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YouTube Thumbnail Success: Create Amazing YouTube Thumbnails Fast & Easy

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction to YouTube Thumbnails

    • 2. YouTube Thumbnail Concepts

    • 3. Software & Assets

    • 4. Preparation Process

    • 5. Building YouTube Thumbnails in Affinity Photo

    • 6. Building YouTube Thumbnail in PhotoPea

    • 7. Conclusion to YouTube Thumbnails

    • 8. Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

Get your Thumbnail Template Pack Here. 

Get your FREE Thumbnail Template Here.

It's not a secret to anyone anymore. YouTube Thumbnails matter. A lot. It's the first thing people see when browsing YouTube and it's what will make them click on your video to watch it or not. It can mean the difference between a million views and no views. 

YouTube thumbnails are often the most influential factor in determining whether or not viewers will watch your video. This is because it's the first thing they see when browsing YouTube and is what will make them click on it to watch or not.

Creating an attractive YouTube thumbnail is one of the most important things to get right when uploading a video. 

You can't get your video watched without a great thumbnail. Thumbnail size, shape, color, and location all affect your video's click-through rate.

A bad thumbnail can reduce your views by more than half. That's why YouTube Thumbnail Masterclass is designed to show you how to create attractive thumbnails that will help your video stand out on YouTube.

Make sure your thumbnails stand out from the crowd with this online course where I will teach you how to create an amazing YouTube Thumbnails. 

And that's where this course comes in.

You will learn how to create an amazing YouTube Thumbnails in this course. I will teach you all the tricks and techniques you need to know about how to make a thumbnail stand out from the crowd. You will also learn how to create your own thumbnail styles and use different software as well as other digital graphics tools for editing images.

