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Your Yoga Toolbox For Life [Yoga for Beginners]

teacher avatar Eva Schroeder, Yoga teacher & Student of Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. A very warm Welcome to Week #5 [Ujjayi Breathing]

    • 2. Your Skillshare Class Project

    • 3. Healthy Spine

    • 4. Get going with this dynamic yet gentle Warm Up

    • 5. Classics. Sun Salutations. And a Modification.

    • 6. Happy Hips & Beautiful Balance

    • 7. Strong Hips and Hamstrings Flow

    • 8. Slow it down & find deep healing

    • 9. Well done my friend. You did it. Namaste.

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About This Class

Hello beautiful!  

Welcome to my class! This class is part of a 5-part course that invites you to start your very own Yoga journey! 

Today's we're looking at this very important breath we want to cultivate in our practice. It might even be THE most important part of your practice! Try it out, let me know if you manage to make it sound like Darth Vada - you'll have nailed it, my friend! 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Thank you so much for being here with me. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have ([email protected]).

And if you liked my class, please do consider leaving me a thumbs up review, it'll help me so much get my class seen by more students, spreading the goodness of how we can navigate our often crazy lives just a little bit easier.

Thanks a million, warm wishes & happy practicing!
Eva xoxo

Week #1: Cultivate mobility, strength, & a deeper awareness of body & mind  

Week #2: Hello hips & hamstrings. This one's for you xx   

Week #3: Today we'll tune into shoulders and neck ... #blissbombed

Week #4: It's all about creating a strong foundation & improving your balance. Practice this one often!

Week #5: Your Yoga practice - a tool box for life. We've got goodness for the spine, the hips, hamstrings, find strength and above all - your powerful breath. Probably THE most important factor within our practice. Enjoy

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Schroeder

Yoga teacher & Student of Life


What strange times we find ourselves in. Times that call us all to stop, more than ever, to breathe, to become still. To notice the mind "stuff", notice the feelings and emotions, the way we react to what we're facing. To find balance. In all areas of your life.

Take this surreal, incredible opportunity to tune inwards, to journey inside of yourself, to elevate consciousness. And in the meantime, let our world recover and take a breath as well...

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the happenings of the past months, here's my invitation to you: 

Breathe deeply.

Take a deep belly breath IN.
And a deep long breath OUT.
Repeat that 3 times. Do it now.

