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YouTube for Beginners: Posting & Optimizing Your Videos

teacher avatar Phil Ebiner, Video | Photo | Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. How to Upload a Video to YouTube

    • 3. Choosing a Great YouTube Video Title

    • 4. Writing a Great YouTube Description

    • 5. Choosing Great YouTube Video Tags

    • 6. Creating a Great YouTube Thumbnail

    • 7. Adding YouTube Cards to Your Videos

    • 8. Creating New Playlists

    • 9. Designing Your Custom YouTube Channel

    • 10. Creating a Channel Trailer

    • 11. Branding Your Videos with a Subscribe Watermark

    • 12. Creating Custom Channel Artwork

    • 13. Project - Post an Optimized Video

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About This Class

Are you new to YouTube? 

Do you need help uploading your videos with great titles, descriptions, and tags?

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to post a YouTube video
  • Choosing a great video title
  • Writing great video descriptions
  • Choosing great video tags
  • Creating great YouTube thumbnails
  • Using annotations and cards
  • How to create and use playlists
  • How to design your YouTube channel
  • How to create a channel trailer
  • Branding your videos

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Phil Ebiner

Video | Photo | Design


Can I help you learn a new skill?

Since 2012 have been teaching people like you everything I know. I create courses that teach you how to creatively share your story through photography, video, design, and marketing.

I pride myself on creating high quality courses from real world experience.


I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, nerding out on personal finance, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife, twin boys and a baby girl, and dog Ashby.

In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and Tele... See full profile