You know those amazing thumbnails that stand out and grab your attention? I will show you how to create your own and make them the best they can be. Whether you're creating a thumbnail for a video, logo or infographic, these techniques will help you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are just a beginner or an expert, this course will teach you how to use Affinity Photo, its tools and other free software to create a custom thumbnail for YouTube video.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction to YouTube Thumbnails: Youtube thumbnails are one of the most important parts of all the YouTube Creator journey. After all, YouTube thumbnail decides whether someone will actually click on your video or just move on. And no matter how great your video is, no matter how useful it is, no matter how many great things you're providing in your videos, if nobody will click it, it doesn't really matter. So what you need is to learn how to make a great thumbnails. And in this course, I'm going to be teaching you just that. Hi, my name is Nick. Nick's and I'm full-time content creator and online intrapreneur. And in this course I'm going to be teaching you how you can create a great YouTube thumbnails which people can actually click. This course will be no BS, straight to the point. I'm going to be explaining everything as is without ever going around or bidding the Bush. We'll discuss everything that you need to start creating an amazing thumbnails, all the tools, all the assets or services, and everything that you will learn in this course. You can do that for absolutely free. We're going to go through entire process of thumbnail creation from ideation to an export. And I'm going to be showing you a same process in a different software to show you that it's not where you are doing it, it's what you're doing. So welcome to the course. You will learn a lot about them, nazi discourse. And without any further ado, let's just get it started. 2. YouTube Thumbnail Concepts: So hello and welcome to our first official lecture. And this lecture will be probably different than anything you've ever seen. Because I am have a proponent of Visual Learning and I'm going to be extroverted showing you, instead of just explaining on an examples for it to be as simple as humanly possible. So this lecture will be all about some new building concepts. Usually I'm having proponent of just get straight to the point and start explaining whatever you want to explain. But in thumbnails you need to understand not just how it's made, but widespread as well. What I would actually showing you on examples of thumbnails, what I'm actually doing, all the templates are not the only things you need to understand. Why am I actually doing and what other people are doing as well. So here we have a YouTube homepage, and here we would have explained why we're using some of the YouTube thumbnail concepts. So let me just show you. So now we'll discuss an element in thoroughness. What do you need to put in thumbnails? And you need to make a choice before you're going to think about making thumbnails. So I want you to look at this thumbnails. I want you to see one thing that is distinct, that divides the standards to two different separate categories. And I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna make you think about this a lot. But there is one thing. There is making this show. There are two things, but there's one thing in particular that is distinguishing this stuff minerals from any other thumbnails and eat his basis. I want you to look at this. There are actually two types of thermosphere. One with the face and second without the phase where you can see students on, as you can see like this timer has, does not have phase. Telophase has a face, has a face, has a base, does not have a base, does not have a face. 12345 terminals from a thermos have a face. Let's go down here. Phase, phase, phase, phase, phase, phase space, phase eight out of eight phases, phase, phase, no phase, phase, phase space, phase space. Then an out of aids had the phases in it and go down. Phase, phase, phase. Kinda like a face, face, face, face race seven out of 7.58 have a faces. Do you see what do we have here? We have two distinct categories of thumbnails. One with the face and another without one. And once with the faces are much more prevalent. All the videos that you see on my home feed right here, they are usually from people that are highly successful on YouTube. They have a tilde is 10000 subscribers and usually more than a 100 thousand or even more than a million subscribers. This people actually understand that Works and deaths while they are putting faces in a thumbnail. But there is actually another reason it's not that just works. It's white works as well. You see thumbnails are made in order to convey you not to introduce people to the videos, in order to understand what is in the video, alongside with the title basis and facial expressions are one of the parts, one of the sides of the information that you can convey. If you have very angry face, people expect a great video. If you have a happy face, people expect happy video, concern phase, people get concerned video. So you are basically transfer. You are basically showing another part of information within the thumbnail. And when you don't have a face or it's a mill, you cannot convey this additional information and sometimes it can be detrimental for your videos. So this is the first key concept that you need to do in order to create a metanodes. First, think of whether you want to use a face, you know, thumbnail or not. And know that if thumbnails with the face is usually work, better, know that. But there is also a second thing. There is a second thing that divides the summers from each other. Can you guess which one? Of course, I'm going to be telling you this right away but still end it is Texas terminals. As you can see, majority of Southerners have some kind of texts in them, like first one, add, kinda have, but it doesn't have the text, text, text, text, text, text, no texts. So six out of 10 have texts there. Text, text, text, text, text ad is we'll count as a text as well. Texts. This one maybe NOT x seven Arab eight habitats here. Text, text, text, text, icons will, can count as a text as well to be fair texts though 710. So here it is not as straightforward as it would've faces if absolute overwhelming majority of faces here, maybe a little less have texts in it, but do have a text. That's a second differentiating factor is that thumbnails with the texts in it work better and more people I have to be using it. More successful people are choosing it. So no to think of two phases, to think of the faces, to think of the texts. But Nick, you may ask right here, even on this screen, share with them a bit more clearly, this Domino does not have a face. It does not have a taxi there. But what it has is a clear clear object in a thumbnail. So we know that this really was about an iPad. So you can technically actually count this as a face because you can, it's not in the technical word at phase, but for the purpose of a thumbnail Bisk, you understand what is the video about through this thumbnail as well, but you don't understand what's about it right here. It's just some kind of graph. It's actually just a screenshot. It's because it's the short, it's not a video, but it does not have a tunnel. You can understand what's here. But here you can understand overall concept is this. You either need to have a face, you know, thumbnail or texts or both. If you have none of them, will have something like that. And by face, I mean, you need to have an object as well. If you are, let's say recording video about the computer mouse, you need to have a mouse in that video either thumbnail, it should be there if your recordings and something about I don't know what some kind of remote it should be in the video. It's basically an object. You can say that it's a face of the video. You can't you need to do that as well, if you will. We will be talking about remotes. You have a photo of the blank wall, just a texture. Even though it's beautiful blank wall or maybe a forest. And you'll be talking about the test one and what work. There is no forests in your video, there is only a remote. That's what you should understand as well. Okay? Another