuff like that. Another good one. These were beautiful. All really, really, really nice. It's exactly what we need. We can see more about the gig here. Looks pretty simple. We're gonna order a gig here, so order it. We'll click order now for $5. Now you're gonna have to set up account with fiber and everything so that you can actually pay them and whatnot. Takes It's pretty quickly. Takes really fast. We can see here on the time frame of here. This takes how many days, on average, it takes for the person deliver, which is five, which isn't too bad. Usually I find most people would deliver sooner. Like I'd say further on 2 to 5 days will probably get it, Which is fine. I don't mind waiting a little bit, especially for the price we're gonna get like to get something like this or this, like these A really high quality banners to get something. This for a channel is awesome, especially for $5. And if we go at the bottom, we can see there's extras. So for an extra $10 you can get it done. One day we get the PST. Um, you get a matching the YouTube avatar a profile picture for one day. Actually, we might get that That be a non option you want? If you want to get a YouTube lavatory profile picture, so would be something you might want to get us. Well, because you're either gonna have to create that yourself when you quit your logo or use a picture of you if you want to use that as well. So it's up to you if you want Include that. But I'm gonna wear this. Get great now because I want to get toe our banner set for a channel click order now. And I'm going to kind of block this section Note to you guys I'm seeing in my PayPal information. So I'm gonna order and I'll see you guys after we're done this year. So let's skip through this part. All right, so after you've ordered your gig in, your payment has gone through. You'll be redirected back to fiber. And here we have a little section that the seller has given to us where we can give ah, detailed explanation of what we want in our you tube banner of Akron. And here we can see that please provide the father equipments for a complete work. Your YouTube, your Ellen category main topic of your videos. So we're gonna go back to our channel and on our main channel here. Click this part right here just to make sure we get to the actual channel homepage you're gonna see youtube slash channel slash This string of key words here, This is your channels home page. So if I was to copy this making you toe haven't paste it, it will take us to our channels homepage. Basically like the home page of your website. But for your channel on YouTube. And that person wants to your YouTube channels, they can check it out. We're gonna paste in here. Actually, we're gonna right. Hello. Year is my YouTube channels home page. Stick it in there. Uh, looks like they want. My channel is about guard Dinneen and guard didn't mean I can't spell tips. Unfortunately, I think I photo correct. Uh, guarded. Mean guard. Then you feel just book learning and gardening tips. Can you please create me and awesome channel background and we can see here uploading images you want to create? Been until the China art, if any, we don't have any images or nothing, so it doesn't leave that blank, and we're gonna let the designer customize it Text You want to put on the design? Um, we're gonna go with Can you please include the text occurred? Danine tips for you because that's the name of China. We want to have the name of her channel on there, and we can usually put a slogan or something like that with it as well. Uh, the best place. Um, let's think of a slogan we can use for a gardening channel. It doesn't really matter what it is as long as it short and simple and toast people which channels about so their tip Senso channels gardening tips for you. We can be like, um, learn how to grow, um, plants or or something along it really doesn't matter. You can pick whatever you want, so we're gonna pick that. Please include the text garden tips for you and the slo gan learned how to grow plants somewhere in the channel Art for style and colors and theme. We I would like a professional yet simple channel art background. I'm gonna go with color of green. Since green is kind of like, you know, the growing Platt kind of clear, um, colors I would like are green for sure, and maybe some other colors, such as flowers in the lake. And that's pretty much it. I don't think we need to include two too much. I'm gonna write if you if you require any more information. So that's pretty much what I would put for here. Just let the person know here they have everything they need yet for China Home page, The text we want kind of the style we want to styled. And if you want, you can attach photos or example so you can link to YouTube channels art like channel homepages, art that you like as a reference. That's always a great idea. Um, yeah, and we can I think we can start to start disorder. So now that will be sent to the person and they keep an eye on it because they might message you back. If they want to, you know, clarify something or if they want, add something. Or if they have, like for example, let's say they create the logo where the background and they want your opinion on it, let them know. So be sure to check your email or check fiber. You typically want today kind of thing because they might deliver earlier. They might need you to get a hold of them to complete the project. We can see that are just gonna take five days. On average, it might be a little bit shorter, but a minimum maximum five days. So after five days, we can come back and see her channeler. So now that are tearing was ordered. We're good to go. So if you want, uh, do this for your channel because China is very important, you want to have something nice and something that looks good on your channel so that people know what your channel, it's a boat. So do that for now, if you want. And, uh, yeah, we'll see you guys again in the next video 8. Lets Go Over Your Youtube Channels Settings: all right, So so far, we have our YouTube channel set up. We have our five rigging ordered, forgetting our channel, our background. And now we're going to go into our YouTube channel Settings Page and configure some basic settings for YouTube channel. First thing we're going to do is we're going to click up here and we're gonna go to you cheap settings. And here we have some basic scenes for YouTube channel. We can add a name or change your name and edit our name on Google. Plus, we click advanced. We can go into advanced settings over YouTube channel in our manager section. You can add and remove managers, basically managers or people who can configure your channel, edit your channel. If you have different people, you want to use different across the world to edit your channel, you can add them. It's gonna like adding admits to you do channel kind of thing. And here we have view additional features. For now, we're gonna go to the advanced tab in the advanced tab. We have our custom euro system for YouTube now. UTV used to make it so you could change your l of your YouTube channel, which is listening up here before you could change it to your channel to be like your name . Is that having like this random, a string of characters you could put like gardening tips for you or something? You TV used to let you do that, but now it's only reserved for larger channels. So unless you have a larger channel on YouTube, you can't switch your YouTube your L, which is not a big deal. It's ideal if you want to change it to something that's more s u optimized in Cuba specific . But for now, it's not a big deal. It's not gonna affect that. That much is just ideal if we can. If you ever get the option to, Google, might let you. Usually what happens is when you make your YouTube account, you have limited access to features, and I'll show you this as we go through our settings tab and slowly as you build up your channel, you to let you do more things with your YouTube channel. So for now, I just want to point that out there. It's not a big deal, but it is something, and here we can change your password. Change your password. This is some basic account information Are China and user name I. D. This is used for APS and different things like that. Um, just keep taking a lot of it. It's not that big of a deal, and that's pretty much it. You can do it your channel here, if you like, so lets it for that. So we're gonna close that page. We're going to go to view additional features in here. We can see a lot of different settings for our channel, but let's go back to here. I just want to go through some basic things here. We can connect our accounts. We can connect Twitter or Facebook and different things like that, uh, you can have are sitting. So when we upload a video, it automatically gets posted on Twitter or Google, plus different things like that. This is great if you want to have it. So, like when you include new video, it's gonna get shared automatically across your social platforms. YouTube does let you do this, which is pretty cool. Um, so you might want to fill that in connector social accounts. Your privacy settings is if you want people to see when? If you like your video when you subscribe and stuff like that. Generally speaking, I usually keep all that kind of stuff private. It's up to you if you want to, UM, doesn't really matter. Notifications is if you want to get emails whenever somebody e mails, you are subscribing to your channel. I usually keep this on just so you know, when you know somebody comments on a video is asking a question or whenever somebody subscribe just like that, it's nice to know when people are checking out your channel, so I usually keep this on. I usually won't put latest email updates from you, too, and I usually won't get anything else. You construct your email language, which is obviously going to be English. And yeah, that's pretty much it. Playback is for watching videos. It's up to you. If you have a nice, fast Internet connection, all we choose best quality for connection player size. If you have a slower one, you might want to go with the story connection. Sure, I notations and China promotions and all that stuff. And if you want captions or whatnot, connected TVs, I believe, is if you want to. Yeah, this is if you want to. Like for if you have wireless Internet, you can send your YouTube channel. I mean, YouTube channel. But whatever video you're watching to a TV, different TV in your house, So this is more like using your account watching videos. So that's pretty much that now that we're actually into your actual channel cities, though, uh, the first thing we're gonna want to do is verify our account. So let's click, verify here and account verification as two steps and we're gonna do it by phone here. So disliked her country. And how would we later, Verification verification code delivered to me. We're gonna go with the text and I'm going into my phone number here. So after you get your verification cool, you're gonna want to enter it here. It should take a couple of minutes or so. It shouldn't take too long at all. In fact, I got mine right now. So, you know, 852 it to nine. So there you go. How account is now very fighting Google. So that's gonna lock a lot of features and different things like that. Endless. Do more stuff. So and her account settings, we can also see our standings. Now. YouTube has a lot of things on copy writing in different things like that. And it's important to know that you want to try to keep your account in good standing as much as possible. And throughout this course, I'm gonna show you guys so you can do that. So for now, we have our community guidelines. Obviously, since we're New channel, everything is gonna be in good standing or copyright is gonna be good standing. Um, monetization. We won't be able to monetize into we choose their country location. So let's do that right now. We're going to go with Canada. Since I'm from Canada, you can pick whatever you want. Channel keywords. Gently speaking, your channel keywords is going to be anything having to do with your channel, your topic or whatever. When you go over as CEO, when looking up keywords and stuff like that, you can come back to this section and enter your channel keywords. But since we're a gardening tips channel, we're gonna tape in gardening garden mean tips and anything, Really. Let's taping garden anything to do with whatever you're nature's about like its head. When you research keywords later on, we can always come back here and add more. This is just the kind of Give Google and YouTube and idea of what your channel it's about, allow advertisers to be displayed alongside videos. I usually don't check this. It's up to you. I'm gonna click not to check that and link to an outward in AdWords account. This is if you want to advertise with Edwards, we're not gonna link it up right now. We're just keep it blank if you have an associated website you're gonna want and link it up to YouTube account because this adds more verification for YouTube channel. And also let's see if you have a website and you post your videos on your website. If your YouTube account is verified with your channel, it's kind of connected. It's going to mean like if you type in, if your website ranks for specific your words, you, your videos, they're going to rank as well, so it's good to associate a website if you have one and if you don't have a website, you might want to look into making one. I do have a course on how to set up a WORDPRESS website, and it's for non techies and just for general people. So you might wanna check that out if you don't have a website and you definitely want associative upset with your YouTube channel because it's gonna get you a lot more traffic and create you more of a authority when it comes to your YouTube channel and whatnot. Um, channel recommendations alone, my channel it appear on channel recommendations. You want to have this checked because if we go to our YouTube channel, we can see that popular channels on YouTube here. If you go to another channel that's popular this. So let's say if we went to another guarding channel on YouTube rate in this section here, there's gonna get a list of similar channels so you might get some traffic if you allow this year because your channel is gonna pop up and other similar channels that are in the same issue chores. So I mean, it's a win win situation. You always want to have this check. There's no reason, really not to have it and describe subscriber count is up to you. I usually displayed because when you displayed describe her account. If you have to skywards, it's gonna encourage more people. For example, you feel like couple 100 people are thousands who described your channel and people come to your channel. They're gonna see them like, Well, this is a really third of channel. There's a lot of people subscribe to this, you know, they might want to encourage them to describe or it's up to you in the beginning, you might want it might not want to display. But as time goes on, when you get more subscribers, you definitely want to describe your on show you subscriber count. If you have a Google Analytics prop property tracking idea, I d. You can insert it here, and I'm gonna show you guys how to do that later on in the course. So after we set that off, we're gonna hit save, And since that is all figured out, we're gonna close some of these tabs here. Since I got a lot up here, we're gonna navigate back to our settings up here, And if you refresh the page now, we can monetize their videos. So we're just gonna later on in the course when you go through a monetization section, we're going to cover that more. But for now, we're just gonna keep a blank, especially since we don't have any videos to actually monetize. We just keep that there. We can now make longer videos so, you know, upload videos longer than 50 minutes. And like I said, some of these might not be available to you. Google and YouTube likes to kind of randomly give you certain ones when you first make a channel. And as you grow when you channel gets older, they get sort of unlocks it at random so some of these might be available to you. Some of them might not be. Usually. If you're channel is in good standings, you'll be able to do most of them, and it's not too hard to get them. So now you can upload longer beers, which is great. External annotations allow you to link to other websites or your own website. This is again why it's important to associate your website because if you associate your website, you can then link to it from your YouTube videos, which is good. We commit custom thumbnails, which is really important, and we'll go over that later on in the course paid content, content idea peels. Which is good for Let's say, if you have Capri issues unless in private videos uh, this is really nothing. We really want toe Duer. Focus on because we want to make our videos listed. We want to make people see our videos. So that's not really going to concern us live events for life streaming. Uh, if you want to get a live stream and you could do that most channels likes to me really makes sense. Like for Gardening Channel, we could do a live stream, but there's not gonna be that many people watching. It would be more for, like, technology and things were people use computers and maybe like video gaming in that kind of thing is gonna make more sense with live streaming. So we're not gonna cover life streaming this Siri's. But in the future, I am going to probably do a live streaming section for the score. So look out for that. I'm gonna put that in the works and added to the list of things to do. Video editor. This lets us use the video editor on YouTube, which I will again show you guys later on. Fan finding is something that you can enable, which basically allows your fans to donate to your channel to help support your channel. Pretty cool features. I am not uses featured as it is pretty brand new on YouTube. So we're gonna look into that later on. And I believe you have to have a pretty big following before you can even enable this. So this is over sending tear. We don't really need to change too much. If you go to upload defaults, we can see the default settings. For all the videos we upload, we can choose our privacy policy. We can choose our category or videos. Um, I guess in our case, our videos to be educational for regarding website sounds like that. We're gonna pick standard YouTube license. You picked the standard title description. We don't have to focus on any of the street now, later on, when she build our social platforms and stuff like that. And if you have a website, you can make a description and automatically gets added to your videos. And if you upload them so that like, let's say, if you regularly put like a subscribe to my channel or check out my social platform links and stuff like that. You can set that the automatically insert so you don't think manually adding it, and we're gonna do that later on. Um comments, rating. Allow comments. You definitely won't comment. You definitely want ratings that your language is going to be English. Of course, it's just a video. Prove mints. Yeah, sure, why not? And video location would just keep that and your statistics. If you want to make it so that people can see your video statistics it's up to you were just keep it visible for now again, you can do whatever you want. Featured content is if you want to show when your viewers across a playlist all your videos wouldn't go into Italy later on. And if you have a channel ad, we can promote it, and again we'll cover that later on. So we just leave this section the way it is branding. We can put a water market of channel in our videos and gold for that. Another lesson and the advanced section. I think we already did this. Yes, we already did. He have access earlier, so I don't really worry about that. That's pretty much all the settings we can do in our YouTube channel. Feel free to browse through them and kind of set them up again. Try to get a website set up if you can. And yeah, Um, once you have all that done, you can move onto the next series. And again, we're gonna talk about all these different settings more thoroughly throughout the course. So if you don't understand something that's OK, will probably come back to it, go through the course, And if you don't understand something after the course, let me know. I know. Answer any questions you might have. So now that our settings were set up, we can start moving further through a course and getting our YouTube channel and adding content to YouTube channel. 