You're Probably Doing Competitor Analysis Wrongly: ECommerce SEO 2016 | Arun Nagarathanam ✪ | Skillshare

You're Probably Doing Competitor Analysis Wrongly: ECommerce SEO 2016

Arun Nagarathanam ✪, SEO | Web Developer | Designer

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3 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction to Competitor Analysis SEO 2016

    • How to Finalize Who is Your Competitor?

    • How to Choose Your First Competitor Manually


About This Class

Welcome to my new class on You're Probably Doing Competitor Analysis Wrongly: ECommerce SEO 2016

Starting up an online business is not so difficult task, but achieving success i.e., getting more customers and sales is not so easy.

There are 2 ways to achieve that. Either you can lay down your own road to success or travel in someone else road and overtake him. This class talks about the second way, why?

Because, if you choose the second way,

You won’t have the so called ‘starting trouble’

You can easily find out your exact path from beginning to the end, right from scratch

You can follow it exactly as your competitor has done and still you can fine tune it, avoid the mistakes your competitor has done, turn their weakness into your strengths and overtake them.

The concept seems attractive, but you’re confused, how to implement it! Right?

Don’t worry. In this class you’ll learn to derive the following:

  • Who is your competitor
  • Why and how to find an inspiring competitor manually
  • The organized and fastest growth process

This class is designed for ECommerce Store / website owners.





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Arun Nagarathanam ✪

SEO | Web Developer | Designer

Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 50000 top entrepreneurs across 180 countries. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, B...

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