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YouTube Thumbnails that Turns Heads !

teacher avatar Lakshmi Parkavi, Digital Marketer | Video Producer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Create Catchy Thumbnails

    • 2. Thumbnails and their Types!

    • 3. Why are Thumbnails Important?

    • 4. Best Practices of YouTube Thumbnails!

    • 5. Let's Play a Game of Thumbnails!

    • 6. Create Thumbnails - In 6 Simple Steps!

    • 7. Test your Thumbnails with Vision AI!

    • 8. Thank You!

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About This Class

Did you know that good thumbnails can skyrocket your click-through rate? Do you ever wonder why your videos are not getting enough views? Do you really want to ensure your success on YouTube? 

Here it is. The ultimate Youtube thumbnail course! Learn the importance, ins & outs of creating thumbnails that get the clicks! Learn ways to test your thumbnail before posting using free AI tools. And more!

I’m so happy to bring this course to Skillshare and I recommend this course to all YouTubers, Entrepreneurs, and Digital Marketers who want to use Youtube videos to promote themselves & their products/services more efficiently. 

Come, let's do a deep dive into how YouTube thumbnails work, how to create YouTube Thumbnails from scratch, best practices, and even play a game of thumbnails! Follow my step by step process to create thumbnails and finally test them with Artificial Intelligence tools. 

Ready? Let's go!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lakshmi Parkavi

Digital Marketer | Video Producer


12 Years of Digital Marketing | 7 Years of Video Production

Lakshmi Parkavi has produced more than 600 videos working closely with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. Lakshmi has directed and produced a wide variety of videos, ranging from Corporate Videos, Testimonial Videos to TedX Videos.

She has 10 years of experience in inbound online marketing and has worked with leading brands to Deep-Tech Startups. She runs a video content and activation agency MangoTree Media in India. She is currently writing a book on Video production and Optimization.


