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YouTube Thumbnail Masterclass + Practical Workshop

teacher avatar The Budgeteers, Travel + Adventure

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. What Will You Learn?

    • 2. The One Second Rule

    • 3. The Thumbnail & Title Combo

    • 4. Level Up the Enticement!

    • 5. How To Stand Out

    • 6. Easy Mistakes

    • 7. Project 1

    • 8. Project Results

    • 9. Project 2

    • 10. Conclusions

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About This Class

Course Goal  - To teach you the science behind a powerful YouTube thumbnail (and learn how to implement the theory into your work through fun and engaging projects).

Aims and Objectives

  • To teach you the about the story the thumbnail tells,
    and how to use that story to improve the click-ability of your thumbnail.

  • Learn about the most common mistakes YouTubers make when crafting thumbnails and how to avoid them.

  • To provide you with new and exciting tools and insights into how to make better preforming thumbnails.
  • To provide you with projects that encourage you to demonstrate your learning, and get feedback on your designs.

Meet Your Teacher

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The Budgeteers

Travel + Adventure


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1. What Will You Learn?: thumbnails are the gateway to views on ultimately to channel growth on even if you make the most amazing videos ever 0% off the daily. Two billion people using YouTube are gonna find you if you're titles and just thumbnails suck. Over the last five years, we have bean crafting and improving our thumbnails. And today we make fantastic looking for males just like these. In this course, we're going to be learning about the science that goes into the process of making thumbnails. Were gonna be making amazing John males together using free software so we can put those fundamentals into practice. And ultimately, you're going to be learning how to get your target audience to find you and to click on your fun. Now, don't worry. You do not need to know how to use photo shop or illustrator or any of the other professional image. Software's OK, you just need to know how to take basic images, import them to your computer, and you need to have a willingness to want to level up your thumbnail design even if you're completely new to design. In general, don't worry. This course goes through all of the principles and fundamentals of what makes a good thumb . Now on, I'm going to slowly, carefully teach you how you can improve starting today and finally, what's going to be really engaging and hopefully rewarding to you is we're going to give you the opportunities to flex your creative muscles and demonstrate your learning through our class projects so you can show us and share with everyone taking this course as well, how you are stepping up your visuals and how you are starting to create fantastic looking thumbnails. 2. The One Second Rule: now, I haven't actually introduced myself yet, which is very route. But my name is Patty, okay? And I am only 1/3 of a YouTube channel called the Budgeteers. Okay, we travel around, we do amazing things, but I'm not here to plug the YouTube channel. Okay, That is just where our work is. That's where our content is, and that's where our thumbnails are. But it's very important that I tell you that we work as a team when it comes to crafting are some males. It's not me, it's not ties. It's a team we we come up with and we plan our thumbnails on day. We're gonna go into everything that goes into that process during this course. But what I want you to know is that I am a teacher as well. My other trade is unprofessional, teacher. So I am kind of the teacher in the voice off this course that we work together to get these courses out. And so there are times where I'm gonna be reading what ties has wanted to say, because he really is our creative director and the person who takes our images and crossed them together to make them look as awesome as they can. And because of that, ties have told me that I must make the first lesson about the one second rule because to him and this is true if a thumb now doesn't shout what it's about in the 1st 2nd if it doesn't tell a quick story in the 1st 2nd it is a failing thumb. Now, OK on, There are ways we contest this next time you make an image that you want as a thumb Now, OK, you might be proud of it. And it might look great. Okay, because that's what I normally do. I make a thumb now that's normally just a draft. But I go, Wow, that's great. And then I send it to ties and lean and they write back immediately and say doesn't communicate what the video is actually about. So great way to test this at home, to test the one second rule is show the thumb. Now to someone near you, a friend, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, someone around you. What does this thumb now represent to you? What do you think this video is about? And don't give them two minutes. Show the show. The phone. Show them the thumb. Now you've drafted up. Then what do you think every day is about? And if they don't really nail it on the head first time, it's not communicating the correct message. And I've got some examples to show, so I'm going to show you a thumb. Now that I've found on my YouTube home page, it was recommended to me. These thumbnails are not channels that I'm subscribed to or anything. Okay, this is YouTube recommending me this video. So I think that means that you choose is considering this a good thumb now. Or maybe it's testing this thumbnail to make Andi here it is. Okay, that was That was a second. That was probably a second and 1/2. I'll show it to you again. Are you ready? Okay, So you haven't seen the title. Okay, but did that image seem clear and easy to read? Does it tell a story? And does it follow the one second rule? You've had a long time to look at it, but I think the answer to those questions are yes. I think it does take a lot of those boxes. Okay. Is clear anything to read. The image is clear. The text is very easy to read. I really like the Colombian flag and how the text is the same color. The images of the women and the girl there smiling on the border in the background Color really helps make the thumbnail park OK. It's very attractive looking and it concisely Colombian slang to girls looked like to be playing again. It communicates a message to May. And then if you combine that from now with its title, which is Latinos guests, Colombian slang. Okay, you can see that that video is quite old, but it's been performing very well on I think that that is a great thumbnail because it instantly tells me a story visually. Okay. And the thumb Now then with the title coming up, the rear brings it all together. This have a look at another example? Okay, here's a thumb. Now, that was quick. Okay, that was That was two seconds. I gave you two long time. Okay, here it is again. So I wanted to be thinking Is the text and the image clear? Well, the text is is basically just the logo, right. CNN does it tell a story? Well, let's just look at that for a second. CNN. There's a man look in stress out. You're talking about something, right? I don't know what you're talking about, what the video is about. It's it's guessing that we know who he is, and we know what is going through. Okay, although this is a good thumb now it's missing that story. Element it. If I look at it, it's quite shocking, but I don't know necessarily why. So I made Breeze over this. Is there a clear emotion? Yes. Is that is the text suggesting that it's It's, you know, worthwhile image. Well, I mean, it's got CNN, and we all know that CNN is famous for being a crear newsworthy. Whatever it does kind of tell a story, it's basically saying, Hey, this guy's in trouble. Find out why and then when you couple that with the title Chris Que Mo Cove in 19 upd A. I can't shake my fever. So now you know exactly who is on what's going through him, and that's obviously the pandemic, which is very sad. But that did the thumb. Now tell that straight away I don't think it did. So you can say that the Colombian one was more popping. It was telling a more concise, quick story with the text, the images, the colors, it shouted What it was about, okay, And the second example, It kind of got out to us, but it didn't. It could have done a better job, so it might look like I'm bashing on that from their voters that from now. But I'm just trying to show you that ties is point off. It must shout within the 1st 2nd What it's about the one second rule is so important. 