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1. Course Overview: we're in a new section about posting and optimizing your videos. This is an amazing section because we're diving and you're going to get to follow me as I post optimized video. So for those of you who are waiting and looking for that hands on treatment, this is what you're going to get in this section. So what will we be doing? We're going to actually post our YouTube video will choose how to get a great title, will look at writing a good description and choosing great video tags, including some tricks that I use to use other popular videos, tags, descriptions and titles to make mine even better. We also will look at creating and designing a custom thumbnail that gets more clicks and views. We'll look at an notations and cards, adding those to make our videos mawr engaging and again help people subscribe to your channel more and view another video of yours more and click off your videos onto your own website. Even. Well, look at using playlists and how that can increase your views and subscribers Ship will design our channel trailer. We'll look at creating a nice looking channel itself, branding our videos with different types of watermarks and lots more. So the this section is going to be really fun One. And I can't wait to get started So we'll see you in the next video. 2. How to Upload a Video to YouTube: Hey, Ron. Welcome, Teoh. Another tutorial today we're talking about how to post a video on YouTube. So this is for very beginners. How do you actually upload a video? So what you do is when you are logged onto YouTube channel, what you click is this upload button right here in the top right corner That will take you to an upload page where you can either click here or drag any files right here. So what I'm going to do is click right here and find the file for my YouTube video that I'm going to be posting. I have a YouTube folder where I create all of my tutorials for my video school online channel. And I have this file right here, which is an tutorial that I just created, which is an after effects based tutorial that has some connect topography effects that I'm going to be posting because someone asked me for this on my channel. And that's one thing I do to get ideas for your tutorials. I asked students and followers of my YouTube channel What do you want to see? So this guy sent me a message and said, Hey, can you create a tour editorial about this. Anyways, you click, you have your file selected Click open. And that's pretty much what we're going to stop at. For now. We're going to be looking at the title description and tags in a future video. The only thing that you really want toe pay attention to right now before we move on isas public, unlisted, private or scheduled. So typically, I like to schedule out my pose so that I have them every week or so and I create editorials and I usually have four or five scheduled out. So this one I won't be posting right now. I'm actually going to be posting in February. So I think February 22nd is my next available date for a post. And I typically just do 3 a.m. on the on ah, local time. So this is in L. A. Where I am, and that means it will post about six AM East Coast time and everyone will get it. Ah, in on Monday morning when they open up their you do account for the first time for the week . So that is how you post one other thing. I'll just quickly go over in this video is this Add a message to your video. This is so important and something that a lot of people don't use. This little message will actually be blasted out to all of your subscribers when you post a new video. And so it's important to utilize this because if you don't use it, you're just missing out on getting more eyeballs on your videos. So what I typically say is something like new tutorial, exclamation point. Um, watch my latest aftereffects tutorial on how to create revolving three D text text. That's what That's it. And it can be super short, something like that, Um and then when you are ready to publish or schedule, you impress this publish button up here. If it's if you aren't scheduling, if you're just making it public right away, you see that just is published. And once it is uploaded, it will be made life. But where there's a lot more that we want to do here before we do may hit that publish button. So for now I'm going to stop this tutorial and then the next one, we're going to be looking at choosing a great video title 3. Choosing a Great YouTube Video Title: Hey, everyone, welcome back to another YouTube creator tutorial. Today I'm talking about how to choose a great title for your video. You see here when you start uploading a video that the text from your file name will be posted right here automatically. So if I go over to my files, let's just close this down a bit, go over to my files, you can see that the file name I chose was aftereffects tutorial, rotating, kinetic typography, revolving three D text. Now the reason I do that because it contains a ton of the keywords that people will be searching for to find this video. And why did I choose those those words while I did a little bit of research. So one thing I like to do when I post a new YouTube video or even before I try to create a YouTube video is see what else is out there. So someone had asked me for this tutorial. So I went ahead and looked for what I thought would be the key words I would search for. I would say rotating text after effects. That's probably what I would search for if I was looking for this kind of tutorial. So I see all these different ones. I see Adobe Aftereffects video tutorial three D rotating text that one has 15,000 views. That's pretty good. That was present five years ago. There's another one rotate text after effects animation tutorial, revolved text and three D space flip text. So very heavily key. Worded. This one was posted three months ago and has 1500 views. So that's a good sign. This one revolving text around a sphere. That's not what I'm looking at. And then, basically, I'm just looking for high view counts to see what type of title they used. And so there was one, I believe that was somewhere down here that had 162,000 views. And what made this interesting to me is because they included the kinetic typography keyword in the title. And so for me, that is a sign that, including kinetic typography will boost my views because a lot of people are searching for kinetic typography without after effects. So while aftereffect tutorial, that is a very strong keyword. I know that because all my videos, where I include aftereffects tutorial in the tech title, do well, I also want to include kinetic typography, but I also want to include something about rotation or revolving Tex, because that's what the tutorial is actually about. It's not just aftereffects tutorial or it's not just kinetic typography tutorial. It's more specific than that is a rotation, a text rotation effect. And so this is what I would do. I look at all these these videos and see what is working, and that's kind of what I chose. So I will break this up. So I will say Aftereffects tutorial, colon rotating, kinetic typography revolving three D text. So that's like a bit of a wonky text. So what should I do with that? I'm going. I think I'm going to do kinetic Taipa Revolving Tet three D text. Three D kinetic typography. So let me just call that kinetic typography. Typically, it's better to actually name your file the exact way that your title is. And so that's one other thing that you really need to pay attention to when you are creating the actual file for your video. Don't just call it something random or a bunch of letters or names or numbers you want to make sure that includes the the actual text and the key words that will be in your title. So the only thing that this is missing now is rotation, which is another key word. So I like revolving. I like three d. So maybe I'll do revolving three D text, and then I will do like a comma rotating kinetic typography. And so that breaks it up. So it's not one long jumble of words. It kind of breaks it up a little bit more. And so that's basically how I come up with my titles. I try to balance using keywords and actually saying what the video is about, and that's what makes my