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Youtube Affiliate Marketing Made Easy – 3 Simple Steps To Succeed On Youtube

teacher avatar John Dicen, To teach is to touch lives forever

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Tools

    • 3. Main Training - Part 1

    • 4. Main Training - Part 2

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About This Class


Hello My Name is John Dicen and Welcome to this class “Youtube Affiliate Marketing Made Easy – 3 Simple Steps To Succeed On Youtube". I made this class because a lot of people are asking me in private on how to do affiliate marketing with youtube easily even if you are a complete newbie and so I made this class. In this class, I will be teaching how to effectively and effeciently do affiliate marketing with Youtube which involves: The proper tools to succeed, how to find hot affiliate offers, how to do keyword research easily, how to create videos that hungry buyers are looking for and On page and offpage seo. This class is not for all but the ones who are doing it with youtube are killing it and made a living out of it. This class is straight forward and easy.

So if you are ready to get started, click the enroll button now and see you in the main training videos.


Meet Your Teacher

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John Dicen

To teach is to touch lives forever


Hi, I am John Dicen and I am Glad to be connected with you here on Skillshare.

I have been a Graphic Designer and an internet Marketer for almost 8 years now. I specialized in Creating Passive Income Strategies Online.

My goal is to share my knowledge by teaching people here on skillshare. I pride myself helping others creating simple, scalable and sustainable online income streams.