3. The Thumbnail & Title Combo: remember, people are going to be scrolling through YouTube like crazy, and they're going to be thumbnail throwing that the left, right and centre, and you have two chances to click for them to click on you. Okay? Your family. I was the 1st 1 Most people are gonna click on it just because of the thumb. Now, if the thumb now isn't strong, you're gone. But if the thumb now is strong, but they're still not sure the brain will then look at the title. Okay, this is all happening in the seconds, but in one seconds is happening. Good thumb. Now I'm gonna click on it. Okay? Thumbnail. Wait. What's the video about? Mark Outlook on that. You've only got two chances. The thumb now is your most important one, and your title is a second. And so here's a few examples to test that theory. So here's the first thumb now, Okay, is by care. And Nate on the thumb now is a beautiful tropical island. It says we slept here. Okay? And they've circled themselves. And the title is we camped on this island in the Philippines. Can you see how there's no repetition? It all Okay. We slept. Here is the text. That's the shocking element off their thunders on how we slept here. Okay. They're not shouting where they are in the thumbnail. It just the images says paradise, that s'more simplistic, which is what you want on some. Now you don't want tohave emerges and all the stuff going on a case to clot it. Your eye is going to see that beautiful place. It's gonna be drawn to the text. And then if you haven't already clicked on it, then you I will go to the title when you can see this is we camped on an island in the Philippines. Okay, so now I know where they are on more likely than not. You're gonna click on that fantastic example off a thumbnail on the title, not repeating the same message but telling the same message in a slightly different way. 2nd 1 we're gonna look at here is a completely different type of channel. It seems to be an aviation channel on this thumb now says stored aircraft. How do airlines park these aircraft? And then you've got 3747 British Airways and then, you know, if we haven't clicked already. Let's look at the title. How are airlines parking aircraft again? Look at this time there in the title now that not repeating the exact same text. They're just telling the same story in slightly two different ways. Fantastic. From now on, a good combination there were the tile. The third example I want to show you is a friend of ours. Okay, so we're not bashing on him. But this is an example of an opportunity missed. This is a fantastic thumbnail by car Watson. It says. Backpacking the Philippines. Three weeks, five islands. He's got him and his best friend a gorgeous sunset. Visually, it's incredible. The text. The Texas a little bit hard to read. OK, but the Philippines and the neon pink is just popping. Okay, this thumb that was just is beautiful. But if we haven't already clicked on his video, if the brain was thinking like or the white was this about? I don't know yet. Then let's have a look at the tile. It says. Backpack in the Philippines. Three weeks, five islands. It's exactly the same text as the fun now in every single way, word for word. So what happened? Well, nothing. Okay. He got 500,000 views in two years of that video. Being a lot, it's a fantastic thumbnail. But what happened is he missed an opportunity to tell a similar story, but just in a slightly different way in the title. So maybe he could have used the title to say something like, I backpacked with my best friend around five of the most beautiful Philippine islands. Okay, that I was way too long, But you know what I'm saying? It's like he could have slightly changed a tile to maximize the overall impact off the thumbnail tile combo you might be thinking right now. Well, wait a minute. Don't I need to now go and do a course on how to make a good title. And the answer is yes. We probably will make it a course in the future one day about making the best titles possible. But just Teoh put it in a nutshell. The two main things you're looking for in order to make the best title to accompany your beautiful thumb now is you want it to be a mix off Google search friendly words. Okay, Keywords, Because remember YouTube is basically a search engine, okay? And it also needs to have a mix off Rheal humanoid words that are going to draw humans to click on it. The robot is going to find the key words and say, Oh, it's a video about this in a place like this doing this and recommends it automatically to the audience of things. But if it's just keyword jargon, okay, a human is gonna recognize that and just probably not click on it so that you needed some emotional connection in your title. OK, don't repeat yourself. When you're crafting of some male and your title combination. Let them both tell the same story in two slightly different ways. 4. Level Up the Enticement!: So how do we get people to actually click on our videos on YouTube? We know that we are competing with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of other videos in the same you know, area, same market space. We're trying to compete. We're all trying to say using our farm. Now we're all trying to say, Hey, this is the video that you're looking for. Okay, Don't click on those ones that took on these ones. Okay, Click on the picture on May on the way. We need to figure out how to make ours do that. How do we make our thumb now? The one that the people click on? OK, and that's what this lessons about. So basically, there's two things to know A. To this stage of the thumbnail process, it's we need to know, who are we targeting and where are they looking for this content? OK, because if we understand the end viewer, if we understand and we can imagine who is that person sat on the laptop scrolling on their phone? If we know who that is, that we can design our thumb now to just appeal to that person and that genre of people, okay? And secondly, we need to understand not just the person who's gonna click on it, but the niche and that in the genre that we're putting ourselves into, because if if we go to a fancy dress party dressed in pajamas, Okay, we're not going to stand out. Okay? But if you go to a pajama party dress like Willy Wonka Okay, people looking to go? What the hell are you doing here? You know on it. So it's you. We need to not just blend in, okay? We need Teoh. Or to be lost. We need to stand out. We need to pop. Okay, But we need to do that in the right way. Okay, way. Need to understand where we're placing our videos. What do I mean by this? Let me show you. So what I've done here is I've made to thumbnails, okay? With the exact same title. Okay, Andi, let's pretend that the video is exactly the same video. Okay? It's one video that have made two versions of the