Your brand story - 01 Branding Mastercourse | Anke Van Reeth | Skillshare

Your brand story - 01 Branding Mastercourse

Anke Van Reeth, Identity branding & WordPress websites

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5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. 00. Class Intro

    • 2. 01. What problem are you solving?

    • 3. 02. Brand statement & Tagline

    • 4. 03. Brand personality & Class project

    • 5. 04. Extra resources


About This Class

A step-by-step guide to create your own brand, logo, business card, ... Become the designer of your own brand!

With free printables and an awesome interactive PDF to help you in every step!
Part #1 : This course!
Part #2: Create a visual identity
Part #3: Create your logo (chapter 1)


"Your Brand story" is the first class of a series: "Branding Mastercourse".

So you decided it was time for that side hustle to get real and add some more money to your life.  This could be a blog, an online shop, your consultancy business, … you name it!

All these great jobs have one thing in common: you need a strong brand to position yourself in the world.

Over the next chapters I will help you, step by step, to create your own brand with quick exercises and easy worksheets so you can establish your brand in no time.

In this class we will start by discovering what your brand is all about, what are your values and what is your story. Why is this important? This will be the soul of your visual brand identity.





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Anke Van Reeth

Identity branding & WordPress websites

Hello. I'm Anke.

I design beautiful identity branding and user experiences.

I code responsive WordPress themes, and integrate them with Woocommerce if necessary.

I'm a freelancer, currently based in Sicily, Italy

I love my job, photography, illustrations, good movies, Mediterranean people, culture and food, coffee - lots of coffee, but most of all my boy and babygirl.

Follow my life in Sicily on Instagram.

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