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Your Facebook Ad Account -Setting Up Your Ad Account Step by Step

teacher avatar Pat Ordenes, Data Never Lies... But It's Not The Full Story

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Facebook ad account intro

    • 2. Facebook account settings

    • 3. Facebook payment details

    • 4. Facebook Billing frequency

    • 5. Facebook account limits

    • 6. Facebook ad notifications

    • 7. Fb account done

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About This Class

This Class is for those that are yet to set up a Facebook ad account.

You’ll learn how to set up your Facebook advertising account. You’ll also learn all the important information you need to know about your account. This includes knowing and changing your spending limit, and other useful information that will help you to manage a smarter advertising campaign.

Don’t worry – there’s nothing too difficult here. Just watch the class carefully, even if you already have a little bit of experience looking at the Facebook Ads Manager. It’s really important to understand how Facebook manages permissions between Pages, Apps, Events, and Advertising, as well as the limits your account is subject to.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pat Ordenes

Data Never Lies... But It's Not The Full Story


My career has taken me through a great journey through print and web design for the first ten years or so, then pivoting into the online marketing space from about 2009.

I have worked with small business, big business and everything in between, having also found a passion for education and working with education providers with driving traffic to their degrees (primarily Higher Education).

Currently, my goal is to make a difference, helping not-for-profit organisations getting their voice heard online and delivering results for them in this space.

I also love bass heavy music and have a particular passion for Drum n Bass.

Feel free to message me if you want me to focus on anything in particular. I will gladly create a class on it. Anything that revolves aroun... See full profile

