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Your Bear Notes Beginner's Guide: Quick Start

teacher avatar Francesco D'Alessio, Host of Keep Productive

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to use Bear Notes every day?

    • 3. How to Create a New Note

    • 4. Organizing Your Notes into Hashtags

    • 5. Hack Your Notes with UnTagged, Today & To-Do

    • 6. Understand Preferences to Unlock More of Bear

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About This Class

Bear Notes is an iOS and MacOS application for writing and note-taking. Many people have found it to be their home for taking notes, drawing up ideas, typing up their first big-selling novel and even planning their next project. Bear is a sort of blend between Apple Notes and Ulysses, perfect for both writing short notes or long essays and everything in between. 

In this class, we're taking you through Bear to see whether it is suitable for helping you get things done.

Here's what you'll be learning: 

  • How to Text-Format inside Bear
  • How to Set-up Your First Hashtags (notebooks) 
  • How to Add images, files and other multimedia to notes
  • How to Use UnTagged, Today & To-Do 
  • How to Change Themes and Master Preferences
  • How to Pin and Sort Notes 
  • And tonnes more... 

We've even included a section on whether it is worth upgrading to Bear Pro.

If this isn't your thing, don't worry! Become a subscriber to the YouTube channel for weekly videos! 

Best of luck with starting this class and feel free to leave us questions anywhere! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Francesco D'Alessio

Host of Keep Productive


My name is Francesco, I'm the host of Keep Productive on YouTube

This is our Skillshare channel covering productivity tools, hacks, and advice. 

Our most popular classes include: 

Finding your perfect to-do list application Get started with Notion  How to become a successful student 

We can't wait for you to join our classes and lessons. 