videos successful. So far, that's what a lot of people's videos do to be successful. It's a delicate balance, but doing your research to see what is popular and then using those keywords on your own videos is something I have a recommend. So that's how I pick titles. Hopefully, that helps you and inspires you a little bit for how to pick your own 4. Writing a Great YouTube Description: Hey, Ron, Welcome to another tutorial today we're creating our description for our YouTube videos. So follow along as I write out my description and hopefully it will help you out when you upload your YouTube video. If you have already set up your defaults for your description, they will be plugged in right here in our description. So you can see where I set up my defaults. Now, I already have this text that links out to all of my social media pages and my website. I have this Please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment but low text. And then I also have this standard. Take a premium course at my courses website at the top. I typically leave this unless I have a specific course that I want to promote for this video, which I do because this is an aftereffect tutorial. I don't want to just send them to the General Courses Page. I want to send them to a more specific page and you can I suggest either sending them to a specific sales page, lead funnel or to a block post that is related to this video for me. I've had some success, just sending them straight to the course page, which you can see here. I have my video school online courses channel, and then, rather than sending them to this all courses page, I have a specific after effects course that I want to promote. And for YouTube, I've created a 50% off coupon. So it's just an incentive that I try to get YouTubers to pay for my classes, and so that seems to work for me. And so what I'll do is change this text to enroll in the premium after effects course for 50% off, and then I will include the link. But the link you will see right here for this coupon code using teachable, which is what I host my own courses on, is really long and ugly. And so I have my website, video school online dot com, and that's both based off on WordPress. And they have a cool plugging called pretty link, and this is pretty link light, which is the free version, and it allows you to basically create new links to Ah, you're any sort of link. It redirects link. So I took this link right here this long link, and I created a new link, which is video school online dot com slash e y t 50 which stands for it's really for my personal benefit aftereffects YouTube 50 50% off, and I can copy this link now and add it to the top of my description. And so this is good because it is not as ugly as the long Europe. Now, why do I want to include this link at the very top? Well, if you go to one of my video pages and this one, it's done processing so I can go to this video page. I haven't published it yet, but if I go to the video page, you will see that at the top of the description on Lee, a line or two shows up, and then you have to click this show more, but in to show the rest of the text. So you want to include any link, any offer, any sort of external link that you want people to click on at the very top of your YouTube channel description. Okay, so now we have our offer and a link to the offer. Then we have to include some more text that will help build S CEO for this video, So I like to keep it short. YouTuber recommends keeping it to 3 to 4 sentences or less. You don't have to put in a ton of information here, and I like to include the same keywords as in my title and a few more. So for this I would say something like Watch this after effects tutorial and I try to make it more of a sentence rather than just a title kind of text tutorial. Learn how to create rotating three D text. Great kinetic typography technique. Now there is one one key word that I didn't use in the title, which is motion graphics. That's another key word, so I'll try to add that here. I'll say something like this. Motion graphics. Ah, effect. Another good keyword effect is seen in a number of modern commercials and videos. You'll learn how to make your own revolving text in after effects Creative cloud, which is the version that I'm using. And then I was at a little thing that says, or you can use any other version of after effects. So you see, I've added after effects a few times. That's a key he were that I want to add. I didn't make it very long. It says exactly what the students will learn or the person will get from this video. And that is that. And so the key things to remember for your description is keep your link out to something at the very top so that it's seen above the fold. That's what we call this above the show. More fold and then keep it to 3 to 4 sentences and include the key words that are in your titles right there. Thanks so much, and we'll see in the next video. 5. Choosing Great YouTube Video Tags: Hey, everyone, welcome back to another YouTube Creator course tutorial. Today. We're looking at our video tags on YouTube. How do we select tags so you can set up your defaults to include tags? And you can see here that I already have my video school online tag here? One thing that YouTube has recently come out saying is that you should actually include your branding key tags later and really keep your main tags at the beginning. And so what? I typically do all exit out of this I like including video school online, but later on. But the first tags I want our after effects tutorial, kinetic typography, three D rotating revolving text. So those are my first ones and those air coming from my title, and it's good to have specific ones like the entire aftereffects tutorial and very or not as specific ones, and then more general ones like text revolving rotating. So the bigger, longer ones and the shorter words. Then I'm going to add some more just based off of what I included in my description. So motion graphics. How to create motion graph eggs titles in after effects, rotating text, rotate, revolving text then I will include via school online. Okay, One cool trick that you can dio to see what other people's keywords are is say you go to YouTube and you find a video that similar and has a lot of views. So let's go say a three D text after effects. So we have a lot of videos. This one is has 407,000 views. That's pretty good. So let's just click on that one. Where we're going to do then on this page is right. Click anywhere, and I'm using chrome by. This should work with any browser. You should see something like View Page source, and this will show the source code for this video. What I can then do is press command F or control F if you're on a PC, but I'm on a max of command F and search for key words. Now you can see what this video's keywords are, so you have after effects effects spelled differently. Tutorial create CS six HD how to easy beginning adobe all these different things, and so this can inspire me to add a fume or tags to mind. So I want to separate after effects, motion graphics, kinetic typography. And then let me just see if there's anything else. Okay, so the other things like Creative Cloud that's the version. CS six, CS five Because this tutorial will work in any of those. I include all those, and so that's a pretty good amount. You don't want to go overboard. All these air generally related to, um, my my description and my video one other one that I like including, is just my name Philemon er, just in case people are searching online for Philip Better. I like to make sure that at some point, if they did enough digging this video would be found by searching for my name, of course, my website keywords and then my website itself. Video school online dot com. So that's how I choose. Tags is a combination of using the key words that are in your title and your description, and also looking at other people's popular videos, checking out what keywords they're using and just getting inspiration from that. Thanks so much for watching and will soon. Another video 6. Creating a Great YouTube Thumbnail: everyone, welcome back to another tutorial in the YouTube creator. Of course, today we are going to be creating and uploading our own custom thumbnail. You'll see