9. How To Keep Your Channel In Good Standing: all right, so it's time to talk about copyright information and regards to YouTube channel and your YouTube videos. Now you can't just take any type of video or any type of music and uploaded to your channel into your videos. There are some rules that you have to follow when creating your thumbnails and any images that you use in your videos. You want to use stock images or images that you own the rights to so images that you've tooken with your camera or anything that you made yourself. You can't go on. Google and Goto search for images and use other people's images in your thumbnails and YouTube videos. This is copyright. When it comes to using music, you have to make your own music in your videos or you can you stock music from a music website. If you do use music from somebody else, you have to make sure it's free to use or free royalty settings, and you have to have permission from the author to use the music. Now, if you use music from someone else, Google might flag your video so you will have to provide proof that you own the rights and if you can provide proof, then you usually can't claim revenue on your videos. Any candy music you use that is owned by artist or a record company would generally set off a filter if you included in your videos, and you generally can still publish the video. But you cannot claim ad revenue, since it's technically copyright and your ad revenue that the video makes would go to whoever owns the copyright rights. When it comes to footage and video, you can only use your own footage that you own the rights to when it comes to educational video and content. Usually you can get away with using other people's video. But again, your video might get flagged here. Generally speaking, if your video does get caught for copyright, sometimes you can still publish the video. You just can't claim ad revenue. If your video is flag, Google will let you know, and you will have to take it down or change it. Generally speaking, iPhone is pretty hard to get your videos flag unless you upright taking other people's content and claiming ad revenue. If you want to play it safe. If you ever use any content from anybody else. So you're unsure if your video or your music or anything is copyright. Just don't claim ad revenue. And generally speaking, you'll be fine. It's when you start claiming revenue for your videos at their copyright. That's when you kind of get into those problems and issues. So if you're ever unsure, just don't claim ad revenue or monetize the video, and we go from that. A partnership on a network, which we'll talk about later, is a great way to get your videos automatically approved for monetization. Because whenever you published a video onto YouTube and you monetize it, Google has kind of a filter system that automatically checks the video if it's copyright or not. So sometimes, even if your video is completely not copyright, it might get flagged for a copyright. I found this especially true when I did video gaming. Ah, videos and whatnot. When it comes to my video game channel, most of my videos are not copyright, but because there's a lot of footage, a lot of video, a lot of sound and stuff like that. Um, it makes it hard to get the filter. Once I got signed with a network on my channel. However, my viewers will automatically set up because the network had, ah agreement with YouTube that any video that gets approved will automatically be able to monitor to be monetized. So it's something you might want to consider. We were talking about networks more in the next video, but there a good way to get your content out there to start clean ad revenue on your videos and things like that? But that's pretty much it. If you have any specific questions about copyright and details, that can be a little bit confusing. So post a comment to start a discussion, and I'll do my best to help you. Copyright is a big gray area in some regards, so, generally speaking, you want to play it safe if possible, and try not to get into too much trouble because getting your videos flagged and copper it can cause some problems. So stick to these rules and you should be fine. I've never had an issue with copyright or anything like that, so just do some good practices. And again, if you have questions, just let me know in me or somebody else in the course will help you 10. Why a Network Partnership Can Be a Good Thing: a good idea for your channel is to eventually partner with a network on YouTube to help grow your earnings in your channel Overtime. Now, basically, a network or partnership on YouTube allows you to play ads on your video and make revenue off your channel. Now Google AdSense is the default network program that you have on your channel. Once you monetize your YouTube and a lot of people use Google Essence and it works fight. And there's no reason not to use Google AdSense. However, sometimes a network partnership is better for some people. Depending on your niche in your channel, let's go over. Some of the perks of using the network networks will allow you to easily monetize and earn money off your videos. The network that I am on in most of my channels allow me to you automatically earn revenue and get my videos published on YouTube without going through a photo process. This can be can be good. Since I know how to make videos that are copyright free and are not breaking any laws, I don't have to go through a filter enough time with my network. My view years automatically approved for monetization. This is a big proof for my network, but she when it comes to my one channel when I do video game videos, since a lot of them get flaked for copyright even when they're not really copyright networks want lock a lot of futures in your account. When you send out for a network, things like live streaming and all the different perks that you normally might not get right off the hop will automatically be unlocked. And your YouTube channel networks also will often offer your resources in tools for making better videos and grow in your channel. And this would depend on the network. Some networks will offer royalty free music. Things like images and Summit Networks will also offer things like forms. You can talk with other people in the networks for growing. Um, a lot of networks were after off, then offer tools and resources for engine. We just grow in your channel, and a good network would have a lot of these tools, and we'll have a strong community behind it. So it's something definitely you want to look forward when you put your network a good network will work with you in promoting channels, so that is a win win partnership for both of you. Since your network is taking some your ad revenue, you want to make sure that your network is number one pen. You have pretty good E CPM, which is your earnings per 1000 views. You want to make sure that your network is promoting your content and you want to make sure your network office he offers you a lot of tools and a decent revenue split. Now you can go online and Google and search for networks, and I encourage you to do this. When you sign up for networks and you and the next video, I'm gonna go over some things about how you can get into a network and get accepted. But when you pick your network, make sure you do a lot of searches and search for reviews and check out all the different networks out there because there's a lot of ones that are really good and a lot of ones that aren't so good. So you want to make sure that you're getting a good balance of the two, that your network isn't taking too much of your money, and that they're helping you promote, because the goal is a win win situation for both of you guys. And, if possible, avoid signing any contract that is too long or will lock you in just in case. If for some reason your network isn't good, I would recommend, if possible, do not saying a contract that is more than one year. And if you can try to get a trial maybe like a month or two or three, or something like that before you have to sign a contract with your network so you can kind of see how it is before you get locked in. So you definitely want to spend some time thinking in reviewing different networks before you saying anything. And in the next lecture, I'm going to include a little text document with just some examples of some popular network Salter and some different niches that the special Asian some networks will accept everybody , well, some networks arm or just straight for things like gaming videos, some arm or for educational videos. There's a bunch of different ones out there, and they all paid differently and offer different services. So it's, um you really got to do your research here and look up. But a network is definitely a good idea for growing your channel, Unlocking your features in YouTube again. You don't have to get in a network, and you don't have to have a network to make money off YouTube. That's important thing to remember. The best thing is to I would say it started off with Google AdSense for now and then went your channel, start to making some money and maybe getting some views and stuff like that. You can stop. You can start submitting and asking to be a part of a network so you can grow in further. But the best way is to do both and see which one works the best and get a trial for your network before you lock in. Anything just to protect yourself so you don't make any bad moves or mistakes. Um, if you want any questions about network. So if anybody has any experience to share with certain networks, please let me know and posted discussed in section of this video so that others can kind of take that in and help them when they make their choice of getting a network. If they want one. So now that you know what networks are, we can move on to the next part of the course and thanks guys for watching. 11. How To Get a Network Partnership: in this video, we're going to go over some different ways and how you can set yourself up to get a partnership for your channel. Now, generally speaking, the more views subscribers and all that kind of stuff you have your channel, the better off you are forgetting a partnership. Most partnerships and channels want to make sure that you it's gonna be worth it for them to sign with you and to promote your videos and to put ads on your on your channel. So try to get at least 100 to 1000 subscribers for your channel. First, most networks might might require somewhere around this range or some of the really, really good ones by you higher than this. And this is fine because keep in mind that building a YouTube channel and do we know this takes a lot of time. There is no rush to get a network, so keep trying. And if you usually when you submit an application to most networks, they will kind of give you maybe something to shoot for, like, hey, you know, you know you're not ready for us yet, but, you know, maybe in a month or two. If you have extra motive, user, if you keep working at it, then we can figure something out so it always works. It never hurts to try and fail, or at least, you know, get something to shoot for. So try to make your channel look as professional and nisus possible. This will help you get approved. Look, to get at least over 1000 views per month, which really isn't that hard on YouTube again. It takes a little time, but getting 1000 I'd say, would be the minimum. Once you get 2000 and 3004 you know you get higher and higher. It will definitely increase your odds. And the reason why we want to make our stats are good and want to make sure we're getting somewhere is because when you make an offer to ah network, you want to make sure that it's gonna be good for them. And if the offer is good for them, they're going to be more inclined to maybe give you more of a revenue share and what not. So if you're channel is established, you could make more revenue off your network, so keep that in mind, there is no rush to get a pernicious. Be sure to look around and tried different networks before you make your final choice. This is very important. Make sure that you look, you check over reviews. You know, try to get some different offers before you pick the one you're going to go with, have your network is not something you necessarily have. And I don't have a network and all my channels. I just have it on a couple again. You want to have networks that help promote your channel, and we're gonna do things for you. This is the biggest thing about a network. You want to have a network that's gonna help you out. And that's really important because of signed with networks that literally don't do anything in. They're kind of useless, and there's even no point even having them. So keep that in mind on the best way to find with Anamika is actually gonna help you Vote is to look up reviews for other people that are in the networker or have had experience with that network that this is a great way of getting idea on what networks are good and what networks are not good. So I hope this little section of the course is hoped you wrote an open your mind up to what networks are on YouTube. If you have any questions again, let me know and I'll be happy to help. But just keep in mind that networks are for some people and not for other people. 12. Introductory To Search Engine Optimization: Hey, everybody hope always going good for you today and today's lesson We're gonna get an introductory to search engine optimization and why it is important for us when we make our YouTube channel and how you want to get our videos ranked in Google and YouTube search results. So, for example, let's say we had our Learning Channel and let's say we wanted to make a view vote how to how to grow works, how to grow purpose indoors. So when you take this keyword in, we can see that all these videos pop up and the video is at the top of the page. We're gonna get a lot more of used in videos on the bottom. You can see everyone at the top here has a lot of use here, a lot of engagement, and they're doing really good now in order to get our video at the top. Here, we have to practice what is called search engine optimization, or Seo and YouTube has a system kind of like a away the rank videos, and you do this in a couple of ways, and we're gonna go over thrill this course how we can rank our videos in the top section and get a lot more traffic to our video videos on our channel. And this is really important because it's a great way to get traffic without putting in a ton of work. And there's a lot of factors like your title tags, your tags, your descriptions, your keywords, your links to your videos. And we were gonna go over all those factors and the next few videos. But keep in mind that it's very important that your videos rank really well in Google. And you, too. So this is YouTube right here. But let's go to Google. You're flying Google here and let's type in how to grow herbs. New orders. We can see that there's the about pages that pop up here. Sometimes YouTube videos will pop up if they rank well, like here we go on the second page. We have some YouTube videos, so these YouTube eaters are also getting traffic from Google Search as well as opposed to just YouTube itself. If you go back Teoh Google and we go into the video section, we could see that even mawr traffic can we get to YouTube video or channel by ranking for this keyword. So when he rank on YouTube, we're also gonna ranking Google Search and go search videos. So it's very important that you do good s CEO on your YouTube videos, and over time it can bring a lot more traffic to views and channel. And it's probably gonna be the most primary thing or factor that's going toe really grow your YouTube channel, especially over time, and make you more more money. This is why it's so important, because the traffic you're gonna get from S CEO and search engines is just huge, especially when your video start ranking well, so this is just a short introductory toe. What S CEO is, and I hope you guys like it in the next few videos and then this section of the course. We're going to dive deeper and learn about the different factors that rank a video and how you can rank your video and Google search. And high in the YouTube listens 13. Factors That Rank a Youtube Video: in this video, we're gonna discuss the factors that influence your search engine rankings on YouTube for your videos. Now the first factor that affects how you video will rank in YouTube Search and Google Search and other search engines is the quality of links built to YouTube video. For example, if your video had a lot of high quot links from really authority of bloggers or websites or other platforms on Internet, that's gonna cause it to rank higher in Google and YouTube search. So it's very important that you built links and try to get links from other platforms on the Internet. The second factor that's going to affect how high your videos will rank is the overall authority of a YouTube channel. Now a decade dedicated an actual video strictly to building up the authority of your YouTube channel. But for now, keep in mind that a higher authority YouTube channel, it's gonna have videos that rank better. For example, a small China with less authority won't be able to rank is high as a China with high authority, a channel with high 30 unpublished video given within a certain niche or topic and instantly have a tranquil because it's a high authority YouTube channel. So having a high authority for your channel is very important, and we're gonna talk about how you can increase that in create a high 30 channel later on in the course. The third factor is the number of likes on your video. Pretty self explanatory. The more people that like your video, the better it'll rank now. A lot of people can and will abuse the system and get fake lakes. So it's not the biggest factor. But overall, especially want your YouTube video starts getting a lot of use. If you have a higher number of YouTube likes to discount dislikes than your video will rank higher. But keep in mind that dislikes aren't always necessarily a bad thing. Every video that gets a lot of use is gonna have some dislikes, and it helps to show you to death. There is some engagement and debate over the video, so generally speaking, you want to have a fairly high number of lakes with maybe a little bit of dislikes here and there. The fourth factor is your audience fermentation time and watch time the longer people watch your videos in the higher percentage of the video that is watched and the more watch time for your video and your channel in general, the more higher the video will rank in YouTube search because it shows that people are interested in the video and the longer people watch. Obviously, the better the video is. If the video is barely short and people leave right away and has a high balance race than people and shows YouTube that people, I don't like this video, it's not a good reference. It's not good quality content. The next factor is going to be T. V, your YouTube video title and how closely related to the key word being searched. And we're gonna talk about this one specifically in the next lesson. Your take on your video and if we're really to your cure being searched for are also important. Tags are things you can take your video has for different keywords in different topics. We were overtakes and how they relate and why they're good for giving extra traffic and building over s you quality of your videos. It's a keyword or strong relations of appearing description of the video. This also help your video Over and Kyra. Now we're gonna talk about all these factors individually in the next couple videos and in the section of this course. But it's important. Understand what actually ranks a YouTube video and YouTube search and Google search. So I hope you're staying with me here and let's dive into learning how do as you optimize our YouTube videos. 14. The Number One Factor For Ranking Your Youtube Videos: so something I want to talk about really quick in this lesson is striving for a high audience fermentation time on your videos because Google has started doing this and what I mean by Google. I mean YouTube. YouTube has started doing something where they are banking videos high, higher based on audience fermentation time. And this is kind of something they use to rank videos over a long period of time. So it's not something that really you start off in the beginning. But over the course of a couple months to like years Google take a video and they will look at the video. And as the instrumentation time increases, that video were slowly rank up in YouTube search and whatnot. And basically what body instrument tension time is is. It's basically the watch time of the video. So like, let's say, if somebody watches 60 to 70 to 80% of the video, that video is gonna have a high audience plantation time, and Google wants to rank those videos because it proves that people like the content. You know, if a video has a low orientation time like, let's say, after a couple of seconds, people leave the video or, you know, they only watch, like 10% of video. Then it shows to Google or you tube. That video is not really that great, and people are not watching it because they don't like it and it makes sense. So the longer people want you to use, the better for your videos and the awarding Higher and YouTube and Google Search because of this now it was cup. Things we can do is you can consider making longer videos to increase overall watch time, because this kind of affects your whole channel. Like, let's say, if you have a video that's 15 minutes long and let's say that even though it's gonna have a naughty instrumentation time, that's gonna be lower than a video that's five in this long, just naturally, because most people aren't gonna watch every what's 15 minutes long. That video might have, ah, higher watch time. So that's gonna can I help push that video? Oppa's well, like they haven't algorithm where the kind of take like longer videos and compared in the short of it was like, I'm not sure exactly how they do it, but we can assume that Let's say if somebody watches five minutes of a 10 minute video that might say more to Google than if somebody watches one minute of two minute video or vice versa. Like I think there's merit to doing both approaches. You want to have, like, longer videos and short of years as well. Because sometimes a short video is good because it's gonna have, ah, high rent ation time and it's gonna keep People CAC captivated and make them watch most of video. But it's also good to have longer videos because you can increase your watch time and again like we're not 100% sure and how Google does this. But you wanted to both. So again, consider making longer videos to increase your watch time. But short videos are great as well. To get a high rotation time, try to do a mix of the two, um, the biggest take way I can see, like the biggest thing I can say to you to help you understand this and make your videos have a higher rotation. Time is to be interesting and engage with your audience to keep them watching your content . And sometimes this means making sure videos. It all depends on your content and what you're doing, but keeping your video exciting. You know, hooking people in is the best way to do it, and you'll see it on a lot of like comedy videos and stuff like that, where they have like a really funny or their best content is displayed at the beginning, the video. And then you know, the other stuff is displayed after. So there's a lot of different techniques you can use to increase your audience fermentation time. But it's definitely something you want to increase overall on your channel in all your videos. So I hope you guys understand that, and it's definitely something you're gonna want to do So with the guest. Any questions in regard to but instrumentation time, or how you can track it. Please let me know. There is an option in your YouTube settings in your analytics, where you can see the audience rotation time and the percentage of videos watched for all your videos across your channel. So I hope you guys like this video. Try to do that in your videos. Try to be engaging and keep your audience watching your content If he has any questions, let me know and I'll see you guys that know. So let's continue on the course and I hope he gets like this video. 