Then let your breath fall to a more natural rhythm again. A... See full profile

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1. A very warm Welcome to Week #5 [Ujjayi Breathing]: e. I really hope you enjoy the session so far. What's been your biggest inside so far, which you'll proposal Which sequence has been the most challenging for you? Or maybe you've noticed any imbalances within the body that you may not have been well before. If you've not already done so, take a few moments before and after today's sessions to really tune and notice. Maybe even write it down. Right? So all you're gonna need for today's practice is two blocks or two books so far as we move through the sessions with their different postures and sequences acute inhale as well as the Excel. For you, though we've not talked more about one of the very common breath within the yoga practice, and that's our job breast. So keep ever been to public yoga class. You will have heard the teacher talk about this usually, breath says, the breath that keeps us really connected to the present moment when l thought tried to wonder off. One other hugely important reason why the traffic is so powerful is that it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system through the vagus nerve, and I'll go into a little bit more detail about that within the training. But for now, I'd love you to take a few moments to breathe with me and to practice it with me. So basically what it is, what we do if we constrict the back off or throat to regulate the flow off air in and out through the nose. What's important about it is that the constriction off the breath there is stimulating the vagus nerve, which helps to induce the relaxation response. So we're aiming for gentle, relaxed breath through out of practice. So how do we do it? So open up your mouth and imagine you're for gin up a mirror or a glass in front of you. It kind of sounds like a huh sound. So take a deep breath in and it's the Excel opening mouth, That's it. And again in hell and exhale. Take one last one Big Pravin and then exhale. Okay, let's do it on our in hell now. So, is he breathing and excel again in hell and exhale all right to get the picture so you might feel the back off your stroke can and getting a little bit cold. Let's get somewhat. Despite the place where you're gonna constrict the breath. So let's do this with their mouth closed. So try to recreate that same sensational, that same sound, a smell so see in hell and excel and except in hell and Excel. All right, so when you're getting really good at it, this breath can become quite loud. However, there's also the risk then off, creating some sort of your attention around the neck and the shoulders when you breathe. So obviously that's something that we want to avoid. And so I encourage you to just met. Maintain a gentle awareness around. You will die breath throughout your practice. Just keep coming back to whenever you notice your mind's gone elsewhere. Or you may have just for gotten to breathe, and that happens more often than you think. But I'll be there and, yeah, keep reminding you. So let's come back to the Vegas now, very briefly. So by constricting the back of the throat, imagine you're giving this nerve very gentle massage as it runs through the strode. By doing that, you might notice the effect pretty quickly, as it has a derrick effect only on the part of the nervous system that's responsible for the calming, the more peaceful response that rest and digest. Yeah, relaxation response. So this breath is another great one for your toolbox of navigating the ups and downs of your life as it gives you really infant connection to your body, as well as the ability to move back to calmness, clarity and control of mine. With all that being said, let's go heading and started. So today focuses on finding gentle continues movements with some longer holds a swell to find fluidity and flexibility off the back line of the body, which will also require some effort to create strength and stability for the rest of the body. Enjoy. 2. Your Skillshare Class Project: next up your class project. So the class project for each class is the falling share your biggest inside and take away from this class And to help you with that, you have some questions for you to consider. What did you find? Difficult. What was easy? What did you think you could manage easily, but then turned out rather tricky. Did you notice any areas in your body that may need a little more TLC going forward on which area within your body appreciated the practice the most? Another really important one is compared to before the session. How did you feel afterwards? And you're able to walk and move a little more greater lighter as a result. No. Anything that comes up for you and shared in the class project area know that any difference and sensation that you feel is a wonderful and very welcome signal towards a deeper awareness and finding that awareness within our body as well as ar minus a huge step . Two more mindful movement and also living a stronger, more centered life. One. Were you more easily let go off distractions and the dreaded busy monkey mind. So let's go and get started 3. Healthy Spine: we're going to start lying down, so roll onto your back. Bring the soles of the feet together. Lebanese. Relax to the outside, then close your eyes. And just for a few moments, have we find some awareness. Take a few breath. Yeah. When did he excel through your mouth? Release the shoulders. Any attention around the neck. The strategy. I see how you can create a sense of ease within the breath, and that's really important to cold of eight straight away, because we tend to grip and resist was in the hamstrings and the hips. We'll just have that tendency there, so to find that he's right at the start is going to help us get a little bit more out of the practice. Later on, Let's take another couple of breath here, then slowly bring both knees back together and bring them into you. Your chest yourself, a little squeeze, always that gentle rock from side to side. Great little awareness off what's happening within the spine. Maybe find a few circles through the hips and then take a big breath is the excel. Lift your head region arms forward. Take a deep breath into the site body into your rib cage