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Youtube Growth Hacking Video Optimisation Grow Your Channel!

teacher avatar John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship

Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Growth Hacking Youtube Skillshare Introduction

    • 2. Youtube Growth Hacking Introduction

    • 3. Youtube Growth Hacking Video Optimisation Quiz

    • 4. Youtube Growth Hacking Do You Have a Goal for Your Channel?

    • 5. Youtube Growth Hacking Producing Your Video

    • 6. Youtube Growth Hacking Producing Your Video 2

    • 7. Youtube Growth Hacking Uploading to Youtube

    • 8. Youtube Growth Hacking Optimising the Description

    • 9. Youtube Growth Hacking Making Use of Audio

    • 10. Youtube Growth Hacking Optimising the Description and Other Settings

    • 11. Youtube Growth Hacking Close Captioning

    • 12. Youtube Growth Hacking Adding Annotations

    • 13. Youtube Growth Hacking Youtube Cards

    • 14. Youtube Growth Hacking Easy Way to Get All Your Youtube Video URLS

    • 15. Youtube Growth Hacking Summary and Wrap Up

    • 16. Youtube Growth Hacking Practical Exercise

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About This Class


Youtube Video Optimisation, Simple Steps to More Views and More Youtube Subscribers


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Is Your Youtube Channel Struggling?

Making Videos but Getting Few Views?

Do You Want to Grow Your Channel, Your Subscribers and ultimately, your Email List?

Perhaps there is a reason WHY you are not doing as well as you should?

Perhaps, all this time, you have not been OPTIMISING your Youtube Videos?

Discover what you have been doing wrong and find out how easy it is to put it right!

This is the Course I wish I had taken when I first started on Youtube in July 2010!

Before I uploaded over 200 Videos to Youtube!

If you have a Youtube Channel - You HAVE to TAKE this Course!


  • The importance of having a GOAL for your Youtube Channel
  • The right way to PRODUCE your Video
  • The KEY SETTINGS which must be RIGHT before Your Publish
  • How to get the most out of ANNOTATIONSCARDS and CLOSE CAPTIONS

Start Using Youtube as an EXPERT marketer as part of your overall Social Media Marketing Strategy! Stop missing out on views from over 1 BILLION active Youtube Users!

Improve your Videos, Get More Views! Get More Subscribers!

Set and Achieve your primary GOAL for your Youtube Channel

Step by Step discover the process I use to OPTIMISE my Videos for Youtube.  

Just a few extra minutes getting everything right will result in more views and subscribers in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Once you know what to do its easy!  Find out by enrolling in this course today

This Course is launching as a Free Course but this will not be the case for ever so grab it while you can!


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Enroll Today!  See you Inside!

Best regards


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Colley

Digital Entrepreneurship


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Here is a little bit about Me...

Cambridge University Graduate

I have a Bachelors and a Masters Degree from Cambridge University in the UK (Magdalene College)

Master of Business Administration

I graduated from Cass Business School in 1992 with an MBA with Distinction and also won the Tallow Chandler's prize for the best Dissertation.

British Army Officer

I spent nine years as a Commissioned British Army Officer, serving in Germany and the UK in the 1980s, retiring as a Captain. I graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (Britain's West Point) in 1984.

Investment Banking Career

I have spent over 25 years working as an Investment Banker, advis... See full profile