thumb. Now which a lot of us do and we do a lot. We make two versions of me. Ask our friends would test them out. Which one do you thinks better? Sometimes you can do that on Instagram, which is really good too. And you just have a look at these. This is the 1st 1 Okay, so have a look at this one. Okay, this is my top baking tips. You've got a nice orange background to the left, a cookie and a piece of cake. And then you got a really professional looking at image there of a lady. She's baking something. Okay, It's a great thumbnail on the title of that video is how to bake Awesome beginner tutorial . Okay, the second thumb. Now again, it's the same video. The same title. How to bake. Awesome beginner tutorial. Okay, but have a look at this time now, OK? It's got a nice blue imaging to the left with the text on top that says baking tips. Not to forget. And then on the right, you've got a man writing down some notes. Okay? He's right down the tips. He needs to bake. Okay, So one of those images zits stylistically in the right place. It's in the right genre. And that's the 1st 1 The 1st 1 where she's baking. They've got the cookie and you've got the cake into an extent. You've got more fun text going on there that the fund is a bit more funds, but more but more kind of engaging, I think on the second son. Now Kates basically baking tips not to forget. So the text is going along with the tile. But if I'm on my phone and I'm scrolling up and down like that's just look at that time now quickly does that shout baking. Teoh doesn't does it. It looks like a man in an office, and only when you look at the some now on the title and spend a few seconds, you can go all. He's writing down notes about how to bake properly, and so you'd lost out. You did not scream to the audience what that video is about. So missed opportunity there, and that's what we mean by you need to understand that the genre that you're putting your video into and then you need to really start thinking Okay, well, I know where I'm putting my videos, and I know what visually normally works, Okay, but I need to know exactly the type of person that I'm that I'm trying to get to hit. OK? Am I looking for women looking for men? I'm looking for everyone. I'm looking for younger audiences. I'm looking for older audiences. Is it corporate style? Is it fun laid back? Is it for music producers? You know you need to visualize. Really? Who is that in person and you do not want to click bait them either. Click baiting is a bit off thumbnail battleground. Maybe you want to save people. Some people say it's terrible to click bait, and some people say that's great because you're getting views me personally. And Ties and Lena agree as a brand, the budget is we believe you know the definition of Clickbait for us is you over promise, but you under deliver. So if you have this outlandish, crazy thumb now, okay, that's just too too good to not click on. But then you click on it and you find out that the videos No, even about that Andi, the image they used just didn't produce itself. You're under delivering and eventually very quickly on YouTube, you're gonna feel let down. You're not going to subscribe. You're gonna click away on. Duh. Yeah. So click ability and click baiting someone eyes Not the right tactic. So don't try just to think outlandish summer, we're gonna work. People will click on them, but then they'll quickly leave. YouTube will understand that. Oh, the watch time is terrible. People clicking on it and they disappointed Leave your video just dies. YouTube will not recommend it. So just make sure that what you've got that person in mind and try to entice them. What are they looking for? Are they looking for information to a question? Are they looking for inspiration? Are they looking for entertainment? How can you provide that? It answer visually. So let's look at two more examples before we finish this lesson. Now, I want you to imagine that you're thinking about making a podcast or your interest in podcasts. Okay, Millions of people, right? Then one day, you too, recommends you this video, and then let's look at the title together. This is how much money a podcast with 50,000 downloads mix. What a great thumb. Now, right? It's an interesting subject because I'm a person interested in podcasts. Okay? She's targeted me. She's got visually she doesn't take a look at the image there. She's got how much podcasts make. That's a very interesting question. She's also looking like she's pondering thing she's, and she seems to be kind of giving a really interesting answer, like, how much do you know? Like it's quite like, Oh, it's enticing. She's got all this is clever. She's got a laptop with a circle. Now this is a little bit too much detail, like, I only notice this now. But the arrows pointing to what could be what could be the actual money she made? You know, she she might be looking at her podcast analytics. That's an interesting little thing that I didn't notice straight away. But it's good to have it. Maybe, and then you've got her really good microphone. I like the way that the microphone is red Now. The background is why in the text is why, but I feel like it all pops Andi. It's enticing me because she's considered her audience and she's visually simplistically told or teased people to find out. Now if she doesn't actually tell me how much she makes okay, then she isn't She's Clickbait me, okay, but she's probably gonna wait till the end of the video to tell me. So her watch time's gonna be but eso her watch time is gonna be very long. So she's playing the perfect game for YouTube. Okay, She's great. Thumb now entices me. I'm interested. I want to know the answer to this question. How much does she make Andi Then she probably through her content, creates good watch time. So that's a really good example. She understands where thumbnails gonna bay, and she understands who is typically going to click on it. 2nd 1 on This is a great one. Have a look at this time now and then That's combine it with the title How I edit my YouTube videos using I movie Simple editing tips. This is great because I'm someone is always looking to learn, has edit better or more efficiently or on a cheaper free software because I pay for an expensive one. Right now, she looks like she's making an interesting video. I definitely want to see what's behind this image. I want to know. I want to know what what processes? How does she end it? And I can see as well that because this is only 10 minute video. It's not like an hour long tutorial where I'm just gonna be like, you know, this is short. Seems to be really interesting. It's enticing. May it's enticing me. So hopefully we're getting closer. We're gonna soon have a project, but we're getting closer to how are we going to entice people to click on it? We've understood. Where are thumbnails? They're gonna be placed on. We're understanding who are the people that are potentially going to click on it. 5. How To Stand Out: when we are crafting our from now, OK? And even before we start making the content in the first place, we ask ourselves, How are we going to stand out in this marketplace? What do you mean? Well, you want to be the elephant in the room. You want to be the thing that everyone looks at. So what we have done is we've given you a case study of basically doing this exact process . We looked at a marketplace where we thought visually there wasn't much competition on. We thought, Hey, how can we How can we dominate this? On that was a video about traveling in Taiwan. I went to Taiwan with a good friend and we filmed a Siri's there. And then when we made our four part documentary, we decided Teoh analyze our competition so that we could better