15. How To Find Keywords: All right, everybody. So in this video, we're going to learn how to find key words and topics and different things we can use to make our videos about. So the first thing we're going to do with English, she has a very easy way. We're gonna actually head onto the YouTube website we're gonna do is since our website is a book gardening weaken tape something in like of to plant that anything that pops up in here . Our ideas are keywords that we could target in her video. So, for example, we can make a video about how to plant potatoes, became do videos. But how to plant a tree, how to plant, um, grass seed carrots. Or we could do something like tape in gardening and we gardening for beginners, gardening tips, vegetables, gardening in Canada, which is obviously them from Canada. It's popping up gardening for kids. There's all these kind of different things you can type in. Let's take try plant ah seeds. May some of these air kind of hard to have to be very specific. Two units niche. She's to grow two plants like like you can think of different variations. You can type here and you can get what you want. You can also go to the Channel section like a I showed you earlier. Find your niche in here if it's listed here and go through the different channels every about your niche and just find their videos for So for example, I'm just gonna do that right now. We're gonna go for gardening tips, find a channel on here, grow veg that looks like it be a gardening website. Pauses for you right here. And we can see that all these videos, overuse of their targeting and we can make figures about, like, the same things they're doing. So how would water plants for healthy growth? We could do a video but watering plants. Um, let's see what else here five steps for highly productive garden. How to plan a vegetable garden like all these different videos we could do and their great ideas for learning how to do different videos. And later on the course, I'm gonna show you guys how to do different S e o tactics want on how to target a keyword or specifically, But for now, this is just to get you guesstimate. Yes, and how to find keywords and video topic ideas for your videos. In the last place, we're gonna go, actually, just two more places I want to look at. The other place we could go is to Google Weaken type in something like gardening tips. And again the same thing will pop up here. It might be the same as use. It might not be like seems to think something is a little bit different, but that's a great way to find keywords for your website. You can also typing, gardening something and go to blog's finish and look up the block post they have. So let's goto vegetable gardening tips. And we could see this website that there's a bunch of different block posts so we can go with plant diseases, and it's a month to block post book plant disease. We could actually take some of these posts and make a video out of them or something similar like that. So that's definitely something we could do in a YouTube channel, and it's a great way to get ideas. All right, so the last place we're gonna look at for cured ideas and whatnot, it's going to be the Google AdWords Keyword planner. We're gonna take that into Google here, and it's really the first result here. We're gonna click on slain in and we're gonna enter password in here once were signed in. If this is your first time sign into your Google AdWords account, you might need to make it some settings or start a campaign or something like that. But once you get all of the starting setting set up, we can now navigate to the actual tool which is going to be right here. Search for Keanu keywords using a phrase website category and we're gonna tape in gardening and none of these were really gonna pay attention to We're just gonna get ideas. And now we can see all these different keyword groups and ideas and we can use any one of these. We want to get keywords for 80 videos. So let's go to cured ideas and we can see all these different words that people are searching for each month. And the CPI in this wealthy CPC would be here in the suggested bid, which basically means that this is what people are paying to advertise for these keywords. So, generally speaking, the Q is with the higher money sign. Here are the ones that are going to get higher pain ads. Generally speaking, it's not 100% correct. It's just it's the best estimate we can get. And if we click on average monthly searches, we can actually start it towards the higher ones that get the most searches. So there's ones about landscaping here. Plants, garden's landscaping ideas, perennial plant flowers, raised garden beds, different things we could target here. Different ideas. We could do patio designs, lavender plants. And we can take the keywords that we get in here and further target them by going. It's typing lavender plants. We could see all these different ideas pop up to, and, ah, we can even go to outer group ideas and get even more ideas here for key words. So it's a great way to get key what it is, and it's a good start. So if you're ever stuck for ideas, this is always good ways. You can get ideas on what to make videos for so should keep you busy. You should never have ideas. If you do exactly what I'm showing you join you here and Yeah. If you guys can think of any other ideas or any other things you can do to get ideas and cures for your website, please let us know. Please post in discussion settings in this video because we would all like to hear. But I hope you guys like this video. I hope that can get you started. And the best thing you could do right now is maybe take some time and write some of these ideas down or spend, like, maybe an hour or so We're whenever something comes to a head, just write it down and make a big list of like, video ideas so that whenever you're going to record or set up a video, you have, like a big you can just look at your list and there's whatever you're going to do. So it's a great way to get started. Uh, hope you guys like that video. So we're gonna continue on with the course in the next video and I'll see you guys there 16. How To Upload a Video: all right, everybody. So before we go any further into the course, I want to show you guys are new YouTube background that we got now. We ordered a YouTube back around the other day, and it took a day for it to come in from fiber. So the person did it in a day, even though the gig said five days, we actually cut her about her in a day. So it's awesome work with that person. I gave them a good rating. And if you get a good gig from fiber, make sure you give those people good radiance because it's gonna help increase their sales . And for the price we got an awesome banner here. Gardening tips for you Learn how to grow plants, which looks awesome. Job, job well done for five bucks. Can't complain with that. So we got a banner set up, and in this video, I'm going to show you guys have uploaded video. Now we need to learn how to upload a video before you do anything else in regards to SCL. So in order, upload a video. It's very simple, but we have to do is we go click on upload at the top here once were signed into our channel. Now we can either go to our desktop here, grab our video and Trey, get up here or we can click here and navigate to where our video is on her desktop and do that way as well. Let's see. Should be around here, this stuff, how to plant potatoes there. So in this case, are keyboard is actually going to be healthy plant potatoes, and we have our description. Here we have our takes. We could insert here we have our custom thumb. Now we can add right here you have a playlist, which I'll explain later on. And we have our settings if you want to make a video public, unlisted or private, now all the sitting over in the next couple videos and in this section of the course. But for now, you can see that a video is uploading, depending on how long your view is up loading. It can take a while. After a video is done, uploading it will need to be processed again. Processing would depend on how big your video is and how fast YouTube is at editing and proceed it at that given time. Sometimes it can take while sometimes it won't. After a video is done, you can hit Publish here and your body will be live on You too. And you are all for your video will also be raped. You seeing click this u R l And sometimes we can actually get a pretty of the video before he's even live. You see, Right now we can't because the processing hasn't even begun yet. But once the videos uploaded in a processing is, then we condemn your video. We could also viewer video if you navigate back to her channel. But going into the video manager of top here when you see a big list of our videos, you see, right now, it's not quite uploaded yet. So now that you know what, upload a video, you start uploading your videos until YouTube channel and we're going to learn how to do title taste in the next video and doing some basic s. You work for a videos after a couple of them 17. How To Write SEO Optimized Title Tags: All right. Okay, So in this video, we're gonna learn how to write an awesome title tag. That is s u optimized for YouTube video. Now, our video we have here actually took off the internet. It's not a video actually made. So when you make your china when you want to make sure you're making introduce yourself, this video is just a sample video that actually pulled off YouTube. We're not going to publish this. We're just going to keep this private, But I'm just gonna use it, for example purposes. So this is a video that we have on how to plant potatoes, and our main cured is going to be healthy plant potatoes. So in this case, what we're gonna want to do is we're going to I want to go back to you to hear, and we're going to do is we're gonna type in how to plant potatoes, and we're going to see all these keywords pop up here and anything that has to do with potatoes. We're gonna want to try to incorporate into our title because the more keywords in the more variations we have, the more we're gonna rank for different ones. that people are searching for. So we see we have how to plant potatoes had a plant leaves and garden. Oh, do plant potatoes and containers If we search for the actual keyword, you see all these videos, you can see these ones at the top, or just how would you plant potatoes? And the reason why they're at the top is because they have their main keyword. Now the problem I have with this is that it's obviously working. But for one, it does look kind of spammy, which just the cured up top there. And you can a limiting what you can rank for. So, for example, this for you at the bottom here, how to plant, grow and harvest potatoes organically is going to rank for cures that have to do with hope , to plant how to grow and how to Horace potatoes and cured with organic in them as well. So this one has a lot more reach, and that's the cannon title we're gonna go for. Ah, this one is how to grow potatoes in a container. Here's another good one. How to grow potatoes complete growing guide so that one's gonna ring for a little bit more . This one's another good one. How does XX successfully grow potatoes, Organic vegetable gardening? So he's gonna kind of rank for how to grow potatoes. Probably pulling some tracker from anything to do with organic potatoes or growing organic vegetables. Potato potatoes, that kind of think. And that's the kind thing would go for this k Another one growing potatoes and detainers how to grow potatoes and begs for pops. So these are all good variations we're gonna want to try. Incorporate as many cures as we can. So, going from this example, we're gonna go something along the lines of how to grow. Groups can tape grow fresh organic potatoes in your garden. Um, see if we can incorporate some other way. Let's try to do something like this Plan Teen petite toes dash. See how some other people did it here you put the dash into the cold and we're gonna go with the dash because it looks a little bit better And see, Now we have a title that says planting potatoes. How to grow fresher gennette potatoes in your garden. So this title is going to rank for our cures Rose variations. But we might want to work in, because if we can, we want to get the main curious how to plant potatoes. Let's change this 1st 1 too. How to plant potatoes. We're gonna take you. That's how to its start here and now we have how to plant potatoes, grow fresh organic potatoes in your garden. I think that one looks a little better and we have remained cured at the start. You want to have your main cured is close to beginning. It's possible. So we're getting the SDO factor. Like these videos are with how to plant potatoes. But there are also getting a little bit more reach with this extra little section. So you gonna rank for cures that have, like, how to grow potatoes, maybe fresh organic potatoes. Anything to have tears in your garden. Just give you a little extra reach and it's gonna pull in some extra traffic, especially when it comes to S u organic search. So you want to spend some time thinking about your title is trying to make it a little bit longer than just your keyword, but also make it make sense that's more important. Don't try to stuff all these different cures don't try to make like, big, long titles. You want to generally keep them short. But if you can add a couple of extra words or variations of keyword to pull in an extra bit of traffic. So if you guys have any questions about making titles for videos or if you want away on this discussion, please let me know. Put something on video and we're going to evolve into writing a nice, juicy description for YouTube video in the next lesson. 18. How To Write SEO Friendly Descriptions: all right, everybody's We're back again for another video, and in this video, we're going to focus on how to write an S u optimize description for a you tube video. So going back to our last video inner example on how to plant potatoes, we have our title, which is open eyes, what you made optimized, which you made in the last video. And in this video, we're gonna focus on the description here. Now, the description I wrote for this video is not very long, and it doesn't include a lot of words Now, generally speaking, the more you can stick in your description, and the more it makes sense, the better. So let's read through this right now just to give you an example. The following is a guide on how to plant and grow organic potatoes in your garden. Planting potatoes doesn't need to be hard or difficult. Anyone can do it. If you like this video, please let me know when used to describe to my channel where you can find all kinds of gardening tips and tricks to make your life much greener. But into this video, you alone had a plant potatoes confidently and harvest a reward. Now this is an example of basically the bare minimum that you want to do. You see that I've worked in our keyword here. How do you plan potatoes as well as some variations of it? Thrilled the description as well. Now, a common thing that a lot of people do in their descriptions is they take the transcript from their video and uncertain to description. And this is a good idea because it's gonna give you more keywords, and it's really helpful information. So if somebody let's say somebody has no audio, they can still watch the video and read your description. So it's definitely providing more information helping them out. You could also do something like explain what potatoes are. You could also linked to other researches on the Internet from your description as well. And you recently want to make your description is hopeful. Is possible is you can to the viewer. Now what I usually do is all right. Beginning subscription from I mean description for my video is that you know is pretty decent and pretty good. And then, oh, wait after And if the video starts to get some attention or views or starts to rank. Then I will go back and consider beefing it up and making it more fuller. But the main thing to remember here is you want to make it make sense. You want to add some content and you want to work in your cured knee variations. You have a swell. So that's pretty much different descriptions again. Just explain with your video is considered pretty in transcript, if you can. It does take a little bit of time, but it's definitely work doing, and that's pretty much it. In the next video, we're going over tags, which again are pretty easy. And now that you know how toe right, it s you optimize description. Go out there and in the YouTube YouTube videos you have on your channel going, optimize your description. And then, once you're video, start getting more views and maybe some distraction. You can go back and add more to description or rewrite your title, or I'm or takes two of you do as well. So I hope you guys like this video. If you got questions, let me know and I'll see you guys the next one. We learn how to write her tags 19. How To Write SEO Optimized Tags For Your Videos: when it comes to picking the tags for YouTube videos. But we want to do, for starters is you want to make sure that our main key word is used to wear type in how to plant potatoes and what we want to do with any variations of the Q word that appear in the Google, our skewered tool, or by searching a new tube or just by thinking of the top of her head or of the suggested takers at the bottom. Here you want include as well. So we're gonna do is we're gonna tape in you tube when you type in healthy plant potatoes and anything that relates to her. Cute, we can add. So in a garden we have or anything that relates to a video, I should say, Stick that one in there we have how to plant potatoes at home. We could put or along of these released where video and have some few the video. We can stick those in there so we could put troops. It's the wrong page. I went to how to plant potatoes at home. You go plant potatoes, how to plant organic potatoes. You cannot make up any variations that come to your head so we could put potatoes or how to grow potatoes. We could tape something that growing potatoes again weaken, Go to the Google AdWords keyword planner. We can go on YouTube and search. We can check out other videos as well to get ideas, but the main thing is just one incorporate keywords are related to your video or something that somebody might be searching for online. So we've seen this. Just suggested a few put potato. We could put garden an industry you could put organic food or something and basically wanted. Fila's many takes is we can infer cured. Right now we have 123456789 10 11. So I put a minimum of at least 11 tags. Don't wanna put too many, but as your videos grow, you definitely want to include more later on. And when we look at her now takes clear on which I'll show you in one of the channels already have established, we're going to revisit to take section and how we can optimize it even further. But for now, you want to add at least 10 takes to your videos so that if people type these keywords or variations have been YouTube, your video is going to rank for them. So it's important that you least get a couple in there and you want to get them from looking on. YouTube going in Google search or Ah, the AdWords keyword planner tool. So don't spend too much time thinking about to stick them in their stick. Any variation do you want, and then we can go into the next section of the course. 20. The Importance of Youtube Playlists: Alright, guys. So in this section, we're gonna learn how to add a plea list. Two reviews and why play this so important to our channel? Now? Playlists are basically ways to increase watch time and list of much of videos together to get people to watch them back to back. And we can add a video to a playlist by clicking on add to playlist here, creating our new playlist to whatever you want than adding the videos into it. Now there's a couple different ways we can make a playlist, too. For a channel on gardening, for example, we can make how to plant playlist where we have or plan how to plant videos. Or you could do something like make a playlist and everything that has to do with organic vegetables or get organic planting can go in there. We could do all sorts different things like that, and the whole purpose of a playlist is to get people to watch one of the videos and then sit down and watch them back to back. And playlists are effective way for marketing and getting more watch time on your channel. And they worked really good for s u as well. So if we typed in, try thinking example here. That we're perfectly good is how to grow a garden state that in here. And let's add the beginners part I seen there. All right. Now hold a girl gun for beginners. You'll see all these videos are gonna rank here. But let's say we made a playlist. That was how to grow a garden for beginners as a key word title or some variation of it. We could put all our videos into that playlist and that playlists will have a good chance of ranking because it's gonna be a great resource for anybody. That's a beginner, Gardner, that wants to grow the garden. So it works really, really well. And before and this video, we're gonna head onto one of my other channels to use another example of how playlists are so powerful in getting views and ultimately making you money on your channel. Alright, guys. So we're back again on the other channel on my gaming channel that should yet earlier in the course, and in this course we have a prime example of how please are so effective in creating content for your channel now, the cool thing about gaming videos and walk throughs is that planets were really naturally , actually. Really Well, with the way we're gonna building our content, since in this channel, I would play through games into commentaries and walk throughs play. This works perfect because I can start at the beginning of the game and the players could go all the way to the end of the game. And we're gonna look at a player this year that I have right here. We're gonna go to see if we can edit the playlist itself. Here we go. So we can see here that I have the beginning video here and it goes all the way to the end . And it's 23 videos in this playlist is basically the game from the beginning to begin. And over the course of this place, we have a good chunk of use and a lot of people. What happens is people will watch one video here. Let's go to the 1st 1 and after one place there go all the way through the place, especially if they like the content and the way it works is once videos. One video is done it plays the next video plays. The next one plays the next one so people can really binge. Watch your content, especially if they like your stuff and you can see that the first video here has the most views and engagement. And then as you go down, views and all that will drop off slightly a little bit. But looking at my ANALITICO, we can see that a lot of people we'll watch the whole playlist and go through it all. So it's a great way of marketing and getting more views to your channel, and you can really incorporate into any kind of YouTube channel doesn't have to be gaming or anything like like I told you before and our governing example channel. You can really use playlets for anything, so they're definitely something to consider, and you definitely want to make playlists that makes sense on your channel. So when you're making your content, think about how you can group it together and categorize. It's that people can watch a bunch of your videos when they sit down and watch your channel . So now you know about playlists. Start trying to incorporate them into your channel to help get more views and eso traffic to your YouTube channel 21. How To Use Google Analytics: Alright, guys. So we're backing in for another video and in this video we're gonna talk a little bit about using our ANALITICO in our YouTube settings to further increase our traffic and how to optimize our videos. So we're gonna use my other channel. Since we have a lot of statistics with this channel as a reference and we're going to go in , we're gonna navigate to Analogic section under the YouTube dashboard. So I'm gonna click right here. And this is something that I would usually do on a periodic basis, maybe like once a month kind of thing. Or depending on big hoping your channel is You could do it more often, but in the beginning, since you won't be in a lot of use and what not you're gonna want toe, maybe do. Like I said once a month, anything. Once you get bigger, you can do it once a week. But what you want to do is you're gonna want to go to your traffic sources here, and we were gonna We're gonna go to YouTube search. As we can see, it's obviously my biggest factor. And this is why I put so much value in S E