was the Excel. Excel completely again, big breath in zero. You confined your joy broth here wasn't gentle Thanks. L completely on rock back and forward. Until they come all the way up into an or force positions, it can either roll over you're lays or, of course, alternatively comparing both knees over to the side and just make your way into your force position here from under your hands and your knees. Hands. It was always shoulder width distance needs about hip with distance, and we're gonna find a couple of cat co movements. But today I want to just get into each part of the spine here, individually, each vertebra. See how you can, um, tune in. So take a big breath. You initiate the movement from the hips, tilting and pelvis forward and then slowly starting toe. Articulate. Every little vertebra within the body is he let the belly move down, looking up, let the shoulders move back and then exile, tilting the palace back to be slowly starting to move every part within the spine. To find that compression spaciousness within the whole length off the spine and again tilting the pelvis forward lumber spine. The ethics spine on is literally starting to till the power was back and letting your spine fully really finding that wave. It's find a few more gonna finding mobility within the spine, an awareness that wave the movement that's possible and slowly and tuck the toes is, he said, back towards your heels child's pose. But he had rest on the floor for moment of the arms. Relax, take a deep breath breathing into the lower back into the side body. Excel completely and again, finding you usually breath lead oceanic, soft, oceanic breath without creating any more attention within the neck. Does he inhale slowly? Bring yourself all the way back up and we're gonna tuck the toes again and then was simply going to sit back towards all heels. So for some, this is an excruciating pain. Feel free to place a pillow, a blanket between your legs. We'll see how we can pause here for another minute or so. You see, I can lengthen the spine again. Find a couple of breath, see how you can let the weight of your upper body just simply rest down on the hips and the heels, and so you can breathe into the sensation within the soles of the feet area, particularly for rawness or anyone who's on their feet alone all day. Let's take one last people breath and then exhale completely slowly. Come on forward again. Just released. You tell you this regal, then find a little movement through the ankles. That's only bring in east together, gently said back, lifting the knees office a slightly to find a little stretch there for the ankles. Eventually come forward again, back into an all force position and simply find a few circles here with your upper body. So you're gonna warm off the wrists ever so slightly, finding a change in direction. Anise only. Let the fingers point out and sway from side to side. Here. Notice what's happening within the wrists, winning the weight the upper body. Pour through your shoulders into the arms into the risk, Um, and then gently let your fingertips point backwards. And if you need to just bring them a little closer towards the knees and then simply said back towards the heels on the Lin lift through the heels of the hands on getting into the flexes thank him for what? Again a gun and gently said, Back towards the heels again your hands, a little shake, maybe a little massage and then slowly come forward again. So unlucky. Toshio, take your left hand and reach it back. So sit back towards your heels, reach your arm back and make a big circle Here, bring it up and over on again. Really a hand with the gays reaching back up and over again, Just notice where you feel in the sensations. We've got a little bit of a twist going on here as well. We slay little movements or the hips in the shoulder. Now is he Come to the top. Pause here for moments of unravel your shoulder lifting up, maybe Look up. Maybe check your hips here whether that's they still somewhat right on top, off the knees to take a deep, full breath. And if the exile guide your left hand underneath, place your left Children down on gays over to the right site. You went in, lengthen the spine, lift your right shoulder up. I'm gonna show you on this site here to win a guide. The left on underneath. So you want to find again that spaciousness within the chest. Here, the stain eyes and open rather than collapsing through the right shoulder and then gently press yourself old way back up. You may find you might find a couple of cat cow movements here to neutralize this fine again and then slowly sit back, change sites. Take your right hand region back up and over on a few movements, one last one and then again, if he in How read You're right. I'm up with the exile guide your right hand underneath the left, look over to the left side and then find your threat. The needle. So with the left hand, gently press into the four. Reached the left hip bone back. Take a deep four breath. Notice how you can find again, that opening within your chest. How can you breathe easy, even though you upside down in a twist, which you left her back soon of collapsing here into the right side. So reach the left back and then gently pressed herself all the way back up again. Find a a couple of movements here, and then tuck your toes gently lean back and impress your hands into the mat, huggy elbows Aiden towards each other and then push the floor. Wait, you guys and noticed the shoulders and plus to my ears Here, keep them hugging. Um, way from the years keeps evening your arms, press the floor into the mouth so much that Younis, they're gonna start to lift up and then find your downward facing dog here. So walk it out a little bit. Whatever feels good for your first downward facing dog. Notice what's happening within the shoulders with in the back of the legs. Pause here for a moment. 