Your Knitting Guide for Families---Learn to Knit From Scratch

Gabriel Sims

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10 Videos (35m)
    • Getting Started

    • Long Tail Cast On

    • Continental versus English Style

    • The Knit Stitch

    • The Purl Stitch

    • Pattern Abbreviations

    • The Garter Stitch

    • Stockinette Stitch

    • Binding Off

    • Using your yarn needle


About This Class

This course will explain how to choose the correct yarn and needles for a project, as well as how to read a yarn label. This will be followed by learning how to cast on, the knit and purl stitches and finally how to bind off. Included in the course materials is the pattern you will need to follow along. The course is designed to be followed chronologically, so that each lesson builds upon the information from the previous lesson. A combination of videos and slideshows are included to show step by step procedures as well as the demonstrations in real time. Two methods for knitting are taught, English and Continental; finally binding off and finishing will show you how to complete your project. Upon completing the course, you will have knitted a scarf of your own! You will also now be able to move on to bigger projects and more complex patterns, you will have all the fundamental knowledge and skills to become a knitter for life.

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Really good introduction to knitting. I have never done this before and I appreciate the pace. It's also to see what she's doing.
Magda Diaz

Brewing small batches of goodness...

Very clearly explained by Ms. Sims and thorough for a beginner or anyone wishing to revisit knitting. Especially helpful is that both the English method and the Continental method are presented. I switched from English to Continental long ago and it is much faster! I would encourage anyone using the English style of knitting who wants to knit faster to try out the Continental style of knitting. I would also greatly encourage anyone who wants to learn to knit to take this class. It's easy, fun, and you will do very well with this step by step instruction. Bulky yarn definitely will make your journey easier.
Kathleen Kinslow

Teacher & researcher





Mechanical engineer, experienced knitter, and master crafter.I have been knitting and crocheting for years and I love all types of crafts. There is something about creating something for someone from start to finish, there's really nothing quite like that feeling. I often encounter people that see something that's been made and they immediately say "I wish I could do that.", and I always say "You can!" My ultimate goal is to try to make that wish a reality for people, there are so many amazin...

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