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Your Ultimate Guide to Text Animation in After Effects

teacher avatar Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 01

    • 3. Lesson 02

    • 4. Lesson 03

    • 5. Lesson 04

    • 6. Title Animation 01

    • 7. Title Animation 02

    • 8. Title Animation 03

    • 9. End

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About This Class

In this course, I will be covering everything you need to know about text animation inside After Effects.

There are many hidden features inside the text tool in Adobe After Effects that many people do not know about it. Features that will take your text animation to a whole new level. These tools will make your animation process easier, more effective  and better-looking animations, plus some of these tools will give a better look to your typography in Aftereffects 

Enjoy and share your work with me. 

Things you need to complete the course 

Computer with 8GB RAM or more 

Processor i5 and above. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm Island, a motion graphic designer and photographer for almost 10 years in this cursed I'm going to teach you the text animation inside after effects. We will be going through all the tools in the text animation in after effects, and after that we'll be creating some really cool titles. Using Onley takes animation. You'll be creating titles like this. 2. Lesson 01: Hi, everyone. Welcome back. The text animation has a lot of features, so I made it a part part on in H. Listen, I'm going to cover one part. So in this listen to obey part one we will start with creating a new composition and then we will create a solid for ourselves. So the soil is only for the background. You can give it any corner that you want and I chose the purple. This is only background. That's why I will lock it so we don't accidentally selected now select e and the toll menu at our text and choose the cities that you want ultras. Their lawyer, as a fund on extra bold on will make it italic with white color. Now they're all think will start clicking the arrow beside the text and you will see the text on transformation in the taxi Hard The options for the animating text on the right side. You have any meat here. You have all the options to any major text and I will be teaching you how to use each of these. We will make it part by part in this. Listen, you're going to cover their second part, not the three D one video, and we will leave it for their last listen, so you'll start with the position whenever you add any of these animation toast like this is position. They all have the same options. They have the range selector, which has ain't start and offset. And then we have advance. And then we have the position, which will be the main thing for this animation. And now I will show you how to use all of this at the first thing you're going to do. You will play with the position, like to have your animation position and offset in the range selector. These two will give animation off your video and then with other options, you can change the way your text, any maze, like the behavior of your animation. So the position moves the whole text together. When we go to the offset, it will affect letter by letter. Now let's give a cue from toe are offset from 0 to 100. Give the animation. So this is our animation. We will make it more smooth by easy easing the key frames on playing with the caress of it and now in the advanced section. We will change the behavior of the animation. So we have many options here that we can change the behavior off our text. First, we have unit, we have percentage and index. For my experience, there were no such a big difference between percentage on index, so I always living on the percentage. The second thing is based on. So based on we have characters characters excluding spaces and words on lines, it's always on the characters like by default. You can have characters excluding spaces, which will exclude the spaces. And we have words. So this will effect word by word, not let her by letters, and the last one is lines. If you have more lines off the text, it will affect the lines. After that, we have mood. Now it's on the at. It's affecting our text, its animating from below to above. When you make a subtract, it will behave as animation is already there and they're when you play with the offset, it will end. Do the animation. Basically, it's like reverse, depending on my experience. Other options in mood mostly act like at only subtract. Reverse the animation so Yeah, at least for the position. They don't do anything now. We will go to the amount so amount work directly with the position you give a value to the position and amount will decide the percentage of the value applied to the text. Now we have the shape, the shape, decide the look off the animation that is applied to the text. It's on the sick wear, so it's trade. It's like a books pushing all the letters above. If we change it, it will change the look how these letters pushed above. As you see, we have ramped up now it changed the law. We can tweak it with these. High end is low way have many other options inside shape. You can trigger them with these high and is low like other one. So it's like this. It changed the look off how the animation is applied to the text. So as you can see this strangle on, you can see the shape of a triangle there and now we have round eyes can see it's a round shape now, and smooth will act the same thing. So this advance too many options and too many things that you can do with advanced to change the look off your animation. The possibilities are unlimited and at the end we have friend demise. So, as the name tells it, were undermines everything in this animation, so the animation will be applied randomly. This everything that you can tweak to any made the position in the text animate, and these options are available for everything else in the text. Any meat. As you can see, we have the same options for the scale. The only thing that changed hair is the animation. It will be applied to the scaling, not the position. So let's give a value to the scale and in the offset we will. Any made letter by letter? Let's give it a key friend we wanted from 0 to 100 and just like the position he will take this animation in advanced. We can apply this animation to the words not only the