4. Get going with this dynamic yet gentle Warm Up: and now with the inhale, reach your right, like up behind you any amount. Excel, Step your right foot forward. Take a left knee down again, right knee tracks above your ankle. Big inhale. Bring arms already. Excel from halfway down and how? Reach homes up and excel. Simply take a hands back down. Lift your left knee slider back downward facing dog in How did your left leg up? Excels that be left foot forward. Take your right knee down big in how draw the belly and lift. Excel halfway once and help exile Taking hands back down in How would you like a slider back? Downward facing dog Ian How? Look forward into your plank. Take the knees down there, the elbows move towards your waist and then, in how push it back. Xlu inhale pushback knows that. Next. Excel halfway slowly Lois off all the way down Big inhale into Cobra Excel released on, then gently press itself all the way back up downward facing note. Take one deep full breath, maybe keep the need. Spend here. Let's take a time tilting your pelvis, Fulwood to reach the back of your thigh bones backing up and then I seen how with your right leg up again, Excel Stepping forward. Take your left needle in how? Reach both thumbs up and then bring up homes together and stretch it over to the right side . Leaning into the side here in her coming up. Take your hands down, Slide it back. Downward facing dog in her left leg up Excel Stepping forward Take your Needham Big inhale , Reach arms. Same here. Interlace your hands Open across your hands. Palms together, Richard Over to the left. Stretch your arms. The side body in her coming back, Two cans back down again. Downward facing the X later pack. Take one deep full breath. Excel completely. Now again, with your next inhale reach you write a whole leg, maybe a little high step your right foot forward. Take a left knee down in how we just forward And for this one you can always take your your blocks depending on where you are. Whichever height feels good for you in how you want to lengthen Missy Excel, slide the blocks along with you, hands underneath of shoulders, their flight there, right foot say, because it's still pretty early on, maybe keeping you bend a little more, but lengthening his spine. It's the exhale and gently fold, you know, always reach arms forward. You don't need your blocks here. Please invite side in how you want to lengthen. Drill the toast with you at the Excel. Maybe a lengthening the leg a little bit more and just kind of tune in here. He reaching a right hip on back. Keep a lengthening your spine forward, missy Excel maybe singing to the stretch a little more and then slowly and coming forward, make a giant step forward into stunned digging in how you want to like them. Excel slowly fold Same here. Bend you knees is always justice much as you need to whenever you need to step your right foot back to go right Knee down Taken in hell again. Used the blocks if you need to. Is the excel walking hands back? Thank God I'm just pulls you for a moment in how you wanna lengthen eggs. L maybe fold a little deeper and just move with your own breath. Here, notice the sensation. Noticed how you can work without sensations, maybe give you a leg, A little rub whether you feel that we can move what to move the stretch into into the belly of the muscles rather than the tendons. So if you feel that around the knees, you know, maybe the sitting bones, you just bend the knee a little bit more and then work on it, lengthening the spine first and then slowly said, the lengthening that leg and again as far as much. Um, it feels good, all right, maybe reaching arms forward. If that feels good to find a little more off that stretch for the well, he is. Spine, shoulders, arms and slowly bring it back. Live to write like slide back downward facing dog. You might already feel a little freer here within the legs, so you just walk your feet like a foot or so forward again. Maybe there's still a little bend. Then take your right hand and final more strength in your left hand route. The left hand down into the mat with your right hand, hold onto the outside of your calls. Maybe ling and drinking drool yourself a little deeper into the stretch. Here. You can always find a little twist ese gaze on an easier left on, but keep reaching that left hip bone back. Okay, slowly changing sides. Thea the right side with your left hand gently moving into twist. Keep lifting the left shoulder up. Keep reaching a right heel down your right hip back. Take a deep, full breath. I mean, is loony released again? Gently bend your knees. I'm walking. Feed forward again to the front of your mat. Taking an alley wonder. Lengthen and exhale. Gently fold maybe a little deeper, maybe keeping the knees bend. So from here, bring your feet about hip width distance in a hip with systems. Hold onto opposite Alba's. Just hang out here for a moment. This way, from side to side. Shake out the spine, shake out your head. I noticed a little bit off that transfer off the weight issue rock food ever so slightly. Notice the effect on the hamstrings and, like Half SA's well, we get many tune into notice what's happening within the body and where and how you need to focus a little more throughout the practice. Throw today really with the CIA. Gente Benjani's started route the feet down into the floor. Remember the four points here of your feet press down slowly. Find a link in your back to bring yourself all the way up Palms touch and then exhale and relax arms by your side. Right, So bring your feet back together. 5. Classics. Sun Salutations. And a Modification.: with the in house, which both arms wide and up on an exhale bring of in front of your hearts is Ian. Help push your hands your palms up and then exhale. Relax them by your side again and again Inhale Reach both thumbs up. Excel front of your heart in how draw the belly in Lifting up exile Arms by the side One last won big in how reaching line Excel finding, you know joy breath strong breathing it Excel moving on, adding on inhale reach both arms up, excel slowly fold forward, bending unique and how halfway Exanta fold coming up again Arms come wide, Excel in front of your heart in how reaching Exhale slowly fold in hell halfway excel Fold in hell up again Region homes. Examinees in How long Exile Folding forward in How you look up, Eggs out. 20 hunt, Step your right foot back. Just leave your left foot back into plank. Take a deep, full breath with the exile. Take your knees down. L was in lower yourself all the way down. Now point your arms back. Squeeze the shoulders, lift the legs, take a deep full breath. Excel completely, slowly released crossed herself back Downward facing dog Take one deep