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Your Paint Business, Your Way! 6 Easy Steps A Furniture Painting Business!

teacher avatar Cassie Kitzmiller, Christian Women Business Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Intro to Paint Business Start-Up-All You Need to Start a Creative Furniture Painting Business!

    • 2. Business Basics

    • 3. Captivating Product Creation

    • 4. Lesson 3 Powerful Pricing Strategies

    • 5. Lesson 4 Mastering the Online Market

    • 6. Lesson 5 The Path to Consistent Sales

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About This Class

Build a Successful Business from Scratch with only a Paint Brush!!

What if I told you that you could be making real $$$, managing your own creative business, and turning profit in as little as 6 weeks?!

This course is exactly what you need to make that a reality!

I will personally walk you step-by-step through starting your own furniture painting business in 6 weeks or less with less than $100 up front cost.

If you are a creative entrepreneur, or want to become one, then this class is for you!

No prior experience in business or painting is necessary for this course. By the end of our time together you will be confident and equipped in:

-The legal steps necessary to start your business.

-How to decide on a name and start building your online presence.

-Insider tips and tricks to finding the perfect pieces to paint for maximum profit.

-How to stage and market your pieces for consistent sales.

-The simple and proven method to price your pieces to guarantee profit from Day 1!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cassie Kitzmiller