letters on, we can change the way that the animation is applied to this text. So basically everything else in advance is just like the one that in the position the only thing that change is the effects are on the scale not the position. Feel free to play with everything here until you get the look that you want. Now we will move to this cave so the ski works like position and scaling. It's only like excused the words you can see. And with the ski we have sq access and skew like axes. It shows the direction over this killing. And this cue the amount of this cue that you give to the work. Something else that we didn't cover yet is the ankle point off age letter is the anchor point of it. Something else that we didn't cover yet is the anchor point off each letter, not anchor. Point off the whole text anchor point off each letter, You can change it. And by changing the anchor point, the animation will be Change it accordingly. And this applies to their skill on position as well. So now I don't want to cover everything in advance again. You just play with it and see how it will change the scaling animation on your text. Okay, Now we will move to the rotation. Well, did this one and moving to the rotation. So the rotation I don't want to repeat this again, but it is the same thing. The only thing that changed is the animation is where the rotation Okay, this is all about. The irritation is just the same as others. And now we will move to the opacity. So the opacity is the same. The animation will be on the oppressed, so the techniques and options are the same. - Okay , this was the opacity. Now we will move through the last one, which is all transferring properties. This will add everything together. Like you will make change in everything like skill with the Shan scale pastie. And when you play with their offset, the offset is for all of them together. Before that, each of them has their offset. Now all of them have one upset. So any change that you make when you play with the offset, it will apply that change. As you can see, just like this. And for sure you have advanced options to change the local animation. Okay, Now you covered all of them. We only left with one which I forget to cover Anchor point. I will no show you how this works. It's basically the animation over the anchor point on. Everything else works the same as the others. So you're just playing with it until you get the look that you desire. Okay, Now we covered each individual, how it works and all transferring prepared. These which adds all of them together with one offset I will know show you how to make a nice animation combining all these together as you see the possibility off animating your text is unlimited. You can do a lot of stuff with it. So we did this animation with all transferring properties in one animator with one offset, we can add individual properties like a pastie scale position. Each of them will have their own offset and own any major no at position. Animator, you will add another animator but make sure that you decent like the position any major first and now we will add opacity. Now we have to any maters in the same text and we can any made them individually like position individually and a pest individually. And this gives you a whole new flexibility for animating cure text. So imagine what you can do with all these possibilities with text animation eso just to make it clear that here we have to offset One of them is for the position. Another is for the opacity. And as you can see, we are playing with the key friend individually to get the look. Everyone don't forget when you want to add a new animator, make sure that the animated that are already on your text are not selected. Otherwise they will go to the same animator on if they will be affected by the same officer . Okay, Now that you understand how to use all of these takes properties in text animation, go ahead on do yours on Don't forget to shared with me and I will soon the next listen to cover the other possible for text animation. 3. Lesson 02: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to cover the second part of text animation. We will cover the colors, the field color and stroke color on then struck. So it's all about the coloring and they're struck with First I will add Some struck to the text on will change the color to something that we can see to start. We will remove the key firms that in the previous listen and also the animate you'll remove them and now your at field color RGB So our job is basically we're adding a Connor text the original color off the text that you will give it in the text ocean and now you have another color. With this, you can animate the color between the original color off the text and color that you just give it in the RGB. Okay, now that we choose the color now we can move between the two colors, the main car on the car. We give it in the RGB in the offset. All you have to do now is to play with the advanced on other settings to change the way it looks like it moves between the colors and that's it. I don't want to talk a lot about all the details because he already covered everything in advance. All you have to do now to play with it. Okay? Okay. Okay. Now we will move to another animated, which is Hugh. You work just like the effect, hue and saturation. You need to give a car to your text so you can play with the U. Because in the white, it will not change. It should be another color. So when you play with you, it will change the colors. Okay, Now, I jumped a bit, but I didn't do anything you just need now toe put the heel toe X 11 X, I mean and then play with the offset. As you can see, when you play with offset, each letter will change the colors depending on the value that we give it in the heel. Now move to advance and play with the sittings and see how it will change the look off your text. As you can see when you make it ramp up, See how called defectors Rainbow. Okay, Now go ahead on to play with every single sitting care and see what we come up with. Okay? Now we will move to the saturation. Saturation is the such freshen over the field color the color to give. It will play with the saturation. Some not going to go and do thin this one, because it's clear that the place with the situation, as you can see you can make it zero to take away all the color. We can make it 100 to give all the color to it. And