O. It's because it's going to get you your Morse to use eventually and consistent use for that matter. And we can see all the different search terms people are searching for to find my child here and the most popular. Now, unfortunately, YouTube only lets us pick to top 25. Yes, the 25. But if we hook up are now takes I t. Which I'm going to show you guys later on in the S e o section of this course. I do believe it lets you show more searches that people are searching for. So we can see right here. These are the cures that people searching for the most to get the videos on my channel. Now what we can do is we can grab these key words, go back to YouTube, open up in another window here, and what we can do is we can paste the queue it up here and search for, and we can see that I am not ranking for number one for this keyword. So I still have some work to do. If I ranked number one for the skewered, I could say, you know what I'm right. Then run forward. I'm maybe, you know, I've done everything I can to do for there's really no point pursuing it. But in this case, we can see that we're not even ranked number one. So let's see if we can find her video here. Uh, should be somewhere around here, and we're not even close anywhere. Close to being at the top, which is very surprising. So you know the traffic I'm getting. Let's keep looking. Yeah. So my view is read here. We're on the second page, so we have a lot to work to do for this. Cured. So we're gonna open Open this up. This video up pause. The actual video will go to influence setting, They believe. So you edit it. Okay. Awesome. So now we can see that our keyword that we let's open this up a bit, we could see that the key will be found earlier of the scrolls online. Help of fast. We can now begin to optimize our video more. If this cure drank better weaken. First thing we can do is we can If you want, we can incorporate their title, but we're not going to do that because their titles perfectly fine, we could somehow incorporate into her description. If there's a way we could work it in, that would work. Greatest Well, we could add it as a tag inner video, which I'm going to do right now and now, just But I didn't. It is a take. We automatically increased our rankings just right there. It might take a little while for it to settle in, but, uh, doing this, you were definitely noticed that your rankings will improve. And it doesn't take long to do it all just really increasing your on page Seo rankings by doing this. And it's not hard, and the last thing we can do is build links to this video. So let's say if we have a website we have our own personal website. We have social media traffic or something like that. We can build links to this video with variations of this keyword in the anchor text, so that's something we can do to increase the traffic. And it's a reckons for this keyword because since wrong Page two of YouTube work getting a lot of traffic through the skewered. But if we were to get on page one, we would get a lot more. So let's go on to the next example. We'll pick ones that has nothing to do with that video Borderlands Pre sequel. Xbox 3 60 Let's go with that one. Copy it. Go to Google and paste it in here and I don't think we're gonna rank. And you're near for this one either. But we're searching in, and here we are right here. So we do right The low, but higher than I thought we would were ranking at the bottom of the first page and YouTube , which isn't too bad. But as you can see, we want to be at the top. The top person gets the most traffic, so we definitely want to be there, and we definitely a lot more work to do so we can click on this video. I suppose it up here we can go to edit and we can search for a cure, donned scripts and section, and we can work it in there if we want. If we already don't have it, we can add it is the tag right there, and we can buildings to it. So you just very, very easy ways to automatically right there. Increase RSO traffic tour videos. And what we're gonna want to do is you want to go through all your keywords, every single one that is getting you any kind of traffic, any traffic at all. And once you hook up analitico in your Google account, you should get some more cures. And something else we can do is we could go back to traffic sources and we can go to I believe it's external traffic. We go to Google search. So then we can see if you've actually taken into Google should be a way to see the actual keywords, I believe. Nope, It's not it. See if I can find out how to do this. I believe there was a way there might not be away. I might be. It might just be YouTube search that you can actually see the cures I believe it is. So you're gonna have to hook up your analogic switch. I'll show you what to do later on to get more cured ideas. But again, this is something stupid up periodically to increase your ranking to get traffic really, really easily, especially what your YouTube channel is established, you can really get more traffic, and what you can do also is well is if you go back to our borderlands. Example. We can also take a cure that we entered and do variations of that cured as well for the tags or for the description. So there's a lot of things we can do that will really increase our rankings. And this is how we use our analogic so effectively. And we can also go to things like we can look at our views, see where all reviews air coming from, what the years are doing, the best and what not, and that kind of thing we can see our likes and dislikes. We can see your audience fermentation, for which videos, people watching the most. And we can see that this video is getting average percent viewed the highest. So let is probably why it's getting the most use. So again weaken. There's a lot we can do with this data, and there's a bunch of different things you can do. We can look at our estimated earnings. We could see which videos of performing the most again. The video is getting the most views is most likely to make you the most money we can like it or add performance to see your total income we making, because I am hooked up with a network I'm sharing. A part of my revenue that I'm making to this channel is actually making about $20 a month right now as it is, but I'm splitting that revenue with my ad network. So it's cutting me back to 12 $11 there. Ah, we can see where are people are viewing our devices and is weaken. Surprisingly mobile. Phone is the number one. The Web is going mobile, so there's a bunch of different things we can do to to optimize their videos and get knowledge about our viewership and whatnot. So after your channel is establishing starting your views, you do want to check your ANALITICO and use that information to optimize to get more traffic to YouTube channel 22. How To Add Your Google Analytics Tracking Code To Your Channel: All right, everybody. So in this lecture, we're going to show you guys how to install Google analitico onto YouTube channels. You can see where your traffic is coming from on your YouTube videos. So the first thing we're gonna have to do is gonna have to go to the Google ANALITICO website. I'm going to do that by going to google dot com and typing in analytics. No, be your first option. Appear at the top. We're gonna sign into Google Analytics. Now you're going to send into a Google account and sign in that way. But if you already have the Google count signed up in what not this is the screen you're going to get. If this is your first time using analytics, you might have to go through the editorial on a light note, assure you had to set up your first property, and you're that kind of stuff. But I'm gonna run through insure you guys had to set up a swell just in case of you guys forget. So we're gonna have to do is we're going to get a new property for YouTube channel. So we're gonna do is we're gonna go to admin up top here and in our property section. I want to go with create new property and here we go website and we're gonna color website whatever you two Panelists. So let's go with YouTube channel. You can name years whatever you want, and here we're just gonna go with you, too dot com And our industry is going to be whatever you want it to be. In this case, we're just gonna go with business. They were gonna click on get tracking, Eddie. And this tracking idea is gonna be important. So if you go back to our tracking in foot, we can go to tracking code here, and this is their tracking code and her i d for a new property. So we have to do now is we're going to go into a Google account. So it's good to you, Do you hear when you click on my picture appear And when you go to YouTube settings So this is my new channel I made we're gonna do is we're gonna go to view additional channel features, I believe, and in this screen, we're gonna go down to this advanced section leader and we're going to see a little boxer here. We could put our tracking I d. In our tracking I d is gonna be this little part right here. Second managed to copy here with the It's like anything else and we're gonna paste in here . It's safe. So now Google Analytics is gonna start gathering information from our channel displayed into our account on here. And this is good because we can see extra features and traffic information we normally couldn't see in our YouTube channel. So if you go back to your Google analytics home, we can say YouTube channel right here. Now we won't see any information could still collecting data, but Google analytics isn't real time. So if you check it right now within the next hour, so you can see people as they go to your YouTube cow. So this is a great way to keep track of your ANALITICO is and see things such as keywords and different traffics, or so you to channel. So make sure you get that set up, and when you get that all ready to go, let me know and we'll continue on with the course 23. Invest in a Good Camera and Microphone: in this video, we're gonna talk a little bit about how a good microphone and a well made camera can really help improve the quality of our videos. For starters, some courses will need better equipment and a different type of equipment than others for tech and computer niches and topics. A screen capture program is highly recommended in order to make high quality videos. And we will go over a screen capture program that I used to make my videos and the next lesson in this part of the course. But for now, there are a lot of popular screen capture tools out there. Things like Camped Asia screen capture. There's a bunch of different ones. There's free ones and paid ones. The one I'm gonna go over is called Open Source broadcaster and is a little bit complicated . But it is free, and I'm gonna show you. Guess tutorial how to do that? So if you're doing something along the lines of what development may be using stuff on the Internet and doing stuff on the computer than a screen catch program, it's perfect for you. Now when you're doing your videos, you want to make sure that your videos already, at least in 7 20 people, which is also a 1200 by 7 20 resolution. This is the very minimum, as old videos on YouTube now are pretty high quality and most cameras you by now it is. We'll at least have the minimum of HD. But ah, again, you want to make sure if you're recording If you go into the settings of your recording software, you want to make sure that your recording at your full resolution and the monitor that you using for your computer will need to be at least 7 20 p again, 1200 by 7 20 Uh, HD monitors do not cost that much. Nowadays, you can usually get ah, high definition monitor for roughly $100. So in order to record HD on your computer, you go need how we need to have a monitor that puts out that resolution. So keep that in mind, and there's a way you can check, which I will show you in the next video. Ah, good microphone will help you sound amazing. A USB condenser microphone is usually your best bet. Examples are a blue snowball Yeti Audio Technica are great examples that you could get them on Amazon and depending where you're from there gonna range roughly between 50 to 100 plus , the better you can get is awesome. Uh, I usually use USB ones because you can plug them rain in your computer and you can get something like a boom stand like I have, which is basically a device that hold your microphone in place. It's kind of like something you'd see in like a radio station, where it amounts the microphone so you're free to move around to talk, and you can talk directly into the microphone for, ah, higher sound quality. So it's definitely something to invest in if you're doing things like videos or courses or anything like that. So this is a prime example of why you would buy something like that. So, generally speaking, you want to get the best camera you can, and again make sure records in HD a Webcam can help you get started in the beginning. Especially if you're doing something like blog's or journals or just saying hey and short updates here and there. If you're doing like a topic like the one we started in our channel that we made at the beginning of the course, which is a gardening and how to Kenneth style. You probably gonna want invest in actual professional camera and maybe get something that could tripod and that kind of thing because you're gonna watch your video quote the quality of videos to be really good and you probably gonna be capturing. Maybe you're so folks side doing things maybe in your house and you wanted to look good and you want to be able to sound great and all that. And I wish, I guess, had to do some basic editing in the scores and some basic set up. So again, try to get the best you can, but understand that in the beginning you're probably gonna start out small. Basically, if you have a laptop, you can get started on YouTube. That's always have a webcam in a microphone. But keep in mind that the quality of those parts aren't going to be that great. You're gonna have to upgrade. But keep in mind that it's also not super expensive door create like you kind of go there in stride, and over time you get better equipment especially when your child starts making money or your business. You know, your channels are taking up in your taking off in your branding and you get more attention to your website of your business River like that, you're gonna probably won't invest in better equipment. So I hope this video kind of makes that makes sense. If he has any questions, any recommendations for programmes, cameras, microphones? If you guys have a budget you want to stick to let me know and, uh, ask any questions you have and I will do my best to answer them. And I think you asked Washington video so again, try to get the best you can, but you might not start off with something small, and that's OK for now. 24. Common Types of Editing Programs: a question that it asked a lot, and you're probably wondering. The same thing is what type of editing program should I use for my videos? Now this question is, Ah, a little bit difficult. Answer. Essentially, there's two things you can do. There's free editing programs you can use, and they're great to get started with making videos and YouTube videos and all that kind of stuff. And it's a great interest. Introductory, too. Video editing Because video editing is a little bit complicated, there is a little bit of learning curve. And some of the software used to edit videos on your computer can be a little bit expensive and could be a little bit, um, overwhelming at first and some popular examples that you've probably heard of. Or if you were to do a Google search and look up some editing programs to probably see things like Final Cut, pro Sony Vegas Windows movie Maker and many, many more. And there's even the YouTube editor, which you can use on YouTube's website. It's in your video manager YouTube settings, Um, and they're all pretty good. Some of them there's definitely more power in the ones that are paid premium programs like Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro, and I actually just only Vegas myself if I Don't Cut Pro is a program used on Max and Sony . Vegas is kind of like the Windows version of Final Cut Pro, and those two are some of the very, very popular popular ones. I believe Adobe also has. They're like Adobe after effects, and I believe they do have an editing program as well. I think it's Premiere and I haven't used the program, but again, I would I would expect to be fairly high quality, so that's another option as well. But if you're not sure, you can always use a free one and edit it. But keep in mind that when using free editing programs, you're definitely be limited in what you can do. And it can be a little frustrating but to come in the type of videos that you make. Sometimes a free option might be good for you. Like for some people, the YouTube editor might be good, especially the beginning. But for me and what you guys gotta find, especially if you're taking your YouTube channel seriously and you really want toe, you know, grow your business. Using a professional premium edit himself for is definitely the better option. So I'm gonna go over Sony Vegas because it's the one I use. And I'm gonna do a brief introductory just to show you guys what editing program is. If you're not familiar to kind of show you guys how to make a basic video, it's not going to be like a really full depth guide anything like that, because if you do, you have final cut pro. We do. You have Sony Vegas or used to YouTube editorial, anything like that. You can really go on YouTube and look up tutorials. And that's kind of how I learned at it myself when I first got Sony Vegas. There's tons of different videos. There's tons of channels that really show you how to use the program. So if you do use these programs and you have any questions during like that, let me know and I'll try toe. I want an answer myself, but I'll try to point you towards a reference, or especially if it's something in Sony Vegas and you need you want to know how to do it, I can definitely probably point you towards a video or something that will show you how to do it. But, um, again, you don't have to get the the highest pain of the highest expensive editing program. But if you're serious, it's definitely worth it to invest in something like Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro. I believe Sony Vegas is at least a couple $100 a little bit expensive, but the power of these programs is pretty big, and they're very easy to use. Keep in mind that for editing, you are gently wanna have, ah, half decent computer you can edit with a slower computer or lower quota computer, but things like rendering and when you're dragging your clips around so that it can get a little bit slow. So if possible, if you're gonna do any video editing, everything that try to do it on, ah, your best computer or ah, the one that performs the best. If you If you are really serious about video editing and doing this, you might want to also invest and ah, better computer and you don't anything crazy. But just keep in mind that the better to computer generally, the faster you can render videos and, ah, you know, it just makes everything a little more easier. So there's something keep in mind, if you again. If you have any questions about editing programs, let me know in this video, if anybody has an experience using programs, for example, if you use Sony Vegas or Final Cut, please poster like a little mini review here and let other members of the course know what you think. And then that will help people get some ideas on what they want to pick. So if you have any questions, let me know and we're gonna go over Sony Vegas briefly in the next video. 25. Introductory To Sony Vegas: in this lesson, I'm going to give you go. It's a quick introductory to Sony Vegas and how I use it to edit videos for my YouTube channels. Now there are a lot of different video editing programs out there in Vegas. Pro is just an example I'm going to cover because there are so many. It's hard to make a course that can cover them all. So I'm just gonna focus on the one that I use. And generally speaking most. Eddie and programs were sort of be similar with a few differences here and there. But I highly recommend that anybody who is serious about making videos and YouTube channel you invest in a high quality editing program such as Sony Vegas Probe. So once you get Sony biggest pro, you're gonna want to launch it by double clicking it. And we're going to start a new project here and all the settings appear. We want to make our template 10 80 with the 30 frames per second. You have a list here. If you're not too sure, just look for 87 20 p your HD 10 80 Whenever one you want, I'm gonna go with 10 E p. That's the highest HD quality you want to get. I'm gonna go with okay. And we're going to do here is we're gonna drag our video that we want to work. Let's see, our had a plant potato views. We wanted to edit it. We're gonna dregg it into Sony Vegas like this. Most editing programs were worth this way. You can usually drag your video clips. You can opener, import them that import command and go media, etcetera, and find it on your computer. We're gonna make this a little bit bigger. No, we can drag a clip here, moving around if we I'm gonna turn them the ball. You She's gonna take the audio completely out of here, and we can kick play the preview video. And again, this is a video I took off YouTube just to use as a reference. If we want, we can take any spot of a video, we can split it or we can hit the S button as well. So we just pick where we want it in s. And now we can drink these clips, for example. I can delete Let's say I want to take this part out, I can delete it and Drega's all the way back. And now when you play our video, the two pieces will connect together. Now the transition will be a little bit rough, So an easy way to add transitions to your videos with Sony Vegas is to put two videos together. Make sure they're touching right click, go to transition and insert cross feed, sewing dissolve. You can go other to see a big list. We're just going to click on something. Dissolve here and now a new player video. Click it right here. Play it. You can see that the transition is a lot more smoother, and Sony, Vegas and most Indian programs will have a bunch of different transitions you can use from after we're done. Let's say, for example, we're done at an inter video. We will use this part right here to declare the section that we actually want to render, so we'll make sure we highlight the start to the end of the video. We hit file render as, and then we can make a title and render a video. Once you render it, it will take a lot of time to render. Generally speaking. If you have a higher CPU, your videos will be a lot shorter. Render Ah, and in general, in speaking, your there's a bunch of different factors that will determine whether you're rendering Time is slower, fast and gently speaking. A higher quality computer Ravinder videos faster than the slower one. In my case, I have a pretty decent computers so I can render videos pretty quickly. So that's pretty much it. After your video renders, you can now open it and you in a what player and upload it to YouTube. So again, editing videos and stuff like that can be a little complicated. And I don't want to make this course too much about video editing. Um, it's something that, as you go through, you can learn and you get better as you go. One thing you can do is if you're using a program like Sony Vegas, or let's say you're using Final cut pro or something like that, and you want to learn how to use them or you can always go in YouTube or even you to me and look up courses that will show you how to use them. More specifically, YouTube, it's a great way to get information that had to learn how to use these programs. I've actually looked up a lot of Sony Vegas tutorials myself to learn how to use it. So again, if using editing program, you just need some help or it's one that I'm not showing you here. You can always look up on the Internet for tutorials, and there's a lot of frequent out there to help you out. But generally speaking, this is how you can get together and really makes him pretty good. Videos don't go to YouTube channel, so I hope you guys like this course. If you're really serious about your channel, consider investing in a high quality editing program. 