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1. Growth Hacking Youtube Skillshare Introduction: hello and welcome to this growth hacking YouTube course, which I have. We're going to get an awful lot or value from. It's great to have you here and thank you very much for enrolling. If you haven't enrolled, then for considering in Rolling. My name is John Colley. I'm the six minute strategist and I've got over 33,000 online students, so I hope you're going toe enter that number and really benefit from this course. Now the course is all about how to get the most out of your YouTube videos and your YouTube channel on. To do this, you have to know how to take your YouTube video on optimize it in every way possible so that when you publish it on YouTube, it's gonna have the best chance of ranking, and your channel is going to get more growth and more subscribers. So it's all about how you publish on optimize your video on your YouTube channel, which is very straightforward. Now. The benefits off the course are very simple. If you're producing video and you get this right, then you're going to get mawr views on your video organically, and you're going to get Mawr subscribers ultimately on your YouTube channel, so it will grow. So if you want to achieve that, then this course is for you. On If you are any sort off video producer, videographer or anybody who's producing content marketing and you're not producing videos and putting them on YouTube, you are leaving money on the table. So I strongly urge you to grab this course on. Go through it. It's very straightforward, very simple, very easy. And it's demonstrated by the fact that the project for this course is very simple. You simply take a video. You follow my checklist having gone through the course, and you optimize that video and publish it on YouTube on. Once you've done that once a bit like riding a bike, I think you'll find it very straightforward. So please do do that. Please share your projects, your tips, your screenshots, anything like on the Project gallery. It's always great to have feedback from you if you need my help. I'm here to help. All you do is reach out to me, started discussion, message me whatever, but definitely ask questions. If you have any off them. They're always really super helpful. So again. Congratulations for involving in the course. Or if you haven't, why not do so and spend a little bit of really valuable time making a huge difference to your YouTube channel and your YouTube videos. So come on, then let's get started. I hope you get a huge amount from this course. It's great to have you along with the community on. I look forward to joining you in the next video, where we're going to crack on and go through the formal introduction opticals. 2. Youtube Growth Hacking Introduction: Hello and welcome to my YouTube growth hacking course. My name is John Colley. I'm an experienced online course creator. I'm also podcaster, a speaker and a blogger. Now, as a digital entrepreneur, I really focus on the business off making online courses not just the online courses themselves but the whole business and ecosystem marketing and audience growth off creating online courses on this leads me to the inevitable statement that YouTube is a really important part of any digital entrepreneurs business. That is why optimizing your video for YouTube the right way first time every time is so important, and that is what I have focused this course upon. Now just bear in mind. YouTube is the second largest search engine. There are one billion that's 1,001,000 active users on YouTube. So if you put a video up on YouTube, yes, there's a lot of competition, but if you do it the right way, you will be beating. Probably 90% of the people who post videos on YouTube on you will be increasing the chances of your video being found on watched very, very considerably, so this course just focuses on the optimization of your videos for YouTube. It takes you through step by step to make sure that when you create a video, you do it the right way, and you only have to do this process once. You don't have to waste time and money going back and doing it again, and therefore your chance. Your video has the best chance of being seen because you've got the process right first time every time, so ensure you do this on you. Follow the steps in the course, and you will be increasing the effectiveness of your YouTube channel. Now I take you through step by step. What you need to do to optimize your video. I take you through what you need to do it. The production phase. I take you through what you need to do it. The upload face. I explain how to get the video page settings right. I also take you to some of the extra things you can do, such as annotations, the YouTube cards and also a really easy way to add closed captions. Now you can optimize your video for YouTube once you've taken this course and you will save yourself a huge amount of money okay. This course is focused on anybody who calls themselves a digital entrepreneur, anybody creating video that they want to be found and watched by other people. In fact, anybody who's doing online marketing should be taking this course. So save yourself time, get more views and achieve your channels goals. And if you haven't got a goal for your channel, well, you'll cover that in this course before you get stuck in. And that's a really important part off this course toe. Understand the goal of your channel. So I hope you enjoy the course. I hope you find it focused, effective, very actionable, and it will make a real impact on the effectiveness and the success off your YouTube channel. 3. Youtube Growth Hacking Video Optimisation Quiz : YouTube growth hacking video optimization quiz. Before we start this course, I want to talk to you about whether this course is for you. And I want to try to show you right up front, the benefits off, taking this course or indeed helping you to decide that. Actually, you already know everything I'm going to share with you in this course, In which case this course is not really for you. So I wonder share with you a little quiz about 13 Very simple questions. But I want to go through with you to see if you know the answer. Because these are the key points covered in the main part of this course. And if you are completely happy, you know everything about these points, then the you don't need to enroll in this courses courses, Not for you. So let me ask you a 13 questions. There is a pdf which you can download and and take yourself off if you want to do that. But I'll go through them with you on. Let's see how you do. So the first question is, Do you have a clear goal for your YouTube channel on? It's really important that there is a purpose to what you're doing on YouTube. And you need to think through why you're putting all these videos up there on if you do have a goal than that goal should influence the way that you put your videos. What sort of videos you put up there? What sort of schedule you put them up for? So do you have a goal? Second question. Do you know what you must say in the first sentence off your video? Hint? Listen to this video, but it's really critical. Question number three. Do you know how to name your video file on why this is a really important point? Because the naming of your video file goes a long way to helping YouTube understand what it is in your video question. Number four. Do you know what the keyword is? Well, this is probably very basic search engine optimization, but bearing in mind that YouTube relies a lot on written words to understand the video content, keywords on YouTube are absolutely critical. Fifth question. Do you know the best way to write a video title and there is an art to it, and it's really important to get it right. It all comes back to helping YouTube understand what your videos about, so they know who to show it to Do. You know how to find the best tax? Four billion. I got a really, really simple, dead, easy, completely free way of doing this, but it absolutely guarantees to get you The best Tags and tags are absolutely vital in YouTube, so if you do know, that's great. If you don't well, you can find out in the course. Question number seven. Do you know the best way to write your video descriptions on again? There's an art to this because you want to get an awful lot of useful information, not just about the video, but also about yourself. And I show you a really simple way to do it. And I even provide you with the template. Question a break. Do you know how to use the message box? Now there's a very simple little trick here on it's really important. Do you even know what the message box does? Let me just say that it's very important to