full breath Excel completely I was lonely Make a way forward to media hams taken in hell You want to like excel? Fold in Harry Jones wide Push yourself up Excel handsome prayer And how Reach alms Morning enough! Exhale slowly Fold in how halfway eggs are left with sub spark Right foot steps back knees come down Old way down Nosy in hell Lift the shoulders Seeing how on Interco provide lift your right knee up off the floor and then excel Really? And how again Left light comes up Exelon, please. And how right examinees and hello examinees Last one in Harare Eggs How and l a Excel Drool the belly in Tarkett Host Final strives to press yourself all the way back up downward facing dog two runs of settle in Excel Completely planning any movements that feel good room tip homes Your thumb your index finger down into the mat That's really bend your knees here and welcome. Walk your feet forward and how you want to lengthen Exhale slowly fold and how reaching arms wide Come on all the way Excel homes in front of your heart and how reach homes excel , slowly fold and how halfway Excel defaults the back into plank with that same excel, lower yourself old way back down, inhaling into cobra, using up Excel, gently press it back downward facing dog, then lifting helps man Younis and then step often and I'll hop forward midday. Hands at the front again in Hollywood like Exelon. Ease in help ending your niece the swift your arms up into your chair pose and then push the floor way. Re arms if Holmes together again bending your knees, sweep your arms up, push the flow away. Fold yourself forward in how George really in Away from your size. Excel Plenty. Haven't stepped up into a plank. Slowly lower yourself all the way down in how into Cobra Excel. Push it back downward facing dog in how with your right leg up, any amount Excel, Step your right foot forward. Gonna come into a crescent lunch here, so reach a right upon back. Make in how reach your arms up excel. Taking hands back down to the mouth. Stepping back flowed all the way down in how India cobra opening up the front of the body Excel. Don't want facing dog in How would your left leg up excel? Step your left foot forward saying here, Present lunch. Press the left heel down as you come up. Strong arms. Excel taking homes back down. Slowly float forward into new videos I met in Excel. Push it back downward facing dogs, three rounds of breath The excel Bend your knees. Look forward. Step off a little hope and how you want to lengthen. Excels only fold in hell. Bend, you knees swoopy arms up into your Chapo's and then push the flow away and bring up homes in front of your heart. 6. Happy Hips & Beautiful Balance: with your next inhale. Bend your knees once more. Sweep your arms up chair pose. Exhale, push the flow away slowly. Fold yourself forward. Inhale halfway X El Plan de Haan Stepping back into public optional Vanessa and How Cobra Excel Downward facing dog. Step your right hood forward again into your present. Maybe bring a left foot out a little bit more, forbid more balance. Bring your arms up as we did earlier, bringing your palms together. So cross your hands, then stretch it over to the right side and just going to get into the hip. Flex a little bit more there and then slowly keep your pumps together here and step it forward and bring Ah, left knee into your chest. Take a deep full breath. Acceptable lifting your left leg up and then unravel your arms and find it with you. Did you find it with? Well, there you go. So now you can hold on to your right to left knee. Or you can find your big toe and stretcher. Leg out to the site and slowly release. Step your foot back. Take your left knee down, lunging deep and then slowly coming up into crescent lunch and find your twist when you left elbow to the outside of your right knee and stay super strong in that left leg. Don't let that left hip dip Julia thumbs towards your heart. Take a deep full breath on the Exhale release. Step it back into a plank, maybe into a downward facing dog in hell into heaven. Yasa Excel downward facing Dog in hell. Read your left leg up Excel. Step your left foot forward again. Find it. Present lunch nice and easy, strong through both arms. Drool the belly in purely belly away from your thighs, my left eye and bring up homes together and then stretch it out over to the left side. Here, we didn't notice where you feel it the most. Come on up and make a giant step forward and bring your right knee into your chest. Pause here for a moment, lifting up through both arms and then open up into your twist. Still point in front to gay that in variation. You can always hold on to that right knee, or you can find you big. Turn with your hands. Then extend the leg out. Will you get keep reaching a left thigh bone back. Keep hugging on right hip back. Take one more deep full breath and then slowly release. Step your right foot back, take it down to the floor, lunging forward and then slowly coming up again and find you twist So right elbow outside of your left knee. Droid palms talked each other. Donor that right? Five on dip down. Eventually, the thumbs wanna move towards your heart center here, maybe gaze back. He wouldn't last the full breath and slowly release. Plant your hands, step back into your plank and slowly float big in how toe brah excel. Downward facing dog. Take a deep full breath. Excel taken east down to the floor Toast. Touch relaxing for her down into huge holes. Posts with the next breath straight away. Bring itself back up and downward facing dog in how Reach a right leg up Excel. Step your right foot forward. Spin the back heel flat, so your right heel alliance with the back arch of your foot. Take your left arm, windmill. It'll the way up and over and find your warrior to straightaway foundation route. Yes, I bones, you're right. Thigh bone backing out. Need tracks right above the ankle. Press I left foot down into the mouth. Don't collapse into the announce and then reach a right on up. You get the Excel, citing in hell, Revis. You worry. And then slowly, Reacher, Right on forward and straight away. You're gonna find another balance. So take a hand down to the floor, maybe find your block and step. Transfer the weight on top of that right foot. Begin. Maybe find a block, maybe a big book, and then