YouTube sales: 5 video formats that will help you sell on YouTube

Alex Genadinik, Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, busi

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20 Videos (2h 8m)
    • YouTube sales course introduction

    • All my business and marketing courses

    • AIDA

    • Copywriting that gets people to buy - part1

    • Copywriting that gets people to buy - part2

    • What we will look for in each video type

    • Basic content marketing in YouTube videos

    • Product review videos on YouTube

    • Viral and funny YouTube videos

    • Informative YouTube videos with upsell

    • Conversion video

    • Introduction to SEO

    • How to write the title and description of your videos

    • SEO keyword research - part1

    • SEO keyword research - part2

    • SEO off page efforts to make your videos rank higher

    • Advertising Paying for video ads and targeting a specific audience

    • How I rank videos for competitive searches - part1

    • How I rank videos for competitive searches - part2

    • Top Google SEO ranking factors YouTube will have many similarities


About This Class

In this course you will learn to increase sales and sales conversion rates with video on YouTube. The course goes over 5 different video formats, and explains when to use each of them, when each is most effective, and the pros and cons of each video format.

The second part of the course focuses on getting free and paid promotional strategies for your videos in YouTube so that you can get many views for your video.

The combination of many views and highly converting video formats will help you generate more revenue or open up new revenue streams for your business, and help you sell more products and fuel your business growth.

I am sure you have been hearing all about how video is so effective at sales. Yet when most people try to promote something with video they have a hard time with it because they don't understand and don't execute the full strategy for the promotion to go correctly.

This is why you should get familiar with the YouTube video formats in this course, and get your own sales growing. So go ahead and sign up for the course, and let's start working on increasing your sales starting today by doing effective YouTube sales and marketing.

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Very informative and to the point.
Very helpful information
Well organized and delivered course.. Much useful information with steps to take action.





Alex Genadinik

Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, busi

Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, business coach

3-time best selling Amazon author, creator of top entrepreneur mobile apps, and host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube.

I am the creator of the Problemio business apps which are some of the top mobile apps for planning and starting a business with 1,000,000+ downloads across iOS, Android and Kindle.

I am also an author of three business books (marketing to reach 1,000,000 people, on starting...

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