have lots of subscribers in your course, so there's a good little tip there on the message box. Do you know, door, do you use the Google plus all the Twitter buttons? And again, these are actually very important in terms of disseminating the news about your video. And if you don't, maybe you should question 10. Do you know how to optimize your thumbnail? Bearing in mind, the thumbnails are one of the things that catch people's eye. Getting them right greatly increases the chance that your course will be watched. And therefore, I strongly encourage you if you're not sure what to do to find out. And of course, you can find out in the course Question number 11. Do you know how to use annotations to grow? Your email is Do you know what annotations are there? Clever little technique, which, if you're not, if you're beginning to YouTube, you may not be familiar with on. Therefore, if you answer no to this question, then I would strongly recommend you have a look at the course. Question number 12. Do you know how to use YouTube cards and why you should use them again? They're like annotations, but they also have a purpose, which you can make the most off. So certainly think about that is if you don't know what you choose. Cards are on the final question. Do you know how to create close captions for your videos? Now, again, this could be really laborious on. I actually haven't been doing it every video I have to admit. But I've now worked out a really easy way off doing it, albeit is with a paid piece of software that I happen to have a license to. Of course, you can also get your V A or assistant to write the transcription out for you or you write too simple transcription that might a complete transcription. But anyway, I talked to you about close captions, why they're important and how to do them. And if you don't know how to do them, then again, you may need to consider So those of the 13 questions how did you score if you scored very highly. You may still find something off use in this. Of course, if you did not, then, um, I think you may find this a real benefit for you in the course, so I hope that helps to clarify matters and a bit of fun as well. On I look forward to seeing you in the course 4. Youtube Growth Hacking Do You Have a Goal for Your Channel?: YouTube growth hacking. Do you have a goal for your channel now? This is a really serious point on. Before I get into the main content of this course, I want you to just spend a few minutes thinking about this on the key. Question is what you trying to achieve? Let's be honest here. When you were creating a video, we're putting an awful lot of effort into getting everything ready and setting it all up and filming it and editing it. And then, as you'll find out in this course as we upload it, there's a whole series of things which, if we get right, will greatly help our video to be found by more people. YouTube, after all, is the second largest search engine, the world, and it's something amazing, like 400 hours off video being uploaded every minute or something. So it's growing enormously, so it's also becoming more competitive. But the audience is there, and of course, it's owned by Google. So this is something which is really worth thinking about, because what are you doing all this for? What is the point off having a YouTube channel if you don't actually have a reason for the work you're doing on that channel. So let me ask you a few questions. Are you trying to get more YouTube subscribers? Well, it certainly helps. So the more people that subscribe to your channel, the more people that become aware of it, and that builds for it. But is that really a satisfactory goal in itself? Is that gonna really advance your business? Or is it just a nice statistic? Tohave? Are you trying to get more AdSense revenue? Well, clearly, the more people who watch your videos on watch the ads on your videos, if you are monetizing, then you're gonna make some money. But to be frank, unless you're getting something like a 1,000,000 views, you're not gonna weren't very much money. I think I was talking to somebody who used to get half a 1,000,000 a 1,000,000 views, and he was making a couple $1000 a month. Now that's a huge audience on. As you can see, you're getting a fraction or the scent for every person. It's such a small faction. I didn't know how many zeros are gonna be after the decimal point, but it's a very, very hard way to really monetize. So is that really a worthwhile objective? Now you're trying to use it to get Mawr followers or likes on another social media platform ? Well, again, that's fine, if that's what you're trying to do. So maybe you're trying to create videos in and get people across to Facebook for your page , and then they like your page. That's a pretty hard way of going about it. You're probably better off putting the video directly onto the Facebook page. Facebook would certainly give it more credit if you do, and I certainly will put a lot of my videos directly up onto Facebook as well as putting them into YouTube. So here's the key one, and this is the What is it all about? For me? On that is, are you trying to get more people onto email list? And I think if you can get more email addresses and get more people knowing, liking or following you, then eventually you have the opportunity to turn them into customers. And that is my objective of being completely open with. That is why I have a YouTube channel and that's why I'm trying to grow it, and that's why I'm so passionate about it. So I really would like you to think about why you're doing all this work on YouTube on once you've got your goal and you need to have a specific gold minus, my email is then tailor your calls to action to make sure that they're consistent across your site, and they're all aimed at your goal. So my course traction and at the moment I admit they're not totally consistent is to get people to go and sign up for a lead magnet. I do have a course offers, but I've learned they actually don't convert very well because it's too soon in the know me like we trust me process for people just to find a video and then go buy something from a much better to get them to then take their video experience and maybe get any book or a PdF or something else in return for their email address and then develop that relationship from there. So really key question. What is your goal for your YouTube channel? And I put this video here deliberately because I want you to think about all the hard work that I'm going to share with you after this video in the rest of the course, and I want you to make sure that you're lining that work with the goal that you've now thought through and settled upon. 5. Youtube Growth Hacking Producing Your Video: YouTube growth Hacking, producing your video. This video is all about how you can create the perfect video for uploading to YouTube. Because if you get a lot these things right, YouTube is going to find a much better video to understand and therefore will think it's more relevant when people start looking for what you're searching for. Now the starting point is, once you've identified your topic and you should decide on the topic, you want to teach first. Then what you should do is go into YouTube and go and find some similar but not identical, similar videos covering that the same topic, but perhaps in a different way in order to identify some of your potential competition when you actually launch this video, and it's important to do this first, then what you do is you use a little tool called video I Q. To collect the appropriate tags. Now I'm gonna take a break from the slide deck here and take you over to be like you and show you exactly how you do this on. The good news is you don't need to pay for the premium version. You could do this entirely with the free version. So here's my channel in video I Q. On. What you need to do is go to video. I q dot com on Sign up, Sign up for the free version. But once you've done this and you need to do it in chrome, once you've got it logged in, you leave that open and then you open another tab into YouTube. And in fact, here's my channel. So then what you do is you put in YouTube growth hacking, and then at this point, you select the filters and you want the view count. So you get the videos with the highest view count. Now, you can see that apart from the ad at the top, I've got growth hackers to, and that's a comedy once I'm not gonna bother with that. Um, here we go. YouTube hacks to grow your Growth channel 257,000 views. Um, so if you then open a new tab with that in it now, on the right hand side are poor Sevilla. Because I'm not interested in the video. On the right hand side, you'll see that you get