beat them up in the top search bar. You can see I've typed in how to travel Taiwan. Here you can see the top videos that you cheap is recommending. Okay, now I'm not gonna deep dive into each thumb now, but you can see the color schemes. They're not really popping. Are they the highest one she's in bed, reading in the newspaper, but I feel like the text is getting lost there. It's not shouting Taiwan to me. The 2nd 1 with the girl on the train tracks Taiwan, yet it's cool looking thumbnail, but it's not shouting Taiwan. That was a train like it could be anywhere she could be from anywhere. She could be anywhere. It doesn't shout time on the 3rd 1 count, showing four K. That's a better one on then, the 4th 1 You can see it's a travel log. I know these guys. Actually, I met them for a bail ones, and if you then look at the titles in the thumbnails together, it all starts to tie in a little bit more. But we could see that there was an opportunity here to be the elephant in the room visually , so we made this are from now on, it is simple, it's colorful, it's popping, and it's telling the audience what it is is a Taiwan travel video. You've got the iconic type a one I one building in the middle. Welcome to Taiwan on the colors. They're just pop in on. It's clear and easy to read it communicates what the videos about. It says this is a video about Taiwan. Okay? And yet the colors, the purple I just love it. I just love this thumbnail. And it's so clickable and so much so that if I scroll down to the next line and if we'd search for how to travel Taiwan again, I've looked out of you achieve. Okay, so there's no like favoritism to my searches here. It's not recommending my channel because I'm logged in or anything. Look how to travel Taiwan. We are number one. Now again, with the thumb now on the title. Together we are number one. Okay. What does that mean? Well, we don't have the most views, OK? We've only being on for three months. Everyone else being on for a year, Two years. But YouTube is seeing that this thumb now is performing well. And so it's recommending it above everyone else. The view count doesn't necessarily mean that you cheap is gonna promote that. Okay, it's gonna promote the ones that are getting clicked on the most and then being enjoyed the most. Okay. Is the content good in this case? Yes, but the thumb now brought people in in the first place. So this is a great many case study of how you can research where your video is going to be going, having a look at who's there and how you can smash him away and be the elephant in the room . 6. Easy Mistakes: don't make these easy. Mistakes were about to give you your first project, Onda. Before we do that, we told you a bunch of really important tips. Okay, but here are some gold nuggets that you might want to write down on. Remember, because these are the things not to do easy things that you probably have done in the past . But you really want to remember these, Okay, because these are the little things that make a good thumb now. Great. So firstly, you need to remember and prioritize the mobile user. Do you know that 70% off YouTube traffic is on a mobile phone. So 70% of your potential views often people just watching on their phone. Most people watching on their fine going to work are hanging out at home, that kind of thing. Most people watch on their fine Onda. We need to remember that we're crafting our thumbnails because they're going to shrink a lot. Have a look at this thumb now. Okay, this is the YouTube desktop size. Okay, so it's quite big. Okay, now, this is a good thumb now. Okay, Um, you've got bright pink slime in the middle. It says. Corn starch and dish soap, Slime. No glue. Okay, it's telling me what it's about. Kids video about slime. Okay, but that shrink that down to what it would look like on a my ball. And now you can see a lot of the messages of getting lost. They aren't made the Texas too small. It's not clear contrast between the foreground, the background when we shrunk it down to my bow. It's not optimized. Let's put it like that. A good thumbnail has now lost most of its messages because it's been scaled down. We need to remember this in comparison. Have a look at this incredible thumb. Now, again, this is the desktop signs. Okay, Same content style. Basically the same video idea. Really? Okay. The content itself may be exactly the same for all we know, but the thumb now is just oh so simple. So perfect. The textures and the colors and the contrast so easy to read. Let's shrink that down to mobile size. It's exactly the same messages. Okay, I can see what the videos about. I mean, this slime itself is white. Okay, in the background is gray, so they could have they could have gone crazy and put brightly colored sliming there, but they didn't even need to. They're concentrating their emphasis on the text, drawing the eye to the text. Easy slime tutorial. So easy, right? Three words. Bang, bang, bang! This is what the video is about. I look at the colors you got a click on, May shrink it down to my bile. It's still there, and messages are still there. The first thumbnail, the one that we looked at. Okay, that has 500,000 views. Okay, Why? Because it's a good thumb now. But this second video, the second thumb. How sorry has over 10 million views? Because the contents? Probably better. But the thumbnail delivers easier messages to understand. And when we shrink it to mobile, it's maximized. It's not losing any potential clicks 70% potential clicks because when we shrunk it down, the messages got lost. You need to keep it simple. Don't over clutter the image. There's a famous saying, Keep it simple, Stupid. This give you an example of one of our thumbnails. We don't want to get cluttered. Okay? You don't want too much. I know you wanna try and tell visually many things about what's happening in your video. Okay, like this, we have this thumb now here. There's just too much going on. It says Train hopping the desert Episode four on top of the India flag to Indian Dude in the back of the train and ties. And Lena, my good friends and in the background we photoshopped in a camel in the desert. It's just is just too much. Okay? We try to tell too much. We tried to say that we're on a train. We try to say that we were in the desert. We trying to say that we were hitchhiking because we're trained hopping. We're trying to say that we look tired. We're trying to say that we look at ventured. We're trying to say we're in India and that this is Episode four of a bigger, long story. Oh, my God. And that Shrink it down to my Bible to emphasize that you just can't see anything. Okay, you just can't see anything. So it's too clustered. And if we go back to say that the slime Okay, look how simple that is. And then look out. Complicated. And over class that this one is. Keep it simple. Remember the time stamp? Don't forget about the time stamp. This is a pesky little thing, but a lot people forget on Have a look at this example here. Gucci right on tongue review. It's not bad from now he's and she's going like, Oh my God on they've got, like some. They've got these, like Gucci shoes. But they threw in this this element, but you partly might've missed. There's a tick, a green tick emoji on the bottom, right corner. I don't know why they put that in there. I don't know what that's supposed to serve, but they wanted it to serve something. But that message that they wanted Teoh Show has lost has been lost because the time stamp goes in the bottom right hand corner guys on. Here's an early draft of one of our thumbnails. Okay, North of Sri Lanka were out there driving around the took took and Episode three took took a road trip, and, uh, we started to put the