then in the upset, it can play with it. Any advance, you can change the sitting toe, change their local it, and now you will move to the brightness. So this is the brightness of the color. We can make it 100 or you make it the minus 100 to be dark and then play with the sitting and you can any made it like everything else. Now we were moved with opacity. So it is the opacity of the field color. Basically, you're playing with the opacity only for the field color. Recover the opacity in the previous listen, which is the opacity of the whole text. Now it's the opacity for only the field color the streak will remain the same and you play with their feel color. So I don't have to repeat myself. You just go ahead and play with every sittings and see what you come up with. OK, guys, now we will move to their stroke. So the stroke color is the same hospital color. It's only like their effects applies to their stroke. So I'll give you a chance to test on this one, and you do it yourself. I'm not going to cover anything here because it is the same field color. They only think a zai say it applies to district. So go ahead on do some tests. Okay, Now we will move to the final thinking this listen which is struck with So this, as the name tells it, affects their What's the struck on? We're gonna need it just like everything else. The animation towards all the same. So, guys, I don't want to make this video too long and repeat everything that I already mentioned in previous videos. You go ahead and play with the animation of the strip. The tools are the same, and I'll see you in the next listen and we will be covering the trucking and other stuff in text animation. 4. Lesson 03: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to cover trucking line anchor and line spacing. So trucking is the space between the letters were going to any made that we can only made that in two ways. We can animated in the tracking abound and give it a key friend to do it like this or we can any made it in the offset, which will be letter by letter like we will any made little by later. But now we only made them all together with trucking amount. As you can see, the anchor point is in the left side on the animation starts there. If you want to change that, we have to add another thing, which is line anchor the line anchor. You can add it in the same animator. You don't have to add a new. Any matter can add it in the same enemy. Just click on your animator and now at a line anchor. When you add the line anchor, it's already in 15. It means it is in the middle. You can move it around toe, change the anchor. That was no bank for sure you can. And he made that as well. So go ahead. I'm playing with everything in a current. The last thing that we're going to cover in this listen is line spacing, which is the space between the lines. If you have a text that has more than one line, you can any made the space between them with this one and all the sittings and properties are the same us any later in the text animation. Okay, I will leave this for you. You go ahead and test for yourself. I'll see you in their next listen and you're covering something called the next list. 5. Lesson 04: Hi everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, I'm going to cover the last part with text animation. Character offset character value. So in this listen, I'm not going to cover everything because I already covered every option that is in their dicks animation. This is basically the same. It's only that this character offset life. It changed the characters and then with range selector in the offset can change it letter by letter in advance. You can change everything and also character value is for their numbers. And then we have the blur blur. It blurs their letters on you. Can any made the blurring with officer? So I just didn't want to repeat myself. As I said before, most everything in this text animation, they have the same options. Same parities. There are only different in the behavior. Okay, guys, something up that I didn't cover in the previous listens is this one. When any major when you click in the ever decided you have two options properties and also the selector in the selector you have three options. This is what I learned. Cover we have framed with on expression range can add another wrench journeys at another upset on and start your animation and we go, it wriggles the animation, depending on what the animation using skill position or Blair or anything we go will change this animation by wiggling, and you just try to yourself and the expression as it's obvious you will at any expression that you have. Okay, now that we covered every properties in the text any made, we will move to the path. Option is something else in text. You can draw any mask on your text, and the text will follow the mask just like this. Come to the path options on Select your mask and here you can see just click on the reverse the past Make it one. Now we have this and now you can any made it The first and last merchant you can any major text imagine combining this animation with all the other animation that you have, for example, the coloring, the scale that there or they're offset. You can create unlimited types of animation with a combination off all these properties, so the phones are not always letters and text. If we have phones that have been in like this, one can be made these things just like this one. Okay, guys, by this we came to danger off this. Listen, you're done with all the text properties in the next. Listens under to show you how to make some professional titles using these techniques that I just told you. I'll see you the next listen. 