John Dicen

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is John Decent and welcome to this class. YouTube affiliate Marketing made PC three simple steps to succeed on YouTube. I made this class because a lot of people are asking me in private on how to do a great marketing with YouTube easily, even if you are a complete newbie. And so I made this class and this last, I'll be teaching you how to effectively and efficiently do affiliate marketing with YouTube , which involves the proper tools to succeed. How to find Hot affiliate Offers. How to do keyword research easily how the great videos that hungry buyers are looking for and on page and off Page Seo This class is not for all but the ones who are doing it with YouTube are killing it and made a living out of fit. This class is straightforward and easy, so if you're ready to get started in this class clique General Butter Now and see in the main training videos by 2. The Tools: Hello. My name is John Deason, and welcome to this class. YouTube affiliate Marketing made easy three steps to succeed on YouTube. Now we'll come back to this glass case. So in this part of a class, I'm going to discuss to you the whole process K. So the process here is we create videos, gay videos that are less competitive, gay. So what will be doing is ah, we will create review videos of a product which is about, ah, to read about release. Okay. And I'm sharing with you. The site gave the site where we exactly Ah, we are where we can exactly find these products that are less competitive. That's why it's a new product. But there are tons off hungry buyers from it because ah, these launching products cape Ah, there are tons off people looking for reviews. So we need to get ah, a slice of the pie case. It is a new K, a new product. So it's very easy to rank and at the same time very easy to create. This video's OK, So the second ah thing we're going to do in this part of class is the tools K. So We need toast in orderto start with this, um, affiliate marketing Gay. So the tools that we're going to need is first, we're going to need a camp. Um, screen recorder. Okay. Ah, you can also use camera, but this is optional. Okay, But ah, the things that we're going to need we're going to need gay. The primary things that we're going to need. It's a ah, screen recorder and a ah microphone. Okay, so ah, I have here for you. Ah, the 1st 1 is Come, Tasia on this is really Ah, cool. Um, screen 1/4 gay. But the pricing here is a little bit higher. Okay, But its ah, one time payment. It's a single user license off $199 you can upgrade to $99 if you want to. So this is also has Stansell features you can create. Ah, um let let's say YouTube Intro videos k. You can create a lot using computation. The 2nd 1 is a lot cheaper. Which is you can, ah, great unlimited videos with no other mark for just $15 per year. Gay When discord The screen cast o Matic and you can even start recording using their site for 15 minutes. And it just also for free. And you can also go for pro. Okay, which is $15 per year gay for every single license. So the next thing is microphones. So we have your cheap microphones. But the quality is really great and I am even using one off it. Okay, so the 1st 1 is blue Yeti. Okay. Ah, you can find this in Amazon. It's $129. But this all depends on your country. The 2nd 1 is blue Snoble. It's a lot cheaper. It's $69 here in Amazon. And the 3rd 1 that I am using is some 71 you pro. Ah, the prices in between. Ah, in between blue Snoble and Blue Yeti Gay which is Ah, really great microphone because it has a noise cancellation feature and this is God can also be used for other projects May be your ah teacher online. Okay, you can use this or for your Skype so you can use these microphones. But anyway Ah, this will be used for our of eight marketing in youtube. So this articles and again the process is recreate review videos. Hey, and we'll make this review videos okay, Easily. Okay, I will give you the ah, the waste to crane it. Okay. And also OK in the next video. Ah, we're going to show you this is the site where you can actually find lots of products that are launching. Okay. And it's less competitive since its launching gay and seeing the next video, but 3. Main Training - Part 1: Hello. My name is John Deason. And welcome back to this class. YouTube affiliate marketing made easy three simple steps to succeed on YouTube. Okay, So, like I've sent in this ah, part of her class, we're going to, Ah, fine products that we can actually promote and ah, we can get them for free. Since in the previous video, I'm discussing through that, we're going to create review videos for YouTube and, as promised, this are less competitive. Okay, Because it's a logic product, and there are tons of people looking for product reviews. That's why we will be creating product reviews. Gay. So before we can create product reviews, we also need products gay. And the thing is, we're going also toe promote them. So first thing first is we're going to find a product here. Okay, which is launching, and at the same time, I'm going to show you how to ask this products for free so we can review it. Okay, so, um, I'm also going to give you some tips here. Okay. What products are easily converting. Hey, so I am here at Munch I at dot com, and if you're not familiar with much I for much. I is a place where you can find pounds off launching products again. This is a famous launch board, okay? And there are also alternatives to this one. But for me, this is the best thing because there are tons off people promoting it here. Okay. And these people are actually ah, posting it here because there are also turns off affiliate marketers who are looking for products to promote new launching products. Gay. But ah, the best thing here is there are, ah, less competitive K because these are just launching products. Okay, so the start off. Ah, there are two launches here. Big launches and all. Lunch is so big. Lunches are from reputable vendors. Okay. Ah, they have successful launches in the previous. That's why there are, uh, place here in the big launches. Okay. And all unjust are mixed with regular launches and big lunches gain. So the products were going to find our products from between $7 to $17. Hey, like this $17. This products K. Why $7? Because, ah, this can easily convert its on. It's not threatening price. It's not a threatening price. People can easily buy it for $7. Plus, they're guaranteed for a 30 day money back guarantee, which is really, really awesome Gay if they're not satisfied. So you can find lots of products here, like this one from Lee Marie. Breakfast in bed, $7 at the 100% commission skate. So these people are earning in their funnel. Okay, that's why there are giving their front. And so these are there front and $7. But still you can earn at the final, because who are once you sign up gay? Ah, you be signed up to the whole funnel. That's why this is really cool. And we are also here, traffic Titan. And by the way, ah, you can see here. Which platform? There lunching it. So it's J visits from JB's. Okay. Can also click that one. You can see that there are ah, name Davis, who? This one is from warrior Plus. This one is from infusion soft. Um, there are also quick bank products year. Okay, Sam card. And this one is your Ah, I'm pretty sure you're familiar. It's from Click Bank and very the way that's Ah, that's how you can see which platform the are lunching it and make sure you have an account from that platform because you cannot actually ah, join this without ah joining that platform. Like, say, if JV zoo there are launching from Xavi JV zoo, you need to have an account from J. Viso. It's if it is from warrior flat plants. You need to have ah, on account for Warrior plus plus and so on. Okay, so this is a really cool place, and beside it is the date word they're launching. So basically, this is for 2016. Okay, all here are dated for 2016. Okay, so Ah, this is from December 5. Jamie Lewis K ah. $17 Ultimate Bonner plug in, Which is really cool. Breakfast in bed in bed, $7.100 percent. So let's try to click this one, By the way. Ah, when you promote products, make sure it's beyond the date you are in. So let's say this is December 5. Make sure you're promoting products from December a 10 day, so you will be prepared. Ah, because you need to create videos. Okay. You need to upload it. That's why. Ah, Make sure it is beyond the date you are in gay. So