time stamps in the bottom right corners off our software free software, which we're gonna be using in a minute to remember that we can't have anything in that bottom right corner because the time stamp, both on desktop on Dawn Mobile, more so on Mobile is gonna cut that bit out or block something. So where that thumbnail had that green tick, if you have an important part of your thumb now in that bottom right hand corner, Okay, it's a simple mistake, and that's why it's in this list. Faces work wonders. This is really important. If your content can support the use off a human face, use it. Okay, scientifically, their articles. We read them on, and you can find them, too. Why people click on thumbnails with faces more, more so than if there's no face. It's just a human to human interaction. Psychology, just instincts. You're drawn to faces. You can see what that person is feeling. You read so much into their body language and their facial expression. Instantly, it's like a you know, it's like a thing inside your brain that just there's just no barrier. You don't need to read text. You see a face. You know exactly what that person's feeling. We're just engineered biologically to do that. So if you're content supports the use of having a face do it. And for us we've tested this out and it works wonders. This summer was great. We went to the market to buy a tuna onda. We took a home when we cooked it on this thumb. Now, isn't it great with the fish and the price tag and our faces, we look like we're having fun Times is looking like he can't believe how much this this is so cheap for this giant piece of tuna fish. We're gonna cook a feast on my God and the colorful and everything there simple. And we've used our faces to express the emotions that are in this video. We've drawn people in that way. And another example is we did this game where we blind tasted beers. We have to try and guess which one was a beard. Which one was aside and stuff like that on the faces reviews here. You know, I'm looking disgusted like I can't believe that I got it wrong or this beard grows on titles like Oh, I hope I'm gonna were in on the suspense. There's like nervousness entertainment And then Lena's just drinking a beer in the background. Look like a girl chugging a beer. All those three human elements instantly, like we don't have any text at all. Just a B in the background like and then go back to the fish again. No text, no text whatsoever with just using human faces to portray the emotions that the audience expect. L can expect to feel when they watch this video. Andi, although we don't do this every time, this is a perfect example of how you can use your face to bring people in. There's a reason why there's an annoying reason why you see so many YouTube videos. Whether thumb now and the last easy mistake to make, which I just want to talk a little bit about is asking for feedback. So many people will make a thumb. Now. Think it looks great. Excited, uploaded the video bombs. They don't understand why, and then they analyze their thumbnail a few days later, a few weeks later and they go on. Maybe the message wasn't good. Maybe it's not easy to visualize what it's about within the 1st 2nd Maybe doesn't have a story, it's not clickable compared to the other videos are why don't I plan this more right. If you're in that situation, most people go back. They don't delete the video. They just replace the thumb now. And that's OK. You can do that. Okay, Um but why should you have to do that experiment and get feedback before you upload so that you're because the most important time of your upload is the first few days? The 1st 24 hours, You could even argue the 1st 2 hours. So if your thumb now it's not as good as it can be, you're just losing opportunity. Here's an example. So that some there we made earlier that welcome to Taiwan. It didn't start off like that. That was like the third or fourth version. This was the first version. Welcome to Taiwan, Part one. I just didn't think it was aligned. The text was a bit too small. I think it could apart more. I didn't think we needed the part one in there. Eso I send it back to ties, okay, because like I said, we're a team and ties was making this thumbnail for us, and he wrote back and said, Yeah, you're right. Let me work on that and then he came back with this and this is getting more towards what I wanted. I just still felt like the text wasn't doing it for me. I know what he was trying to do is trying to present Taiwan in the middle, have the city skyline until interrupted. But I just said to him, Is there a way that you can just, I don't know, get that text to pop mourned to just tell that one second rule more. And then he came back with the final version and is just awesome is kicking the Texas bigger Onda. He's even told me when we were making this course that he wants to make the text a bit smaller. So we still analyze and we still give feedback, and we still change our thumbnails to this day. But the point being is that if you experiment and you get feedback before your upload, you're not gonna lose out your optimization for your content, which is so important. It's a really easy mistake to make. These are all easy mistakes to make. Please don't make them. And now we're gonna see if you can implement everything we've talked about so far in our first class project. 7. Project 1: Okay, It's time for our first project. This is what makes this course so engaging is the fact that we give you some theory on DNA . Now we give you some space and some time to go away and make something practical. And then you gonna come back and you're gonna show us. And then you're gonna make something else in the second project. Okay, But before you do that, let's just remember everything we've talked about. OK, we've talked about that with the video needs to communicate the thumbnail needs to communicate what the video is about instantly. Okay, Simplicity. Visually tell a story quickly, concisely, we need to entice people to click on the video. And we know that we need to know who is the person with targeting and in what marketplace will be competing against. If we know both of those things that we have a better chance to entice people to click on it, and we need to stand out from the crowd on the best way to do this is to practice it. Okay, So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to give you two options on Did you choose the option? You want and you go away and you make a thumbnail on the title Based on what this video is it gonna be about? OK, you decide everything. You decide how this on their looks and you decide what the title is. OK, but you have to go through the research process. Okay. Go see what kind of it is there are about these topics, remember? Just choose one. Don't do both. Just choose one on research that topic. Understand who you're targeting. Is it a man or that woman is a child? Is it someone rich? Isn't someone from U. S A. Is from Europe. Focus on the person that you're targeting, and then I want you to go to cannes ver dot com and create a thumb. Now, Now, if you're worried right now Oh, my God. What are you talking about? Camera is a free software that we make a lot of off the males on. In the end. I'll be honest with you in the end, ties takes what we get up to on camera, and he takes that to photo shop and he touches them up. OK, this is not a course on photo shop. It's a little bit more advanced. Okay, that b in a class later. But the fundamentals and everything that we do are based on camber on so many incredible channels that get millions and millions of millions of views used. This thing, this this free free software because it's free is awesome. So I'll tell you what the