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1. Facebook ad account intro: Hey, guys, is pat here and we'll come to these short little class on setting up your Facebook at account. So first of all will be covering the essential information you need on your ad account for it to run smoothly, we'll also be covering their payment details and nor the options you have available to enter. In that space, we'll talk about, Oh, the bidding process and how that works with the building threshold that Facebook has for or new accounts. So we'll also cover Facebook at account limits. So couple come out how many ads you can have for account and campaigns, etcetera and lastly will cover notifications. And you know which ones I recommend you leave on. We transmit. You might want to turn off so you don't get annoyed by the Facebook notifications on That's pretty much it. That's pretty short and sweet. So look, if you haven't set up a Facebook ad account before now, it's hard to start. Facebook's a great space advertised, and they should put humanity's by setting up your account correctly and run out 2. Facebook account settings: So, as you can imagine, the first thing you have to do is set up. You have been the information and provided Facebook with valid payment method. Facebook's came to get your money hand. Hopefully, you became to give it to them. If your ad start to work for you, it's all pretty simple and will guide you through this step by step. It's a festival you need to head over to your account settings and you see the main page there. And actually, all the settings or your or your details are correct. You see a euro, our post of euro in the notes here. But the euro, easy on the screen, is basically what you need to go. So the page time talking about looks a little bit like this. So you it'll ask. It'll have your account. I d. You can also add an account name just for your reference is, Well, I'll ask you if you do in ads for basis. If not, it will just maintain your personal. Otherwise, you put a B since name because you have just left my basis same as my own, so you can do that as well on If you're in Europe, it'll ask you for that in Texas details as well. So you just keep that in mind. Just a quick little warning. Nothing to be alarmed about. But just be sure to enter the correct billing currency and time zone because you won't be able to change these once you've set it up. If you try and change it, it'll ask you to create a brand new account so you don't have to be having multiple accounts to manage. So if you want to try and seek to the one caress you from the get go, you'll be better off and that's it. For now, let's head over and set up your billing, which is the next step. 3. Facebook payment details: all right, so hopefully you enter your account details correctly and heat that save button, and now you'll be moving on to your payment details. Now for disclaimer. The Facebook interface continues to change pretty regularly, so you may not find things in the exact same spot that I'm showing you. But as it stands right now, when you're on, you're on the top left hand side. When you click on over ads managed manager, you should get to see all your options through that, and towards the right hand side, you'll find the billing and payment methods options. So when you click on that, you go on to the next thing on the next green. You should find a little green button that looks something like the one on the page right now. Again, Facebook might change it from time time, but should be a little green button to add a payment method. Eso click on that button, and you should. It should take you to a pop up for two and a new payment method. So what's the pop up screen comes up. You be presented with three options. You've got the option to pay by credit card paper or a Facebook ad coupon. That's if you have a coupon that you found online off somebody or faithful. Facebook might have sent one to you directly. You can probably in the details off that, and you get credited to that account. Um, if not, obviously you can use PayPal if you have a PayPal account, and but most of us will end up using credit card. Usually eso just popping your credit card details. Make sure you put all of the correct details and continue to close that another little warning, or rather than a one year radius suggestion would be to add a secondary payment method. So once you enter you your payment method, you can add another method of payment. I think that's always a good idea because you know you never know when your credit card may expire. You realize they haven't changed it on your account, and all of a sudden all you add stopped running. So it's a good way to make sure your ads keep continue to run for a credit card expires. You've got to sick one there as a precaution, and that's it for the video. Make sure you get saved before you close that pop up and next up we'll talk about how and when you get billed through Facebook. 4. Facebook Billing frequency: All right. So let's talk a little bit about feeling frequency and how often Facebook takes. Thank you. Money from Theus that you run with them. So back in the day, Facebook had a much a very low threshold off billing, so it was actually below the 25 telemark. But now they've set a standard of $25. So when you reach your 1st $25 spent, you re build for the first time from Facebook. Once thes payments start going through and and they don't bounce back from your credit card rating than the threshold will change. So, as I mentioned, you know, when you first advertising with Facebook, you the thresholds quite low. It's sitting in a $25 mark, but it s your payments correctly process. Of course, that fresh will increase after figure those then to 5500 and finally 700 funerals. So that that zgray to get that level so thes thresholds don't have any direct impact on your advertising campaign, they just affect how often you get charged. The big advantage of having a high threshold off course is that you're gonna have less invoices to deal with If you want to change your threshold or have problems billing, you can contact. Usually contacts report directly through the support link, which I can post up on the comments and get in touch. Director. We face well conceived. They can change your your billing accordingly, especially if you're spending ah, large amounts. They usually quite flex forward if you're spending a lot of money with them, So that's it for the being fresh coat lets you want to the next quick video on notifications and wrap this sucker up. Thanks watching. 5. Facebook account limits: So before talking about notifications from Facebook, I thought we should talk about the account limits because whether you like it or not, Facebook ad accounts will have certain limits so they shouldn't bother you most of time. But it's good to know what those limits are In general. First imitation is off 5000 ads. Her account. Now that sounds like a huge number. But trust me, once you get into advertising with Facebook, 5000 ads isn't a lot, especially if you're doing any kind of spit testing. Or if you're talking already of segments or demographics, you quickly get to that level and you start having you gonna start having to take ads out on, delayed them and lose the daughter. Of course, when you do that, he also have a limit off 1000 campaigns per account, which again sounds like a big number. But if you don't structure your accounts your campaigns correctly, you could quickly and easily reached that number. You also have a limit off 25 ad accounts for users, so that's that's probably something the most of you myself wouldn't really reach anyway. Where would you want to manage? 25 had accounts in your one azi user is beyond me, but you know it's it's there anyway. It's a limit, and lastly, you have a limit off 25 users per at a can. So that means you can only have 25 number 25 users in your one account at any one time. And that's it for your account limits. I mean, it's not. It's not that limiting Facebook gives you quite a bit of freedom, as far as I mean, as you can create in campaigns. But it's good to know what the numbers are so that you can plan ahead for your advertising on Facebook. 6. Facebook ad notifications: all right, so it is time to talk about notifications from Facebook ads, so we know that they're like center certifications for pretty much everything that we do. So it's nice to know which ones we should keep. Which one's which you lose. So overall, I have to say, Look, it's it's good to stay in touch with Facebook. That's because you know they will tell you all about Thenia updates on, especially when you add it when you create a new ad or CE, when it's live etcetera. So most in most of the time it's great to have them. Notifications turned on primarily thistles, the part of the screen, which, where you get to choose which indications Turner off. It's part of your account settings. So it would, it would have been in the same screen is your first very first green when you started sending up your your ad account. Thea an indication that I turn off E. C. Newsletters in product updates because I don't really find that useful for what I usually do. But you can leave that one on. If you like all those I do keep them on. They do help me and remind me off the ads that I keep running, especially if you're doing multiple as running the multiple times on Go when you want to know when payments have gone through as well. All right, so that's it for notifications from Facebook. So pretty much wraps up the class for today. So oh, do a quick little wrap up video to 20 things up at the end. Thanks watching. 7. Fb account done: and you're all set. Guys. Thanks so much for watching. Or have you got some value out of it? If you did, please leave a review. Make some comments. Of course, if you have any suggestions, I'm happy to answer any questions, not see you guys on the next class, which will be all about creating your first ad on Facebook.