Christian Women Business Coach


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1. Intro to Paint Business Start-Up-All You Need to Start a Creative Furniture Painting Business!: Hello. My name is Cassie, and I am here to welcome you to the paint your way to profit masterclass. What are we gonna learn? Well, we're going to cover how to build a profitable furniture painting business from scratch. I am going to give you an overview of the step by steps that you need to take to start up your business. How to get started to find your first clients. And we're going to learn how to get money in the bank account. Who is this four? So this class is perfect. If you are a creative entrepreneur who was interested in making money from home, you have to be creative and passionate about making your own success. And I want you to be invested in making profit, not just sales, but profit from the get go. You don't have to be a perfectionist. This is for beginners. But you do have to mind getting a little bit messy. Uh, there's plenty of painters out there who stay meat. I am not one of them. And you also have to want to business that you can scale So these air This is a business that you can turn on and off on command, and the bigger you want to grow, the more options you have. This program is not for some people, though. It is not for anybody who is afraid of a little bit of elbow grease and getting some paint sayings wear old clothing on. And it's also not for anybody who is just looking for a way to make money without having to put in any effort. So what do you need to get started painting furniture for profit? Well, you need to be excited and willing to learn. You do have toe have a fairly healthy and sturdy physical body. Painting involves a lot of elbow work, a lot of shoulder work, repetition and lifting, and delivering the furniture pieces can be a little bit physical is well. You do have to have access to a few resource is which we will cover and a little bit to get started unless you happen to have these items already and also confidence. So you need the confidence to step up, grow fast, learn lots and, as I like to say, always fail forward what you do not have to have to get started. You don't have to have prior experience in sales, retail or even painting. Um, you do not have to have experience in furniture repair. Carpentry skills were just painting. Pieces were not going into repairing pieces. You do not have to have a lot of time or money up front. Minimal investment of time and money can wield great results, and you do not have to have experienced design, art or other fields. Some of the people I've found that are most successful of this really say they don't have a creative boat in their body. Five things that we are going to cover is building a strong foundation, creating captivating products, powerful pricing, mastering the online market and a path to consistent sales. So these are the things that we need to get started. Who is teaching this? Well, My name is Cassie Kitzmiller, and I am the founder of Christian Women business builders dot com. And I am so passionate about sharing this because, um, I went from owning a busy and demanding design store to being able to stay at home with my kiddos. So I did graduate from college with a degree in interior design and business. I've owned several designed stores. After I had Baby Boy number three, I stepped away from the business. I said I was a great state home mom for about two months, and then I needed something to keep you busy. So I started painting furniture, and I was amazed by the results of the demand. And now I'm often making Maura Month, um, stayed home, painting furniture, that I was going to work five days a week. So why am I teaching this course? Because I'm a really passionate about helping other people, um, learn how to create ate some extra income for themselves and their family with something that takes a little bit of investment up front. And it's a lot of fun. So I went from a stressed out mom A with kids at home school, our kids in daycare to being able to homeschool my eldest and take care of my two little ones. I have a baby sitter cup one day a week, and I'm able to have these results. I'm able to set my own schedule or work from home while still adding value to our family budget. I'm able to use creativity and drive that I'm not having a side Jordan MLM or investing a lot of expensive product, and I want to teach you to experience the same things. I want the success for you. So what can you expect? You can expect the basic knowledge you need to be able to build a business that you love, that you could work from home when and where. You want the flexibility to choose full or part time hours. You can make a profit from your very birds sale. There's little pressured, have a lot of inventory or overhead. You can turn it on and off that faucet you can build in scale as you grow and there's a limitless market. We're gonna talk about some ways to sell local as well as to expand your reach. So things were going to cover giving that business start up the supplies you need out of price to sell, getting started with an online audience and insider secrets to consistent sales. If this sounds like something you're interested in, I want you to hear the success of a few people that I have helped. So any went from stressed out over being a single income mama to being able to pay for her son's private school tuition. Meghan helped to fund her family's backyard dream, a swimming pool complete with a big cabana, and Jessica was able to open her own brick and mortar store after the success of her online page. She has so much demand and loved it so much that she actually opened her own store. So that was true for these ladies, and it could be true for you. Let's go ahead and jump into getting your business started. 2. Business Basics: Now it is time to jump into the first module on paint your way to profit. We're going to start out by covering the business basics to get your furniture painting business off on a strong and farm foundation. So what are we going to cover in building your business? We're going to learn the exact steps that you need to start your profitable furniture paint business. We're going to talk about how toe find furniture to paint and resell, and our main focused throughout. This whole process is to keep it simple. Sweetheart, we've all heard of Kiss. It's that concept do not make is overly complicated. This is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so don't make it hard, all right. The main reason that we're teaching this class is because we are going to talk about how do we find furniture to purchase? We simply paint it, and then we're going to sell it and make money. So it really is a simple concept. But I'm going to give you those little magic insights to take it to the next level. So if you are really into this, there are additional ways to monetize. You can paint pieces for clients that they already own and charge them. You can host your own painting or DEA Y classes. You can actually find a paint line and become a retailer for that paint line. You can do custom pieces for people. For example, front door pieces, really popular trays, cutting boards, clocks or big right now. Eccentrics. Edra. And if you're really handy, you could actually learn how to build your own furniture to paint and then resell. But the focus of this class is going to be finding pieces to buy paint and resell. So let's go ahead and get started. How do we start our paint business? Number one is research. We're going to research our niche. And what exactly does it work on offer? Then we're going to pick a name. We're going to cover how to do that. License your business so that it It's legal and everything is up front. We're going to register for taxes so you don't get kicked in the butt down the road. We're going to decide on what paint line we're going to cover, and we're going to set a budget to get started. So those are the basics to starting your business. You've heard the same. You don't know what you don't know. Well, that's why we always start with research. Researching takes a little bit of time up front. But I promise you it is going to save you time, money and aggravation down the road. So what are the things that we want to take some time to research. First things first is the style of painting that you're gonna offer. So take some time and go on Pinterest, Go on, Google. Go on which ever search engine is your favorite and start looking at painted furniture. You will be amazed at the variety of styles and the variety of options that are out there. And so it's important to research. What style do you want to become known for? We're gonna talk about some different things in future lessons on ways that you can stand out in the competition. And having a set style is one of those ways. So what paint lines do you want to explore, test or invest in? Just as there are different styles, there are also a lot of different brands of paint that you can use to paint your products. I do not recommend just going to your big box store and picking the line, but you certainly can. There's nothing wrong with that, but I do think it helps you stand out to have a specialty line that you use and represent. So what style? Sell best in your area. Go into your local sales pages on Facebook, Craigslist wherever. And look for other businesses that are maybe doing a similar thing and see what styles are popular. Look onto your friend's pages and see what looks they're using in their homes. It's important to match your furniture style to your target audience competitors in your area. So, while you're there, take some time to research. Who is doing something similar? What price points are they in? And is there something that you can offer that's a different than them online sales sites? You want to start making a list of places that you can sell your product and prices of how painted pieces air going in your area, But please do not set your prices. Based on these numbers, just be aware of what is selling in the market place. So spend some time on research. Get up, had a paper out and dig deep into these, um, different topics. All right, so now we're gonna talk about setting up your business. The most