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Your Success Month | Mindset For Success

teacher avatar Sarah Humphreys, Light Up your Brand

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro | Welcome

    • 2. Vision Statement

    • 3. Visualisation

    • 4. Guided Visualisation

    • 5. Positive Affirmations

    • 6. Daily Success Routine

    • 7. Mindset For Success Review

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


I'm so excited to do this class as its a topic that means so much to me, I truly believe you can train your mindset to create your success. This is a great class to to accompany my first class Your Success Month | The Productivity Challenge Get Things Done 

This class suits absolutely everyone, and is great to help push past not only business fears and reach your goals, but it's also great to use in all aspects of your personal life where you have fear to face or hurdles to get over.

This class also includes a workbook for you to print out. Click here for YOUR SUCCESS MONTH | MINDSET FOR SUCCESS WORK BOOK

I've also included a free gift for you in this class on the last page of the workbook which accompanies this class  

What to expect - 

 Intro | Welcome

Vision Statement


Guilded Visualisation

Positive Affirmations

Daily Routine 

Mindset For Success Review 

Final Thoughts 

Daily success routine 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Humphreys

Light Up your Brand





Hi...thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm Sarah, a certified business and confidence coach

I love more than anything the powerful mix of mindset and business. I know that to run a successful business mindset really takes the center stage especially when it comes to selling, whatever your business you're in selling marketing is essential so having the confidence to do that really is the key. 

For over 20 years I've run my own businesses, so I have walked the same path as you, all the while investing in my education regarding my business development and growth. 

I'm driven by your success.  