gently find a little rooting down through the standing leg so much that you find that buoyancy off the hips, the legs, the bath like to come up and just check that left leg. Here's about parallel. Rotated out and unlovely left. I'm out, out and up Let me get you Don't need a block Maybe gaze down and get to the Scient And then take your hand back down to the math square the hips up and step back to downward facing dog Playing in how with your left leg up, Excel, step your left foot forward. Spin the back heel flat again. Lying your left heel where you're right in arch. Take your right. I'm reaching forward and up and over into a warrior to draw the Bannon dancing into the lowered back. Spin your left palm up a reverse. Reach it away from your left knee. Is the excel side angle in how rivers excel again? Reaching forward. Maybe grab your block. Transfer the weight forward on top off you left it and gently find that buoyancy to bring yourself up. Maybe keep your left knee, bend a little. Just notice your left near spells. You want to keep reaching that left out of hip back to stay super stable here, rooting down. And then, from that point again, start to unravel your hip with the right toast, point to the outside and then bring a right arm up as well. Yeah, maybe keep gazing down. Maybe challenge yourself here, Gaze up towards that right hand. Maybe not, and then slowly step it back. So what? Facing dog, just give it a little shaky in our rock forward into plank, Find your genius Megan al Cobra, exile downward facing dog and then positive all moment. Notice the sensations within the legs, but then also noticed the quality off field breath can you relax in next year. Maybe she got your head a little. Can you find that smooth and even sound of your breath? 7. Strong Hips and Hamstrings Flow: When the next inhale, reach a right leg up in the excel. Step your right foot forward. Take a left knee down to your left hand down to the floor for a moment and take a right hand to your right thigh. Then gently open up into lunch. I'm gonna and come and show you so you can always take your left hand a little further out . If you can see, do you take a right hand into your right thigh, then gently root out to find a little bit of a twist here. Really? Right shoulder back, lunging into the help. Yeah, Lego and then slowly from here, bring it back and lift your left knee up off the floor. So super strong again in your left leg. Reach the left heel back, reach your chest forward and then glue you upper body on top of your rights. I right so he can even hold it with your right hand and then gently Satya, lengthen the hip back. So we've done this one before. Variation off our pyramid Po'd we need strong hamstring stretch and noticed the moment where your upper body wants to leave your rights. I Cuba lengthening your spine. Keep reaching the right hip back and stay super strong. That left, like maybe lifting your left heel up even more. But I maybe relaxed your head. You said to lengthen that right like a little bit more again, you can always reach arms forward. I was literally pulling back. Step it back into your plank lo itself. Old way Done, and then reach your arms forward here to reach on sport drew the belly in front. A little bit of her pelvic told Doc, and then lift your arms. Here, lift your legs and then bring it. Alba's in towards the waste in How reach your arms forward. Excel to squeeze in How let's bring the legs in is well wide in the legs. Inhale, bringing hold back together. Exhale, squeeze and lift and how excess grease, wine, the legs he and health thought. Exhale and help Excel and justice three more runs on, Then please take your hands back underneath the shoulders and gently press yourself all the way back up downward facing dog in how Richard left like up straightaway. Excel Step left foot forward. Take your right knee down like you know you want to lengthen to your right hand to the outer edge of your mount and really left it out a little and then gently press the leg away . You can always roll onto the outside edge of your left foot. There, open up into her gentle twist. Take a deep, full breath, excel completely and then slowly bringing back. Lift your right knee and getting glue your upper body on top of that left thigh and then slowly settle. Lengthen that left him back. I noticed it all, if you can, a collapsing into the side or the knee moves into the right. Drawback. You still in a line here and then move some wade back into that left foot. So press both feet down into the mount. Maybe walk your arms fort. Maybe relax your head there for a little active stretch there, and it's really planted. Hums slider back. Don't would. Facing dog may be given a little shake in our rock forward. Take a doll. Viasa. Big in hell. Excel gently push yourself away down What Facing dog. I take a deep breath Excel completely, just noticed. With every time we moved back into a downward facing dog Holly. We'll have created a little bit more spaciousness within the backs off the legs There in how? Reach a right leg up the excel. Step your right foot forward into Ueland. And are we going to do a pivot? The back heel down. Pivot. You're right. Her towards the front and find your forward fold here. So let the toast point inward ever so slightly. Maybe soften the knees a little. Here, see in hell you on the lengthen. You can always use your block here or both blocks to come up a little higher. But then I see excel when again lengthen the spine till the pelvis forward a little. If you gently potentially move a little deeper, maybe being a pumps down to the floor, maybe on onto your legs. There you can drool the poems back in line with the heels gente prayers yourself. Would you notice the shoulders? Hearsay? Lift your shoulders up away from me years collapsing that within the neck again is always finding spaciousness and openness here within the upper body in side body to breathes deeply, take more, more people breath and then slowly come on up. So then a pivot that right for towards the front and bring the left foot in. So that's about 3 to 4 foot space here between your feet and, um, yeah, again. Same here. So you can bring your right heel your right foot out a little bit more. So you're not completely, um, in one line here Says he in hell again. You