important thing to do to get started is not to overthink yet again. All of this is meant to be fun and enjoyable, and that starts with picking a name. So what are some tips for picking a name? Number one. You want it to be simple. Remember, kiss? Keep it simple, sweetheart. You want the name to be simple? My business name is paint it simple, so you can see I'm serious about that of you want it to be something that tells your audience what it is that you do. So you want it to be easy to remember. You want them to be able to easily type your name into a search box or recognize it when they see it. You wanted to be able the name to be available online and on social media platforms. So do a quick search for names. If you come up with a list, do a search and see if those names are available on your favorite social media platform. If not there maybe too much competition. You may want to think of something else. Four. It kind of hits at what to expect, and it kind of goes on. Number five is it's preparing buyers on what it is you're offering. So if you use words like furniture painting, re finishing repurpose ing, all of these words are things that will let your buyers know what to expect when they hear about your business. Can you use your name? Absolutely. But I do recommend adding something in there about what it is that you are going to offer us. Well, all right, here's where we get into the nitty gritty getting licensed. So if you are planning on doing this as a real business, which I hope you are, and even if you're doing it as a hobby business in most states, if you are making money, you are in business for yourself. So I highly recommend going ahead and taking care of the legal side so that they're not any problems down the road. Depending on your state, it can be as easy as becoming a sole proprietor, going down to your local county and city clerk's office and register in your business to be an official business. This should not be complicated. I was in and out the door and less than 10 minutes now I live in the county in the state of Tennessee, so it costs me $15. I walked in, gave her my name, my estimated sales for the year, and I had a business license. So it is not overly complicated now. Taxes can be a little bit more complicated. So if you are registering for taxes, I highly recommend going on to the IRS dot gov website to register for an E i n. All the e I N number is. It's like a Social Security number for your business, and you can use it to identify your business and tax documents. Do not, I repeat, do not go to a dot com site and pay for somebody to do this for you. There are businesses that try to kind of trick you into doing this for you. You don't need that. It's a fairly straightforward process, and it's usually get back to you in a day or two, so not complicated. Then you also can register your business on your local states government website This is where you register to pay your monthly sales tax. If your state collect sales tax and your quarterly income tax, if you make enough to qualify for that, if you have any questions on this, I have found that a small business accountant is a great place to call and just ask for a man appointment to ask him questions. They usually will happily do that at very low cost to no cost. So it's a great resource to reach out to. And finally, this is just a little freebie for me to you do not wait till your quote unquote big enough to start paying taxes back. Pain on taxes is not your friend. And if you are making money, especially if you are in a state with sales tax, you have to pay. So just because your little doesn't mean that you get out of that. So please, please, please set that up on the front end. All right, Now back into the fun stuff cheesing a paint slide. So how do we, um, dig in to finding a paint line that we really love? Testing the research that we did before we really go into this. You do not have toe have a set paint line that you use. You can kind of devil on dab in different brands. But I really do recommend that the more exclusivity you have, the better results you will get in building a following and becoming known for certain looks and quality. There are a lot of different paints out there that you can play with. Chalk paint is really big, my personal favorite, and I have a brand that I 11 used is a mineral paint, very low to no vo ces and really durable and does not taken additional topcoat. There's milk paint, if you like a little bit more of an aged look, and acrylic paint is more what you're gonna find at Lowe's Home Depot. Those kind of places, um, and there are also stains resins, eccentric Sentara. There are a lot of different brains out there now, so please do your do research. You want to kind of look into things like what style of finished do they produce the durability of the product? How easy is it to use? Availability is a big one. Is it something that you can access and get easily. The cost, of course, is a big part. How many steps is it to get your piece ready to sell color selection? Some lines are huge and color. Some have a little bit more limited palettes. So do you want more options, or do you prefer to keep it simple and then their social media presence? So if you can tie into their market and their success already, it helps. Your business is, well, online reviews vio si content. If you are sensitive or you're from a working inside VSE, top content can be huge. Um, and then finally, we're going to set a budget. So when we're setting a budget for our business, it's important to consider how big you want to grow and how fast. So if you are starting out small and for the purposes of this challenge, we're going to talk about flipping one piece. Your budget is very, very minimal, so we're gonna talk about a little bit more about finding the perfect piece to get started . But if you can find something around your whole, you can get started with probably less than $30 a can of good paint, a decent brush and some time and elbow grease is all you need to really get started so you can start your budget as low as $30. You can start at $50. If you're purchasing a piece, I would recommend starting in the 60 to $75 range. And by the time you add in your business license, you can be all in with a starting budget of around $100. Now, if you are serious about this and you are investing and you're you're going pro with this, honestly, a budget of about board of $500 will give you additional money to invest in a little bit more social media presence, some business cards, some marketing material scientists, those kind of things. But for our purposes, I'd say you could easily be all in at less than $100. All right, so quick overview of what we covered today. When starting your business, you want to research, take time to research the looks, the price points, the materials, other businesses in your area, your competitors. We're going to pick a name. We're gonna pick a name that it's simple, easy to remember, and that tells people what it is they can expect. We're going to get our business licensed. And for these purposes, we're going to start as a sole proprietor. Which means you just go to your county clerks office and register per business license under your business name. We're going to register for taxes. Do it now. It is so much better to go in educated and ready to go than to be surprised and caught with back taxes. We're going to decide on a paint line that we're going to start with, and we're going to set that initial budget. So that is the basics on how to start your profitable class. Now we get to get going on the fun stuff. So we're going to talk in the next lesson on how to pick the perfect peace and how to pitch find that are affordable and durable and strong. And we're going to really sell well. Four. Your continues exist. All right, I can't wait to get going. Meanwhile, in the homework and it under your projects, what I want you to do is research your paint lines competition and under the product project section, I want you to share with us your painting business name. Great. And I cannot wait to hear your names 3. Captivating Product Creation: testing Testing. 123 Testing 123 Welcome back to paint your weight a profit lesson, too. Captivating product creation. In this lesson, we're going to learn how to find products that are likely to sell and the basics of getting those pieces painted. So why is your product creation so important? Well, because your product is your business's reputation. The products you produce are what you become known for in the marketplace. So it is really, really important, especially when you're getting started to focus on quality of your work over quantity in just finding things, slapping on some paint and getting, um, salt. Do not rush the process and do not buy pieces unless you trust the peace. What do I mean by trust when we're talking belt further in the lesson, some of the things to look for when buying. But if it is something that you just get that weird feeling about past it up, it is not worth it. And finally, don't sell until you're happy. If you're not happy with the finished results, don't listed to sell yet, you want to make sure that the piece represents you and your best work So what are some things that we want to look for whenever we're getting started on painting our first project? Well, I like to say shock at home, especially for your first project. That means go into your house into your garage into the depths of your closet and look for a furniture piece that you can pate and list to sell. Now this could be almost anything for your first flip. For myself, this was an old and table that I had buried in the garage From a move. It could be a desk that you don't use any Maura plant. Stand a night stand just anything. Shop at home first. This is the perfect way to start your business with a really low up front investment. If you can't find something at home to flip, start with something that is a small piece and a small up front price to get started. So when you're ready to start shopping, here are some tips on places to look for some really great furniture items to flip. I like to say, Let's go digging. So where is the place to look? Well, reach out to your friends, your neighbors, your relatives anybody that you know