26. Introductory To Open Source Broadcaster: in this video, I'm gonna show us how to use the program that I used to record my screen for my computer. Now, depending on what your content is and what your channel is gonna be about according to screen could be very valuable or it might not even falling with anything. But if you're doing something that's related to tech or you're doing tutorials on the computer, then Captain, your screen is a great way to do this tutorials and put content on your channel. So we should get is a program that I used in school O B s. And if we go to here and we go will be s should be the first thing and types of the Google yet looking for open broadcaster software. You click on that and we're gonna go to download and you collect your operating system. It's supported across Windows and Lennox and just go with original and download the latest version. She's right here and then once you download it, you can install it to your computer here. And when you install it, you have this screen up here. Now, this is basically a preview of what I'm capturing right now. And the reason why the screen looks really, really weird is cause I'm actually previewing the screen in its preview in itself, and it's pretty viewing itself again if that makes any sense. So it's kind of going through, like a weird I don't know how to describe it, But if I bring up my monitor, for example, I mean my window and Oh, that doesn't want to work for some reason. Um, here it's delete that. See if we can figure this boat monitor capture. Okay, I'll just use this example. Then if I bring up a one page here, you can see that I'm capturing the street here. So anyways, let's go back to here. What you're gonna do is we're gonna stop the I can't really stop the recording right now, so I'm going to keep this live the whole time. But you're probably just be greeted with a blank screen here, and what we're gonna do here is we're gonna make a new scene at senior where call this tutorial. 40 B. S. And so we got a blank screen here. I'm gonna add a source. I'm gonna go monitor when the school main monitor, actually using two monitors at the moment. So basically, what I have is I have this someone screen, and when I'm actually doing on another screen and this usually what I do for most my videos , it's very helpful if you guys do do a lot of video editing or anything like that, but highly recommend you guys get to monitors for your screen. Makes everything a lot easier. And you can have more stuff on your screen at one. So really help sell it that way. But let us go. Okay, Now we're capturing our monitor here, and we're gonna go to settings up here. I should before go to saying they're gonna explain this a little more. You can add different sources to O. B s. We can add a monitor and image we can add, For example, you can find an image to adhere. All right, that might a little girl here. All right, so that it that a bit. So this was like a transparent logo. Probably look a little better, but we could stick a logo up here and ah, in her videos or whatever we wanted to do. You have to make the make sure the size is right. But now that that name is just going to stay here forever and we can move the order down to make them overlaps Now, if our main monitor screen is on top, everything underneath it's gonna be invisible. But whatever on top is going to be visible, so if you move it back up, you can see that it's visible. So it's a great way to add cool things to our overly and we could also different things here. Like text. We couldn't text into a screen. So let's put text and in the bottom here, we're gonna write text and we can edit the text with all these settings appear she's a font size and everything. I'm gonna go, OK, and I can see your text is reappear. We could make that texts cruel. We can add more, you know what the heck we want and we're just gonna keep it there for now. We can also add if you have video capture devices really like that. You can add those as well, but we're gonna go back in your settings we're gonna do is inner general settings. We can have our language obviously wanted to be English. You could make a profile to save your settings to. So you can have multiple profiles that you can load their automatically had different settings and stuff like that. So let's say we want to make a profile to record locally, we can make a profile, save it and then just loaded up in our sayings were to be are already be applied there. So if you're doing multiple things because O. B s is primarily a streaming program to do live streaming stuff like that but it can be used for local local recording, which is I use it for you can have, like, a separate streaming profile industry, a separate recording profile. So it's something you can do with that. We're not gonna worry about any of this stuff we're gonna go to encoding now, So this stuff is gonna be a little bit confusing. But don't worry. I'm gonna go through with it through everything with you guys. Uh, we're gonna have your quota balance in 10. Your custom buffer size you want checked? But these two numbers here don't really mean anything because this more mostly for streaming. These numbers don't really matter to us. Our audio encoding is gonna be a C, but rate is gonna be 1 60 You can increases toe 3 20 if you like. It's up to you. Format is going to be a size. You can go and you channel. You won't have to want it to have stereo, so it sounds much better. Broadcasting's most of this doesn't apply. Gonna take a quick peek here automatically safe stream to file. If you're doing local recordings, you might want to. This path right here is when you hit start recording in the main screen. It's gonna record your video here, so make you can pick your path path here and name your video. Whatever you want, it will be saved there in video. You want to read? Adapted to be whatever graphics cards you have. Your base resolution is going to your max resolution. So my monitor doing at 6900. So this is what I'm capturing here. You can downscale if you like, but it usually makes the quality worse. So try Teoh record at the highest you can and you're frames per second. Could be whatever you want. Most people put at 30. But make sure it's at least over 20 our list. It's gonna look a little choppy, so I'd say anything over 30 is fine. Depends on your computer and what your computer connection run at. You can disable Aero if you want to see your performance, believe it says strongly recommended. If using monitor capture, I think it's just it's buggy if you have it running. So something to keep in mind save those settings. Audio settings. You just have audio. You want to have it on default your microphone. You want to select here and you can re initial. You can force microphone, show me connect devices you can push to talk button. You can have a desktop boost, which will make when you're using O. B s and you're capturing you actually going to pick up your desktop noise as well. So if I was to play a song or something that would actually get picked up on recording, and your desktop boost will make those noises louder or quieter, your mike eggs early boost will do the same for your microphone and the mikes think offset . You don't need to worry about, so keep that at zero your hockey. Scary is your push to talk on your broadcast and stuff like that. So if you want to stop, stop, Start recording. Stop recording. Except you're so you can assign buttons here and nervous innings. We're gonna do a couple things here. We're going to to stuff a top. We don't need to worry about your priority class. Do you want to have a normal allow other of modifiers on hot keys? Your video, your CPU preset wants to be on very, very fast. You can experiment here, but I would just keep it. I'm very fast because you need a really, really good computer to use any other options You're quoting profile. I would have on main your key interval needs to be a to want to make sure this use CFR is checked and this custom x 2 64 encoder settings you want. Make sure it's checked as well. And in this box we have sear f equals 15. Now what this is is the CRF equals is saying river in it set the video quality of the video is your record, and it goes from a scale of 1 to 15. So one being the lowest 15 being the highest. So if your CPU can support it and you don't notice any recording problems that runs perfectly fine, you can set this to 15 if you like, and it's gonna give you the highest called quote quality of video. But it depends on your computer. You should be fine if you're just recording your monitor and stuff like that. It doesn't eat up too much CPU or anything like that, so you can set the 15. And like I said, I have mindsets. 15. So I get really good, high quality recordings. According for range checked, allow 61 2 to 1 20 FBs and she video center. Check that if you want to use a higher frame frames per second, I have these two checked here. I don't know exactly what they do, but they seem to working. You can check them if you want, and the network section here doesn't apply to us that we're not streaming and we'll save those settings quick sink encoder. We don't worry about it cause for streaming. Staying with browser microphone noise gate is basically a way to block out sound. So, for example, if you have people talking in the background of your videos or you have some noise like a fan or something. You can use a noise gate to kind of block this sound out and make it only pick up your voice and you want to check. Noble enable Noise Gate to do that here, and you're gonna have to experiment here because there's different settings and stuff that stuff like that. But just the default settings I found works good for me. But if possible, you want to try to record in a quiet area if you can. You're standing in the scene. Switcher is a new feature that I don't know exactly what it does already. So 11 other thing I want to point out is your scenes. You can switch between them, so we are sources for our scenes. But let's say if I wanted to make a separate scene, I can easily switch between them here. Yes, can see going between them here. So it's another thing you can do here, and we have edit scene where you can select your individual scenes and edit them and see this red box. You can make them bigger or smaller. Your global sources are things you can add like webcams and stuff like that. You're plugging zehr extra things you can add to obey. Yes, and you're gonna have to look online if you want to plug ins. I'm not sure exactly what's out there, but there's some most of them. Like I said, since O. B s is a streaming streaming program is geared more towards that. But you might be able to find some that are useful. He had to look it up. And here we have two buttons for certain streaming started recording. So if you're not recording this would say, start recording. You can hit that button in a record your video, and when you want to stop recording, you hit this button to stop it. So O. B s is gonna be a little bit confusing, and it's gonna be hard for you guys to set it up. But if you have any questions, let me know I'm not an expert, but it can definitely help, you wrote. And I hope this kind of give you an introduction to how to capture your screen. Now there's a lot of screen capture programs out there, and you're gonna have to look them up if you want to know which ones are good. Which ones? You bet. I don't have a lot experience using them. This is the one I've always used it. I loved it. I loved the flexibility of O. B s. And since it's free, I think it's one of the best capture programs out there. So if you have any questions, you help let me know. I'll do my best. Help you. But yeah. Thanks for watching. And again, let me know if you have any questions. 27. What Is Social Media: So in this section of the course, we're gonna talk a little bit about social media and why social media is a good thing to include, you know, promotional efforts when it comes to corroding our channels and YouTube videos. So Social Media is websites, basically in places where people can post and share interesting content that they find on the Web, and they could discuss that content. Some examples of Piper's social media websites our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube itself and Tumbler, Google Plus and etcetera. They're literally thousands of social lips. It's out there, but we're just gonna focus on the few popular ones. For now, what we can do is begin poster content in videos on these sites to help Giner get our content out there and create fans for her channel. And in this section of the course, I'm gonna show you guys how to do that. So now that you know what social media is, let's look at some popular ways to share a content on the social media websites 28. Using Hoot-suite To Share Your Videos: Hello, everyone. In this video, we're gonna learn how to use Hoot Suite to share our content on the web into build social back links. So to start things off, let's head over to hoot suite dot com And up here, we're gonna never get to the plant section and give it a click. You can see we have free plans. We have free pro and enterprise. Now, what you want is up to you and how many's social platforms you have. But we're just gonna up for the free option for now. If you like cute sweet, you can get the pro or the Enterprise Extension. The pro version right now has 30 day free trial, CME. I wanna look in that regardless. So let's go for the free option. Click get started. Now you're going to fill in your email address your full name, your password and where you're from. So I'm gonna fill that in and I'll meet you the next part of the video. All right, so after you created your account, everything's all set up. What we're gonna do is we're gonna add of social accounts. Do you want to add your twitter entering your user name and password here. Okay? And we're gonna authorize the app to user Twitter account. Once the twitters hooked up, we're gonna go to Facebook, do the same thing if you have a LinkedIn account, you want to add that in as well you go. Plus, you might want to use to set that up right now, except that. All right, so now we have our Google plus in her twitter set up so they can continue here, finished adding our social networks. And now we have our dashboard or a hoot suite. Spend some time going through the dashboard in the tutorial to get familiar with using the hoot suite dashboard and learning how to manage your social accounts here. After we go through a tutorial, we're now going to install the hoot suite who lit extension into chrome. All right, now, what we can do is we're going to navigate to our website and we never rewrite content or share content. We can you the son, YouTube, whatever we have under a block posts anything. Do you click on the page and then click on Earth? Who that I can up at the top Now we can select all the social media platforms we have appear to select all at once, and we can write the text we want to share. Of course, with when you add your link, be sure to add at least one or two hashtags to people searching for house takes. Confine your stuff we can type in WordPress or whatever content is related to weaken. Schedule it. Now we can auto schedule it from a certain date, so this is an easy way we can share our content. All that one's under different shortfall foot platforms now the free version of whose sweet only lets you use three social platforms, but you get the pro version. I believe it's up to 100 so you can create all these torso accounts on on these websites and share your content all at once just by using the Hewlett extension up here. So this is a very fast and effective way to get social links to your website and build your content out and get referral traffic from social networks. There were also lots of other social tools you can use, but for now, we're just going to use Hoot Suite 29. Posting Your Videos On Twitter: Hey, everybody hope everything is going good for you today and today's lesson and we're going to talk about using Twitter to promote our YouTube channel and posting. Are you two videos on Twitter to help get exposure for a Twitter account and ultimately to help get more people viewing our YouTube videos? So first thing we're gonna do is you're gonna want to make a Twitter account and here to Twitter account that I recently just made. And if you don't have a Twitter account, you can go twitter dot com send up for account. It literally takes about a minute to minute or two. And the way Twitter Word X is if you would have a home page here, actually go to my profile, I can tweet here, and people can see what I tweet. And basically, what Twitter is is we're sharing tweets and responding to each other, sharing all kinds of good stuff. And when you tweet, you usually take something with a certain keywords. So, for example, you can see my in comport for June. I take it as Internet marketing and blogging. So whenever somebody searches for these keywords, or if they're following these keywords which a lot of people do. You were instantly see my post. So using tags correctly is a great way to get views and traffic to your YouTube videos and whatnot. And what you're going to notice is if you start using tags a lot, you're going to start getting a lot of people retweeting your tweets and sharing your videos and all that, and it's over time it's gonna add up and get more people following you and get more people watching your stuff. So the first thing we're going to look at is how to do this. So I get example of a new YouTube channel I'm making right now, which is my own brand nipple YouTube channel. And I have a video here which I just put up on how to install and activate plug ins on WordPress, and we're gonna grab this video and we're going to you posted here. So what it was like copied the link up here a copy and we're gonna post up here and we're gonna right the extra tight of the video. So how to install and activate plug ins and WordPress just gonna copy that really quickly and we're going to put 1/2 stay here so that shift three young my keyboard. It should be on most keyboards as well. And we're going to take this as WordPress, and we're gonna take the second thing as, let's see here, uh, let's go Web development. So that's it's basically the broad category. So when you pick your categories, you want to, like, think. Since this is having to do with WordPress, we could pick WordPress and says This has to do with Web design and development. We could picks him like one development, actually, supposed people development developed her develop meant, and you see that if you ever stuck, you can start type things, and Twitter recommend popular takes for you. So if you having trouble coming up with one, just type it in and Twitter Hope Yoder. And generally speaking, it's Twitter adequate to only add about one or two hash takes to your post. Because if you add any more, it gets kind of spammy, and I've noticed that people who might start to unfold you if used too many at least I notice that So the general okay length is 1 to 2, so I recommend putting two to his fine and say Maybe one if you really want to, it's up to you, but that's what I go with. So now I can tweet this and we're gonna tweet this right now. And now people are really following me, which is 54 people were instantly get this tweet and anybody searching for these two key words we'll see this tweet as well. So it's a great way to get exposure and to build up your Twitter account. And a lot of people use Twitter single attractive videos using Twitter. And if we go to I know there is a website. We look up trend Dean Twitter hash tags. There are websites out there that you can look up and see what tags and hashtags are super popular were not. And I'm sure you can tape it in your slits type in WordPress. This is hashtags dot orig, and we can see how the popularity of this hashtag over the course of I believe it is a day . Yes. Okay. So we could steal the recent tweets here and again. That gives us some related hashtags and whatnot. So a great way to see what's performing with performing well. And like I said, if you ever stuck, just pick like a general broad category for your topic or some like that, and that usually works pretty good, so I would usually post at least maybe 1 to 2, thanks to your videos the day. If you're having a YouTube channel and you really want to promote it, I would probably at least do one a day. And the cool thing is, you can take your older videos as well. So as he built your channel, let's say you have, like, 100 videos on it. Eventually, you can kind of switch it Oh, and promote content on Twitter, a song You're not doing it all the time. You're kind of spacing out of it. It's a great way toe. Bring views and kind of bring life to your old content again. So if you guys have any questions with Twitter getting a Twitter account set up for you, can you help? Just understand your Twitter works? Let me know. And I hope you guys like this guide on Twitter and get tweeting out there. Guys, it'll help get your videos out there and getting used some exposure 30. Posting Your Videos To Google Plus Communities: another great social platform that we can use to promote our content in videos is Google Plus and Google. Plus is Google's social network that works the same as a couple other ones. But it's a great platform and a great way to show your YouTube videos and get some exposure and activity on your channel. So the way we navigate to Google Plus is, once we're logged into our YouTube channel, we'll click on our little face here. Or, if you have an avatar, it'll be that. And just click on your display picture here, you know, take you to your Google Plus Page and anything you post here in this section. We get shared to everybody, and you can share photos, links, videos, events, polls or whatever you want, and you can make it public or whatever you want. Generally speaking, you want to make a public so that everybody sees it. There's no reason not to do that, and ruin to do is we're gonna type a link to a video that I copied earlier, and you can see that we see a preview of the video