when you start uploading a video after it has processed that it gives you three options. But these aren't really good options for being clickable and engaging thumbnails. And so remember we want our thumbnail is, to be honest, we want it. Teoh really showcase what are video is about, and we want to make it clickable. One thing that YouTube has done is a lot of research to see which thumbnails are the most clickable and the ones that really are custom designed. The ones that have images and also text seem to do really well. And so, for most my thumb to thumb nails, I include imagery and text that explains what it is all about, and so you can see an example of one of mine for a recent video. Here is the easy Dutch oven bread video that I created, and I actually took photos while creating this bread to use as a thumbnail. I knew that I wanted a great looking image for the thumbnail, and that's what I added, And then I have this text as well. And this isn't just a screenshot from the video. This is an actual photo. So it's something that I am always thinking about when I'm creating videos now. So let's go ahead and create our new project. So I'm using photo shop. Of course, a lot of you aren't going to be using photo shop. So think of this is a tutorial about the design process and not actually using this tool photo shop. For those of you who do use Photoshopped, great. But you can actually create thumbnails in any sort of image design application, like gimp or Photoshop, or paint her power point. Anything that you can actually put together images on you can use. The key thing toe start out with is the right size. And so for YouTube, they actually suggested sides of 12 80 pixels wide by 10 by 7 20 pixels tall. That's HD quality and will show up good on most monitors. The thing is that they're always updating and increasing the size of things. Think about how HD video has changed in the past 23 years. Now we have four K video in a couple of years will have six K video and who knows? Beyond that, and with television screens and computer monitors getting higher and higher resolutions, I want to make sure that I am future proved. And my thumbnail is future proofed. So I used the with 1920 by 10 80 just in case in the future. It needs to be that higher quality, so 1920 pixels wide by 10 80 pixels tall. So what I typically do is start out with the background, and I try to pick it background color that will separate me from the rest of the thumbnails out there. So this is another case for doing some research. Search for videos related to yours and see what the thumbnails look like. See, here I have my three d after effects. Tutorials have black background with white text. I have the after effects program itself have white background with some Christmas colored text. This one has an image in the background. That's a little interest more interesting, but nothing really stands out. And so that's what I want to do. I want to make it stand out, so I'm going to pick a color that stands out. So in photo shop, I'm going to add a new solid color, and I'm going to pick something like sort of like orange, yellow, deep orange, yellow. I think this is a very nice color, and it's going to stand out when people search for my videos. Then what I do is add my text first. So what I do is look at my title of my video. So its aftereffects tutorial revolving three D Tex rotating connect type irby. So a lot of stuff in there on my thumbnail I wanna make it specific to what it's actually about, because people are going to see the thumbnail before they read the actual text of the title . And so I don't want to just say aftereffects territorial on my slide, my thumb. Now I want to do something like revolving text, and so that's what I'm going to use for now. I'm just going to call this revolving text and you can see the color is very wild right now . I'm going to change that toe white, and so that looks pretty good. And maybe we'll do is text tutorial, and I like to have my text match up. So the width of the text matchups all shrink this text just a little bit so that it matches the size of the revolving text. So this is good, but it doesn't really show what it's about. Revolving three D text. It says what is about, but it doesn't show. So I'm going to add some arrows to try to help me visualize what this tutorial will show, since I'm not actually showing the after effects program itself. So I have these arrows that I have I've found online, and I'm going to add them to my revolving text. So I'm going Teoh color it white. So it looks nice, adding a color overlay. So something like this maybe play around with the size of duplicating it revolving. So this more or less shows what's happening. It's revolving, and that's what I want to get at with these arrows, so that's looking pretty good. The next thing I'm going to do is add the logo for after effects. So again, these they're just files that I've downloaded and I add, and this is good because people will know that it is an aftereffects tutorial. Sometimes I like to put it just in the corner or in the middle. Something like this. What I also dio is zoom out so that I can see what it will look like as a thumbnail. So here you can see in our results the size of what it's going to look like. So I want to make sure that it looks good at that size. Now, the white text isn't standing out from the background as much as I wanted to. So I'm going to change this background color just a little bit, make a little darker, make it a little bit more orange so that that text pops out a little bit more that I'm just going to move this outer effects logo somewhere else so that it doesn't compete with the text. Maybe just in the bottom corner. Something like that. No, not in the bottom corner. Because you have your timer right here. I'm going to add it to the top corner. Like so. So this is looking pretty good. I might increase the size of the text just a little bit. And then because I do that, I have to move these arrows a bit. Something like that. Now I'm looking at revolving. I think that's good, because rotating can mean something else. Revolving is actually what this tutorial is about. Okay, so I am happy with that. I have my aftereffects logo that shows that its after effects have my text and the arrows that show what it's about. And it looks good at thumbnail view. And so now what I'm going to do is exported. So file save or just save it as a J peg, I typically save all my thumbnails in the same folder as the video so that I know exactly where it is. Save it as a J peg and I save it as the same title as my video again keeping all the keywords in there. It does help in, say, in S e o purposes save. I want to make sure that it is under two megabytes, so I'm just going to put it at high quality. You know, you want to make sure that it will upload, because on YouTube, you will see when you're uploading your thumbnails that it has a max file size of two megabytes. That's why we'll just see what it looks like. it is 121 kilobytes O. J. Pegs are really small file sizes. Looks amazing. And then what I will do is go back here to my video page. I will find that image, and I will upload. So after a second it will start uploading and you will see it there. And now we are ready to publish or schedule our videos. You will see that there's this little add to playlist button. If we are scheduling out our videos, it doesn't allow us to add to a playlist, because then it might appear on that playlist, even though it's unlisted or it's still being scheduled out. So that is one thing about scheduling your videos. That you have to pay attention to is, if you're scheduling, you have to add the videos to the playlist once it is published and made public, and you can't do that right now. But for now I'm going to go ahead and do that. There are still some options. If you want to add translations or credits or you want to monetize your videos, I always just use the default. There's also advanced settings that you can change the category the location with language . The recording day if you want to change it, um, all these different things. But that's all more advanced that you don't really need to do. Teoh published great quality videos with Good s CEO mainly is about the title of the description in the Tags and the thumbnail. So I'm going to go ahead and click Publish and there we go. We'll see you in the next tutorial. 