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1. Introduction: head over money. Miss Francesca Allessio on welcomes this skill share class. So in this skill shit class, we're diving into bear notes. Bennett is a popular IOS and Mac application that you can install to improve your note taking on also writing work. Now in this class, what I'm gonna do is going to through the entirety of the application on Mac and I West. I'm going to give you some insight into how to use it effectively. And I'm also going to show you all around the account so you can see whether it is the most suitable application for taking notes or using as your writing application. So I'm really excited for this class if you have yet joined me on skill Shea yet I do a range of other tools and classes on those tools so you guys can dive in. I'm also in YouTube over and keep productive. You contract that in find or the great videos that we've produced their weekly videos that dive into popular productivity applications and every guys I'm really excited about enrolling as a student. So let's dive into Banos 2. How to use Bear Notes every day? : Hello, Ever. And it is Francesco here. And thank you so much for enrolling here on this skill share class. So what we're going to be doing is diving into bear the writing slash note taking application. We're gonna give you a full low down, off how to use it in everyday practice. In this introductory episode or feature, we're gonna be talking about the sort of basic functions of it as well as the bear pro pricing A swell as his accessibility so that you can get an idea off, sort of. How and why you be using the experience now, of course, will be diving into some more elements as well. I'm some quiting citing elements including how to use the hashtags, how to coordinate your notes are using the to do and today functions sort of surfing the preferences area as well as creating the best possible note that you can. So you'll get everything inside of this. I think we're going to set. This is a funny segment course. So here we are. This is my own personal bear account, So hopefully this sort of course, we'll give you an idea of how I use it as well. I always personally like to see when I'm looking other people's courses, how they use it, because it gives you a good idea off how you can use it in practice. So the main reasons that I use it is mainly for scripting writing articles on that. Could I d be full clients or for my own articles? And the reason the main reason I do that is because I quite like the distraction for experience. Of course, sometimes when you're unlike the Web or like another application, there's always that risk that it could go down and you lose that link on the Web. Of course, there are offline versions, but of course, there obviously distractions of another tamp being available there. So we quite like this sort of window experience that I could just start typing away. And I also like how the markdown work since I Nev bear, which will dive into suit so the application is available through on us and mark on. You can download it for free, so the bear experience, the core part, is free. It allows you to do the majority of activities unlimited amount of notes, the only core issue with the free account is not. You obviously have to get the pro version to be able to sync between IOS and Mac. So, for example, let's say if you only used it on Mac, the free version would be fine or if you only used on Iowa's. But, for example, if you wanted to sync up the notes using the iCloud synchronization, then you'd have to go pro. Ah, lot of people like man, I have that now because it does allow me to get all of the notes and I type up on Mac available on my iPhone, their application. So that is one of the sort of bear pro experiences you've also got. Additional themes are inside of their pro, which make things a lot more accessible, as well as mawr exporting functions. So if you are looking to export or to synchronize between those two, then it's really going to be one of your best bets. Now Bear Pro is priced it $1.49 monthly on, and also, if you want to go yearly, which is slightly cheaper, $14. 99 which I really don't think breaks the bank necessarily because a lot of the other No takers. You look at some of the more advancements on the Evernote door. Other ones like that you you're looking at a bit of a bigger price bracket. So I think this is a really well priced application, of course, Limited Do I, Western On and Mac. But they are working on other experiences, including web. So guys are This is the Baron spirits. It really is fundamentally allowing you to create simple notes. So the weather you go and create a note is up here. Onda, obviously you get a new note appear in the top corner of causing go straight into text formatting if you wanted to. You have all of the text formatting functions down at the bottom right hand corner here. And, of course, once you learn the keyboard shortcuts, you can access them, so it's really, really easy to do so. So in the next future, what we're going to do is actually dive into creating a note and talking a little bit about those text formatting options and as well as the panel design as well, which can be very useful for going really focused and distraction free, and other guys join me in the next segment. Toe talk all about that 3. How to Create a New Note: Okay, guys. So we're back and we're going to be cramming a initial note here. And as you can see, of course, you've got this sort of three break up window panel. Obviously, we'll be discussing this Sally bar in the next feature, but of course, you can remove it while you write. So on the Mac we have to do is a two fingered swipe very similar to what you do on I West. But with two fingers. Dis wipe away the side panel, which is very easy to do now. Once you swipe away, this I pound, you can add, obviously the additional swipe of two fingers to get a full sort of complete distraction free panel. So here we are. Let's create a shopping list