and we're going to give a title to the this poster making All right, so we got the title of the video down here. And just like Twitter, we can add in some hashtag. So let's add in WordPress and that's put in search. Engine up Teoh Extra. Let's just go with a seal Seo tips. Let's do that one. So these air two tags and keywords that air really related to my videos about. So when I share it people who are searching for these or search for anything along these lines my video well, posts will pop up and people can watch my video right here, and we're gonna share right now. And just like with Twitter, you gently wanna share lets it like 1 to 2 or many as you want. Pretty. What I like to do is I would generally share a boat. This is a new profile for my YouTube channel, a new one I made. So since it is new, generally do with new profiles is I'll share more of other people's content and get established as an authority. And then, after people like see that I'm posting on this great content, start slowly, start incorporating my own stuff in there so I might go like a week where I publish, You know, some other great content on the Web, but it's a great way to get more followers and more views and all that. And then slowly you can start putting your your and your great content as well, and it just helps you grow a lot faster. I find stuff just promoting your own, your own stuff, which a lot of people do, and that does work. And it will give you followers, especially if it's good quality stuff. But I find like if you share all the great stuff funny on the Web, it's gonna make your job easier. And you can put up more content and get more followers because people see that you're sharing those cool stuff, and that basically covers for Google Plus. But there's also one cool thing we can do. A Google plus is we can go to click on the profile section of Europe, brings on a little navigation section, and we're gonna go to communities now what Google Plus Communities communities are. Is there little basically like think Facebook groups in that kind of thing, where there's a little section of people that are interested in one thing. So like, here we have procure block. So maybe this is a group of people can post their block posts or blogging or WordPress here . These are just recommended ones. But we're gonna actually search for something that's specific to my channel that I just made and we're gonna go with since our video was a vote were press. We could actually probably do this one. So we're going to click on this group, check it out, and join and OK, so some courses let you join automatically, and some courses you might need to wait a little while, but generally speaking, most people will auto preview. They just usually with check you out and make sure your real person So after in here, we can see the rules of this community here, Discuss what? WordPress, please just wait to lecturing gay lanes for general users or sister. Please write English voice self promotion in multiple posts. So they're saying you shouldn't self promote, but it doesn't say specifically that we can't. It just says I think they want to go with sharing more things on the web, so I don't think it would be too bad if we made maybe, like a poster to share in our own stuff. As long as we share the people stuff in common, other people things as well. So this is a group that I might want to. If I was promoting all my Google plus on my YouTube channel, I would get interested and maybe become a regular member of. And so then I can still be share my own stuff. Since there's 61,000 members, there's a lot of people on here, and we're actually gonna post the video here, and we're gonna again put title how to can figure and install. We're press issue by ghost, and we're not gonna put any half steak. Since this is in the group right here, we can, generally speaking, But I'm not going to and we can pick a category here and let's just go with this. It hints, tips and tricks, since it's kind of a tutorial and we'll hit share here, and what this is going to do is gonna put you right in the front of a bunch of while 60,000 people tactically, who are seeing video and using my other channels, and you should have actually gotten a lot of using a lot of followers by doing this. And Google plus isn't one of those things that I really do enough of. I should be doing more of it. But you know, it's just really time consuming, but that's not a reason not to do it. You should definitely be doing it. And we're gonna go back to communities just so I can show you guys. So now we can actually search communities and let's type in WordPress and we could see all these different communities. There's the big one we just posted in here. There's some smaller, smaller ones and it takes. I want to point out that it's also good to join smaller communities and we can see that there's tons of communities and these are really, really focused communities that you know are gonna be interest in our content. So, like, no matter what your niches of your topic is, you can always find a community to share your content, which is great. And if you go to a smaller one, we got to go to a small community like this one. Uh, that's we're pressed, reader, and we could post already content in here, but because it's really 1928 members, there's not gonna be a lot of stuff posting here. So if we posted a link here is a good chance it's going to stay here for a while. So even though there's not many people in this group, over time, you might actually get more views in theory if, um, it stays here longer and more people see it. So it's just something to keep in mind because that other group, which is really popular, see me a lot of people posted in there. So if we post something, it's gonna get buried pretty quickly unless it gets popular. So just some to remember. But I hope you guys like this and communities really is really a great way to share your content, especially when you don't have an audience and stuff like that. So let me know what you guys think. Let me know what you think a Google plus have used it before. It's tied into YouTube, so it's very important. If you have a strong Google plus profile, it's gonna help YouTube channel and all that as well, so hope you guys like this video. And now that you know how to use Google Plus make it a part of your campaigns and promotion for YouTube channel. 31. Different Ways You Can Make Money Off Youtube: in this video, we're going to do a short introductory on how you can make money off of your YouTube channel and get some earnings off your videos. Now there's a lot of different ways to make money on YouTube, and some ways they're pretty simple and straightforward. What others will require liberty, creativity and mark it on your behalf. So the very first thing that you need to understand is that you two brings in a lot of traffic, and we can take that traffic from YouTube and referred to our website or block from YouTube channel. So the best way you can make money really at the hop, especially for long term, is to take your YouTube traffic and referred to a blogger or a website. The second way we can make money is to promote your products and services on YouTube. I do this a lot with my you Timmy courses and other things like that never had pretty good success so far. I would encourage you to make your own products and sell them. For example, you can sell video courses, kindle books, really anything you have. You could put on YouTube and do an introductory introductory video, a sneak peek or something like that to entice people to buy your product, you can put a link in your description video or in annotations of your video to refer to your product and make some money. That way, the third awesome option is just like the 2nd 1 But instead of promoting your own product, we're promoting somebody else's product. Affiliate market is pretty big, and I do. You do it on a cup of my channels, and it's a great way to make some extra money during reviews. And looking into products for people are a great way to make some money with affiliate marketing. The Fourth way is to monetize your readers with advertisements. I'm gonna show you how to put advertisements up in your videos and make some extra money on the side. The majority of the money from YouTube probably won't be made with Google AdSense ads, but it's a great way to make somebody in the site and especially is your channel grows and gets big. It definitely adds up. The fifth reason, and what you should be doing on YouTube is building your overall brand, building your brand and getting people used to your name, your product or your company is a great way to increase your exposure and money. Overall, when you do this across the website, another social media accounts and YouTube, you get used to people. People get used to you, and it will increase your traffic, your exposure and eventually your money. In the long run, the last reason is kind of like a miscellaneous section. We're gonna talk about a few different things that aren't common but definitely can be used . Things like you in paid reviews, show does or just other advertising and paid services are also way. You can make money from you to China on the side. You can do this privately, websites like fiber and other things like that. We're gonna talk about the different ways in more detail in the section of the course. But keep in mind if you are doing reviews and shadows or paid services. Make sure that you in the YouTube terms of services and you're not breaking any rules here because your channel can get bad, you want to lose all your hard work, so that's it. Let's dive into these different methods and making money and learn how to monetize their channel 32. How To Monetize and Set-up Google Adsense: All right. So in this video, I'm gonna show you guys how to set up monetization for YouTube channel and get some ads playing in your videos. So we're going to do here is we're gonna get into our channel dashboard on the homepage, and we're gonna go to video manager. Once you're in video Manager, we will navigate to this button up here and go to our YouTube settings view additional features. And then here we can see her studies again. What we're gonna do here under the monetization section is click enable. And you read this little part right here and enable your account agree to all these terms and conditions. And now, when everyone to monitor is a video, we can click this little button here in her video manager and check it and save settings. And now, quick, safe sayings again, back to her video manager. We can see that a video is under review to be monetized. Generally speaking, the reprocess contain aches a couple seconds to a couple minutes to however long it takes. And now, since we set our channel to monetize every video we now upload to a channel will automatically be sent to play at now after our ID, sir. Plane to be a section here, and I told estimated earnings that we can see what we make. But since we just made her account and monetized, it can take a couple days or a little while for ah, Google to display this settings here. But what you're going eventually need to do is hook up an actress account if you want to actually see what you're earning and get statistics no, like kind of stuff. So if you want to get daily earnings and a Nazi's account what you should you're gonna want to click here on read bar, and we're going to go somewhere in Here we go. I can't ever had to do it if you okay so we can see if you already have an approved out since account, you can do this way. So let's do it this way. First, I would be paid Associated I essence accounts right here. The section here, if you already have it at its account, you can associate it by clicking here, log into your account and doing the association process. If you don't have an answer, it's counting you do apply to one which can do is we will click If you have never couldn't absence account before and we go back into here how will be paid? It looks like it's in the same section, actually. Okay, so what you do is you go into a sign account or create a county didn't notice this part here. So whether you have an AdSense account or you're making when you're still when you do either signing or create account here and go through the process after a couple days of you , very find your AdSense account you. Now it's your earnings here and what not like I showed you before at the start of this course in some of my previous channels. So that's pretty much it. You guys have any questions about monetizing your channel or your videos? Please let me know, and I'll get back to you as the next video 33. How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Hello, everybody, Welcome back. Once again in this video, we're going to learn how to use affiliate marketing to make money on our YouTube channel. So the first thing that we can do is we can research products they're related to your topic or niche and make discussion videos about them. Reviews a record great way to provide great content and make money with affiliate marketing on your website or YouTube channel. Putting your affiliate link in the beginning of your YouTube video descriptions will help improve your exposer and click through rate review. Videos would get a low number of use at first, but over time will start to rank high and bring in traffic, increasing your revenue. The more high quality videos you have, the more money you will make. Period. Posting your videos on a website ERP log can help increase your traffic exposure free affiliate offers. So now let's look at a live example and go over some videos that are used in affiliate marketing to make some extra cash. All right, so what we're going to do here is we're going to search for a product on YouTube, and I'm going to give you an example. How whole people can use affiliate marketing to make money on the YouTube channel. It's the first thing we're going to do is gonna tape in a product called Genesis WordPress Oops, type that correctly for press theme review. Because, generally speaking, review videos of the best ones for affiliate marketers as you can showcase the product and then provide an affiliate link in the description in your click through it is gonna be pretty high because people are already interested in the product. They're gonna watch your video, and if they like it, or if you give them a good review cause it's a good product, then you're gonna click through. And if they buy the product, you'll make money. So let's look at this first example here, and we paused the video and let's see what we have here. You see that this guy is doing a review of the Genesis framework, which is a WordPress theme, and let's click through here. He's linking to Web site here in the top. Okay, so this is a prime example of what a popular vote as we can see. This link rate here is an affiliate link. He is going from his YouTube video. So after people watch the video, they might see the description here and what they would do. If they're interested, they'll click visits this link right here and what this link is doing, it is referring the visitor to the actual Genesis website. So now, if I was to go to this page and by actual Genesis, the owner of this YouTube channel would make a little bit of revenue over time for the American, it could be a great way to make some extra cash. As we can see, this video is 14,000 views. Now, only a handful of people are gonna click through this link here. But again, if this person makes about, uh, Genesis is a believe $100 work. Christine, we can assume that this guy is going to make at least 20 to $30 per purchase. Maybe it starts to add up over time, especially when you have a lot of videos in your channel. So now let's go back to the video and I'm gonna close this back up here, and we can see here that because it's affiliate link is in the top description, it shows here, regardless of really the click show more since more people are less likely to click to show more button. It's important that you have your Philly links at the top here. So we're gonna go over one more example. And what I'm gonna type in is Rob. Coming is example of the unity instructor that I aspire. And one thing he likes to do in YouTube is promoters, courses. What I'm going to do here, is there gonna look up a video and give you guys an example of somebody promoting their own product on YouTube. So I'm going to see if I can find when here we are at the top, it looks like one. All right, so we can see here that Roberts making a video about build your brand rip logging s yo social media and online race relationships. And after the video, he has a link here. It is going to his website in his own personal online courses. So what he's doing here is he's referring people to his courses so that they can buy his own product. This is another example. Now you can make money on YouTube now, strictly speaking, affiliate marketing is easy to get into. It's a great way to get content on your channel and to make some extra money on the side. So doing things like reviews and discussions and talking about products can be great. So it's worth to take that extra effort when you run your view, but a product or something to look on the website of the product and see if they have an affiliate program and sign up for it. If we go back to the Genesis website, we can see that if you scroll to the bottom, there's the Philly program and here's the affiliate program right here and we can see that Earth Center Commissioner is 30% of the purchase price of our theme packages. So again, if somebody buys a theme for 20 to $100 you're going to make a decent chunk of revenue, and over time this will add up. So if you have any questions about Philip marking or different things you can do on YouTube to increase your athlete conversions or making more money, please let me know in this discussion settings of this video 34. How To Make Extra Cash With Fiverr: Hello, everybody. Welcome back once again for another video in the course, and today we're gonna, like, a different way how we can monetize and make money off YouTube channel, and we're gonna go back to fiber. But instead of actually buying gigs today on fiber, I'm going to show you guys how you can do some simple things to make some money off your channel. So the first thing we're gonna do is going to type in YouTube up here, and we're gonna look at some of these high readings or actual service recommended results. We could only get some of these because we look at some different things that people are doing to make some extra money on their cat of extra cash for the YouTube channel. And this is a great way to Can I get some ideas fluent so I can see right here that this person has a gig? We was gonna open this up here where they're offering the future your YouTube video for $5 . I'm not sure exactly what she's doing here. Looks like she's sharing on her social platforms and doing shootouts and stuff like that. And this is a great way for you guys toe make a little bit extra money off YouTube videos. So this is something we could do here. I'm gonna close this one here and look and see if we can see some other ones we gotta know in right here. Or somebody's paying $5 a future. Your channel in the highly recommended section on the channel Page Stiller. Interesting way to get some money after Channel. You could also do things like put advertisements pulling seem description of your videos as well. Let's try that one. Sure. There's a bunch of people doing that. Oh, every here we can see it. This guy he is, are you two week 20 latest video as an annotation for $5. So it looks a key to putting like a low annotation and video, probably at the end, or something like that. Looks right here, and he's Lincoln triples video for some money, and that's a great way again to make a little extra money for channel. Um, when you're doing this, be sure to read the YouTube terms and make sure you're not doing that. You're not supposed to be doing, But we could see right here that disk eight get a couple buyers is making a little extra money. You can do things like reviews and stuff like that. As long as you're doing honest, were used and you're not. You're not, um, paying for basically utilize anything anything like that I could save. Doing paid reviews and stuff like that is a great way to make extra money in your channel. Especially your channel grows and whatnot. I see another one pro your link on the YouTube channel until these little different things you can do. You can even contact people or businesses and asked them to put their ad at the studio video. There's a bunch of different things you can do to make some money off YouTube videos. And yeah, you can, even if you have like, let's say, for example, you have ah, Web Review Channel or something, and I will you review Web app, store phone absence. Everything's like that. You can actually make it become fiber like review year your phone out for five bucks for something that in that way you're making a little doing this site and you also being content for your videos and your channel since the way to make a little bit of money. And it does work, guys, it does work. Uh, see if we can find another one year, I would tweet a link to more tweets and social platforms are definitely things you might want to look into. But keep be aware that if you're gonna be doing that, you should let people know, especially of social users, that you're doing this, that they know that you're doing paid paid reviews and stuff like that, just they know. But I hope his view is gonna, you know, sparked you guys creativity and get you some ideas on how you can make a little extra money for your YouTube videos a month. If you have a website and stuff like that, you can make money off Forbes it as well on fiber. So it's definitely something worth investing in. If you get any questions, you have any ideas or any recommendations? Let us all know. And I hope you guys like this video. We're gonna continue on the course, and I see you guys in the next lessons 35. How To Captivate Your Audience: Hello, everybody. How is it going in this lesson? We're gonna learn how to captivate your audience. So we're making a YouTube video. You're probably wondering what's the best way to get attention and get people sucked in so that they keep watching your video right away. And in this lecture, I'm gonna give you guys a great plan that you can implement and use to get people to watch your videos and not click off right away. So the first thing I want to do is you want to make the first party video is interesting as possible. Now, depending on what type of video you're making, this is gonna be a little bit different. For example, if you're making a how to video or something like that, you can try the show first, explain after method, which basically shows you shows. If you're showing somebody do something, you'll show them the final product right away. And then after you sure than product, you explain how to do it after. That's a great way to do it for how to videos and stuff like that. Another way you can do is you can ask a question or tease dressed the video you notice at the start of this video, I sort of did that. I asked you guys a question and I can't tease you by letting you