I really hope you enjoy my classes 


Sarah  <... See full profile

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1. Intro | Welcome: Hello. I'm Severn Humphries, Eddie, turned publisher of Inspire Brides magazine. I'd like to welcome you to this class all about creating a mindset for success. I'm absolutely is so excited about this class. It's my favorite topic, training your mind for success because what's going on inside of my mind affects how I move forward with my business. So this is your chance to turn your dreams into reality on push forward from any resistance . When you set goals after the initial excitement, it can often bring fair overwhelm, and we'll rate. So we need classes. I will show you a few tips and tricks that you can use on how you can bring them into your everyday life to help you to create a mindset for success. I look forward to seeing you in the first class. 2. Vision Statement : way I welcome to the first class. This class is all about your vision statement. There was so many different exercises we can use to help us keep on track mentally and emotionally. Often it's a case of getting really focused on doing the things which works best for you on what resonates with you in this class. I intend to help you create your own recipe for a mindset for success. I will give you lots of it samples of exercises you can do to help you to achieve your dreams and goals, and then you can move forward and do what resonates best with you. Ultimately, the aim is for you to do things that make you feel unstoppable things that help you to move away from the negativity. Doubt some worries and how she stayed positive to train your mind for success. So you feel like you want to feel and know how you don't want to feel by factor in. In a few steps into your everyday routine, you'll be heading on the right path to help your mind and body be programmed to feel success. Abundance enjoy so you can get intentional about creating your life that you want to live. The first part of this class is to print out the workbook I've made to follow this class. I've also added a gift for you at the end of the workbook, which will help keep you motivated all the way through. So please turn to the first page of your workbook who fill out that section on what your vision is. This could be a mixture of your long term vision. The things you want to accomplish this year. This month, for example, it could bay. I will publish my first book. It will be a massive seller and will bring me a substantial passive income. I will buy a new family car and take my family on our dream holiday. I will learn X amount of money. I'm also very, very grateful for having my family and friends of AM May. So please write out and empowering statement which encapsulate what you want to bring into your life. This has to really mean something, Teoh, and take a few moments to do this. Don't wish it sit and have a think. And then after you've done that, I'll see you over on the next class 3. Visualisation : Hello and welcome to this next class, which is all about visualization. We have to exercise our mind muscles every day to make them stronger and stronger at moving past negativity. Doubts, fears, and Bob is so we can keep going and fulfill our dreams. So in order to help you do this, I've created a selection of activities that you can use to help you keep your mindset positive. So follow the workbook and decide which resonates best with you Vision Board. If you've not been a vision board before, this is a great way to actually have a visual picture of your gold to help you to create your mindset for success, refer back to your statement on the previous page on Find pictures of things you've written down. Maybe want a new car or to take your family on holiday. Buy a new wardrobe of Chloe's. We'll buy a new house, cut out the pictures and stick them on your vision board. Or create a mood board online and print it out of. The important thing is here, but you can see your vision board every day. Put your vision board up in your bedroom or your workspace wherever you will see it daily to remind you of what you want to achieve, you can also go one step further on research. The cost of that holiday you could book of viewing of the dream house or you could test drive that car he stepped will give you extra drive to achieving your dreams. The next page in the workbook is about your gold box on this page. Right down. Four more things. As before, Please refer back to your vision statement on the first page and in each box, right, a different goal. Or you could even write a positive affirmation. Cut out each one and carefully folder and place in a small team or pretty box every day. Get yourself in a quiet space. Take out your box and choose one of your gold and sit for a minute or two. Imagine in what you have written now here's the important bit you have to image. Imagine the whole process. You need to sit on. Imagine writing the book, get in the book, published seeing your book for sale in the High Street shop on Amazon on, then perched in the book. So you imagine in the whole process, not just the finished product. When you're finished, put that girl back in the box and then pick another one tomorrow. It's also great toward positive affirmations. Disease can be so powerful especially, especially if you're having a time where you're feeling worry and doubt about what you're doing. When you've done that, please head over to the next class. 4. Guided Visualisation : this class is all about guided visualization, So hop on to the next page of your workbook on. You'll stay on that page. It's about your guided visualisation. I've set out a guideline on there for you, and then you can create your own version. So you've got your own guarded regionalisation to listen to on. This will be really powerful, as it will really resonate with you on. Be personal to you and you can make it is long or a short If you want. Please find the next page in your workbook called guided visualisation. Fill in the blank care were of the sheet with affirmations or dreams that strongly resonate with you. It could be I will have my most successful year yet, or it could be money flows to me easily, or I am grateful for my life. Please use that space to fill out and put in whatever you think will really resonate with you on. Have a real meaning with you, which have done that. Decide how you will the core generation, possibly the easiest ways on your phone. You will need to record yourself. Repeat in the spoken part of the text that I have typed out and then not on the part you have fielded. Remember to leave a minute or two quiet time so you can have space to visualize what you have written. Then repeat the last part of the text. You can then either edit that with relaxing music playing in the background or just use it is it is. Try and listen to it every day. Okay, We'll see you in the next class. 5. Positive Affirmations : Hello and welcome to this next class about positive affirmations. It could be so powerful, Andi empowering seeing positive affirmations around your daily life after in a page of positive affirmations for you in the workbook. So please print it off and cut those out, and you can put them on your vision board or around your work space or wherever you like. Another idea that you can do to use for your positive affirmations is you can also design with your favorite quote or reformation something that your wallpaper on your phone that's something you definitely can't avoid saying. I also love to design mining, toe a picture which are then print out. I have one next to my bed on one, directly in my eye line where I work. If you can't think of a positive affirmation, then go on to Pinterest or something similar and search positive affirmations or positive quotes Scroll down to find something that really resonates with you. It could be a I choose to be happy all my strengths of greater than my struggles or I can do this. Then go on to camber or something similar to design your picture. What a load of free stock image or just have a colored background. Type out your quote and then it's ready to print out as a gift to you. I have designed one for you on the last page of this workbook, something which I hope will keep you motivated all the way through these classes on it will help you to achieve your wildest dreams. I look forward to seeing you in the next class. 6. Daily Success Routine : Hi. This class is all about daily routines. If you go into the next page of your workbook, it's all about daily successfully. Teens. I've created a list of small things you can add on to your day to help you feel super positive about your goals and about how you're going to achieve them. I suggestions. Choose in a couple of things off the list and trying to bite them onto your daily routine Morning visualization. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes vividly visualizing that its end of the year and you have achieved all you want. Have fun with this. Get lost in your imagination on experience. Having what you want, work your mind muscles to help you create a wonderful reality for yourself. You could also use your guided visualization to help with this. Feel grateful? Think of three things you're most grateful for. Today. I'm really filled the gratitude spread through your body. Be thankful for the wonderful things that happened in your day, whether it's just your here, breathing and living. When you focus on what you're truly grateful for, you will welcome more into your life. You can also want this in a journal each day or 10 yeah. Check in with your thoughts. Chicken with your thoughts every day. Take a moment and think about how your day's going, what you've been focusing on and adjust accordingly. You could also take a break and read your affirmations. Get outside. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes having some quiet time, go outside and take a walk. Enjoying nature. You could also start tracking your daily steps to give you a reason to get outside. Personal development. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes every day on personal development on learning more about success. Whether it's watching an inspiring video listening to a podcast read in the block, read in a chapter of a book. Just take the time to learn and grow. On a personal level. Get focused. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes getting clear about your guy ahead. What do your top goals for the day? What do you want to accomplish today? What test you need to complete and at what time Create your direction for the day. Have foot every day. Take a moment to get intentional about how you're going. Tough foot and feel good having fun in feeling good is transformational, so make it part of every single day. What will you do today to have some food? Now go on to the next page of your workbook, and that's some things into your daily success routine planner and try and do them the same time every day. I'd love to hear how you getting on with this, So please use the discussion board on comment below and let us know how you're getting on with this. What daily success routines have you chosen to try? Or are you reading some great books? Anything that could inspire us, Please post below and let us know how you getting on. I'll see you over on the next class. 7. Mindset For Success Review : Hi. Welcome to this class. I'm really interested to know how you've got on, so please use the last page in your workbook on Philly towel. And let's see how your positive mindset has dramatically improved your business and your personal life. So what has been your biggest achievement off the month? Was there anything you wanted to achieve but didn't on? What could you improve on? Please fill that out. And I would love you to let us know how you've got on posting the projects below and let us know how your month is Bean. So your project is to take action on choosing a few of the mindset for success ideas on let them to your daily life. Let them become part of your routine after a month, fill out your mindset for success Review page and see how these few simple steps have made a difference in your life. So what is being your biggest achievement? Was there anything you wanted to achieve but didn't? And what could you improve on? Please, If you have any questions, please comment in the discussion section also, let me know how you getting on with this project of really interested to know this class works really well with the others in this collection of classes called Your Success Mints. So please check them out, too. I look forward to seeing you in the next class. 8. Final Thoughts : we've come to the end now. Thank you for joining me in these classes. I've thoroughly enjoyed creating this mindset for success Class. It's such a great class, and I know you will get so much from it. I'm really interested to hear about how you've got on. So please post below in the discussions board. Andi, ask any questions? I'm always willing to answer any thoughts of ideas that you've got. This class is a great partner for the classes I've got in this series. So please follow May and you'll get all the highlights on when the other classes air coming out. I look forward to seeing you in another class.