that may be moving out. Um, some pieces in their whole were may have this extra pieces lying around. Ask them if they're willing to let anything go for a good price yard sales and garage sales , you confined the amazing buys at yard sales, garage sales tag sales. All of those second hand stores look in your local area and make a couple of connections there. If you get to know the shop owners a lot of times you can get they want. You call you when they get buys, and you could have first dibs. Facebook Marketplace Another great place to pick up some well price pieces. Local furniture stores Look for sales, an unpainted furniture stores. We used to have one in our area that I loved until it closed. You could go and buy just solid wood pieces that weren't finished yet. It's state sales and auctions. And believe it or not, you could even find things discarded on the curve. So any place you can pick up things at a low price of great what to look for When looking for was shopping for pieces to pain, I highly recommend starting with smaller pieces and then work your way up to the bigger projects. Why will This is twofold. Number one. I want you to gain confidence in your skills and in your painting abilities and number two . I want you to keep your investment lower on the get go before you start buying up Big piece . Other things to look for stolid would is always going Teoh. Be more durable. Take paint better than laminate plastic. Any of that mystery would stuff is out there. Nowadays, there are ways to paint these items, but just the quality and the amount of work that goes into it. I highly recommend looking for wood pieces, solid pieces. You want things that do not have damage. Like I said, we're not the furniture repair business. We're in the furniture painting business, so things that you always want to check our your drawers. Do they slide and glide easily of the beat? Is the peace start E. Are there any wobbles? There any shades? Is there anything you need to worry about structurally? Are there cracks in the wood? Yes, they can be bonded and sand it down. But for starting, let's keep it, then Full sweetheart. Non smoking home. For me, this is a non negotiable. Believe it or not, those tannins that spoke well actually soak into the furniture and will bleed out over time . So even if it's cleaned, even if it is standard, it can still have that smoke damage in the actual piece. And then, finally, you have to look for pieces that are priced low enough to give you a profit margin if you buy too high, no matter how much work you do, you are not going to make that much profit because there's just not a market for pieces that are overpriced. So make sure it is price well. And I have included a print off in this lefton of some prices, recommendations and kind of some price margins that I recommend looking for pieces. So here are some pieces that I highly recommend picking up when you see them for a good price and tables with clean lying, almost always a great sellers, small bookcases. We all need more places to put our stuff right. Death Mueller desks that could be turned into vanities are also really great dressers. We all can use another group address or somewhere in our house night stand. So the tables that can also be sold and marketed as entry tables and then benches ventured zehr really big right now, too. Things that I would recommend may be waiting a little longer on to invest in, but still have a pretty good sale on through. As long as their price correctly are touches. You see a lot of these for sale. Right now they're big, bulky, the brown repainted. They're beautiful, but they're a lot of work, and they're a little bit pricey or to resell. So just be cautious. Same thing with table and chairs that tables are not that hard to pate. You would be amazed how difficult it is to paint a chair, and it's hard to get chairs that are really, really, really durable because they just get a lot of abuse. So even when they're painted well, sometimes you'll still get customer complaints on them getting chipped up just cause that's what they're used for. So just be cautious on those coffee tables. Same thing. These air a little bit of a dying breed right now, um, to just be cautious with those large great big, huge death pieces and secretary units could take longer to move and then headboards. Headboards are usually a little bit more of a specific look and style, and a lot of people want them to match their bedrooms so they could take longer to move things that just, in my opinion, take way too long to sell those huge, gorgeous, solid wood, massively oversized arm wires on Mars. They're just difficult to pick up their difficult to paint, and they're hard to deliver. And there most people just don't have room for in their homes anymore. Tables with dated legs, the queen and legs even repainted. These tables are just not moving right now, so I recommend passing on them mirrors. I love mirrors. I buy mirrors. I paint mirrors, But mirrors are very hard to spell. They have a lower perceived value, and they're very easy to pick up affordably in a lot of stores. Curio cabinets. Most of us are getting rid of stuff, not collecting, Mawr said. Those take longer to move anything that is overpriced. I don't care. How will you like it if it is too expensive passed by and anything that smells like smoke. We talked about that already. If it smells like cigarette smoke, just passed it up. All right, so now that you know what to buy, we're going to talk about the painting process itself. So no matter what paint line you use, no matter what piece you buy, Brett is everything your finished product. Will Onley ever be as good as the prep work that goes into it? So what does that mean? That means that yet again you have to do your research. Every paint mine is going to have a different recommendation for what their paint is going to adhere to the best. For a general overview, though, I always recommend a rough scuff or just a riel kind of superficial se Indian and then clean the peace of the degrees. Er, you do not know where that piece has been, how old it is, what it's been around. If it's been in the kitchen where they fried bacon every day, it's just smart to get a degrees or and clean that piece off. Um, TSP is a recommended cleaner, but there's a lot of others on the market as well. If you have a piece that has very dark. Would or not, you are going to want to prime that piece to keep the wood from bleeding through. No matter how good your paint is, those tannins would get again. Just plead right through your paint. If you have scratches, or if there are bigger damaged pieces to your bees, you will want to stand those down. Um, and if your piece has very heavy, shiny varnish or of it is oil based, you will actually have to strip that piece. I personally try to stay with anything that I have to fully deep stand or strict, but that's just me. All right, so now we're ready to actually paint hateem. Our practice makes perfect when it comes to your painting. Do not expect to be completely flawless on round one, but it is not rocket scientists. It can always be fixed, so I highly recommend at least two coats of paint for maximum coverage. When it comes to the painting process itself, you could watch a lot of YouTube videos, and I will have additional trainings on the actual painting process. But in general, you need to use you were strokes to don't overwork the pate and less paint on your brush. We almost always overload our brushes, and that could let the paint start to dry while we're using it and it gets goopy, Take your time and look for drips. Brush. Here's that may have fallen out paint lines that are getting big and overlapping those kind of things. You can always go back and sand them down later, but it's easier to take your time for it and then finally wait for enough time in between your coats. You do not want to put another layer paint over top of, um, damping. So why she picked the paint up beneath it and make it look kind of blobby and even less devoted. So give yourself enough time in between. All right, some upgrades that you can make to your pieces. Oh, I didn't change my slides. Sorry about that. You're getting a tax for your upgrade. Additional upgrades make your piece stand out. So these are a little bit more advanced techniques. Please do not feel like you have to do this on round one, but it is a lot of fun. So antique waxing over your painted finish dry brushing another color on top, applying a decorative staying transfers. All of these things stenciling all of these things, make your peace really pop and can get more money for your piece. But don't worry about adding these on until you've done a little bit more kind of experience in sales and painting. All right, things we're gonna want to finish up on Always, always, always do quality checks. What does that mean? That means you're going to take your piece when you're going to go finished outside. Or bring in a bright light and check for any unpainted areas the back of legs around the sides of pieces. Corners. You would be amazed when you turn your piece in a different direction. How many little areas you notice that need touched up and you want to notice them now? Not when you're on your way to deliver the peace to your client. Look at the same thing. Look at the piece from different heights, so get down low and look for areas that may need touched up. Get up a little bit higher. I'm really short, so I have to constantly remind myself to get on a little step stool and look at the piece from above and see there's any little places that need touched up. Another great tip it to take a picture of the peace. Check to make sure that it looks smooth and even behind the camera. And make sure you give this piece enough time to dry before attempting to deliver it. You do not want it to get shipped on the way, and you don't want your client Teoh have any problems with chipping because it didn't have enough time to dry and finally make sure that everything work smoothly and that its day and steady just anything is needed. You can wax drawer pulls UK and tighten up screws. I recommend always having a couple of has a little sticky feet to even out legs. These are the kind of thing to just make your peace is really, really