two options are. Some of you will run away and start straightaway because you're familiar with camera and you're excited and a few of you might be thinking, Well, I don't know what camera isn't. I don't know how to how to use it. Don't worry. After I tell you the two options, stay with me on this lesson and for about five more minutes, I will create a thumbnail from scratch using Camber and I will talk you through what I'm doing on the basics of how to use camera. This is not a tutorial on how to use canvas. There are classes on school shit, but I think it's more fun for you to have a go learn the basics and then deep dive a bit more. Spend some time on this. Spend a couple of hours 30 minutes to two hours Researching and designing and refining and experimenting and getting feedback before you submit this in the project Notes into this skill skill shares class. Okay. All right. Are you ready for the two options? Okay. Option one is a new baby Yoda toy in the style of, like a review video. Okay, so first you should go out there. Look at what's working. Are there other toy reviews about Yoda? I don't even know where I came up with this idea. I wanted it to be as random as possible because it just testing out how we use the fundamentals off what makes a good thumb. Now, at this stage, go look for some inspiration. See what works and think about how you can make it better. Okay? And they go to camera and start using images that they have or Google images and bring them into your family will design. Okay, So the first choices, like a toy review off a new baby Yoda toy. The 2nd 1 is it's gonna be a travel vlog about the mold eaves. Okay, So again, go to YouTube. Search travel logs in the Maldives Have a look at what's working. Look at the successful videos. Is there a a theme in their Consider the audience. Okay, We're not pictured the Children, okay? We're pitching to adults with money, right? So it considered the audience. You can use the images on camera, remember, there are hundreds of them on. If you can't find the one that you like, go to Google and save them and bring them in. Remember, this is just a practice which is practicing the fundamentals of what a good thumb now should have and putting that into practice in this project. So some of you have gone off now and you're making the thumbnail, so good luck. And I'll see you in the project notes section soon. But if you would like to stay for the next five minutes, I'm gonna make a thumbnail completely from scratch. Right now on camera on. Duh. Again, I'm just putting in the fundamentals here, okay? I'm not spending a week on this. This is just like knocking out a good thumb now, using the fundamentals of everything we've learnt. So what I did is I task myself to create a title and a thumb Now, just like you guys. Okay, But It's not about a baby toy. Yoda, OK? It's not about the Maldives. It was about a doughnut recipe. I just challenged myself to make a thumbnail completely at random about a doughnut recipe. Like, best recipe for making doughnuts, if you will make donuts at home or something like that. So let's head over to camber on. Let's let's talk through what we did. Okay, so here we are at a camera on you can see here that I'm just gonna pause it. This is what you'll arrive at. You can make YouTube thumbnails. You could make videos. You can make templates for posters on you can see at the bottom there. We've got some of my past designs. You can see one of the all of the duty stuff. So let's see where we go. So remember, I'm making a video about the best doughnut recipe. Okay, so here you can see Yeah, here. My past designs on, uh, I'm looking for a thumb now. Okay, so I click, create a design, and I click on YouTube thumb now. Okay, So here on the left, you can see that. Yeah. You can not only, you know, find templates. But you can find photos and elements, and you can have a mating text and important videos. Obviously, you don't need a video for your thumb. Now on. Yeah, I'm gonna just experiment a little bit with the templates, Aiken Seafood templates. So I clicked on here, and I actually see an image of a doughnut. So I experiment. I drag it on and let it render on. And I have a look, and I can see that it's OK. It's not really is showing much to me. So what I do is I just drag everything and I delete everything. I'm not happy with this adult eso here I am. I'm looking for some more inspiration. And I decided, Hey, let's see what they've got in the photo section because camera has thousands and hundreds off awesome pictures and I type in doughnut and I confined. Look at this Really nice images of doughnuts, and I'm thinking to myself, that's okay. Um then I drive this one in Andi, by the way. That can ver watermark on top. That disappears if you pay for the pro. But there are lots of images you can find that don't have the watermark. Also, you can just google image things on import your own images, which we do later on project to. So I'm just deciding here. Okay, I don't like that from I don't like that image. This image is a bit gray and a bit lacking for me. This one seems nice and it's free. Can you see? I highlighted that it was free. So I really like that. So I drag it in. Andi? Yeah. I mean, look at the color scheme. Okay? Really bright, really colorful. I'm looking for some text. Okay. I'm trying to keep it simple and then trying to be concise, so I'm looking here for text, and then I can't like that little welcome little one text. Remember, you can edit everything. Obviously. Andi. Yeah. So, basically, I'm gonna fast forward this section because all I'm doing here is I'm experimenting with text here. You can see the best. Don't not. Recipe in the world is just just too much going on there. I think I center it, but I'm not happy with it. I delete a few of the words and I come with a more concise message. Best doughnut recipe. Andi. Yeah, quite like that and hear what I'm doing is I've made a copy on I've changed the color on. Then I've made it slightly smaller to create that kind of shadow effect. And then I've changed the background color from black to pink to kind of match that doughnut vibe. Now it is experimenting with it doesn't get better with why does better with black on and yeah, I'm quite happy with how simple and clear that message is. It's obviously about doughnuts the text pops on. And if I was to shrink that down to Mobile, you can see that I'm thinking about that. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with that. Okay, so that is me going through camera. I didn't go into every single nook and cranny because I want you to go in and discover that for yourself. I'm assuming that many of you have already used this software. It's free, and it's amazing, and it's online. So instead of making a whole section of this course about camber, I've just shown you how to get there, what it does if you don't know, and I let you go and explore. So this is what I came up with. OK, and the title that I came t combine Everything was I found the best doughnut recipe ever. Easy, tutorial. There's a few key words in there. Best doughnut recipe on Then I found is a bit more human dragon people in. Okay, these are the fundamentals of a good tile. I'm mixing keywords on the human element. Andi, look, it's not the best thumb now, okay? There are improvements to be made. I'm just trying to prove a point, and you might be shouting at your screen right now. Patty, you didn't spell recipe right here. Says receive pay. Okay, in the moment, I spelt it wrong. There is no spellcheck, okay? We're not perfect. I'm an English teacher as well. I should know better, But sometimes in the moment you just miss things. And that is a perfect example of why you need feedback. So