7. Adding YouTube Cards to Your Videos: Hey, Ron, welcome to another tutorial and the YouTube Creator course. Today we're going to learn how to add cards to our videos. They're similar to annotations, but they're the newer version, and I don't want to teach you how to do the annotations right now, because there has been rumors that annotations air going to go away at some point. So I think you should all start using cards instead because they're great Ford Mobile devices as well as desktop computers. And so I need to add a card to one of my recent videos that was published. It was my Sony A seven are two tutorial and review. So if I click on this link and go to the bottom of the video where it says cards, this little I in the circle click that, and that's where you can add cards to your videos. So what I'm going to do is link this video to a an online course of mine I am promoting. This is actually part of the course, and I want to get people who watch this video onto that course. And so I suggest adding cards around the 32nd spot when you start out just because this is really when someone is getting into the video, if you post card right at the beginning, like five seconds. And I found that a lot of people just exit out of those because they see it and they don't even want to think about. They want to see what the video is about. So I would wait till around 30 seconds 45 seconds to post a card, depending on how long your video is. So when you want to add a car, you click this ad but and card well. First, you put your little time indicator on the timeline where you want it. So I'm going to say around 30 seconds and then I'm going to click add card. You have a few different options. You can link out to a video or playlist of yours. You can link out Tim a channel, so this is a good idea. If you want to start getting people toe, subscribe to your channel. Add cards that ask people to subscribe to your channel. You can do fan funding to ask people to donate to your channel donations or link. Now this has to be an improved website, which you do through your channel settings, and I've already done that. I've already approved video school online dot com. The problem is that I have this link for the online photography bundle that I want. It linked Teoh. The issue is that it's courses dot video school online dot com, and if I say next it says this your l is not recognized as it an associated website. So what I can do is go to my my WordPress site videos go online and add a new pretty link. This is the plug and I was talking about before in another tutorial, and this will really help you out when as linking out two pages through your associated site. So I wanted to go toe that photography bundle. And so what I'm going to do is call this Y T photo bundle, so I'm going to create this link. So now anyone that goes to video school online dot com slash y t photo bundle will go to the actual course site. So let me just show you what that looks like. They go to video school online dot com, but it actually goes straight to my ultimate photography bundle course. So now if I add that link, the videos go online link and say next it should work as an associate of website. And it does so now there are three things you need to do. Your card title, your called action and your teaser texts. The teaser text is the text that pops up in your YouTube video, and that's really got to be eye catching and draw the viewer to want to click it. The called action is tiny text of the bottom of the card. Once they open it, that is really another called action to get them to do something. And then the car title is the main text that they will see once they open up the card. And I'll show you all this in a second. That will explain what the card is all about. So starting with the teaser texts, I'm going to say, learn more foot photo skills. So that's what I'm pitching to the viewer. Once they click that they can learn more photo skills. I've also learned that enroll now seems to be a good text called action for online Courses for the car title I wanted to use something that is very catching and shows what the viewer will gain by clicking on this card and potentially visiting and enrolling in this class. So I will say, shoot better videos with the 98 course photo bundle. So now they can see that if they take this eight course photo Bunnell, they will shoot better videos over here on the right. You can see that it pops up with a couple of images, a couple different options, and it's pulling it from the website. So I'll pick one that I think represents the course. Well, so I'll pick this one right now or you can change it by uploading your own all. Then click create card, and you will see now that this little I pops up. So if I play through this and the I, when you actually are viewing, it will pop up and you click on this and it has shoot better videos, whips. I didn't mean videos. I met photos with eight course, photo bundle and roll now, so I'm going to edit this. She better photos with eight course photo bundle, so it's a save. And now if we go to our YouTube video. So if you just click on the YouTube video itself and you will see if you play through it that the teaser text will pop open, where you added this card and so that calls people toe click on this, learn more photo skills, and if you click on it, you have the title Tex and enroll now called Action Text. So that is how you add cards to your videos. You can add multiple if you want, I said, just having one to start out with as your main card and whether you want people to subscribe or view your website. That's up to you. But it should be related to whatever the video is about. And that's why I promote my photo course with this photography video. But if I was doing my after effects tutorials, I would promote an aftereffects course. So that's how you had cards. Hopefully, this helps you out, and we'll see in another tutorial 8. Creating New Playlists: everyone, welcome to another tutorial. Today we are learning how to create a playlist in YouTube, and it's important Teoh, add playlists and put your videos in playlists. Because this improves, there s CEO. When you search for a topic, let's just say after effects I keep going back to Africa effect because that's what I want to learn. People can actually search for playlists, so people might want to learn a lot of after effects. And if you find a cool playlist, people will watch lot of your videos. So to create a new playlist, go up to your creator studio and then you're going to go to your video manager. So click on this video manager, but in ANC's like playlists, this will show all the playlists that you've created if you have created anything in the past, but for most of you that you will be queen your 1st 1 And so click this new playlist button and we're going to title it right here Now. I just created a video on how toe make easy Dutch oven bread. This is nothing to do with any of the rest of my videos, but I posted it on my video school online channel just to get the traffic because I have so much, so many subscribers there. And so I'm going to create a new easy recipe videos playlists in case I create more recipe videos. So I'm just going to say, Create. You can choose to make it unlisted or private. If you want to share a playlist of videos with other people privately and now this is going to show up like this. If you already have videos to add, you can just say, Add videos. You can click on your YouTube videos, and then you can choose any of your videos that you want to add. But as you can see, you can add them by your L or video search, which shows that you can add videos that aren't even a part of your channel to your playlists. And this is great because people will add your videos to their playlist, which helps improve and get more views. So for me, though, I'm just adding this easy. No need Dutch oven crusty bread to this playlist, and you can see as soon as I add a video the thumbnail for the rest for the playlist changes. Once you've created a playlist, it's important Teoh change this settings and add a description so that again it can be found in YouTube search. And