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Your first Steps with Gouache: How to Create your own Letter Paper

teacher avatar Romica Jones, draws - Illustration / Meditation

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Composition

    • 5. Colours

    • 6. Painting Techniques

    • 7. Painting

    • 8. Painting 2

    • 9. Details

    • 10. Framing

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

We all love to receive letters, especially if they have been handmade and decorated by the sender. And what better way to receive letters is there than to send them out yourself?

So take out your Gouache (or water-colour) paint, get crafty and let’s get started!

In this class Manchester based designer Romica Spiegl-Jones shows you in a fun and easy way how to make your very own letter paper with gouache flowers. You are a beginner? Perfect, no previous experience is needed for this class. Romica will walk you through the basics from creating an engaging and balanced composition to simple and easy water-colour techniques you can use with either gouache or water colour paint. You are more experienced? Even better, just take the project a step further and go beyond the blob-technique to create your own unique design of whatever your heart desires, be it dinosaurs, antelopes or your favourite pet turtle.

This class is perfect for everyone who still loves snail mail and wants to show extra care and creativity for his or her loved one while expressing him or herself in a creative and playful way.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Romica Jones

draws - Illustration / Meditation


Romica Spiegl-Jones is a passionate creative business owner, illustrator, and designer based in Manchester. She loves to create things that stay in people's minds, hearts and homes. She believes that design can help to make this world a better place and that there's beauty in the small things.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. This is the the Why create your amazing letter paper by yourself with Glashow colors. This time we will do flowers, but you can actually do anything else that you like. So what we'll do in this video? Who created this letter paper? We'll use different techniques for this as you can see this two different papers. So we use a paper on paper. They hearing technique. We learn something about composition. We learned about colors. Will learn about how to use years. Quash colors. E. I am Veronica Speaker Jones. I have just married a British person and I moved to Manchester next to the airports. So if you're a lizard, there are airplanes in this videos. You might want to leave now. Okay, so now, without lizard and people fearing airplanes, you will always hear them because I'm looking extra effort. Like I said, don't be bothered by it's not that loud, but it just that you are aware of it. I love snail mail. I think it's more personal. You can really express yourself. Go crazy. Imagination do dinosaurs, crocodiles, antelopes, flowers, aliens. I don't know whatever you want. I'll just do the flowers because It's a general thing. It's easy to do on a few more experience. Do something well, complicated. If you're just a beginner, use the flowers because I really easy with a certain blob technique. So come join me in this class on Scotia dot com and let's have some fun the, um. 2. Class Project: Hello, everyone, what we're going to do today And she might have seen in a preview. This is our page that I've done just before, and my first project, we can see it's has a slight three D effect. It's little bit lose, creates nice shadows on houses, layered touch conceded a pencil marks, and it's cut out in a frame like manner and justice what we're going to create today, Gundam Dio. 3. Materials: Okay, let's talk about materials. So we need some goulash colors. These are tubes and you can buy them in any art craft store. Then the next one you might ask what is So This is for mixing colors. You can buy policies, I think, where you can mix it. Well, you should. It come with colors I didn't have on so just improvised use. A piece of plastic. I'm cycling, then some past alloy oil cranes. You can see which ones I prefer. I like yellow. Obviously on. We only need the white one for this project. Next thing brushes who? Oh, yeah, Soft. Bristol's different sizes, whichever you want. I am actually only going to use this one. Next one is the clue Stick. This is a T sack loose stick for paper. It doesn't have any solvents. It's a very good clue. Stick. I like it. You don't have to get this. You can get something else. But I just recommend this one. This one is a state Moss. Dermagraft, HB Greg. Amazing pencils. Have any access to them? Get some of them. They're really good pencils since this some water water And yeah, what else do we need paper. So what paper do we need? This is self wide sketch for favor. It has preparation here. So you could just rip it out or just cut it out. Bill, cut it to be safe. Does it bring binding? Which I think they studying. Very good. I recommend this sketchbook em. So this is Dana, Roni sketchbook. Soft bite and 100 grams per square meter. And you don't want to go anything lower than that. Really? You can go higher than 100 grams, but don't go lowered paperwork. Rees and you will not be really happy. Uh, used. Think of paper. Okay. And then you also use this brown recycled paper. Uh, this German. But you can. I found us in a one year a store for two years, and