thing, another thing is to have bright contrasting colors. So as you can see, like absolute majority of them have very clear text and images and tunnels are pretty bright and you have a bright spot, you have a dark spots, you have shadows, and it is pretty contrasting and it can be visible pretty well. You need to be thinking about it. And let's see this tackling suddenly because he there is bright background on it so he can't see this colored here, or you can see this video. It has yellow elements in a thumbnail. It is clearly visible. Here is white on red, it's clearly visible here. You have orange and bright background. Here you have there noon bright meters on the photo. Here we have a fire bright red color. This color is actually gathers attention like this one. You like this one you don't probably don't use shall not be doing things like that. Have a bright contrasting colors. And of course, I'm going to be showing this in our actual tutorial. And last but not least, it is very important that this conveys the best. If you have a subject, if you have a subject, if you have some face in your videos, to be clearly defined and separated from the background. As you can see, this isn't only thing that is in focus and everything is blurred. And right here. Well, because of the natural shape of an iPad and natural borders of an iPad, it's clearly separated from the background as well. Let's go to the other like this one right here. It's pretty bright background and the dark shirt clearly separated here on Vanessa allows a video. You have a clear clear border around her in both of her photos. Here, you have clear border right here. Here. You don't have a border, but you have a drop shadow on the background, which is pretty clear. You have a border here around that laptop as well. You need to have clear defined borders as well to be separated from this, from this lecture is all about just giving a concept. Remember, it's all about phases. Solve our texts. It's all about the color, and it's all about the background separation. This is four main concepts that you need to remember all the time when you are creating your thumbnails, no matter what software you're creating in no metaphor. What video grading in this or clearly defined thumbnail concepts. Remember again, faces in thumbnails, texted thumbnails, bytes and contrasting colors and separation from a background of a subject. Remember those ones? And of course, this will be shown in our future videos, OT practice as well. So in the next lecture, we're actually going to be talking about the software that we'll need for the resources that we need for the secretion. And I'm gonna see you that picture. See you Take care. 3. Software & Assets: So we already discussed the general thumbnail concepts, but now we need to have some tools to work with, right? So in this lecture we'll be discussing actually what tools and resources you need for your thumbnail creation. And we'll try to go with both paid and free options. Mainly we are going to focus on three options for your convenience and ease of use. So let's just start and we're going to have a three categories. First, Argonne to be absence of tour, where you will actually be building some nos. Second will be free images, specifically were images that you'll be using for N-terminus. And third is free assets. Basically all the PNGs or the fonts and things like that that you will be using for your thumbnail. So let's start with the most obvious one, with the biggest one and with probably the most popular one, of course it is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is the biggest for manipulating software and forth ambulance, majority of people actually using Photoshop for their own thumbnails and you cannot go wrong with the Photoshop. Photoshop is the biggest and the best software that you can get for YouTube terminals. However, usually Photoshop is an overkill for you to take notes. You just don't meet all the features. And plus because the Photoshop is subscription-based and to be fair myself, now I'm not using Photoshop because it just it it gets way too expensive. If you're usually for just for Tom nausea photographer and if you're using this for a bunch of other things, yes, you might justify the cost but paying monthly for Photoshop. Yeah. I don't I'm not so advanced. Use it for this one. But if you want, you can use it for your own terminals easily. Next is probably the biggest and the best competitive to Adobe Photoshop entities, Affinity Photo. And this is the software does the main software that we will be using or our thermal storage software? I, myself actually I'm going to focus on free software as well. Don't worry about that. But this is the main one that I myself, I'm using in my day-to-day YouTube life. It is a perfect alternative data. We Photoshop, it does practically 90, 95 percent of what Photoshop can do. And it does it perfectly well. It does it very smoothly, very fast at ETE is paid offer, but this only onetime purchase. And if you go to prices available on Mac and Windows, 454994, $5, and they often go and sales for around 25, $30 actually purchased it for around 25 dollars for both Mac and Windows. And you can actually have an iPad version as well, which is full fledged Photoshop alternative is full, full, full variant is almost the same as or they want to make on Windows, but adapted to the touch interface. And it's $22, which is perfect if you have iPad and if you want to use iPad for your computer, and if you want to use an iPad for your thumbnails, you can perfectly use that. Alternatively, if you are doing a vector based thumbnails, you can go with affinity designer and Adobe Illustrator. But usually the vector-based software for the majority of the beginners is actually much more complicated than a regular raster based, which is Photoshop benefit interval also suggest you to go with either Photoshop or Affinity Photo. Now, another option which is again, probably the industry standard, the thing that everybody knows and it's Canva. Canva is an online based software. It's a website based software. And it is not just software, it's a service that allows you to build a bunch of, bunch of, bunch of, bunch of our social media assets including YouTube channel step full fledged photo editor. And it's absolutely free. And you can also have a YouTube thumbnails as well. If you click that, say tutorials, I must have a bunch of templates. I'm not going to lie to you a majority of those, just those templates will not work for you but me because they're just kinda like an old designs that does not work that well today. But I'm going to also teach you how we can actually adapt them for your own good as well. Next is probably one of my biggest discoveries. And it is a funnel P for a p is full-fledged, even though older version, but full-fledged Photoshop works in your browser and it is fully cross-platform. It works in practice. Any browser, I actually used it on my phone as well. It does not work that well on a phone, but you can do that. And you can load form PSDs and edit full on thumbnails here in therapy. And we're going to have another lecture focusing on for the API as well. If you want something completely free and if you want something that can run price agree on anything. This is the lightest version you can get and this is an amazing website that you should be using. Next is Gibbs. Gimp is in another industry standard, which is a free Photoshop alternative. This is absolutely free. There is no paid tiers, there is no paid options, there is no purchase, something like that. The full open source made by actual developers, actually actually by Internet itself, software, which is a great, great alternative. I won't lie to you. I don't enjoy Gimp that much because the interface is not something that I like. But for absolute majority people, this will be the great software to start with. I'm not using Gibbs myself because I didn't like it that much prefer Affinity Photo for my purposes, but by actually use it because I can't justify the cost of 40. But if you cannot, then GIP is a perfect alternative oxide would a photocopy, of course, this will be it for this software. Now let's focus. On an actual photos and photos will be the Pexels are, which is an amazing website, You can get a bunch of budget, bunch of free photos, and even get a free videos. So