so here I'm going to write. This is a playlist of easy recipes that I love Teoh make super simple. You could add more keywords if you want. Then we're going to click playlist settings to change some of those. You have your playlist privacy, which we saw before. You can also change the ordering, which is important because right now it's set to manual. But I'm going to be adding videos to this, and I want to make sure that the newest videos or the news published videos are at the top , not based on when I add it to the playlist, but based off when I publish it, you can allow embedding or not. You can automatically add different videos to your you're Siri's so say you want. If all videos that have the tag after effects or for this maybe bread or a recipe, then they would automatically be added to the playlist. So that's great to set up a swell. So maybe what I'll do here, I'll add recipe, Okay, and then you can say collaborate and you can say contributors can admit is to this playlist . So if you have other people that you want to add their videos to your playlist, you can have that as well. I'm just going to say save. And now we have our easy recipe videos, playlists. So if we go to our channel, if this is the view from someone that's viewing our channel and they click on playlists, they can see easy recipe videos right now, and they can see when it was updated. So that's how you add a playlist is really important to be creating playlists and add videos to your playlist. Now I just want to show you how to add videos to the playlist that have been published so recently. I just published this video on the Sony A Are seven to right here, and when you see a video that you want to add to a playlist, just click this ad to button and you can see the options for your playlist that you want to add to down here. Now I've already added to photography and wedding photography tutorials, so I'm not going to add it anywhere else. But this is where I would do it. So that's how to create a new playlist and add videos to current playlists. Please use those to improve your channel, and we'll see in the next video. 9. Designing Your Custom YouTube Channel: everyone. Welcome to a new tutorial in the YouTube Creator course. Today we're talking about customizing and designing. The look of your channel begins here. See here on my video school online channel that I've customizes so that I have my nice banner up at the top for viewers that come back to my channel. They see my latest video. There's nice playlist down below with all my up loads. Certain playlist that I want to highlight here have popular up close as well. So this is all customized to look the way that I want. I have my YouTube partners for my other channels that I've created related channels if you enable that or not. So to view your channel, just go over to these three bars and click the my Channel, but in and now this will be an insider. Look at your channel, which shows you your subscribers and views of the top, but you can view your channel as different people. You can view it as yourself, a new visitor or a returning visitor. I suggest looking at the new visitor, which will show you what it looks like. And so for me, if you haven't subscribe to my channel and you're a new visitor. You will see a channel trailer which will be talking about in the next video. But this is what it looks like for a new visitor, which is just good to see what it looks like. So what I'm going to do is actually go into another channel of mine and edit the design of my channel so that it looks better. So this is a photo textures channel that I started, and I need to put more work into it and make it look better. You will see this is the standard channel that you will see when you start out that it just has on the home tab of your challenges has a list of all of your activities and your posted videos. Now, I've already edited the channel image right here, the channel art. And to do that, you click this little Penn icon right here and say, edit channel art. And now it gives you this size that it recommends for your channel art, which is 25 60 by 14 40. And there's also a button that says how to create channel art. And this is a great page to check out because it has a sample template for where your logo and your text should be for your channel art. Because this is this channel Art actually displays full screen as a 16 by nine image on a television. But on the channel, of course, it just shows this middle section right here. And so you can actually download a sample image from this link right here. So go ahead and click that edit button at it. Channel Art and how to create our channel art button right there to download the, um, the template. The other thing you could do is at it links, which are these links? Right here at the top of your video. Right here. And so right here. It will take you to this custom links button right here. And you, Consejo. Where there are free downloads for me, for example, you can try to get people onto your website or on specific pages. So I just click my home page. Now what I want to do is change it from this toe, looking like the channel that I created for video school in line, which included a home video my playlist and not just the stream of all my information. So that change that you click this little icon right here, right above the subscribe button and you click Edit Channel Navigation and the top is has customized the layout of your channel recommended for people upload videos regularly. So I want to do that. I want to enable this. Otherwise it's the feed. So I'm going to say enable that custom layout of channel. Now if I say save, it takes me to this home page, which includes my what want to watch next my up loads and my popular up loads playlists automatically. Now what I can do is add a new section. I can edit these over here on the right side. You can move these sections up or down, typically at the top. It just has this What toe watch next feature for returning videos. But I can go and add a section, and it has different options for the content. You can do one of your videos. You can do a playlist. You can do a channel, you can do other. You can include your recent activities. A recent posts what I like to do is play list, so I'm going to say single playlists. You can choose one of my playlist or entered through your also. I'm going to say my playlists. I'm going to find a playlist I'm going to say would textures. And you can customize the layout from her horizontal road to vertical lists if I want. So see, the first goal is it kind of spread it out more. So I'm going to do that. I'm going to say Done. So that's how you add a new section here at the bottom and again, you can move up or down or around. So I'll just do that one more time ad section. I'm going to create a single playlists. I'm going to find one of my playlists, and I will do abstract. And this time I'll just do a horizontal row and I'll click done. And there you go. So I suggest putting your up loads at the top and maybe popular up loads as well. And then I don't think you should put every single playlists of yours unless you only have a couple. But I would just put your most popular playlists right here on your channel. home page, The ones that you want people to start viewing Take away for this video is to make sure that you customize your channel. Art includes some an image that has to do with your channel. Some text that has to do with your channel. Here is where you can add the schedule of your videos that will be posting up here. You want to make sure that you enable the home channel designed so that you can customize the look. And it's not just the stream of your feed and then down below. This is how you add and edit your different playlists and sections of your channel. Thanks so much for watching, and we'll see you in the next video. 