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Your own Short-Movie Script in 3 steps!

teacher avatar Laura De los Santos, "One day or day one. You decide."

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class 1 - A strong character

    • 3. Class 2 - Antagonists and conflict

    • 4. Class 3 - Movie script

    • 5. Final

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About This Class

Within three simple steps (Yeah, you read correctly - THREE SIMPLE STEPS) you'll end up with a short-movie script of your own!

You don't need to know how to write for movies (I'll teach you)

You don't need to be a writer at all!

You don't need to have a previous idea (We'll catch that together)

The only thing you need is something to write on and follow instructions for a little while.

Don't believe it can be possible? Try me!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laura De los Santos

"One day or day one. You decide."


I'm a Screenwriter, a Script Doctor and a Teacher.

I am the author of the book: 'Around the script in 80 secrets'.

I'm the writer of the award-winning movie 'A Journey Through Pines'.

I'm a huge fan of horses, literature, movies and decoupage.

Life is just too good! =D

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1. Intro: Yeah. Welcome to Introduction off the course, right? You're on short movie script in three steps. So let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Stella Little Sentence. I'm from one side of Argentina. I'm a huge fund off literature, horses on movies. I have a bachelor heart in filmmaking with orientation in screenwriting. I'm actually finishing my master's in education, languages and media with Better station in trance Furious storytelling. I am the author off this book, which is in Spanish costarred magnetic speaking language. It's a book about screenwriting. It sold out in two months, so I put it online for free in the Internet. If you happen to speak Spanish, you can google it. If not, you have to be patient because I'm actually working on its translation. In this course, I would show you how to go from this to this. You will learn how to write the story and then making moving with it. I know it might sound difficult at first, but I wouldnt guide you step by step and you will have a story off your own in no more than 20 minutes. So I enrolled in this course and we would see each other in that experience 2. Class 1 - A strong character: Welcome to the first class off the course, right? Your own short movie script interests that in this class we will see how to give birth to a character. Here we can see John. It'd because many roads. This is a good example to see how one single actor can incarnate so different for settle characters. All of them were built by writers on Today I will show you how to create one of your own to greater character. We have to consider some fundamental items off course the more you are deported character, but this one must be considered. Let's see gender age. So it has started family, profession, hobby, drink, fear, strength witnesses. I'm going to be the random character by choosing one or two examples off pitch. And then I'm going to create an example story through the course so you can see how we see this if you want you contraception from here to. But I recommend that you think off some others, especially if they relate to something you're familiar with. That way, you'll find each year to create your character. Let's in my choices. He's made 22 years old, he's homeless. He has a live parents. He's an engineer. He likes, really. He drinks off swimming with dolphins. He fear to die alone. Hey guys! And funny on his witness. Is that his Peter? To become more familiar with my character And considering that this will be a movie, we have to start thinking visually on. The best way to the song is to look for images from them, too. This is my case. The 1st 1 with the dough is interesting because my character, like animals, remember he went to swim with dolphins on. Also, he's kind, the love for animals. It's a good way to show their characters kind. I also find interesting they went with the latter. It brings questions to my head. How is that possible? What is the homeless during with a computer? But since I know that my characters engineer, stop that crazy right, But you can see images of your character will give you a new idea. So to consider, thanks that make nice. In my case, 22 homeless and engineer. No way. You got to let those things be. In order to start the creative process, you have to think outside the box. It's a good thing that drinks and witnesses supposed in my case, for example, he's funny, but he's also better. It means that the territory stepped on in constant, which is good because he has changed in of the story. The more dream fears drink from witnesses, you give your character the better. It doesn't matter if you don't use them all. In the end, I'm probably not going to use my character dreams off, swimming with pulsing because the 22 year old homeless engineer stuff called my attention. So for the next class, build your character. Considering all the items, remember to think outside the box underlined the things that make noise or seem impossible . Search the Internet for images to get facial idea and post your character in the process Calorie if you want, so we can work on it together. In the next class, you will learn about antagonist Under circles off Tuchman, you will learn the definition of conflict Understory generation Remember, Faith just means first attempted learning. Don't give up. See you in the next lecture 3. Class 2 - Antagonists and conflict: Hi there. Welcome to the second class. The course, right, You're on George movie script. Interested in this class you learn about on Cecconi on circles, off attachment, the definition of conflict, understory generation, worried antagonists. Some tightness is everything that keeps the protagonist from accomplishing his goal. The examples of this convey a psychological physical disabilities, given Mrs fears family, neighbors, animals but friends, bosses. Russia was earthquakes, pandemics, England's you get the picture. Let's have a look at the circle's off attachment. Here we have a character. The first circle of attachment involves all the journal things, the ones that belonged to the character. We could have psychological issues like bad temper or a trauma from infancy. In other words, the things that are affected his mind. Here we also have his physical problems allergies, eggs, diseases and so on. Remember that these arrows, but things because we are defining antagonists. Then we have the second circle of attachment, the external but close one, the things that don't belong to the character, but affecting somehow his family, his friends, his neighbor Again, we have to think of them as they once that with put obstacles in our characters but they don't have to be particularly me. For example, a friend can given a five from the heart and it can be a completeness. Take. Finally, we have the third circle of attachments, the most external off our our character has no control Open. This can be government, police, aliens, catastrophes, etcetera. All this antagonists will attack our character in every way possible. They must have an influence on the actions and feelings off our poor hero. His journey has to be difficult to be interesting. Open. Let's in my second. They are based in