high quality. A couple of tips on color recommendations What sells well, depending on your unique style. This may change a little when you but I really recommend when you're going to start it. Neutrals and grays are where it is out right now. Thank you, Joanna Gaines. We're all going for farmhouse cheek if you have color. If you're somebody just loves color, don't be afraid to add in some pieces with color. I like to do smaller pieces or pieces with really beautiful lines as kind of accident. Hot pieces If you have a big, ornate piece, darker colors really make the standout, especially if you do a little bit of decorative finishing on them. But if you're in doubt or if you're just ready to get a piece soul, soft white raise all of the neutrals were going to be your best friend. But just be aware. If you do you want to play with color. It may take a little longer to sell, but that doesn't mean you cannot play with color. All right, so in lesson to we talked about creating a product that is captivating and that is going to make your client happy. So how did we do that? We talked about quality. Quality comes first. We invested in pieces that are going to sell. Do not over pay for your pieces. You have to be able to make profit margin. Brett makes perfect. Take your time on the front end before applying paint. Practice your painting techniques and take your time and finally experiment with colors and decorative techniques down the road up your prices. All right, homework time. Let's get to painting today's homework for this lesson. I want you to find your first piece to paint, preferably. You can find it free shopping from your house. If not, find a low cost piece. Work on prepping your piece and putting on this first coats and four your project homework . I want you to post a before pic of your first painting project. Be sure to get a picture of it before you do anything to it. All right, that's it for listen to see and listen three. 4. Lesson 3 Powerful Pricing Strategies: welcome to lessen three, a painter way to profit powerful pricing strategies. In this lesson, we're going to cover a formula that will give you the exact sales price for your items so that you are guaranteed to get your money back to get paid for the hours you put into it, as well as to making nice profit so that you can reinvents in additional pieces and put some money in the bank. So but that sounds pretty amazing than make sure you get your pen and paper out and let's take some notes. But first, why is pricing so important? Pricing your product correctly is absolutely essential because the price determines how quickly you're pretty P cells as well as how much you're going to make on that piece. It also allows you to be comfortable and confident when you price your peace so that you are unwavering in your sales and that you feel really good about the price that you are offering your work. The price determines how quickly your items sell. If you overpriced, they're going to sit there too long. And if you underprice, you're gonna work yourself out of a um out of a business. And then finally your price determines how much profit you make that you have to invest in other pieces and to be able to put money into the bank for your family, for that vacation, for whatever you've got going on. So where do I stopped? Well, any time you determine your pricing, you want to make sure you start with the costs, not just the cost of your formula, though you have to take into consideration the true cost of the peace. So the true cost involves Hey, Mitt. For the hours worked, additional materials that go into that piece, for example, you're paid to your supplies any tools you have to buy, as well as additional items that you may need to get that piece ready for market, such as new hardware or adding feet. Or if you have to replace something on that piece, you have to take all of those costs and consideration. Now, when you're in taking the cost of paint and supplies into consideration, I usually just kind of estimate how much paint it would take me and kind of come up with a ballpark figure. So if I paid $20 for my paint, and it's a small piece of furniture. I'm probably gonna added $5. I'm not gonna add in the full cost because I know I'm going to get additional pieces out of that same thing with supplies. If I have saying paper and I use a couple sheets, I may just add a dollar to onto my cost. You don't have to add the full price onto every product. Now we have to determine the wages. So you want to make sure that even if you are profiting on the sale of the piece that you are still paying yourself the hours work, why is this so important? Well, number one, your profit isn't guaranteed. You may not make a much on the sale of that is what you think you will. If you have Teoh discounted a little bit to get it to sell. Or maybe you'll have additional costs and getting sold delivery fees, whatever. Another reason is you want to make sure that if you scale this business and if you decide to hire help that their wages are in considered into the cost of the pieces, well, so for starting out, I recommend budgeting $10 per hour for yourself and then increasing that amount as your skills and your confidence grows. If you do that, you would just count the time that you spent on that piece. So maybe an hour prepping and two hours painting. Multiply that by your wages and add it, and we'll talk about more about this in a minute. But this, like I said, allows you to scale your business to hire help. For example, I hate to preK. Prepping is not my friend. So I hire a local college student who is delighted to come in it. $10 an hour Sandy down part of her for me. I pay him $10 his wages are built into the price of that finished piece. So it allows you to scale your business so you don't have to do everything. Now we need to add in that profit. The prophet is absolutely essential when it comes to sell inner peace. Why would we be in business if we are not making money right? So don't be afraid of profit. Profit is a good word, not a bad word. The profit on your piece is where you make the money to fund additional pieces new investment as well as put money into your bank account. So to determine the prophet, I'll show you an example of this in the next flies to stick with me. But I recommend budgeting in a percentage of that percentage of your costs plus your wages so your profit margin or profit percentage is based off of what the market can handle, what you are comfortable charging and how much you need to make to make this business venture of work. While so here is an example, let's say I purchased a lovely little end table for $25. My true costs additional costs into that for the paint. This band paper and some new hardware that I needed to replace is an additional $10. On top of that, I spent three hours they ending that little baby down and applying two coats of paint, making $10 an hour times $3. That brings my wages to $30. So the total cost that I have in that end table is $65. The purchase price, plus additional costs I lost my hours is $65 for this example, I said a profit margin or profit percentage of 50%. So 65 My total cost times 0.5 for 50% equals $32.50. So I am going to still my piece at a selling price of $97. My call of 65 plus my profit of $32 equals a total selling price of $97. Now, here is the formula again so that you can print this light out or copy it out for your record. The cost of furniture plus cost of supplies plus wages, which is the hours worked time. The hourly rate equals your total cost. That is how much you actually have invested fully in your piece to set your profit. To determine your profit amount, you're gonna take your total cost and multiply it by your set profit percentage. This could be anywhere from 40%. Is the lowest I'd go. I don't recommend making less than 40% on anything, um, 40% up to 101 150. You determine your profit percentages. So when you multiply your profit percentage, that equals your profit amount. The sales prize equals your total cost less profit about that is the ticket price for your following. That formula guarantees that you will always make a profit on your sales. That gives you money to invest back into your business as well as put money into the bank. The really important. All right, what is the ways to increase profit? Because we all want to make more money? Honey, you could increase your profit percentage on pieces that you get for a really great by. So I had picked that in table it for $10. I would probably have increased my profit margin by a higher percentage because I got such a great by initially. If I can add, I hire perceived value by adding specialty treatment step. He's to make it really fabulous. So through transfers, maybe I'm adding on some gold leaf aim stencils, decorative waxes, stains anything to that piece. To really make it stand out will add to the price that I can sell that for another great tip, which we're gonna talk about in less than five. It's just stage your pieces for top dollar. The way that you present your pieces will allow you to charge more for your pieces if they're staged well. And finally, do not accept lowball offers. This is a business. This is your business. You do not have to accept offers that are ridiculous. So don't cut your profit margins by accepting offers that are ridiculous. Discounts are OK if you're comfortable with them, but Jolan exception, you know, don't let him rob you. All right, so overview per pricing starts Strategies. Calculate the true cost of your piece by adding in all of the costs that go into that, not just the purchase price. Then determine your profit percentage based on what you're comfortable with and how much the market can handle. Think about adding upgrades, such as decorative treatments to increase the perceived value of the piece. Do not sell yourself short by accepting local offers. And on the flip side of that, don't overpriced your pieces and shoot yourself in the foot. It costs money for you to have to sit on those pieces, and the longer you sit on them, the less like you likely you are to get full asking price. The price your pieces barely follow. The formula that I just taught you and I can't guarantee it. But I can almost guarantee you that you're gonna have