because I think that's valuable. So shopping list you could use. And of course, we won't be talking about the hashtags just yet, But if you wanted to add it to a hashtag, you can easily do that by hitting hashtag on being him to add that to an existing hashtag or to a new hashtag. So, for example, I'm actually gonna put shopping for now, but we're gonna be talking about that later on. So that's now being added to a different hash tag, which is essentially the note book section, which will talk about in more detail Now. The great thing about Bear is you've got so many different text formatting options. Now, if you don't know the keyboard, your guns or you can do is go in the top bottom right in corner and use them here. So, of course, you can get these in a different panel as well. So if you want to bring them a little closer, you could do so you can choose from a range of headings. So you got heading one heading two heading three as an option, You was that line separating, which might be useful in case you're writing a book or something like that or something long on. You can do that quite easily, and it creates a phone on line across the page. You've got bold italic underline the regular text formatting options as well as strength through, and that could be useful in case you're like editing a piece or, I don't know, doing the different options. And as you can see by all of these great things here, you can see actually, the exact text formatting they're gonna show on screen, which, in case you want to learn it, you can easily do so now. You also have link titling and you are l abilities, which is great, because if you want to highlight a specific u R L that's in there, you can and list ordered list quotes and to do, which will be adding in a minute to do check boxes, which will be interactive for you to use their not just static experiences. Now, if case your developer, you've got code and code blocks as well as mark on, which allows you to essentially highlight pieces for later. Now, if you want to know and a image or a file, you can embed them. And the great thing there is that you actually have a image in Better to S O that will go in line, which is very, very useful. So, for example, let's say I wanted and a heading to and call this one in the groceries there, we get groceries on and of course, that started even nice heading to, And now we're gonna go down here. I could could create a list if I wanted to, but I'm gonna create a to do list for this example on. I'm gonna add a few grocery items so that Santa Links have broccoli. Cambage. I didn't know what else. Let me add a few more. Okay, so there we are. We've created a simple grocery section. Let's say we wanted to create a dairy section. I could just go down and simply pray Place in a heading to again adding dairy as a section . Okay, Okay, so that's my shopping list for today. So I don't need these tense formatting abilities up here anymore. Now, as you can see, the shopping list is really simple. And if I scroll back out, of course I can see it inside of the feed now and also is even see it being created as a shopping hashtag down here. Perfect for organization. So that's the text formatting abilities, As I said, really super simple. Nothing to advanced. But it does look very useful when you're going through your bare account. Now, for example, if I want to do specifically highlights something on there, let's demonstrate that So I get onto text formatting and press mark and, as you can see it colors not out. So, as you can see, strawberries error horror priority item on the shopping list. So it's really easy to use and great to get started. And then when the next future, we're going to talk about the hash bangs and how you can get started searching notes. 4. Organizing Your Notes into Hashtags: So, as you can imagine as I go across my day and add my own notes, it's sometimes a little hard because you obviously dumping all these notes in and you need to be able to add the relevant notebooks. And, of course, he was personally used to a traditional fashion eventing, something notebooks and it being quite rigid. And, of course, adding something called hangs over the top of it, which adds a little bit more advanced complexity. But when you're using the lengths off bear, you've also got this thing called hashtag and you can add a hash niang to any of your notes inside of there on what it was simply do is it will create it inside of this left hand panel. Now, for example, I've got shopping here, which makes it really easy and access my shopping lists. On Dove course. You can see a nice little shopping cart there, which will explain in the more advanced sections. So once you created all of these different hashtags, if I specifically wanted at this 12 different addition additional area inside this, I can add it to multiple hashtags, which makes it better, because sometimes, like you might have a podcast feature that spans across a skill share feature or a article that you also want to post on medium or WordPress, and you may be necessarily want to bring them in there. So it's very helpful If you want to use this function, I'm just gonna add this one to the notes section. Well, on this 12 notes. I'm awful at their We are note sanction to, and if I go over the new section on the left hand side, you can see here that it is being imported as well. And it's really accessible now. If I wanted to, I could click into the certain items and actually go to that specific notebook, which is a lot easier. So let's draw up a few examples like, for example, this one you put in my script section and allows me to access all my scripts from my YouTube features that I'm making sure I'm going through the right elements now. I've also got here a website feature which I actually need to upload to the website never go down. I can see all of the pieces that have done in the past. So for example, if I wanted to go to KP articles and have done, I can access out there and there are a whole host of under Hashtags and