6. Title Animation 01: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, I'm going to show you how to make this exact title. So let's do it together. First thing we'll create a new composition which will be HD on. You will name it fixed one and we will create a background way. Right? Click on new solid on we choose a car calling my own Choose purple. Okay. It seems like this not the color that I want. I will go to effects and then generate and then fail Now he wrote True is the color that you want purple turned that I want is this one right now we will look the layer so we don't , uh, select it accidentally. And now you will write or text, which is motion. You can choose any fixed that one And the fund will be a runaway on black And the letters will be small, which was the size Now this is the size that I want. Okay. Now we will use that text animation that we just, uh covered in the previous listens to any made this text You will give the position. Okay. Now you will play with the position first and then we will give the scale so this animation will be positioned on skills. Okay, Now we want or text to come from above to Don't like up to down letter by letter. We will put the position on this value as can see on. Then we will animated in the offset. Okay, not any made this We will give a key firm to the offset for one second. The first key from will be zero and the 2nd 1 will be 100 on just like this. Have the animation. Now we will. There is ease. The key friends will go to the care of to smoothen our animation just like this. Okay, great. Is what anymore? Okay, now we will add the skill animation. We want our letters to come like small on. When they come down, they will be full size. So we will name this position animation and he will add the scale animations. Okay. Okay. Now we will go to the any made make sure that you're not selecting the position Animator on your butt. Any made on uh give this now in the scale we will get evolve into the scale. We will make it 85 it's 100 Full size will make it 85 because you want our text to be small . And then when they come down, they will be full size. There will be 100 just like this. We will put make it 85 on then in the offset you will any make that text? It's going to see like this, But we will give a key frame. The key firm duration will be just like the duration over the key friends that he gave for the position. So it will be zero for the first key friend on the second key friend. I can see you will have the same direction over the position. So just like this, they will come small on. And they which their final position. They will be full size and nanny. Well, eyes ease our animation to make it more smooth with the Karev's. Okay, great. Thats what do you want now we will double ic eight this text because one another text which is designer motion designer I will dedicated because the animation over the designer will be the same as this. So we will name this designer on. Then we will change the text in the composition to be a designer. Great. We'll bring it down and make it smaller. Okay, great. Well, OK. We don't want animation with animation to be at the same time, so we will move in the timeline. We'll change their position in your timeline. You want motion and then designed to cover. But as you can see, they're not coming from nothing that they're there. So we want to disappear them like they will come from nothing. For this. We will use the track. Matte. We will create a shape layer and put it above. Or text. You will put the shape exactly where we want to work. Text to come from just like this one. Okay, if you don't have the truck mud in your timeline, go to the bottom of the timeline. Where is the toggle switch? And now you have the track matte option in your timeline. Just put the shape layer above your text and then put it on Alfa in. And now you have the animation, the emotion coming from nothing. So the next thing is you will do the same for the designer. We will put the text will put the shape layer above the designer. Well, just duplicate this one on, then make it visible on. We will put the shape to the place that we want designer to come from. So it will be right below the motion text and you put it on the outside. Sorry, the text was invisible. Now we have animation, so you can see you may face these kinds of issues. You just tweak the position of the shape on that. You should be fine. The timing between the motion on designer Isabel took so I'm going to move it around to see what works. OK, now is good. That's what I like. Okay, Great. Now we will go to the final element, which is the shape layer above the text. This says shape, Let's make it and we will. Any made the position? It will come from above, like from top to bottom, just like everything else. And it will be the first thing that's coming out. So let's just do it. Okay? Now we will. Any made the shape layer will give the key frame to the position. It will come from above toe down Eazy e's and you will smoothen our animation. Okay? My computer is looking now solo this layer on, you'll see when we will take the animation. We'll move the key from around until I reached something that I like. You just follow me. Okay? Things this What are you like now? You will on solo it on. I will move all other layers because he wanted the shape to come. First it'll come and then the other text will follow just like this. Great. So the shape layer we don't want to be visible for So just like that takes layers. You will give a drachma to it. You will create another shape. Make sure that you're not selecting the same layer just like this. You can see Recreate the shape in the same shape layer for the text. So I will under this on make sure nothing is selected on. Then I will create another shape. Now we have another new Now we have a new shape layer and real position where we want the shape layer to come from. Okay, great. Now make it invert else for the plane. Great. Now, if you want to move everything together and we just create a null object on. Then we will Parenteau No object with this one. If you don't have it, can enable it, Colin. And now we will connected to that No object and we can move around and resize it. Does he want great surrounding nation? Hope you injury and I will seal in that next listen and you will be covering this animation . 