success with your business sales. Thanks and see you in less than four. 5. Lesson 4 Mastering the Online Market: we have made it toe less and four in the painter way to profit course. Lesson four is mastering the on line market. So as you know, a lot of sales are made online nowadays, and the same is going to be true with your furniture painting business. So it is really important to maximize your online presence for ultimate success. So why do we do that? Because having a positive online presence produces excess through three main avenues. One is it increases your reach or your sales on its to it builds authority and therefore builds trust. And three, it creates armed going connections. I have a lot of customers that started purchasing pieces for me, and I've gone back and done custom work for them down the road because I kept up that genuine connection. So how does having an online presence help your sales? Well, it is absolutely amazing the reach that we have nowadays for practically free. So by adding your products on Teoh online marketplaces such as Facebook, Craigslist, um, offer up is really good in some areas, um, and a loads of other online pages your products get in front of thousands of eyeballs that are actually looking to purchase product or no cost until the item is sold. And even then, a lot of times there's not a cut out of the feet. So it's really an amazing opportunity to get your products out there to a large talk target audience without a lot of cost. So how does having this online marketplace or online presence help us to build authority or help us to make sales well by building authority? It gives your audience confidence in your abilities and in your authenticity. So people like to buy from people that they feel like know what they're doing or that you can trust. We're going talk more about that in a minute. But by having an online presence and people being able to see you and see you're a real person and see what you do have quality, you know, see the quality of your work and read the reviews and what other people are saying about your pieces. That gives them confidence to go through with the sale. So don't feel like we're just going out there to sell all the time. You want to create content, which can be Facebook post instagram pose. Um, you know, different places, whatever market to whichever social media you choose. Videos. People are really engaged with videos nowadays to get in front of your audience pictures where visual people pictures are always worth 1000 words. Articles that you write about your subject matter or tips that you give. There's so many ways you could produce really valuable rich content producing these around your subject matter your pieces, the techniques you use, that style you like. Let's people know in the community and almond forms that you are an authority in your field . And this is something that's going to give you confidence to because the more you produce, the more you're going to have to create value and to share with people. Once you become known for great product and great content, you will be able tow up your prices. People will trust you know that the product they're getting its value and you'll be able to charge premium or more specialty prices. So it is a win win for everybody. You raise your prices and people get really wonderful valuable pieces from you. So another reason online marketing really helps is it does help create this genuine connections People buy from people who they like. No entrust. So by being able to engage with your clients on social media platforms on being able to be a real person to them allows you to build that, like no interest factor that you used toe have to work really hard. Used to have to have an online. I'm in a retail store, brick and mortar store where people came in and they had to meet you and it took a couple of encounters. Well, now they can see who you are, what you're about in just a couple of clicks. So it really bills that, like no interest factor a lot quicker if you do it right. And then again having conversations with your clients. So riel conversations, genuine conversations, getting to know them as people build a deeper relationship, which equals those return customers and more consistent sales and Maury girls. So where do we start with building that on line presence? Number one. I highly recommend not getting overwhelmed. Start on 1 to 2 platforms at the most when you're starting out. If not, if you try to jump into everything at once, If you're doing Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and, uh, linked in and so many, you will quickly get overwhelmed and not make a lot of progress in any of them. Personally, I recommend starting with a Facebook business page so that you can list your items for sale . And so it looks professional and an instagram page for sharing the images of your furniture . Um, if you have really great images, that is a quick way to gain a following. And the following equals more recognition, which equals more sales. So start these pages with your business name Now on Facebook. I do think you have to have a personal account to start a business page if you don't already. But I do recommend if you already have a personal page making sure you set up a new business page with your business name, and with Instagram, you can keep it as a personal account or set it up is a business account. But make sure you use your business name and then to get started. Start with the people you know, invite friends and family to like your page that's going to give use of social proof so that when other people come across your page, it doesn't have four followers or four likes. So get some of your friends and family to jump on board and give other people that social proof that you need to have them join. So what are some ways to build an audience? This is always an ongoing process, so don't expect to, you know, have 1000 people follow you overnight. If you do message me and I will, uh, share with the world your great technique. So here are some things that weaken due to build engagement, because engagement is where the magic happens. The engagement turns into sales, join groups with similar interests and build riel connections by giving value. So don't just go in there and say by my stuff by myself, by my stuff. Respond to questions, give valuable help show people techniques, be the one that they turn to when they have questions. And they're going to naturally seek you out whenever they need something. Post live videos. So there's something, um, that's just really organic and a lot more satisfied about seeing somebody go live on a page , and this is a great way to build your audience and cannot let them engage with you. And there's a lot of ways you can do this. You can simply show new pieces when you're finished with, um, you can get painting tips as you're working. You could do design tips with the pieces that you're finished with, um, and give people ideas on how they can use them in their space. So many ways, you could adds a really valuable video. Put up a very simple Web page or landing page with maybe a free download to collect email addresses so you can let people know what's going on with your business, and this is a little bit more advanced, and you certainly do not have to have an email, um, list a Web page or landing pages start out. But it is a great thing to grow into. So another way to build engagement is to always give value so people don't like to be sold to. But we love Teoh, be given great information, so we're in an information age and people will reciprocate with sales if you provide really great value. So how are some ways that you can give value and grow your audience. I like to give give always or a couple of, um, kind of contest for giveaways, those kind of things with maybe one of your favorite paint pieces. You know the lines that you picked up. If you have an extra pint to paint, do we give away for a prorated favorite paint? Or maybe a small piece that you picked up in a great buy? People? Ah, love, love, love to register for painted furniture pieces. I brush that you're in love with stencil trans firm whatever it is, if you will let people you know registered to win simply by liking and sharing your page. It's amazing the reach that you can get in a very short period of time and for a very low cost in other ways to provide really useful tips and tutorials on your page. So people are going to be more likely to share and tag friends. If the you know content is really great and this is a liberal site it if you really want people to see more of your information, or if you wanna have a little bit of a speciality group, you can create a groups page in Facebook, and they are more likely to see your contact in a simple Facebook business page. Another way is to create kind of a giveaway for a cause or a nonprofit, so you can donate a portion of your sales and ask friends and family to help share that message so that more people see it and you raise more funds for the cause. So a couple of easy ways to really build engagement and give great value. All right, So how do we make sales in these online platforms? Remember our motto. We're going to keep it simple. So the easiest way to do this is if you, um, have friends and family who support your business and who were interested in what you dio. I like to post the item for sale first on my personal page as kind of a teaser and then put the link to my business page under the peace. So I'm inviting the people who are interested over to my page as opposed to constantly trying to sell. My piece is on my personal page, so once I get to my business page, then you're going to want a post really great pictures. We're gonna talk about that in the final lesson. Put the dimensions of the piece. People want to know if it's gonna fit and a very clear and easy to read price. I like flat numbers. Um, you know, 1 97 1 95 $200. When I start putting change on there, it gets really busy and cluttering to the eye. So save the, you know, 97 95 and save yourself the effort to keep it clean, keep it easy and make people make sure people know exactly what the prices finally offer. Delivery Local Lee for a small fee. So, for example, I have access to a truck. Um, so I do $10 additional