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5 Videos (20m)
    • Intro

    • Class 1 - A strong character

    • Class 2 - Antagonists and conflict

    • Class 3 - Movie script

    • Final


About This Class

Within three simple steps (Yeah, you read correctly - THREE SIMPLE STEPS) you'll end up with a short-movie script of your own!

You don't need to know how to write for movies (I'll teach you)

You don't need to be a writer at all!

You don't need to have a previous idea (We'll catch that together)

The only thing you need is something to write on and follow instructions for a little while.

Don't believe it can be possible? Try me!

13 of 13 students recommendSee All

It was a great class. She removed the mystery of script writing. It was also amusing and compelling.
Really interesting class. I'll try to write a script. Nice work Laura. Thanks.





Laura De los Santos

"A big journey starts with a single step."

I'm a Screenwriter, a Script Doctor and a Teacher.

I am the author of the book: “La vuelta al guion en 80 secretos” (Around the script in 80 secrets). ISBN: 978-950-895-294-3, available for free online.

I'm the writer of the movie "A Journey Through Pines", coming up in October, 2017.

I'm a huge fan of horses, literature, movies and decoupage.

Life is just too good! =D