wanna lengthened? Maybe again. Taking blocks for pyramid posi A says he in Hollywood lengthen and that the excel again route that right hip on back. Press your right foot down into the mat, but then also press a little bit off that weight back into that left wing. OK, take a deep, full breath if the exile maybe single little deeper than again, using your breath too. Thanks yourself into the pose. A little deeper in how waving up Excel gently. Really. It's really coming back in the back to in the side, but the toast point to the outside and sit down. Three innings bring elbows to the outside here. Yeah, a little stretch for the inner thighs. Maybe a little sway from side to side and then slowly coming back. So I'm going to stay on the same side. We're gonna take the block, going to come into position called Revolved Half Moon. So we've done our half moon earlier. We're gonna transition into the push of the same way this time. There were going to take the left hand onto ah, block, maybe the floor. If you don't need a block, transfer the weight on top of that left foot. Place the block foot to the side, food to the front, then slowly start to lift that left leg again. The left leg. Somewhat parallel here straightaway. The right hip wants to reach back, draw the belly in, find a little bit of that space and then unravel your right. Um, up towards the ceiling. Here, Lega, you can find that openess a little bit of that twist within your spine when that strength within the hip slowly take a right and back, step it back into your, um yeah, three foot stones here, 34 foot stuns. Take your left hand onto in the block and same here. So when I keep rooting that right hip on back, keep pressing a right foot down to the floor and lengthening the spine forward and then from here on rebel here, right on up into your revolved triangle pose. Keep breathing here into the right hip, Miss Lenny, Release and slide it back. Downward facing dog. Give it a little shake here. Well, movement there through the hip. Anything that feels good well, is Lulea to your left leg. Step your left foot forward in talons On staying here Cigna Simply slide that right foot forward Taking in how you wanna lengthen on an exhale to gently fold into your pearl. Oppose again Bring ah, left foot out to the side so your feet about your heels about in a hip with distance away from each other, and that's gonna make it a little easy here again for the hip to roll out to find out freedom in the lower back, right and then excel slowly filled. Jeezy Variation with your hands, either on your blocks hams right underneath the shoulders or huge arms forward here, relaxing the neck for moment. Notice that transfer of the weight off your feet evenly. Notice what happens if you press a little stronger into one foot, supposed to the other notice way you feel the sensations and then notice how you can balance the effort accordingly. Take a deep, full breath. Keep that sensation of the left hip rooting back. Was it well done in his Luli? Pivot your feet to the site and, you know, find out for would fall at the toast. Point to the insight in how you want to length, um, and then excel. Slowly release beginning and take your block onto your hands, your hands on to block. Maybe gently drool yourself deeper into the stretch. Keep reaching you your thigh bones back and up. Do you really find that rooting down but lifting up through the back line off the body? It is literally people that left foot forward. We go take the block into your right hand. This time, transfer the weight on top of that left foot and reach your right foot up. So flex a right foot again. Draw the belly in and ups you a little lengthen route the left hip on back. You can always take your thumb again into the left hip here and then unravel you left on up towards the ceiling. Here, you want to find a little bit off that openers a little bit of the unraveling of the spine and the in the upper body. But don't let don't let and right hip drop Take a deep, full breath. I mean is lonely. Step your right foot back you block with you going straight Entire revolved triangle posts . Ah, same here. External rotator thigh routed back. Lengthen your chest forward and then find your twist. Um, lifting up, maybe gaze up, maybe gaze down Cable length Name your breast. Keep lengthening your spine as the left it breaches that when we need press I left foot down into the mouth Take more, more deep full breath And it's the excel Take your hands back down to the mat Stepping back into you Downward facing dog And again Maybe same here giving a little wriggle Stretch it out No time One more genius Here's a big in how rock forward No, I don't in hell into cobra Excel Push it back down with a single thing here just for a moment. Notice again. A little bit of the difference here within how you were feeling earlier when you're feeling now, maybe you feel like a little tired. Excuse me. Well tired, but hopefully a little more open, but hopefully a little bit more Open here. Slowly bend your knees and come towards the front of human. Bring your feet about hip words distance and we're going to do you spend the knees come into a squat here, so bring up comes in front off your your heart Like I say in Jenny Pretty knees out your thumbs towards the heart Maybe final sway from side to side was gonna relax you letting the hips settle down almost there, active here and then slowly release and sit down to the floor. 