I can organize it into now. Of course, it's really easy to sort of get started with everything. So once you've handed that, obviously all of the hashtags will pop up with their relevant hashtag icons, which is very nice and very easy to use. No one sign of your experience. Let's say you wanted to start searching your notes. I think this is a valuable thing to overtime. I've been able to amass a fair amount of note, and sometimes that could be a bit too much. So being toe axis, all of that good stuff is really good. So, for example, let's say I want to do highlight the only time I've mentioned Google or Google Drive, let's say these are all of the notes that I've highlighted did it in, and that's obviously 1/2 a dozen notes or dozen notes, and I can go into that articles and actually see exactly where I featured it, which is very helpful, and sometimes I'm would be useful. Let's say you've taken really long notes, and you want to have to find them. You can quickly search all of the relevant Google mentions there. So it's really easy to use and something than a lot of people do find very beneficial. And of course, it's a different way of organizing something We'll take time to get used to. But a lot of people do enjoy. So, guys, in the next future, we can talk about the untapped to do and today section, which will help you organize all of your items. Okay, we'll see in a minute. 5. Hack Your Notes with UnTagged, Today & To-Do: So, as you can imagine, bear gets even better as you sort of use it more and more. And, of course, they and awesome new functions to be able to access and improve your experience. Now, as you can see, you've also got the notes tamp and from light clicking this, you can actually view all of your notes at any given time. You've also got the hashtags below, which will help you find specific notes. But there's also a drop down just below notes for you to access mawr information. Now, of course, notes can be like inbox items. You bring in new things, and, of course, you want to be able to sort them into areas. So, for example, you can see all of the untaxed notes that you have, which you can then on into specific sections. So what I want to do for this one, for example, is added to script. So this is super simple. All I have to do is highlight. There we go on, I want it to scripts, and what will happen is if I click away, it will go into the red of an item. So it's always a sorting process or a sorting box and in box that will allow you to coordinate the direction off your notes. Now this is really easy to do, and it will take you a bit of time, of course, because I've obviously done it not so well in the past. But a cool, of course. It will help you to organize all of your notes. You're probably wondering, What is this to do? Sanction. Now it's really simple. With to do, the bear will detect whether any of your notes have check boxes in them on. Once that they do have a check box in them, they will appear in this to do sanction. So in case you've won a project or an activity that you want to work on, you can slowly take off the items. For example, let's say I got the broccoli, I got the cabbage, I got the grapes and I got the kale. You can slowly take those off the list, and you can even see the completion off the list, which is very helpful. So as you can imagine the very helpful function and really easy to use for projects and activities. So if I wanted to I could click the today area too. So, guys, you can use it today items to see exactly all of the notes you created in today. This is quite nice as a data sort a date sorting feature. So, for example, if I was like I've done like, 50 notes in a day, you want to see all of notes you've done in that specific day? You can go to it, Andi, quickly start off where you left off. So that's great for projects, activities and pretty much anything else. Now it's really easy to use. And of course, whilst you're using it across you experience, it becomes really seamless. And if you didn't want to use it, you could just drop it down behind their on golf course that would hide away. So, guys, in the next future, we're going to dive into the legendary Preferences section inside a bass, so you get a good idea off how to use it. Some guys, but no further ado. Let's dive into that 6. Understand Preferences to Unlock More of Bear: So, as you can imagine, the majority off good, well designed applications have a strong and healthy preferences section. You can access the preferences sanction by going up to bear inside of the Mac on clicking this lovely icon here. If you wanted access it from the bear experience, you click this little icon, and it'll open preferences to now. You can also do that inside off the IOS application. The icon looks very similar to this and will quickly access all of the information that you need to know. Now. Here we are, inside of the general experience, you have the ability to take on an off markdown abilities as you can see a lot of the different pieces. Are you modified when you take it on and off? So, for example, if I took it on and off here, you can see it goes very sort of not vory interactive to interactive, so you can see Mark down is more beneficial if you're looking to get started. You can also access this auto fill title when pasting or Web addresses, so that's a nice addition to save you a bit of time. You've also gone to the ability to keep the tasks in while you export. I know that when people export and they want to see a fresh PdF of nothing there, then they might not want to see the tanks that are coming in. I tend to not like there, so I will switch it off. But in this case, it was on, and it's quite annoying because you get to see these shopping and notes, which a lot of people don't like to see. Now. You can either have the auto complete tags on note titles in it, which sometimes can be easier when you're quickly typing up a note. Of course, a lot of them will go to the untaxed section, which is accessible in just below notes. Now you've also got