of course, this would not have gone on to our channel if I made a doughnut recipe video. Okay, I would have now taken that and sent that to my friend and said, What do you think? And then they would have said you spelt it wrong. Eso is just an example of why you need to get feedback. So that is an example. So if you're still with me, go do your homework. Okay, baby Toy. Yoda Review. Thumbnail and title, please. Or a travel log. Maldives Video Thumb now title. Please go. When you come back in the next lesson, I will show you what I made on talking through what I made on camera on. We can start comparing and giving each other feedback. Remember what I'm going to show you Isn't the best version. The final version. Whatever. It's just putting into practice all of the fundamentals of what makes it great time now. 8. Project Results: So let's have a look at the project results. If you did the baby Toyota, then let's look at what I did first. Okay, here's what I came up with. This is just a first draft. I'm just putting in the basic principles of what this course has gone through. Obviously, the girl on the left, the canvas watermark. Okay, I would pay the pro version to remove that. Or, more likely, I would reshoot that with my own face. Okay. This is just about putting the fundamentals of what we're learning on this course into practice. Okay? This is not you know, this is not really a video, okay? This is just like homework. We're just using this An example Show are learning eso Let me just play the screen, capture off me making this. I'll speed it up. Don't worry. We'll just do this in a minute so that I can talk you through the process of what I was going through my mind on. And so you can compare like, Oh, he did that. I did that or he forgot to do this. I did this. You know, this is the whole thing. We're going to be giving each other feedback down below in the project section. Okay, so I'm speeding everything up here, but obviously I start off by trying to find a good image off little baby odor. The toy eso I'm just simply on Google images here for the sake of this project. I'm just trying to find a good visual, something that I can contrast with a nice background. If this was really okay, I would actually have the toy, and I would liked it. And I would take a nice professional photograph with a good lens or with my phone in a nice way. Okay, I wouldn't be going to Google. Okay, but for the process of this, I'm doing that. So here I've come back to camera, and I've imported this image. Azan upload, and I'm waiting for it. Load in and in there. Got dragged him in there. So there's my first element. Yeah, I have baby Yoda going to speed this up because what I spend time on now is basically playing around with the filters and the effects on camera on, and I just make the colors part or make him a bit more green a bit more contrast. E let me pause, Is here What I did There was I went into the photo section and I typed in Wow, because I wanted a wow face. Remember what we talked about? Faces, work wonders what I wanted someone to be like. Wow, that is the best toy ever. Obviously, if this was about if this was my channel, Okay, that would be a picture of me, okay? Or a picture of you if this was your child. But for the sake of homework, I chose her. Okay? She's attractive. What can I say on there's a camera watermark on there again, remember, That wouldn't be there. It would be a picture of me going out there, and I like how she's Let's Okay, it's professional looking. So that's carry on. What did I do with her? That speed this up. Okay, so now I'm practicing and I'm playing around with, like, does this work? Can I change the background now? Change the background to pink so it matches the image that I've got here. I'm now back on Teoh the Internet. Oh, I'm going to This is really good website. It's called remove dot BG. Okay. And this is good. You can upload an image and then you can select to raise the background or restore the background because I found that it was glitch ing. It was I wanted the background to disappear. If we go back a little bit, you see this white white border here? That's because I got it off Google images. And for the sake of this time, I wanted to remove that white. So basically all I'm doing here is removing the white from the image and then saving it. This is free. By the way, this this website removed up BG. And there you go. Now I have the same image, but I've removed the background. Okay, so there it was before with the white and now is without the white Just looks a little bit more. It looks better. So now I'm just experimenting like how big he should be, where he should be. And I'm thinking about text. And when it comes to text, I'm trying to be concise baby Yoda, OK? Because if I try and say too much with the text, it's gonna overwhelm the image on. I've got the title to support me later, so What do I come out with? I come up with Baby Oda here. I'm making it smaller. Um, just so that in a different color, I can overlay them when I'm experimenting with that. Try to make it look good. But I just I just can't seem to make it work. I'm not really happy with it. I'm trying different text colors here trying to match it with Yoda. His color scheme. I'm just playing around here. I'm doing this quickly as well. If this was my own channel, I'd probably spend a long time during this. But here I'm looking for a rectangle. Now I'm trying to give it some contrast, background trying. Make that text pop on, and I'm getting closer to it. I'm feeling that it's concise. It's clear what it's about. Andi? Yeah, that is my final image. Okay, Okay. So that is what I came up with on the title that I used to bring this all together Was Toy Review, Baby Yoda Worth the hype? Question Mark. Ah, Toy review, Baby Yoda. They are my Google search friendly words and then worked behind. But that's kind of just a little bit of like attaching the human element like, Is it with the hype? Maybe parents who were willing looking to buy this for their kids confined out, you know, And Children who are watching this, you know, are going to be enticed. It's a cool toy. It's just come out. She's looking amazed. Is it worth the hype? Clickable right? We've got a lot of the basics in there. No time stamp. It's gonna be maximized for my Bible tells your story. It's visually enticing. It's all coming together. Do you understand? On if you did the travel video, the travel log to the Maldives, here's what I came up with. I'm not going to show you how I made it just because I don't want this lesson to dragon drag. But you can see that I looked at what was working. I think a lot of you probably see that there was lots of resorts, drone shots of resorts, drone shots of the islands, crystal clear waters, and I wanted to take that. But I found that it was lacking in sunsets, more sunrises, and I think that contrast of turquoise an explosion of color was great. So I took that image that I found on Google. Okay, but you would replace that with your own drone short or your own photograph from your hotel room or whatever. If you were lucky enough to travel in the Maldives on, I wanted to tell an interesting story and entice people to click on it. Now, if the content I'm basing this around like a fake video that doesn't exist. But you know what I mean? So I came up with mold Eaves Free upgrade. Now look at the text. It's easy to read. I I actually got feedback from ties. He told me that, you know, I shouldn't move the text away from the border and he's correct. OK, thank you Ties. The Canes is all part of the process getting feedback. He liked the image. He loved the contrast, and he liked the colors he liked the way the text and the boxes I used