a box with all the tags on the numbers there show which this video , where this video is ranking in YouTube. So for YouTube taxes, ranking number three on all you do is go to this little paper clip button and go click on there, and it says, tags copied. And then, if you jump across to a word document or text document, then all you do is paste it in on. Then you've got the tags you want. Now you'll have to go through those tags and eliminate the ones which are not relevant to what you're doing. But it's the quickest way to get lots of very good tanks, which you'll be able to incorporate later on. It also helps you to see what the titles are that people are using that a ranking well, so YouTube hacks is obviously a key key word. And that's something I'm gonna look at on just as another hint. If you going to see what what else is available, you want YouTube growth YouTube tips to grow your channel, YouTube tips and tricks hacks. And if I put in growth, you see you got growth hacking, growth tutorial growth strategy. So you get these different keywords and you can also use these keywords as tags in your in your video when you posted. So now you've got your tags from video I. Q. The next thing to do is to decide on the title of the video. I've already said when we were in YouTube, you can look to see what other people are doing and come up with some of the key words you need. But in this case, because it's about YouTube, you definitely want YouTube as the first word at the beginning off your title. And that's absolutely vital. So, you know, I've called this YouTube growth hacking, producing your video. I might school it in YouTube, YouTube, growth, hacking, producing your YouTube video, and I get YouTube in there twice. So you've got to be conscious off how YouTube is going to read this and also getting your keywords in correctly. Then, when you produce your video, as I did on this one, say the title in the first line of your video. That's the first thing you say in your video, because YouTube will pick up on this, and it confirms to them what the content is. They've got some pretty clever stuff that allows them to understand this. So just do what I am suggesting, and it will definitely help your video to rank on. Then in the next sentence, to help your viewer give them a couple of short sentences like I did, explaining the content of the off the video on the purpose of this is like anything. If you're teaching something, you tell them what you're gonna tell them, then you tell them and then you tell them what you told them, so it has a double purpose, but it also helps to keep the attention off your audience when you're actually producing that, we're actually getting them to watch the video. And the other hint is to make sure that your title slide has got very large, clear words on it with the title of the video, because it's gonna be rendered as a thumbnail, and you want to make sure it's very easy to read. Now idea White on a black background. You can do it red on a white background, but you need to make sure really stands out. And it's very, very simple and easy to understand. And that's really all you need to do don't do lots of clever draft picks and imaging. Just keep it absolutely dead simple. I always have just my little image and then the title words. So that's it. I hope you got some really good ideas for producing your video on. It's gonna help your videos to rank better in YouTube. 6. Youtube Growth Hacking Producing Your Video 2: YouTube growth. Hacking, producing your video Part two. I want to keep on the theme off the things you can do to make your video absolutely optimized for YouTube on. The first thing to say is make sure you use the wide screen version off the slides when you're setting up your slide deck. So it's the 16 by nine ratio. It's not the four by three ratio, and this is important because that's the same ratio. It's 12 80 by 7 20 pixels. This is the same ratio that that YouTube uses on. Therefore, you won't get any sort of letter boxing or the wrong shape effect when you actually put your video up to YouTube. So that's the first thing. Then make sure like you have in this video. Your slides have a clear, step by step text because you're going to reuse this text in other ways later on, as well as making very easy for YouTube to follow. What's going on make it very easy for the audience to follow. What's going on on this is the former use for all my instructional videos and the things I put up on YouTube. Then I want you to think about how you're going to reuse this text at four slides and image quotes and things, and it's things like taking the whole slide deck over to slide share and sharing it on slide share that has the benefit off, creating all the text for you in a slide share description, which you then copy and paste and going reuse in different things. Or you can actually take groups of this text and create image quotes. And then you can use those in social media all over the place, providing links either back to the video or back to the the lead magnet or whatever it is you want people to do next. So think about what you're writing and how you're writing it with a view to repurpose ing it. Later on, you'll see that I use a similar end slide to the one of the beginning. Now it used to be identical, and if you're familiar with my other videos, you'll see it is. But now I've adapted this to use a version at the beginning, which has got very much larger writing and because I want this to be the automatic thumbnail and I'm using the smaller version at the end. To make that even easier, I've created a three slide template with that format in it. So all I need to do when I create a new video is to change the words on the video. All the formatting is already done, and that's a three side template. It's simply saved his template on DSO. For every video that I'm producing along the in this course or indeed, in this series of videos about YouTube, I'm gonna be able to use that template, and it makes the whole thing very quick to set up the new slide day. Now, if you are producing a video for just for YouTube and not necessarily using it for anything else, then you can have a call to action in it, which you can tie into an annotation when you come to publish your YouTube video. So you need to be thinking about that now. You could put it at the end on, then edited out for a non YouTube video version on. I'll show you how we do that in a moment, but if you are going to use this for other purposes, you can always just edit that out right at the end. If you want tohave a call to action to grow your subscriber numbers than you could also put in a court action at the end, encouraging people to subscribe in pointing to the subscribe button. And of course, this can be removed if you're going to use it for courses. So there's just a couple of thoughts off incorporating course traction, which you come back up with annotations or indeed with cards. And we'll look at cards later on in other videos to do with growth hacking YouTube. But you can use thes uh, these incorporate the course traction in the video and then get people to take action on the screen, which you need to think about it now rather than later. So the last point I want to give you is really going back to the beginning of this whole thing, because when I'm designing this series of videos around YouTube, growth hacking, I actually created the whole thing in a mind map, so I got all my point structured out. Now the mind map enables me to make sure I've got all my thinking straight, but it also effectively creates the SYRIZA videos or the course or whatever going to use the content for and the beauty about mind maps as you can then export it either to a word document or indeed, I've done into a word document another but mind map version and also to a power point presentation. And then all I have to do is copy and paste the words in the PowerPoint presentation. I haven't type everything out again. So again you write it once and then you're repurpose ing or mind map in order to create your video. Siri's So you just have to keep on thinking about how old this stuff links together and you're not repeating yourself all the time. So that's it. YouTube growth hacking, producing your video Part two. I've got some really good ideas from that, and it's going to really improve your videos ranking in YouTube and now you see I right at the end, I put a little call to action, which says, Now, I'd like you to go and click on the link below this video, and you can pick up the lead magnet that might prepare for you their Andi. You'll get even more benefit from my content 7. Youtube Growth Hacking Uploading to Youtube: YouTube growth, hacking