know that Oh, this video is gonna basically answer that question. But I'm not gonna answer right away. And over the course of the video, I'm gonna explain all these methods to you, and that's a great way to hook people in you keep them Washington video. Ah, the other thing is when When your video first starts, you want to let your audience know exactly what they are watching. So, like I did in this video, I let you guys know that you're watching a video that showing you had a captivate your audience and keep them hooked onto your video something you definitely want to do. So whatever videos doing, let your audience no, um, if you do have a rideable intro, make sure it's less than five cycles and interests of very, very good to have for you to video, especially if you're a small business and your want to expand your reach online. Putting your brand in front of people is very important. And in an expert you were actually gonna taco branding, and I'm going to show us how to get a really cheap intro for your channel on five or something like that, and it's very easy to use. And it's something you should always put in all your videos. Justic again. Get your logo, get your name and get your product or whatever it is you have out there for people so so main points to keep in mind, make the first start. A video is interesting as possible. If you want to do joke something finding that works really, really well, let your audience know exactly what they're walking and address them immediately. Maybe ask the question or some like that, and it's a great way to you. Don't captivate people and get them sucked in if you guys any questions. If you guys wanna learn more, let me know. But just some green methods and they work really well across all types of channels And what not? So that's it for this video. I'll see you guys next video we're talking about. How do you do a brand ago intro and how to get that set up on favor 36. Where To Get an Intro For Your channel: all right. Okay, So in this section of the course, we're going to learn a little bit about how brand noble intros a great to have and how they can help promoter channel and get a ran across and our videos. Now, if people are used to seeing our intro in our local whatever it is that we're showing, it's going to encourage people to watch more videos and ultimately get people used to seeing your content. And we're encouraging them to subscribe your channel and that kind of thing and we can get a brand herbal intro on fiber again is a my go to website. We can go to believe they have an interest section video and animation and intros, and we could see all the different intro options we have here. Let's go with high rating and let's click on this one here just to give you an example. We'll meet that now you can see a cool intro here that this person is made and we could get into it just like that for a channel. It is pretty much exactly what you need. You can see in the example of him actually doing somebody doing a gig for somebody. You see, it's Ah, video, but a dog website or something. That was pretty cool. So I wanna say that you need a logo, so you might need to buy a logo, which again you can use fiber or some kind of basically something to put here. And, um, you can do exactly what this person did, where you added the link to your website or Ah, your social platforms, you but social meter. Anything you want. Really? Let's look at another example of, ah, somebody doing it intro so I could show you guys another good one. Well, let's try a Let's try this one here. This one looks pretty neat. You see some somebody typing it and Google and it popping up, showing your logo and then your take line so it looks pretty cool. It's another example of a good intro. So this injury we'd basically put at the beginning of our videos and this is a great way to get her brand across so I would take a look on fiber. I'll get again. I like the and the other videos will give you guys a list at the end of some gigs that I like and even some that have used myself. So you guys have a reference to some good intro videos? Three videos, but put them at the sort of every video we can try to keep them as sure this possible I would to some around 3 to 5 seconds. You don't want to make them too long. You don't want to make him just sit there and use up too much time because the attention span of people nowadays, it's not as long as it used to be. So you want to kind of have flashy and just get it out there and put it away. The one thing I am going to show you guys actually before speed is over, I'm intrigued as an example of a good intro that I know of. So I'm gonna take two. We're gonna research mission in my respond What's wrong? One, because they have a very good enjoy to their videos that I really, really like. So when I click this one here and you can see the interest rate there, it's four second intro. It's not long at all played again for you guys. See very, very simple gets the point across, lets people know what they're washing something machinima and, um, gets the brand across of people like this video. They can go. Oh, I like machinima. So I'm gonna tape in machinima and see more of their stuff. So works really, really well. But we can also see an education here at the bottom, which is Ah, looks like it's clicking to a playlist or some like that. So again, there's all these different things we can do. And I talk about doing annotations and kind of stuff like that later on the course and the colder action section. So but that's it for now. Um, let me guys know if you have any questions or anything like that, and I'll see you guys later. 37. Why Subscribers are Key To Your Success: through this course, we talked about how to get subscribers, and in this video we're going talk habitable. Why we want to have more subscribers and why subscribers were really the key to have it is a successful YouTube channel. The more scripts you have, the better. And the reason for this mostly is because Scribner's will become fans. And more than likely, watch your content and engage with it. Think about it this way. Subscribers will be watched your content in Browse to your older video's leave, likes and comments. If you have a lot of subscribers and you published a video, those describes are more than likely to watch that video right off the hop lead. Comments are like it and can automatically give you that boost right away. So as you grow on YouTube and you get that subscriber base up, all your videos, especially the new ones, are going to even have a bigger boost, especially when you release them. So it really makes a lot of sense to get subscribers because they would be your soul, it fans, and they would give you the vast majority of your views on YouTube. Now, in my case, I find that most of my views actually come from search engine results and stuff like that. But over time, your subscriber base will slowly build up in a no increase. When you have a lower subscriber base, these numbers aren't gonna be huge. But it's over. Time guys like was 125 10. All those described it slowly adds up. Do you get to Happy's account and having the highest river account were increased, your rankings and the authority of your channel on YouTube, YouTube will see. Hey, this channel has a lot of subscribers. There's a lot of people like it. We're gonna increase the rankings of the videos or we're gonna give, you know, higher authority. So when it does released a new video, that video is gonna automatically rank higher. So it's good point. All those describes are important. Like I said before, it takes a long time to build the falling before you receive results. Use the message methods I have short during this course, and you were over time increased your subscriber count and presence on YouTube. You can't really rush this. It's something that just takes time, guys. And if you guys need to help with subscribers. If you're having trouble, let me know. I'll try to go that extra way to help you. But I want you to really understand that it just takes time sometimes to get the subscribers. And if you put in the effort and you work hard day in and day out, you will slowly start to see the results. No starts start to snowball over time, So if you guys in helping that, let me know we're gonna move on with the course. We're almost done. So I want to congratulate congratulate you guys for getting this far. Uh, this is you're probably learned a lot, so I know this can be overwhelming, but bear with me here. But again, I want to congratulate you guys. You guys are doing good. Uh, if you use these tips, I guarantee you will see some results on you do. So let me let me know what you guys think so far. And I see you guys in the next part. Of course, 38. How To Get More Subscribers on Youtube: So let's take a minute or two to talk about the age old question of how do we get more scribbles on my YouTube channel? And I want you guessed, understand before we get into this that the number one sure way to get more subscribers on YouTube is to just keep a consistent schedule and keep publishing videos. That's the number one way now. There are small things we can do in this side, and I'm going to go over a couple here in this video and show you guys. But I want you to mostly understand that it takes a while to get this going. You're not going to get a lot of subscribers in the beginning, and it's gonna take well, you might get one or two here or there, but understand guys that over time to keep uploading videos. And as you get more searches and more views, your chances of getting those people to convert that's subscribers is going to increase over time. So today you might only have 10 people were a couple visit your channel, but a couple months for now, you might have 100 so understand that as you get higher up and you move up and you get more views. You're gonna get beginning a lot more subscribers, and you're gonna grow exponentially. So getting the first couple as people refer to getting the 1st 50 to 100 subscribers were gonna definitely be the hardest. And once you get that, it's going to be easier and easier as you go. So just keep that in mind. Um, so we went over the first thing, basically is create consistent that's supposed to be create consistent contact for your channel channel and keep publishing on your channel. Over time, your subscription rate and growth will increase exponentially. Like I just discussed. Be sure to add annotations to your videos in order to get people to subscribe. And right now, I'm gonna show us how to do that. Doing a called action at the end of your video works really well. In addition to adding an annotation, I'm gonna show us how to do that as well. Also, you want to include a link to describe to your channel and description videos. Ministry gets quickly trick with that to getting people to subscribe right away. So the first thing you guys when I notice here as I'm using annotations in this video, for example, on one of my channels to get people to either of you. The full playlist of the video series I've here share and like, the view answers right now, I know you do my walk throughs and whatnot on this particular channel. I usually put annotations up for a couple of video a couple minutes of the first of the video so they don't get annoyed and they like that. So I think after put five minutes these annotations at the top of go wait and to add annotations, what we're gonna do is we're gonna log into her account here. I'm gonna viewer video. I'm gonna hit annotations right here, and we're gonna positive video here. We could see the annotations here. If we click on them, you see other set up and we can see how it's described. Button and people actually click on it actually takes him to a page and a YouTube channel to describe in this link ahead right here is a direct subscribe link. So if I am going to open up a new window here and click subscribe, it's gonna take me directly. The channel here they can just described right away. So this is the easy way to get people to subscribe. Your channel and this link I'm about to show you guys is see here also having a description of you doing. I'm gonna go over that in just a second here, so idea notations is pretty easy. I'm just gonna add a sample when you're just so you guys how to do that? But we're gonna do is cook adaptation. And we have a speech bubble. No title spotlight. We're gonna go with and believe we're gonna go with note and we can see the actual annotation is here. We can drag it to where we want it. Generally speaking, you want to avoid the bottom of the screen as Adam really is can sometimes cover it. I used to go at the top, so it's out of the way so people can still see. We can add a note here, which is the text of here. So if you want it like something like subscriber something, whenever you go custom, we could look different. Font size, font, color, background color. You can choose where you want to start in the video. We can also Drega three year throughout the timeline of the video and we can also make it link. Now, YouTube only lets you link to certain places with your annotations. You can link to another video you linked in their playlists. You link from the channel on YouTube, you can go on Google plus profiles this page. You can hit it, make us cry. But like I did Ah, fundraising project. You're associated websites like your whips that you have a social with your account. Like I showed you guys earlier or merch website. So we're gonna hit, subscribe here and now we can hit the that we can. We can also do here is enter a duty of user name so we could go back to my channel and add my Let's go back to my channel right now, actually, and my China user name is this this little line up here so we can put grab that little link here and based here, and it automatically makes describe link. But I'm gonna show you is how to make another link to put in your descriptions of your video. So we're gonna click on this link This video here and in this video here at the very top here, I usually put the scribbling at the very top. But it's up to you guys I know you want to do. You usually want to make it so it appears as people are scrolling down. But for some reason in this video, I didn't do that. So, like, let's say we're just coming up here and we didn't see the rest of the video We won't have described, like right here so we can see the seat without clicking to read more button. Well, I'm gonna open this up. And when you so many different lace here and if we do this link right here, this part right here, do you agree that YouTube slash describe dash center question mark, add user equals. And right here we put her channel I D or user name. And what that's going to do is that's gonna make that direct subscriber assured you guys earlier. So what you do is you had your channel using a mere so like I mentioned before, basically providing content and just keep working at it is going increase your subscription rate. We can you these small things here and there to help increase in numbers as well. So I hope you guys like this video because of any recommendations, Please let me know I'm gonna be any more to this video in the section as well as time goes on. So keep an eye out for that in the next a few videos. 39. The Importance Of a Weekly Schedule: So let's spend some time talking about how regular up loads and having an upload schedule for your channel is basically the key to having a long established and sustaining channel on YouTube. So uploading videos regularly on your channel will increase your view count. Bring your subscribers and give them something to watch. If you do have subscribers, they're gonna want you wanna watch your content and they're gonna wanna watch your frequently. The more videos you put up, the more you satisfy them, and the more views you would get. Overall, more videos you have in your channel, the more you're gonna pull in traffic from other sources as well. So it's always create to be uploading regular videos to your channel. You're generally gonna want to publish as much as you possibly can, but have a minimum at least one video per week. But remember, guys, we want these videos to be of high quality, so if you only have to publish that one or two videos a week, that is fine as long as you're really good videos. But depending on your type of channel, sometimes you can publish a lot more than that the next point we're going to talk about is how to reuse and recycle content to create existing to tribals. I mean, sorry, Do you create videos? Existing subscribers will love things like bloopers, best of type videos, Things like that Top tens are a great way to take existing content on your channel and kind of repurpose it and put into a video format the people will love. Your subscribers would really like these types of videos, and they're great for drying and new people to see your top premium and the best content you have and stick it in the one video. So those videos are very, very high. Converting. That worked really, really well. The next option you can do is create shorter virgins or trailers of longer videos to promote them. And this is something I do on my new channel. I made on YouTube that is promoting my unity courses and stuff like that. So my course in you to be a generally minimum an hour to a couple hours long, and this one, I think, is a couple hours at least, and what I would do in my YouTube channel is, let's say, if I was promoting these courses, I would basically put maybe half of the course online, which is like a short I guess it wouldn't be qualified as a short promo. But since the course is a cup hours long, I'm putting like maybe half of the course and YouTube to entice people into promote it. And if they want to watch the whole thing or if they want to buy the whole course after I put a link in my description to show them where they can do that. So it's a great way to kind of bring people in. And that's just one example. You could have something like If you have, like, a playlist and you do like skits or something that you create a shorter version of those videos or anything like that, get people to basically watch your longer content works really, really well, schedule your videos ahead of time so that you can stay ahead of your uploaded and publishing. This is probably the biggest, biggest point, and if there's anything you're gonna take from this video, this is the one thing you're gonna want to use, and I'm gonna actually gonna show us how to do that later on this video because scheduling your videos at a time is just gonna put your so much more further ahead of the game. I tried to schedule as much as I can advance. Sometimes I'm for most of my channels. I'm scheduled a month in advance, and it really helps to basically stay on top of the game. Because let's say you have one day. You have a whole day where you can do videos or upload videos, and instead of like taking on 1/2 hour to an hour of the day, a plane and video, you can just do it one day and get super forehead so you don't worry about it. And it'll free up time for the rest of your life and make things a lot easier. So let's let's learn how to schedule videos on your channel ahead of time. All rights. Now I'm in my YouTube dashboard here, and I'm in my upload screen, and what I'm going to do is before I slept my foul toe up food or I trade my failed upload . I'm gonna go down this little public button right here. I'm gonna click scheduled, and now I'm gonna upload my YouTube video. So I'm just gonna pick around one here I have from my list of videos and now that of us set up here, we're gonna hit schedules. We can see it's already selected, it's not selected. You can click the box and make it pop down, and we can pick her date here. So let's say on a schedule a couple days from now, you picked a specific time and again we can use our social platform to foreign uploaded on there as well. And basically, after the View has done uploading rendering, we can hit, publish and we can fill it or description and our tags and all that stuff in our video is good to go. So do this as much as possible and upload your videos as far as advances you can, because it really makes things a lot easier. So hopefully you learned how to make a content schedule and uploading schedule for your channel. In this video, you guys have any questions or anything? Let me know. And, um, I'll see you guys later on the course 40. The Importance of thumbnails For Your Channel: one aspect of creating videos on YouTube is thumbnail optimization. Now, creating custom thumbnails for videos can manifest in many ways when making your custom thumbnails you want. Make sure that's high quality H D's out thumbnails that work and look good, he steps. Those are the ones that are gonna work. The best close up on faces works really, really well, if possible, always at a custom thumbnail to your video, because the custom Tamil will make your viewers don't know and YouTube and will definitely increase more traffic and get people to click on your video. Now it's not always possible. Add custom the nose at the beginning, so don't be afraid to go back through your channel, especially after you start making some revenue and adding custom the most two year old videos. If using a playlist or something, you can also reuse thumbnails and change the text to accommodate whatever video you're making. So keep that in mind, using favors a great way to get some nails for a cheap price, and we show us had ordered that in the next video. But sometimes a very important you show never skip skip out of them so That's pretty much it for this lesson over the next few lessons of entry guys. How to get some nails and how to get some really, really good quality ones. So if you have any questions about them knows, please let me know. 41. How to order thumbnails off of fiverr: All right, everybody. So, in this Listen, I'm gonna show you guys how you can get cheap YouTube thumbnails for your YouTube videos and the way we're going to do this is exactly how we did it before with any other design were acquitted in this course, which is on fiber. So we're gonna head over the fiber right now, and we're gonna do some looking around for a course. We're not a course story, but a gig that provide just free thumbnails for YouTube channel. Let's type in something like YouTube thumbnails. No, he could see all these different courses on thumbnails, but we're gonna go to a high rating here to get the very best, and we could see area of a couple of gigs here. This one's pretty good, actually. Believe I used this one myself to actually make some some nails, couple other ones here. So we're gonna click on this one since I actually have experience doing this one. And the funny thing is, actually, these two raid here are actually ones that I've had designed before, so this is Ah, Giguere. Highly recommended, and we can take a look at some other ones. This guy's done and they're all pretty good, like all really good stuff. So we can do here is we're read his information. Okay, so it looks like this guy here can do a series of thumbnails for one Siri's. So, um, if you had, like, a playlist or something where you really just need to change the text, you could make a whole series of thumbnails, but for the most