Your Success Month | Mindset For Success

Sarah Humphreys, Light Up your Brand

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8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro | Welcome

    • 2. Vision Statement

    • 3. Visualisation

    • 4. Guided Visualisation

    • 5. Positive Affirmations

    • 6. Daily Success Routine

    • 7. Mindset For Success Review

    • 8. Final Thoughts


Project Description

I'm so excited to do this class as its a topic that means so much to me, I truly believe you can train your mindset to create your success. This is a great class to to accompany my first class Your Success Month | The Productivity Challenge Get Things Done 

This class suits absolutely everyone, and is great to help push past not only business fears and reach your goals, but it's also great to use in all aspects of your personal life where you have fear to face or hurdles to get over.

This class also includes a workbook for you to print out. Click here for YOUR SUCCESS MONTH | MINDSET FOR SUCCESS WORK BOOK

I've also included a free gift for you in this class on the last page of the workbook which accompanies this class  

Go through the classes and decide which actions really resonate with you, pick those out and create your own personal recipe for your Mindset For Success and use them in your Daily Routine.

After a few weeks to a month fill out your Mindset For Success Review page and shout about your wins in the discussion board. 

Show us your vision boards and share your favourite positive affirmations.

Have fun creating your personal recipe for a Mindset For Success 

Sarah :)  

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