delivery up to 20 miles that covers the three kind of towns in my area. Pretty well, if it's a little bit farther, I don't add much, but if it's a ways I definitely do of that price, and a lot of people don't take you up on it, But if they need you to deliver, it is a great way to make sure you cover your cost and extend the outreach to those people that you can sell to. So the final thing is on your Facebook business page. If you've set it up as a business with a shop, you actually have the option to add a store on to your page so you could actually collect payments directly through Facebook, and they take a small percentage. But it's about the same as a credit card processing be anywhere. So it's low cost and makes it really simple to collect payments with a credit card or, you know, online after that. Once you have it all on your pages, feel free to share your item to as many market places as you would like to keep, um, your items on. I recommend doing a little bit of testing and see which ones fit your pieces in your products best so you don't over saturate your market and get spread too thin. You'll find that some marketplaces air just like, but really, a lot of marketplaces are going to be very advantageous because they're literally people who are choosing to go online and look for things to buy. So think about it like this. If somebody is walking into the store and they can go to the furniture and your furniture's in that store, you have a much better chance to buy, so make sure your furniture is in as many stores That bit you're already is is possible. Facebook has a lot of different marketplaces. Craigslist is still used in a lot of areas, fairly heavily local sale sites. So I am a part of a lot of site on Facebook that are for my area, and I found some of those to be really, really great. Resource is for my payment furniture. Um, prices are occasionally or I say, usually it's kind of a disclaimer. Ah, lot of times you'll see things for all kinds of different prices. But a lot of times people are expecting to get a deal on these sites. But I'm here to tell you that if the quality is there, the prices there, the pieces will usually move. So just keep that in mind. Don't over price yourself, but please don't feel like you have to sell it for nothing just because you're putting it onto a marketplace site. All right, so if you have graduated to wanting to put your product into a physical store, I would highly recommend looking for a booth style store where you could rent a space without the responsibility of running a full time store. A lot of people say, Oh well, I have to pay for the space and the percentage of my sales I don't make any money. While you definitely have to charge a little bit more to cover those costs, it is far less that having to pay the rent, pay the utilities, pay the employees and spent all of your time in a brick and mortar store, unless you just absolutely love it and are dedicated to it. So look for other people to take the responsibility for you, and it's a great way to get your product and have more people, all right back to the online marketing. When you're listing your items, take time and really think about your descriptions, so copy that sells words fell, and it's important to use them in a way that is very intriguing to the customer and flattering to your product. So set the stage for the beauty to that piece is going to add to your customers home. Describe the paint line that you chosen had there's any advantages over example. Zero boc Exceptionally durable, beautiful cover coverage. Mineral based, blah, blah, blah available. Um, if you applied any special finishes, make sure people know where all the peace could be used. So sometimes people aren't very creative. They need to be able to be told the different places that they could use a small tape. For example, it could be a night stand. It could be an end table. It could be a beautiful piece of storage and a small bathroom. Eccentrics Edra um and other styles that the peace would look really well with. So farmhouses really big right now. Use that terminology in your description. If it fits. Or maybe boho chic or updated, traditional or contemporary. Use the words that help people know where this piece would look best spell your peace with your words, and the final thing online is just be genuine. Building an online audience in an online presence is something that needs to be organic. It's a process, and it's important to let your personalities show, have fun with your products and share that excitement your audience. This is a fun job. Share that fun. People are really attractive, genuine enthusiasm and they're gonna follow you just to be close to that enthusiasm, even if they don't need furniture at that time, So share photos of yourself occasionally. This one is really important. So many times we take pictures of our furniture all day long, and we never have one of us on our pages. People like to buy from people, so get out from behind the camera and share some pictures of you doing your thing so that people connect with you and with your smiling face. All right, so an overview focused on 1 to 2 platforms at a time. Engage with your audience and build. There's genuine connection. Keep it simple. Make it really easy to buy your products at great descriptions, but the dimensions and and easy to read prices Beasts marked an intentional with your descriptions. And finally, make sure you put some voters of you so that your audience gets to know you as well as the furniture you paint. All right, homework Time for lesson for homework is to set up one or two online accounts under your business name. Get to work posting pictures of some of your current work as well as past projects that will help build content and make your site look more credible. Invite friends and family to follow your accounts so that you have some engagement and for your project this week for for this lesson, be sure to post the lake toe one of your accounts under the projects tab so that we can all fall a youth and see the beautiful work, your creative. All right, let's get to it. 6. Lesson 5 The Path to Consistent Sales: Congratulations. You have made it to lessen five. The final lesson on painter Way to profit. This lesson is on the path. Two consistent sales. How are you going to make consistent sales? Your business? And what things can you do to help make those sales? So why is this so important? Well, obviously consistent sales equal, consistent pay. There are some things that are completely out of our hands when it comes to selling. So we have no control over the economy over the seasons. For example, the weather here is bitterly cold right now, and you would think that would reduce sales. But it's actually been the opposite. I think people have had more time to sit inside and look at their houses and think about what they did to Dio. But there are things we don't have control over. So it is important toe learn the seals that we have access to, to be able to do what we can to help make this consistent sales. So this is where my over 15 years of retail experience is going to come into play and help you make those sales in your business. So what are the three main secrets to consistency and sales. Number one is to create a sense of urgency. Number two is to make the item absolutely irresistible. And number three is for you to Mitt. Maintain consistency in your business. We're gonna talk about, um, kind of the in depth of each one of these and what it means and how we can apply this to your business. So Secret Number One is to create that sense of urgency. Nobody. Nobody wants to miss out on something, right. So creating a sense of urgency promotes fast action. It pushes us all to hit that by now. But right Or pick me, pick me. I want to be the, you know, special one that gets this product. So when we were talking in less and four about copy that sells and descriptions, here are some phrases. There's some words that create that sense of urgency in your listing. So think about how you can use terms as well. Last long, for if you had a piece, it's old really fast and you have another one. You can put the last one sold in minutes. Don't delay. Don't wait. One of a kind limited edition rare if you have a piece that's really something you don't see every day. But it's hard to find. You don't find pieces like this. Very opted. Amazing. By a great deal. I'm sure you've all seen the Post where it says, um, comments sold, you know, to be the 1st 1 to get it, or this piece goes to the first person to post sold. So all of this terminology helps the buyers braid or your clients braid. Think who I have to act now. That's what you want. You want that sense of urgency now in all of this, you want to be honest, and you want to be ethical. So we're not gonna fib. We're not gonna tell tales. We're just going to let our customers know that you know, these air hand painted one of the kind pieces no two are alike. So if you want this one, you're gonna have to act now. I have customers all the time. Say, Oh, I saw that buffet or that piece and I loved it. Do you have another one? Well, of course I don't have another one. You know, that was a piece that was handcrafted. So if I see something similar, I can create a similar look. But the odds of that happening aren't great. So it really is in their best favor or them to be aware that these are very limited edition pieces. Secret number two make the item absolutely irresistible. You know that. You only get to make a first impression once, so make sure it's a really great first impression. If you have a beautiful piece and you put up some terrible photos, um, that just, you know, really don't show that piece to his best look, then you're not going to get the top dollar out of that piece. Staging your item is a really great way to increase sales and to keep your sales consistent . There are entire courses devoted to staging, but really the basics come down to four things. Number one is good. Lighting this example to your right is one that I posted recently and the lighting isn't great. I could have definitely put up a little spotlight. Um, and you know, eliminated some of the shadows, but it shows the peace well. It shows the color well, and it show it really allows the