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Your Success Month | How To Attract Your Ideal Customers

Sarah Humphreys, Light Up your Brand

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6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Business & Lifestyle Goals

    • 3. Business & Competition Assessment

    • 4. Your Ideal Customer

    • 5. Branding & Positioning

    • 6. Marketing & Sales


About This Class

Hello, and welcome to this mini course all about How To Attract Your Ideal Customers, to do that your your business foundations have to be rock solid.

No matter where you are at with your business, it is essential to revisit your business foundations regularly, to check you are still aligned in all areas of your business. 

This course is idea for, new businesses, if you are re branding, a business pivot, also for a once a year check up on your business. 

The course covers -

  • Your business & lifestyle goals 
  • Business and competition assessment
  • Discover your ideal customer 
  • Branding and positioning 
  • Marketing and sales 

There is also a downloadable PDF workbook that you can print out to follow along with the classes. Remember to download the PDF this will be a perfect blueprint for you to follow throughout the year   

If you have any questions please ask in the comments and I will get back to you ASAP 

I hope you enjoy this mini course, I look forward to hearing about you discoveries 




1. Welcome : Hello and welcome. I'm Sever Humphries, and I'm so excited to share this course with you as, and now it's going to make such a big difference to your business. This course will cover all those key business foundation points are so important because when you are ticking all of the right boxes, you will attract your dream customers easily. But so often I can see where businesses are just missing that link on that will really impact on them, getting the perfect message across because we need our dream kind to light up when they see our business, Whether it's our website or on social media or when we have direct contact with them, everything about you needs to resonate with your customers. So we will be looking at your business and lifestyle goals, the core of your business. What were your business or like in 2019? What were your business stand for? Understand who you're amazing. Customers are on what you're going to do to get to know them better next year. I look forward to seeing you in the first class 2. Business & Lifestyle Goals : Hello and welcome to the first class in this class. Real focus in on your business and your lifestyle goals. These are vitally important. And without these, it really is like getting in your car without any idea where you are going. When you are really clear on these, you could build everything else around them. So what? I want you to think off first, it What is your mission in terms of your business? Ah, good way to think of this is what you want to be known for. What is the heart and soul of your business? If you're not sure, right out a few things and think about who are you trying to serve? And you really need to get specific with this because getting clarity around your mission could take a little while to sit and brainstorm. What does your business stand for? And what are your core values? Do you want to be known for being friendly and supportive or authentic, or sort of keeping it real type of business, what it feels like in your heart, then you really must go for that. What is the vibe in the energy of your business? What is it that you want to get across? What is a uniqueness of your business? This can be ever revolving. A good idea is to look at businesses you admire. Many try and work out why you love them. Once it is on in place, you can look back and think. Does this align with my business? Will people trust? May companies are doing really well. That's because they have created something that is so aligned and resonates with their customers that people really love them and can't wait to share what they've discovered with the people they know. So I always try and create something that's so great people will be raving about it. Lifestyle goals In this stage, you're going toe. Identify your ideal lifestyle goals on Understand the magic number representing your income aspirations. And he's sure that your business fisher ambition in your lifestyle it's so important that you started. You mean to finish and really hone in on your goals. No matter whether you've had a level of success already, or whether you're just starting out, be very, very clear on your lifestyle goals so that your wine much is your business model. First, I want you to look at your boundaries. I'm really lay out your boundaries clearly and communicate these to your clients and also your own boundaries. What hours do you want to work? Identify your income aspirations and then you can put together a very clear business and lifestyle goal that we're now guide every decision you make. If you're already in business, be certainly your products and offerings on your business structure. Support these goals. 