up loading to YouTube. Now, before you load your video, I want you to take your slide deck and copy the slide deck both as a PdF and also to copy all the images. And I always select the lower resolution images because you're going to use them for putting things up on the Web on. The reason I do this now is it saves you going back and creating Pdf Slater because you've got the slide deck open. It takes a matter of seconds. So I always do that. And then I close the slide back, and then I turn my attention to the video. So the next thing to do is to make sure that the name of your video is exactly the same as the title off the video you actually want to present on YouTube. So the file name has to be the same as the video title on this also, because it'll then starts to add up. It really helps YouTube to understand that you know, the all these things are connected and it reinforces. It helps the algorithm to have confidence to rank you higher, because it's really getting all these reinforce messages that this is what it's all about. And don't forget, because YouTube can't understand what's happening inside the video. You have to help YouTube with all these pointers to make sure that they know exactly what your video is going to be a little about. So you've named your video file on, then you upload it to YouTube, and that's what I'm gonna do now. So here I am, back in my YouTube channel, and I simply go across to the upload button, which is the top right hand corner Click on upload on. Then I go to my finder folders. Just moved that out the way, and I just literally take the video I'm going to do. And I'm going to send out that we're gonna play the first growth hacking one on. I just drag it on, drop it on to there and then I can shrink this window way. Now, this is going to now take a minute or two to upload, and then we can start to look at what we're gonna do toe optimize it before we publish the video. So we've uploaded the video. Now what do we need to do? Well, The first thing you need to do is to take the title off your video on make sure that your keyword your main key word in this case YouTube is at the front on. Then put that keyword in inverted commerce because it helps toe emphasize the keyword. You only need to do this in the title, but do you do that? And then the next thing you do is you copy the title to the first line of the description. That's going to be the first line of the description. Now I'm gonna look into the description in more detail, but that's the next step to do so. Let me reinforce that you have your keyword that has to be at the front of your title. In this case, it's YouTube growth hacking the keyword. I want to emphasize his YouTube. So I put that in inverted commas, and then I have the rest of the title. In this case, it would be growth hacking, producing your video. Then you put the title into the first line of the description, and that's a simple copy and paste job. OK, but it's absolutely essential that you do these steps on Another little tip is if you have a key word and you have a colon or anything after it, you can see about growth hacking colon. Then in the title, it's better to have a space between hacking and the colon, because otherwise the algorithm will be looking for People are searching for hacking colon , and obviously there won't be many of those. So separate out your keywords from anything that's touching them to make sure there's no confusion in the algorithms. I'm now going to go back into YouTube and just quickly do that in the YouTube upload manager. So here you see, we've got the title here, and I could work on this one. It's up loading. So I'm gonna put YouTube in inverted commas on if I don't have a code on there. But I'm gonna put a coat on in. Just to make it clear, is producing a video on a copy and paste that into the first line off the description I That means that the video type flow, the file name Andi, the description first line all correspond to exactly the same thing. So, having done that, I've now got my video up on YouTube. Now I need to work on finessing the description and everything else to make sure that it's absolutely right, and we're gonna look at that in another video. 8. Youtube Growth Hacking Optimising the Description: YouTube growth hacking, optimizing the description as we've already seen. The first thing you must do is to put the name of your video as the first line of your description. On that is a simple copy and paste job. Then you need to have your call to action or your link to lead magnet or whatever else you're trying to offer so that you have the the action. And it'll show up on the description in the meta description. When people see your video, your course list your video channel listed. Now, you could put in that a call to action to subscribe, and some people do that. I normally put a call to action to download my e book or whatever. The piece of advice I was given recently by Gabby Wallace, who's an expert on YouTube, is that you shouldn't trying to sell anything through this link. You should take them somewhere where you're developing the relationship further on. Direct selling on YouTube does not work particularly well. I'm learning this. I haven't had a huge amount of success trying it on, so I'm very inclined to follow Gabby's good advice. Then you need to put in some description off the contents of the video. Now there a couple of ways of doing this one is to take the script that slide share develops automatically and you could use that. Or you could use the take the description from the contents off your video. So when you create an audio, finally put it through dragon, dictate your get on audiotex. You perhaps use that as your descriptive text toe. Help Google understand what the video is all about in the next line, then have a call to action. And I normally separate these with with dotted lines or processes. Have a court action to subscribe to your channel, and you put a special subscribe link, and I'll look at that in another video. But it's a very simple subscribe link, and it means a little pop up box turns up and you can see what's going on, then have a request to click thumbs up. If people like the video again, another court action and people more people, click thumbs up YouTube. Get a positive by about your video. Then, if you've got social media links, this is the place to put the men, and you just list 45 Social media links encouraging people to subscribe and connect with you if you want to put a contact for business enquiries. I put my email address if people want to get hold of May so that they can get hold of me directly on if this If there are related videos to the video that you're actually publishing like this one, you may choose to put those YouTube links in there to help people find them so that you don't rely on YouTube finding or following on with them automatically. That's just a piece of to show how it also creates back links to those videos. So that's good, Fresh CEO. And then finally, at the end, just put thank you for watching my and then put the title of the video, and that's putting the title in again, which reinforces the S E. O. So that's how I would do it. I've attached a template to this lecture for you so that you can basically work from that template to make your descriptions really easy on. I'm now going to go into YouTube and show you how this is done. In the next video 9. Youtube Growth Hacking Making Use of Audio: YouTube Growth Hacking, making use off audio Now that we've created a few videos about YouTube growth hacking, there's still a lot more we can do to make the most off the content and also to improve our ranking in YouTube and also to drive more traffic to the video. So now we're moving into the ecosystem off how you can start to be purpose, this content to actually really make it work for you. Get some real leverage from it and get some real power multiplies from it on. The first thing we're going to do is strip out the audio. Andi, I'm going to show you how to create a transcript with that audio using dragon dictate on. We're also going to use the audio files for a form off audio Booker, at least tracks that people can download separate from the video, which means that if they want to listen to it on their MP three players, they have a set of it audio slides, audio from piles that they could do that with, and then they can listen to your your whole series of videos on YouTube hacking. But they just have it in MP three format, which is really easy to manage. So the first thing we're gonna do is to get the audio out off the video. And to do that, we need to go across the screen flow. Here we are in screen flow and I've opened up the second video about