10. Creating a Channel Trailer: Hey, everyone, welcome to a new tutorial in the YouTube masterclass. Today. We're going to be looking at creating a channel trailer, and there are some key things to keep in mind when you do create a channel trailer. This is the video that pops up when someone visits your channel for the very first time. And so it's important toe Show off who you are and give a great first impression to try to ultimately get someone to subscribe to your channel and watch Mawr video content of yours. So some things to keep in mind are you won't need to hook your viewers in the 1st 5 seconds . Remember, this is like an advertisement that if they don't get good quality information, if they're not hooked after the first few seconds, they're going to go on to the next YouTube channel. That sounds interesting to them. Remember that they don't know you while you think you may think that Oh, they are because they come to your channel because they already know who you are and what you're doing. While that might be treat true, most people who come to your channel are just from YouTube itself and have never heard of you. They don't do what you offer, and so it's important to let them know exactly who you are and what you offer in your trailer. The next thing is to actually show what your channel is all about in your trailer. You don't want it to just be a random video. You wanted to actually show clips from your other videos so that new visitors to your channel see the breath of all of your contact. Hopefully, it's very diverse, and it shows the high quality videos that you're pushing out. And so this is a good thing to actually include clips from your other videos in your trailer. Keep it short. Of course, YouTubers and YouTube viewers are really prone to making and watching only short videos, and especially with your trailer again. You got to think of it as an commercial 1 to 2 minutes max. You can even keep it down to 30 seconds might be better, but remember, you have to get all the good content in there, which is showing who you are and telling them why they should really be a part of your channel and continue to watch you all within those 30 seconds, So don't ramble on, keep it short and then lastly, ask viewers to subscribe. If people are watching a trailer, they're already interested in your channel, and just asking them to subscribe within your video is important. And, of course, if they are on your channel page watching it, and it's really easy to subscribe just by clicking the little subscribe but into the right of your channel video itself. So these air a few key points to keep in mind while creating your channel trailer. Now let's go over to YouTube to learn how you actually upload your channel trailer and put it on your channel. Okay, everyone. So here we're on my video school online YouTube channel. So add a trailer to your channel. Click this four new visitors, but in so that shows what your channel looks like for a new visitor and click Liz Plus Channel trailer button. Now you can select from any of your videos, and if you've recently uploaded a video, then it will show up right here. I have a channel trailer that I added a long time ago that I'm going to re add so I'm just going to copy this URL and paste it right here, going to click save. And now that adds this video as my channel trailer for anyone new to the channel, they will see this. Now You can edit this by clicking this little edit button and say, Change trailer or remove it if you want an update, and another quick thing to keep in mind is to add it. What you're returning something prescribers see? So for now, you can see that my returning subscribers see my latest videos, and you can edit it here by clicking the edit button. Your default content can either be your latest upload or latest activity, or you could feature a specific video, Um, right here by clicking the future video or playlist. Say you have something that you're promoting and you want to keep promoting for a long time and not have the latest video play. Then you can pick a specific video or playlist. Stay here for returning subscribers, but I like having my latest uploads play, so that's how you add a channel trailer. If you have any questions, let me know otherwise. Use these tips. Go take action make your channel trailer, make a great one and then posted to your channel. Thanks so much for watching, and we'll see in the next video. 11. Branding Your Videos with a Subscribe Watermark: everyone in this video, we're going to learn how to brand your videos with a watermark. So here I am on my creator studio dashboard. Go ahead and click the channel page and then go down to branding, and we cover this in a previous video. But this is a little watermark that will be added to your videos on all of them. And it's a great with a brand your videos with your brand or with something that a lot of people are due to get more subscribers with a little subscribe button. So to add a watermark, just click this ad watermark button, and it will show you the rules so they don't want you to do a full square with multiple colors. They want a transparent background with a solid color. Those are nice, Ah, for best results. But that's not necessarily what you have to dio. And so, for me, let's just show you how to add a little subscribe button that looks like this. So here's a little subscribe button that I designed myself that I will be putting on my channel now. You could design your own or you can actually use this exact one just download it from the supplemental resource is of this lesson and is there if you want to add to your own channel , so just select open and then you were going to collects Click Save and it says your uploaded watermark. It says it looks like this, but that's not exactly how it looks. I just click save. And now, if you can choose when you want it to play, so you have a custom start time. If you want to pop it open after five seconds or throughout the entire video or at the end of the video, I think it's interesting to have it pop open after a few seconds. So after the person has started watching your video, so I'm just going to start after five seconds. So now if I go to one of my videos, this is my latest Ah, recipe video that I created and I play through this So it's going. Teoh should pop open after five seconds. There it is, a little subscribe button. Now it's a little hard to see, so ah, that's the one issue with the watermark. It's kind of hard to see, but because the subscribe text eyes so wide. It's hard to get that in there, but still people gonna read it. And then if they click on this little button, it takes them to your channel, Which is great to have a channel that has a good funnel to get them. Subscribe to your channel with a trailer with text in your description that gets them to subscribe with this little button right here. And so if you don't want to use a subscribe button, I suggest using the same logo that you use for your channel. And that's, um, pretty easy to do. You just upload the same logo and it just has to be a square. And the more simple the better, I would say, But you can also try doing the little subscribe button and see how that works for you. Thanks so much for watching. Remember, this file is in the supplemental resource is of this lesson if you want to use it and yes, so have fun with it and we'll see. In another video 12. Creating Custom Channel Artwork: Hey, everyone, let's dive a little bit deeper into creating your YouTube channel art. So this will be a tutorial of exactly how to do it. The channel art. Remember, Is this artwork at the top of your channel, which is this big bar right here. You can see mine here. And Mike and Lawrence, I really like how Mike and Lauren have the schedule of their videos, how they post them, which will increase your subscribers because they can expect new videos. But make sure that you stick to that schedule if you do this. So how do you create the perfect looking channel artwork? First search for YouTube channel art in Google and then go down to this support dot google dot com addresses the create or edit channel art, but in because this includes a template that you can use. So if you scroll down on this page, you can see channel art templates, and this will download all down List this to my desktop so that we can see it. I'll go ahead and open this up. Let's show that and finder and you can see I'm working on a bunch of stuff. So inside this you have a PNG and a photo shop file. If you have Photoshopped, go ahead and use photo shop to create this, which is what I'm going to be doing. But if you have any other sort of program like gimp or even Power Point, you