this is all for royalty-free photos and videos and actually use a lot of videos from this website in my own YouTube videos as well. If you don't want to pay for royalty-free video website like storybooks and things like that. You can actually go and use paxos is absolutely free. Images have absolutely standing. As you can scroll down, you see that there are beautiful, beautiful images, that they're even color coordinated. You can even search by color. You can search by subject and things like that. There are beautiful, beautiful images right here and beautiful videos right here as well. Next is Pixabay. Subway is like a alternative to Pexels. It's practically the same, but on steroids It's actually has a bunch more things than just follows it has follows, it has illustrations. If you want to use an illustrations and it has a vectors. Again, if you're using vector-based software, you can use vectors. It has videos as well, and it even has music, which is a royalty-free music that you can use in your YouTube videos. And it has even sound effects, which is an amazing, amazing, amazing additions that you can use for your own videos. It's not just for thumbnails, but overall for your entire YouTube channel. Next is Unsplash, which is another photo software, which is another photo service and probably much better than Pexels and Pixabay because the quality of the photosphere is simply superb. I have no idea how this images are actually free. They are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful images. All those images are top-notch, highest quality, very high resolution, very beautiful images, very dramatic and amazing photos if you want just simply fantastic photos for your terminals or for any purposes to be fair, use Unsplash as well. Now, let's move on to assets because this will be far important because usually you need to focus on on photos of yourself in your thumbnails rather than just to find the stock images. But we just needed to know that because we can use this document as well. Next is, of course, death bond. That bond is the is the font website where you can find a bunch of, bunch of money writing. There are millions upon right here, and you can download this font for your own terminals. However, you should know the thumbnails are actually protected by copyright and that actually means is 61,007 like that. Yeah, thumbnails are protected by copyright, so you cannot use all of the thumbnails. Know that because with me or even your thumbnail might be taken down. So if you want to use the amines that absolutely free to use gold on top or neutrons and things like that. And go and search right here, make it more visible, few more options right here and select public domain and a 100% free this R and only thumbnails that you should be using it there is like lower selection. I know that. But these are thumbnails. These are funds that you can actually be, you can actually be using freely, practically anywhere. It's not just some notes you can be using any one of my favorites, but at about font, I'm using this practically everywhere. So you can just go and use a lot of, a lot of beautiful quantum. Or if you think like, oh, this selection is much lower, but you will be protected. Trust me, this is much better route to go than just use some random beautiful tau font and just be copyright striked or just copyright claim by someone that is using, that is owner of this, both fonts. So just be very careful with that. Next is websites is actually five websites. But they're actually doing exactly the same thing at ETE is Korea to give, giving you a free PNG images. If you don't know what PNG images are, it's just image format that allows it to have a transparent background. All of those images right here have a transparent background and you can use it in your elements in your thumbnails to have P&G. One of them are PNG item there, stick PNG. That is probably my favorite. I'm going to just make it white because there are a lot of beautiful stickers is in the PNG away. Arpeggio, which is beautiful as well. And PNG wing, which is my favorite. You can use all of those pages in your sadness to make your a Tantalus much, much, much, much, much better. So these are all the assets that you can be using. Just go and browse wherever you want and when he go where and when will go to the South thumbnail creation itself. We will be using assets from all of those websites and we'll be using the tools from these websites as well. So this will be for this lecture. And next we're going to move to the templates and actual preparation to our thermal questions. I'm gonna see you next time. 4. Preparation Process: Okay, now we're ready to edit our thumbnails and I actually open Affinity Photo and I dropped all my templates from my template pack right here. And I'm going to show you how we actually can use it to edit all of those thumbnails. So as you can see, I have a few time no templates right here. I have actually 10 templates here, and I can actually choose which one to open. So if you, if you use thumbnail template, you can see it's behind my face as well. It's my latest at this this is my main title. I'm not template. If you can see behind my face, I'd like more than 10 tablets of it before. We're going to start actually focusing on terminals and know that these templates are actually ready to use and you can just drop and you start editing right then and there without any additional hassle in affinity for me, of course I would like to do that in Kelvins law, but the preparation is this. When you create a new file, remember that you are editing your thumbnails in 720 p. Don't need anymore resolution than that. You should not have any resolution. That 720 P is 1280 pixels, 720, 720 or the terminal, the old templates in the template tag is of course already be pretty down for you. But that will be meters. You need pixels 1280, zoom it. 1280 by 720 is what you need folks are DPI 300 is of course, better to have because yet 300 DPI is actually pretty good. Is the resolution of your thumbnail templates before you're going to start editing anything, you need to prepare all the assets. And I'm going to show you my huge thumbnail template minded I regularly use, which is basically transformed version of this thumbnail template that I added on an edit, on an edit on a transform it into something big and something huge, like this power here at this terminal template is actually in scene inside. I'm going to show how big it is actually, Let's go and get info. This thumbnail is 1.5 gigabytes in size. This is a huge thumbnail because I have everything dropped within every asset that I've ever used in my son was not ever used by the ETL it please the ones that I've used in the past few months, but every photo that I've taken, as you can see, I have my photos taken right there and actually I'm going to move my face a bit so you see what I'm talking about? That's much better as you can see, all of those things right here. If you scroll, scroll, scroll it down. As you can see, there are bunches and bunches, and bunches and bunches of different groups. There are open the group right here you can see there is a group within a group, and as you can see, a bunch of other groups can see the group right here with all the effects editor, you can see the small group right here. It's, it's just a additional background group. There is a small group right here, and there is a text right there. And there is a group rights here. And there is a group right here. I bought a bunch and bunches and bunches and bunches, bunch of methods that are used rather different videos. And if I want to build something for a new video, that's all just one click away for myself. And there is also a background group right here as well. That's a huge, huge, huge, huge file that I've been using for my own YouTube Danilo, what you need to focus on is that if you want something to be in your thumbnail in advance, if you want something to be in your terminal advanced, brought everything right here, like choose one of my templates as an example, choose one of my templates. And if you have some bottles are disrupted right here. And if you don't know what, you should put 40, which is you should put four right here. I'm going to select this one. You should replace this immigrate here, put your photos right there. It's your additional