production and it really couldn't be easier. All you do is you go across to file export on. Then instead of the preset where pie, you just go to lossless audio, decide where you want to send it, which is the farm 72 you just press export and you'll see that the file exports really quickly on. We've now got an MP three file of the audio from this video. Now I've come into dragon dictate on. What I'm going to do is to create a transcription of the audio from the video using dragon dictate. Now it is worth saying that I have trained dragon dictate to my voice, so I should get a reasonably accurate result. So I go to transcription in the tools menu, pick out the video, follow what the audio file I want, which is this one on? Just click open on the transcription will start. There we are. That's the result that actually took three minutes to create that text, which I've now got in this box here. Now I have the option of editing it, but what I'm actually going to do is I'm gonna copy that, I'm gonna save it, and then I'm gonna copy it over to a word document, and I'm going to keep it in its almost literal form because I want it Teoh to use it for close captioning on. Also, to see where else I'm going to utilize it before I start summarizing it in any way. So I take it into a word document, show you to you in the word document, and then I'm going to just tidy it up very briefly without losing any off the literal translated the literal words. I am not going to turn it into a format which is much more written English than spoken English. So here's the document, and you can see I've just got a solid piece off text. But what I'm going to do now is just to break it into sentences and check that the transcription actually makes sense without completely rewriting it. So Here's the text, which I've now worked through, and I can use both in films of putting it possibly into the description. I can possibly put it into an e book. I can then also use it for close captioning. So there's quite a lot you can do, and it's actually quite easy to extract. This information is taking me about 15 minutes to work through it. So there you are. It's as easy as that, too. Strip the audio out off your video file, put it into something dragon dictate or maybe ask of V A to do the transcription on. Then you've got some very useful text, which you can start building with. If you want to turn it into a block post, you may have to tidy it up further. But at least you got the first draft of that broad post in order to knock it into some salient English. And, of course, if you publish a block post with the video embedded and you got this summary below it, then you're beginning to get even more benefit and use out of this content. So that's it for truth. YouTube, growth, hacking, making use of audio. I hope you found those suggestions very helpful 10. Youtube Growth Hacking Optimising the Description and Other Settings: YouTube growth hacking, optimizing the description and other settings. Now I want to take you into YouTube and show you what I'm gonna do, not only to the description, but to the other key settings before you publish your video. So here we are in back in the upload section off YouTube. Andi, you can see where we've left it. The processing is now done, but I don't want to publish it yet. The first thing I want to do is to sort out the description as much as I can at this point . So I'm going to go to my template, which I actually got here. Just copy. Andi, take it across the description and then put it in underneath the video description here. So let's expand this box, which you could do easily by, was pulling the corner down. So I've got my title so I can take out that square bracket. Now. Now what am I gonna put in by way off a leave magnet? Probably something along the lines off. Any book made out of this course or made out of part of this course. But you need to have some sort of lead magnet in there, Andi on you, then put a ah list in there. In fact, I've got a nice little pdf, which I produce from my discussion with Gabby Wallace. So I think I'm gonna put that in there. If you see, if you click on that link, you would actually get across to a pop up box, which you'd have to sign into. And then you get the the league magnet next, the summary of the video. Well, at this point, I am going to leave it in square brackets because I'm going to go and get some more text to put in there. But that's where you put it. I've got my subscribe link in there. Now, the point about this is that if you click on this link, a pop up box actually comes up, and that's really handy. And you can see the URL for that you have to do is put your channel name at the end of that . Then I encourage people to give me a thumbs up. Then I've got my social media links. I might have a space between those. Then I got a contact email IFPI case. People want to reach me on then other videos in this Siri's. I'm gonna take that out for the moment, but I might will come back and put it in. But that's where it goes if you want to include it. And then I'm gonna put thank you for watching my and I'm gonna put the title back at the end off them. So that's as much as I could do on the description. At this point on. Did you see a lot changes have been saved is picking up the same changes as I go. Now I want to turn my attention to tags. You can see I've got my default tags in there. But I want different tags at the front. So I'm going, She gonna take these out. And, of course, the first tag I want to put in because if my keyword is you is YouTube, then I'm going to go look at the tags that I copied from the relevant videos. You remember I took you into bed. I Q and we were copying tags and I'm gonna gun put together a selection of those to bring into this description so that I've got a set of ready made tags. Don't forget. You could also search and use the search box to suggest keywords, which you could put into your tags as well. Okay, so now I've put together that list and I'm gonna just paste them in, and you can see I've got a range off them. The next step I want to give you is you should make up a tag which is unique to you. I use six minutes. Strategist six m s academy On. By putting this in every single one of your videos tags, it will increase the likelihood that YouTube will present your videos on the right hand side has suggested further videos toe watch. So it's a really hot tip. And the all you have to do is use this one unique tag, which goes in all your tag descriptions. I'm just going to see if there's anything else I confined up in the search box. So I'm just going to go YouTube growth. And don't forget you put a comma to separate these tanks. And if I put YouTube hacking, what do I get? Ah, if you hacks YouTube hack subscribers, that's quite a nice one. YouTube hack views will put those in So YouTube hack subscribers, you tube views living addled it for the tanks. So the next thing I'm going to do is to switch the video from private to public and you'll see a box comes up on the message. I'm ghetto ad is going to be the contents off the description. But your note I've also got Google Plus and Twitter hooked up, so I'm gonna link to those so they'll send out an announcement of the video. I'm gonna add it to a playlist. Andi, have I got a playlist? Let's put under promotional videos because this will tie back to a course somewhere. So put it in there. Now let's go look at the thumbnails and you'll see that the three suggested thumbnails don't actually pick up the one from the beginning, which is the one I want. And this is why I created the images and I'm going to go find that image off the the front slide and put that is the customized thumbnail so that that's up bloated and you can see the difference in the size off the lettering on why the that larger lettering is gonna be so much more effective as a thumb now. So all I need to do now is to add the summary off the video. So I need to go and get some text for that. So what I've done now is gone and loaded this slide deck into slide share and it's given me the text of all the slides. And all I've done here now is to cut these out. And then I just going to say in this video, Discover And then I've put the key points. Now that's going to give, uh, YouTube. Quite a lot of information about what's in the video on DSO. Now we are ready to publish the video, and I now want to take the whole of this title bit from here. I put into the message, and now everybody who subscribes to my channel will get a message about this video. So they are those of the key settings you need to get right before you publish your video, and your video has now got all the information it could possibly have to help it to rank well in YouTube from the get go. So I hope you found this helpful, and we'll keep progressing now to see how else we can hack YouTube or growth hack YouTube because we're not doing anything black cat here to make your channel even more successful. 