can create a basically a project that is this size, which is 25 60 pixels wide by 14 40 pixels tall and then placed. This is a PNG image right here, and you can see if you place this into your project. You have an idea of where to place all of these different parts of your channel art, but it's a lot easier if you use photo shop, which you can download a free trial of by searching for a photo shop trial, and you will be taken to the Adobe site to download a 30 day free trial. Anyways, let's get into to photo shop by double clicking the channel our template, and I'll actually just go ahead and upload this channel template to this video so it will be in the resource is so here you can see the different sizes that you have to be aware of . The biggest square, You're probably wondering, when will you ever use this big square? You use this big rectangle box when someone was searching your channel on the TV. And since so many more people are using Apple TV and Chromecast and Kindle fire stick Teoh , use the YouTube app on their actual television, and not just on their computer or smartphone. This might be shown so you want to make sure that your channel art covers of this entire area and then for the desktop mask max and the desktop minimum and the tablet size. This is just the different sort of bars, and with that might be shown on your desktop and your tablet. You really want to make sure that you have this text and logo safe area covered, because this is really what you'll be seeing when you go to a YouTube channel like this one and you see this channel. So let me go ahead and just show you what it would look like if I squeeze in. It does get a little bit smaller compared to when it's whiter like so, so make sure that's covered. So what would you do now? Now I would find an image. So a great place to find images is a site called Picks obey dot com. That's P i X a b a y dot com. So they were creating a channel about travel. So something that I'm really passionate about. What we can do is search for a travel. These are all free to use images that you can actually use on your own channel for your own artwork in your videos, however you want. So travel. This isn't really coming up with anything that interesting that would represent my channel . So I'm going to search for map, so that's looking pretty good. So I like this image right here with the glasses and this old map. Now, I can download this by clicking free download. I'm going to do original size to get the biggest size and saying download. You do have to sign up if you want to download these images, which I have an account. So I'm gonna go ahead and log in Now I'm going to go ahead and download it. You can download it wherever you want. I'm just gonna put on my desktop. I'll go back to photo shop. I'll find that image and I'll just drop it into photo shop. So now this appears below the spec. This is the area that is showing me this little overlay of my safe area, and that's good. I want my photo to be below that so I can see where everything is. What I'm going to do is increase the size of this so that it covers this entire area by increasing the size like so then moving it around. I don't like how the glasses show up right here, because when someone comes to my YouTube channel, just this area will appear. And so what I'll do is just move it up a bit. So this is a really cool background still, and maybe all increase it and rotate it just a bit. Just see what it looks like that still making sure that it covers everything. But just getting a more interesting part of this image, more of it in focus and actually having it out of focus is kind of nice, because then I can include text and logo, which is what I'll do next. But first know, you might want to check what it looks like without this overlay by turning on and off this eyeball so you can see what it looks like here. So that would be what it looks like on the TV. And here you can imagine what it looks like on the YouTube channel. So then I'm just going to take my text tool that will click in here. And actually, this is they give you an actual text box that you can use Where the text and logo safe area . I'm actually going to not use that text box. I will go ahead and lock this so I can't click it now. I'm going to create new text box. I'll just say Fills Travel Channel. And then this is just a little bit more about design. But you want to make sure you design everything toe look right. And I often like using big, bold fonts. So I will do that. I'm going to use League Spartan, which is one of my favorite font of all time, and I'll do all caps and I know I'm going a little bit fast, but I don't want to create a photo shop class for this YouTube chant for this YouTube class ideo a Photoshopped Tools class. That's free. If you want to check that out, I'm just going to turn off this speck layer just so I can see what it looks like. So you noticed that the Texas A little bit too light for the background and you want to make sure that it stands out. I'm gonna make it a little bit smaller. And so I'm going to either change the color to make it a different color. Something that pops something like that might be better. Or maybe a blue. That's pretty good. Or I can also add a stroke to this text. And an easy way to do that is just by double clicking it and you choosing stroke, which is right here, and I can choose a white stroke for here. That looks pretty good. Something like That's pretty cool. So then I could go in, make sure that it's in the right position. Still, I could add text about what my schedule is, and everything else you design it. Then when you say that you want to make sure that you turn off this speck layer right here and then save it as a J peg. So go up to file export. We're just save as and when save as pops up. I'm just going to save it as a J. Peg. I'll call this fills Travel Channel artwork. Save it, save it as Max Quality save. Okay, now on my desktop, I have filled channel artwork. This is what it looks like. You might be wondering, How is this going to look like on in your own channel? But then when you go back to your channel and let me just go into my own channel, actually, so let's open up YouTube and good in my own channel while I'm logged in to edit the channel artwork, you would click this edit button edit channel art, and then you would upload it. So let's just go ahead and see what it looks like if I go ahead and upload that Tet, that temporary travel artwork. So it says it's a max file size of four mega pick megabits, so you want to make sure that it's not that big, and it gives you a preview of how it looks. You can adjust the crop after this, so if I say adjust crop, I can zoom in, for example, I could move this in if I want to do like that. But since I created the exact size that I wanted, I don't want to make any crop. So I'm not going to do this because obviously, this is video school in Lyons Channel not feels Travel channel. But that is how you would create your YouTube channel art with photo shop and using the template that they provide, which I will also add to the resource is of this video on you to me if you're watching it there. So thank you so much for watching. I hope this helps and go out, create some great artwork, and we'll see you in another tutorial. 13. Project - Post an Optimized Video: Hey, everyone, welcome back to another exercise in the YouTube Creator course. Today's practice exercises to post a video on YouTube. The last exercise was to create your video, so hopefully you've shot and edited your video and it's ready to post. So now it is time to actually post your video. Use all the techniques we talked about, and you learn in this section from choosing a great title, describing your video the right way, creating great thumb. Now you can refer to all of those videos to see how we did that. So again, I'm not doing a walk through exercise for this practice because the past few lessons have been exactly that. So hopefully you know by now exactly how to post a video and how to optimize it. And that is your exercise for today. I'm really excited about this one because you can finally see all your hard work and get results started getting results as soon as you post. So thanks so much and we'll see you in the next section.