7. Title Animation 02: Hi everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to cover this title, okay? Now we will create a new composition. Name it anything all name text for And then we will start with the background. Make a solid on. Then choose any car that you want for solid pictures. This color Now I'm going toe. Look this so I can play freely with text. No, we will create our text because I don't want to write this again. I will just copy and paste this to our text in this composition. And we will do the text line by line. So this is the fairest line we're going to Any made this working on collecting the text on ? We want to play with the position. So in any mate we will choose position and what we want is to the text to come from below to above like trivial a word by word, not little. So now you will just play with the position here. Now, when you play with their offset, the text will go from below to above, but not word by word. Letter by letter. To fix this, we're going to advance on then based on, we'll make it work. And now Texas going word violent. Let's any made this by giving it some key friends. The key friends will give it to the offset. So the zero second will be zero on that one second will be 100. So our text now going up word by word on for sure. Don't forget to Easy is the care. So the animation is more smooth. Okay. Now, to create other titles, you're not going to do the same thing again. We're just duplicated on change the text just like the line above. I'm lazy. I don't want to write this. I will just copy and paste it. So now we have to alliance with the same animation. I just want to move the text of it. So it's in the right position, like the space between them. Okay, Now we will create the third line by public aiding question on also could be the text from this composition. So now we have three lions with the same animation and I will move it around, align with other texts, other lines. Now we have three of them on all three There. There are animating at the same time. So we don't want this But you're going to fix this later. So let's finish our animation. We went or text to come from nothing to reveal. So to do that you will create a shape layer and we will put this shape layer below the text where we want it takes tow come from for example, this now with six coming from this. But we want the shape to be invisible. We will use Alfa invert to do that Put the shape layer above the line on put Alfa Now the shape is disappeared and the text is coming under it for the other two lines You will do the same. I'll just copy and paste this shape layer on put where I want our text to reveal now are lying to will start from here I want to live from here and now we'll put the text in Alfa inbred. If you don't have this option available, you can activate it from here with Taco and put in there We will do the same thing for the third line. Okay, Now our text animation is complete but all of them are coming together We do want this. We want the first line. Second line on, then Fair line. So I'm just going to move around the layers in the timeline. Now we have the first line coming first on the two other are following. Okay, guys, that this is the animation hope you enjoyed on Learn something. I will soon the next listen with the third text animation. 8. Title Animation 03: Hi everyone in this. Listen, you're going to create this title, okay? We'll start by creating a new composition and I will name it fixed to you can name it anything for sure. Onda, we will create our texts. Choose any text that you want. I have this text loving skills and then put your text in the middle of the composition. I'm using the railway form. You can use any fun and also they're all cups loss. So we will go to the properties in the text on any made in the past. If Ares I'll just name this any matter to capacity so I can truck what I'm doing. Okay. Now we will put the past a 20 So here it will be zero on. Then we will. Any made this and the upset. So now the letters are coming one by one. As you know, the animation is a pastie. So they are coming from nothing. We don't want our text to come one after another. We want them to be run them so we will turn on the random in advance. Now the letters are coming One normally let's any made this by giving key frame to the offset. So the first key frame will be zero. And at one second it will be 100. No, our letters are animating, coming randomly from nothing to something. Two letters. We will smooth our animation by making it easy, Easy. I'm playing with the cares, So just play with it until you get the desired Any nation great. We animated the opacity. Now we want to. Any made their space between them on, we will play with the trucking. I'll just name destroying any major. Okay, now that trucking is controlling the space between the letters, but the anchor point is not in the right place. They're going toe one side, which is the right side. You wanted to be in the middle. To do that in the trucking animator prepared T zero At Line Anchor online anchor will be at 15 minutes. In the 15 the animation will be controlled from the middle. Great, let's make our animation by giving a key frame to the trucking amount. So at the 2nd 1 it will be zero and a zero second. It will be 38 because you can see we just play with it until you get the desired look. Maybe 25. 38. You see how you like that information for sure. We will smoothen our animation by making it easy ease and playing with caps. Okay, Now we will create the background shape. So just change the color because the background shape will be white. Come see our text. No, we will adjust our shape layer. Okay. Make sure the banker point is in the middle. You can control the anchor point by a pressing wife Gave me one the corners to be around Just click on the shape on hair in the that you can add the round corners And now play with a month ago the roundness something grown 115 16 Great! We will know and he made the shape We want our shape to scale from the middle to the sites So we are going to give a key friend to their scale At the 2nd 1 it will be full skill And the zero second it will be zero. Do you want to Nothing toe just like this. Now we will smoothen our animation by making it easier on playing with cares You just play with the carrots until you give the desired look. The desert animation Just for a long. Okay, guys, just any mission on going to move the layers on key frames a bit. You just watch me and do the same as I do. We'll put the video behind our text animation and now the last thing we want to cut up the place of the letters in the shape we want to see through the shape to do this, put the shape in Alfa in there. So this is the animation. Now you can change the color or your shape layer. Put any color that you want. I like white myself. But you can do anything. Okay, guys, this is vain over this. Listen, thanks for watching. 9. End: Okay, guys, hope you drink this curse and learn something new. Don't forget to share your projects with me on. If you enjoyed this curse, follow me. Because more course will becoming very son. I'll see him the next curse. Bye bye.