11. Youtube Growth Hacking Close Captioning: YouTube growth hacking closed captioning. Now I want to take a look it using the script that we created from Dragon Dictate to add close captioning to our YouTube video. Now, why would we want to do this? Well, it's very simple. It really gives you to YouTube a lot of information about what is going on in the video. So it helps them to understand even mawr about your video. But there's also the additional benefit that it shows YouTube, that you're serious about this video and you're making a real effort to it. So I'm sure you get some credit in the algorithm. So now I'm gonna take you over to the YouTube, will open up the video we uploaded earlier on. We're gonna add close captioning to it. But here's my script of this video. So I was gonna copy it down because you need a particular to file type. Don't go for that. But if you're going to transcribe and auto sync on, then it wear the boxes type What spoken here. You just copy the transcript in there on, then click on set timings and you'll see that the video will work through and it will synchronize the script that we've entered to the timings on the video, and it's pretty good at doing that. Those are processed. All you have to do is publish them, and now you can see there's a little box down here. So if I go back to the video and open it up in another tab and then play it with the captions on, you can see that it comes up Andi. Although you can't hear the audio, you can see that it picks up the text. Really, interestingly, a very easily and follows along with the timing is really quite well, and that is all done automatically, which makes it really, really efficient. So, as you can see, it's a simple is that to add close captioning to your video on this really will help your video in terms off its ranking. It obviously helps people who need close captioning, but also it's providing YouTube with a lot more written detail about what's in the video, and that's a very good thing 12. Youtube Growth Hacking Adding Annotations: YouTube growth hacking, adding annotations now to add annotations, which could be very useful. There are a couple of things you need to be aware off First, to start with your account must be in good standing with you to me or they turn this off. That's not difficult. Just don't mess up. Secondly, you can only link if you're gonna link out to verified accounts and you need to see how to do that. It basically involves taking some HTML from YouTube and pasting in the head of section off your website on that proves to you on YouTube. But you've actually got control over that website and therefore you can verify it. If you find this a little bit complicated, then check with your technician or your Web master to get that done for you. You then need to go into video manager and turn annotations on on. Once you've done that, you're good to go. You're ready to set. Now I'm going to show you how you create an annotation on. The whole purpose of this is that enables you to have a little pop up that comes up in your video, which can have a link to it or may bring attention to something. But it makes the video experience more interactive for the user on the watchers. So let's go and take a look at how you do this in YouTube. Here I am, back in the video manager on I go up to annotations and click on annotations. Now, the thing I like using annotations for is to try to drive subscribers. And so what I'm doing is going to take this timeline across to about the 32nd 32nd point. So quite early on and then I click on add annotation and then note and then I type in the books here, something to the effect off. Please subscribe to my channel, but I've got something ready to cut and paste. So we're just going Get that here. I just paste this into this box. Now I need a little bit sorting out of the size. So I was gonna drag this over. I'm gonna increase the size of the font so this will pop up on. I could change how long it stays open. Four. Down here. Now there's no link, but I just then press save on. I've got annotation If I want to add a link, I can click it on there. But all I'm trying to do with this annotation is to get them to click on my subscribe button, which sits in the top right hand corner, and you can see you can add a note. You can add a title spotlight where label says on a speech bubble, so things you can play around with their. But I'm sure you get the basic idea, and it's dead easy to do. But if you're trying to grow your subscribers, this is a really important way to do it. Now we can go and see how that looks when we actually run the video. So now when somebody's watching the video, we wait till it gets to the 34 2nd point on There is Theano Station, which has popped up now. Another thing I could add to that is the link. So there we are. That is how you add an annotation to your video, and it's very useful because you can incorporate 1/4 action, which is on top of your video on get ideally a subscription or get some other court action that you want carried out by the viewer. Whilst Esther engaged with your video 13. Youtube Growth Hacking Youtube Cards: YouTube growth hacking YouTube cards Let's take a look now at what we can do with cards to again. Make the experience off our viewer more interactive and to get them to take some action. Now there are different types of cards. They're channel cards, donation cards, fan funding cards, linked cards, poll cards on video or playlist cards. Bear in mind that depending on the standing of your accounts, things like donation and fan funding may not be enabled. But in this particular instance, I just want to take a look at link cards and show you a specific thing you can do that can help you grow your email list on. What we're gonna do is we're gonna set up on link to an e book, which is then linked to an opt in, which will then get your viewer to click on that and go and opt in to get the free e book. So let's go across to YouTube and take a look how we do that. So now we're back in the video manager and you're familiar with the layout. So now we click on cards and go and have a look at cards and again. You need to set the timeline to where you want to do. And I'm gonna put the first card in at around a minute. So I then click on add card. I want to add a link card, so I click on that. Now, I have the website approved and you can see that some I've done before I'm going to send them over to a um I think instead into e book on my account on. I need to go and get the link for that. So I'm gonna go and do that. I'm not going to paste this link into here, and then I simply click on next and it will go Have look, because I've done it before. I've actually got the images, and that's the image of the e book I want to use. So click on that on. I'm gonna put it here and say free. You too May training You did me secrets revealed. I want to have a download to free e book court action and a teaser. And again, I'm gonna have free you to me training in that. And then I simply click on create card and I've got my card in there. Now, if I want to have another one a little bit further along, we'll have another one. They're showing Get ad card link. Put the same Lincoln on its there. The site is automatically going to be picked up. We'll make sure that it's through this Ilham around, never get. And then we go next on, then free you to be a training. I want the download. Court of action. I want the ti za, uh, change the image that go create card on. So as somebody's watching this, they will see this card come up. Now, what I'm gonna do is got the change is saved we're getting and take a look and see what happens when we actually watch the video. As you can see, there's an eye up there already and hasn't even come up. And if people click on that, then they get the information about the cards that are available Now if I continue the video and now you see it says free, you know me training and I got a attempt so I can click on that. And then I click on that on it goes across on. There you are it takes you to my opt in and they can get the book. So if they're interested in that, then I've got their attention. They've got the teaser. It's not too intrusive, intrusive, but there's a good chance they may well, then subscribe to my list by getting the free e book. So it's very simple to set up, and you can set up up to five cards per video. I wouldn't bombard them with them, but you cause you can see you can have different cards. It doesn't have to be all the same. One on that can be a very good way off. You know, continuing Teoh Use YouTube to grow your list and to develop the relationship you have with your viewer and hopefully at some point turn them into a customer. 