Your Infinite Memory | Gabriel Both | Skillshare
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16 Lessons (1h 42m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. The Benefits of an Expanded Memory

    • 3. Memory Demonstrations - Memorizing a Random 30-Digit Number

    • 4. Introduction & Course Overview

    • 5. About Gabriel

    • 6. How Does Your Memory Work?

    • 7. How To Supercharge Your Memory

    • 8. The Power of Association

    • 9. Memorize Lists In Order

    • 10. Learn New Names Instantly

    • 11. Memorize Cities, States and Countries

    • 12. Learn New Languages

    • 13. Memorizing Lists Out of Order

    • 14. Memorizing Numbers

    • 15. Memory Tools and Games

    • 16. Keep Your Memory Strong For Life


About This Class

Are you frustrated when you forget important things? Do you remember the people you met at the last party you went to? What about those phone numbers you got but didn't have your phone or paper on you to write them down...

What if you could walk into a room and memorize everyone's full name perfectly the first time you meet them - and their phone numbers & birthdays too! What if you could recall all that information instantly just by thinking of them?

What if I told you that you could memorize a 30 digit random number in 6 minutes or less and recall it minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months later. Would you believe me? What if you could memorize a long digit number to 50, 100, 1000 digits?

Be prepared to learn some of the most powerful memory techniques you've ever discovered which will help you to accomplish the above and much much more.

The fact is that the better your memory capacity and performance are,

  • The faster you can learn
  • The more money you can make
  • The more you can serve the people around you
  • The more you can impress new people you meet

Wouldn't you want that kind of power?

I'll tell you a secret...

You already have it inside of you and this course will show you how to unlock it with powerful exercises and techniques that you will practice and make part of your daily life.

After this course, you will have permanently upgraded your internal "software" to maximize the power of your memory functions in your brain.

You decide... you can either take your memory capacity & performance to the next level, or stay where you are and be limited to the memory you have now. Which one will it be?

Take the leap and click on the button to enroll now to begin your journey to an infinite memory!





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Gabriel Both

YouTube & Video Marketing Expert

My name is Gabriel Both, a passionate YouTube & video marketing expert who loves sharing his unique knowledge with you through the medium of online courses.

I've had first-hand experience in many different areas of life & business including YouTube & Video Marketing, SEO, Instagram Marketing, Juicing, & creating powerful Vision Videos. That's why I have created courses in each of these subjects.

On YouTube, I'm able to rank over 50% of my videos in the top 3 positions and get hu...

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