for just one day, this is the JV ph, which is not yet introduced. Okay, let's try to find another one. Uh huh. Let's try to find products that are 17 $7 to $17. But anyway, if you can easily promote products, if you have already a list, you can actually promote that. Okay, let's try to click this one. Okay. Ah, JB Page. Make sure they have a JB peach. So you get the information off what it contains, okay, there also writing it here. So the best thing about JV pages is is that it gives you all the information you need about the product and the funnel on how much you can earn. Say, in the front end, you can learn from $7 to $12. Ah, 100% and funnel. The one time offer is $17. And if that product the owner doesn't buy, you will go to the download. Don't sell it mean $12. So you can probably earn around $60 here if he goes to the hole funnel. Okay. So if you can win and feel it contests, you can be in a $500 so on. On this, our sound top affiliates were actually promoting this one. So once you have that, you can actually contact them. OK, you can say that you are promoting their product through YouTube by giving ah review. Okay, so they are also saying here a review Copy if you have 50 plus sales as an affiliate on Warrior Plus or JV zoo, feel free to contact me if you need review access, custom bonuses, custom. Anything else to make your poem even more successful so you can actually contact them? Okay. Even though you don't have any 50 seals, you can contact them. Gay. Um, make sure you are legit on, um me. Ah, on Just introduce yourself a respectfully respect them every decision. So if they won't allow you just get another product for you three view and that's it. Okay. So, Ah, once you have chosen your product, all you have to do is get a fillip clean, get the review product and review it, okay? And make sure you prepare it, okay? Because in the next video, I'm going to share with you how to create this video's ah, the keywords that you need actually need and the actual Okay, ah, links gay back links where you can get a lot of back Ling's because these air really useful when you create this video, So see you in the next video by. 4. Main Training - Part 2: Hello. My name is John Deason. And welcome back to this class. You to affiliate marketing made easy three simple steps to succeed on YouTube. First of all, I would like to thank you for coming this part of our close, it really appreciated. Okay, So this part of cuss I'm going to show you the whole process now, Okay? Okay. And the keywords that you actually need the bathrooms that you need and where to find them and how to create this. Ah, product reviews, K. So I am here at YouTube that come okay? And I'm sure you're familiar with YouTube. Since this is the blood forward be going to do you feed marketing. Okay, so when you create this product reviews okay, you can basically basically find tons off reviews from Munch I gay, and you can research it like the product that we're going to review this traffic titan. If you don't know how to create review, you can Actually, the first thing you're going to do is to introduce the product A and through this, the product. What is it about K and ah, He said the WordPress plug in. Is it a software? It is So this is a ah course. Okay. Is it about the method A and the pro SK. So when you do ah, pro skate emphasize it. Give more details about the pros because ah, this is really important toe convert our viewers into buyers. No, this the third thing is con skay. This are ah, you give negatives so you can say this is not an overnight success program. You can say something like that so you can give five pros and three cons. Okay, So Ah, the thing. Ah, why? We need constant gate? Because we're doing reviews. K not selling. Okay, it's Ah. If you're giving emphasis on Lee the pros and you don't give any Collins, you're actually selling, okay? It's more of a height rather than giving a review case. That's why we need concerts. Well, and your call to action gay can see ah below the link. Gay is the your affiliate link can get commissions and lastly, you can say bonuses so ah, you can get commissions. But still you get this Count K can give them discounts like returning some off their pay dollars. And you can also give your bonuses. Don't worry about bonuses. There are tons. Appeal are products where you can give them OK, so don't worry about bonuses, so you can give Ah 5 to 10 bones says if you like. Okay, so ah, so if you don't get an idea, you can actually get a lot of ideas. Search another product like, Ah, go to Manchuria. But let's say dates from October and you can find products there and tried to search. Kate tried to search for reviews and just absurd how they grade their reviews. But that is the thing for reviews. Introduced a product. Give pros, cons. Call to action and your bones is so That's basically how you get it. Okay, so when we talk about keywords, there are three key words here. Gay. You can say traffic. I don't Bono's traffic tight on review and traffic titans camp case. So the started three important keywords you can also add, like the product owner or the download. But it's really important to say, Bonus Review and Scott So product, plus the keyword like review product less camp product, less bonus K can say something like that. Okay, so that's the key words. That's how keywords when you're doing a review, it's really simple. The next thing here is OK, is your keywords inside Gay on page as e O. Hey, Phil, re goto off Page Seo So when you do keywords okay, you asked for the title. So obviously the title is product plus review product less bonus less camp gay. You can crate three videos if you want. And the description kid, in the description, you can add 2 to 3 cures and for tax, you can add your keyword a swell. Okay, so in the description Ah, that's really the part where you also give your, ah link a the link for your affiliate site or to your review if you have ah, writing review. Okay, you have written It can also bring them there. But I highly suggest you you bring them that directed to the product page Gaia, Philip Age. And make sure you are using a cloak A. You can use your you can buy a domain from named Chip K named Chip that comets very cheap. Hey, it's $10 per year again. Actually, redirect do mean direct to the village site. Or you can use, um pretty links WordPress plug in its Ah, it's a free plug in where you can actually ah, redirect a lot off. Ah, filleted sites K. So you can use that Britta links plug in or ah, by a domain and redirected. Tow it to the your affiliate page site. So that's it, guys. That's the whole process. Ah, review the great A review video on a title, your bonus come or review and the description. Make sure it's optimized. Toto. Tricky words. Make sure it has 2 to 3 key words. Okay, you can use product for booze. Trouble depends on how you actually put. Can't hire copywriters on this one or you can absurd off served other videos. Skate observed how they put their ah key words, but make sure to victory cures only a highly suggest Toto Three keywords. So the next thing is, ah, back links K. So we need to do off page as ill as well. So in back links, you can actually go for, um and Joan marketing. Did you tell marketing? Sorry. You can find a lot off a lot of providers here. You can use this one. Okay. So make sure they have good reviews. Okay. Make sure they have good Regis like this one. Um, this is really important. And you can actually contact this person. How? Uh, How you can get your side. And actually, aside from ranking from YouTube, you can also rank your site here K in Google. And don't worry about ranking because, ah, this key words are really less competitive because it's lunching, k. Nobody's promoting it yet. Or maybe there are promoting people promoting their 23 or even then, which can actually rank in the first pitch, which is the main goal here. So you need a CEO for that K and the best places fiver. Hey! And this one has 32 reviews, which you can pay $5 for that video on Lee. So contact them can contact this person's here and asked them how your videos can rank. Okay, so that's basically so that's how you can do affiliate marketing with YouTube. So this is John decent again. And please don't forget to leave a positive review. It's really helpful. And that's it for now, guys, that's how you do affiliate marketing with YouTube. Ah, do. By doing reviews. Hey, So this is John decent again. And bye for now.