Your first Steps with Gouache: How to Create your own Letter Paper | Romica Jones | Skillshare

Your first Steps with Gouache: How to Create your own Letter Paper

Romica Jones,

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11 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Composition

    • 5. Colours

    • 6. Painting Techniques

    • 7. Painting

    • 8. Painting 2

    • 9. Details

    • 10. Framing

    • 11. Conclusion


About This Class

We all love to receive letters, especially if they have been handmade and decorated by the sender. And what better way to receive letters is there than to send them out yourself?

So take out your Gouache (or water-colour) paint, get crafty and let’s get started!

In this class Manchester based designer Romica Spiegl-Jones shows you in a fun and easy way how to make your very own letter paper with gouache flowers. You are a beginner? Perfect, no previous experience is needed for this class. Romica will walk you through the basics from creating an engaging and balanced composition to simple and easy water-colour techniques you can use with either gouache or water colour paint. You are more experienced? Even better, just take the project a step further and go beyond the blob-technique to create your own unique design of whatever your heart desires, be it dinosaurs, antelopes or your favourite pet turtle.

This class is perfect for everyone who still loves snail mail and wants to show extra care and creativity for his or her loved one while expressing him or herself in a creative and playful way.