14. Youtube Growth Hacking Easy Way to Get All Your Youtube Video URLS: YouTube growth hacking on easy way to get all your YouTube video. You URLs. Now, I brought this video in here because if you're gonna have to go through a lot of your videos on edit them, it can be a bit clunky in just to do it in video manager in YouTube. So what I suggest you do is you set up a little spreadsheet on. Do you, um, get all your you you are else of your videos on, Then just go through one by one on. Then you can make all the changes amendments to your historic videos you want to do. But going through one by one to collect the are hours can be a real pain in the neck. So I'd like to show you a very easy way to get all your video You URLs very quickly. And you start by doing this in Firefox. That the adult I'm going to tell you about does working Cremins? If I But I didn't have a love of success making it work for this particular function. But it definitely works in Firefox, so just install firebox is completely free. And then go and get the add on, which is called Copy you, RL's expert on in case you needed there's thief. Full link to the add ons for the Firefox site on. That's the expert. Now, what this allows you to do is to highlight and copy all your euros and then paste them into a document or into a spreadsheet on what I'd like to do is just show you how easy that is to do once the add on is installed. Okay, so here we are in my YouTube channel on we're on the video page. But as you can see, not all the videos are showing up. So I need to click on the load More button on more videos, load on my click again on more videos, load on, I click again and they keep loading. Now, depending on how many videos you've got, obviously you need to make sure you've got them all. And I click again and I'm getting that on there. That's all the videos. So then what you do is you go back to the top and knew you highlight and just scroll down and make sure you what all of these highlighted. So I've got them away including the last one highlighted, then you right click or if you're on a Mac control click and you can see it says Copy, euros expert. And if you give across, you select you URLs in selection. So just do that. And now, if I go to just to show you, it works. If I go to a clean note pad and I could go paste or control V, there are all the girls at a stroke from my YouTube channel on I can pace thes now into a spreadsheet on. Then I can start working on them, and, as you see, that's taken me literally about 30 seconds to do, and it'll save you hours of work. If you've got to go through a lot of your videos on, do some editing on them. So there you are a really neat little hack to show you how easy it is for you to pick up your video you earl so that you can get them into the spreadsheet on. Then you can start doing any editing work to go back and bring your videos up to the standard that you want. With all the things I've shared with you in this course, 15. Youtube Growth Hacking Summary and Wrap Up: YouTube growth hacking summary and wrap up Well, firstly, obey warm. Congratulations on completing the course. I hope you found everything I've put into it with this very specific objective. Helpful. Andi has taken your long way forward to really optimizing your YouTube videos. And remember, there was a very specific objected to this course, which is to optimize your YouTube videos to make sure that you get absolutely everything you possibly can out of all the hard work that you put into making the video in the first place. Because there's no point in doing on this hard work to make the video on, then just sticking it up on YouTube without getting it optimized to make sure you get the best return you possibly can in terms of views from your audience. And remember, your channel has to have a goal, and that goal, in my view, should be growing. Your email is, but whatever you decide, it should be. Then I hope you can use what you discovered in this course to achieve your goal by getting more views to your videos. Now, your court I started you off at the beginning of this course with a 13 question quiz on. Really, The question I would ask you now is, how do you think you would score on that quiz? Having been through the course? Well, I hope the answer is going to be 100% because every question in that quiz was aimed at one of the problems I've solved for you in this course. So let's just take a quick look at what we covered. I took you through the production optimization to make sure that when you're making your video, you actually do all the things right that YouTube will want and that you can benefit from once you get the video up on YouTube because it's too late to do it afterwards. Then I took you through the right way toe, upload your YouTube video and again, nothing very simply and so nothing very complicated. But by just getting the simple things right, First time, then you're going to give yourself an advantage. You can't, for instance, go back and change the earl of your video once it's up there because of the name of your video, so you need to pre sort that out. Then I showed you how to optimize your video description and how important that was. And then from there, I showed you all the other key settings on that upload page to make sure you got those sorted. And it's really important that you do get those done before you publish your video. Then I showed you how you could create a transcript on how you could then use that for close capturing, which is a really clever technique and very easy to do if you know what you're doing. I also showed you how to use annotations and cards to get your audience to take the action you want them to take, and that's aligned to the goal you have for your channel. And then, finally, that little bonus Hackett the end just to show you how easy it is to get all your video, you are l so that when you start going back through them, you can actually find all your you are. You are else for your videos very easily, because it's not always easy to do in YouTube. So my name is John Colley. My email address is Jonah JB de Cali dot com. I am here to help. I'm very happy to take questions from you to answer discussions, send me messages through the messaging system. Whatever you want to do. I'm here to help you further with your questions about your social media marketing and about your you to optimization in particular. It's been a great pleasure working with you. I really hope you've enjoyed the course on I very much look forward to welcoming me, welcoming you into another one of my courses in the very near future. 16. Youtube Growth Hacking Practical Exercise: Okay, Now you've got this far into the course. I want to talk to you about how you're going to have a go at optimizing one off your YouTube videos. So simply create a fairly simple video. One or two minutes doesn't have to be anything complicated, but started the beginning of the process that I've talked you through. In this course on, I want you to go step by step. I follow the process. Andi, actually just practice creating or video the right way up loading or the video the right way, optimizing all the settings. And then you can put in the cards and the annotations and maybe even create a transcript and add it to the close caption. So just have a go at putting everything together. And then once you've done that and you've got your own video optimized as much as you can for YouTube, then you can go back to your existing videos and do the same for them Now. Obviously, you won't be able to change the name of the file that you had bloated and things like that . But do try and get all the settings right on the edit page. Do look at adding annotations and cards and consider adding close captions, but it's gonna be very time consuming. So it may not be something on the 80 20 rule basis that you think is necessarily going to be a big help, except for maybe some of your really more popular videos. So that's my recommendation that you actually have a go at this. You put this into practice now, while it's all fresh in your mind, and that will help you to really embed the lessons that I've been sharing with you, to make sure that you really understand what needs to be done. Of course, if you have any questions or you're struggling with anything, they just reach out. Contact me in the summary. Let's you'll find all my contact information but its reach out through the discussions or the messaging, and I'm here to help