Your Enlightened Guide To Lyrics & Songwriting (Core Class)

Adam Sweeney, Metaphysics Specialist /Songwriter

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20 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. To Start: Who Are You Writing For?

    • 3. Anyone Can Write Meaningful and Clever Lyrics - NO LIMITS!

    • 4. Three Golden Rules (Create, Relate, & Communicate)

    • 5. TT: Enjoying The Process

    • 6. Golden Key #1: Set It In Stone

    • 7. Golden Key #2: Goals Are Garbage

    • 8. Golden Key #3: Abundantly More

    • 9. Golden Key #4: Lyrical Admiration

    • 10. Golden Key #5: Give Me 10!

    • 11. Golden Key #6: The Writing Muscle

    • 12. Golden Key #7: Lyric Warm Ups

    • 13. Golden Key #8: Bating Your Lyrics

    • 14. Golden Key #9: Escape To Focus

    • 15. Golden Key #10: E-Motion (Energy In Motion)

    • 16. TT: What Does It Mean To "Nail" Lyric Writing?

    • 17. Platinum Key #1: The Waterslide Method

    • 18. Platinum Key #2: Using Key Words

    • 19. A Personal Message From Me:-)

    • 20. All I Ever Wanted Video

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About This Class


Welcome to Your Enlightened Guide To Lyrics & Songwriting ! (Formerly How To Become A Lyric-Writing Machine)

As I have been evolving and experiencing changes like many of you these past few years, personally and especially in my songwriting, it is also my intention that this course reflects these exciting changes I am experiencing within myself and in my own songwriting practice.

This is a process which we can thoroughly enjoy ever aspect. Writing/creating is an experience that expands you beyond yourself in the moment and when it is finished it has served you in that process, and then that finished song or recording will go on to serve those that listen to it and they can be inspired. So it all starts with us, the music makers and we can appreciate this.

I had a lot of challenges since I started when I was younger, fear to express myself fully in my writing because of what others thought about me shortchanged my songs, then I learned the greatest lesson: that when you write for yourself without fear or hesitation, it comes across as authentic and this is what resonates with people, authenticity...however you need to be authentic in yourself first...I can help with that.

Enough about me, now I want to share more details of what you can expect in this course.

The Enlightened Guide For All~

  • Titanium Tips - Realizations I have discovered which have helped me overcome my blocks, limiting definitions, beliefs and ways of thinking that prevented me from creating my best work.

  • Golden Keys - My methods/exercises to take action on and can get you into the proper state to connect with your creativity and taking (writing) action from that state.

  • Platinum Keys - Techniques I use to enhance my process of songwriting.

Additional lectures are created and uploaded periodically.

Whether writing songs is your hobby or your professional career you will find this course to be different from any other with unique and original ideas and upon completion I hope you feel a sense of excitement and enthusiasm as well as enlightenment.

I am on this journey with you so reach out to me and chat if you would like to speak with me. I am excited to meet you and honored if you join me on this amazing/challenging/exciting journey.

You can find my personal creations at SoundCloud under AdamSweeneyMusic.