background. If you want to change the background as an example, you can change the background. This is a background. Your background images right there. You can actually change the background right here. I'm going to go, let's say I'm going to make it a wooden background or I'm gonna make it a different wood background. You can do that as well. It's very easy, very simple. It's, it's, it's not meant to be just one size fits all. You can just change it. How ever you want to change the base according to your needs, proper fonts. If you have bonds that you want to use, pair your phones in advance, drop your assets from P&G item or CPG, whatever website it is, everything at one place. And you should think of it as Legos. Maybe you should think of it as first general could put all your assets in one place. Your template, like in my case, is my template distributed template. It should be your elements. You can see like add arrows or things like that. Drop everything where they are. If you think in your mind that you need things like that, remember our terminal, the concepts. If you think in your mind that you need something like that, pop it right there. If you have a font in your mind, rapid right there, you have another assets, backgrounds follows that. Drop everything in one place, collect everything in one place, and I fitted photo in Photoshop, you can actually drop or within a file and it will be ready or in on Canvas. You will need to upload everything and 40 PU, genetic, but at least have them in one folder, have everything prepared. And if you have multiple tunnels, got my templates. Have about multiple tunnels to choose which template that you want to remember. All images are changeable. It's not necessary to lead the image. Let's say you like this template, you need a background image right there, so you need to change the image. Think of a text that you want to use to the tags. Should telephone text. Think of it like that. Let me just disappear for a bit for you, for it to be a bit more clearly visible, just choose whatever you want to use first and only after that, only after that, think of about a range of things like that because again, it's like Legos. You need pieces first, then you will need to arrange. And you might be thinking, oh, I don't know what pieces that there are more. Trust me. You do remember that I showed you different thumbnails. Remember that I showed you different terminals, different YouTube homepage. You saw that, right? Use those elements, choose, see what elements you like to copy them. And exactly not word for word. But let's say you like that arrow, right? Well, let's say it my thumb as you like this arrow, look for a red arrow and think how you could implement that. Don't worry, I'm gonna be showing you how I am doing that as well. How I am thinking about this as well. I'm how I'm building it. Now this is actually a thumbnail for one of my latest videos, which I don't like because it doesn't perform that well. And I will jump. I'm planning to change and I'm going to change it with you. So you will be seeing exactly the same process that I go through, the exact same thought process that I go through. Don't worry. All that you need to do is to prepare everything. Have an app prepared if you don't have it installed yet. And photo taken, pick a photo of yourself. If you don't know what a how to take photos or if you don't know what followed to take, trust me, it's the thing that you just cannot simply learn. You will understand it as you go. Let's say, let's say this photo. Okay. This is the photo they won't fit. There's the photo, okay. This won't fit. Maybe this photo. Okay. This might fit but not decided to go with this one. Or I could go with this one. Maybe, maybe not. Or I could go with something completely different, like the frustrated one or things like that. And you're good to go with a bunch of bunch of bunch of different photos. Just prepare them all in advance. It's all about the building. And if you didn't like the photos, I took a photo of yourself. They didn't like it to work. You can add a photo. Oh yeah, one more thing. Don't take screenshots from your videos as the terminal follows. Usually you, what you're recording your videos are in our 10 ADP or maybe rare cases for k. But it's if it's, they'd be max and your image resolution will be pretty low. Plus a video compression makes video resolutely image resolution pretty low. Take proper photos. You can take photo with your phone as well. I don't where did I put my phone but right here. You can take photos with your phone as well. It doesn't matter any latest phones in last 50 years old, if you take the photo, attacker could take a good follows, typically follow the show emotions, remember, faces are additional point information. Use that and basically this is how you prepare for the videos. Don't worry if you want to know where to get the standard table tag, go to the bonus lecture. I will be explaining how to get that right there. So this will be it for this lecture and next lecture, we'll actually start building things. And I'm gonna see you next time. 5. Building YouTube Thumbnails in Affinity Photo: Okay, we are here now in this lecture we'll be doing some practical video ticket. I'm going to be using thumbnail templates just to make it as fast as possible, as quick as possible, to get rid of this as quickly as possible when I'm going to be using a several thumbnails to test different thumbnails and see how they will actually look like and what reaction from the audience will I get? Now, one thing that you need to remember is that a lot of people don't know and don't realize is that you are not stuck with one thumbnail. When you create a thumbnail, Let's say you will use this template and transforming into your terminal. If you are getting very low click-through rate, very low CTR, you can change it. You can change anytime you want. Let's say next time I will do maybe this one, maybe this thumbnail will perform a bit better and I'm gonna change this to this terminal. So think of it like that. You're not stuck with one terminal. You can change it however you want and you know what? Let's end this lecture. Let's change this. I'm not going to be using one of my old terminal templates here. And I'm going to be using photos from here. And you know, what? I wanted to create a video or about I want to create a thumbnail about one of my latest videos and ETAs about editing videos faster. It's like this is one of my thumbnails. It's extremely simple thumbnail and the eight could be better. We could work on this to make it a bit better. But you know what, let's use this thumbnail and two for our template. I'm going to copy this one and I'm going to paste it just on the top. And you know what I will do, I will go and find the photo of the girl and replace it with my own image right here. Remember, it's this or this right here is actually not just a photo, it's actually a mask where you can actually put your image. I'm going to take the image and just put it right here and it's a bit too dark. We can work on adjusting the brightness as well. It's not going to be huge worry and huge issue. But yeah, that's an image with that we can use this because it was extremely simple to change it as a template, very, very quick way, very fast. And then what you can do it actually is we can work on overlays to need some overlays. Actually we do it could be good, but let's say some overlays and test different overlays. Money overlay. Yeah, it actually looks pretty good. Let's use money overlay. And let's go and turn on the person they are. Just read this. So it looks pretty good. And now what we'll do is we'll change the text. Let's open this one, your title and your subtitle. You can look at your desk and show you. So because of the PSD limitations, I'm going to turn this on because I forgot to show you just a kid. I was clicking all in the layers because of the PSD limitations. Now right here at the titles that you are seeing, they're not actually texts, they are simple images, but what I will do is work to be hide them. All right now, and we will add the text. Where is our texts? It's right here. And yeah, by the way, in templates I have shown that were what font we're using, but you haven't leaking here. We'll just create as quickly as possible and write. Edit. Worry about the