the notes listening. You can set them by the creation date the title or whether they go newest first or not. As you can see here, the oldest will appear there that might be useful with Casey want to organize items? You can also do that same with the tanks list sorting based on the number of notes so you can see here that script has the highest amount of notes who it appears on the top with the most used first. Some people like it based on the title A to Zed or Zee to A but actually is a nice way to just basically sort out there's items. So if you want to see the most used to notes, then that's really accessible there. But personally, I like it in the categorization order and in now, for better quarter. Now, if I wanted to, I could record the short cuts than they used to open Bear on Main paid. So if we don't provide a control, be I have actually used that one. So the problem does come up. If you used it. Control. Oh, would appear and open up there. If I wanted to create a quick note, I compress out that's already been used control. Nine. To create a new sounds a nice way to use your baron experience. You can see down here when the last sink walls off your account on them. Of course, the cloud synchronization. Now from here you can obviously I've got access to more because I'm using Bear Pro. But there are a whole host off different themes that you can use So, for example, if I wanted to go on high contrast, which I believe I was using, then the red graphite that you get with your basic account you can use the charcoal to to be able to see in pretty much all dark mode and also solo rised light to now these arm or bear pro experiences. But this is giving you a good idea of how they look and you would not panic mode. You won't Gotham, which is quite nice as well on Dracula Toothpaste, Cold Boat do the loo. Ditto duo tone light duo Tone snow A coup which I think I like a cute are you? That's quite nice. And dhe, which is very hard on there. So down here, what you can do is choose your app icon to match the theme. So, for example, if I turned that off, it will go to the regular bear looking theme. If I turned on you see here that the icon changes. If I moved over to this one, the ankle will change too, on the same again so you can actually have it matching up with the experience that you like . Now I'm just gonna choose Chantel because I quite like the charcoal look. And, as you can see here, use custom icons for hashtag. So, for example, if I just turn that off for a second, you can see on this left hand panel they all just go to the hashtag icon. But if I didn't, they would auto customize, which is nice, Nelson was mentioning. You can customize a lot of the experience, including the font. So, for example, if I didn't like the font, I could change it to another one. A system fund or even like a Menlo font, which many people do enjoy a Georgia, which is more of a Sarah font, a curry A, which is a classical sort of text fund and even an open, dyslexic fault. But I'm just going to stick with the seven year next U Conn. Increase the size of the fund to increase the line height to and the line width as well. So, for example, if I didn't want it to poke out that much and even the paragraph spacing, too. But you can also click the reset to default to if you want to, I might just scroll that up a little. So the final element is seeing whether you are bare pro user. As you can see, I am a bear pro user. You can manage this description here and see how far your account is valid to. But again, the pricing is $1.49 monthly or $14.99 yearly. So the experience does seem to be cheaper if you go for the annual pricing. So that is the Preferences section, as you can imagine the preference in section and really easy to access. And you can learn lots more about your experience when you're accessing that. So, guys, hopefully that gave you a nice overview of how you can use their every single day to must your note taking on access all of those good stuff. Now the final thing I want to show you is the ability to change the custom icons because I think that's something quite nice. And then we'll wrap up today for the feature so you can see here if I wanted to thank you. Click Rename Tank Delete Tank or Change tank icon. If I go into this, there are a whole host of pre selected ones. So for example, if I wanted to select the APP icon here, that might be a little bit more relevant. One. And if I wanted to change the sank on here to the articles, I gotta find a number of articles more. Maybe I want to click the red icon, but as you can see, it does improve your experience by having this lovely little icon down by the side. Let me just do the final one for the website. I'm going to select this lovely computer icon, and, as you can see, all of my own Con's pre selected on will help me to navigate all of my hashtags. So, guys, hopefully that gave you a nice overview of how you can use your bare notes account. Of course, you can go through this course again. There will be some useful videos that I put into the car mental community tab later. So in case you want to dive into mawr off your bare account, where you can easily do so and they were going is a huge thank you for stopping here on skills. And today I have a things recourse as well, as well as a how to find your perfect task manager and also a notion guidebook, which is a very popular application in a moment. But if you are non interest in animals killed 10 classes, you can feel free to follow me on YouTube and keep productive just like that into the search bar we have over 40,000 described. Is there who enjoying regular pieces of content and it be great to have you. Of course, there's lots of different topics in the productivity software section, so you can dive into a whole host of benefits. So, guys, I look forward to you, having you there as well as in future skill shit classes, but a big thank you for joining the bear course and every appreciate it. Thank you very much and we'll see you guys very, very suit cheese.