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1. Create Catchy Thumbnails: in this concert class, we will learn everything about creating catchy tamin step by step. I'll play what you learned here on. You can create good companies that gets clicks right away. With that said, Let's jump in the world off calmness. 2. Thumbnails and their Types!: thumbnails in one image, Tell says. What the video is all about. You did. Some men's are like book covers, our movie trailers. People take one look a thumbnail on, decide whether to click and watch the video or not. Someone's appear all over you, too, every time you upload a video on before you hit the publish button, YouTube extracts a few frames from your video on automatically generate some nails. Tell a big no to order families. YouTube reports that 90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom families. 3. Why are Thumbnails Important?: Y yeah, some names important. In the beginning, no one knows you and you're all alone. You can be a big genius on how much better screen presents, then those who have a 1,000,000 subscribers. But no one will come to you in the beginning unless you have catchy. Tomlin's Good Thumbnails gets you more clicks without clicks. There are no abuse, no subscribers and no growth you do. In other words, a good, catchy thumbnails increases play through it and increases. Watch them. Remember, watch time until two rate or the most important ranking metrics off the YouTube garden. No. 4. Best Practices of YouTube Thumbnails!: Here are some best practices for creating thumbnails. Use high quality images in your Tom Nails Increase. Contrast ratio you do is a visual medium. Increase the contrast ratio to capture that mention. Some names with high contrast ratio always received more clicks than the ones with low contrast rations. Tom Names with faces and emotions always perform better. Many mice text in some names as much as possible. Use maximum off three words. DESIGN with the smallest screen in mind. 5. Let's Play a Game of Thumbnails!: In this video, we will learn why some thumbnail stand out and attract attention while other stoned where something needs are more liquidity than others. We will learn all this while playing a guessing game off thumbnails. With that said, let's step into the world off. Romney's rich, wealthy, some names we knew Click. All these thumbnails are from a very popular YouTube channel called Ste. Let's take a close look at each of these. Someone's the first time Name is colorful and has no texting it. This thumbnail with a bandana on Globe has a very high contrast issue. The title text, this Qingling Curiosity on this. Well complemented by the colorful high contrast family, this Tom name looks like a sure winner, but let's examine the second entered before we hand over the trophy to the first family. The second term male has a human face with fear or apprehension, emotion and some text in it. The text streets. No money in Korea, which is Qingling. A bit off curiosity. The 3rd 1 with someone doing pushups or some form of exercise, has no text on it and is doing nothing to attract attention or kindle curiosity on the title card. Things are about to change, its not complimenting the picture too well compared to the first in the second dominates, this will be the thumbnail that receives less clicks. So between the first time name and the second time name, the first time name is more connecting with the audience. In terms off surprise element, the face is closer to the audience and creates a better connection than the second time. The high contrast, all colorful thumbnails. It's more liquidity on Curious than the second family under view, Cone seems to suggest the same. It's fact majestically readiness by the views, because they were released at the same time on by the same channel. So the winner of the click body thumbnail among the three I'm a big fan off bust Betemit's . If you have to learn how to create dominance, you have to hang around the bus we channel page. Unless there thumbnails on, learn from them. Busty thumbnails not only tell the story or the video's content in one dominate image, but they also kindle curiosity and attract attention on receive buns and guns off clicks. Howard. There's one thing wrong with a few off their time nails. Look at all the time, names below and spot. What's wrong with these families Now? You two places. It's time stamp always on the bottom. Right, So it will hide the text if we place the text of the dominates at the bottom left. So remember, we're designing your company place. Nothing important at the bottom rate elected that space for you, Dukes Timestamp Not just in these four videos, even the videos they created lately they still repeat the small mistake. If this can be awarded, the thumbnails will become less confusing and will become more liquidity down in the snow. These are thumbnails from search results off Hope to solve a Rubik's Cube which one of these thumbnails will do? Click. I'm sure many office would opt for the first time name. It has high contrast than the second and the third and Hassett text one E c. V. The text triggers the brain to give it a try, but this thumbnail also has something else going for it to make it liquidy. The first time name has before. After transformation, when your eyes spotted change or transformation, your brain gets triggered. Remember, we spoke about how YouTube is official, medium and high contrast, Some names always received more clicks. Contrast is not only four colors, it is for things like before. After before, after works very well. But our brains are brain. Fix it real quick and can make an instant mission without any really. In this case, it can quickly decide to click the terminal and watch the video. So come up with a way to use contrast in your toenails. If you can achieve gone pressed, your thumbnails will receive more clicks. Second, and the third videos have not put much effort into their time nails. The second time name is from a big brand wired with more than six million subscribers, but it looks like a default screen grab with the brand name wired on it, which is not clear. Us with the third time name has a text on it. It say's learned Brubeck you in 10 minutes. So for me, the generous the some name from Bright Side on the Runner is the Learn Rubik's Cube. In 10 minutes, there is a very little chance that I will click on the thumbnails from where, unless I know their video quality or I'm a super hard in front of the channel export the differences between the two thumbnails below. Let me try along with you nor text in the first time. Name three lines of text in the second company. The timelines 6.5 and 10 point to do that is different because they're two different videos , obviously the first time. Nameless So fire resolution picture on the second time Name looks somewhat off a lower solution also no kidding. Don't they look eerily similar to each other? Off course? Without a doubt, it's the same time nail image with the text are did Anyone can flick anything on the Internet? And some names are not an exception. So if you don't want Tom Name to be lifted and mortified easily, please make it hard by adding a brand name or a face or or some graphic elements. Anything that makes it difficult, lift it and use it on adding a Brandon also helps in consistency. There's something not right with the summons. Can you find out on maybe fix it when you're free? What the Some names have too much texting them. They're both from popular channel CNBC and headed, and they would get less attention and clicks wooing toe a text heavy terminate. In addition, toe reducing the texting Tomlin's a good readable or more than phones can be used to attract attention. Will you click this someday? It has no face, no text, just one color. This some named breaks, all that would be discussed so far. This thumbnail is a rebel rule breaker on rock star in the world off the males with no face No takes just one color. It received 19 million views. Let's take the some nail with the title. This is not a low safe that I It's the best title the some name could ever have. It kindles a curiosity off the audience. It challenges your brain on compensation to click. There is an unanswered question, and you want more? The answer. Checco This other popular time name that's a rule breaker from the same channel. This one has 23 million views, so there is nothing wrong in breaking the rules and getting creative. Go ahead and create all sometime