you can also find it in a dollar store in £1 store and European shop. I don't know different places. Check out these places for supplies. The notice high quality as, of course, in our store. But you can find many good craft supplies there for a good price. Um, this paper is in the natural colors. Brown is very nice, has a very nice texture and yeah, I think it's about 122 130 grand thickness. You might correctly India's. I don't know. It doesn't say it, but feeling wise, it's definitely more during the 100 grand one. So choose something thick because this will be the base where everything will be glued on later. You don't have to use recycling paper, but I recommended because it has a very nice contrast. It has a beautiful texture. It just makes it a special piece. Basically. So, yeah, that's basically it, Um, the, um and then ah, Dad, um, the, um 4. Composition: did. Um, the, um So basically what you want to do it with the role of prove the rule of thirds. If you split a paper and just three equal parts so vertically and horizontally, always divide them into three equal parts. Listen, I want to do this wasn't so equal. Okay, I'm sorry. Service again? Yes. Okay. And again, horizontally. Also, three equal parts. This. Okay? Can you see this? Yes. Okay, So what does the roof? Third stone. So we divide a paper, a piece of paper, uh, into three equal sections, horizontally and vertically. And now the rule of thirds is that you place something that is important in one of thes areas where these lines joined or around this area. So this is one of your focal points. Yes, kid. So except, for example, in our project, we could play something in this upper corner around here. You could also play something in a little corner around to you, so I wouldn't want to exactly put it here, as the rule of thirds would suggest, because we wouldn't have as much space for actual letter. So you could also plan around. How much space would you need to ride and then work around with the flowers. Um, I just born to one. Have one here under one here, so try to be used more. The corners and also the opposite corner staff. Something balanced. I think you could just play around with few composition. And you will see what feels right to you that this is my sketch. The, um and then ah, dad, um, the, um 5. Colours: did. Um, the, um So if you have palette for your colors, that's fine. I personally use just a piece of plastic. Did she wait and, yeah, one. Just use old packaging. It just has to be a surface. That is, um uh is flat and yeah, you can wash afterwards. So what I do IHS place a few colors, and I just personally like to work with the primary colors. You can see this. I use lemon yellow, just a tiny. But I used this. Them in your some sort of red orange. Okay. And then use some blue, whichever you want. And this is ultra Marine. I think I just love working with primary colors because in fact, you only need does you don't need anything else. It is very easy and simple to just mix them. You just take some water, Casey. Good. Okay. And then just mix them up a little bit in some water. Read it, spread it out nicely. Okay. And then we're used to blue to be start to mix the orange and yellow outside to read in a you know, and a blue the red. Okay, it's you. It really depends which colors you want, but simple color theory off color. Mixing red and blue makes purple, yellow and breathing's orange and yellow and blue Make screen. I think you probably have heard of this is very simple. I just repeated for those off you have never painted. I've never used any pains. Really. That doesn't look really green. No. Okay, some of you might need some mawr yellow, but you can see that slowly. A color part is starting to appear that we can use for painting on. And, yeah, it looks good. Nice. Nice orange. Really nice bright orange on. Yeah, let's take. Might need some more blue as well. But let's take this and make some green. It's Yeah, it's a bit of that in order, described just It's definitely darker green, but it's a green, and we can use End that. Yeah, so, basically, I just want to encourage you mix your own colors the, um then then, ah dadgum the um 6. Painting Techniques: did. Um, Okay, so you can already see some brushstrokes here. So this is a very, very short introduction into watercolor quash colors. Okay, so the difference again. What are colors need to be layered to create a certain level of capacity. And this is how colors get more in tens. And let's see, through words of goulash colors. If you use them in the rough form, there will be a pick. So we are going to use, uh, quash colors, almost like water colors. So we're going to lay it. And so for that, we need to water them down. So we need a decent amount of water. Um, okay. So OK. Goulash colors of almost no water just as a demonstration. You'll see. That's almost I mean, I used to live in of water here, but it's very opaque. You should have not used any water. Maybe we just get this trying to show you. Okay. In fact, if you would use the color rod and you see it, CDA So that's Yeah. That's goulash. Close. Really beautiful, clean, amazing vibrancy. I just love it. It's amazing. The cool thing about it is that you can actually creates so many different effects with this. Okay, put some water down and place. Um, color. I see what happens. We're be a beautiful See the color goals where the water is. And it's just amazing medium to play with you control it. But at the same time, except that you