Your Introduction to Watercolor Painting: Create With Confidence

Ciarra Rouwhorst, Calligrapher, Illustrator, Designer, Teacher

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11 Videos (1h 29m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • Paint

    • Paper

    • Brushes

    • Setting Up Your Workspace

    • Creating Color References

    • Color Mixing Chart

    • Color Mixing 101

    • Class Project

    • Closing Comments

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About This Class

Have you found watercolor difficult to work with? Are you dying to add watercolor textures to your design work, or handlettering toolbox? In this class you will learn basic skills, how to improve your watercolor technique and how to have more fun in the process. Great for beginners, designers, art nerds and craft addicts. This class is not neccesarily a Watercolor 101, but rather you will become better aquainted with watercolors, explore some fun tools and techniques, and create a stunning watercolor background. Let's get started! 

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She goes through every step from the different paints, papers and brushes, blending of colors to creating a project. Learned a lot of things I didn't know.
I've tried to get into watercolor a few times over the years, but always felt lost as to how I should get started. This was a great introduction! With other methods and tutorials I've tried in the past, I don't recall ever doing opacity swatches or blending and mixing swatches until this class. It seems like such a common sense thing to do, but it just never occurred to me! I feel like I know my paints better because of it, and I'm better prepared to start experimenting. Ciarra is an excellent teacher, and I'd recommend anyone looking to get started in watercolor to check out this class. She not only helps you familiarize yourself with your own supplies, but tells you about what's out there, what supplies work best for different projects, and valuable tips and tricks. Fantastic class for beginners.
Mandy Luhn

I want to learn all the things.

love love this class and great teacher... learnt alot about watercolouring mixing
Tania Dalberto

Learning to get creativity





Ciarra Rouwhorst

Calligrapher, Illustrator, Designer, Teacher

Ciarra Rouwhorst is a self taught artist and designer. She began learning calligraphy and design right here on SkillShare in 2015. She then used those skills to start her business Silver Fox Calligraphy & Design in 2016. She works mainly with bespoke wedding stationery specializing in organic calligraphy and watercolor illustration. She also offers brand identity design for fine art wedding businesses who want authentic hand lettered logos.

She started teaching on SkillShare in 2016, ...

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