nous 6. Create Thumbnails - In 6 Simple Steps!: always use a high resolution photo for the dominant shoot. More photos than you require different emotions. The most important step in creating dominates is to remove the photo backgrounds. It takes a lot off time there, float and skill to remove the background and for the show. But with a little help from this website removed our BT you can effortlessly remove the Bagram. Just one click understand you do is a visual medium and high contrast thumbnails always stand out in YouTube to create contras. Use high contrast colors to gain attention and clicks. Use more than phones that are readable. Play around with more than phones. Don't settle for the 1st 40 Like the text in Tomlin should always be huge and love. It hurts to gain attention on works well for different screen sizes popular in the foreground. Elements popular the foreground element like a human face here, or any object off importance on graphics and final touches to the company's. This is really important and helps to attract attention. No 7. Test your Thumbnails with Vision AI!: before uploading your custom thumbnails in your YouTube channel. Pause for a minute uploaded. Envision a SAPIEN. First, learn a thing or two about how you do processes your thumbnail beforehand with vision. A YouTube can deduct faces. It knows a few places happy or said it can detect and identify objects. It can also agreed. Texting Tom Nails and can read more than 50 different languages. You do can't on the safe search until you feel Tom Nilis adult or spoof Violent or Tracy to check. Beautiful Superpower in action. Let's Go Division ASAP. A. On upload a few popular Tom names from YouTube, so let's visit you tube and grab a thumbnail image from typing. Get rich quick there. Here's how it would I, right click and copy Link address and paste it in Tommy and grabber dot com. And why don't we don't look this. We will repeat this process and don't know a few more images. We applaud the first summit on here citizen, This one face detected, and that has been detected very well. There's no emotion attached to the space. Neither joy sorrow and got no emotionally attached NAMI mood objects. It's got the outerwear, right? The real part trade on the person. The card in the clothing break the labels. Part is where it gets interesting. From what I see, I'm able to see Super Car, and it's a low in color. But the Lamborghini Aventador, which I didn't have a clue about. Well, that's like an ah ha moment more for me. I'm just going to click on it. And finally, that's right. God, get that some bargaining. I wanted up on Britian A picked it up. So here is the local on debt has sided. Afraid currently SPB s logo. Actually, if you see there's a school 90% there, so with 90% confidence you do. But which in A knows that this is previous local, not remove the laptop. This is where you get to see Web NTP's pages with mashed images and fully master maters, specially estimators and all that. If you see in Subodh Lamborghini Aventador, it's about money. It's about dead clearing or that sits aboard. Well, it's a YouTube video. Everything is I would but I feel actually scroll down and see it. Some would get rich slowly. So this video inaudible getting rich quick It's about telling you what getting rich quick will not work and how to get rich slowly and steady. This is not very obvious from the terminal, but you deposit rate if you scroll down below if you click on the first link. So this is Philip Walton in Tomlin on he runs the challenge two cents along with this wave . So from just scanning the thumbnail for few seconds, vision is collected A lot of information. So do you still don't you do, superpower moving to the next step? It can be the characters to But like you see here it's not 100% accurate. Get rich, quick, Get this not Red Bridge is read wrongly s rich here and quick question Mark is right and there's a 15 Where I don't know where officially picked it up like you see here it's 100% accurate. Let's moto properties. Properties is right. Get the color scheme on the color code Like if you want to copy the color scheme or color, coat off any thumbnail images You can use it from here. No, let's move on to safe such one green indicator. So do you see the green bus. 12345 bus. So one green indicator means very unlikely. Toby, I don't or spoof on medical or violent or racy. One Green is okay to greens. Okay, three green boxes means we're in the border link, and we have to tread cautiously. Maybe the very Saddam nail a bit four and find means we're inviting trouble. In this case, the get rich quick Tom Nail featuring Philip Wilson is unlikely to be Arnell spoof. Medical, violent or racy. And so we're good to go. We will revisit the safe search again. Another example. So we'll reset on upload a new Tom name. So there is one face directed and no emotion at all the objects directed or a mike under person on the labels, say a spokesperson, public speaking, aerator, music artist. All possibilities because the person is holding the mike in his hand. Now in logo, it says solar wings instead of start up stories. So that's not great. What if you see the saying that the 57% age confidence, which means it could be half right and half wrong in case of PBS? The confidence is 90% age. We take the whipped up and here's what we're presented. So Vision A has already predicted that it's a celebrated entrepreneur, Jack Ma, and that's a score Great event. Well, I think it's a bug, because usually the entities course very between 0 to 11 means absolutely certain. So in this case, you, too will be more than certain that the video is about Jack must motivation speech. That's the information right so far from the dominant going to the text. The text that is red is not accurate at all. The T is not clear and start up stories in this start up on stories and believe dreams. This 1,000,000,000 dreams and in your has not been directed at all. So the take home here is when choosing forms, we have to to sports that are easy to read and a very clear even for a human like me, like the text percentage right here is not very easy duty. So naturally, you, too, will be confused about the takes on just not able to identify the language. If you actually hold over, believe language, it's not able to identify any language with it. No, this is that it gets interesting in safe search. It thinks it's highly likely this Tom Nalen majors a spoof. No spoof means it's a record of false information. Why would a company with Jack Morning considered spoof? So let's uploaded on YouTube coming from another motivational speaker, Tony Romans. Yes, faces all smiling faces. Persons on text is read. Well, on this 100% accurate. How they Next, your business and Tony Robbins. It's got it all great and 100% accurate. And here again, in safe search, it is proof again. So maybe you took classified escaped rich quick schemes and motivation messages a spoof. So we'll applaud more thumbnail images that are motivation. So we see again that it's getting through hard times is contingent. So the take home here is in case if it I'm jealous, considers proof and safe search. Try toward the text differently or really saying the thumbnail until it's good to go, we'll wind up with a dominate from Mr Beast, so this is underwater challenge for 20 for us. That's a fence erected with no emotion, and the objects are right person and swim where the label says it's water on the water leisure swimming pool on the Web rightly identified us Mr B's and you do one on the water challenge. Everything is right. The text I didn't even notice. Gold. Stillman 25. This is a pick stuff from Mission E. So it's gotten 800% rate on which I could have clearly missed it. So the Tom Neal is considered likely to be racy here. That's that. Might be due to the exposed parts in the body. One thing that visually went wrong. This is Mr Wade completely. And it identified. It s a swim. Going identifies the way, does a swimmer That's only thing that vision has gotten thrown on. That would say it is a small matter. The 53% confidence. That's where you can prostration a with the confidence course. I had loads of fun when I first stumbled upon which in a I want you to upload few Tom nails and learn more about YouTube size. Oh, uh, 8. Thank You!: Thank you for watching. I hope you had a very good time learning to create click worthy dominance. Go ahead and create a dominant lotto and shot it in the space I've loved to see all your time means Thank you again.