Your Facebook Ad Account -Setting Up Your Ad Account Step by Step | Pat Ordenes | Skillshare

Your Facebook Ad Account -Setting Up Your Ad Account Step by Step

Pat Ordenes, Data Never Lies... But It's Not The Full Story

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Facebook ad account intro

    • Facebook account settings

    • Facebook payment details

    • Facebook Billing frequency

    • Facebook account limits

    • Facebook ad notifications

    • Fb account done


About This Class

This Class is for those that are yet to set up a Facebook ad account.

You’ll learn how to set up your Facebook advertising account. You’ll also learn all the important information you need to know about your account. This includes knowing and changing your spending limit, and other useful information that will help you to manage a smarter advertising campaign.

Don’t worry – there’s nothing too difficult here. Just watch the class carefully, even if you already have a little bit of experience looking at the Facebook Ads Manager. It’s really important to understand how Facebook manages permissions between Pages, Apps, Events, and Advertising, as well as the limits your account is subject to.





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Pat Ordenes

Data Never Lies... But It's Not The Full Story

My career has taken me through a great journey through print and web design for the first ten years or so, then pivoting into the online marketing space from about 2009.

I have worked with small business, big business and everything in between, having also found a passion for education and working with education providers with driving traffic to their degrees (primarily Higher Education).

Currently, my goal is to make a difference, helping not-for-profit organisations getting t...

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