wood on that pretty blue to pop. So backgrounds that allow the peace to really show and don't compete. I've seen a lot of staging where they put a beautiful wallpaper for the background Or have , you know, kind of the backdrop sheets that you can order that is great. A simple wall that is painted in the solid color works really well too. The biggest thing is you just don't want anything busy. Anything distracting anything taking away from your piece accessories that set a mood. So this is where you get to really have fun. You can see in the picture to your right that I was going for a little bit of kind of a country chic. Look there, I pulled out my mason jar and had a fun little kind of natural reef, which is going for really kind of laid back fun feeling. So the accessories that you stage your piece with tell your buyer what this piece is for and what it will look like in their home. So play around the accessories and make sure they set the mood that you want that piece to evoke and finally great angles. So you all can see all the pictures I posted of this one. Um, but I took some really fun angles of the top showing the wood grain. I took some pictures kind of at a side angle, showing the beautiful, charred legs. I could have taken one directly over top showing that really beautiful curve shape. So showing the peace at different angles allows your customers to see the piece as it's really gonna look in their home. So make your item look as great as possible. Secret Number three two consistent sales is for you to maintain consistency. So what can your clients expect from you now? One of my favorite things about this business is that it does give you flexibility in your schedule. But if at all possible, it's really smart and to your advantage to maintain a level of consistency in the content you produce on the items that you were selling. So that means a few things that means a consistency in style. If you are all over the place in what you offer, it could be actually a little confusing to your clients, and a jack of all trades is a master of none. That kind of idea so being known for one look or, you know, certain style or a certain feeling Or, um, you know, a certain, um, kind of range of pieces can really be to your advantage. You want to be front of mind in your buyers mind when they think about Oh, you know, I really need somebody that's going to create this look or this piece consistency and pricing So that doesn't mean that everything has to be priced the same. But you want to be in the same rage. So if you are going to be known for great value pieces, you don't want to start offering pieces that are, you know, top dollar, because your audience is not gonna expect that from you. Same thing if you are known for being a very high end retailer and creating really stunning a spectacular pieces don't start offering, you know, tag sale finds, because it's going to confuse your audience so consistency in what you offer consistency and style of look and consistency and how often you're showing up. So if you only pop up once every three months to sell something, your audience is not going to take you very seriously. and your sales, we're going to show that. So I recommend a minimum of four pieces per month. Now, for some of you that's going to be a struggle to get that done. Like I say, it's just a recommendation for others of you. You're gonna laugh because you may do that many per week. So consistency is going to be different for everyone. But try to keep pieces, um, coming up fairly regularly and even if you don't have actual product to post sharing information doing this testimonials, um, you know, telling people about your products. But what you do stay front of mind for the content. All right, So what happens when you have those pieces that just don't sell? Well, if a piece of furniture that you list it doesn't sell in the 1st 2 weeks, then here are a few techniques that you can try, um, offer a discount. But don't just discounted price. Tell your people why you're discounting it, so title it as a special reduce price to make way for more inventory. This adds a little bit of possess and lets people know that there are new pieces coming and that they had better make a move on this one list again, if at all possible. So add that piece to some new sale sites, try some new markets or re listed on previous sites so that it is front of mind and hitting new clients again are new customers. How about pairing it with another similarly style piece and offer a package price for the set? So I've seen this work really well for tables. Maybe that haven't sold, so put it with a mirror and offer set price. Or maybe if you have an end table, you compare it with a fun little lamp you picked up and painted a fun color and put on the shade and sell it as a set. Or think about the space you're going to use it in and offer a piece that would kind of accentuate it and make it to, um, you know, a package deal that can help move the one piece and also give them a great violin. Other pieces. Well, so additional ways to sell think outside of the box. You don't just have to list and be done. Look for opportunities toe. Have a booth in a local trade show or shopping event. You usually pay for the booth, but it can get you so much wonderful access to new customers. You can rent a booth in a local store like we talked about in a prior lesson. How about trying pieces on consignment at a local design store? We have pieces come into my interior design are my core store that we do on consignment, and it lets them get their product in front of new customers and allows us to show beautiful pieces in our store, reach out to local designers and ask them if they need any custom work done for their client. That's a win for them in a win for you as well, and finally advertised to paint clients existing pieces and give them new life. So you don't even have to buy furniture to sell. You could actually paint your customers existing pieces. If none of that works and you still can't get rid of something, don't be afraid to move on. Sometimes you just get a dud. Sometimes you just get a piece that won't sell. Don't be discouraged. Don't take it personal. You can try to repurpose it. You can try to give it a new life. Repaint it may be the color was just all or just clear. Is that piece for you know, your costs and just move on sometimes just takes more effort and worry than it does to get the peace out of your space. And just to learn that lesson this to just move on. All right, what can we do after the sale? Follow up. This is so important, guys, Um, if I just really want to reiterate this if you want to earn return customers follow up with your sales. It doesn't take a lot of simple message thanking them for their purchase and then asking them how they like the peace can really go a long way in building an ongoing and long term relationship. If they reply back and you feel comfortable, don't be afraid to ask for a referral or ask for a testimonial or a review. So some of customers who just really you're just really gonna click with ask them if they don't mind to pop, you know, take a picture of the peace and shared on social media and tag your page or, you know, post a picture to instagram account and, you know, thank you in it. Or how about asked them for a referral for somebody They know that many pieces painted in their home or looking for a piece and then offer them a little discount just as a thank you . You know, they don't expect it, but it's a wonderful way is just say thank you for that referral and so win for you and a win for them. All right. The final things on creating consistent sales is to be intentional. Take some time to think about your favorite shops and what they do to make you happy to spend money with them, mirror some of those same actions in your own business. So maybe their customer service is just amazing. Or maybe they send you a handwritten thank you note after the sale. Or maybe they give you a little gift, you know, to say thank you. Just whatever these little things are. See if there's a way you can implement them in your business. Be appreciative of each and every customer and let them know that you're grateful for their business there supporting you. Be grateful for that. Let them know it. Ask for those reviews. Testimonials, referrals. Keep the positive words, Lowy. And finally, find a way to keep your customers engaged. Invite them to your email list. Like your page follow you on social media. I'm just anything you could do to keep that relationship going. So an overview of consistent sales create that sense of urgency. Make the item absolutely irresistible. Maintain consistency in your offers in your pricing and in how often you have things available. Think outside of the box in different ways to sell. Follow up with your customers. And don't be afraid to ask for those referrals and testimonials. All right, it is our final homework time, and it is time for you to make your first sale to change the homework. Today is if you haven't already list your first furniture piece for sale using some of the techniques listed in his presentation. Don't worry about making it part picked. If you don't have, you know what it takes to do the staging exactly how you want it. Do your best and see what happens. There's a lot of time to learn and a lot of time to get, you know, to perfect your art, but go ahead and get it up there. And then for today's project of her Lesson five project, share your finished piece in the Projects tab and let us know what price you're going to sell it for, so that we can cheer you on. All right, that's all, folks. Now that we're wrapping up, I want you to share your winds share. I've sent me a message to let me know if you completed this course. And if you really just feel inspired to start your own furniture painting biz than I personally want to congratulate you and just give you some words of encouragement. I also would love to hear about more trainings that would be beneficial for you. If you want tips on painting techniques or more staging ideas or staging techniques, please send me an email at Cassie at Christian Women business builders dot com, and I will personally reply, All right, blessings, best wishes and thank you for your time