gave it that readability scale down to my while. It still works, and then the title is how we got a five star free upgrade in the Maldives. Okay, so there's a story in the tight or there's a story in the thumb. Now they work together to tell a similar story just in two slightly different ways on. That's why I came up with. So what I wanted to do, if you haven't already is go to the Project and Resources tab off this course and submit either your toy review your Baby Yoda toy Review thumb. Now that you made or your travel moldy vlog thumb. Now on post it on. Say, this was my project one and I or we the students, we will give you fever. What's good? What did you forget? Did you make an easy mistake that you should have done Because we told you not to give me some feedback, OK? Because this is the process of getting better. Thumbnails, Learn the basics, learn the science, learn why practice and then we're going to start getting better and better. We promise 9. Project 2: time for the final second projects the second and final project. Welcome back on. Welcome to the last project. I hope you enjoyed the first project. And I hope you've enjoyed this course in its entirety. Okay, We put a lot of work into trying to tell you one of the really important things and all the things that we've learned on when you got to do that first project. It's not time to do it again, But this time you've got way more creative control. Okay? You don't have to do about certain things it can be. I want you to create a thumbnail about a video about anything. Okay? The thumbnail and the title, please Remember, they gotta work together. The thumbnail entitle about anything. Now, you know, it could be a car review. It can be a travel block. It can be a food video. Don't go out and make the video. Okay, We're just conceptualizing, but it might make it beneficial. It might be more beneficial if you make a thumbnail based around your content style that you want to make in the future or that you're making. Now all you can even just re create an old thumbnail. You look back at your channel and see. Oh, my God. I made that mistake of the Desam steak. I didn't. This is too much. Just too much clatter here. Oh, I forgot about the time stamp in our this story line. It's just not visually appealing. And that is definitely not hitting the one second rule. Go remake an old thumb now all maker, or make a video about a thumb. Now, about anything up to you, you have complete control. You can veer off and go back to more professional software like illustrator and photo shop if you're if you're familiar with them. But if you want to just keep it like we did before, go to camera. Okay? Go get better at using the free software. It's really good. So go to camera, go anywhere, make a thumb now and a title about anything and share it below. Make sure you shower out in the description that this is my project to Okay, Because I want to see um, you take full control. If you got a camera, don't use their images. Don't go to Google. Okay. Every single element of this project must be made by yourself. If it's, for example, a review of this phone, I'll take the case out so you can see the color. So it looks a bit better if I'm reviewing this phone, for example. Do not go to Google and find this phone. Okay? I gotta camber and find a random Fine. Take a photo off the subject. If it's you take a photo of you. If it's off a place that you went to go look at your old SD cards. Find photos. You took every image, every aspect other than obviously the text that you put on needs to be made by yourself. Okay, You can use software obviously, to make the text and add effects, but I don't want to see any canvas watermarks or anything like that. Okay, I want this thumb now to be a representation off your channel, your future channel or your current channel, or just just a representation off your learning that you've done here. Okay, So go make another thumb now about anything and post it below on I and everyone here taking this course will give you positive, constructive feedback. So go off. Going. Enjoy. Go. Be creative. And I can't wait to see what you come up with. 10. Conclusions: So we've come to the end. Andi, I hope you can see our responses to your project works whether it was the first project, okay, with the Oda toy or the Maldives thumb Now all the way up to your final project. Really Looking forward to giving you my thoughts and ties will give his thoughts. Alina Tu we're gonna be booking as a team Onda on behalf of all of us. And the budget is because we all worked on this course together. OK, we want to say thank you for taking our course on. We have one last final thing to tell you and that is even after you've created a video and spent a lot time making it. And you've created a thumb now and it's you spend a lot of time going through it. You implemented all of the things you learn on this course you got feedback and then you changed it. You change it again and upload it if a video isn't performing even after that, OK, it's OK. It's not gonna happen every time. Not every year you're gonna do and making upload is gonna get a 1,000,000 views. Okay, you go to our channel we call the budgeteers. Okay. We've never had a video get more than 500,000 views. I think so, um, we've had successful videos. Okay, But don't be disheartened if your thumbnails aren't popping straight away, because if you're small, that saving was harder to grow. The thing is that the reason you took this course is because you want to look more professional. You want to attack your audience more concisely and more directly. And that's what this course was all about. So just remember that. And also it's okay if you think damn it. I wish I knew this a year ago. Just like I mean, if you've got 500 videos on the channel where you want to change the thumb now, maybe don't have time. If you've got 25 thumbnails that you now know on hitting the criteria, you can change them. OK, it's important to understand that videos thumbnail can be changed one year down the line two years down the line. But what that will do is that will reenergize YouTube toe. Look at that video again. It will look at it again. You're telling YouTube that you've changed the video on Get might start recommending it a little bit more, Which is good. However, if the video is performing very well, if it's getting 1000 views a week or $2000 a week or more. Ah, don't change it. Don't change even if it's not conforming to the rules you've now learned. If it's working, I don't Don't change it because what you could do is you could you could tell you tube Hey , have changed this video and it will then start recommending it will change the math in the algorithm and it could possibly kill the video. So you've got a chance off making a video that's popping dying, and you've also got a chance and better chance off having a video that's not performing and then boosting that. So basically what I'm saying is, if you want to change your old thumbnails and you have the time, do it, do it, do it. It's a really, really good way of getting more eyes on your older videos if they just didn't perform. If they are performing, Um so yeah, thank you so much for taking this course. We've really enjoyed making this and have really enjoyed. I'm seeing a projects below. I hope you, uh, take our feedback constructively. We're not perfect. We're still learning. Andi? Uh, yeah. Thanks again. And check out the rest of the courses on our school share page. We do stuff around YouTube. We do stuff around. Traveling on this one is particularly around the visuals around our YouTube channel. The thumbnail. So thanks again from everyone at the budget is and thank you for watching this course.