also don't control it. So yeah, I'm not good last year. So Andries, see, wherever there's a line of a layer of water, you can add color and it will stay within its borders. Here. Every commend you before you start is to tor. You play with your colors, really play with them. Probably. You don't need anyone to teach you how to figure out how to use them. But I'm I'm going to explain to you anyways, but I just think courage. It's more fun if you just discover it a little bit for yourself before we start. So no water. Very your pig. More water less so, pig. Almost a lot of water and almost no color. See, so you have really a wide range possibilities and again, plain water use colors Place him somewhere in the water and yeah, let them flow. Let him go anywhere and This is also the technique that we're going to use next time in the next video. This is just a basic introduction, and then Ah, dad, um, the, um 7. Painting: did. Um, the, um hello and welcome to the main project. So what we'll do first, have a look at your composition. How did you envision your piece? And where do you place the main flowers? So I'm going to use a new page and take my white and start to sketch out a center off the flower which was approximately here. I was going to make, like, a star like shape, and this part will stay. Why? Because this past oil Koreans, they reject the water, so this will always stay white. So if you want a white center for your flowered and use this if you want a different colors Interviewee flower, you could potentially use other colors as well. Um, I just like this highlight to be white in the middle and with the sample, I won't do this. And then I had in mind. There will be a different floor next. It just you. So this is in the Guinness enter. I'm going to leave just now. Um, with, uh, hostels cake, not take your brush and put it, Place it into the water and water is not clean, But that's absolutely fine, because it will help us see where we create our water blobs. So, like, explained to you before you don't actually need to have any previous drawing experience as long as you can. Kind of quote like a blob. I think everyone can do that. Okay, so let's take the water and look at your resource. Is store pictures of flowers that you wanted to draw? If you want to have a reference, you don't need to just try to create a flower like shape, so I'm not sure if you can actually see that. It's very light, but you will soon see what I mean. So I'm trying to sketch out some petals and it's literally only water. The color pigments that already in the water from creating and mixing our color palette Okay on. Yes. Yeah, I think you can see that. Ok, that's fine. And let's just do the first flower here. Okay? So we sprayed it like I think for petrels may want another one here. Five. Ok, that's fine. So remember, from our previous short introduction into water colors, um, what we need to do, we just take some pain in this case, take the remains of yellow here. It's almost orange now, and I'll gently start tabard into the water and let it flow, Okay? And you see hold of color, spritz slowly in the water. And this is my foundation for my flowers. So I'm trying to create a little bit more than hard line. It's very watered down now, but sent us a bit stronger. And this you can see when we put down to Korean stays white so you can actually see that. Yeah, it I just want you to see the whole sheet for the composition. But if you want close ups later, I can take pictures. That's fine. Okay, so now we have this flower and it's still wet, so you won't probably put any other colors in, except we want him to mix really well. So but I actually want to do so Take a bit of a dark orange. Then I place it again in the middle. Yeah, you can just dub it. Don't worry about a center like a said it will not. It will stay white. I mean, and it looks quite nice. Nice Grady int effect get So let's leave that for now and let it dry. in fact, drying. It's one of the things that you might find very easy on. My very difficult. I find it difficult and you might ask why it's because it needs patience and I'm not so patient. So you will see that my process is quite quick and I just I will show you how you can get around this impatience if you have a similar character like me. If not, then you're fine and just leave it go for walked, drinking tea, anything under weight to the dries. But I'm just going to work in sections. And whenever something is dry, I'll just continue drawing and painting day. So now we're starting to other flower. Like I said, because I didn't wait for it to dry, I have to be very careful. Sort of water amusing now isn't touching out of flour because otherwise it will start to marriage. And maybe I should show you that just did you know he can be prepared off? What happens if a boat mix it saver would touched it? EJ didn't You will see that slowly it starts to go into other flower color, just finds its way basically and you might want that? You might not. So just that you're prepared. You're impatient. People are there. If you are there listening, this will happen to you Like it happened to me many times. Gundam the modem, Do them Gundam Dio um London The, um uh And, um the And, um the, um the, uh did, um, in the dead it And, um didn't them the, uh and that if you dry Europe brush and didn't bring it back, you can actually take up some paint on the water so it doesn't take away as much as the paper tissue paper. I mean, yeah, it's just a few