my protagonist. Remember the homeless engineer, 22 year old guy, The first circle East that he speeder. The second circle are his parents. On the third circle is that he's homeless. This antagonist with great conflict. Let's take a look at the definition of conflict. You Broza guessed it right now, Protagonist meat and check on it and we have a conflict. Pretty simple. Right? And now you want the waiter So many but movies, don't you? OK, now pay special attention to this. The most important question in every story. Why? Why build justification on justification bills The story you can tell anything you want to annoyance, as long as it justified in a logical way. It's in ecological inside that particular universe. But you have to set of the roads and then respect them. If no, the audience will notice it on, they won't like it. You know what I'm talking about. This happens to you a lot of time. The assassin appears at the end of the story. Um, we never saw him before. Or everything with just the bathroom or a bus comes out of nowhere and risk is everyone. And so one of the one. Please be kind to your audience on respect your own roads. Let's see my case. Why escape Peter? Why are his parents on tackling? Why is it a problem that he's homeless? Remember First Camps, antagonist and then the justification. It looks wrong, doesn't it? Were always tempted to go a character in a conflict first and then justified in tackling. But we're builders, so we have to fill things in the opposite way. That theory will see them. The best conflicts come out of bread and tackling and not the way around. So know that I have my protectionist on my antagonist I have to create conflict. I wouldn't feel the most appreciation are impossible to keep it. Is that simple? So here we have his father, the antagonist. It's a millionaire. So the character followed the family mandates on, goes and studied the same as his father he graduated with. Only 22 are sooner, so he's definitely super smart. His father is a very competitive man and doesn't like his son being smarter than him. That was making untangling. Remember, he has to attack our protagonist on put obstacles in his way, so he's going to ruin his career somehow. So the character made a new engineer discovery. Whatever we'll see about that later on, his father steals it and make it clear, taking all the credit. But that doesn't justify him becoming homeless. Something much worse has to happen. Yeah, no, just kidding. So the discovery hasn't sort of benefit for society. Something related to the Millionaire Homeless conference. Let's say, a non contaminating currency. We don't know the problems of today related to oil and millionaire businesses. First hybrid cars, etcetera, so that could be a good alternative. But that engine already exists, so it's not interesting on you. Let's see some other example like that. But you the character built an infant solar energy mission which could give free energy to the whole world. His father steals it on self Peyton toe Another 1,000,000 our character gets so hard on, discussed it with money, on ambition that he lives everything on because the homeless. Now it's the end of story. So remember my Internet images. They have a very different conversation now they So here we have the story. Generation John is living in Mistress. He's homeless. He became an engineer at the age of 20 and created an infinite solar energy machine at the age of 21. His father, an envious Miller man, stole his idea. And so the Beta Tau another 1,000,000 are taking on the fame and glory with him. Jones was so hurt and disgusted with money on ambition that he left everything on became home. So for the next last, both your story generation in the brush calorie, if you want so others can make constructive comments on your work while you to check new idea to them too. In ethics class, you will learn counter turn your story into short movie script. Come on. There. So, so little left. You're almost there. Remember? The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do you. 4. Class 3 - Movie script: Well, hello there. Welcome to the third on the class cars right here on short movie script. Interested in this class Have to turn your story into short movie script. I will get you step by step with example of my story. Let the thanks the characters. This scenario on the action search for them in your story on underlined them when you climbed them. Let's see about Brasington. Everything in a movie script must be written in prison except the tail, because when we were watching a movie, all off it is happening as with it, it also helps it to get a better picture of the action. Letting my case This is the same story generation from last class. As you can see, I am telling the characters the scenarios on the action. Let's see a visual example off a script. This is the first page off the script off the revenue. This is the headline. The first thing we have to write. If if the action will take place in an interior or exterior, then we write the place where the action is. Finally we right. If it's day or night, then we go to the description in this part, we describe what the audience will see running for other. That is why it's so important that every description is in present and when we see something that is dramatically important, were rated in caps the first time in character appears. Go think up to. We usually put his age on how he looks like because Spectators get done in four right away from me. But looking at the image, the dialogues go in the middle. First, the name of the character talking in caps under in what he says every time we changed the place for the time we have to start in your thing and scripts are written in Korea size 12 . It's the way we know that one page. It's approximately one minute. This is very valuable information for the production team, so this is all we need to know to start right in X script. Let's see the first part off my examples Quick, the complete quit. It's uploaded in the present gallery for you to read. So here we have an exterior, A walk on the day. Sean, 22 years old with long hair and beer dressing racks, is sitting next to a wall looking nowhere while he picks us to top sitting next to him, the people passed by him, ignoring his person. Then, since we changed the time on the place, we have to start a new thing. So we have a new headline. We have an interior, a university auditorium. On a day. The auditorium is filled with people. Sean, at the age of 20 is dressed in a graduation gown. He shakes hands with companions through it, like while laughing. He looks very young next to them. So what about yours? Write your version of your story in a movie script. Former posted in the process Gallery Congress. Your turn. Let's see what happened. Learn in this part to create a strong character out of thin air to build an interesting story with it and to write an original short Morris quick or if it in a little step, remember, attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire, become what you respect. A mirror. What you are. My thank you for joining me this far 5. Final: We're going up there. Some nice to see you again. Have to say you been proved that three classes. You see, it wasn't that difficult after all. No. I want to see all of your works in the Russian gallery. I will help you with any doubt you have. And you will have a story of your own in no time. Thank you for joining me in this cars.