8. Slow it down & find deep healing : and there's only bring a left knee into your chest here, So hug it in. You want to stabilize the knee first and then move it out into your hip openers to notice that rotation here through the hip and then keep your upper body orientate ing over your right like you. So again, what's your right hip? So you write, have wants to route back to get in how he went a lengthen and then exile Gently walk hands forward. You can use a strap here, so if you've got a strap or belt here, um, loop it around your foot and then gently draw yourself in. If you can comfortably find your foot, that's fine. Maybe take the outside edge of your right foot in how you wanna lengthen. Excel full. Maybe hold onto the outside of your right foot. Same here. Find a little leverages. You lengthen as you breathe egg cell to settle down, take a deep full breath, lengthen eggs so really and then gently come forward here. And when I moved the upper body to bring it on a diagonal here for one of you know, shift back a little bit longer. So is he in hell. You want to find that length and then the excellent in your right hands lighted, um on the inside of your right wing and then reach your left all the way up and over to just final or any nice stretch here for the whole left side off the body will be more of that hamstring. Stretch there for the right leg of your calls and then inhale slowly her bring it back. So we're gonna come to the other side. So I'm just gonna I'm just going to change sides like this. So bring a writing into chest again, stabilize the knee first, and then open up into the hip here, bring your upper body over your left leg as he in Hollywood and lengthen and then excel slowly fold again. Use whatever support you've got here to maintain that length within the spine and to able to breathe freely and openly. Okay, seeing how you wanna lengthen the excel, maybe gently move into in that stretch. If lomis If it's a lot to sit like this already taking hands behind you and maintain a little bit of that openess here and keep breathing here, keep finding a little bit ease within the hips and hamstrings. And then at one point, you can gente push yourself forward. Um, and again, that doesn't have to be today. Okay, so you can practice. Keep coming back to this People keep coming back to the practice of opening the the hamstrings of finding mobility stability through your yoga practice. And then you'll notice pretty quickly you'll be able to let go a little bit more slowly coming back. Bring your upper body somewhat diagonals. Open it up to May make it a little easier to sit like this. Did your left hand to be in a inside of your left leg? Maybe slide it down a little, seeing how reach it right up on. Then gently stretch it over to the site, thinking a deep breath and then slowly bring yourself all the way back. So we've prepared a little bit for the inner thighs. He already So let's find our forward fold, um, scaled back onto than that. So find a nice wide stance here. Doesn't have to be super wide, um, but saying Hey, do you want to bring in house behind you? Find a little length maybe have your knees bend ever so slightly. You can even you can even take a couple of blocks here and slide them underneath to find her a little, release a little East and just, you know, work with its posed, Um, if and when you happy to move down a little little deeper, or if you simply want to stay up here, feel free to do that. Take a deep in hell on. If he excel, maybe ease into the post a little deeper would be taking hands to the legs here. Maybe close your eyes links and unique You talk. It's universal slightly, and they just find a few breath here to just gently sing into the sensation. Sing into more spaciousness that you create through your breath. Is he in? Have fully hold way? Draw it all the way down into the lower lungs. The oxygen flowed through the old way into the hips and hamstrings, allowing yourself Just arrest him, keeping a gentle engagement's Rio authorities. Let's take three more rounds of breath here, even though you may be static on that unraveling of your spine, that wavelike motion three or spine and then slowly, slowly bring yourself all the way back. Bring your hands to the knees and then gently bring them back together on and lie onto your back. Bring both knees back into a chest, give it a little squeeze. Extend your left leg down to the floor and then got here, right knee over across to the left or regular hips right underneath each other and then unravel your right arm out of the side. Take a deep full breath in on, then slowly bring it back. Change sites even know what the hips and then your left knee all the way over across. And then I'm probably a left shoulder. Bring a left palm up to get deep full breath, maybe arching your back ever so slightly. Then again, exile just gently allowing your body to sing a little deeper and slowly bring your knees again back into your chest. We'll squeeze and then extend both legs down into your Shiva's. Now here in the matter Woods distance. Maybe give them a little wriggle here, draws a belly in and your palms rollout. Take a deep full breath and then excel completely and straight away. Relax completely and notice what this freedom and the spaciousness that he just created in your thighs and your hamstrings. Notice what it does to this relaxation period here at the end of your practice, notice what happens to the comfort level within the body. Notice what it does to your state of mind. Another few moments. Simply rest. New Sheba snow. - I'm and slowly that to become aware of your breathing, I have become aware of your body. Little wriggles with the toes on your fingers. Take a deep, full breath in men. Final movement coming back into the body is you bring alms above the head. Give yourself against I'm completely relax, bring both knees back into your chest and then slowly roll over to one stlead and gently presses off away. Back up on a nice long spine. Take a deep, full breath. Was Excel released completely? Bring up homes in front of your heart, gazed down towards the fingertips, where little moment is always off. That gratitude towards yourself. You practice your beautiful body for your ability to commit to yourself to step up onto him out in practice. Take care of yourself finding that space and that freedom within our bodies as well as our minds. No, my state 9. Well done my friend. You did it. Namaste.: I hope you enjoy today sessions where you did some great work for more space and freedom within the hips and the hamstrings allowing you to really cultivate and deep a strong foundation for you. Practice on the mat s well s off the mat in your life to keep coming back to your breath throughout the sessions, but also with in your life remind yourself off the importance off the impact that it can have on your nervous system. And as much as it often doesn't feel this way, you can really consciously choose to move back into control of your mind. So enjoy the rest of your weak. And I see you next week with our last session on the mat. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with me. Number stay. Bye for now.