Your Complete LinkedIn Profile Makeover - in 30 Minutes

John Casson, B2B Writer, Speech Writer & All-round Good Guy

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9 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction to the 7 Steps

    • Step 1 - Let's Get Started

    • Step 2 - Background & Photo

    • Step 3 - Headline

    • Step 4 - Summary

    • Step 5 - Experience, Education & Skills

    • Step 6 - Secret Sauce

    • Step 7 - Growing Your Network

    • What's Next?


About This Class

Is LinkedIn working for you?

As you’re reading this the answer is probably “No” – you rarely, if ever, get leads and the LinkedIn search engine is ignoring you. 

The objective of this short course is to turn your LinkedIn profile into one that stands out.

We’ll do this together in 7 steps, specifically targeted to sections of your profile to get you noticed and ranked by LinkedIn as “All Star.”

If you are not All Star you will not be noticed. The 7 steps will get you noticed.

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This sis very good course - in a very clear and simple way showed me how to build my LinkedIn account. I was looking for something like that and I am glad I found it! Thank you, John!





John Casson

B2B Writer, Speech Writer & All-round Good Guy

3 decades and more in sales & management, now living an idyllic life writing what I love and socialising with some of the most interesting people on the planet.

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