tricks along the way. Okay, so we've done that. That looks good, Right? Nice and well, let destroy now and then It will continue. And Ah, Dad, um the, um 8. Painting 2: did. Um, the, um Well, the other flowers are drying. Let's start with some power at the Wharton. So here. I don't want a wide center, so just start to sketch out some petals. A condom, the do them dumdums. Todo don't, um London from, um uh, and, uh uh, Don't Don't. Okay, that's pushed aboard more towards the center. As much as possible. Okay, that's that color. So again, let's start with some yellow wish color. There's not really yellow anymore, but it's kind of a nice Yeah, it's nice. Sun color, son. Flower color. So I'm placing it again. A bit more to center and wash it towards the edges. A condom, the do them dumdums. Todo don't, um London from, um uh, And, uh so next I'll take a bit of a dark orange against the process is almost the same sort of periods flower That looks really light. Now, at the moment, you can't see that so much. But I will show you later. Little a condom, the do them dumdums. Todo don't, um London from, um uh and, uh uh, a condom. Get So while this dries, how about we Joseph leaves. So let's go for a green has dried up a little bit. So when colors try out on you mixing palette just take a little bit of water and then just used him again. So try again. Otis, what is it before? Basically, if you sweat on what they will combine and cultural mix So if you don't want that, then you have to raise it. Wait. But if you're careful and it's fine and you can just start as long as you don't touch to each Gundam the modem, do them Gundam dio London the, um uh So this is fine for me. I like this nice. Yeah. Okay, let's move on to the other colors and out of hours again. A condom. Do them Gundam Dio um London the, uh and, um, the Okay, So it was quite a dark yellow now. So to give it a bit of contrast, I think mixed some bread orange again in the middle. So we kind of recreated process. But we make it a bit more vibrant, not as a layer of colors and what I want to do this time. Because, as you can see, it is a bit dry. Uh, coast don't spread as much and I liked up. So keep this. These dots, this only works. Like I said, if it's a bit more dry, okay? And you might want to no sir, into middle. I don't want it to be so clear. O k Get that's good And let's move on to the purple one in the meanwhile to make the purple with water, you get but not blue. Maybe I'd like it more blue. In fact, kids black told you if you just take your color, it's very opaque. Incredible dog blue, Beautiful colors Be very careful enough to not mix them. And I'll just use a border to wash it towards dissent. It's Gundam, the modem! Do them Gundam Dio London the, uh and um the And um the, um the, uh did, um, in the dead it and, um Gundam the, uh that started with the leaves on to talk. So look at your sketch again and think, Where would we use make sense? Obviously they should connect to the flowers And yeah, like some Smalley's here, Careful again with the mixing colors. Maybe something. If you made a precise kit, last ditch sketched and it will be No problem. I just like to improvise. Um, and of course, I've done this a few times now, so I kind of know where I want what, and I like to creative freedom on just for me, not following exact guidelines. Makes it a bit more like meditation. It's just comes me down. I don't mean you need to think so much, but this really depends on what gold you have. How do you like painting as the process? Is it like work? Is it like fun? I really hope you will have a lot of fun with this. Like how to blew off flower merged with the green. That's quite nice factor. Might use that you will find if you discover new things while you paint. Um, and that's actually quite nice part of the process reading. Not another one here. Please. Just experiment a few times. Learn how to use your pained. Um, Like I said, you can control it, but you can. But a few rules are helpful to know which had told you while I was painting this year. Like if you met uh, wet into wet meats, they merge. So you what don't want that to happen and you have to wait and let it dry. Gundam the modem Do them Gundam Dio London the, um uh And when this dries a little bit more, you can check to drying. Suppose your finger. You can check it when it's not shiny, but moment. Some details that works because it's see the difference. You see the difference here? This has completely merged for the rest of color Where C It's very clear lines. So also way How you can tell how dried waas and how patient I waas Uh um then then, ah, Dad, um, the, um 9. Details: did. Um, the, um So I'm back again. Um, this has drive now, and I think it was just walk through the process now is not so much else to say. You will just repeat the same with the sunflower. I said it. Here. You try to intensify colors by using more paint. Or maybe you don't want that. Um, basically, what we will do now, and you will see we're just sketch in some details for pencil. And there you lose in rough because that's what I'm going for. You do it. More details, if you want to. The reason why I use pencil to make details later is that it gives you more freedom. You It doesn't restrict you as much as if you would put the outlines first. I use outlines and drawings where I should do really care how the shape looks, but just everything is lose. It's nice and free, and it just gives you this freedom to just let it flow. I really