font, color. We're going to change this. We're going to change this right now. I'm going to select this one. I'm going to select the bold font. By the way, this is one of the fonts from the font that I used. I'm going to center this text like that and change the color. Maybe white. Let's try white. And you know, what I will do is I'm going to go to the main title. I'm going to copy it Command C. And then I'm going to select my text right here. And we're going to go to Edit and I'm going to paste effects. Do you see how they're fast as you can see, immediately popped up, which looks pretty good. I'm going to make this one a bit larger, like that, faster and you know what, Let's make the color yellow because when you go on your homepage, you will see that there are a lot of yellow colors there because they all have a pole actually pups more. And then we're actually going to show the agonist activity. Okay, now we need the subtitle. And for the subtitle actually use again our tool, our text tool. Okay. In crease your ID. By times I don't know, we'll just do just use a random texts. I and I will actually use the same pace affects thing that we did in the previous one. I will center the text to make it look a bit better. Edit text is way too big. Select the control or command and make it like that's more room. And you know, what's the issue of the texts we need? You don't need to be a yellow color. The white one will be good. And as you can see it immediately just working from the thumbnail, it looks pretty good. We can actually adjust some brightness settings as well. We can go in and just brightness settings right here. Then I need to increase the brightness a bit. And you know what I will do, I will actually just some effects on, not just on this one, but I'm going to copy this and adjust more effects on, you know what, I'm going to Control C, the brightness, and then Control V just to make it double brightness, we could change this to all overall the text. You can put it we can put it on the top here. And we can actually address or we don't need actual effects right here, we can just turn this off or we can actually use, you know, I don't turn this off. We'll actually use this. You don't want to, you see it's some kind of general fact right here, which looks pretty okay. I'm gonna go and just some brightness and things relative to make my image actually a bit brighter. Okay, it looks pretty okay, but I need a saturation as well. I'm going to go to adjustments and I'm going to go with the vibrance and go to layer just to see where it actually goes and adjusted vibrance just a bit and it just saturations, casts a bit, don't do go to my vibrance can be cranked up but don't adjust saturation or too much. And you know, wordless contrast a bit as well, make it less contrast it because you have for this one less contrast, it looks better. And overall brightness is, should go a bit down, decrease this one right here, a, and then adjust, increase it right here. As you can see, this dominant looks pretty beautiful. Would you click that? When you click that or not? Maybe you will. Maybe hone. I don't know. It depends on who you are. It depends what type of videos you want to watch. Again, different audiences will be different. Now we have your logos, 17 years old. I actually don't use logos for my video, so I can just turn this off to make it a bit more clearly visible and efficacy. We have beautiful brick background, the collective chain debris backlit background. If you don't want, maybe you want a wooden background. Wouldn't background might look a bit better, just a bit, or maybe dark wood. Maybe this one will look a bit better as well. Now, it's all up to your preference is this looks, I think this looks pretty good. It looks immediately not Tool and you immediately I see that. And you know what I would add, I would go to my young regard down no templates and I will go and find some kind of camera or something like that. I'm going to copy this one, man C and import it command V right here. And you know what I will do, I will put it on top of the brightness adjustment because I don't want this to go darker. And yeah, I'm gonna go and make this one a bit larger. And the maybe change the blend mode to something else. I don't know to screen, maybe it will look okay. No background. I'm going to increase it in size. The Baghdad talking about the camera, you could go with something different if you want it to look a bit, a bit better, it will just get a bit more attention. It will look a bit better. I would just did that in a few clicks in a few minutes because we had already cap with prepared and we can't do it on different epochs as well. Don't worry, I'm not going to show you. Let's choose a different, you know, what, we should actually choose this one, this template is actually extremely simple, extremely straightforward. Now, I now will use Ivan. I will even use the same image just for you to show that it's actually much easier. Command C right here of that, yeah, we're going to go with Command V. And I could select this one and put the photo actually right here and do resize this. It's not the best photo I could find something else like that, like this one. But yeah, we could actually do that. I could actually just give some adjustments as well. The key point of this thumbnail is actually simplicity. It should be as simple as possible. Let's go with right. That's right, True Story. Then we can go and select helvetica new. Can you look pretty good? It No, no, no, don't go with Helvetica Neue. I'm gonna go with Bev us a bit newer looks actually pretty good as well. Make the color white for it to be visible. I'm going to do that. I'm going to center the text box and I will have don't need this anymore. I'm going to center this here and we're gonna go and rotate this a bit just like that. I don't want to exactly the same font. And for the subtitle, I'm going to Control C. Then I'm gonna hide this. And right here is I need to do a edits, paste effects videos because eating immediately changed that. And I can actually adjust some here and some different stuff as well. But right here and I can just hit the arrow will change a bit and I can add just some shear. She does like that to make it the same way as the previous texts, your story and your title. And of course I don't want to have your title tags here. And we're going to go and other one is, let's add, maybe I don't know, some type of tech. Let's see about the videos. Video and let's make something very simple video editing. Your photo struggles, Buggles. Video editing struggles and told me like some kind of logging video didn't struggle, struggles, true story or things like that. It makes it a bit more and I know like dramatic. I'm going to center this one and we're going to go and Control C go and I think it's Command Control V. You are reading stories. But don't don't, don't stretch it. It will go for, you know, I don't know. I don't think that I will need additional effects. You know, I don't like if additional effects, I'm going to delete the outline. I think I selected the wrong layer. Yeah, this one x and didn't doubt line. Now you know what? Let's delete all effects because without the effects, it'll actually looked a bit better. And just add outline, maybe just a little bit of outline because your 10 is needed 3D effects and increased a bit of radius to make it a bit clearly visible? Yes, like that. You can just, I can just go and change it. Something completely different. I'm going to go make it only editing struggles and select only detects. See, the key point here is that I work as I go and you should too. This should work as you go as well. I made is now text a bit more bold and you can, you know what, I can actually make this yellow one just like that. You know what noaa did, this will not look good. Let's go to bed us. Again. We have only one tab text Weber said make it larger. Let's go LED. Let's make it only Bev us and make it larger. I'm going to hold Command roads here or controls. You want to do something like that. And as you can see, this thumbnail will actually work. This thumbnail will actually generate some flicks, trust me, and because I am actually, I want more, more stuff edited. I would actually add a complicated right here vibrance adjustment. And I could actually add more vibrance and add a bit more