part, you're probably just gonna make, like, one thumb there for each video. But consider making the same thumbnail and changing the text for like if you have something that's very, very similar that you can stick into a playlist. So flavor is a great way to get thumbnails for YouTube channel. And what I'm going to do is in the next video, I'm going to give you guys some references and some sample gigs that you can use in order to get some thumbnails on fiber now if anyways, and experience or has some gigs of their own or knows people who are designing thumbnails on fiber. Let us know in discussion session and post it and I'll edited list so everybody can have a good reference forgetting thumbnails for the YouTube channels 42. How to set-up a brandable watermark for your videos: records from this video I'm gonna show you is the importance. And I'm gonna show you guys how to add a brand new poll watermark to YouTube videos. And this is a very important thing and helps make your channel literally professional and boom piece your subscriber rate over time. So with the way we go about doing this is we go into our channel settings and we're gonna go into Well, I think it's just rare. Video manager. Okay. Yep, this works. We're going to go into here and I believe it's under the channel tab. And under the channel tab, you'll see a brandy in section click that button right there. And now we can see a Brandon Watermark year. Let's click at a brand new watermark, and what we want to do is when you use their watermark, you want to make sure the background is transparent so that it appears on the screen and doesn't cover up your actual video. And I get a sample image here I'm going to use, and I'm not sure exactly transparent, but I'm just gonna use it just to give it gets an idea of how this whole thing works So we're gonna upload it here, and we're gonna hit safe. Oh, it's not the right one. Choose a new watermark. Try this one. I think this is the right one. No. Um okay. This is the right one area. All right. Ah, OK. That didn't work out. Add watermark. Okay. Juice file. Save it. Our area. This is our brand watermark. We're gonna hit, save. And now we can see that this brand About what? America is gonna pop up in the bottom here, and we can pick a custom start time. We complete at the end of the video. We keep it at the entire video, whatever you guys want to do, and we're gonna update it here. And now if we go to her video and we watch your video so muted here where you see that our brand watermark is right here and you can put whatever you want as a watermark, you can put ah, your channel profile image. You can put a logo. You could even experiment input like it's described. But I've never actually used this before, but you could put a subscribe button which would work pretty cool in this case. So I would definitely be interested. And if somebody would love to test that, I'm sure that would work really, really well. But most people put like there logo or something like that for brand new purposes. And whenever somebody clicks on this logo, it's gonna take in the channel where they're more thigh. Could you see more of your content or subscribe? So it's a great way to add more professionalism to your videos and to increase convergence and add a little called action Here in the bottom, You used to be able to put it up at the top, but they recently changed it now, so it looks like it's at the bottom. Maybe it converts better or just looks better. I'm not too sure why they did that, but that's why it is. That's what it is for now. So it takes your second guys had set it up. It's definitely good for a channel. It makes you look really good. Um, the only case where it would not add this is, let's say, if you're doing a video and you have stuff going on here in the bottom corner, like a Web camera, something like that, that might kind of call his problems. So, unfortunately, YouTube doesn't let you pick certain videos where you do it. When you when you enabled the option, it does it across all your videos. So it's a little bit of a pain in the butt, but fortunately, it so we could do for now. So if you have, like a webcam in your videos or something like that, try putting the left hand side because you're briny. One's gonna be right here. But I hope he gets like that video. Um, set that up and I'll see you guys in the next video in the next section of the course and let me know how you guys doing. Let me know your channel is doing. If you have any question, anything like that, let me know and I'll ask You answered them in a discussion. Settings 43. How To Get People To Click: in this section of the course, we're going to talk a little bit about how to get people to act and basically what a call to action is in her video. So called action is basically a method to get people to act in her video. So let's say, if our overall main goal for a channel is to increase sales or refer people to our website or just increase our overall YouTube subscriber fees well, in order to do this, we would add things inside our video that would get people to do a specific action. We want them to do so. For example, the first method we can do is weaken. Put a shot of her face talking directly to your audience in order to get them to act. So, for example, let's say in this particular video, you're just trying to increase your overall exposure on YouTube. You want to get more of a larger subscriber base so you could do is at some point in your video, preferably usually at the end. You could add a picture or a little, you know, video of you talking and you could talk to you want to be like Hey, guys. Well, I hope you like this video. You know, if you want to see great more videos, click this link here, click this button here and subscribe that way. That works a really, really good way of getting people to act. You can also add annotations, which are basically clickable. Text over late on your videos, and I'm gonna show us how to do that later on in the course. But basically, adaptations are is you can put like a little box in the top, your video with a link to your website or something that or you could put like a subscribe button or something like that. And people do click on them. They're not, um, you have used them very sparingly because they can be annoying. But people do. You click on them, and if you use them in the right spot, baby work very well. Very well. The next method, which kind of works adaptations, is in video graphics and basically what I mean by in video I mean things like subscriber buttons, you know, different images and stuff like that. You can stick in your videos to get people to to act and do certain things, so those work really, really well is as well. Um, the next thing is N cards and Kurds are little backgrounds. You can insert into your videos at the end to basically give people a list of actions to do so. For example, you could have something like a 10 card, and I'm gonna show us again what it encourages further on. And basically what it is is the background with maybe, like subscribe button. And like maybe some other windows, we can stick your other videos and people can click on them and watch them. They're really good, and they were really professional. So it's definitely something you want to get going on your videos. They take a little bit extra work, but it's worth it in the end. And the locksmith last method you can do Teoh get people to act is to add video descriptions and your videos, and you can put things like links to websites promoting a product. You can add a product link, you can add a subscribe button, and I'm gonna show you guys had added direct subscribe link into your video description, which is a very, very great way of getting people to script. Grab your channel. But that's the basic overview for this section of the course. So we're gonna jump into it and let's learn how to get you put acting for Go grow or channel and get more discovers guys. 44. Outro Templates For Getting More Subscribers: So in this video, we're gonna talk about something called Gautreaux Template slates, which were used in YouTube at the end of the used to hope, kind of push people towards doing a specific action or creating a call to action to get your viewers or watchers to do something particular that you want them to. For example, you might try to push them to subscribe to your channel. You might try to make them watch other videos that you have on your channel except etcetera . Maybe show your social platforms that kind of thing. It's like a brand new thing, but trying to get more exposure for your videos, another on your channel. And it's a great thing that very easy to do. And I want to show you guys exactly how you can do that. Now, before we get into it, let's look at example of a UTI Beltre sleep. So I take it in Google here, and we have some examples here. You see, the 1st 1 here would be something you'd put after like this looks like it's Minecraft. So it was like a gaming channel here, So you maybe have a video here plain of him doing something, a video here. And then there's a subscribe button. You put an annotation here, so when you click on it, it takes a describe page. Um, again, you can have with these social platforms and stuff like that that people can look at. There's one appear to which is a more professional one again. You would annotate this section right here so that when people put their most over and clicked on it, it takes him scrappage at YouTube. This is a great way to get people describe your channel, especially people who don't normally use YouTube and what not and it makes it really easy. And again, you'd have, like, maybe a video here of you talking yourself, promoting yourself, showing off your channel kind of thing. And you could have other videos tomato playlist, playing back here in the background. And this is a great way to again just take people watching and turn them into Travis on your channel. So we're going to do here is we're gonna look up a gig on Fiverr That'll show you guys how to do this and let's type in, see if Fattal get what we want. Did the static YouTube otra image. This might be something what we're looking for. Let's click on high reading again. Generally speaking, you can usually get somebody to Oh, aereo end Slate, I guess. Ensley. It would be the the proper word for and sleep. Oh, okay. I can't find it now. Okay, We have some examples here. Sewers, That one. There's one here we can see when? So you might have to look around if you want to looking like the YouTube designing category to find some different ones. Because I know it's not a super popular thing that a lot of people do, but it's definitely something you get. So this is a good example. Somebody who's doing them right here we could see again. Like it's an example of somebody would put at the end of their videos to showcase their channel and kind of, you know, get people to watch videos or spread. And this is this is really good stuff right here. This looks awesome. So I'm gonna give you get some blinks to this particular game on fiber and maybe smothers if I can find them. And I'm also gonna give you guys a link to an example of somebody using an ultra end slate in their videos, and you guys can see for yourself how good it is. So if you have any questions about and slates anything like that, let me know when disgusting showings of this video and I'll see you guys later on. 45. How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers: everybody. What's up, Robin? Here Once again today and entities video. I'm gonna be talking about how to grow your YouTube channel and get your 1st 100 subscribers. Um, you'll notice that my channel isn't a big channel and YouTube, but over the past couple of months, I've been kind of growing study because I've been uploading more videos. I'm doing a lot of stuff to help grow my channel and stuff like that. And when I first started, I was kind of stuck in a rut kind of almost reporter, where it's hard to get those first, you know, 100 couple 100 subscribers and get the ball rolling. Right? So in this video, I'm gonna talk about one way, and it's just gonna be one thing I want you guys to do, and it's gonna be really easy. It's gonna be really simple. It's going to something that's really against the grain and something that I don't see anybody recommending. Pretty much anybody recommending that I've seen at least is recommending that people do. So this is what I'm gonna recommend you guys do, and this is very simple. So what I want you guys to do is I want you guys to head on over to, and I'm actually gonna make my webcam smaller here. So what we're gonna do is I'm on YouTube here, So let's pretend like you started a new to YouTube channel. What you're gonna want to do is figure out your niece. So, you know, if you're doing like, um I fitness channel or if you're doing, like a, um, entrepreneur Channel, if you're doing like, a CEO channel or whatever it is you're doing, you know, like, if you're doing a teaching channel, if you're doing a dieting channel makeup channel, you know, whatever it is you're doing, just kind of maybe picking niche for your channel. You don't even have to, like, really, really pick one specific niche. But just pick something Jeanette General that you're gonna focus on for now, it's one thing to focus on, and then later on, you can branch off from there. And one thing I picked was programming. In the beginning, I made my channel about Web development in programming. Now I kind of do video is about, you know, more marketing, business ing, business stuff, entrepreneur stuff, everything I do kind of a little bit everything now because I've branched off, right? I built my following, and now I can can, you know, branch off, you know? But in the beginning, pick something, pick one thing, you know, one specific niece you're gonna focus on. So once you got that and you covered what I want you guys to do his go to you to me dot com Now you, to me isn't online marketing website. You can sell courses on you to me. Now, What I want you guys to do is don't worry, because you're not gonna be selling courses. I want you guys to create a free course on you to be and create a course, you know, you're free course only has to be able half hour long. You can do, like, kind of videos like I do here. We're just kind of talking. You're showcasing your expertise, whatever it is you're doing, you know? So let's say, for example, if you're creating, um, you're gonna focus on s CEO. Cosco is give me one of the main things you're gonna focus on your channel early on. What you can do is let's say you're gonna make course okay. How to do basic seo optimization on a wordpress block or something. How did you Basic s you optimization optimization on YouTube videos or something like that . And that could be like, your first. You know, your little mini course, like your half hour course, and you're gonna notice I like, ah, free course. Could be anywhere between, like, 5 to 10 videos if even that you know, if you all videos air about 5 to 10 minutes long, you know, five videos. I think it's gonna my math. It's correctly about five or six videos is going to, you know, really get to that half hour point. So really easy to do, you know, not complicated. Don't overcomplicate it. Don't try to make like, this amazing course. I just want you guys to maybe spend, like, a couple days, maybe two or three days, even maybe one day if you kind of have a good content plan. Um, already done stuff like that creating your course, you know, spend one day, create the videos, get or set up. Now, what you're gonna do in unity is publisher free course. And after you've published your free course, I want you guys to make it free, obviously, and start promoting it. You know, you can post on social media, you can post another different websites. Um, when I would recommend that you do is posted on Facebook groups and stuff like that in your niche you can spend, like maybe a coal power is doing this. You don't have to do this a lot because you'll notice that is, if your course is free, your gonna get students that you're gonna get students every single day. You're gonna get beginning like tens, 20 stories. 40 50. You know the pain, what you're doing, you're gonna get tons of students. So go on Facebook. Look for groups in your nation. Look for groups, for you to me, coupons and free courses and stuff like that. And you'll get tons of enrollments. You know you can do one coupon ah, promotion and you'll. Your free course will get tons of students. And that's the whole purpose here. And you're gonna see why in just a second, So you're getting lots of free students for your free course. And then when you conduce is when you're once your core starts to get you know you start to get a couple 100 people. What you can do is you to me lets you send 04 email, educational. It's with every month. And inside these education announcements, you can link to content as long as it's, you know, really a tier, of course. And it's not paid. So one thing that I did early on is I would link to my YouTube videos on YouTube channel, so I'd going to a mutiny here. So I'm just gonna go into my dashboard here. I'm sure, guys, that you do this going, create announcement and you type educational structure courses now, I just liked all my eligible courses. You can see I have a lot of courses on unity. I have over 60,000 students. So I have a lot of people that when I send out an email, 60,000 people potential opening it, you know, maybe only get, like, maybe a couple 100 to 1000 people, open the email and then maybe I'll get a couple 100 again a couple 100 to, you know, people actually click through, but again, you know, that's just the way it is now. This works for a free courses of. Also, if you get like maybe two or 3000 people, you're free course, which could maybe take even a couple days, depending on how popular topic is, especially if you're marketing it, you can start to see how you can, you know, start to build, like almost like an email list on you to me. And then you can start promoting your YouTube channel and stuff like that. And what you can do is you can create announcement here. You know, you just gotta do like a quick blurb. So let's say you created a course on YouTube. SQL. What thing? One thing you can do is, let's say there's a video you didn't include in your course or something. You want to talk about created YouTube video. You know, as long as it's really a CEO or YouTube or anything like that, you can do a quick title, write a paragraph link to the video, and then when I want you guys to do is at the bottom of your education announcement, put a PS here, put like a PS and go. If you want to learn more about, um, you know, whatever it is, they're teaching Subscribe to my YouTube channel, and what you can do is you can include a direct link here. Subscribe button. So if I go to my channel here, go to my channel. This is what you guys want to go to your channel. And then I have the exact text you want in this little box here, and I'm gonna put this text into the description in this video. You so you guys can check it out as well. So what you're gonna do is copy that text, pieced it, get rid of this view a subscriber thing and pace it at the end of your channel. And what that's gonna do is that's going to what? Ever somebody visits the link or clicks on that link, it's going to prompt them to instantly subscribe your channels. You just little thing here. Are you sure you want to subscribe? That will boost up your descriptions incredibly like you'll get like, boom, like, you know, you'll get like, such a higher conversion rate. And I do that in my email marketing. I do that on the website. I do that all my education announcements for you enemy and what you're going to start to see if you're going to start to really get your Sisk Ivory. If you do four emails a month for one course, you know, you might get a couple describes every time you do in email. I'm sure you guys I'm gonna show you guys my analitico here to kind of give you an idea. I send out these pro Mose like I said four times a month. I have a bunch of courses in you to me. So, um, I do a little bit more than probably most people will. But as you build up your courses and stuff like that, you're going to, you know, have more students to market to. And like I said, it's easy to get free students on you to me. So if I go to my analitico here, I did it like one of these kind of emails the other day. You can see here that when I did this email I had 19 subscribers instantly. Samp to my, um, sign up to a YouTube for one of my courses that I did education announcement to, and you're not gonna get numbers like this. It really depends on how, um depends on how, like, how targeted your email is and stuff like that you might only get like three or four people will subscribe. But as you do these emails, and as you grow your following on, you know me, it's gonna increase more and more. And that was very, very, um, kind of lucky that I found this out early on because this is what really kept kicked off my growth on YouTube. You know, it really allowed me to get ahead without spending a lot of time kind of grinding away. So this is something you can do that I recommend you guys do, because it will. It will really, really boost your subscription rates on YouTube and maybe with after, you know, after a month or two, you might get your 1st 100 subscribers and you'll get lots of used to your YouTube videos as well. So I think that this is one of the most untapped ways of marketing and just growing your YouTube channel or whatever it is. You know, your email less whatever it is you're trying to dio because you can you can be pretty flexible with it if you already have YouTube channel that's growing pretty fine. You can build an email list. You know, there's all kinds of things you can do, and then what you can do after is you can create a paid version of the free course and then promote the paid course to the free students you know, on your YouTube channel or your blogger email lists, whatever it is you want to do. So I think this is a very powerful way of getting subscribers. And, you know, kicking off new channels on YouTube that I see is I'm very untapped. So you know, instead of doing the grind and waiting for people to find your content, make it easy. You know, send people your YouTube videos and include a direct link, and you'll you'll see your subscriptions will shoot rate up. So again, check out in the description of this video, they'll be that little link. This little link rate here, this kind of end that you're going to stick at the end of your channel that will make your link direct sub. So whenever you throw YouTube channel, put that link in there and you will get a tons more subscriptions I guarantee you. So you know, if you're a channel that's looking to get your 1st 100 subscribers, this is what I recommend you guys do. This is what I did. This is were worked out really well for me. So, you know, I hope you guys like this video subscribe the channel. If you want more videos about YouTube and just, you know, entrepreneur ships and things in general, and give it a like, if you like the video and thanks for watching everybody and I'll particular leader.