believe that art is also about relaxing and me enjoying it, not just creating an end product. Gundam the modem. Do them Gundam Dio um London, the, uh and um, the and, um, the, um the, uh did, um them the dead it And, um, didn't them the, uh um the, um And then ah, Dad, um, the, um a condom. The do them dumdums. Todo don't, um London from, um, uh, try joined pencil lines when it's medium dry. Not you could write until it's completely right. But so we're going to see it's now. Reason for that is if we try on a drawn wet paint. Do you see here it can tear the paper depending off ticketus a condom. The do them dumdums. Todo don't, um London from, um uh, and, uh uh, and dimmed them the, uh did. Then the dead it and, um, send them the, uh, the, um Then then, ah, Dad, um and, um the and, um the, um the, uh did, um, and the dead it And, um didn't them the, uh um the, um And then ah, Dad, um the, um 10. Framing: did. Um, the, um Okay, so no, it's time to use our sisters on optimistic stride and take assistance and take a page and cut it along a condom. The do them dumdums. Todo don't, um London from, um uh I will touch us. Draw a friend. I'm going to make it orange and leave. Pick up. They believe the gap to the bench. Be sure that this try it helps if you have a steady hand and used your, um I find it really difficult. Um extra spicy. This is a trick. Did you could use Gundam the modem? Do them Gundam dio London. It helps the turn to page. Um, you might want to get some more color against the hand pull and then it could as much as possible create a straight line. So that's the last few touches you on. That is the frame. So be actually, final stage of her small project has taken worldwide. But I wanted you to understand the key concepts. Okay, let's take your paper. We've created a nice frame and we want to do now is you want to fold it like so be sure that it's trying happened just very gently. Just stop it a little bit. Don't push it too hard and then cut. You be sure that this back in front, you see it? Yeah. Okay. We created a whole No, we're just going to cut around. Always leaving edge. Decide. Yeah. Gundam the modem. Do them Gundam Dio um London the, uh and, um the And Okay. So what we need now is a glue stick which has disappeared somewhere. Where is it? Keep your workspace organized. Here. This? I found it. Get here. Good. So we cut out of frame. And now what? We need to do this. Clue it toda other on what you want to do is he wanted to be very use. So trying to cover the brown area, like, don't touch the front paper. Um, probably the safest way to do this is just dude on use paper. But again, I like to quick work. I work relatively precise, so it's OK, and it always something happens. Right? Um the, um the, uh did, um, in the dead it and, um So there's a decent amount of glue, but not too much. Those this again And now, but turned us it put it on a picture. We start from the bottom 10 please pressing it down. You work a work upwards. What's you didn't work? Can't like gentle talking goods to center. Okay, It's good. My prison loose ends, which is OK, Something is here. Just take your glue stick and you end up something that we actually want cured. Yeah, Actually, the next step is only to cut it so again, scissors. And it's this this time I thought you want to be precise. So I don't believe, um uh and, uh uh and dimmed them the, uh did then the dead it and, um, Gundam and final piece. It's all done, but, um, then then ah, Dad, um the, um 11. Conclusion: did, um, the, um So to wrap this up, we have going through a few concepts. For example, the rule of thirds to make pleasing compositions depends on which size of little you want to do. This can be helpful. Maybe it's not us helpful Depends on the size off writing space you need. I've a light mine next to the points, but if you do photography in the future, anything that needs composition keep this rule in mind. You can always be helpful. We've talked about materials. There's a very short list of things you actually need, and most of you have them at home at the moment. Like I said, you can use goulash or water colors. So what else have we talked about? We talked about how to make your own color palette. My amazing palate. Here, Um, so you don't need to buy any color except you want to, and you have already kid, then use them. No problem. Whichever you prefer. I just want to save you some money. So, Andi Then we talked about how to use water colors and how to use wash because it's more pig to can water down. If you want, but you can use very vibrant amazing properties. Yeah. And yet then stuff messed up. We created this beautiful, amazing piece that hopefully will make someone you love Very happy. It's very personal and unique. So thank you very much for joining me in this class. Thank you for being with the airplanes. Thank you for bearing with my English. Yeah. It makes me really happy to share this with you, Andi. Hope you can enjoy it. Show me what you've got. Show me your dinosaurs. Show me your robots. Show me your flowers, trees, anything. Just used this technique to frame it and used two different colors If you don't have recycling paper Yeah, and be creative. Maybe you want to create a different frame. I think you can use this in many ways. In fact, so yeah, I think this is about it. This is everything I want to say. Apart from thank you again for joining this class. And I'm really looking forward to your amazing pieces. Then then Ah, Dad, um the, um