saturation to MIT because saturated colors usually look much better. And as you can see, it's another thumbnail that we created. Just very quickly, write that in there and we can't do another one. I don't mind. I don't mind at all. We can go and find a great images if I want. And yet not, this one will not work for me. This one will not work for me. This one I will not work for me. Okay. Yeah, we can actually adjust this one. This one is actually pretty, pretty good. I love it, I love it. This is a really beautiful image. I'm going to Control C, this you don't want. Now I'm going to use a different image now with different my image. Let's go and do this one. I'm going to Control C and Control V here is feasible. And just something like very amazed face normal. I'm gonna put it in under this image right here. I want to put it right there. Okay, good. Now I'm going to select this disease. It's actually pretty weird, but okay, I can make it. Bigger. Problem is that the image is actually not optimize for this type of thumbnails, but okay, whatever I get, we can use something like this. Well, it looks something like this is you can see it. It's actually pretty okay. It's not that bad. I actually love it. You can add a title here. You know what I will just copied from the previous thumbnail. Where was it? I don't remember. I think it was this one. Yep. Command C. And it was right here, command V, read it allocates its actually, It's actually in a mask under a muscle. That's why it was not, it's not visible immediately either, means that the image will always only appear only in this red square. That's what you'll get in a template to make it a bit bigger. I do like how would they actually sold and sticks to decides, make it a bit like that. I will go in effects and just make outline a bit thinner, getting struggles. And this is the bold font. I know this for sure. Adding struggles. You know what? I'm going to write a different texts and you know what, I'm going to press option right now or Alt if you can, if you want to put it to the top like that and just delete it. I'm editing travels three dissolved. And I'm going to make this enqueue the bold font font because I know this for sure it was written in a bold font and I will fix it like that. And I'm gonna make it white color bike that again, I'm gonna go and select this fibers adjustment because I like how I adjusted the vibrance there. And I'm going to put an image mask right here. And as you can see, this is another successful thumbnail. We created now three thumbnails, three different tablets. I think it was three, Yeah, three different thumbnails in a matter of minutes. Key point cure is what you are doing, what you have planned in advance in key point is that you make, you go, can plan everything, but sometimes it won't go well, sometimes you don't know how to do that. I cannot teach you everything about editing. But as you can see, we have a mask right here and it's available, it will be available in it. I'm no templates. It's okay. Don't worry about that. And everything. You don't know how to put any imaging mask. You don't need that. You actually don't need that util, don't need subsidies. Because if I would have put just a regular layer above that, it will look exactly the same. I'll just did it for my own convenience. And you're on your own convenience. If you get a thumbnail template, I can actually change the curvature right here, but then make it bit more circular. But now we actually don't need that. So it's not, it's not a big issue. You don't need such thing to connect to the goal with the pen tool and adjusted a bit more with the pen tool. I don't see that it's bent over here. And again, it just a bit more making it a bit more circular and things like that, you'd actually don't need. That. Key point here is that you need to work on thumbnails to convey as much information as possible through your face or emotions or through other individuals phases, for example, you can use not just your face, but as an example like this lady's face, It's a happy video, you know that, and you can add to the changes accordingly. It's not a happy guy, but this one is ambiguous. You can actually change this accordingly as well, the same with this one or same with any other one like this. Thumbnails. You don't have anything in it, they don't have any faces in it. But you understand immediately what this video is all about. Which camera that is the best this or that camera and actually the template. They're both in a circular masks and everything is actually, we will see right here is everything is actually text coded and you can exactly see what's, what is it all about you connected, see everything right here and what is what, and you can actually change it however you want, like right here, for example, this square is not part of a mask. Kid, just move the tax however you want and it will not be in a mask, so not a big issue. He point again here is prepared all the assets in advance and sit down and create thumbnails based on its thumbnail principles that we'll start it in one of our first lectures. Thumbnail principles or to YouTube. Find a thumbnail that you like. Find the family that attracts you the most, that you will feel like it to be more attractive to your viewers and just try to copy it, not been for one, but tried to copy the elements that you have to like the what did you like that You like the facial expressions taken four, take a camera and take a photo of yourself like that. Did you like the colors? The colors more vibrant? Did you like the texts? How was it written or how it was placed? Do that, copy each and every element C at this look, look at this as an analytical, a review of each and every Tamil and adjusted accordingly to your own needs. That's all the secret about the thumbnails. It's not something that you can just all do. This RDD use this color and things like that. It's not like that. This is not like that. This is all about what you feel like getting most US make it look as beautiful as possible. And it gives you all of my, all of those thumbnails. If if I just increase it in size, zoom out, they all look good. They all look good. They all attract attention. They can all attract attention. And they are all the, even some on some of them are very simplistic. But you know exactly what's the, what's all about. You can go and see exactly how without looks like this one is Dr. Maria. I love this one in particular. It's still be great if you're doing a boxing, things like that. You can put the texts, the images of the product in the background. It will look beautiful. This one's great for comparisons. If you're doing comparisons, this one is great for the product of uses gets you, no matter how I zoom out, it will look beautiful. This one is that we already seen. This one is good if you're doing vlogs or stories or things like that, then if this one is actually good as well for any type of video, and this one is actually my own Domino's. As you can see, you can copy everything that you want and you'll get all that. I'm not templates in the end of the course and you could just show you, check it out if this one is. Do you saw how we transform the thumbnail that you saw? This one? And it looks just amazing. So my friends, this will be for this lecture. And in the next lecture, we'll actually tried to recreate same things, the same thumbnails to see that how simple it is and how you actually do need to think way too much about that. So I'm going to see in our next lecture. 