Your Winning Photo Only 5 Steps Away | Monique Littlejohn | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. In this course

    • 3. Take camera everywhere

    • 4. Composition

    • 5. Theme1

    • 6. Theme2

    • 7. Rules1

    • 8. Sponsors

    • 9. Final tips


About This Class


I started entering and winning contests shortly after digital cameras came out. I’ll never forget when my husband, Chris gave me a Canon 2 megapixel camera with a zoom lens for Christmas. Since we lived in Sunny Santa Barbara, where the weather was always in the high ‘20s, even in the winter, we rushed out to Butterfly Beach in Montecito, and I photographed 2 kayakers paddling. It was a calm day, so there was a beautiful reflection on the water. I went online and searched “Free Photo Contests” and found one for a spice manufacturer that focused on spices to go on fish. Three months later, I received an email to let me know that I won. I received a gift basket full of their goodies, and I was hooked!

Fast forward to 2019. Since then, I’ve won awards in over 200 photography competitions. You could call me a photo contest junkie. In this course, I mention several tools that I use, and do not receive any affiliate income or other payment for mentioning them. I’m just sharing them with you so that you can have an edge on your next competition. I'll give you 5 easy to follow steps so that you can compete successfully in photo competitions.