3. Business & Competition Assessment : hello and welcome to the next class. This class is about business and competition. I'm gonna assess those areas because you need a really clear understanding of what makes your business so special. What are your unique talents on? What can you bring to your business on that your clients just love and equally, what is it that your competition are offering on that provides an opportunity in a threat for you? Think about what makes you unique. Now, this is something that creative struggle with, and you need to really know down your niche and get as clear as possible about your target market. So please think what can you do that makes your business unique and stand out from the crowd. So we're going to focus on identifying your strength. What makes you special? What do you bring to the table? Identify your weaknesses. What, are you great at that? Be really honest here, identify your opportunities. What opportunities does your business have in the market on? Identify your threats. What outside factors could pose a threat to your healthy business 4. Your Ideal Customer : Hello and welcome to the Nets class in this class. We're talking all about your ideal customer because understanding your ideal customer is absolutely essential. A great way of doing this is to think of your best ideal customer that you've worked with. That went smoothly when price wasn't a problem and you communicated easily. Think of that person when you're thinking of who your ideal custom of is, and it will make your marketing in your sales much easier. The more work you do on being very clear here about what makes your ideal tick, the healthier your business will bay. So I really love you to focus on breaking it down in your mind to one person. So you imagine that one person and then you have the parameters, and you can visualize them when you're writing your blocks, your social media on creating things of value. So think about what you could do to get to know your customer. Better create the person in your mind and create that persona. Then you could do surveys, polls, questionnaires. You could use the Facebook question tools to engage with your audience, but keep these questions short on this way you can really drill down and get clear and clear on who that ideal customer is. So who is your ideal customer? Be very specific, including their demographic profile, that age, their location, that income level. What do they love to do? Where do they hang out? What motivates them on what turns them off? What are the pain points of your ideal client on what valued you add to your ideal customer situation. So if they hire you, what transformation do you provide for them? 5. Branding & Positioning : hello and welcome to the next class. This class is all about Brandon and positioning. Now you need to ensure your Brandon position aligns perfectly with everything you've decided in the previous classes. That means he's showing your logo, your website, block, social media and all of the touch points of Spot on for your targeting and goals. Because your brand is your essence is your identity and voice because every successful business must take their Brandon seriously. And this is not just about two pretty logo. Regardless of whether you're new or you've been around in the industry for a while, here's what I'd like you to focus on, ensuring that your brand position in vision in on all communication is congruent with your business goals. Lifestyle goals on will resonate with your target market. Check that your website. All social media channels on every took customer touch point are consistent with your brand . If not, maybe it's time for an overhaul on. Then ensure that all your staff contractors and anyone who represents your brand has a guideline on what they can and cannot do, because your reputation is everything 6. Marketing & Sales : Hello and welcome back to the last class before I move on Teoh the marketing section. I just wanted to quickly go over the other sections that we've been through just for a quickly fresh. So we've looked at your business and foundation goals on your lifestyle goals. We did a business and the competition assessment. We had a good look, but who your ideal customer is because understanding your ideal customer is absolutely essential. We did your branding and positioning because we need to assure you, Brandon and position in perfectly matches in aligns with everything you've decided in the other classes on Now we're onto your market in any sales. It's only at this point that you should focus on your marketing. Don't make the mistake of becoming distracted by marketing and sales before you have laid down the foundations, adding value by doing block posts on social media, paid services and products. So this free content will send the message out your customers that will resonate with them and then will be really impressed with what you do. So I get really clear about what you were going to create and do a content session. What did people ask you for what are the most commonly asked questions? Take all of the work you have done in the other classes and divide the strategies that will attract and convert your ideal customers. Now here's what to focus on. Simple strategy is the best. Where are your ideal clients hanging out? Be there, Whether it's network in advertising off my referrals, insure your marketing is leading to your sales. What we mean by that is always great value upfront in your social media, your content, marketing and your advertising strategies, so that the sales are much easier. What valuable free content you can you create to align with your customer? It could be a broad post every week. Video. Facebook lives every week. All of this will help your business get known by more people. It's a sure way of weaving a Web online to gain authority and get noticed. Remember to keep it simple so you can focus on creating this content, then look atyour sale conversions. In many cases, you don't actually need more leads. You just need to know how to engage and convert the ones you attract in now. So product based businesses, if you're using Instagram. Try using quotes and images that show what your values are all about. Offer inspiration within your Brandon and colors and last of all as your customers what they would love. Well, we've come to the end. I'd like to thank you for joining May in this many course. I hope you've got a lot of value out of it. And you've really enjoyed it on. And I look forward to seeing how you get enough. Any questions? Just please send them my way. I'm always happy to answer questions. Thank you very much.