6. Building YouTube Thumbnail in PhotoPea: So welcome to 40 p. And here we will be doing similar things that we did in previous lecture in Affinity Photo. And we'll be making a thumbnail right here using our templates. Remember photocopies actually almost full slides, Photoshop. So you can use it for your own thumbnail templates or things like that. So what I will do is I'm going to just open a template by computer. I'm going to use this table because this is actually one of the easier ones to work with immediately. As you will see, it works. It operates in a very similar way as it was operating in Affinity Photo we can do to a Control-C, Control-V, everything like that. And you will see everything, how it actually works, either in a similar way, there was innovated photo. We'll also do is I will actually upload the similar image that we did in a previous tutorial to just make it seem as close to that as possible. Good, That's basically the same image and I'm going to write to put it same way, want to put it right here. And I'm going to create a clipping mask. I'm going to delete this image. I don't need this girl's image right there. I'm going to delete the joint as well because I and actually told me that. And what I will do is I will actually resize the image. But a transformed click Transform controls right here. So it would be, everything would be visible. I made the holding shift when you're resizing it because otherwise it will change its shape. Again, it's not enough. I'm going to hold shift and make it like that. Remember in a previous nominal we did something similar, we did right here. Then we are going to go with the title and we are going to add a text so that to detect soul, it's behind my face. If you want to see and show you this again, it's behind my face right here, the textual is right here. And I'm going to add a text. You know, what I will do is let's see, we have a Babel as a font to you if you have preloaded. Yes, we have debits new here, but do we have the bold font? We don't really know what. Let's load the bold font as well. Okay, we loaded the bold font. It will be available next time that we will use this, but you know what, right here, we actually can use this. And let's write the text is video editor and select this one and you cannot see this. Yeah, it's very small and very black text. And actually didn't select the bold font right here. And let's make it white. Go to selection, make it white, but okay, whatever, hold Shift, it's actually wrong text editor right here. I'm going to make this texts disappear. And for some reason had a video editor is no worries. We can fix that. It's all changeable. All fixable. Can fix that. It's not an error. I'm gonna do that again. Difficult for the swan video editor. Okay, great. Okay, it's centered automatically. Very good, very good. So to text again, the lacked entire text, give it a color white press OK, go to selection again. And as you can see, we, we will do clipping mask here as well for it to clip to this one. And now we're going to delete this one. We're going to write here, and we will make this disappear and we will just control C, control V, and we selected the wrong layer. You will delete a clipping mask for now, control C, Control V disappears where two are making entire layer, okay, whatever shouldn't, and just make it slide like that. By the way, if you don't know how to do that. Well, what I did right here is that you're going to press Option or going to press Alt and just make the selection like that. And you can make this double selection the same way. Do video editor, editor. And just make this one using the Shift bit larger it and you know what, I don't make this one like that. And in a video editor, I'm going to select this text again. And you know what, I'm going to make this yellow in color instead of white. I'm going to move it to the middle. Well, as you can see, will practically did that. We add practically finished. And as you can see, we practically it did everything that we needed, its whole practically done. All that we need now is to make this a bit different. We can add an adjustment layer right here, and I'm going to go with vibrance. Let's make this one a bit more vibrant and a bit more saturated, is like that. And well, that's practically it. I won't lie to you. That's all that we need to do. It's done, as you can see, we made it very, very fast as you can see with the thumbnail template. With that we just loaded right here. It's as simple as it is in Affinity Photo with a little bit of changes, you can just make exactly the same thumbnail that I did right here in right now. And let's select this one. Disable Transform controls. And how do you like that? I'll do like this thumbnail that we did in free browser based photo editing or for manipulating if you want to call it software. It was done for absolutely free. Pulling needed is a template. That's all that we did. And all I did is just make a photo of myself Tim way. And that's it. That's as simple as you can get an in photo PDX actually allows you to create great thumbnails. All you need to do just again, have an idea. And so before that you will start creating, should know what you're creating and then continue as you go and edit as you go. That's all there still is nothing more about thumbnails, its terminals, not a complicated science. The science of repeating and learning from your own mistakes and building on the things that actually work. This will be it for this lecture. And I guess that's what the next one. 7. Conclusion to YouTube Thumbnails: Congratulations. Now you know how to create a perfectly good YouTube thumbnails for your perfectly good YouTube videos. Now that you know how to do that and now that you know where to focus on practice more and more to make our families better and better with each iteration, don't forget to check your CTR. So click-through rate from time-to-time on your YouTube videos, see what doesn't work in change and double down on the things that actually work for you. And don't forget to check your older thumbnails from time to time because you will probably need to fix them as time will pass. And as you gain more and more practice, your CTR click-through-rate for YouTube videos will not be a problem anymore. And after that, you can simply focus on making your videos themselves better to provide more value for your viewers. Oh yeah, and don't forget to check our bonus lecture for an amazing offer for my thumbnail template. Third, actually showed off in this course. Thank you for being here with me through this course. I hope you learned something and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors CF, and take care. 8. Bonus Lecture: As promised series and amazing golfer there I want to give to you only to my students. Don't worry there'll be something for everyone, even if you're here or some free goodies. And I want to introduce to you two of my products. One is YouTube thumbnail template pack, and another one is three, thumbnail template with my thumbnail template pack, which called the Nixon stumbling. A template pack, you are getting ten fully editable, fully fledged thumbnail templates that can be edited in any router based software can be, whether it's Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, or even websites like 40 be exactly the same way like I showed in one of our previous lectures. You will get 10 PSD files and you can edit them however we want. And everything that you'll need for the summer templates, all the fonts and things like that will be linked on the product page as well. And most importantly, only to my students. I'm giving exclusive 80 percent discount. Yes, you heard this right? Only to my students. This is exclusive to my students. There will be no discount like this available anywhere, even on my YouTube channel, you're getting 80 percent exclusive discount code. And for the price that you will be getting this, it's a steel. Just use the code that you see on the screen right now during a checkout and you'll get access to this 80 percent discount. So what you'll get, you'll get ten full ID table thumbnail templates, all the future updates for the stimulus templates there are actually coming if it's not already there. And in the very near future you're going to get access to much, much, much more thumbnails 0, and don't worry, all the updates will be absolutely free for all the owners and you'll be notified when they update will come. And for my friends who cannot afford this, even though it's dirt cheap still. I got you. I'm giving away free thumbnail template for no charge basically. And this is actually a terminal that is included in a full pack. You can say that some kind of demo version for you to understand whether it's a good thing for you or not. And all the links will be included in the resources of this lecture. I hope you will find this domino tablet pack a very useful asset. And for the price that I'm providing it to you, It's practically a steel, so yeah, I'm absolutely sure that it will be very useful for you. And I guess this will be it for this lecture. Thank you for being here with me and I'm gonna see you in the future courses, CIA and take care.