Your Art in A Gallery - A Step by Step Guide | Cynthia Wolf | Skillshare

Your Art in A Gallery - A Step by Step Guide

Cynthia Wolf, Photographer/Gallery Owner,Curator

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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction - Your Art in a Galery

    • 2. Organizing a Body of Work

    • 3. Finding A Gallery that is a Good Fit for You!

    • 4. Best Practices for Contacting a Gallery

    • 5. How to Follow up with the Galleries

    • 6. Final Project


About This Class

 Learn how to organize a body of work and best practices when approaching Galleries for Representation.

Hi There, fellow Artists! I'm a long time photographer and owner of Adelante! Gallery. Art is my passion!

After 16 years of owning the gallery, curating art and working with fabulous Artists I put together a step by step guide for artists who are ready to seek gallery representation.

Suited for artists who have a body of work or are headed in that direction.

We will cover organizing a cohesive body of work, your style or styles of art, researching galleries that are a good fit for your artwork and the best practices for approaching gallery owners and gallery managers.

There will be a short project at the end where you can post examples and receive feedback! 

By the end of the class you will have the confidence you need to approach your first gallery!



Organizing a Body of Work

   *Assessing your style / do you have multiple styles and how to organize

How to Find the Gallery that is the Best Fit for Your Art

     *Guide to researching galleries

     *Starting local, if possible/looking through their roster of Artists

     *Choosing the gallery that best suites your style of artwork

Best Practices for Contacting Galleries

    *Your email requesting their submission guidelines.

    *Asking if they have group shows and if that is a different set of guidelines

    *Two sentences that describe your artwork focus and medium

    *Following their guidelines, due dates, size of jpgs.

Following Up with the Galleries

     *Best Practices when Following up with galleries

     *What to do if you haven't heard back from the gallery

     *How to craft a follow up email to the galleries

     *Requesting their recommendations for names of other galleries that may be a good fit for your 

          artwork, if the gallery doesn't add you to their roster of artists.

Now you are ready to take Action and approach your first Gallery for representation!

Actionable steps

       *Posting 5 images of your body of work for feedback on cohesiveness

       *Drafting your first email to a gallery

Now you have the confidence you need to submit your work to your first gallery!

Visit my websites:  and


FB: Adelante Gallery Oregon

Twitter: @adelantegallery

Instagram: Wolf Frosini

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Cynthia Wolf

Photographer/Gallery Owner,Curator

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my classes. I'm Cynthia Wolf, photographer and owner/curator of Adelante! Gallery. Owning a Fine Art gallery since 2000 has been a great honor because I love art, all of my gallery artists, I love talking about art and helping patrons find just the right piece that will add a little Joy.

All the classes I create on Skillshare are for emerging, as well as established artists that are seeking a few tips and guidelines for things like getting gallery repr...

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